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2018 2018 Gathered 11/15/2018: 14 U.S. Cities With A European Vibe - Self-driving cars will ‘lead to more car sex’ – what are the rules around car sex? - metro How to choose the best camera for you - theverge AT&T is inviting DirecTV Now users to test its upcoming streaming box - You can now buy a SIM-free iPhone XR - theverge For UNLOCKED PHONES - BUY YOUR OWN SIM Tinder introduces Swipe Surge to alert users of high activity nearby - theverge Watch SpaceX launch and land a used Falcon 9 rocket - theverge Gathered 11/14/2018: Just ONE DAY to stop Trump from ruining Bears Ears National Park - - Just ONE DAY to stop Trump from ruining Bears Ears National Park Windows 10 October 2018 Update re-released - Should you wait? - komando Turkey gone wild: Massachusetts cops search for bird accused of breaking and entering, chasing police cruiser Wintry precipitation types can be confusing. Here’s what they are and how they form. Nor'easter to bring first snow of season to major East Coast cities Dallas woman who went to Mexico for plastic surgery returns on LIFE SUPPORT Facebook loses appeal, must turn over incriminating photos - komando Little Mix strip off for empowering new music video to ‘encourage people to be who they are’ - metro Samsung developing tech which will let you control a television with your brain - metro How to watch live as Nasa’s Insight exploration craft touches down on Mars - metro This is what your future home on Mars could look like - metro Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon crossover episode announced - metro 13 of the most unexpected things to do at the SeaWorld Parks in Florida - metro More good sex could apparently add £90 billion to the economy - metro Google gives the Pixel camera superhuman night vision - theverge The mighty Night Sight mode is being released to Pixel phones today The iPhone X can be hacked to pull your recently deleted files - theverge Nikon’s Z6 mirrorless camera launches on November 16th for $2,000 - theverge Fifteen years after Concorde, supersonic jets are booming back into style - theverge Humorous Signs That Only The Sarcastic & Witty Will Enjoy[DRV2]%20-%20Desktop%20USA%20YA CR’s first-ever automated driving systems ranking (VIDEO) - consumerreports Cadillac Tops Tesla in Consumer Reports' First Ranking of Automated Driving Systems. Busting bed bug myths - consumerreports What To Do During A Lightning Storm TIP# (957) Outside during a lightning storm? Avoid open fields, elevated mountaintops, and watery areas. Try to isolate yourself between rocks or in caves and never lie flat on the ground How To Fix Carpet Indentations TIP#1958 Hate those annoying marks in your carpet left by office chairs, tables, etc? Placing multiple ice cubes on your carpet can remove those annoying indentations left by tables, chairs, etc. Most popular pocket pistols for personal defense - washingtontimes Top 10 handguns in the U.S. - washingtontimes Britain, EU agree on ‘Brexit’ deal - latimes A gigantic ‘ghost galaxy’ has been lurking undiscovered next to the Milky Way, astronomers discover - metro Planet Earth is caught in a powerful ‘dark matter hurricane’, astronomers warn - metro WhatsApp is going to delete all your messages – here’s how to save them forever - metro Gathered 11/13/2018: - - - - Gathered 11/12/2018: Cloudflare’s speedy DNS service now available on iOS and Android - theverge I use this on my Windows PCs (was available before) the one for cell phones. Kidnapping Attempt Is Thwarted When Girl Asks For 'Code Word': Sheriff - yahoo New exercise guidelines: Even parking a little farther away counts - nbc Judge orders Amazon to hand over Echo recordings from home in murder case - nbc In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception - nytimes Photographers reveal microscopic beauty of insects, plants and even a human tear - metro How solar panels could cool our homes while harvesting energy - theverge Intel’s new 5G modem might power Apple’s first 5G iPhones - theverge The modem will support both the standalone and non-standalone specs for the 5G NR (New Radio) standard, as well as legacy support for 4G, 3G, and 2G networks all in one chipset. Apple launched a pair of repair programs for some iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro models - theverge 'Completely uncontrollable': Pilots praised for wrestling with Embraer ERJ 190 'flight from hell' - yahoo Crafty Life Hacks That Will Cut Your Daily Routine In Half - yahoo 9 of the best bars in Las Vegas, from secret speakeasies to decadent spots on the Strip - yahoo Rita Ora Just Wore the Highest Slit to the People's Choice Awards - yahoo The scene that ended I Dream of Jeannie - Gathered 11/11/2018: One Person Dead From Turkey Salmonella Outbreak, Spreads To 35 States Right Before Thanksgiving - yahoo As shoppers head to the store this week to buy Thanksgiving turkey, an outbreak of a deadly, drug-resistant strain of Salmonella in turkey continues to sicken consumers across the nation. Yet neither the turkey industry nor the USDA has publicly released any details about which turkey producers or brands are part of this outbreak that has hospitalized 63 people and killed one. Safety advice for turkey prep - Consumer Reports Consumer Reports has this important advice on safely preparing and cooking turkey: Cook all turkey to an internal temperature of 165° F before eating. Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature throughout the turkey and in any stuffing. Wash your hands frequently, both during and after handling raw turkey. Avoid washing raw turkey before preparing it, because this may spread the germs around your kitchen. Be sure to thoroughly wash all countertops, cutting boards, utensils, and any other kitchen items that come into contact with raw turkey. Don’t give your pets raw turkey. You can get sick if you handle raw pet food and don’t wash your hands properly —and your pets can get sick from salmonella, too. CONSUMER REPORTS - Add your name - demand that the FDA tell us which brands are suspected Boohoo is selling Christmas wreaths for your nipples - metro Rocket Launch in New Zealand Brings Quick, Cheap Space Access - bloomberg Rules of the Road Evade Driverless Cars - bloomberg Sears Is Closing Another 40 Stores, With Liquidation Sales Starting Next Week. Here’s the Full List of Locations - yahoo Company makes underwear that doesn’t have to be washed for weeks at a time Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Saint Laurent wants you to hang penises from your earlobes Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - - - Star Trek Discovery’s Michelle Yeoh might get her own spinoff show for CBS All Access 20+ Everyday Things We’ve All Been Doing Wrong This Whole Time - Gathered 11/10/2018: Cold or Flu? 9 Ways to Tell the Difference - The real reason why many of those 2019 health plans are so cheap - How to keep your frequent flyer miles safe from thieves - Why United Airlines is threatening to ruin some fliers’ credit - Flaw in fax machines leaves businesses vulnerable to hack - Scientists Discover Adorable Bird That’s Actually 3 Species In One - Tesla releases track mode and a new key fob for the Model 3 - T-Mobile Mini streaming box leaks in FCC filings - Instagram influencer says she was dress-coded at the Louvre: 'Picasso would have loved my outfit - - AT&T is eliminating an unlimited data plan benefit Gathered 11/09/2018: ========= ========= Your Android phone has pop-ups! Is it infected? Check your phone for malware and bad downloads lurking in your apps Watch out! Serious zero-day security flaw found in popular website plugin 5 security settings to turn on your router before it's too late 5 easy ways to secure your home's Wi-Fi This ransomware has a nasty new trick Scary skull-shaped ‘Halloween Death Comet’ due for close encounter with Earth this weekend Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Ozone: The Earth's protective shield is repairing Hundreds of people complain that Apple is 'nickel and diming' them with its new products Harley-Davidson shows off its road-ready LiveWire electric bike Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports 31 Horrifying Photos That’ll Make You Never Want To Go Outside Ever Again Self-driving cars could function as moving brothels, academics predict Gathered 11/08/2018: Chris Christie being considered to replace Sessions as attorney general - OH CRAP Awkward Drunk Fails You Can’t Unsee (25 Images) Most Awkward Vacation Photos Judge Andrew Napolitano says that assigning Matthew Whitaker as Acting AG is illegal Man captures record-setting 17-foot python in Florida - WHY THE HELL TO WE ALLOW IMPORTATION OF SUCH CREATURES? Bendable smart phones unveiled - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized With 3 Broken Ribs - At 40,000, this is the oldest cave painting of an animal ever found - Dubai Police start training on flying motorbikes - These Photographers Captured More Than Expected;%20Win64;%20x64;%20rv:63.0)%20Gecko/20100101%20Firefox/63.0&utm_source=LV-Exit-Desktop&utm_campaign=Likesism%20-%20Jaw%20-%20TB - Gathered 11/07/2018: Boeing Close to Issuing Safety Warning on 737 Max Oldest cave painting of an animal discovered in Borneo - Facebook Messenger is finally going to introduce a lifesaving ‘unsend’ feature Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Llama antibodies inspire gene spray to prevent all flus Seeds of Parkinson’s disease may hide in the appendix Advances in flow batteries promise cheap backup power How to fake confidence Three paralyzed people walk after nerve stimulation Let’s all just ditch Tinder and follow this 1950s advice for getting a husband Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: ‘Stand in a corner and cry softly’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Five Dead Sea Scroll fragments at the Museum of the Bible are fakes 9 amazing adventures to have in Costa Rica Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Why boredom is good for you - - How Kendall and Ariana's Makeup Artists Use Lip Liner to Fake a Fuller Pout The Most Unforgettable Red Carpet Outfits Of All Time Hilarious Photos That Define “Meanwhile In Russia” Texas couple accused of buying $45G worth of rifles for someone in Mexico: report - Duncan Hines cake mix pulled from shelves after salmonella outbreak - Why we shouldn’t cry ‘aliens’ about that interstellar space rock just yet - Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Leon Rocks Sheer Dress at Fashion Event The Most Unforgettable Red Carpet Outfits Of All Time Khloe Kardashian Rocks String Thong in Sexy Shoot After Tristan Thompson Cheating Episode of ‘KUWTK’ Gathered 11/06/2018: Bill Gates brings poop to the podium to tout new toilet tech - We tried the world’s first folding phone, and it actually works - Samsung to show foldable phone design and interface tomorrow, says report - How the humble lamp-post could help power our cities Creepy true stories behind abandoned buildings FCC will ‘take action’ in 2019 if carriers aren’t doing enough to fight robocalls - Nikola teases a third-generation hydrogen semi truck for Europe and Asia Surprising things men found attractive 50 years ago Read More: Google will fix Pixel 3’s RAM management issue with future update Trying to take a picture will no longer crash Spotify New photos and video leak of the Asus Zenfone 6’s weird corner notch Video: Salmon seen swimming across road in Washington state - Incredible colour images from WWI released to mark 100 years since conflict ended Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The Sex Resort Diaries: The final night at Young Swingers Week Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Barnes & Noble releases a new Nook tablet with its largest display ever - What is mindful sex and why is it a good idea? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Artificial intelligence will be as smart as humans within 50 years and we’re probably doomed, scientist warns Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Samsung to show foldable phone design and interface tomorrow, says report - - - Gathered 11/05/2018: The Definitive Answer On Whether Sex Counts As A Workout - It’s Not Just About Pre-Existing Conditions — Medicaid Is On The Ballot Too - Olympic Committee Moves to Take Over U.S.A. Gymnastics Over Sexual Assault Complaints - Panic grips India's capital of New Delhi as life-threatening smog blankets the city - Newly released emails suggest Zinke contradicted ethics pledge - Saving giant pandas: China launches a make-or-break experiment to prevent the animals' extinction - Jennifer Lopez slays us all in sideless gown as she reflects on her ‘glorified curves’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - - - Chevy’s new electric Camaro is the near future of EV drag racing - Two motors make 800 horsepower, for a quarter-mile time of around 9 seconds. Halsey Attends 2018 MTV EMAs in Sheer Lace Gown - Woodstock Photos That Are Sure To Blow You Away - Does sex addiction really exist? - Gathered 11/04/2018: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME - USA - did you set your clock BACK one hour on morning of 11/04? The Rhine, a Lifeline of Germany, Is Crippled by Drought Lifting Weights Just Once a Week Can Cut Your Heart Disease Risk in Half Foods that Purge Heavy Metals (so they say) The real cost of buying a new iPhone CHEAP Tesla Owner Figures Out A Brilliant Hack To Avoid Parking Tickets Target launching ‘Skip-the-Line’ checkout technology, will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Clever Spots To Hide Valuables That Thieves Would Never Think To Look 20 Inexpensive Gadgets That Can Help Make People’s Everyday Lives So Much Easier 10 Red Flags You're Dating a Sociopath—and How to Get Out ASAP GM is now making e-bikes, and it needs your help naming them Hilarious Photos Captured At Airports Swarm Killer: Raytheon's Mobile Laser Defense Is Sci-Fi on the Battlefield The Most Unforgettable Red Carpet Outfits Of All Time 23andMe’s genetic test for how you’ll react to medication is ahead of its time Here’s The Surprising Answer To Whether Tigers And Lions Like Catnip Gabi Fresh on Her Sexy Everyday Bra That People Always Ask About 10 Unreal Items That People Actually Tried To Auction Off Online
GOP Lawmaker Shares Document Calling For ‘Holy Army’ To Kill Men Who Flout Biblical Law - 200 people land in UK two days late after British Airways ‘flight from hell’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Spinal implants help treat paralysis but aren’t ready for primetime Motorola’s notched Android One smartphone is coming to the US for $399 The Sex Resort Diaries: A live forced orgasm demo and strong Jamaican weed Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Pole dancing taught me to love and value myself Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Glowing chemical 'could aid brain cancer surgery' - bbc Common virus used to help fight incurable brain cancer - bbc 'How I became friends with an octopus' - bbc A Japanese island quietly disappeared — and no one noticed until now - The Sex Resort Diaries: Spanking, seminars, and the risks of swinging Spinal implants help treat paralysis but aren’t ready for primetime - AT&T and Dish’s HBO battle is the bleak future of cable and streaming 23andMe’s genetic test for how you’ll react to medication is ahead of its time Gathered 11/03/2018: Why Amazon’s future depends on moving from the internet to the physical world - 'It was really like a scene from the Titanic': Passengers panic when Carnival cruise ship tilts, loses its balance Elon Musk doesn’t care if people buy his ‘Blade Runner pickup truck’ - This Country Publishes Everyone’s Income on ‘National Jealousy Day - The Sex Resort Diaries: Racing goats, threesome offers, and a swingers’ wedding - Day 4 at a sex resort Racing goats, threesome offers, and a swingers’ wedding - Day 4 at a sex resort -{PUBID} The U.S. States People Are Fleeing (And The Ones They Are Moving To) - Gathered 11/02/2018: Toyota recalls over 1M vehicles to fix NEW air bag problem - abcnews International hotel chain suffers a massive data breach - Has your data been compromised? - komando Radisson Hotel Group breach Hyper-Sub Is an Insane Navy-Approved Speedboat-Submarine and We Want One - themanual Chromecast vs. Roku vs. Fire TV Stick 4K - digitaltrends Gathered 11/01/2018: Zimbabwe 'excited to drill for oil' after new survey - bbc Mysterious ‘Pterodactyl’ UFO casting shadow over clouds could be ‘cloaked’ spaceship - metro Startling new research finds large buildup of heat in the oceans, suggesting a faster rate of global warming - washingtonpost ‘Outlander’ Is The Official TV Show Of Frisky Couples Who Just Want To F**k - huffingtonpost Gathered 10/31/2018: HALLOWEEN Movies you should never watch with your partner - zergnet Three-quarters of Venice underwater as city hit by worst flooding in a decade - cbs Three quarters of Venice just flooded while its costly flood gate sits unfinished - washingtonpost Typhus outbreak in Los Angeles County surpasses 100 patients - nbc Dutch language besieged by English at the universities - bbc At the highest honours level at Utrecht University, barely any courses are taught in Dutch. Hawaii top court approves controversial Thirty Meter Telescope - bbc Gathered 10/30/2018: Utility, So Cal Edison, says its equipment helped spark huge California fire - abc Trump considering a Presidential Order to end birthright citizenship - cbs Experimental vaccine shows promise against world's deadliest infectious disease (Tuberculosis) - cbs Beware of malware, adware when downloading Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge - digitaltrends German nurse confesses to murdering 100 patients over five years - washingtonpost Why Cape Town's trains are on fire in South Africa - bbc Garden Route wildfire: Seven killed in George, South Africa - bbc The Sex Resort Diaries: Day one at Young Swingers Week at HEDONISM II - metro There’s now a vibrator that you can talk to and it will speak back - metro A Voice actuated Vibrator. Autoblow launches a toy that uses artificial intelligence to replicate human oral sex techniques - metro Sainsbury’s (supermarket) now sells sex toys so you can live well for less - metro Cadbury World has created a super scary giant chocolate spider for Halloween - metro did you know that it’s not possible, in England at least, to get married outside? - metro President Carter asks Brian Kemp to resign - npr How Your Microwave Could Be Harming You - ba-bamail Gathered 10/29/2018: Daylight saving time 2018 in USA ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 4 Set up your financial accounts like you're going to be hacked - komando Popular online game scams are spreading - Here's what to watch out for - komando Stop unlocking your smartphone this way, it’s not safe - komando Muslim-led fundraiser nets $144,000 for funeral costs of synagogue shooting victims - cbs Some Texas Voting Machines Are Switching People’s Votes - huffingtonpost The machines aren’t broken, according to Texas officials, but people need to check their selections before submitting them. BULLSHIT - They ARE broken if they allow the voter to go to the next ballot page BEFORE their votes are completed, CAUSING BAD DATA - WRONG WRONG WRONG iOS 12.1 coming October 30th with group FaceTime, dual-SIM support, and ‘beautygate’ fix - theverge This Red Sox fan had his $650 World Series ticket stolen via Instagram - digitaltrends Besides the money, there are't any more available. SOCIAL MEDIA USERS SHOULD READ THIS - DO NOT POST IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS The best shows on Netflix right now (October 2018) - digitaltrends Volkswagen, Intel, and Mobileye will launch a self-driving taxi service in Israel in 2019 - theverge Twitter is thinking about killing the Like button — but don’t hold your breath - theverge 50 Best Places to Retire in the U.S. - kiplinger Gathered 10/28/2018: 14 Important Items to Have During an Emergency - ba-bamail Office life has never looked this good... Or been this funny! - IBM will acquire open-source cloud software company Red Hat - theverge IBM will acquire open-source software company Red Hat for $34 billion Alexa now lets you control Fire TV apps with your voice - theverge WarnerMedia’s classic cinema streaming service FilmStruck is shutting down - theverge 55 Vintage Photos That Show A Different Side To The Past - groovyhistory SOPHOS Free Virus Removal Tool - sophos Trace a server's IP to find out who sent you an email - komando California strikes deal with FCC to delay state net neutrality law - theverge Best free email program for Windows - komazndo I've been saying this for MANY YEARS Kim's Opinion: Facebook hacked again - komazndo "gave attackers the same level of access to any accounts and sites you use your Facebook account to log in with. So if you tied your Facebook account to Messenger, Airbnb, Instagram, Spotify, Tinder or any other apps or sites, hackers have complete access to those accounts, too." - komando These wheelchairs are made for off-roading - komando "Why let a wheelchair prevent you from off-roading? This new Ziesel Sport wheelchair can drive on any surface. Whether you want to follow the dirt bikes, or blast through the waves on the beach, you’ll be able to surpass your limits on this wheelchair. Only problem is how much it costs. Watch the video to see it in action!" - komando RateMDs website POSSIBLE, ALLEGED, corruption? - "An Ottawa physician was ALLEGEDLY shocked to learn he could pay a site to hide bad ratings." - CClener version 5.48.6834 was released - I AM using it - woodsmall 7 Ways Trendy Plants May Help Your Health - usnews Microsoft issues emergency update for 43 bugs - komando Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot update is now live - theverge OPINION: A Humira Prescription Costs $38,000 A Year Because Our Patent System Is Being Abused - huffingtonpost Gathered 10/27/2018: New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Could One Day Power Electric Cars Who Killed the Billionaire Founder of a Generic Drug Empire? The Main Suspect Behind an Ominous Spike in a Polio-like Illness Nobody’s Cellphone Is Really That Secure But most of us aren’t the president of the United States. Alexa, Should We Trust You? Another recall! 1.5M Ford Focus cars may have stalling problems - digitaltrends SanDisk’s 400GB microSD card has never been this cheap before Getting Freaky: Will you really die if someone blows air into your vagina? YES,IT CAN (RARELY) LEAD TO THE WOMAN'S DEATH Despite the fact it’s not a common occurrence, there have been incidences where someone has blown into their partner’s vagina, and the air bubble has created an embolism, which can then lead to a heart attack, stroke, or respiratory failure. An embolism is when a bubble of air enters the bloodstream, and you’re more susceptible if you have an injury or tear in the area or are pregnant. These can happen in a number of ways, and many are purported to be due to at-home attempted abortions, although there have been some cases of it happening during sex. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to Desalinate Water on a Desert Island - youtube Island Survival - How to survive on a desert island - youtube Friction Fire 4 Ways... Fire Roll, Hand Drill, Bow Drill, and Bamboo Fire Saw - youtube 3 Day Solo Winter Snow Camp - Bushcraft, Canvas Tent, Woodstove, Bowdrill - youtube Solo Survival- How to Survive Alone in the Desert (Sonoran Desert)- Part One - youtube Desert Survival-How to Survive in the Sonoran Desert- Part 2 - youtube Living off the land solo in the Florida wilderness - youtube RAY MEARS - EXTREME SURVIVAL - DESERT - youtube Bush Survival Training - youtube Gathered 10/26/2018: WHOLE FOODS Recalls Smokey Mozzarella Pasta Salad - possible LISTERIA or SALMONELLA - Firefox version 63.0 was released on 10/23/2018 - I am using it Gathered 10/25/2018: Scientists Create Artificial Wood That Is Water- and Fire-Resistant - scientific american BBB Warns About Cell Phone Porting Scams - bbb Why our credit cards keep getting hacked - usatoday Do Not Let Criminals Steal Your Cellphone Number With This Scam - inc You're sharing your cell phone number too frequently - usatoday AIR CANADA starting non-stop betwewen RDU and MONTREAL, Canada - NEWS and OBSERVER AIR CANADA starting non-stop betwewen RDU and MONTREAL, Canada - usatoday These flights are most likely to leave you stuck in an airport for the holidays - 18 U.S. volcanoes pose very high threat - cbs Super Typhoon Yutu slams into Northern Marianas - 200 MPH WINDS - nbc CLEAR vs. TSA PreCheck: How to reduce time spent in airport security - digitaltrends Here are the 20 best travel apps for vacations and trips - digitaltrends 10 experiences to have in Australia’s Victoria and Northern Territory - metro Mum fights back against accusations that she’s trying to ‘steal’ men when she breastfeeds in public - metro Secrets of a swingers club revealed with police, lawyers and judges joining as members - Gathered 10/24/2018: New Social Security phone scams are so convincing they might even fool you - komando 3 online companies are top phishing favorites - komando Tesla rides Model 3’s popularity to its first profit in two years - theverge CommScope in talks to buy set-top box maker Arris - reuters ARRIS already BOUGHT Brocade Communications AND OTHERS Four Vaccinations You Need After 50 - ba-bamail Major airline Cathay Pacific says up to 9.4 million passengers had their data stolen - theverge 6 Of The Most Common Sexual Fantasies, According To Sex Workers - huffpost The Difference Between A Fetish And Kink, According To Sex Experts - huffpost How Viagra May Prevent Colorectal Cancer - ba-bamail Amazon's Best-Selling Sex Toys - huffpost Hilarious Photos That Real Walmart Shoppers Caught On Camera - Science has a theory about why people stay in unhappy relationships - Gathered 10/23/2018: Samsung Fixes a Smart TV Security Problem - consumerreports THE BEST PHOTOS FROM BURNING MAN 2017: THE CRAZIEST FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD - heraldweekly Gathered 10/22/2018: Amazon Echo Dot (2018) review: an improvement in every way - metro NOTE does require W-Fi and some POSSIBLE radiation Mom with 'gut feeling' stops school shooter before planned attack - yahoo Mars likely to have enough oxygen to support life - STUDY - yahoo Hurricane Michael Unearths Ships Destroyed in 1899 Hurricane - yahoo Bakkavor Foods USA, Inc. Recalls Meat and Poultry Products due to Possible Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination In Onions - usda Carson, Calif., Charlotte, N.C. and Jessup, Penn. The Small Things I Do to Embrace the Permanence of Lyme Disease - yahoo Several powerful (6.8) earthquakes strike off the shore of Canada (Vancouver) - fox a tsunami is "Not expected." Elon Musk’s 150mph 'Loop' tunnel system to open in December 2018 - yahoo The latest Xprize winner harvests drinking water from the air - yahoo WEDEW - Wood to Energy Deployed Water - a system that converts air into drinking water using natural resources for power. The heart of the technology imitates clouds by cooling warm air and collecting the condensation in a tank. Watch a Tesla Model S get stolen with a key fob hack - Gathered 10/21/2018: New treatment offers up to ten months extra life for women with deadly breast cancer - yahoo A Vaccine That Targets an Aggressive Form of the Disease Is Being Tested - yahoo Pneumonia Symptoms: How to Know the Difference Between Colds, the Flu and Something Worse - The Two Things Air Force F-22 Raptors Can't Defeat - Some Google Pixel owners’ camera photos aren’t saving - theverge Some owners of the new Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are experiencing an issue in which taking a photo using Google Camera occasionally fails to save. Android’s new multitasking is terrible and should be changed back - theverge How to view your notification history on Android - theverge Tesla stopped promoting the ‘Full Self-Driving’ option for its cars - theverge Gathered 10/20/2018: SK Food Group Recalls Chicken Products due to Possible Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination in Vegetables - usda Shipped directly to consumers through catalog sales in California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas. 'Hacked' mosquitoes to be released in village - bbc It is part of a project aimed at wiping out the malaria-carrying insects. One Nigerian woman's mission to save Lagos beaches and turtles from plastic - bbc Ms Ogunye explains that a sea turtle's diet consists of jellyfish, seaweed and sea grass. Gathered 10/19/2018: Ethiopia's massive new dam threatens Egypt's Nile River - cnn Does bralet boom spell the end of high-rise boobs? - bbc BepiColombo spaceship ready to launch on its mission to Mercury - metro Fake Spotify email scam is targeting iPhone users to steal login details - This wedding photo seems inappropriate — but take a closer look - yahoo The Strangest, Most Terrifying & Astonishing Photographs Ever Taken By Flying Drones - heraldweekly Gathered 10/18/2018: 92 people in 29 states, including North Carolina, infected by drug-resistant Salmonella - yahoo Cars That Will Last More Than 250,000 Miles - heraldweekly How this Mexico Beach house survived Hurricane Michael - yahoo Lily Allen bares all again in daring see-through top after explosive autobiography - metro Now you can share your ETA in real time on Google Maps for iOS - theverge 8 ways to protect yourself from a medical data breach - komando I've NEVER been able to avoid giving my SS# Gathered 10/17/2018: Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now: Face-Off - tomsguide GM’s data mining is just the beginning of the in-car advertising blitz - theverge Walmart is aggressively shifting away from its most legendary shopping format - yahoo Walmart (WMT) continues to kill off the American shopping creation it’s most known for, the massive supercenter that sells everything under one roof. Some of the Strangest Things People Have Found - ba-bamail China to launch artificial 'moon' into orbit to light up city - yahoo A senior Treasury employee was charged with sending sensitive financial reports to a journalist - nbc McDonald's, Burger King, Five Guys among 22 burger chains given "F" over antibiotics - cbs Trump launches process to quit 144-year-old postal treaty - bbc Hacked: Tens of millions of US voter records are being sold on the Dark Web, what this means to you - komando 9 million webcams wide open to attack, see if yours is on the list - komando "Researchers at SEC Consult just issued a warning about surveillance equipment built by Chinese manufacturer, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology. They found a bunch of critical vulnerabilities that make it easy for hackers to take over your camera and spy on you." - komando Gathered 10/16/2018: Aerion's supersonic business jet to meet U.S. noise standards - yahoo Some Juice for Your Phone via THERMOCOUPLES - americanupbeat This innovative charging device uses the temperature of your drink, cold on one side, hot on the other, and turns that energy into electrical power to charge your phone. Filipino Vaccine (Dengue) Confidence Fades Following DengVaxia Scare Filipino Vaccine (Dengue) Confidence Fades Following DengVaxia Scare - The dengue virus has 4 strains, and infection with 1 strain does not provide protection from another. Gathered 10/15/2018: Did your Windows 10 audio stop working after the update? Microsoft has a fix - Personal info of 30,000-plus Pentagon employees compromised in contractor breach - With cameras that know dogs from Dodges, Honda is making intersections safer - World’s first 49-inch, dual QHD curved monitor tops Dell’s new line of displays - RE-INVENTING THE WALKIN MOVIE THEATER :) Video: Pilot nails sideways landing in Storm Callum - Retail IoT: Walmart's IoT patent filing might be the creepiest ever - Invaluable tips and tricks for troubleshooting Linux - Wi-Fi 6 is coming to a router near you - Human retinas grown in a dish explain how color vision develops - Lift off for world-first ultrasound levitation that bends around barriers - Researchers develop 3D printed objects that can track and store how they are used - Gathered 10/14/2018: How to Differentiate Real Jewelry From Fakes - Ever wonder who (what) steals your packages? Mother bear & cubs Humpback whale cracks boat window during unsettling encounter caught on video World’s funniest wildlife photos of 2018 Couch Surfing Perfect Pipeline Air Canada's near miss last year was almost 'worst accident in history' How to see if your data was accessed in the Facebook hack Facebook hack smaller but more damaging than thought - check your account PlayStation 4 reportedly crashing due to malicious message Here’s how to protect your PS4 against the bug Fake Flash updates upgrade software, but install crypto-mining malware Facebook is testing an unsend feature for Messenger Twitter is facing an investigation over data collection in its link-shortening system Add wireless charging to your old iPhone for $17 instead of spending $1,000 to upgrade I have NO idea how well this works - need to see a review NASA watchdogs blame SLS rocket snags on Boeing missteps and poor oversight Glock vs. Sig Sauer: Glock 17 vs. P226 (Which Gun Is Better?) Heat Advisory: The Most Beautiful Weather Girls On Television Gathered 10/13/2018: He Picks Up A Tiny Newborn Cub. 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Samsung says its foldable phone is also a tablet that fits in your pocket Garmin's rugged $300 smartwatch can last two weeks on a charge Google Translate can now visually translate 13 more languages He Settled a Sex Discrimination Complaint. Now He Wants to Lead Maine. 33 Sexy Costumes That Make Us Love Halloween Russian investigators partly identify cause of Soyuz spacecraft's failed launch - I Tried Out for ‘The Bachelor’ 3 Times And This Is What I Learned Gathered 10/11/2018: Jewelry Containing Toxic Metal, CADMIUM, Found At Major U.S. Retailers, Tests Find - huffingtonpost Cadmium, which can cause cancer and reproductive harm, was found in items sold at Ross, Nordstrom Rack and Papaya. 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Ambassador Nikki Haley resigns - NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is offline after a steering component failed California DMV admits that non-citizens are registered to vote - Makers of LaCroix hit with lawsuit alleging their sparkling water contains 'synthetic' ingredients, including a 'cockroach insecticide' - Gathered 10/08/2018: Google Plus shutting down after security glitch exposes up to 500,000 users' data - Man allegedly posts video of how to remove an ankle monitor - Mum fights back against accusations that she’s trying to ‘steal’ men when she breastfeeds in public Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Winter vagina might not be a thing, but winter penis is Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Underwear addict buys almost £3000 worth of bras, lingerie and knickers a year Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Apple tells Congress that it has found no sign of microchip tampering - Homeland Security backs Apple and Amazon’s denials of Chinese microchip hack - British spy agency casts more doubt on spy chip report - Gathered 10/07/2018: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: The Linux for AI, clouds, and containers How to install the Netdata Monitor on Ubuntu 18.04 How to set up high availability storage with GlusterFS on Ubuntu 18.04 Forget what you've been told. This is the best tech to keep you safe from a hurricane How to do a free credit freeze 5 Reasons Why you Should be Using a VPN 5 router security settings to turn on before it's too late Tube map shows what you need to earn to be able to afford homes at each station Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Mystery as twenty ‘alien’ stars are spotted flying into our galaxy at high speed Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Drinking more water might protect you from repeat UTIs Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Video shows monkey 'driving' bus in Karnataka, India Illegal immigrant charged in New York with vicious rape of woman: police - fox Gathered 10/06/2018: What A Cruise Is Really Like – Fantasy Versus Reality! - Gathered 10/05/2018: Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update after reports of documents being deleted - The segment guided viewers through how they can perform a self-check for developing signs of breast cancer - Breast Exam - so you can get it correct CAUTION - EXPLICIT Ukrop's Homestyle Foods Recalls Ready-To-Eat Meat and Poultry Products Due to Possible Listeria Contamination - usda Lift Dumbbells to Live Longer I Lived With Brett Kavanaugh At Yale. The FBI Never Returned My Call. Saudi Prince calls for Muslims to join Christians, Jews in Jerusalem meeting Murphy Brown Crashes Sarah Huckabee Sanders Presser To Call Her Out For Lying, so it appears Florida man used Pinterest template to print counterfeit money, tried to sell it on Facebook, police say Extremely venomous sea snake kills man in Australia Interpol chief Meng Hongwei disappears on visit to China OH, GREAT A rock that was used as a doorstop for the past 30 years turns out to be a meteorite valued at $100K Former Justice Stevens changes mind on Kavanaugh New clever bank phishing scam is spreading and it's duping even the experts Gathered 10/04/2018: Nikon Coolpix P1000 review With an out-of-this-world 125x zoom, the Nikon P1000 shoots for the moon Is the iPhone XS camera really that much better? Definitely. 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Jerry Brown just signed SB 822, the strongest net neutrality law in the country! - washingtontimes Strange Particles Coming Out of the Earth Hint at New Physics - yahoo Water park closed after surfer dies from 'brain eating amoeba' - yahoo Gathered 09/29/2018: Photos: 60 years of NASA's technological accomplishments - techrepublic Gathered 09/28/2018: Facebook says 50 million user accounts affected by security breach - WORST FV BREACH - Conrad Black: Canada hasn't noticed, but Quebec nationalism is coming back - Can Being Left-Handed Really Affect Mental Health? - How To Strengthen Your Friendships In 30 Minutes A Week - The Dos and Dont's of Changing Your Tire - Learn How to Survive Being Bitten by a Snake - Magazine of Jesuits urges withdrawal of Kavanaugh nomination - Gathered 09/26/2018: The Real Difference Between Dollar Tree and Dollar General - Better Than a Glock? Here Comes Smith & Wesson's M&P 2.0 Compact Handgun - These hilarious photos show how crazy an office can be Crack in beam shuts down San Francisco's new $2B terminal -,1537910790,36u83308&utm_campaign=20299&utm_source=stars-recirc 29 Scary Dinosaurs No One Talks About - Gathered 09/25/2018: Fast-growing retailer coming to Cary - Gathered 09/24/2018: Apple completes Shazam acquisition, will make app ad-free for everyone - Scrabble dictionary adds 300 new words, including "OK" and "ew" - GOP adviser abruptly quits amid sex harassment claim - Rep. Jim Knoblach ends campaign amid daughter's allegations - Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities - Why people can take years to report sexual assaults - Gathered 09/23/2018: FCC Hiding Evidence Of Suspected Russian Role In Ending Net Neutrality: Lawsuit - huffingtonpost Man Accused Of Choking Woman Unconscious Takes Plea Deal For No Jail Time WE SHOULD RECALL THIS JUDDGE IMMEDIATELY - MY personal opinion ANY JUDGE WHO DOES NOT PROVCLAIM JAIL TIME FOR ASSULT - SHOULD GO - MY personal opinion Jason Miller, Former Trump Aide Leaves CNN After Ex Claims He Gave Woman ‘Abortion Pill’ - Gathered 09/22/2018: Number of immigrants in U.S. illegally could be double the widely accepted estimates, study suggests - latimes See the Seven Wonders of the World in Stunning 4K - ba-bamail Six Siblings of Republican Congressman Call on Voters to Support His Opponent - slate These Are the Most Sexually Provocative Movies of All Time - time A New California Bill Would Require Better Passwords for Internet of Things Devices - slate How to Get the Most out of Siri in iOS 12 - slate Stop robocalls with Google Voice - komando Packard cars could self park in 1933 - woodsmall If it could be engaged while moving, I can just imagine the Bandit using it to create an instant U-TURN while running Moonshine... How to switch to a cheaper cellphone carrier - komando 3 critical steps to secure online banking - komando 3 awesome apps that block unwanted robocalls - komando Best way to reduce eye strain from your computer monitor - BLUE LIGHT - komando How to use a blue light filter on your PC - digitaltrends blue light turns certain molecules in our eyes into "cell killers" - fortune "The process leads to macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease affecting more than 10 million Americans. Macular degeneration is the death of photoreceptor cells in the eye.Aug 15, 2018 According to the research conducted by the University of Toledo, Blue light is naturally present in sunlight, but with the growing ubiquity of electronic devices — and the light glaring from their screens — one’s exposure to blue light can become harmful. According to the National Sleep Foundation, blue light suppresses the body’s production of melatonin, which regulates your sleep cycle. This can make it difficult to fall asleep, on top of the newly discovered threat of eye damage. In other experiments, the researchers found that the combination of blue light and retinal molecules can lead to the death of any type of cell, including cancer cells, heart cells, and neurons. They noted that a certain molecule natural to the body, alpha tocopherol, can stop these cells from dying. But as individuals age or their body weakens, the defense is hindered." - Fortune, University of Toledo News & Kasun Ratnayake Blue Light sunrays (HEV) may cause 30% of Macula Degeneration - woodsmall Other BLUE LIGHT EYESTRAIN ARTICLES Hurricane Florence becomes Tropical Storm KIRK - abc Probability of it (Kirk) going back to North Carolina as a potent Huricane, considered LOW. 6 men Trump has defended amid accusations of assault or misconduct - abc Gathered 09/21/2018: Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant infections to 118 people, CDC reports - cbs Puppies spread antibiotic-resistant infections to 118 people, CDC reports - cbs California college moves 'Prospector Pete' statue from plaza - fox because of the impact the 1849 gold rush had on indigenous people. How scientists captured a stunning, hellish menagerie of half-dissolved creatures - A Japanese spacecraft just threw two small rovers at an asteroid - theverge tasked with grabbing a sample from an asteroid named Ryugu and returning those materials to Earth. Gathered 09/20/2018: If you bought tech gear here, NEWEGG, hackers have your credit card - komando Aug 14 2018 In related news, 42 million emails and passwords exposed in this massive data breach - komando Gathered 09/19/2018: Beautiful Pictures 2 - slide show - pps - woodsmall Dad drove underage son and girlfriend to park so they could do their thang - metro Search for Captain Cook’s ship the Endeavour could be over after 250 years - metro A German roofer working on a cathedral found a message in bottle, written by his grandfather - washingtonpost An 88-year-old message in a bottle was found under the roof of the cathedral vestibule in Goslar, Germany. Gathered 09/18/2018: Five Security Settings In iOS 12 You Should Change Right Now - huffingtonpost The 9 Nakedest Looks from the 2018 Emmy Awards - yahoo Hilarious Airport Moments Caught On Camera - noteabley Footage shows massive colonies of fire ants floating in Hurricane Florence floodwaters - yahoo Before-and-after aerial photos show destruction, beach erosion on North Carolina coastline - cnn North Carolina barrier island evacuees can check on their property via new aerial images - cnn Terrifying Canadian ‘Fire Tornado’ Sucks Firehose Into The Sky, Then Melts It In Midair - Nasa discovers ‘never-before-seen’ mystery ’emission’ spurting from neutron star - metro Gathered 09/17/2018: 9 Kinds of Bug Bites You Might Get This Summer — and What to Do About Them - time 9 Wi-Fi problems and how to fix them - digitaltrends Not again? A Galaxy Note 9 caught fire in New York this month - digitaltrends The Alea Air can keep your air clean and adjust the temperature in every room - digitaltrend Woman badly burned after vaping device explodes, officials say - fox 'Storm of a lifetime' How Hurricane Florence battered the Carolinas, day by day One Man Created The Most Insane Shelter We've Seen - boredomtherapy Man Who Buried 42 School Buses To Make Huge Doomsday Shelter Is Finally Showing People The Inside Hilarious Marriage Advice From Famous People - ba-bamail 11 Photobox Instagram Photography Award Finalists - ba-bamail Gathered 09/16/2018: Alligator Casually Strolls Through Myrtle Beach-Area Neighborhood During Florence - huffingtonpost 'Aspirin-a-day risky in old age' - major study - bbc BPA replacements in plastics cause reproductive problems in lab mice - sciencedaily Archaeologists discover ancient sphinx in Egypt - washingtontimes Quiz: Match the Famous Locations of these sites Gathered 09/15/2018: FAKE NEWS?? (not what you think) - digg This Camera's Zoom (Nikon p900) Is Unbelievable - digg This Soccer Goal Shouldn't Be Possible - digg This Soccer Player Just Volleyed In A Goal From Behind The Half Line - digg The best free VIDEO CONVERTERS - digitaltrends Need to convert video in a flash? These free apps and services will do the job Georgia is paving the way for a high-tech, sustainable highway - digitaltrends The coming hydrogen fuel cell evolution - digitaltrends Scientists think a form of bacteria could help make Mars hospitable to humans - digitaltrends These living solar cells make energy, even in bad weather - digitaltrends ‘Crop-dusting’ drones drop biodegradable sensors instead of pesticides - digitaltrends The BrambleBee robot promises to help honeybees pollinate flowers - digitaltrends Here’s what would happen if the Sahara was covered in solar and wind farms - digitaltrends Does NOT seem to factor in all of the abrasion from dust storms??? Gas explosions: Governor declares state of emergency, police avert 'catastrophic event' - abc Nasa laser launches into space - bbc How China’s feminists launched #MeToo in a country where protest is barely possible - latimes Tesla’s wireless smartphone charger returns, and it’s $16 cheaper than before - digitaltrends place your Qi-enabled phone on the wireless base, and then press... Tesla extends battery capacity to help owners of the older Model S flee Florence - digitaltrends As a gesture of goodwill, the company issued a quick software update extending the battery charge capacity for older Model S owners in the affected zones. The extended reserve period is only limited to older Model S owners, whose batteries may be a little worn from long-term use and will need the extra juice to continue fleeing Florence’s path." - digitaltrends Watching BMW’s autonomous motorcycle is equal parts awesome and creepy - digitaltrends Tesla’s latest update reportedly breaks Autopilot rather than improving it - digitaltrends Elon Musk hints at Tesla-connected smart air conditioning - digitaltrends Hurricane Florence flood waters expected to be carrying venomous snakes - msn Hurricane Florence: How to Help - nytimes Whale violently slaps inflatable boat with tail - msn If a Dolphin hits your house.... - woodsmall Hurricane Florence storm surge damage may not be covered - cbs "As Hurricane Florence makes landfall, homeowners along the North and South Carolina coasts could face up to 14 feet of storm surge -- tidal water driven by high winds. But many of them could discover that their insurance doesn't cover damage from that common hurricane effect. That's because of the little-known, misunderstood and obscure "anti-concurrent causation clause" written into their policy. "The vast majority of homeowner insurance policies have this exclusion," said Executive Director Amy Bach of United Policyholders, a San Francisco-based consumer insurance advocacy group. She predicts that it will "put policyholders in a fight with their insurers right from the get-go." Simply put, an anti-concurrent causation (ACC) clause states that if two events (like wind and water damage) occur close together and only one of them is covered, your insurer doesn't have to pay for either one. General Reinsurance provides a detailed explanation. "If two separate events occur, such as wind and flood, and cause damage within a short period of time, but only one is insured, then the order in which it occurred is irrelevant, and your insurer will not pay for either one," said Director Robert Hunter of the Consumer Federation of America. This is true even if the wind damage is $100,000 and the flood loss is only $5,000, added Hunter, the former insurance commissioner of Texas who has been through several flood events." - cbsnews & Director Robert Hunter of the Consumer Federation of America. I always wanted to be a weatherman - horrible accuracy but I can keep my job!:
Weatherman produces sloppy hurricane landfall guess
The Hurricane CATagory Scale
Researchers hack and steal a Model S; Tesla says vulnerability now fixed City of Raleigh - Hurricane Florence Information - CITY RESPONSES Yesterday we told you about calling 919-996-2999 for non-emergency issues like fallen trees. Now you can see where those issues are happening using our interactive map at Gathered 09/14/2018: Hurricane Florence - Important Info and Phone Numbers - Tom Tillis Raleigh’s Hurricane Florence non-emergency call center is now activated Tropical Storm Florence webcams from along the East Coast - cbs The 49-inch Samsung CHG90 QLED gaming monitor is absolutely massive - digitaltrends HDR Specifications The best monitors of IFA 2018 - digitaltrends California Tries New Tack on Gun Violence: Ammunition Control - nytimes This isn't new - ONE company has been buying all for sale ammunition manufacturers for DECADES. Tired of Netflix? Here's where to find free movies online, legally - digitaltrends How does Hulu work? Here’s everything you need to know watch live and on-demand TV programming from over 50 popular networks The best Dolby Atmos movies, from ‘Ready Player One’ to the new ‘Jumanji’ movie - digitaltrends The best free movies on YouTube - digitaltrends The best streaming devices - digitaltrends From the Roku Ultra to the Fire TV Cube, these are the best streaming devices I use a Roku (4) Ultra, among other things Battle of the streaming sticks: Chromecast vs. Roku vs. Fire TV Stick - digitaltrends Netflix vs. Hulu vs. Amazon Prime: Battle of the streaming giants - digitaltrends Streaming Devices, Services and Over-The-Air (OTA) - woodsmall The best TVs of 2018 What Was the First Modern Nude Scene? The new ‘Terminator’ movie: Everything we know so far Couple finds hidden camera pointed at bed at an Airbnb Apple’s unsafe Mac App Store is simply inexcusable What’s worse than a dongle? No dongle Apple’s new iPhones use eSIM technology, but only nine countries in the world support it Gathered 09/12/2018: *** DISASTER PLANNING *** *** Hurricane FLORENCE *** North Carolina Hurricane Information - Florence Gathered 09/10/2018: Residents in Carolinas Warned: Now is Time to Prepare for Hurricane Florence - weather Giant trap collecting Pacific Ocean litter - cbs nymphomaniac I - trailer - youtube Baby Owl Comes Running When Owner Calls Him - digg Who Thought Having An Owl For A Ring Bearer Would Be A Good Idea - digg Man Buys His Girlfriend The Most Unflattering Swimsuit Of All Time - digg Gathered 09/09/2018: Chrome's Killing 'WWW' in Address Bar — And That's Bad - tomsguidequit Third Party Blue Light Filters & References Gathered 09/08/2018: Top app, ADWARE DOCTOR, in Apple Store steals your browser history and sends it to China - komando Firefox 62.0 was released on 9/5/2018 How to combine PDF files (Windows and MAC) - digitaltrends Why you shouldn’t mount your TV above your fireplace - SO VERY OBVIOUS, AND YET, PEOPLE DO IT The Beauty of Cape Town Is Highly Apparent In This Video - 4K video - ba-bamail Modern Cape Town can trace its roots back to the mid-17th century when Dutch traders set up a way-station for their ship Engineered sand could remove nasty toxins to produce drinkable water - digitaltrends Fly Above Cape Town and Catch Some Stunning Views! - ba-bamail Rio is a Paradise On Earth: A Look at a Magical City - ba-bamail Also has some horrors - my personal opinion This tiny house produced in the Alps opens up to the skies - digitaltrends The Road to Machu Picchu Makes it Even More Breathtaking - ba-bamail Take a Virtual Walking Tour Through the Streets of Venice - 1 HOUR TOUR - ba-bamail Australia Looks Even More Impressive When Seen From Above! - ba-bamail Gathered 09/07/2018: Ford recalls 2 million of its popular F-150 trucks due to fire risk - digitaltrends Nissan recalls a range of vehicles to fix potentially dangerous ignition issue - digitaltrends Skip? the New iPhones If They Don't Have These 5 Upgrades - tomsguide New Wind Measurement Satellite Promises to Improve Weather Forecast Accuracy - globalspec Officials unveil new facial recognition system at Dulles International Airport - washingtonpost Gathered 09/06/2018: With big-name backing, a startup launches to match cancer patients with clinical trials - statnews Mercedes Brings Hands-Free Driving to Its 40-Ton Highway Hauler - bloomberg UGH!! - 4O TONS IMAX is launching its own AV certification program for home theater setups - theverge Rita Ora is seriously trying to make see-through dresses happen as she gets transparent at GQ afterparty - metro Kate Beckinsale pulls off a very daring swimsuit-style sarong dress at GQ Men of the Year Awards and proves summer isn’t over yet - metro iRobot’s latest Roomba remembers your home’s layout and empties itself - theverge ‘Waterworld’ no longer seems sci-fi, so an artist designed your future gills - digitaltrends Gathered 09/05/2018: Say what!? A wind turbine in Japan got blown over by — the wind - digitaltrends Gathered 09/04/2018: Fashion Nova releases skirt so revealing it comes with built in underwear - metro Going vegan is a sign of midlife crisis in men, says study - metro Gathered 09/03/2018: What to budget monthly if you become a dog owner - theladders Astronomers capture clearest image yet of ‘monster galaxy’ 12 billion light years from Earth - metro Killer robots are fast becoming a reality – we must stop this from happening if we want to stop a global AI arms race - metro Vintage Tips From the 1900s - ba-bamail How to plan your dream African safari on a minimal budget - pinterest Gathered 09/02/2018: New Microsoft Edge security features were just bypassed, opening door for exploits - How to use Confidential Mode in Gmail - Required OEM security patches could make Android devices better for business - The 15 best cities for gig workers and freelancers - The 26 most underrated science-fiction books - // Keep Your Lips and Hugs to Yourself Human! 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I quite using Okidata decades ago, when their IBM Proprinter compatible printer, was NOT - I know nothing about current Okidata printers. 8 Ways You Can Harm Your Credit Score Without Knowing It - These Kama Sutra Illustrations Are Naughty, Adorable And Queer-Friendly - The 10 Most Affordable Sites for Printing Digital Photos Online July 12, 2018 Best Online Photo Printing Services 2018 - Lab Tested Reviews by PCMag SNAPFISH -!/pdpview What’s a mirrorless camera and what makes it different from a DSLR? - digitaltrends The best mirrorless cameras - digitaltrends The best laser printer 2018: top picks for quick and quiet printing - Gathered 08/30/2018: 7 Signs Your Body Needs More Folic Acid - ba-bamail How to record the screen on your iPhone in a few easy steps - digitaltrends Dual-purpose pot and booze breathalyzer can tell how stoned or drunk you are - digitaltrends Alexa’s oddball ‘Away Mode’ skill aims to keep burglars at bay - digitaltrends Gathered 08/19/2018: 8.2 earthquake strikes off the coast of Fiji, small tsunami waves observed - Gathered 08/17/2018: A brand-new Mac can be hacked remotely during its first Wi-Fi connection - North Carolina police arrest 198 mph 'Hellcat' speeder seen in Facebook video - The females of some snake species, like the copperhead, have the ability to reproduce asexually by fertilizing themselves. - OH HECK - WHY COPPERHEADS ?? 20 of the Strangest Buildings Ever Constructed - This Incredible Animal Video Has Millions Talking About It - Is your PC safe? FORESHADOW is the security flaw Intel should have predicted - Gathered 08/15/2018: US concerned by Russian satellite's 'very abnormal behavior' - New tick causes epidemic of Rocky Mountain spotted fever - Tick fever threatens to spread to U.S. from Mexico,review-5660.html Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 XL: Which Camera Wins? -,news-27815.html Apple Car Is Back On For Possible 2023 Launch (Report) - 10 Cool Maps That Show How Much Unpopulated Space There Is - OF COURSE, It may be on a 70 degree slope in the dessert or at 5,000 foot height... NASA Is Testing Hardware to Fend Off GPS Hackers - DARPA to re-invent GPS navigation without the use of satellites -,news-27806.html Instagram Just Got Hacked: What to Do Now - Fracking Water Use Skyrockets, Creating 1,440 Percent More Toxic Wastewater - 7 Things Sex Educators Wish You’d Teach Your Kids Sooner Rather Than Later - Banks Beef Up Security After FBI Warning on ATM ‘Jackpotting’ - 15 Funny Tweets About Breastfeeding That Are So Relatable - Lucifer cast thank fans for saving the show as they return to film Season 4 with Netflix - South Korea to ban some BMW vehicles over engine fires - BMW has recalled 106,000 cars in South Korea because of growing fears about fire Gathered 08/14/2018: Migaloo the Albino Humpback Whale Spotted off Coast of Australia - Feather Star Spotted Off the Coast of Bali, Indonesia - Tourists Get Epic Surprise - Rhino vs. SUV - Back to Life After 42,000 Years - After being frozen for 42,000 years, these worms CAME BACK TO LIFE Gathered 08/13/2018: 14-year-old boy uses legal quirk to run for Vermont governor - DeepMind’s AI can detect over 50 eye diseases as accurately as a doctor - The system analyzes 3D scans of the retina and could help speed up diagnoses in hospitals Parrot tells firefighter to ‘f**k off’ after getting stuck on roof - NHTSA investigating Ford F-150 seatbelt fires, may recall 1.4 million trucks - America’s Housing Crisis Is Forcing More People To Live In Vehicles - Firefighters capture video of "firenado" in the U.K. - Ryan Zinke Tells California How To Stop Wildfires: Cut Down Trees - Marilyn Monroe Nude Scene – Long Believed Lost – Is Found - Watch how Nikon tests the durability of its D850 professional DSLR - The Truth About What It’s Like To Live In A Tiny Home - Take a Virtual Trip to Australia With An Interactive Guide - 6 smart home upgrades to help sell your house - Gathered 08/12/2018: Chinese tourist killed in hippo attack in Kenya - Vermont, Quebec to sign joint declaration amid U.S.-Canada tensions - New Jersey flash floods send cars floating down river, piling up against bridge - The best instant camera for the beach - Gathered 08/11/2018: Nasa discovers huge and mysterious hydrogen ‘wall’ around our solar system - metro Coral reefs ‘adapting to warmer ocean temperatures’ as climate change worsens - metro It's official: Amazon is coming to Garner, NC - bizjournals French theme park deploys crows to collect litter - bbc I was once trained by a CROW, to feed it PECANS Four people caught having ‘orgy’ in public park - metro A mechanic at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport apparently hijacked a plane - fox Indonesian island lifted 10 inches by deadly quake - fox Gathered 08/10/2018: Drug Recalls - FDA recalls - VALSARTAN (Blood Pressure) is the latest one - This recall of multiple batches of Valsartan Tablets was prompted due to the detection of trace amounts of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) - NDMA is classified as a probable human carcinogen (a substance that could cause cancer). Many Android devices ship with firmware vulnerabilities - theverge YouTube recommends the best phones for video playback - NO iPhones - theverge River Rhine dries up as heatwave in Europe continues - metro COMPLETELY DRY IN LOCATIONS Passengers ‘suffer in 113F heat - flight crew fails to turn on air conditioning’ - metro Woman suffers serious burns after portable charger ‘explodes’ in her hands - metro Gathered 08/09/2018: A Toxic Substance, ASBESTOS, Has Been Found in Crayons Again - theatlantic If your phone runs on one of the major carriers, it might have a major security flaw - komando Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile phone 145 Google Play apps were found to be hiding Windows malware! - komando bank details of thousands exposed online for more than a year - komando Astronaut watches Europe dry up from space during scorching summer heat wave - washingtonpost An Ancient Genetic Quirk Could Doom Whales Today - theatlantic Gathered 08/06/2018: Justice Department files argument against AT&T-Time Warner merger - cbs A 9-year-old North Carolina boy was robbed at gunpoint at his lemonade stand - cnn I caught Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick at a BBQ in north London - metro The results came back negative, which I now know is because the pathogens of a tick take up to six weeks to show up in the blood. Mineral never seen on Earth found inside Russian meteorite - Gathered 08/03/2018: Scientists complete the first successful transplant of lab-grown lungs (in a PIG) - digitaltrends Air Force remains silent after huge meteor hits near US military base - yahoo Giant eel bites woman vacationing in Hawaii: 'There was blood everywhere' - Mysterious ‘rogue’ planet discovered outside solar system - metro Elon Musk Is Bringing ATARI Games to Tesla Cars - slate People are sending thoughts and prayers to the NRA, which says it’s in financial trouble People are sending thoughts and prayers to the NRA, which says it’s in financial trouble mB> - The Funniest Results Of Employees Being Bored At Work - Indiana man tells how cracked code pointed to DB Cooper suspect - Trouble from the deep The current that ferries water around the Atlantic stabilises the climate for millions. Now it is getting weaker, which could bring more extreme heatwaves and floods… - The Latest Ebola Outbreak Is Centered in a War Zon - Best home security cameras under $100 - Gathered 08/02/2018: The most popular video game console around right now is one from 1983 - Vancouver's Homes May Be Costly to Buy, But They're Cheap to Own - TV’s Hottest New Sex Move Is Power Fingering - 5th most popular site in the world hacked, REDDIT, what you need to do now JAIL TIME FOR THE WEB SITE MANAGER AND THE CEO - 2 weekend days at a very safe jail - Worst "red tide" toxic algae bloom in years killing turtles, manatees in Florida - Woman, 95, chases black bear from home after finding it in kitchen - Identical twin brothers to wed identical twin sisters and move in together - RIGHT - THIS WILL WORK WELL - NOT Plastic bags dumped in the sea linked to climate change in new research - Gathered 08/01/2018: TV Shows That Have Been Canceled In 2018 - Gathered 07/31/2018: Judge blocks release of blueprints for guns - cnn Man received citation after he smashed a car window to rescue dogs in a hot car - UGH - If true, Fire that cop - personal opinion Former pill mill doctor gets 157 years for drug trafficking - History - Surfing Record - nationalpost View 1 (Surfing Record): From a drone... - youtube View 2 (Surfing Record): from the surfers POV.. - youtube VIN decoder: Where to find a good one online for free VIN check: How to look up a VIN report for free before buying a used car - clark Southwest vs. JetBlue vs. Alaska: Which airline is best? Cord-cutting 101: How to quit cable for online streaming video - Possible Cyclospora PARASITES in BEEF, PORK and POULTRY salad - This No-Brand Startup Won $240 Million to Fight Amazon on Price and Quality - bloomberg Lets see 240 million vs Billions - I'm, personally, skeptical. Gathered 07/30/2018: NASA’s Space-Suit Drama Could Delay Our Trip to the Moon - thedailybeast NASA is stuck using decades-old suits that critics say are too old, too bulky, too rigid, and too few in number for America's new era of space exploration. FDA warns companies about 'deceptive' vaginal rejuvenation claims - nbc How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions - thedailybeast Mars Is Frigid, Rusty and Haunted. We Can’t Stop Looking at It - nytimes A South Carolina school district just abolished snow days and will make students learn online - Never-Before-Seen Dolphin-Whale Hybrid Spotted - How to Retrieve Your Contacts if You Lose Your Phone in an Emergency - Why Are We Still So Worried About Wat­­ching Porn? - The Difference Between A Fetish And Kink, According To Sex Experts - Gathered 07/29/2018: Kids use 'secret apps' to hide photos, videos and files - How to check for hidden cameras on Lyft or Uber - StormBreaker: Powerful bomb penetrates bad weather, spells bad news for bad guys - Enemies of the United States will never be able to use bad weather to hide again. Gmail redesign could put over a billion people at risk - Best streaming services you can get for $25 or less per month - 20 Incredibly useful Google products and services you didn't know existed - Must-have app for serious photographers - Download your photos from Facebook - here's how - 10 clever Gmail settings that will fix your inbox once and for all - Travel troubles? Your device is more likely to be hacked at certain airports - LIST of best/worst - New Drug Shows Promise in Early Studies to Treat Alzheimer’s - DEET Is the Most Effective Bug Spray. But Is It Safe? - Why Having Sex Makes You Feel Better the Next Day, According to Science - The FDA Approved an Anti-Bioterrorism Drug Meant to Treat Smallpox - 5 Amazon obscure settings you should change now - Why You Forget Names Immediately—And How to Remember Them - Global Oil Discoveries See Remarkable Recovery In 2018 - How Android Is Fighting Spam Calls - Google is winning its battle against the growing number of robocalls. Venezuela will remove five zeroes from the bolivar currency, President Nicolas Maduro says, in an effort to keep up with inflation projected to reach 1 million percent this year. - Autonomous car teaches itself to drive in less than twenty minutes - An autonomous car with a new kind of artificial intelligence has taught itself to drive in less than twenty minutes. Stuart McDill reports. OH GREAT - it it knows every possible scenario???? I doubt it Mum urges people to wear shoes at the beach after son gets parasites on his feet - Gathered 07/28/2018: Physics treasure hidden in a wallpaper pattern - An international team of scientists has discovered a new, exotic form of insulating material with a metallic surface that could enable more efficient electronics or even quantum computing. Mobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents, study finds - July 19, 2018 Scientists perfect technique to boost capacity of computer storage a thousand-fold - 'Holy Grail' for batteries: Solid-state magnesium battery a big step closer - 'Holy Grail' for batteries: Solid-state magnesium battery a big step closer - New application of blue light sees through fire - Brawl breaks out at Trump's new Walk of Fame star - Future electronic components to be printed like newspapers - We hate to break this to you, but dogs might not like being patted on the head - 7 Pieces Of Dating Advice From A Woman Who Went On 100 Dates In A Year - Jilted husband awarded $8.8M after suing wife's lover - Lawmakers are trying to prevent the spread of 3-D-printed guns. They may be too late. - Report on 300 'predator priests' can go public, court says - Gathered 07/27/2018: Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it. - Jury rules security company must pay $1 billion to Georgia woman raped by guard they hired - if guilty, then YEAH - personal opinion California revenge porn victim awarded $5.15 million - if guilty, then YEAH - personal opinion Southwest CEO: 'Let me be very blunt,' no assigned seats, NO baggage fees - New York police investigating 'suspicious' items at Trump Tower - Avenatti: Hush money paid before election to 3 more women who claim affairs with Trump - U.S. judge denies gun control groups' attempt to block 3-D gun blueprints - China's sex doll makers jump on AI drive - Water wars head upstream as California considers cutbacks for senior Central Valley irrigation districts - This concrete (yes, concrete) is going high-tech - traps Co2 forever - Fire breaks out near San Diego Zoo Safari Park - Spectrum internet is getting kicked out of New York - How to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - A Cairo zoo is accused of painting donkeys to look like zebras. Laughter and derision ensue - An extinct prehistoric fish, a coelacanth, found alive on a South African fishing boat Read More: - coelacanth - thought extict for 66 million years - Moment of Discovery - Joe Biden's niece sentenced in $110,000 credit card case - gets TWO YEARS probation - WHAT BLATANT BULLSHIT Philips Hue expands to the bathroom with a connected light-up mirror - OH GREAT - when do "they" imbed a hidden camera? Virgin Galactic’s spaceplane flew higher than ever before in its third powered flight - Here's the technique Navy SEALs use to swim for miles without getting tired - The Funniest Results Of Employees Being Bored At Work - Brain Parasite May Help You Succeed in Business - What ever happened to the women Jerry Seinfeld dated on the show? - Cat S61 (smartphone) review - With thermal imaging and laser measurement, the Cat S61 is no mere phone Gathered 07/26/2018: Released memo points to Hirohito's role in Pearl Harbor raid - Video: Amazing Chinese Skyscraper has a waterfall built into it - Video: Incredible footage shows sandstorm blanket Chinese city - Why You’re a Mosquito Magnet, According to Science - LOTS of good info, including: A small study showed that mosquitos were significantly more attracted to people who had recently drank beer. 8 Natural Mosquito Repellents - 5 Tips for Talking to a Person with Dementia - Pilots fight at 37,000 feet in the cockpit on Iraqi Airways flight - - Drop it. Smash it. Slam it. Samsung’s unbreakable OLED screen can take it - As driverless-car crashes mount, fear of riding in them rises, too - Greek fires: Blaze that killed 83 'caused by arson' - What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in August 2018 - The best movies on Netflix right now (July 2018) - Here's what's wrong with the bra business - CDC: Backyard chickens linked to salmonella outbreaks Laboratory findings link these outbreaks to contact with live poultry New Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Big Promise in Early Trial Results - nytimes Gathered 07/25/2018: Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Valsartan and Valsartan Hydrochlorothiazide Tablets
Impurity detected in the API is Nnitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)
Kraft Heinz recalls Taco Bell cheese dip because of BOTULISM risk - nbc Pepperidge Farm voluntarily recalls Goldfish Crackers on SALMONELLA risk - nbc 'Married at First Sight' bride arrested at airport on her way to honeymoon - Oregon woman finds mountain lion napping in her home: 'This is wild' - A 58-story skyscraper in San Francisco is tilting and sinking — and residents say their multimillion-dollar condos are 'nearly worthless' - SHOULD BE A JAILABLE OFFENSE Gathered 07/24/2018: Laptop expert warns overheating could make 2018 MacBook Pro slower than last year's model - Gathered 07/23/2018: Some Ritz Cracker products recalled over possible salmonella risk 7/22/2018 How to hear (and delete) every conversation your Google Home has recorded - New drug for recurring malaria - Gathered 07/22/2018: RDU scores 3 new DELTA nonstop flights to Chicago - Sex around the world: An Indonesian festival of sex with strangers - Ancient scroll reveals bonkers Roman theory on what happens to women who are starved of sex - Girl, 15, jailed in Indonesia for having an abortion after brother, 18, raped her - Bizarre Airbus BelugaXL ‘flying whale’ plane takes to the sky in maiden flight - Organic matter preserved in 3-billion-year-old mudstones at Gale crater, Mars - Alzheimer’s may be caused by haywire immune system eating brain connections - Tau protein—not amyloid—may be key driver of Alzheimer’s symptoms - Reprogrammed skin cells shrink brain tumors in mice - Dog brings sprinkler inside house to cool off during hot weather - This weekend, Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel shows off his skills for the last time - Gathered 07/21/2018: Best streaming services you can get for $25 or less per month - Star Trek: Discovery’s season 2 trailer teases Spock, Christopher Pike, and Tig Notaro - The new season is due out in early 2019 - WHY BOTHER (took too long) Guatemalan living in Florida arrested for allegedly raping, impregnating 12-year-old girl: police - Star Trek: Discovery season 2 introduces brave new plot, a captain from the past and teases Spock’s arrival - Pilot branded ‘hero’ after making emergency landing when hailstones destroyed plane Previously deported man pleads guilty in crash that killed Colts player, Uber driver - Gathered 07/20/2018: What to Know Before Buying a Home With Your Parents - ‘Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home - VIDEO: Drone and drought reveal another "Stonehenge" in Ireland - Maximize Your Apple Watch Battery Lifespan - Where the Super-Rich Go to Buy Their Second Passport - Stay away from these smartphones: Report lists devices with highest failure rates - of course, by the time we know (have data), it's too late (already have a phone) BUT we might consider the data as a possible trend, going foward. Gathered 07/19/2018: Russia tests new nuclear weapons after summit with Trump - How PEP Can Prevent HIV After a High-Risk Exposure - Trump Just Nominated A Pesticide Exec To Oversee Science At The USDA - "OF COURSE HE DID" 500-pound goliath grouper eats shark as shocked Florida fishermen watch: 'He just sucked it in' - Tank-killing robot revealed - Creepy killer worms have taken over France - Surprising ways you can tell if someone is lying Read More: - Missing sub rumored to have brought Nazis to South America discovered - Measure to break California into 3 states removed from November ballot after court ruling - Spain might be next (after Australia) to criminalize sex without affirmative consent - Gathered 07/18/2018: ‘Do not eat this cereal’: CDC issues blunt warning about Honey Smacks as outbreak grows to 100 - washingtonpost CDC warns against eating this pasta salad. It has already sickened 21 people - washingtonpost Consumers should avoid a spring pasta salad sold in 244 of Hy-Vee grocery stores in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. for software/devices still using Java, Java 8 upate 181 was released - The Strange and Curious Case of the Deadly Superbug Yeast - Lab-grown meat could be in restaurants by 2021 - Really bizarre climate change side effects - Alabama employee gets new car from boss after 20-mile walk - - Gathered 07/17/2018: GOP congressman introduces bill to reinstate net neutrality rules - Verizon has stopped activating phones that don’t support LTE on its network - Spotify no longer deletes your downloads when you clear your cache - BMW is testing an Uber competitor in Seattle - Sprint quietly increased the cost of its admin fee for all customers earlier this year - Instagram is testing feature that allows public accounts to remove followers - A major election software maker allowed remote access on its systems for years - The US government has trouble keeping track of radioactive material - Rising Seas Are Putting The Internet At Risk, Study Finds - Scientists discover 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter while hunting for the elusive Planet X - Don’t bother getting a new bikini, the next big swimwear trend is wearing tape - Suspected California 'Rideshare Rapist' in U.S. illegally - Zoox and Its $800 Million Robo Taxi Dream - This scam assumes you're having an affair (so be careful if you really are) - The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Of The Century Is Happening This Month - NOT FOR NORTH AMERICA Mysterious ‘oddball’ moon one of a dozen new satellites spotted orbiting Jupiter - Supersonic Jets For The Ultra Rich Could Be A Climate Change Disaster - Is It Worthwhile to Use Cat 7 Ethernet Cable? - Best States for Concealed Carry - Gathered 07/16/2018: Tour boat hit by an explosion of LAVA - Lyme Disease Surges in Western PA Kids - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh found an exponential increase of Lyme disease cases in western Pennsylvania kids. EPA blocks warnings on cancer-causing chemical - Uncharted fan film stars Nathan Fillion and is surprisingly great - Asteroid defence system passes crucial test – but is it enough to save us from apocalypse? - Nasa finds asteroid with an evil twin that’s ‘potentially hazardous’ to Earth - Giant telescope snaps best ever pics of supermassive black hole at centre of the Milky Way - Gathered 07/15/2018: HHS Plans to Delete 20 Years of Critical Medical Guidelines Next Week - Bizarre secrets Netflix doesn't want you to know - Netflix has tons of hidden categories — here's how to see them Facts About Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis - How the Koch Brothers Are Killing Public Transit Projects Around the Country - FAA Gives the OK for Airlines to Jam You Into Dangerously Small Coach Seats - Major Chain in Canada Pulls Ivanka Trump’s Clothing - There’s Never Been a Map of the Coral Reefs—Until Now - Scientists are using a cool new technology to map coral and figure out which types can withstand warmer oceans and climate change. 33 passengers hospitalized after Ryanair flight plummets almost 30,000 feet - abc - Monster-Size Marine Crocodile Discovered over 30 feet long
- NatGeo - Reports detail Mossad raid on Iranian nuclear documents - False facts about Star Trek you always thought were true Read More: - A Pet Squirrel Who Attacks Burglars Gathered 07/14/2018: In Town With Little Water, Coca-Cola Is Everywhere. So Is Diabetes. - nytimes Scientists Say Something Is Very Wrong With The Tomato - huffingtonpost Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo enclosure, killing 4 alpacas, an emu and a fox - An 11 million ton iceberg is threatening a tiny village in Greenland - 61 sick in parasite outbreak linked to McDonald's salads - NOT easily washed off Beating the Next Superbug Needs a Big Pharma Payoff - bloomberg opinion Helsinki's bunker city: How Finland has survived in Russia's dark shadow - cnn Gathered 07/13/2018: Dog heart disease linked to food, FDA says - nbc "Certain types of grain-free dog food seem to be involved, FDA says. The FDA says dog food heavy in vegetable content can cause an enlarged heart in some breeds of dogs." - nbc AT&T Time Warner Will Get Another Look - Teen recovering from burns after plant (HOGWEED) encounter - Virginia - fox Giant Hogweed, a plant that can cause burns and blindness, found in Virginia, USA - usatoday A huge weed that can cause third-degree burns and even blindness has been found in Virginia, USA SNOPES: Giant Hogweed TRUE This new dual-platform malware targets both Windows and Linux systems - techrepublic What caused a series of strange explosions 4 billion light-years away? - grunge The world has really changed" when it comes to online dating cbs British police confirm source of Novichok poisoning - cbs Eight endangered black rhinos die in Kenya national park - cnn She found her father’s child-porn images of herself, then killed him - washingtonpost GOOD FOR HER - my PERSONAL OPINION Gathered 07/12/2018: FCC wants to charge $225 for consumer complaints - nbc New ‘exotic’ (Longhorned) tick invades NC, and it’s an ‘aggressive biter.’ - charlotteobserver "Female LONGHORNED TICKS CAN reproduce withOUT a Male - UGH Longhorn's can carry: Lyme spirochetes, spotted fever group rickettsiae, Ehrlichia chaffeensis, and Anaplasma bovis have been detected in H. longicornis. It has been associated with Russian spring-summer encephalitis, Powassan virus, Khasan virus, tick-borne encephalitis virus and Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome." - charlotteobserver Great white shark makes U-turn off Carolinas coast. It may mean ‘something big,’ researchers say - yahoo Gathered 07/11/2018: With new genes and an electric shock, scientists turn immune cells against cancer - washingtonpost Survey: Driving is the worst in this American city in 2018 - "The 10 best and Worst cities for driving this year In these areas, driving is supposedly as good as it’s going to get: 1) Raleigh, NC (total score: 68.40)" - theladders New bill wants to give employees the right to ignore email after-hours IN NYC - theladders Zambezi/Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe/Zambia Boarder, Africa - Slide Show - woodsmall 5 fonts that are better for your resume than Times New Roman - theladders 1. Arial: The Safe Choice 2. Helvetica: The Trusted Classic 3. Gill Sans and Gill Sans Light: The Clean and Classy be careful when displaying it in bold because it “can look a little chunky.” 4. Calibri: The Perfect Default 5. Georgia: The Modern Twist - NOT for printed resumes" - theladders New app scans your face and tells companies whether you’re worth hiring - OH BOY! Gathered 07/10/2018: Three poisonous books were found in University of Southern Denmark’s library - washingtonpost Gathered 07/09/2018: Alert! Another major retailer, MACYs, reports a data breach - komando Macy's is reporting an exposure involving its online shopping network EPA Sitting On Warnings About Cancer-Causing Chemical: Report - huffingtonpost BOO TRUMP ADMIN The 2020 census could undercount 1 million kids (illegals?) — which means less money for California schools - latimes Personally, any census undercut seems to be caused by illegals fearing being found out - so it's caused by California's non-cooperation - personal opinion. Racing to save Florida’s coral from climate change, scientists turn to a once-unthinkable strategy: ‘assisted evolution’ - latimes Some 95% of the coral on the Florida Reef Tract has already died. Gathered 07/08/2018: Mazda recalls 270,000 vehicles over Takata airbags explosion risk - cbs New Australian law requires that all SEX partners must say 'yes' – out loud - yahoo Why you might want to wrap your car key fob in foil - yahoo Unstoppable ‘Cheetah’ robot can now hunt in the dark and it’s game over for humanity - metro Is Apple planning to make millions of people’s smartphone chargers redundant? - metro Is Apple planning to make millions of people’s smartphone chargers redundant? Couples who spend more on their weddings are more likely to get divorced - metro And that's especially true when it comes to the price of engagement rings E-cigarette explodes in man's pocket only 'two inches away from his penis' - metro Terrified circus elephant almost crushes audience during performance - metro NASA put its famous planet-hunting telescope to sleep because it’s almost out of fuel - theverge SpaceX may finally land one of its rockets on the California coast later this year - theverge “The thing that nobody knows about our perfect family is that my husband is a monster.” - yahoo The world has never seen a Category 6 hurricane. But the day may be coming - latimes Gathered 07/07/2018: Amazon Is Already Undercutting Prices on Over-the-Counter Pills - latimes Firefox 61.0.1 has been released - Iam using it - woodsmall Gathered 07/06/2018: A revamped California net neutrality bill is moving forward again - theverge Dallas mom shoots alleged carjacker with her 2 children in the backseat - YEAH HMM - of course, she may have left her keys in the ignition?? Poachers eaten by lions after sneaking onto South African game reserve to hunt rhino - cbs GREAT Gathered 07/05/2018: Data breach bigger than Equifax - 340 million personal records exposed - komando ABOUT TIME TO SEND EXECS TO PRISON - NO EXCUSE FOR THIS "A marketing and data aggregation firm called Exactis may have just leaked the personal information of nearly 340 million U.S. citizens including phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses, interests and even the number, age and gender of their children." - komando This Breach may very well include the information of the entire U.S. population." - komando Watch out for this sneaky malware (new phishing attack, Special Ear) spreading online right now - komando Gathered 07/04/2018: Samsung phones are spontaneously texting users’ photos to random contacts without their permission "Bad news for Samsung phone owners: some devices are randomly sending your camera roll photos to your contacts without permission." - theverge "The forums indicate that Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices are affected, but may not be the only ones afflicted with the bug." - theverge How the contraceptive pill might be protecting women from injury But for those of us who play sports or are engaged in fitness, it may have played a part in keeping us injury-free. When you stop taking the pill, you might leave yourself open to a greater risk of injury. Electric vehicles mean first responders have to deal with battery fires - theverge Electric vehicle batteries can reignite even after the fire is put out Gmail app developers have been reading your emails - theverge Tesla lost top engineer just before hitting Elon Musk’s Model 3 goal - theverge World’s first images of a newborn planet reveal the birth of an alien world - metro Earth surrounded by scary number of ‘stealth asteroids’ big enough to destroy a city - metro Self-driving cars are headed toward an AI roadblock - theverge Your phone isn’t listening to you, researchers say, but it may be watching everything you do - theverge Sleep is so crucial to achieving our fitness goals, so why are we neglecting it? - metro Gathered 07/03/2018: Zapping the brain appears to decrease aggressive intentions, new study says - OH-OH House gutted in fire sparked by reflecting sunlight - metro The house fire was caused by sunlight reflecting on a glass table outside in the back garden. Seattle plastic straw ban goes into effect in effort to reduce marine pollution - Facts About Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis - healthcentral "A study has linked vitamin D deficiency with an increased risk for cancer and autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis MS, and lupus." - healthcentral Gathered 07/02/2018: HMRC deactivates record number (< 20,000) of fake websites - computerweekly GDPR exposes breach reporting flaws - computerweekly Gathered 07/01/2018: Phishing attacks are impersonating Netflix and Citibank - techrepublic Microsoft BitLocker (whole disk encryption): An insider's guide (free PDF) - techrepublic Why Intel won't patch TLBleed vulnerability, despite serious concerns for cloud users Gathered 06/30/2018: Officials: San Francisco is 1st major US city with $15 wage - abc so at 2,000 hours/year = $ 30,000 / year, full-time so WHY would any company be stupid enough to stay in SF? What an Amazon Pharmacy Could Solve, and What It Won’t - bloomberg Restaurant, PDQ, with 5 Triangle locations confirms year-long credit card breach - bizjournals You Can't make this stuff up - humor - woodsmall Top .45-caliber handguns for home defense - washingtontimes French theme park to hold 'nude day' as topless tourism grows - fox Gathered 06/29/2018: Most Americans want Roe v. Wade to stand, survey shows nbc why you shouldn't stand under a tree during a lightning storm - woodsmall Gathered 06/28/2018: Mutation-counting blood test could predict if cutting-edge immunotherapies can beat a cancer Herpes Viruses Linked to Alzheimer's Disease in New Brain Research Gathered 06/27/2018: Butchers seek protection after attacks from vegan activists - I guess some blood letting is OK? - abv Disney Set to Win Antitrust Approval for buying Fox Today - bloomberg Bolts from the blue: Here’s how lightning can strike when a storm is tens of miles away - washingtonpost Gathered 06/26/2018: Mind-boggling new tech instantly identifies opioids and drugs hidden in USPS packages The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are also making use of a mind-boggling new piece of equipment called the GEMINI. It’s able to identify 22,000 substances within seconds. 12 New Cars With The Worst One-Year Resale Values - forbes Families earning $117,000 now qualify as low income in California's Bay Area - cbs Higher vitamin D levels linked to lower colorectal cancer risk, study finds - washingtonpost Polio virus treatment increased survival in patients with deadly brain tumors, study shows - washingtonpost Experts say U.S. among 10 most dangerous nations for women - cbs Police dog saves cop with CPR in demo vid gone viral - How your smart home could generate, store and sell energy - bbc Gathered 06/25/2018: US astronaut Buzz Aldrin sues his two children for 'misuse of finances' - Some Kia and Hyundai cars are bursting into flames for no reason, car safety group say - consumeraffairs Driverless wheelchairs 'bring independence' - GREAT Cars aren't safe (OPINION), now this - bbc Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities - bbc 'My husband filmed me in the bedroom' - husband tried to blackmail her - bbc Gathered 06/24/2018: The $5bn tech boss who grew up without electricity - bbc Gathered 06/23/2018: FBI Warns of 'Alarming' Increase in In-Flight Sexual Assaults - gizmodo 6th ex-NFL cheerleader joins lawsuit against Houston Texans - cbsnews First marijuana-derived drug is on the verge of approval - washingtonpost Indonesia’s Order to Foreign Workers: LEARN the LANGUAGE - nytimes Exclusive: Tesla to close a dozen solar facilities in nine states - documents - reuters Tesla recycling machine catches fire at Fremont, California campus - reuters Boeing's robot submarine is back roaming off the California coast - latimes At this rodeo, robots enter downed planes and explore fake radioactive disasters - theverge Astronomers make huge exoplanet discovery haul in record time - digitaltrends Gathered 06/22/2018: What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in July 2018 - digitaltrends How to spot fake reviews on Amazon - digitaltrends See deputy free bear trapped in Subaru - ocregister Shale's $2 Billion Natural Gas Leak Shows Bigger Climate Hit - bloomberg China Just Handed the World a 111-Million-Ton Trash Problem - bloomberg Israel then and now shows power of a good defense and a strong wall - washingtontimes DYNAMITE used in attempted robbery of an ATM in Philadelphia - it FAILED - cbsnews Days after buying Time Warner, AT&T launches new TV service - washingtontimes Gathered 06/21/2018: The homeless in San Diego are getting jobs - thanks to a 16-year-old boy - cnn How Sex Makes You A Happier And Healthier Person - huffingtonpost 6 Of The Most Common Sexual Fantasies, According To Sex Therapists - huffingtonpost Koko: Gorilla who mastered sign language dies in California - bbc California’s net neutrality legislation just got watered down in a big way - washingtonpost RECALL Chairman Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles) - HE STRIPPED THE BILL WHY would a Democrat be against gouging Internet customers? Canada’s Parliament votes to legalize recreational use of marijuana - washingtonpost HOW STUPID - How do we know who is impaired? HOW can a driver check to see if he/she/it (SHIT) can safely drive? Gathered 06/19/2018: How trying to stay cool could make the world even hotter - bbc They NEVER discuss all of the millions of BTUs produced by airconditioners - they only discuss heat produced by generating electricity. "Tech giant Samsung has developed "wind free" technology that gently pushes cool air into a room - once the desired temperature has been reached - without the need for energy-hungry fans constantly blowing it at high velocities.+ - bbc "Mr Parker and his colleagues found that devices cooled through the evaporation of water could be attached to conventional air conditioning units to provide a cooler feed of air." - bbc Woman strangles bobcat to death in front yard in Georgia Gathered 06/18/2018: Head of VW's Audi arrested in Germany over diesel scandal Armed man who shot, killed Walmart gunman is a pastor, report says - fox Compound to treat Alzheimer's shows promise in mice - reuters Blockchain explained - - reuters Giant Hogweed, a plant that can cause burns and blindness, found in Virginia, USA - usatoday A huge weed that can cause third-degree burns and even blindness has been found in Virginia, USA SNOPES: Giant Hogweed TRUE Gathered 06/17/2018: Volcanic eruption in Hawaii - April 17, 2018 - cbs Two elephants in Thailand play soccer together - cbs Rich Alaskan donor gave $250K to Trump after EPA reversed decision on Pebble Mine - abc 'West Wing' actress calls out Tesla after husband's car bursts into flames - abc Huge 23 FOOT long python eats woman checking her vegetable garden Ex-France Telecom executives ordered to stand trial over suicides - cbs Prevalence of dementia in the U.S. is declining, research reveals - sciencedaily Gathered 06/16/2018: 17 drone disasters that show why the FAA hates drones Could Dogs Save the Avocado Industry? - care2 Dogs have been trained to sniff out a devastating avocado tree disease before it becomes fatal – and they are really, really good at it. New Study Finds IQs Have Been Falling for Decades - care2 Court reinstates doctor-assisted suicide in California - nbc Gathered 06/15/2018: Supermarket workers clear shelves of potentially contaminated (Salmonella) Kellogg's Honey Smacks- cbs Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber are paying big money to kill a California privacy initiative - theverge Yet Another Top Interior Department Official Seems To Have An Ethics Problem - huffingtonpost "Revenge porn" lawsuit filed against University of Central Florida fraternity - cbs Manafort Heads to Jail After Judge Faults Witness Tampering - bloomberg GM Is Exploring Listing Shares of Cruise Self-Driving Unit - bloomberg This Map Shows What Citizens Around The World Worry About Most - huffingtonpost Seafloor cables that carry the world's internet traffic can also detect earthquakes - sciencemag Man arrested after cruise ship party turned into ‘drug-fuelled orgy’ - metro Fecal transplants might help save vulnerable koalas - sciencemag Gathered 06/14d/2018: Kroger closing ALL 14 stores in Raleigh, Durham - abc A neighbor Read that Food Lion is moving into Bent Tree Plaza after Kroger closes. Another neighbor thought Publix was taking over this location Venda Ravioli, Inc. Recalls Meat and Poultry Pasta Products Produced without Benefit of Inspection - usda Could Terrorists Hack an Airplane? The Government Just Did. - thedailybeast 6 of the safest cars on the road The Evolution Of Gregg Allman: Success Despite Being His Own Worst Enemy - idolator Gathered 06/13/2018: Child in Idaho recovering from the plague, the state's second case since 1990: Officials - abcnews Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case, sources say - abcnews Fed raises key rate and sees possible acceleration in hikes - abcnews Republicans defend Obamacare in rebuke to Trump administration - June 2018 - abc Election win puts Democrats close to taking Wisconsin Senate - abc J Bar B Foods Recalls Beef Sausage Products due to Adulterated and Misbranded Ingredient - usda Three Californias? Measure to split state heads to November ballot - cbs Rocks Under I-95 Present Odd, and Scary, Threat to Power Grid - bloomberg 200 common medications may cause depression, study finds - cbs 10-year-old girl shot while shielding baby brother receives medal for heroism - cbs Search for missing Marine wife "like finding a needle in a thousand haystacks” - cbs Could Terrorists Hack an Airplane? The Government Just Did. - thedailybeast Gathered 06/12/2018: AT&T and Time-Warner DO DIRECTLY COMPETE, here in North Ridge (Raleigh, NC). AT&T wins approval to buy Time Warner for $85 billion - reuters AT&T wins approval to buy Time Warner for $85 billion RECALL THE JUDGE - MY OPINION - they DIRECTLY compete in my area - my opinion. The world’s fastest supercomputer is back in America - theverge How a 50-year-old NASA invention could change the way we fight cancer - theverge Buried in Musk's Job Cuts Memo: An End to Home Depot Solar Sales of Tesla - bloomberg A short history of Scott Pruitt’s scandals from the big to the bizarre - theverge Police departments are training dogs to sniff out thumb drives - theverge How our body’s circadian clocks affect our health beyond sleep - theverge Tesla layoffs: Elon Musk says job cuts required to fuel profits - cbs Woman accused of having sex at church pleads not guilty - cbs Engraved Rock could unlock cenuries old mystery - yahoo If Aliens Call, We Might Not Want To Answer, Says Stephen Hawking - huffingtonpost Raccoon Climbs More Than 20 Floors Up Office Building, Pretends It’s Totally Fine - huffingtonpost IHOP becomes IHOB - IHOP's name change: What does IHOb stand for? - cbs Gathered 06/11/2018: Your net neutrality just expired - PLEASE tell House of Representatives to REINSTATE NET NEUTRALITY - consumerreports Elon Musk’s Boring Company puts first 1,000 flamethrowers in buyers’ hands - digitaltrends Shoplifting squirrel caught on camera stealing from store in Disney World's Magic Kingdom - cbs Smaller Households, Bigger Houses, Smaller Lots - bloomberg Los Angeles sky taxi takes off in bid to create Uber-like flight-hailing - washingtonpost Kia & Hyundai recall half a million vehicles in the U.S. due to airbag problem - 6/2018 - digitaltrends "Kia is recalling 507,000 vehicles in all, including 2010-2013 Kia Fortes, 2011-2013 Kia Optimas, and 2011-2012 Kia Optima Hybrid and Sedona vehicles. In April, Hyundai recalled 425,000 Sonata vehicles in the U.S. over the issue. This followed the recall of 154,000 Sonatas two months earlier, in connection with the same problem." - digitaltrends Germany Orders Daimler to Recall 774,000 Diesel Cars in Europe - bloomberg How to SURVIVE an attack by an ALLIGATOR - abc New Tesla Roadster ‘SpaceX package’ will have 10 rocket thrusters, Musk says -digitaltrends Catalan village women vote for topless bathing after row at pool - bbc Gathered 06/10/2018: Zika, Lyme are on the rise — here’s how to protect yourself from insect-borne illnesses - clark Hilarious Photos of Parenthood - ba-bamail All You Need to Know about Car Thieves - ba-bamail These Facts About Intercourse Make For An Interesting Read - bamail The Negative Effects of Ice Water on Your Body - bamail Unbelievable Act Of Love – Young Lion Pulls Tranquilizer Dart Out Of Lioness - ppcorn Irish Women in Record-Breaking Skinny-Dip for Cancer Charity - nytimes Vermont's new mandate: All residents must have health insurance - washingtontimes Chinese hackers stole sensitive data on US Navy submarine weaponry, report says - fox ANYONE who puts sensitive data on the internet SHOULD GO TO JAIL - opinion YES, it will make it more difficult to collaborate. SHOULD apply to ALL INFRASTRUCTURE (electric, water, phones, bridges...) AS WELL A 3,000-year-old glass head deepens one of the Bible’s oldest mysteries - washingtonpost Gathered 06/09/2018: RDU scores nonstop flight to top destination on its wish list, Frontier Airlines to SAN DIEGO, California - bizjournals Salmonella outbreak linked to pre-cut melon, CDC says - 6/2018 - cbsnews Right states have been affected including Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio The outbreak is linked to Indianapolis-based Caito Foods, LLC. It recalled fresh cut watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and fresh-cut fruit medley products at its facility. The CDC said the recalled products were sold in clear, plastic containers at Costco, Jay C, Kroger, Payless, Owen's, Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Walgreens, Walmart and Whole Foods/Amazon. Alligator attacking? Here's what to do, experts say. - miamiherald Duke University among 6 schools chosen to pilot new Apple feature - STUDENT IDs - bizjournals Apotex recalls Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray - consumeraffairs The product contains small glass particles a Picture of information of the LOT being recalled - consumeraffairs/Apotex Corp BMW recalls model year 2010-2011 BMW 335d vehicles The vehicles may suffer an intermittent loss of electrical power Gathered 06/08/2018: Tyson Foods Inc. Recalls Breaded Chicken Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination A pill that protects people from HIV may also lead to MORE SEX without CONDOMS - sciencemag Pill protects against HIV (so they say). Surveillance drones can identify violence from the sky as it happens - sciencemag New flu viruses found in dogs - sciencemag Beavers, rebooted - man-made dams help beavers get re-established - sciencemag Middleweight black holes found at last - sciencemag China takes new steps to lure science talent from abroad - sciencemag Archaeologists start a new hunt for the fabled Lost Colony, Roanoke, of the New World - sciencemag Colliding stars will light up the night sky in 2022 - sciencemag Singapore could become the second country to legalize mitochondrial replacement therapy - sciencemag Chile, keen to become a knowledge society, creates a ministry of science - sciencemag Tesla says driver ignored warnings from Autopilot in fatal California crash - digitaltrends Waymo announces 7 million miles of automatic driving, testing - arstechnica Firefox updated to version 60.0.2 An average Earth day used to be less than 19 hours long - sciencemag Woman's late-stage breast cancer falls to immunotherapy - sciencemag Bees understand the concept of zero sheer manual dexterity - woodsmall Tesla Model X crashes into gym, driver says it accelerated by itself - digitaltrend Ajit Pai’s FCC lied about “DDoS” attack, ex-chair’s statement indicates - arstechnica APPARENTLY, THE FCC IS ALLEGED TO HAVE LIED - THAT IT WAS REALLY THE TREMENDOUS NUMBER OF PRO Net Neutrality comments that caused the FCC site to crash. - arstechnica The best off-road vehicles of 2018 - digitaltrends MOVIE: "Veere Di Wedding"Storm over India film on women who 'smoke, drink and have sex' - bbc A group of viewers attacked the actor Swara Bhaskar, who plays one of the female leads, for a scene which shows her masturbating. Gathered 06/07/2018: Newest NASA discoveries could boost search for ancient life on Mars - washingtonpost NASA's Curiosity rover finds organic molecules on Mars Oldest (animal) 'footprints' found in China - 546-million-year-old tracks - bbc The new fossils are probably up to 10 million years older than those found previously Key 'step forward' in cutting cost of removing CO2 from air - bbc The "Big Four" Companies That Rule the World - ba-bamail Microsoft dumps a 40-foot data center to the ocean floor off Scotland’s coast - digitaltrends How do they replave bad hardware? Comcast outage takes out phone and internet service across the U.S. 12 cool houseboats that will set your imagination adrift - digitaltrend Homes in the Netherlands are concrete example of 3D printing’s potential - digitaltrends Before-and-after images show Guatemala volcano's devastation - fox Gathered 06/06/2018: Robot submarine discovers the ‘holy grail’ — a shipwreck with billions in gold - digitaltrends Scientists hope to unlock medical marvels with a 100-million fps camera - digitaltrends Called Model Y, the Tesla Model 3’s SUV counterpart will arrive in 2020 - digitaltrends Tesla updates Model 3 braking software, earns Consumer Reports recommendation - digitaltrends Common Galaxy Note 8 problems, and how to fix them - digitaltrends Lava flow evaporates Hawaii's largest freshwater lake within hours - cnn Find out the status of your new Medicare card - medicare Louisiana's shrinking marshes signal the loss of a way of life - cnn Citi is making these 5 changes to your credit card benefits in 2018 - clark Citi is decimating some credit card benefits 5 Citi credit card benefits being reduced in 2018 These are the best credit cards for extended warranties - clark Discover trimmed back some of it credit card benefits in February 2018 - clark These are the vehicles with the best and worst recall rates - clark Hurricanes are slowing, which could be a big problem - cnn TOO MUCH WATER due to being slow moving a 10% decrease in forward speed globally between 1949 and 2016 - cnn Frontier Airlines announces 15 new routes! Here’s the list - clark Gathered 06/05/2018: The ORIGIN of PEOPLE - video/.mp4 - woodsmall Gathered 06/04/2018: Thousands of breast cancer patients could be spared chemo - metro Should check this out with a second source 'Remarkable' therapy beats terminal breast cancer - bbc HOW DRY SHOULD PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER BE BEFORE BEFORE YOU CAN STAIN IT? - woodsmall Visa card payments system goes down across the UK and Ireland - computerweekly Kim Jong Un rehearsing his meeting with Trump - woodsmall Quickies (Humor) - woodsmall Lewis Hamilton looks bored as he waits for tow truck after million-pound (USD, 1,335,345.25) Ferrari breaks down - metro FERRARI NOT RELIABLE SAYS AUTOTRADER.COM - autotrader Now We Know Why - woodsmall Romaine lettuce E. coli outbreak kills 4 more people - nbcnews Guatemala volcano eruption kills at least 7, rescue hampered - foxnews How to Look at a House - hire an engineer? - mcgarryandmadsen Gathered 06/03/2018: Certain sounds played on laptops can cause system crashes and disrupt hard drives - techrepublic Android bug causes text messages to show up in Google Search; here's how to fix it - techrepublic World's Weirdest Bridges (PHOTOS) Gathered 06/02/2018: WINDOWS 7 SUPPORT WILL BE ENDING SOON - NO MORE MICROSOFT UPATES - itprotoday Preparing for Windows 7 End-of-Life (EOL) January 14, 2020 - Microsoft doesn't plan to stop fixing security problems in Windows 7 until extended support ends. That's January 14, 2020--five years and a day from the end of mainstream support. - itprotoday What happens when Microsoft ends Windows 7 mainstream support next year - pcworld Could new Duke Energy rules block battery storage at independent solar projects? - bizjournals Best Android Antivirus Apps - tomsguide - tomsguide American Airlines flight attendants taking on new policing duties - police free booze - bizjournals Gathered 06/01/2018: Hulu Live vs. YouTube TV vs. Sling vs. Vue vs. DirecTV Now: Face-Off! - tomsguide How to Make Sure Alexa, Google Home Don't Hear Too Much - tomsguide Galaxy S10's In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor 'Confirmed' - tomsguide Galaxy Note 9 Delayed By This Last-Minute Change - tomsguide Galaxy S9 vs. Galaxy S9+: Which Phone Should You Buy? - tomsguide Google's Pixel 3 Is Already in Trouble - tomsguide Business pro's guide to hassle-free travel (free PDF) - techrepublic Gathered 05/31/2018: Man who allegedly killed teen in Houston crash had been deported 3 times - abcnews why don't we jail second time offenders for THREE YEARS? In a Single Day, the Electric Car Boom Gains Speed in 3 States - bloomberg Jersey Shore real estate sign washes up in France years after Hurricane Sandy - foxnews The Satanic Temple accuses Twitter of religious discrimination - washingtontimes Tesla crashes into parked police car in California; driver says Autopilot was on - digitaltrends Tesla says Autopilot was misused If you can't take your hands off the wheel (in Autupilot), WHY doesn't the car go into a rapid stop? or take over steering? Audi RS3 gets an 1,180-horsepower electric makeover with Formula E racing tech - digitaltrends action lawsuit with Model S, Model X owners - digitaltrends Best time to buy Apple or Samsung phones - komando Kim's 5 reasons to set up a financial Chromebook - komando Gathered 05/29/2018: Jeff Bezos outlines moon colony - digitaltrends The 3 cameras on the 2019 iPhone may bring awesome AR tech - digitaltrends Dodge’s venomous Viper may return from the dead with big changes - digitaltrends Can you spot a Photoshopped picture? Here are 9 ways to identify a fake photo - digitaltrends Women are walking a slack line in 5cm HEELS in China "Some of the world's top women slackliners have been taking up the challenge in high heels in a competition in Hunan Province, China." - bbc Gathered 05/28/2018: Rare virus (Nipah virus) kills more than a dozen in India, health officials warn it could cause global epidemic - yahoo "More than 13 people have died of Nipah since an outbreak began earlier this month in Kerala, health officials say." Installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update could wipe your entire desktop -techrepublic Can you afford that new vehicle? 25 most expensive car models to insure - usatoday Elon Musk's crazy real-life story - (I LIKED IT) - grunge Lady Gaga explains why Donatella Versace is an icon - cnn Gathered 05/27/2018: FBI SAYS: REBOOT YOUR ROUTER - STOP THE RUSSIAN HACK - nytimes Horrific Videos Show Massive Fire At Europa Theme Park In Germany - huffingtonpost About 25,000 visitors were evacuated and hundreds of firefighters were called to battle the blaze. How Lens Attachments Make Your Smartphone Camera Better - slate These Are the Five Types of Alexa Users - slate Which one are You? Flash flood turns Maryland town's Main Street into raging muddy river - abcnews Woman survives 700-foot plunge off southern California mountain road Pluto May Actually Be A ‘Giant Comet,’ New Study Suggests - huffingtonpost Do it now! Protect your router from the Russian hackers - komando A Top NXIVM Sex Cult Recruiter Comes Forward, Says Founder ‘Messed With the Wrong Person’ - thedailybeast Germany Says Hackers Infiltrated Main Government Network - nytimes USC President To Step Down Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Gynecologist OPINION: NOT ENOUGH - SUE HIM PERSONALLY - MY OPINION Gathered 05/26/2018: Trump strikes deal to revoke ZTE ban; clash with Congress over Chinese phone maker likely - washingtontimes Twitter Bots May Have Delivered Donald Trump’s Victory, Research Paper Says - huffingtonpost I DON'T KNOW HOW THEY CAN COME UP WITH THESE PERCENTAGES Florida declares state of emergency ahead of Subtropical Storm Alberto - cnn The Latest: Repeal of Irish abortion vote passing 2-to-1 - washingtonpost Canadian investor backs away from Alaska mine project near world's largest salmon fisheries in Alaska - abcnews In a historic referendum, Ireland is poised to repeal its abortion ban, exit polls show - latimes Inside a truck in Nebraska, troopers found enough fentanyl to KILL MILLIONS of PEOPLE - washingtonpost Gathered 05/25/2018: Nearly 5M Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge vehicles may have cruise control DEFECT - clark wide range of Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge models built between 2014 and 2018 could have a dangerous cruise control defect. - clark DO NOT USE YOUR CRUISE CONTROL IF IT ON THE RECALL LIST - clark Looking for a TINY HOME (some on wheels)? You can buy one on Amazon. No, really - digitaltrends 10 Tips for Using Your PC MOUSE Amazon Echo 'Alexa' records private conversation, sends it to acquaintance - washingtontimes All about Mac antivirus “Malwarebytes saw more Mac malware in 2017 than in any previous year.” - malwarebytes Man Discovers Handgun Impaled In Front Bumper Of Car - huffingtonpost Gathered 05/24/2018: We Now Know Why the Self-Driving Uber That Killed a Pedestrian Didn’t Brake - slate "Uber’s self-driving vehicles operating in Arizona were unprepared to safely encounter pedestrians and were fatally over-reliant on the mindfulness of human operators."- Slate The forecast is out for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season: What experts say is in store - abcnews The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs also shaped the evolution of birds - latimes only the ground-dwelling bird species survived Legend of Loch Ness monster will be tested with DNA samples - latimes when creatures move about in water, they leave behind tiny fragments of DNA Russian Military Supplied Missile That Shot Down Malaysian Jet, Prosecutors Say - nytimes Eagle attacks fox that attacked rabbit: VIDEO - abcnews How gut microbes are joining the fight against cancer - nature The intestinal microbiome seems to influence how well some cancer drugs work. Uber self-driving car saw pedestrian but didn’t brake before fatal crash, feds say - theverge Lily Allen shares pic of her vagina, expertly taking down troll and promoting new album No Shame at the same time - metro Gathered 05/22/2018: 4 scariest forms of malware spreading right now - komando Handheld 3D Skin Printer to Treat Deep Wounds - globalspec Gathered 05/21/2018: New cryptojacking malware may destroy your computer - komando The malware, dubbed "WinstarNssmMiner," actually uses your gadget for cryptomining behind the scenes. - komando 7 clear-cut signs you’ve been hacked - komando Free way to track GPS, phone calls, text messages and web activity on a phone - komando Parental control app, TeenSafe, database exposed, leaving kids’ information compromised - komando The Dark Web has your online identity for sale - Here's how to protect yourself - komando Popular tax software programs leave you at risk of ID theft and scams - komando Potential Spy Devices Which Track Cellphones, Intercept Calls Found All Over D.C., Md., Va. - nbcwashington Climate Change On Track To Cause Major Insect Wipeout, Scientists Warn - huffingtonpost Teen who started fire that burned 48,000 acres ordered to pay $36 million - cnn Mountain biker killed by cougar near Seattle nbcnews Gathered 05/19/2018: Net neutrality: A cheat sheet - techrepublic Do internet service providers have a right to throttle certain traffic (NOT their own, a COMPETITORs? Police phone tracking firm hacked, passwords leaked thanks to weak hashing - techrepublic Was using the (WEAK) MD5 algorithm to hash stored passwords. IDIOTS - Personally, I would FIRE them. The first 4K, HDR, and G-Sync monitor is up for preorder, but it’s $2,000 - theverge Acer PREDATOR X27 - 27 inch Monitor - acer Peak brightness of up to 1000 nits 384 individually-controllable LED backlight zones. refresh rate overclocking up to 144Hz. However, overclocking may result in system instability 35% color coverage comparison relates to 99% Adobe RGB vs. standard sRGB 4ms response time NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR Dark Boost for greater details in dimly lit environments Using GameView4, there are three game modes to choose from: action, racing and sports Why You’ll Find Sex Toys in the Beauty Department - racked Gathered 05/18/2018: Hospice Overdosed Patients To ‘Hasten Their Deaths,’ Former Health Care Executive Admits - huffingtonpost 'The Bachelorette' Bios Are Here, And They Are Terrible - huffingtonpost Gathered 05/17/2018: Did you update Google Chrome recently? You may have a problem - komando It brews coffee … and beer! The Pico U is a DIY fix for all your vices - digitaltrends I know nothing about this product/company RSA-1024 keys: How does a Libgcrypt vulnerability expose them? - techtarget The Creepiest Things Amazon Alexa Has Ever Said - 8 cool new things Google Home can do that will make Alexa jealous - komando 3 reasons why hiring older tech pros is a smart decision - techrepublic Do it now! Protect your router from the Russian hackers - komando Router Checker is a free, web-based tool that checks your router's settings and detects if it may have been hijacked - f-secure NOTE: If you use Quad9 for your DNS, running a DNS test: will show that the responding ISP is WoodyNet Quad9 DNS: Internet Security and Privacy in a Few Easy Steps (I am using this one) NOTE: if you use quad9, the responding ISP will show as WoodyNet (which is normal) Quad 9 FAQ Announcing Cloudflare's the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service Gathered 05/16/2018: Red Alert for Net Neutrality: The Senate voted to save net neutrality. Now we need the House of Representatives to do the same, or else the FCC will let ISPs like Comcast and Verizon ruin the internet with throttling, censorship and unnecessary fees. Tell your lawmakers: "Please co-sponsor, sign the discharge petition, and vote for the CRA to restore net neutrality." Now we need the House of Representatives to PASS RESTORATION of NET NEUTRALITY or else the FCC will let ISPs like Comcast and Verizon ruin the internet with throttling, censorship and unnecessary fees. Breaking: Senate votes YES to restore net neutrality FIRE/RECALL anyone who voted against Net Neutrality - MY OPINION NOW WE NEED THE House of Representatives to do the same - ELSE Comcast and Verizon will ruin the internet with throttling, censorship and unnecessary fees (OPINIONS). More than two dozen deaths linked to keyless ignition from engines being left on What IDIOT decided to do away with keys? - Opinion. Doctors in Britain are zeroing in on a universal cure for the common cold -digitaltrends Experimental vaccine arrives in Congo to fight new Ebola outbreak 5/2018 - cbsnews Trump's decision to eliminate role of cybersecurity czar rattles experts. Here's why. - nbcnews THIS SHOULD BE THE LAST STRAW - opinion Banned Ozone-Harming Gas Creeps Back, Suggesting a Mystery Source - nytimes Judge strikes down California assisted-suicide law - washingtontimes Robot stands in for US student at graduation - bbc Gathered 05/15/2018: CBS sues controlling Redstone family in bid for independence - reuters Rattlesnake bites are on the rise in California. Here’s what to do if you are bitten Family Realizes Pet Dog Is Black Bear After Animal Doesn't Stop Growing Nicaraguan students enraged at repression turn on government - abcnews Europa's (water) plumes make Jupiter moon a prime candidate for life - reuters Gathered 05/14/2018: Why Ebola keeps coming back - BBC News - 5/14/2018 - bbc Mexico's banking system misplaces $18M to $20M in transfers - washingtonpost California STD cases hit record high - washingtontimes Keyless Cars Have Killed More Than 2 Dozen People Since 2006: Report - huffingtonpost Ring’s smart doorbell doesn’t immediately revoke access when an account password changes - theverge Google will require some Android phone makers to roll out ‘regular’ security patches - theverge Salmonella Outbreak Sickens More People Following Multi-State Egg Recall - huffingtonpost "Nine states have reported illnesses: Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. New York and Virginia have reported the highest number of cases, with eight each" - huffingtonpost Beware the ‘Black Dot of Death’ that will obliterate your IPHONE with one text message - metro School kids putting themselves at risk ‘pranking’ strangers with AirDrop porn - High hopes for economic boost from Australian Space Agency - Gathered 05/13/2018: Autopilot feature in question after Tesla crash with Utah fire truck - traveling 60 MPH - FT was stopped Tricks to keep your packages from being stolen by porch thieves - komando six options you can try to stop getting victimized and have that extra peace of mind when you shop online. Lyme disease cases are on the rise, CDC warns 5/2018 - consumeraffairs Tick-borne diseases may be ten times more common than previously thought Wegmans (Grocery Stores) Designed to "look and feel like a European open-air market" NEW WEGMANS going in on Falls of Neuse, just South of Trader Joes (Raleigh) "Of all the groceries in all the regions in all the world, Wegmans is firmly entrenched in the number one spot, according to surveys from Consumer Reports" - mashed They've been clenching that number one vote since 2006 At $25K per month, this supercar has the most expensive car lease ever - digitaltrends Bill Gates shows how the flu could kill more than 30 million people - digitaltrends This 3-D-printed house costs $10,000 and can be built in 24 hours Gathered 05/12/2018: GM recalls 2018 Chevrolet Equinox vehicles over improperly tempered glass 5/2018 - consumeraffairs If broken, the glass could fragment into large pieces and cause injury Ford recalls 2015-2017 Transit vehicles with tow modules 5/2018 - consumeraffairs Trésart Caché recalls Children's Upper Outerwear 5/2018 - Consumeraffairs Drawstrings on children's upper outerwear can pose a strangulartion hazard Seabear recalls Cold Smoked Wild Coho Salmon Lox 5/2018 - Consumeraffairs The product may be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum , which can cause life-threatening illness or death. - Consumeraffairs The Cold Smoked Wild Coho Salmon Lox, lot # CSCO-17339, Pack Date 17-340, was shipped directly to distributors in California, Maryland and Washington between December 8, 2017, and April 10, 2018, and may have been further distributed and sold through retail stores at least in these states. - Consumeraffairs Pinnacle Foods recalls beef products due to possible contamination 5/2018 - consumeraffairs The products were shipped across the U.S., with affected products bearing an establishment number of "EST.2AD" inside the USDA mark of inspection. - Consumeraffairs Volkswagen recalls model year 2006-2007 Volkswagen Passat sedans and wagons - 5/2018 - consumeraffairs The driver side front airbag inflator may explode Munchkin recalls Waterpede bath toys due to choking hazard 5/2018 - consumeraffairs The product can break apart and expose small internal pieces, posing danger to young children Air pollution kills seven million people each year, WHO report shows - consumeraffairs ALDI issues recall for Ambiano mini deep fryers - consumeraffairs The product can overheat and increase risk of fire or burns Kia recalls 2017 Niro vehicles 5/2018 - consumeraffairs An inner oil seal may leak, increasing the risk of a fire USPS posts $1.3 billion loss in second quarter - consumeraffairs Hawaii volcano raises concerns of eruptions along West Coast - foxnews Gathered 05/11/2018: Robocall case results in record $120 million fine for Florida man - digitaltrends YEAH !!! Buyer pays close to $1 million for FIRE-GUTTED San Francisco Bay Area home This NYC high-rise building cleans the air like trees do Gathered 05/10/2018: Add a RED ALERT to Contact Congress about NET NEUTRALITY before it's TOO LATE - woodsmall Gathered 05/09/2018: Saudi Arabia wants nuclear bombs if Iran restarts its weapons programme - metro Thieves steal family’s entire front garden in overnight raid - metro British flight attendant claims first-class passengers pay stewardesses for sex - yahoo Scientists Say Our Sun's Death Will Be Even Creepier Than We Thought - Samsung faces new pressure on group structure after criticism by antitrust head - Bosch issues recall for FORD and TESLA vehicles over power steering issue Exposure to the elements can cause corrosion, which can lead to loss of power steering while driving. Ford owners can contact the automaker's customer service line for more information at 1-866-436-7332; Tesla owners can contact their respective customer service line at 1-877-798-3752. 10 Common Houseplants That Can Hurt Your Pets Vines for a backyard pergola not toxic to dogs and cats: Check the ASPCA lists of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List—Cats Check the ASPCA lists of Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant List—Dogs How to Pack and Prepare Your Smartphone for Traveling This Summer 5 Ways to Avoid Paying $119 for Amazon Prime Free Shipping Indonesian study into health risks of microplastics Gathered 05/08/2018: 4 earthquakes strike California - cnn The Most Surprising Places Melanoma Can Hide - huffingtonpost Spider trained to jump on demand - bbc Can we train humans? :) How do we reward spiders? First look at Uber's flying taxi models - cbsnews Lowest-rated show on Fox News outperforms highest-rated show on CNN - washingtontimes Gathered 05/07/2018: FETCH - Humor .mp4 video - woodsmall One-dimensional material packs a powerful punch for next generation electronics The new technology has applications in nanometer-scale transistors and circuits. exotic material that can conduct a current density 50 times greater than conventional copper interconnect technology. Women say they were victims of 'dine-and-dash' by someone they met online Alligators on the beach? Killer whales in rivers? Get used to it Tesla patent application explains how its solar roof tiles work Tesla's solar roof tiles are revolutionary because they look like regular shingles and have 98% the efficiency of normal solar panels. Connecticut To Give Its Electoral College Votes To National Popular Vote Victor - huffingtonpost Connecticut would join 10 other states and the District of Columbia in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. HMM - how is this legal ? These Animals Are Being Total Jerks, But You’ll Laugh Anyway Drone footage gives terrifying glimpse of Hawaiian volcano damage - abcnews Africa Live: Leopard eats child in Ugandan park - bbc Zimbabwe couple weds after crocodile bites off bride's arm - foxnews SAD but you have to be an idiot to canoe amongst Crocs Prisoners 'ran illegal diamond mine from underneath jail' - metro People are pruning their bushes on World Naked Gardening Day - metro Cousin of HIV virus ‘infecting 40% of the adult population in rural Australia’ - metro Thousands of naked women march on Tel Aviv for ‘Slut Walk’ - metro Cruise ship passengers watch as corridors flood with water in real life Titanic - metro Record-breaking bank holiday weekend becomes the hottest on record - metro Gathered 05/06/2018: Weapons grade plutonium goes missing from US university - independent The Water War That Will Decide The Fate Of 1 In 8 Americans - huffingtonpost California to become first U.S. state mandating solar on new homes - ocregister California has the 5th largest economy in the world yet leads the nation in poverty and homelessness - ocregister Teenage girl killed seconds after taking off seatbelt to take a selfie - yahoo The Real Reason Why Everything at Aldi Is So Cheap - yahoo Family lives in tiny house on island the size of a tennis court - nypost Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Welcome You To Their Perfect Family Getaway (private island, Bahamas) - architecturaldigest Rio de Janeiro's Carnival in all its glory - nypost As Trump Prepares Plan to Lower Drug Prices, Big Pharma Girds for a Fight - nytimes Here's What You Should Really Do to Help Pop Your Ears on a Plane - bravotv Here's the Reason You Shouldn't Sleep on an Airplane During Takeoff - bravotv How To Make A Sex Playlist That Isn’t Corny As Hell, According To DJs - huffingtonpost Gathered 05/05/2018: Waymo van involved in crash while driving in autonomous mode in Arizona JBS USA, Inc. Recalls Ground Beef Products Due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination (hard plastic) LOTS of Kroger Beef products, All Natural Luara's, Privae Selection, JBS - 5/4/2018 Gathered 05/04/2018: The $20 billion 'umbilical cord': China unveils the world's longest sea-crossing bridge - cnn Volcanic eruptions and 6.9-magnitude earthquake, force mandatory evacuations on Hawaii - nbcseas Meet The Tick That’s Forcing Americans To Give Up Their Meat (Beef & Pork) Lone star ticks hunt in packs and spread an allergy to beef and pork. Thanks to climate change, they’re spreading. U.S. accuses China of directing blinding lasers at American military aircraft in Djibouti - washingtonpost White House warns China on growing militarization in South China Sea - cnn There's a 'very high' likelihood that laws were broken in the Stormy Daniels fiasco - cnn Mosquito And Tick-Borne Diseases Tripled, But CDC Won’t Call It Climate Change - huffingtonpost Paul Ryan Reverses Course, Accepts House Chaplain Rescinding Resignation - huffingtonpost 17 Tweets About The Horrifying Reality Of Accidentally Sending A Sext - huffingtonpost Gathered 05/03/2018: Burglar hits LA-area homes while residents attend funerals The innovation turning desert sand into farmland process to mix nano-particles of clay with water and bind them to sand particles to condition desert soil = Liquid Nanoclay Pictures from FRANCE Not often seen - GIVE ME ASPIRIN - the WHOLE BOTTLE - .mp4 video HIDE YOUR SMALL CHILDREN Amazing, Interesting Bridges When your first love shows up at your wedding - mp4 Investigation Finds Unsafe Amounts of Monsanto’s Glyphosate in Common Foods - care2 How Safe Is Sunless Tanning With Self-Tanners? - huffingtonpost Germany's Electric Cars Are Coming for Elon Musk and Tesla -bloomberg The Rainbow Mountain of Peru: Popular and Imperiled - nytimes An Ancient Horse Is Unearthed in a Utah Backyard - nytimes South African gold miners gain $400m lung disease payout - bbc The miners contracted silicosis, an incurable lung disease caused by inhaling dust from gold-bearing rocks. GOLD MINING CAN GET YOU AN INCURABLE LUNG DISEASE - Who Knew Lottery winner survives helicopter crash in North Carolina WOW - helicopter is a compacted pile of junk - foxnews Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search fails, but sonar hunt may solve shipwreck mysteries - cbsnews Army Special Forces Secretly Help Saudis Combat Threat From Yemen Rebels - nytimes 5 female paramedics sue Chicago Fire Dept. over sexual harassment allegations - abcnews After a mob reportedly beat a couple for being affectionate, protesters gather at the site to offer free hugs - cnn NOOK - You'd better skip India India dust storms: At least 100 killed in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan - bbc EU to give young people free train tickets to explore Europe - foxnews Xiaomi, Chinese Gadget Maker, Opens Floodgates for Hong Kong I.P.O.s - mytimes Seven Things Wall Street Wants to Know From Elon Musk - bloomberg George Conway Appears To Shut Down Rudy Giuliani’s Claim About Stormy Daniels Payment - huffingtonpost Stephen Hawking Finished Mind-Bending Parallel Universe Paper Days Before His Death - huffingtonpost What really happens to your body when you stop making love - thelist Washington NFL Cheerleaders Say They Were Required To Pose Nude, Act As ‘Escorts’ - huffingtonpost How to clean up space's rubbish dump - bbc Xiongxiong the loyal dog charms Chinese social media - bbc Vanuatu plans to permanently evacuate entire volcanic island - foxnews Australia's Commonwealth Bank lost (stolen?) data of 20m accounts - bbc Giuliani: Trump repaid attorney Cohen for Stormy Daniels settlement - washingtopost Gathered 05/02/2018: School may make bras mandatory after forcing student to cover nipples with Band-Aids - washingtontimes ACLU sues school - claiming sex descriminationm Flies in operating rooms cause VA hospital to postpone dozens of surgeries - cbsnews Third woman accuses Tom Brokaw of inappropriate conduct - abcnews Kilauea volcano in Hawaii could erupt after hundreds of small earthquakes - cbsnews Harvard is getting ready to resurrect the woolly mammoth - NOT A GOOD IDEA? and the T-REX? - digitaltrends Artful Body Art - .mp4 Video - woodsmall Gathered 05/01/2018: Waterfall Covers Road In Nepal - will knock you off the mountain - YouTube Firefox 59.0.3 was released Zusy malware: Are your PowerPoint files at risk? - techtarget Top 5: Things to know about fileless (computer) attacks - techtarget California 7-Eleven cranks classical music to dissuade loitering - foxnews Tau protein—not amyloid—may be key driver of Alzheimer’s symptoms - sciencemag Gathered 04/30/2018: T-Mobile Agrees To Acquire Sprint For $26 Billion - huffingtonpost RECALL ANYONE WHO VOTES TO ALLOW YET ANOTHER "MONOPOLY" - Opinion Here Are The Movies Coming To Netflix This Week - huffingtonpost Netflix always adds movies on the first of each month, and this May is no exception. Over two dozen movies will join Netflix this Tuesday (5/1/2018). Gathered 04/29/2018: The U.S. Is Finally Getting a System to Warn When an Earthquake Is Coming - slate But will its alerts come in enough time to make a difference? Watch This Paddleboarder Get Straight-Up [INTENTIONALLY] Wrecked By A Dolphin - huffingtonpost It dolphinately did that on porpoise Health warnings after toxic caterpillar outbreak in London 74% of data breaches go undiscovered for 6+ months - DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD Gathered 04/28/2018: Studies: The Benefits of Dark Chocolate A Hawaiian island got about 50 inches of rain in 24 hours. Scientists warn it's a sign of the future A food-POISONING expert reveals 5 things he never orders at restaurants — and it's not what you'd expect Gathered 04/27/2018: Tesla Model X crashes into gym, driver says it accelerated by itself 2 Women Accuse Tom Brokaw Of Sexual Harassment In The ‘90s They’re on the lookout for malware that can kill Crooks can open your car with a Plunger and WD40 - Video- .mp4 Woman Delivers Her Own Baby Alone In A Hotel Using Just YouTube Videos - HuffPost Oh, and did we mention this all happened in a foreign country? Gathered 04/26/2018: YEAH - BILL COSBY WAS CONVICTED - How prosecutors scored a victory against 'America's Dad' - abcnews The earliest humans were way more advanced than we thought - nypost Supreme Court leans toward upholding Trump's third try at a travel ban - latimes Gathered 04/25/2018: Ford to shed ALL CARS except two (Mustang sports car and a compact Focus crossover) from North American lineup - washingtontimes Suspect, 72, arrested in decades-old 'Golden State Killer' case: District attorney - abcnews As migrant caravan arrives at the border, hundreds are already there — waiting for asylum - latimes ‘Unique in the world’ fossil footprints show a human chasing an extinct giant sloth - washingtonpost Hotel door locks worldwide were vulnerable to hack - bbc In Room Hotel Safes are Not Safe - woodsmall Complete Safety While Traveling - Tips & Advice - woodsmall What to Do if Your Pet Goes Missing - care2 and Post in 2018 Medicare Comparison - Best Medicare Supplement Plans - consumercomparison I have NO idea if they do a good job of rating the plans Connect to 57 nonstop destinations on one of over 400 daily flights from RDU rdu Sexual assault: Can wearable gadgets ward off attackers? - bbc My shorts saved me Love and dating after the Tinder revolution - bbc Would you care if this feature had been written by a robot? - bbc Arrays of tiny satellites will bring mobile services to billions who currently have no access - bbc Fancy charging up your electric car in 10 minutes? - bbc San Francisco's food delivery service by robot - bbc Developing an aeroplane that can fly itself - bbc Rolls-Royce and Boeing invest in UK space engine - bbc Gathered 04/24/2018: 7 inch Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower - homedepot Three missing Mexican students were slain, their bodies dissolved in acid - latimes Foam Igloos in France Keep Homeless People Warm - weather Found Film Reel Shows Aftermath of Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake - weather 8-foot-long Fish Gets Hilarious Reaction From Kayakers in Idaho - weather Trio of Bears Takes on Hammock in Connecticut Yard - weather Gathered 04/23/2018: How to perform CPR on a dog - bbc I AM NOT RESPONSBILE FOR ANYTHING Police use stun gun on American Airlines passenger - bbc Dog allergy gets woman kicked off plane - bbc Southwest Airlines says the passenger was forcibly removed - but the two dogs were allowed to stay. BAN ALL NON-SEEING-EYE DOGS FROM PASSENGER AREAS IF YOU NEED A DOG TO FEEL AT EASE ABOUT FLYING, DO NOT FLY THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE WITH PET ALLERGIES THAN THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED CARE DOGS One of the most worrisome predictions about climate change may be coming true - washingtonpost Kim Wall's gruesome death detailed in Peter Madsen murder trial - foxnews 'Exploding ant' species found in South East Asia - bbc These are the most congested big cities in the world - cbsnews Celebrity Siblings That You Hardly Hear About - hooch Man Who Survived Bear Attack Gets Bitten By A Shark - huffingtonpost Oh, and three years ago, he was bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking in Utah 19 Funny Mother’s Day Cards For Your Foul-Mouthed Mom - huffingtonpost Gathered 04/22/2018: JAVA 8 update 171 was released on 4/17/2018 - java Firefox NO longer uses JAVA NASA Releases Astounding Video Of The Lagoon Nebula To Celebrate Hubble’s Birthday - huffingtonpost A woman flying back from France brought an apple through Customs. It cost her $500 at LAX - washingtonpost Professor: A disturbing story about the influence of the Koch network in higher education - washingtonpost Doritos AD - HILARIOUS - Woodsmall Lobbyist tied to condo met with EPA chief Pruitt - nbcnews Gathered 04/21/2018: Jeff Sessions considering resigning if Donald Trump fires Rod Rosenstein: Reports - washingtontimes Sex-offender registries under attack for violating ex-offenders’ constitutional rights - washingtontimes Electric Scooters Are Causing Havoc. This Man Is Shrugging It Off - nytimes As Rod Rosenstein Battles to Protect Mueller, His Tactics Could Cost the Justice Dept - nytimes Gathered 04/20/2018: 20 million Chrome users are fooled into downloading fake ad blockers - digitaltrends Gathered 04/18/2018: Apple Is Planning to Launch a News Subscription Service (Texture) - bloomberg Malaria experts fear disease's resurgence - bloomberg Meteorite diamonds 'came from lost planet' - bbc Gathered 04/17/2018: Australian surf event cancelled after shark attacks - bbc And 2018's Dirtiest Produce Award Goes To… - care2 "The Dirty Dozen are the fruits and veggies that you should always try to buy organic, as they tend to have the highest amounts of pesticide residue, even after rinsing." - care2/ewg/usda Mud near this small Japanese island could change the global economy - cnn And in that mud, there are massive, "semi-infinite" stores of valuable rare earth minerals. - cnn IRS gives one-day reprieve on taxes after major computer breakdown - washingtontimes I.R.S. Website Crashes on Tax Day as Millions Tried to File Returns - nytimes U.S. Army breakthrough: Facial recognition technology now works in the dark - washingtontimes Barbara Bush, wife of the 41st president, mother of the 43rd, has died at 92 - nytimes Southwest Jet Engine Blows Out in Flight, Killing Passenger - bloomberg U.S. Cuts Off China's ZTE From American Tech for Seven Years - bloomberg How to use iOS 11 SOS feature that can save your life - Komando How to control your apps’ permissions - Komando - Video Free way to track GPS, phone calls, text messages and web activity on a phone - Komando Tesla to pause production of Model 3 - cbsnews This download, Audacity, gives you the power to edit audio for free - Komando Gathered 04/16/2018: 206 Million Eggs Recalled Over Salmonella Fears - 3/16/2018 - nytimes The federal Food and Drug Administration reported Friday that eggs from the affected farm were distributed to nine states — Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia - and were likely connected to 22 reported cases of salmonella infections. Thousands of pounds of prepackaged salad mixes may have been tainted with E. coli, officials say - washingtonpost Recall alert: Romaine lettuce E. coli sickens six more - 4/15/2018 - miamiherald The Centers for Disease Control said it has traced the problem to a romaine lettuce supplier in Yuma, Arizona. >2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio - latimes Gathered 04/14/2018: How One Swedish Submarine Defeated The World's Strongest Navy - digg A Quick Illustration Of How Powerful Crocodiles' Jaws Are - digg Snowmobiler Has A Terrifyingly Close Call With A Bear - digg Chess, According To A Four-Year-Old And A Six-Year-Old - digg Guy Leaves His Mercedes' Dash Cam On During Service Check, Finds Out What Technicians Are Actually Doing - digg In a Leaked Memo, Apple Warns Employees to Stop Leaking Information - bloomberg Fan Gets Called Up To Drum With The Killers, Absolutely Crushes It - digg Whatever your best concert experience is, Jose Luis Hernandez probably has it topped. Gathered 04/13/2018: Law enforcement agencies are buying GrayKey, a device to unlock iPhones - digitaltrends Voters could decide whether to split California into three smaller states - cbsnews Two wasn't enough? "Great" way to gain extra senate seats. Ought to be illegal (opinion) as it "contaminates" (opinion) Senate votes And Southern California's WATER SUPPLY? The Most Coachella Outfits From The Past Decade - huffingtonpost "But we all know Coachella stopped being about the music years ago. These days, it seems to be a place people go to get photographed for what they are, or aren’t, wearing." - huffingtonpost Ace Hardware Resumes Laura Ingraham Advertising, Sparking Outrage - huffingtonpost Tarantula Topping Draws The Brave Into North Carolina Burger Joint - huffingtonpost New ‘high definition’ vinyl promises longer playing time and louder, clearer audio - theverge Virgin Galactic spaceship completes test flight - bbc NASA’s newest spacecraft will scour the galaxy for undiscovered planets - theverge Study: 41% of millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust - cbsnews Trash Robot collects river rubbish The robot jellyfish shredders Gathered 04/12/2018: Apple warns Mac users that 32-bit app support is ending China’s Built a Road So Smart It Will Be Able to Charge Your Car 12 Sex Toys That Sex Therapists Say Will Change Your Life Gathered 04/11/2018: Yemeni rebel ballistic missile targeting Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) intercepted, Saudi forces say Don't piss off the Wildlife - .mp4 video Seas are rising too fast to save much of the Mississippi River Delta, scientists say a little patience pays off - mp4 Video Some very interesting old photos worth looking at Gathered 04/09/2018: 17 red flags that will still get you audited by the IRS How does the Stack Clash vulnerability target Unix-based OSes? including Linux and OpenBSDM. How are logic devices like WAGO PFC200 be used by hackers? - techtarget "CODESYS Runtime Users can benefit from their web process visualization of traditional machine control, building automation, lighting technology, power distribution, petrochemical processing, wastewater processing and airport traffic engineering." - techtarget Gathered 04/07/2018: A planned space hotel hopes to welcome guests by 2022 — for a cost of almost $800,000 a night “first luxury hotel in space” ‘If you kill someone, we might kill you back’: Sheriff welcomes visitors with ominous warning An unconventional welcome sign greets visitors in western Georgia Gathered 04/06/2018: Here's How Much You Need To Earn To Afford The Average Home Price In Every State Tinder Tests Out Looping Video Profile Pictures, Inadvertently Reboots MTV Dating Show We Can't Stop Watching This Bodyboarder Get Obliterated By A Wave Gathered 04/05/2018: Microsoft patches Malware Protection Engine (MMPE) to protect against devastating memory corruption attack How to restore an Android device from a backup Gathered 04/04/2018: Judge receives $11G raise despite missing over 200 days of work Vikings may have used crystals to navigate across the Atlantic This Early Use For Lysol Is Wild - Huffpost Lysol - Wikipedia Gathered 04/02/2018: Cloudflare launches DNS service that will speed up your internet Gathered 04/01/2018: How Cape Town found water savings California never dreamed of - latimes DEVOURED Incredible story of the man eaten by his seven 6ft-long monitor lizards was ‘most bizarre pet killing’ ever seen - thesun Airlines Could Set Airfare Based On Your Income. What You Need To Know Bahrain’s Biggest Oil Find Since 1932 Dwarfs Reserves London murder rate beats New York for month as stabbings surge How did that happen? 13 states without pension or Social Security taxes - aol Atlanta held for ransom and must pay in Bitcoin - APR2018consumeraffairs "and supposedly they were warned before hand, if so, it is really absurd." - consumeraffairs Honda recalls model year 2014-2016 Odysseys - MAR18consumeraffairs "Due to a manufacturing error, if the walk-in release lever is used to fold a fully reclined left outboard seatback forward, the seatback may stay in the unlocked position (free -folding) or unexpectedly unlock without engaging the walk-in or recliner lever." - consumeraffairs 28 Weirdest Ways to Make Money - gobankingrates H-E-B recalls halogen light bulbs - MAR18consumeraffairs "The bulbs can shatter while in use in a lamp or light fixture" Model year 2016-2018 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrids recalled - MAR18consumeraffairs "The vehicle could lose power, increasing the risk of a crash" - consumeraffairs Briggs & Stratton recalls riding mowers - MAR18consumeraffairs The mowers can unintentionally mow when being driven in reverse Snapper, Simplicity and Massey Ferguson riding mowers - consumeraffairs Forest River recalls model year 2018 Stealth Evo recreational trailers - MAR18consumeraffairs Gathered 03/31/2018: Tesla Driver Died Using Autopilot, With Hands Off Steering Wheel Waterfalls around the World - Slide Show Raccoons Returning from an outing - .mp4 Spectacular nature pictures Gathered 03/30/2018: Researchers Find Prehistoric Human Footprints in British Columbia - ~13,000 yrs old If you hit the $502 million Mega Millions jackpot, here's how to keep it quiet Fish Has Natural Fluorescence That Looks Evil Decoy Deer Befuddles Mountain Lion Gathered 03/29/2018: MyFitnessPal Security Breach Affects 150 Million Users, Under Armour Reports - huffingtonpost Tesla announces major recall affecting 123,000 cars around the world - washingtonpost "all Model S sedans built before April 2016" - washingtonpost Poisoned by bitter squash, two women lose their hair Do NOT eat BITTER tasting SQUASH Starbucks May Have To Display Cancer Warning On Coffee Sold In California - huffingtonpost "Smoking" elephant leaves scientists confused - accuweather Gathered 03/27/2018: Popular tax software programs leave you at risk of ID theft and scams Gathered 03/26c/2018: The suddenly hot job market for those over 50 - komando Free alternative to Adobe Lightroom - komando Gathered 03/26b/2018: Uber suffered from self-driving car problems before Sunday’s fatal crash - Theverge "Uber’s self-driving cars had a record of failing to operate correctly under a number of standard road conditions." - Theverge Apple’s slate of original TV shows will reportedly rollout as early as next March (2019) - Theverge The company is on track to spend well more than $1 billion producing original shows. Self-driving pods could be the (boring) future of urban transport Airlines asked the Trump administration to hide fees from travelers Volkswagen will race this wild new EV up Pikes Peak later this year Boeing completes Dreamliner family with first 787-10 delivery Gathered 03/26/2018: Breach! Walmart exposed personal data of 1.3 million U.S. shoppers - Komando Get these new Microsoft security updates now to protect against Edge, Spectre and Flash critical flaws - Komando Dangerous eMails could be waiting in your inbox (supposedly from iTunes) - Komando Facebook can still track your deleted account - Komando Gathered 03/25/2018: Bottled water fans are ingesting small pieces of plastic, report says - consumeraffairs "The World Health Organization is now investigating bottled water over concerns of microplastic contamination Of the 259 total bottles analyzed, 93% showed signs of microplastics - consumeraffairs I have no chemical, medical nor Health training. I have no idea if the above is true, or even a concern. I am just mentioning a Consumer Affairs Article. I am not responsible for this (above) content. Churches that survived 9/11 give in, install metal detectors Highly physically fit women seem to live longer free of dementia A Last Holdout on Divorce, Philippines Tiptoes Toward Legalization DOJ Looking At New Tools To Allow Investigators To View Encrypted Data Self-taught rocket scientist finally blasts off into California sky Gathered 03/24b/2018: Experian launches free tool to remove mistakes from credit reports - consumeraffairs Experian says consumers shouldn't spend money on credit repair - consumeraffairs I have NO idea how well this tool works. - DRW Bayer recalls Alka-Seltzer Plus - consumeraffairs The ingredients on the front sticker may not match the actual product. - consumeraffairs Best Buy becomes the latest retailer to stop offering Huawei phones U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using this Chinese (Huawei) smartphone Twitter may soon ban ads for cryptocurrency products eheat Recalls Envi Wall Heaters The unit can overheat, smoke or melt Craigslist shutters its Personals section after passage of sex trafficking bill - consumeraffairs The site says it can’t risk being held liable for posts that may advertise sex or illegal interactions. - consumeraffairs Macrobars and Thrive Bars recalled - consumeraffairs products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes - consumeraffairs Facebook users targeted and the biggest illegal hack of all time - consumeraffairs Russia accused of hacking the U.S. power grid and Pentagon employees compromised Applebee’s data breach and continued cryptocurrency concerns - consumeraffairs FedEx To Open Shipping Centers In Walgreens Stores - consumeraffairs Companies say consumers will have more secure pick-up options - consumeraffairs Sears closing 150 more Sears, Kmart stores - consumeraffairs Uber sued by Pennsylvania AG for not disclosing hack fast enough - consumeraffairs The company admitted over a year after a data breach that it had paid hackers $100,000 to keep quiet - consumeraffairs Woman Sues Chipotle For $2.2 Billion Over A Photograph - consumerist Suit claims chain used her photo for marketing purposes without permission Gathered 03/23/2018: Ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup spray linked to shorter pregnancies - consumeraffairs Researchers in Indiana say that glyphosate may cause adverse health effects in fetuses - consumeraffairs Nissan recalls model year 2011-2012 Nissan Jukes - POSSIBLE FIRE HAZARD Gathered 03/22/2018: Ford Recalls More Than 1.3 Million Cars Because the Steering Wheel Can Come Off The automaker issued the notice on Wednesday for some of its Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ cars. - DigitalTrends Google Co-Founder's Self-Flying Taxi Venture Takes Off in New Zealand Safety Recall Notice Kidde Dual Sensor (Photoelectric and Ionization) Smoke Alarms Affected product models include PI2010 and PI9010. Hackers Could Have Credit Card Numbers of 880,000 ORBITZ Users - DigitalTrends Apple confirms it will fix bug that caused Siri to read out hidden lock screen notifications It looks like a fish, but it’s not. Meet the robot built to spy on ocean life Watch it get eaten by a small shark - :) Gathered 03/18/2018: Meet CabiFly Brazil's newest taxi service - CAN YOU AFFORD IT Severe solar storms could stop self-driving cars dead in their tracks The Smartphone of the Future Still Has a Notch - Should it? Scientists Discover New Homo Sapiens Mix With Mysterious Denisovans - I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST MILLIENIUM Gathered 03/17/2018: 13 flaws found in AMD processors, AMD given little warning CTS-Labs of Israel claims it found 13 critical vulnerabilities in AMD processors, and gave AMD only 24 hours notice before disclosing them. Gathered 03/15/2018: Mozilla's Firefox 59 can stop websites from spying on you Gathered 03/14/2018: Gathered 03/13/2018: 60,000 portable power chargers recalled for FIRE HAZARD Amazon announced it is recalling 260,000 AmazonBasics portable power banks because they may catch FIRE. Watch WALK-MAN, the Firefighting Robot The newest, successfully-tested version of WALK-MAN locates fire position, walks toward it, then activates an extinguisher. Gathered 03/12/2018: Kim's Top 5 databases to opt-out of now Gathered 03/06/2018: Teens inhale cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarettes popular fruity flavors appear to be the worst Trump administration can withhold grant over California 'sanctuary' concerns, judge rules Sanctuary LOSES Donald Trump approves Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas Coast Guard warns of 'navigation hazards' after high winds cause 70 cargo containers to collapse or tumble from ship Washington State approves own net neutrality rules Monsanto Sued, concealed effects of toxic chemical for decades, Ohio AG alleges Gathered 03/05/2018: Moscow lawmaker: 'Death penalty' for anyone interfering in Russian election Russians have one good idea. I LIKE HIS IDEA - SAME FOR ANY COUNTRY's ELECTIONS !? As yellow fever spreads toward big cities, BRAZIL struggles to vaccinate millions Brazil is fighting to stay ahead of one of its worst epidemics of yellow fever. The nor'easter was so big that its waves reached Puerto Rico and the result was not good Roof collapses at China's Nanchang Changbei airport US Navy carrier's visit to Vietnam puts China on notice China has announced a military budget of 1.11 trillion yuan ($175bn; £126bn) for the coming year The United States spends more on defense than the next nine countries combined. 1906 film of San Francisco after quake found at flea market Gathered 03/04/2018: South Africa listeria: Source of 'world's worst outbreak' found Gathered 03/02/2018: Talking wild crow actually speaks to squirrel at bird feeder Gathered 02/28/2018: Here’s What Is Leaving And Arriving On Netflix In March 2018 Gathered 02/24/2018: Melting pots: Some models of America’s favorite kitchen gadget are overheating (INSTANT POT)> You might want to check the model number of your Instant Pot branded appliance, as apparently some of the appliances are overheating and melting. - 2/24/2018 - digitaltrends Gathered 02/22/2018: Can the Triangle support a nonstop flight to China? RDU thinks so Gathered 02/20/2018: Google discloses Microsoft Edge security flaw before a patch is ready The Amazon Prime credit card will start giving 5 percent back on Whole Foods purchases And non-Prime members with the regular Amazon Rewards Visa card will earn 3 percent back. Apple releases iOS 11.2.6 to fix iPhone crash bug Gathered 02/19/2018: In our eyes, Google’s software sees heart attack risk Israel successfully tests Arrow-3 missile defense system Gathered 02/18/2018: Iditarod Fast Facts New York Magazine Makes A Case For Impeaching Clarence Thomas Eastern Kentucky’s Struggle With Water Symbolizes America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Canada Is About To Start Giving Away Free Money Gathered 02/17/2018: OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHY Pilgrim's Pride Corporation Recalls Ready-to-Eat Chicken Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination And you thought the one at the Grand Canyon was bad! HOW TO SURVIVE AN ATTACK by a BULL I am NOT responsible if this does not work - caveat emptor. Gathered 02/16/2018: Watch out for CHINA'S EYE in the sky - '1984' has arrived Scientists have developed a lung probe that finds infections Shaolin Monks create a new meaning for Pole Dancing Gathered 02/15/2018: In a surprising study, scientists say everyday chemicals now rival cars as a source of air pollution - washingtonpost Gathered 02/14/2018: U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using this Chinese (Huawei) smartphone - Komando "They also recommended private citizens to stay away from products made by another Chinese company, ZTE." - Komando Cryptojacking - sketchy websites are hijacking your smartphone to mine cryptocurrency - Komando "In fact, cryptojacking can overwork smartphones excessively, it can literally burn it to the ground." - Komando Do you still need to "close" apps (on smartphones)? - Komando Who owns that Wake County (ALL of Wake County) Property FILL IN THE ADDRESS - Do NOT include street type, i.e. rd, dr.,,,) Gathered 02/13/2018: One mistake you should never make with your apps when trying to save battery power - Komando another Android cryptojacker, ADB.Miner, is also making the rounds - Komando 10 useful Windows 10 features you probably never use but should - Komando 5 security mistakes you’re probably making right now - Komando New Amazon Echo feature you're going to love - Komando Try voice shopping for yourself to see if it works. Alexa-enabled "Dash Wand" saves time and money at the grocery store - Komando Warning of new malware attacks against power grids - Komando What's Google Dorking? (And how terrorists are using it to attack the U.S.A.) - Komando NSA warns that cyberwar in U.S. is inevitable - Komando Apple HomePod “gotcha” you need to know BEFORE you buy one - Komando What consumers can expect from Apple’s iOS 11.3 update The newest version of the iOS operating system will let users turn off the slowdown feature for older batteries. Winter Olympics, televisions, and 'smart' sex toys may be under cyber attack If you can't trust your SEX TOYS... Gathered 02/10/2018: Flo saves you the hassle and the money associated with fixing burst pipes "Flo claims the product senses water pressure, flow rate, and temperature, all while leveraging artificial intelligence capabilities to learn your water-usage patterns." "proactively detect potential problem areas or even minuscule leaks." "If Flo realizes that temperatures are dropping, you’ll be alerted to the potential for freezing pipes that are prone to bursting." "Flo also runs tests on a daily basis to ensure that your entire plumbing system is up to snuff." You’ve Heard of 3D Printing , Now Get Ready for 4D Printing that Creates Shape-Shifting Objects - globalspec Unicode 11.0 is officially finalized, includes 157 new emojis for 2018 - digitaltrends new Emojis for Cell phones and iOS - youtube Gathered 02/09/2018: Paint your rock walkway with GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT PAINT SMALL ROCKS with GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT Coral Scientists Eye ‘Radical Intervention’ To Save The World’s Reefs Your Smart TV can be hijacked by hackers and is collecting your data - Komando San Francisco's $550 million Millennium Tower sinking Leaked photos suggest China may now have a hypersonic railgun How the United States Plans to Reclaim Its Supercomputer Dominance Hottest Real Estate Markets for 2018 Include Tech Hotspots, Southeastern Charmers RALEIGH is Number TWO in the Nation Muscian/Juggler plays instrument by bouncing balls of its keys Gathered 02/07/2018: Meltdown and Spectre malware discovered in the wild - techtarget "Nearly 140 samples of malware that exploit the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities have been discovered by AV-TEST, but most samples are based on existing proof-of-concept code." - techtarget 90 Degree "Liftoff" of the New 737 Max after a short distance, plane turns straight up and takes off - would need a very SHORT runway. If you have a Mac, please don't use this antivirus program - Komando CLOSE CALLS of a Personal Nature - woodsmall Gathered 02/06/2018: It’s OK to eat romaine lettuce again - Jan 28, 2018 - wtop I'm just the messenger - I am not responsible if this turns out not to be true - I'm eating Romain. After the E. coli outbreak: How to minimize the risk of food poisoning - Jan 14, 2018 I'm just the messenger - I am not responsible if this turns out not to be true. ‘Sea Hunter,’ a drone ship with no crew, just joined the U.S. Navy fleet - digitaltrends Gathered 02/05/2018: Scientists may have discovered the first planets outside the Milky Way "Missing" California woman spotted on "The Bachelor" TV show - cbsnews "Last told Mom, two months ago, that,she, Rebekah Martinez, was going to work on a marijuana farm and would see her in about a week." - cbsnews Cops: Incest charges after woman adopted as child has baby with her biological father - cbsnews Gathered 02/04/2018: Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: what’s the difference? 10 major automakers using 3D printing today - techrepublic Broken down but not out: What to pack in a car emergency kit - digitaltrends Goose Hunter Knocked Unconscious By Dead Bird Falling From Sky - YEAH GEESE - huffingtonpost Gathered 01/29/2018: ATM Makers Issue Warning About Cyber Criminals Targeting Cash Machines Gathered 01/28/2018: New phishing scam targets customers of Netflix and other companies - consumeraffairs Defending Against HatMan Malware & Cyber Attacks on Industrial Control Systems - LinkedIN Zusy malware: Are your PowerPoint files at risk? - techtarget QakBot malware - creates AD problems - techtarget triggered hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Active Directory account lockouts Antimalware software: How can Windows 10 disable it? - techtarget Gathered 01/27/2018: Former Employees Warn Model 3 Battery Could Catch Fire; Tesla Denies Claims - digitaltrends Microsoft is secretly building a slimmer, more modern version of Windows - digitaltrends Get your Sagan on with 50 awe-inspiring photos of... TESLA ROADSTER pictures: Get your car porn right here The new all-wheel drive Roadster boasts a 200kWh battery pack and can blast from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Similarly, the model has a 4.2 second 0 to 100 mph time, and conquered the quarter-mile in 8.9 seconds. - How does the new Tesla Roadster stack up against today’s supercars? - digitaltrends A 200kWh battery pack, 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, 0 to 100 mph in 4.2 seconds, and the quarter-mile dealt with in 8.9 seconds. - Truck? What truck? Tesla Semi overshadowed by insane new Tesla Roadster - digitaltrends Lose your lunch watching Tesla’s new Roadster launch in ‘Maximum Plaid’ mode - digitaltrend Faraday Future: What you need to know about the ambitious electric car maker How a teenager made his own electric car from a junked Toyota Celica - digitaltrends Gathered 01/24/2018: These 4 malicious Chrome extensions are infecting more than half a million users - Komando 3 mistakes to avoid while traveling - Komando Listen to my free podcast to learn how social engineers zero in on a target and drain your bank account How to bank and shop using free Wi-Fi without getting scammed - Komando Perdue Foods LLC Recalls Chicken Products due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens The product contains EGGS, a known allergen which is not declared on the product label. Gathered 01/23/2018: Up to 40,000 customers’ info may have been stolen from OnePlus - digitaltrends Updates addressing Meltdown security issue are causing a number of PC reboots - digitaltrends Google Arts app goes viral with new match-me-to-a-classic-painting feature - digitaltrends Nvidia’s latest software update helps protect your system from ‘Spectre’ - digitaltrends Qualcomm is working on patches to address Meltdown and Spectre flaws - digitaltrends Apple iOS 11.2.2 update offers a fix to the Spectre security vulnerability - digitaltrends Fake version of top Bitcoin wallet appears on iOS App Store - digitaltrends Nearly $64 million in bitcoin is missing following NiceHash marketplace hack - digitaltrends Analyst predicts Apple will retire iPhone X in summer of 2018 - digitaltrends Gathered 01/22/2018: Ford warns 2006 Ranger owners to stop driving after faulty airbags claim second victim - consumeraffairs Don't Let Children Play With These Toys - Baba Hyper-Realistic Scratchboard Art - Baba Gathered 01/21/2018: Newly discovered Mac malware, OSX/Mami, slips through anti-virus programs - Komando Gathered 01/19/2018: Java Console 8.161 was released on 1/19/2018 I am using Java 1.161 Gathered 01/18/2018: Circuit City plans comeback with smaller stores, relaunched website - Clark Remember Circuit City? It's back! New California declares ‘independence’ from California, hopes to become 51st state - wncn Generac NATURAL GAS WHOLE HOUSE STANDBY (Automatic)GENERATORS - woodsmall Newly discovered nearby planet could support life - cnn What you need to know about the meteor that caused seismic shock over Michigan Gathered 01/17/2018: If you receive this link, DON'T open it: Scary "TEXT BOMB" will CRASH your device - Komando New ransomware strain attacks your cloud email - Komando "A new ransomware strain dubbed as "ransomcloud" has been developed and it can encrypt online email accounts like Office 365 and Gmail in real-time." - HUMIDIFIERS / DE-HUMIDIFIERS / HUMIDITY - Woodsmall 12 Reasons Why You Need a Humidifier in Your Home - ba-bamail Another annoying phone issue is a dead battery, here's everything draining it and how to stop it - Komando Google Removes 60 Apps from Play Store Due to Reports of Malware - digitaltrends Google products may be crashing your Wi-Fi - Komando "The TP-Link Archer C7 seems to be the most vulnerable model out there but the issue is not limited to TP-Link routers either. It also affects other home Wi-Fi routers from other manufacturers like Netgear, Asus, Linksys and Synology." - Intel Meltdown patch causes issues with Broadwell and Haswell chips - techtarget AMD backtracks on Spectre vulnerabilities, plans microcode updates - techtarget Gathered 01/16/2018: Amazon Prime Takes the Next Step Toward Becoming a Cable TV Alternative - digitaltrends MicroLED Is the New Hotness in TVs. But OLED Isn't Going Anywhere - digitaltrends New Pressure Sensor for Medical Uses Dissolves in the Patient's Body - digitaltrends Hasselblad's New Camera Costs $48K and Captures 400MP Photos - digitaltrends Real-Life Doctor Dolittle Aims to Use A.I.-Powered Translator to Talk to Animals - digitaltrends Is DJI about to unveil its first fixed-wing consumer drone? - digitaltrends Fertility App Natural Cycles Is Being Blamed for 37 Unwanted Pregnancies - digitaltrends The coolest audio gadgets of CES 2018 - digitaltrends Gathered 01/15/2018: Boeing Unveils Hypersonic Plane Designed to Hit 3,800 MPH - digitaltrends These Are the Phone Trends That Will Dominate 2018 - digitaltrends The (vehicle) Future May Be Electric, and Ford Is Pledging $11 Billion to Make It Happen - digitaltrends Broccoli and Reprogrammed Gut Bacteria Team Up to Battle Cancer - digitaltrends Voyage Finds the Perfect Place to Test Autonomous Cars - a Retirement Village GOOD THINKING - RETIREES CANNOT RUN AWAY AS FAST (sic) :)" Gathered 01/14/2018: Bitcoin Miners Have Extracted 80% of All the Bitcoins There Will Ever Be ‘8K? I don’t even have 4K yet!’ The future of television is still far off Lunar Lava Tubes May Provide Access to Vast Polar Ice Reservoirs on the Moon Apple Health App Data Being Used as Evidence in Murder Trial in Germany Green, Subtle, and Mean: The Ford Mustang Bullitt (Steve McQueen) Roars Again This Summer It’s cocktail o’clock with the best bartending apps Water Is Not Only Available on Mars, It's Easily Accessible, NASA Finds NASA's New X-Ray Navigation Could Guide Robots Through Deep Space These are the 20 best Porsches ever made Gathered 01/13/2018: Smartglasses from eSight are changing blind people’s lives by enabling them to see Toyota, Honda add 1M vehicles to Takata air bag recalls - abc13 I reported that this would be coming, several months ago. How to Replace WeatherStripping - HouseLogic Erie, Pennsylvania, is nearing its snowiest winter on record Infectious disease alert reported for Newark Airport passengers - abc11 Bitter Melon and Its Effects on Cancer and Diabetes While I've not heard of it's use with Cancer, I have seen many a Diabetes supplement include Bitter Melon, for decades. I am NOT a doctor, NOR do I have any Medical/Dietician Training. You do or do not do things at YOUR OWN RISK - I am not responsible. Nerves are shot after Wake school bus, city bus hit by BBs - abc11 Gathered 01/11/2018: Recall alert: Ice cream bars sold at Aldi, Dollar Tree, Kroger pose Listeria risk 1/10/2018 Gathered 01/10/2018: Dangerous Netflix phishing scam strikes again Gathered 01/09/2018: Big tech to join legal fight against net neutrality repeal THE DEATH OF THE ATTENTION SPAN - theglobeandmail Your Smartphone Is Making You Stupid, Antisocial And Unhealthy. So Why Can't You Put It Down?" - theglobeandmail Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart News after break with Trump Broken pipes soak North Hills businesses Gathered 01/08/2018: 49 cold weather hacks to keep you warm and save you money - Clark 7 Early Signs of Dementia - biggeekdad Concrete Buffer Gone Wild - Rebellion of the machines Gathered 01/07/2018: iFixit offers battery replacement for old iPhones - consumeraffairs The offer covers models not included in Apple's battery discount Takata Recalls Another 3.3 Million Air Bags Under U.S. Order - Almost two-thirds of the 31.5 million U.S. vehicles containing defective air-bag inflators made by Takata remain unrepaired. Did the Curiosity Rover just discover evidence of alien fossils on Mars? - digitaltrends Fitbit could be looking to get into the blood sugar tracking game - digitaltrends The Internet Association Takes Up the Fight Against FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling - digitaltrends Speed Riding Blends Skiing with Paragliding and Is the Next Great Extreme Sport - digitaltrends Here's the Best of What's Coming at CES 2018 - digitaltrends HDMI 2.1 is coming: Here’s what you need to know - digitaltrends You've been charging your smartphone wrong - Komando "Here are a few dos and don'ts of battery charging you may not know about." - Komando Hundreds of Robot Realtors Are Helping Bay Area Renters Find New Homes - digitaltrends 12 questions you're too embarrassed to ask about Bitcoin - Komando 3 awesome apps that block unwanted robocalls - Komando "You can now report unwanted calls by filing a complaint on the FTC website." - Komando Listen to police and emergency radio broadcasts> - Komando A free website that gives you instant access to 5,300 police and fire department scanners, emergency responder feeds, weather radios and more." - Komando See What Happens When You Leave the Room with Haven, Snowden's Security App - digitaltrends New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Could One Day Power Electric Cars - nbcnews Gathered 01/06/2018: 36 fake security apps in the Google Play store downloaded malware, - techrepublic stole data, tracked locations. Sears closing 103 more stores, including 5 KMarts in North Carolina - bizjournals "Sears Holdings on Thursday told employees at 64 Kmart stores and 39 Sears stores that it would be closing the stores between early March and early April." - bizjournals Spectre flaw on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Android: Is your device at risk? "Apple has said that all versions of the iPhone and iPad are affected by the Spectre flaw." - techrepublic Gathered 01/05d/2018: United Airlines flight almost crosses into path of landing Jet Blue flight at Boston Logan Airport - abcnews California has ample weapons to fight Trump on drilling - abcnews Roy Moore accuser's home catches fire, arson suspected - abcnews New videos show intercepts of Russian fighter jets - abcnews Alexa will soon help you make popcorn with voice-controlled microwaves - digitaltrends Microwaves Will Be Obsolete By 2027. Here's What's Replacing Them - digitaltrends Alexa-enabled Kenmore fridges and washing machines are ready to listen to you The best Dryer & Washer you can buy Gathered 01/05c/2018: Apple confirms iPhones / iPads impacted by chip flaws, has a fix - Komando Firefox 57.0.4 solves the Meltdown and Spectre chip problems for Firefox - Mozilla Planning on getting your iPhone battery replacement from Apple? Get on it ASAP! - Komando Massive Homeland Security breach affects 240,000 people, including witnesses - Komando "Homeland Security took seven months to disclose breach." - Komando Gathered 01/05/2018: Firefox 57.0.4 was released - Security fixes to address the Meltdown and Spectre timing attacks Gathered 01/04e/2018: Intel Says Security Bug Not Specific to its Processors Industry Responds to CPU Security Vulnerability More info on CHIP security and CHIP running more slowly: Since I wrote the post yesterday, there's more information: Google has posted some info on how it's mitigated the performance impact - (Author Kevin Krewell): Some apps DO LISTEN through your phone's mic to track you - Komando Free way to track GPS, phone calls, text messages and web activity on a phone - Komando Cold weather can ruin your phone - Here are ways to protect it - Komando 5G (Cellular Protocol) Is Finally Coming: AT&T to Begin Mobile 5G Rollout - digitaltrends Why your phone's battery charging slows down during hot summer months - Komando You will be affected by this massive mistake! A second critical chip flaw revealed, affecting billions of computers, smartphones and other devices - Komando MediaTek Claims First Health Biosensor for Smartphones 5 hidden Facebook tricks you need to start using - Komando Gathered 01/04d/2018: Security flaw in web browser autofill tools can steal your data - Komando Google Street View knows more about you than you think - Komando How to safely delete data forever on your PC or Mac - Komando Gathered 01/04c/2018: Boy Enters Water, Four Sharks Immediately Come Barreling Towards Him - digg "The only reason the boy survived this with all his toes intact is the stranger flying the drone yelled for him to exit the water upon seeing what was occurring from above." - digg When a North Korean Missile Accidentally Hit a North Korean City - thediplomat How Arcade Games Scam You, According To Science - digg Brazilian Police Demonstrate A Clever Way To Get Out Of Super Tight Parking Space Instantly - digg NOT SURE WHAT HAPPENED? DID COP BY CAR, PUSH IT SIDEWAYS? Simon & Garfunkel' Donald Trump's Sounds of Science - Woodsmall I have NO idea who owns this - It was sent to me. How on Earth can they Build THAT - Woodsmall Super Centenarian 122 - Woodsmall Gathered 01/04/2018: Major 'design flaw' in Intel processors exposes your passwords to hackers and slows down your PC by 30% - Komando "...could let attackers gain access to protected kernel memory areas and steal sensitive information like passwords, login data, security keys and files that are still cached on your computer's disk." - "According to "The Register," the flaw is so fundamental to how Intel chips work that it forced a major redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels. In effect, the redesign has the unfortunate side effect of slowing down the processors themselves." - Gathered 01/03c/2018: New macOS malware, IOHIDrous, compromises ALL version of macOS A newly discovered macOS zero-day flaw called IOHIDeous affects all versions of Apple's desktop operating system and can allow for full system compromise. LG's 2018 TV Lineup Gets Smarter and Faster, Adds Google Assistant Roku Infiltrates Soundbars, Wireless Speakers with Its Own Voice Assistant Google Is Testing Mysterious New Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook Gathered 01/03b/2018: Spotify Hit with a $1.6 Billion Lawsuit Over Tom Petty, Neil Young Songs - digitaltrends Samsung May Be Adding 8 Times the Storage Capacity to the Galaxy S9 - digitaltrends The Best Phone that you've Never Heard of (actually, we have an older one) Germany Can Now Fine Social Media Sites $60 Million for Allowing Hate Speech The #1 mistake people make when switching cell phone carriers - Clark Best cell phone plans and deals for 2018 - Clark How to switch cell phone providers if your credit is frozen - Clark And you would be a FOOL if you do NOT FREEZE YOUR CREDIT. - Woodsmall Gathered 01/03a/2018: Have you been to Burger King lately? You may be owed some money! - Clark Customer no-service: How to get in touch with a real person at Apple, Google, and more - Clark 25 ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out in 2018 - Clark How I save 75% on prescription drugs - Clark Forever 21 breach exposed credit card information for 7 months - Clark Gathered 01/03/2018: LG Announces 88-Inch 8K OLED TV - digitaltrends microLED, full-array local dimming (FALD), Premium HDR. GoPro keeps filming after being engulfed in molten lava - nypost Gathered 01/02/2018: The bright side of the deep freeze UNpaid Baby Sitters Gathered 01/01/2018: Hawaiian Airlines Flight Takes Off In 2018, Lands In 2017 - huffingtonpost Parking garage fire destroys roughly 1,400 cars in UK - abcnews One Out of Four Consumers Are Duped by Online Counterfeiters Happy New Year! Celebrations around the globe - Slides Catalania - Slide Show - Woodsmall Pictures from the Dolomites, Italy - Slideshow - Woodsmall Pictures from Around the World - Slide Show - Woodsmall 2017 2017 Gathered 12/31B/2017: This new year's fireworks display is from 2013, but awfully hard to out-dazzle Gathered 12/31/2017: SMS to PC and back again: Here’s how to send a text message from a computer - digitaltrends Humor to begin bidding 2017 farewell Microsoft is finally moving TechNet's tips and code snippets to Microsoft Docs What is a blockchain? Here’s everything you need to know - digitaltrends Lifesaving App Lets Users Share Their Location Even If There's No Cell Signal - digitaltrends Gathered 12/30b/2017: Windows Sysinternals - Windows Sysinternals - Microsoft Docs - microsoft GREAT FREE WINDOWS SOFTWARE TOOLS Sony A9: What the latest leap in digital photography can do for businesses - techrepublic Mirrorless cameras finally caught up to DSLR technology in several important areas with the launch of the A9, as Sony re-established itself as the mirrorless leader. These 18 companies will be hiring like crazy in 2018 - Clark Best and worst home insurance companies - AMICA is NUMBER ONE - Clark Best Digital Cameras for 2018 (CNET) How to use histograms to improve your photography Gathered 12/30a/2017: Mozilla patches critical bug in this popular email client (Thunderbird) Version 52.5.2 (32-bit) What's in and out of Netflix in January Apple apologizes for iPhone slowdown drama, will offer $29 battery replacements for a year How to tell if your iPhone needs a battery replacement Hackers can crash your hard drive using just sound waves! NC Department of Justice website has a great article that discusses several scams and how to best avoid them Is Google really preventing you from getting the best travel deals? Parrot learned how to talk to Alexa Why turning off your startup items will make you so much happier Never Put Your Phone in These 8 Common Places! Funny Photos That Prove Cats Are Different to Dogs Gathered 12/29b/2017: Watch New Year celebrations around the world - Komando How you can tell when someone is seeing your text messages - Komando Hackers can take over your smart speakers - Komando Check this list of the other big data breaches no one is talking about - Komando Does Samsung have a battery problem with its new phone too? 6 tech hacks you can't live without - Komando Gathered 12/29/2017: suffers big data leak - 300,000 user credentials exposed - Komando An amazing Chinese Christmas tree 3D Crosswalks to Slow Down Drivers - twistedsifter France's remedy for jay walking - THE BEST IDEA THIS CENTURY - Woodsmall Vietnam Scenery - Slide Show - Woodsmall Visiting Switzerland - Woodsmall Some Funnies - Woodsmall Paper Art - Slide Show - Woodsmall Police Driving Practice in China - Woodsmall Gathered 12/28/2017: Apple now faces at least 9 class-action lawsuits over iPhone batteries - bizjournals IRS says it's possible to prepay some property tax this year to save money. Here are the rules - latimes Starting next year, households will be limited to an annual combined deduction of no more than $10,000 in state and local income, sales and property taxes. Gathered 12/27/2017: 6 mistakes you make that shorten the life of your gadgets - Komando 5 ways to free up space on Windows - Komando Be a hotshot pilot with this free flight simulator - Komando 3 ways to find the real deals on Amazon - Komando The Linux commands you should NEVER use - hpe Is Apple admitting that Touch ID is more secure than Face ID? - Komando These laptops promise 20 hours of battery life - Komando Stunning site shows off the Faces of Facebook, can you find yours? Facebook launches new security feature you need - Komando Trying to get run over by a self-driving car - Komando What Highly paid, short-lived??? idiots??? The new tool to hypnotize you into forgetting the plot of your favorite shows Supposed to help you re-enjoy a show you have already seen. PERSONALLY, I WOULD WONDER WHAT ELSE IT WANTS ME TO DO - MY PERSONAL OPINION ONLY - SAMSUNG IS A HIGHLY REPUTABLE COMPANY. Gathered 12/26/2017: 49 ways to sell your old stuff for the most money - Clark California problems are growing worse - YouTube California Nuclear Closures Resulted in 250% Higher Emissions from Electricity 'Ghosts' haunt Brown? - Climate Guru Tells Calif. Governor Not To Close Diablo Canyon - Forbes Lifelong Democrat declares war on Governor Jerry Brown over... Sundesert Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia California's Dirty Secret: The Five Coal Plants Supplying Our Gathered 12/25d/2017: Bitcoin Extends Selloff as Investors Pare Bets - bloomberg Edward Snowden's Haven App Turns an Android Device into a Laptop Security Guard - digitaltrends Before ‘plantscrapers’ can grow food in the city, they’ll need to grow money - digitaltrends A growing email scam has cost a major airline millions of dollars South Korean banks sue online retailer Newegg for alleged Ponzi scheme ELECTRIC AND/OR SELF-DRIVING CARS: Faraday Future: What you need to know about the ambitious electric car company Martti is a self-driving car from Finland designed for icy snow-covered roads Yandex, the ‘Google of Russia,’ is now testing self-driving cars in the snow Waymo is looking to test self-driving cars in wintry Detroit Horseless carriages are now driverless, thanks to Waymo’s taxi service Uber returns to the self-driving game with plan to buy and convert 24,000 Volvos McLaren is testing an electric car, but a production version is a long way off Qualcomm gets the green light from California to test self-driving technology The best hybrid cars you can buy Honda’s Clarity will come in electric, hybrid, and hydrogen flavors Apple Patent May Improve Self-Driving Cars and Their Navigation Systems Facebook facial recognition prevents someone from stealing your photo What’s the true value of bitcoin? A Morgan Stanley analyst says it may be zero Gathered 12/25b/2017: 30 holiday movies to stream on Netflix this Christmas - abcnews Netflix has thousands of hidden categories, here's the list - Komando 10 handy things you probably don’t know Netflix can do - Komando Gathered 12/25a/2017: 10 Bizarre Christmas Traditions from Around the World - care2 5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe This Christmas - care2 Gathered 12/25/2017: The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in the US The 10 Best Cities to Retire in the US The 10 Most Friendly Cities in America 2015 The 10 Most Unfriendly Cities in America 2015 The Safest Cities for Women to Travel Alone in the U.S. The 16 Best Places to Live in America 2016 Gathered 12/24e/2017: Samsung Could Make $22 Billion from OLED Displays for the iPhone X NO WONDER IT IS SO OVER-PRICED FCA Recalls 1.48 Million Ram Trucks That Could Roll Away While in Park - digitaltrends Gathered 12/24d/2017: Apple Is Being Sued for Allegedly Throttling Older iPhone Models - digitaltrends Apple: Yep, iPhones do slow down, but for a good reason - digitaltrends World's First Nuclear Fusion Plant Is Now Halfway to 'First Plasma' - digitaltrends Apple Watch CAN be converted into a wearable EKG: KardiaBand helps the Apple Watch inch closer to becoming a medical device - digitaltrends EKG watchband helps Apple Watch owners spot irregular heartbeat problems- digitaltrends "the Kardiaband and its app are also looking for hints of Atrial Fibrillation, also known as A-Fib." - digitaltrends The Apple Watch Gets Serious - May Soon Be Able to Serve as an EKG - digitaltrends Apple Watch 3: News, new features, and release SLEEP APNEA and BETTER SLEEP Apps: Sleep apnea patients may find some relief with the Go2Sleep wearable - digitaltrends Get a better night’s rest with the 10 best sleep apps for iOS and Android - digitaltrends Gathered 12/24c/2017: Windows 10's most recent update getting stuck? Here's how to fix it - techrepublic "Microsoft has admitted that an update it issued last week is prone to not completing when applied to certain PCs. - 12/22" - techrepublic Opera now blocks attackers from hijacking your browser for mining Bitcoin - techrepublic Warning: Cyber breaches more likely over holiday break - techrepublic How to tweak the new Firefox 57 Quantum browser to suit your preferences -zdnet Gathered 12/24b/2017: Photos: The top 18 smartphones of 2017 - techrepublic Staying healthy when family members have the flu - consumeraffairs Here are the professions that pay the best - consumeraffairs Ten cities where the cost of living will rise the most in 2018 - consumeraffairs Renting is a good deal and about to get better - consumeraffairs Credit score requirements for renters getting higher, study finds - consumeraffairs Report finds subprime credit cards not effective at boosting credit scores - consumeraffairs Companies that most rely on credit scores to set car insurance rates - consumeraffairs "WalletHub study finds Farmers gives credit the most weight, Geico the least." - consumeraffairs Who makes use of your credit score? - consumeraffairs Credit report policy change may raise your score - consumeraffairs A counterfeit iPhone charger is a dangerous gift - consumeraffairs "Consumer group warns iPhone Charger knock-offs are a fire hazard." - consumeraffairs Apple operating systems vulnerable to password theft - consumeraffairs "Users of High Sierra and older Apple OS’ could be at risk"." - consumeraffairs Gathered 12/24a/2017: RECENTLY OPENED RALEIGH, NC, GROCERY STORES Lidl ([Discount] Grocery Store) 4.5 Stars (93) 4308 Wake Forest Rd (844) 747-5435 Organic products · Great produce Open until 6:00 PM Sprouts Farmers Market - (Health Food Store) 4.3 Stars (156) Natural & organic groceries 9414 Falls of Neuse Rd · (919) 326-2530 Open until 10:00 PM Add Wegmans to the growing list of grocery chains coming to Raleigh, NC. The New York-based grocer plans to open a 120,000-square-foot store on Wake Forest Road between Six Forks Road and Interstate 440, next to Trader Joe’s. Read more here: The top three smartphone innovations of 2017 - androidauthority The 18:9 displays; Gathered 12/24/2017: Best if Used By vs Sell By Date - Food Labels - Clark New 3D Printer Will Combine All Your Medications in One Pill - digitaltrends 5 things to know before you sign up for Sling TV - Clark Apple Prepares a Universal App Framework Between iOS and MacOS - digitaltrends In Just a Few Minutes, This Software Can Verify Your Identity from a Bit of DNA - digitaltrends Thor Trucks wants to take on Tesla with its own electric semi truck - digitaltrends. With its starburst design, the Joshua Tree Residence thwarts sand and spectators - digitaltrends New Password Manager great for beginners - Koamndo Don't be scammed by "fake" Oprah - Komando Be completely anonymous online - Komando Gathered 12/23/2017: Amazon delivery late? Use this to request compensation - Komando Gathered 12/22/2017: New Android malware could blow up your phone - malwarebytes "Lo lo lo Loapi Trojan could break your Android" - - Gift card scam: What you need to know to avoid becoming a victim - Clark Scam alert: How criminals can steal money off your gift cards 7 reasons why you still might want a real camera - Komando Commonly overlooked holiday expenses that can bust your budget - Clark Aldi recalls apples due to possible listeria contamination - Clark "Jack Brown Produce, Inc., based in Sparta, Michigan, is recalling Gala, Fuji, Honeycrisp and Golden Delicious apples because of listeria concerns. The affected products were sold at some Aldi stores in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina and North Carolina. The products affected are sold under the brand name “Apple Ridge”. The following product types and UPC codes are impacted by this recall: Fuji Apples, 3 lb. bag, UPC code: 033383087139 Gala Apples, 3 lb. bag, UPC code: 033383086897 Golden Apples, 3 lb. bag, UPC code: 033383081175 Honeycrisp Apples, 2 lb. bag, UPC code: 079954000015 Honeycrisp Apples, unpackaged, PLU sticker 3283 Gala, Fuji, and Golden Delicious apples in 3-pound clear plastic bags; Fuji and Gala apples in 5-pound red-netted mesh bags; and Gala, Fuji and Honeycrisp apples that were tray-packed/individually sold." - In Association with Jack Brown Produce Inc., ALDI Voluntary Recalls an Assortment of Apples PFP Enterprises LLC Recalls Ground Beef Products Due to Misbranding and An Undeclared Allergen PFP Enterprises LLC, also doing business as Texas Meat Packers, a Fort Worth, Texas establishment, is recalling approximately 7,570 pounds of ground beef products due to misbranding and an undeclared allergen. Gathered 12/21d/2017: Elon Musk posts pics of huge Falcon Heavy rocket ahead of debut launch - digitaltrends Apple does slow down old iPhones - Komando The Most Popular BAD PASSWORDS of 2017 - digitaltrends Gathered 12/21b/2017: Eat our dust, Elon Musk. Virgin’s Hyperloop One sets crazy new speed record - 240 MPH Gathered 12/21a/2017: Is this gesture-controlled steering wheel genius or madness? GREAT - more screen, rather than ROAD, watching. GESTURES ? Sounds Dangerous to me. If You Have Old (1980's) Toys Laying Around, You Might Be Rich Here are 10 valuable toys from the 1980s 13 things a burglar won’t tell you - Clark This new Trump tax calculator shows how much you’ll pay going forward - Clark Gathered 12/20/2017: AI detects micro-expressions to tell if people are lying in court What you need to know about net neutrality - digitaltrends California Says Your Cell Phone Could Be DANGEROUS - digitaltrends I’d like to build one of these - Monolithic Dome Homes - Leaks Show the Galaxy S9 Plus May Get the Dual-Lens Camera We All Want - digitaltrends Sell Your House and Explore the Planet with These Awesome Camper Vans - digitaltrends 60 Horrible things Trump Administration has done in the Last 12 Months Obama's Cybersecurity Commissioner Gives Advice on How to Shop Safely Online - digitaltrends Don't get fooled this Christmas by these scrooge scammers - Komando Petya Ransomware: What we know and what we can do - WHITE PAPER How to detect and defeat WannaCry ransomware - White Paper I'd like to suggest that we start a website solely to list names of Congress Persons who vote FOR bills that destroy Nature or financially harm the Middle class. NAMES, Bills voted for, RECALL efforts. DRONE BAN - FAA Adds to the List of Places Where You Can't Fly Your Bird - digitaltrends Space Startup Receives $90M to Help Put a BILLBOARD on the MOON - RUINING our view of the Moon - digitaltrends WE SHOULD BANKRUPT THESE "VISION POLLUTERS" - my OPINION. New Microscope Uses A.I. Smarts to Diagnose Deadly Blood Infections - digitaltrends North Korea Suspected of Stealing Millions in Bitcoin from South Korea - digitaltrends Italian Architect Designed 'Hinged' Homes That Go Up in 6 Hours At $20, Zlink May Be the Cheapest Way to Make Your Home Smart - digitaltrends Gathered 12/19/2017: Wi-Fi increases a pregnant woman's risk of miscarriage - Komando "They found women with the highest levels of MF-radiation have up to a 48 percent greater risk of having a miscarriage." - Sophisticated 'Triton' Malware Shuts Down Industrial Plant in Hacker Attack - digitaltrends Gathered 12/18a/2017: 12 cities where you don’t have to be a millionaire to live like one And you thought Ballet was just for Pussies - Woodsmall Kurakoran Highway Pakistan to China 8th World Wonder - Video - Woodsmall Gathered 12/18/2017: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - YouTube How on earth did they get there? - Woodsmall Nativity Scene Goes Badly - YouTube Hilliary - War on Women Speech - Woodsmall Gathered 12/17/2017: 10 handy things you probably don’t know Netflix can do - Komando If you have AT&T's DirecTV, hackers have access to your network - Komamdo Netflix has thousands of hidden categories, here's the list - Komando Check out our list of the absolute best shows on Netflix right now - DigitalTrends Never mind Netflix, these are the best shows on Hulu right now - DigitalTrends Need something to watch? Here are the best Amazon Prime TV shows - DigitalTrends Gathered 12/16/2017: LAWYER HUMOR Gathered 12/15/2017: Congress can bring back net neutrality - EXPRESS YOUR OPINION Write a note to your representatives using this tool. California issues a frightening CELLPHONE RADIATION WARNING - Komamdo Net Neutrality JUST KILLED - explained in plain English and what it means to you - Komando FCC just voted to my opinion) greatly increase your cost of Internet Usage and watching streaming movies Gathered 12/10c/2017: Your GROCERY BILL should go DOWN in 2018 - Clark Astronomers Discover the Most-Distant Supermassive Black Hole - digitaltrends Walmart Officially Jumps on the Meal Kit Bandwagon - digitaltrends Honda Unveils a Motorcycle That's Sorta Powered By Wind - digitaltrends Scientists create unpowered 3D-printed objects that can communicate via Wi-Fi - digitaltrends Would you trade your privacy for a car? You might have that choice in the future - digitaltrends Gathered 12/10a/2017: 7 ways to avoid this year’s top holiday hacks and scams - Komando Wondering where I have Parked MISS THE OLD DAYS? - Camera App Requires Users to Wait Three Days for Pictures to 'Develop' - digitaltrends "With Gudak Cam, you will also have to wait several hours before you can add a new roll of film to your virtual camera." - digitaltrends Top 5 Privacy Tips of 2017 - Komando Hacked light bulbs, Secret sexts, Malevolent Facebook quizzes, and more - Komando Gathered 12/10/2017: Email attacks INCREASING, but none as much as IMPERSONATION PHISHING - techrepublic "...and 18,971 were impersonation attacks—a 50% quarter-over-quarter increase." - techrepublic "you're seven times more likely to be hit by an impersonation attack than by email-borne malware." - Study claims smartphone addiction can alter the brain - consumeraffairs Hotel industry warns travelers of growing reservations scam - consumeraffairs Dangerous scam targets home buyers at closing - consumeraffairs "Hackers use a real estate agent's email address to steal buyer's downpayment and closing fees." - consumeraffairs BMW recalls i3 electric and hybrid electric vehicles - consumeraffairs BMW recalls vehicles with instrument panel software error - consumeraffairs Smart household devices may be your biggest security blindspot Expert insight on securing your home’s smart devices - consumeraffairs Lowe’s launching ‘smart home’ centers in stores across the U.S. - consumeraffairs The new stores-within-stores will let shoppers test and learn about smart home products Trump scraps proposal for airlines to disclose baggage fees - consumeraffairs What consumers can expect from the first ‘Always Connected’ PCs - consumeraffairs Personally, I don't want this feature, Personally, I feel that too many things can happen when you are always online - my PERSONAL opinion. How freezing rain differs from sleet Travel tips for winter weather Best free online weather forecast map I bet you never heard of - Komando Gathered 12/08/2017: 98% of phone chargers put users at risk of electric shock or house fires - Komando "Genuine Apple chargers have more than 60 individual parts inside, fake ones average just 25!" - For Owners of $3 Million Bugattis, Recalls Come With House Calls Gathered 12/07a/2017: How to detect and defend against a TCP port 445 EXPLOIT Keyboard data leak exposes millions of personal records - techtarget "Kromtech Security Center discovered the keyboard data leak by mobile developer Ai.type, based in Tel Aviv, which makes a mobile alternative keyboard app for Android and iOS." - Apple High Sierra patch undone by macOS update - techtarget Airline Smart Luggage Ban Will Be a Real Headache for Travelers - digitaltrends "American Airlines, Delta, and Alaska Airlines announced on Wednesday, December 6, that if the battery is built into the luggage and cannot be removed, you won’t be able to take it onto the aircraft." - digitaltrends People keep finding hidden cameras in their Airbnb rentals - Komando The next time you want a thrill, rent one and become infamous [:)} Alert! How to find hidden indoor spy cameras - Komando 3 clever scams spreading on Facebook right now - Komando If your kid's on YouTube you need to know what the site is doing about its pedophile problem - Komando BROTHER MFC-J985dw Inkjet Printer - INK for Gathered 12/06/2017: Chrome Cleanup tool - Free tool gets rid of ads, viruses and malware - Komando Gathered 12/05/2017: Top 10 jobs for 2018 that don’t require a college degree - Clark Facebook rolls out Messenger for kids, but is it safe? - Clark This is how long $1 million in retirement savings will last in your state - Clark HDR is the most used term in consumer tech but you don't always need it - Komando "HDR stands for 'high dynamic range.' When it comes to visuals, HDR is basically about the range between light and dark." - Komando Gathered 12/04b/2017: If you have an iPhone you need this fix to a bizarre issue - Komando iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are experiencing unexpected repeated restarts of gadgets running iOS 11." - Apple How to Stop Google Following Your Every Move Samsung’s W2018 combines the best features of smartphones and flip phones - Costs more than $3,000. Gathered 12/03c/2017: Robert Reich just issued a STERN warning about Net Neutrality Trump's end of NET NEUTRALITY will cost all Internet users MONEY. If you think your CABLE BILL is high now, WAIT FOR For end of Net Neutrality. Comcast has already altered it's Pledge about Net Neutrality Comcast Removes Part of Its Open Internet Pledge Regarding Net Neutrality Repeal - digitaltrends Amazon May Enter the Health Care Industry Via Prescription Drugs Verizon Gives the Boot to 8,500 Rural Customers for 'Using Too Much Data' - digitaltrends Verizon's new app launcher brings spyware to all its Android phones, says EFF - techrepublic Risky catch to Verizon's new freebie program - Komando Gathered 12/03a/2017: How to deter burglars - The connection between yard signs and crime - consumeraffairs "Researchers interviewed over 400 convicted burglars about their motivations and target selection as well as factors that deterred them." - Put Vinegar into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens - youtube Gathered 12/03/2017: U.A.E. Denies Yemen Rebels Fired Missile at Abu Dhabi Nuclear Plant - nytimes 2017's contenders for Word of the Year - cbsnews Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits Ecuador coast - cbsnews Drinking red wine is good for you or maybe not - washingtonpost Gathered 12/02c/2017: 2017 Holiday Tipping and Gift Guide: What to give your boss, hair stylist, babysitter and more! Video game microphone captures murder from 600 miles away - Komando Can your phone cause cancer or ADHD? - Komando Are drones used by the U.S. government spying for China? - Komando This year's most hackable holiday gifts - Komando How to save your text messages - Komando How to secretly shop on Amazon and not ruin any surprises You'll be shocked at what websites know about you! - Komando Use the software that real online private investigators do - Komando iPhone comparison over the last 10 years - Komando Gathered 12/02b/2017: People doing these jobs will likely be replaced by robots by 2030 - Clark Top 50 companies hiring for part-time, work-from-home jobs - Clark Use this simple trick to DEFROST your WINDSHIELD in SECONDS - Clark Buying gas from a station on this list is better for your car - Clark Here are (TESTED) Top Tier licensed retail GASOLINE brands, as of May 2017 - Costco members: Here are the best coupons & deals for December! - Clark Best Buy announces 20 days of December doorbusters - Clark Gathered 12/02a/2017: If young blood can really halt death, things are going to get weird - digitaltrends Recall alert: Toys R Us craft kits may pose mold risk - Clark "If you have this kit at home, check the model number to see if you're part of the recall." - Clark 9 foods that never really expire - Clark "Probably should not even have an expiration date" - Clark Gathered 12/02/2017: Clever scam fools even smart Microsoft users Delete yourself from the GOOGLE RELATED internet How to safely delete data forever on your PC or Mac Gathered 12/01b/2017: Serious macOS flaw in High Sierra allows attackers to log in as root techtarget Apple gets to the "root" of the problem with password security fix Komando "If you have High Sierra, update ASAP" - Komando Major laptop maker in trouble for secretly installing software - HP - Komando "numerous complaints posted on the HP support site are saying that the HP Touchpoint Analytics Service was automatically installed on their computers without their knowledge. Even worse, HP owners are complaining that the program is stealthily running in the background and it's severely affecting their computers' performance." - Fake cards, phony websites and scams fooling holiday shoppers - Komando Know when malware or spies turn your webcam or mic on with this free download - Komando Over 75% of Android apps are secretly tracking users - techrepublic Check your phone for these apps secretly tracking everything you do - Komando "A recent study by Yale University's Privacy Lab and a French non-profit organization showed that nearly 75 percent of all Android apps are using software designed to secretly spy on you." - What’s the most secure way to lock your smartphone? - Komando Verizon's new app launcher brings spyware to all its Android phones, says EFF - techrepublic The best web browser you haven’t tried yet - Firefox QUANTUM - Komando I HAVE been running Quantum since it's release - DRW How to track your cellphone’s location - Komando Comcast Removes Part of Its Open Internet Pledge Regarding Net Neutrality Repeal - digitaltrends One hidden iPhone and iPad feature you’ll use over and over again (scan) Block your cellphone number from caller ID with this one trick Sorry kid, access denied: Our favorite, free parental control software - digitaltrends How to use iOS 11 SOS feature that can save your life - Komando 5 tricks to battle a low battery - Komando Gathered 12/01/2017: U.S. SENATORS - Email them Gathered 11/30h/2017: CONTACT KEY US SENATORS: Find Your Representative - U.S. Senate: How to contact U.S. Senators Contact John Cornyn (R-Whip)- United States Senator John Cornyn, Texas eMail R-Senate Majority Leader - Mitch McConnell eMail U.S. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) (a deficit hawk) eMail U.S. SenatorJohnny Isakson (R-GE) - really PRO Republican Tax Plan KEY US SENATORS: Contact U.S. Senator Bob Corker Contact Jeff - United States Senator Jeff Flake Contact U.S. Senator John McCain Contact U.S. Senator James Lankford (R-OK) (a deficit hawk) Email Lisa - Contact - U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska Email Ron - U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Contact - U.S. Senator Susan Collins Gathered 11/30/2017b: Stop the WikiLeaks Cherry Blossom (WiFi Malware Injection) project - techtarget How do Linksys router vulnerabilities expose user - techtarget How does a Netgear vulnerability enable command injection attacks? - techtarget Tell your Members of Congress you oppose any tax reform plan that would weaken the tax incentives for owning a home - homeownershipmatters More than 400 millionaires tell Congress: Don't cut our taxes - washingtonpost Governors tell Congress to stabilize individual health insurance market - usatoday Email The President: Geofencing Stops Drones in Their Tracks - govtech Desert in Arizona after the Rain - Slide Show - woodsmall Help Prevent Package Delivery THEFT - woodsmall Group Photos - Humor - woodsmall Humanity at it's Best - woodsmall NOT Politically Correct - woodsmall FUN PUNS in Pictures - woodsmall Gathered 11/29/2017b: Stratasys announces 3D-printed human hearts and bones for medical device testing, education - techrepublic Firefox Breach Alerts will warn users if they visit a hacked site - techrepublic From Linux to Windows 10: Why did Munich switch and why does it matter? - techrepublic Google stops the spread of Tizi Android malware in the Play Store - techrepublic HPE partners with Stephen Hawking to study the mysteries of space and time - techrepublic Cheat sheet: The iPhone X for professionals - techrepublic Millions of European smart home devices contain critical vulnerabilities - techrepublic Google AI will alert you when someone is sneaking glances at your smartphone - techrepublic IBM's Space Rogue explains how hackers easily crack your password - techrepublic How to create disk images using GNOME Disk - techrepublic What is blockchain? Understanding the technology and the revolution (free PDF) - techrepublic Gathered 11/28f/2017: Firefox Breach Alerts will warn users if they visit a hacked site - techrepublic A new prototype extension for Firefox will alert an internet user if the website they land on has been breached. 6 tips for avoiding phishing, malware, scams, and hacks while holiday shopping online - techrepublic How to secure your Mac in 4 basic steps - techrepublic How quantum computing could create unbreakable encryption - techrepublic An Estimated $30 Billion in Bitcoins May Be Lost Forever - digitaltrends Bitcoin’s latest boom sends it scorching past $9,000 - digitaltrends Gathered 11/28d/2017: New Samsung Tech Could Charge Phones Five Times Faster - digitaltrends Extend your Wi-Fi range with one of the best Wi-Fi extenders - digitaltrends These 100 awesome iPhone apps will turn your phone into a jack-of-all-trades Gathered 11/28c/2017: Don't update your MacOS until this major security flaw is fixed! - Komando 3 easy ways to stop your gadgets from spying on you - Komando Gathered 11/28b/2017: Kim's free DNS security pick (Quad9 DNS) that needs to be on all your devices - Komando Set your DNS server to checks 40 billion analyzed webpages and images without slowing the process P.S., I set my PREFERRED DNS SERVER TO and my Alternate DNS Server to (Google's DNS service). Watch this video for a tutorial on how to change your DNS settings on Windows - YouTube To change DNS settings on a Mac, check out this video - YouTube Gathered 11/28/2017: Massive phishing attack packed with evil new ransomware strain is spreading - Komando "Massive botnet sending emails containing ransomware that could destroy your computer." - Komando "The FBI estimates that nearly $1 billion was paid by victims of these RANSOMWARE attacks in 2016 alone." - Komando "The latest ransomware attack is dubbed Scarab." - Komando "The phishing emails supposedly contain a scanned document that the recipient will want to look at." - Komando How to spot hidden cameras planted by creepy relatives New clever plan to stop robocalls is coming Don't be a victim of expected Uber phishing scams! - Komando First person to reach a fortune of --- $100 billion! And it ain't Bill Gates! - Lunatic Bus Driver - .mp4 Video - Woodsmall Crayola and his amazing crayon pictures - Woodsmall NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, BUT WHAT THE HECK! - Woodsmall Gathered 11/27a/2017: How to protect yourself when buying and selling online... - Raleigh PD/WRAL Gathered 11/27/2017: Cyberattacks most likely to happen in these 10 states on Cyber Monday - TechRebublic Gathered 11/25a/2017: Michael Saves: 15 things to know before your first trip to Lidl - Clark Gathered 11/25/2017: Major Honda Odyssey recall announced - Clark Finally! You can now add multiple stops during your Uber ride - Clark Clark Howard goes undercover as a Lyft and Uber driver - Clark Gathered 11/24b/2017: Know this before buying 4K TVs on sale between now and the New Year - Komando iPhone X Reportedly Assembled with Illegal Student Labor at Foxconn Plant - digitaltrends Gathered 11/24a/2017: Clark's Black Friday 2017 survival guide: Ad scans, retail ripoffs, store hours,... - Clark Muslim hactivists hack “unhackable” IS news site - computerweekly Uber recognises need for consumer trust after breach cover up - computerweekly WikiLeaks publishes code and analysis of CIA hacking tool - computerweekly Gathered 11/23e/2017: Uber breach leaked personal data on 57M users, and they deliberately covered it up - techrepublic "The massive data breach was kept quiet for a year, and hackers were even paid $100,000 to hush it up." - techrepublic No Matter Where You Stand, This Is What You Need to Know About Net Neutrality A Saliva Test Can Diagnose a Concussion and Tell You How Long It Will Last - digitaltrends New Microsoft tech support scam can turn a user into a victim with one click - techrepublic At NUDE RESTAURANT, reservations mandatory and clothing prohibited - abcnews World's only particle accelerator for art is back at the Louvre - bbc TripAdvisor could face FTC probe for deleting reviews with rape claims at some Mexican hotels and resorts Elon Musk's (Tesla) Giant Battery Set for Testing in the Australian Outback - The Most Unsafe Cars on the Road Today - standardnews. 25 Freaky, Creepy Ocean Creatures - standardnews Gathered 11/22/2017: INTEL Management Engine SECURITY FLAWS / Detection / Fixes - techrepublic "A security flaw in Intel's Management Engine could give attackers full access to a victim's machine. Luckily, Intel has released patches to fix it." - techrepublic. Intel TOOLS to CHECK for these SECURITY FLAWS - Intel Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool Version: (Latest) Date: 11/16/2017 TOOLS FOR BOTH WINDOWS and LINUX. For Windows Users, I suggest un-zipping the files, then running the GUI version, Intel-SA-00086-GUI.exe, found in directory: DiscoveryTool.GUI, after the unzip. Gathered 11/21/2017: Help Prevent Package Delivery Theft Watch NASA Test the Supersonic Parachute for the 2020 Mars Mission High-Tech Neuroprosthetic Arm Lets Amputee Touch and Feel Again Porsche Still Hasn't Decided When - or If - to Launch a Hybrid 911 Scientists hope their latest alien invitation won’t trigger an invasion of Earth Gathered 11/20/2017: Texas Rangers Serves Apple with a Search Warrant for iPhone in Texas Shooting Kevlar finds a use beyond bulletproof vests — as a cartilage replacement Gathered 11/19/2017: Don't buy the new iPhone until you see what Apple has up its sleeve - Komando Quick trick to find out how strong your cell signal REALLY is - Komando Don't wait for an emergency! Set up emergency SOS now - Komando New clever plan to stop robocalls is coming - Komando Gathered 11/18/2017: "Top Gun 3D" to be first movie shown in Paramount’s Virtual Reality cinema Here’s how to charge a car battery (NON-electric car) and get on your way - digitaltrends Clark Howard is recommending AppleCare+ for iPhone X customers - Clark "But the reality is the iPhone X is gaining an early reputation for being fragile" - Clark iPhone X performs poorly in durability tests - consumeraffairs Hulu live TV service on tap for ‘under $40’ in next few months - Clark "And here’s another plus for Hulu: The ‘under $40’ price tag includes the basic on-demand subscription you would have to pay $8 a month for as a standalone. Plus, the coming service will reportedly have a cloud DVR service, which DirecTV Now lacks." - Clark Gathered 11/17a/2017: Unable to make calls on AT&T’s wireless network? Here’s how to fix the problem - Clark With the security of its 60 million national ID smartcards in question, Spain faces some tough choices - ZDNET Spain is facing chaos over chip crypto flaws Google Home and Amazon Echo hit by big bad Bluetooth flaws - ZDNET Bug bounty hunter reveals DJI SSL, firmware keys have been public for years - ZDNET Amazon: We're fixing flaw that leaves Key security camera open to Wi-Fi jamming - ZDNET What works with Google Home? Fileless malware attacks 10x more likely to infect your machine than others - techrepublic KASPERSKY FREE BUSINESS RANSOMWARE TOOL Kaspersky Lab offers free anti-ransomware tool for Windows - ZDNet FBI and DHS issue new alerts about malware out of North Korea -techrepublic Android beats iOS and Windows as least-secure mobile OS, Nokia report finds - techrepublic Sent WhatsApp messages can be deleted, but they don't really go away - techrepublic The top 10 worst ransomware attacks of 2017, so far - techrepublic Trafon Group Recalls Chicken and Pork Products Produced Without Benefit of Import Inspection - Missa Bay LLC Recalls Chicken Wrap Products Due To Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens - Gathered 11/17/2017: BATTERIES / CHARGERS: Fisker Claims 500-Mile Range with a Battery That Takes 1 Minute to Charge! - digitaltrends Karma claims the recharge time would be one minute.!!!! Here’s why the USB port built into your car charges so agonizingly slow - digitaltrends How does fast charging work? Here’s every fast charging standard compared - digitaltrends CAMPING / OFF-GRID: Looking for a road trip? Campanda is the Airbnb for RVs and campers - digitaltrends Go glamping in style with this amazing, collapsible, transforming trailer - digitaltrends This tiny trailer expands to let you and 3 friends escape to the wilderness - digitaltrends Add solar power to your camper with this lightweight and efficient option Keep the lights on and your phone charged off the grid with the SolarHome 620 - digitaltrends Self-contained Winnebago Revel 4×4 lets you stay wherever you can drive - digitaltrends DRONES: Drones could become a headache for Border Patrol agents - digitaltrends Little Ripper shark-spotting drones will launch in September - digitaltrends Autonomous drones can now fly in low light thanks to a new type of camera - digitaltrends A drone you can’t crash? It’s finally here, thanks to AR and smart glasses - digitaltrends MIT’s RFID drones could solve a multibillion-dollar problem — and find lost keys - digitaltrends DJI says most drones already have the hardware to support a safety system - digitaltrends Drones are helping French traffic cops catch hundreds of dangerous drivers - digitaltrends Behold the majesty of our world with the 50 best drone photos SCI-FI: Venture into the unknown with the best sci-fi movies on Netflix - digitaltrends SOLAR: Add solar power to your camper with this lightweight and efficient option - digitaltrends This Solar-powered lantern can produce up to 700 hours of light from a single charge - digitaltrends TECH: The FCC will make a final vote to reverse the net neutrality rules in December - digitaltrends Comcast wants the FCC to pre-empt state net neutrality laws - digitaltrends Row, row, row your Roku: New streaming devices feature 4K, HDR, OTA guides - digitaltrends The 100 best iPhone apps (October 2017) - digitaltrends Dubai is building a huge ‘Mars city’ so we can practice living on the red planet - digitaltrends Android flagship throwdown: Razer Phone vs. Google Pixel 2 XL - digitaltrends New Microsoft Surface Book 2 could be the best 2-in-1 from Redmond so far 15-inch - Review - digitaltrends SURE Hope it's actually reliable "The Surface Book 2’s 15-hour battery easily outlasts your workday". Dallara Stradale is a sports car from a company known for its race cars - digitaltrends Here’s everything you need to know about SpaceX Starlink - digitaltrends The best radar detectors you can buy - digitaltrends 9 high-tech examples that prove Dubai is the world’s most futuristic city - digitaltrends The best refrigerators you can buy - digitaltrends TESLA / ELECTRIC: Fisker’s electric EMotion will cost $130,000 and make its debut at CES 2018 - digitaltrends With record-setting speed, Tesla Roadster gives ‘hardcore smackdown’ to gasoline - digitaltrends The Tesla Semi does 500 miles, and it’s ready to (silently) conquer the freeway - digitaltrends Tesla is about to flip the switch on its largest U.S. Supercharger stations - digitaltrends Elon Musk wants to turn your roof into a solar energy farm - digitaltrends Audi wants to harness sunlight to extend the range of electric cars - digitaltrends Tesla wants to move your driver profile to the cloud, says CEO Elon Musk - digitaltrends WATER: Filter promises to let you drink from almost any water source — even urine - digitaltrends The Mitte water system doesn’t just purify — it adds minerals to your water, too - digitaltrends Take control of your tap water with the DrinkPure screw-on filter - digitaltrends Middle school student wins $25k award for device that detects lead in water - digitaltrends The Nano is a water dispenser that is as sleek as it is energy efficient - digitaltrends Take a long soak without feeling guilty with the water-saving Rua showerhead - digitaltrends Pro-X is the first portable electric water filter for use in the outdoors - digitaltrends MISC: The most reliable cars you can buy - digitaltrends AI could help stop people from dangerously texting and driving - digitaltrends Gathered 11/16a/2017: "All FF users were updated to the new x64-bit (if applicable) Firefox Quantum 2x faster and 30% less memory - Version 57.0 Firefox Quantum Browser. Firefox Quantum's new engine uses 30% less memory than Chrome. Gathered 11/16/2017: Microsoft Security Update Guide For November 14, 2017 - C/NET FCC Plans December Vote to Kill Net Neutrality Rules - bloomberg Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that Amid global electric-car buzz, Toyota bullish on hydrogen Gathered 11/15b/2017: Apple users: Beware of this scary new scam that gives criminals access to all your info - Clark Android KRACK flaw patched in latest security update - techtarget PetSmart Black Friday 2017: Stock up on pet food and supplies - Clark Thinking of buying a new or used car during year-end sales? Think again… - Clark What to delete when your phone runs out of storage space - Clark FBI hacking may have crossed international borders - techtarget AVGater abuses antivirus software for local system takeover - techtarget Bad Rabbit ransomware data recovery may be possible - techtarget Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks planned long ago - techtarget DUHK attack puts random number generators at risk - techtarget How to troubleshoot Android Wi-Fi connection problems - techtarget Cisco and Apple alliance deepens, targets security and Wi-Fi projects - techtarget How to protect your Wi-Fi network from a Krack attack - techtarget Following Equifax breach, CEO doesn't know if data is encrypted - techtarget Risk & Repeat: Sale of Symantec Website Security completed - techtarget Gathered 11/15a/2017: Hoverboard Problem Smolders on as More Recall Notices Are Issued - digitaltrends Bill Gates is building his own city, and he’s loading it with smart tech - digitaltrends Face ID Fooled Again: Kid Unlocks Mom's iPhone X Using His Own Face Make Sure Your Boiling Pot Never Overflows Again with the BoilingBeeper - $ 12 - digitaltrends Google Estimates 1.9 Billion Usernames Are Available on Black Market - digitaltrends With hydraulic stilts and solar power, this ‘hurricane-proof’ home defies nature - digitaltrends Delta Wi-Fi Leak Detector review - I use a $10 battery operated one from Home depot Gathered 11/15/2017: Frightening! The chances of a Boeing 757 being remotely hacked - Komando 8,000 hackable bugs found in pacemakers - Komando How to spot disguised malicious files before they infect your computer - Komando Has iPhone X’s Face ID been hacked? This company says so - Komando 3 ways hackers hide malware on Facebook - Komando The big bang that had airport passengers scrambling - Komando Woman's headphones explode on her face while mid-flight - Komando This woman on a flight was seriously burned by a pair of exploding headphones. 3 Amazon Echo privacy settings you should turn on now - Komando Hundreds of apps spying on users with ultrasonic tracking technology - Komando Leaked Area 51 footage shows alien craft - Komando Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts - Komando Gathered 11/14c/2017: MY PERSONAL OPINION: RECALL ALL REPUBLICANS who screw with Health Care Gathered 11/14b/2017: Microsoft warns two banking Trojans that can steal from your accounts on the rise - Komando How grinches are ruining gift card giving - Komando Do both iPhone X and Google Pixel suffer from screen burn-in? - Komando Know when malware or spies turn your webcam or mic on with this free download - Komando Gathered 11/14/2017: New Exploit Uses Antivirus Software to Help Spread Malware - digitaltrends Musk: Tesla's Semi Will 'Blow Your Mind Clear Out of Your Skull' - digitaltrends Dream Chaser Passes a Big Milestone with a Successful Glide Test Landing - digitaltrends The Dream Chaser prototype spacecraft passed a big test This real-time map of antivirus fails is roasting MalwareBytes’ competitors - digitaltrends What we caught: traditional AV weaknesses We found a rugged phone, Doogee S60, cheap enough to batter like you’re supposed to - digitaltrends Prepare for liftoff! 17 upcoming space missions worth getting excited about - digitaltrends With 755 hp, Chevy’s 2019 ZR1 is the most powerful Corvette ever built - digitaltrends This remote-control sex toy app is secretly recording your intimate adventures - digitaltrends Gathered 11/13/2017: Meet the 'Hesla' a Modded Tesla Model S That Runs on Hydrogen Fuel - digitaltrends iPhone X performs poorly in durability tests - consumeraffairs Disney Says Their Streaming Service Will Be Much Cheaper Than Netflix - digitaltrends Disney is starting its own streaming service, pulling it's content from Netflix Gathered 11/12/2017: Are bots spying on your LinkedIn profile? - techtarget A San Francisco firm is using bots to track public profile changes of clients on LinkedIn - techtarget LinkedIn case raises employee privacy concerns - techtarget Mozilla plans on November 14 to start rolling out Firefox 57 - "a massive update - Firefox has supported two types of extensions, the traditional legacy ones we're all used to and the WebExtension variety that work more like what Chrome uses. As of Firefox 57, legacy extensions will no longer work. But there's a good chance you're going to lose some extensions if or when you upgrade to version 57. Mozilla has put together quite a few resources for users looking for replacement extensions. There's a website, Are we WebExtensions yet, which tracks the most popular add-ons and can point you to replacements where they exist. There's also a long thread of users suggesting replacements both on Mozilla's site and Reddit." - owned by: Gathered 11/11/2017: U.S. approves plans to release weaponized mosquitoes - digitaltrends Uber Wants Flying Taxis by 2020, with Help from NASA - digitaltrends Here's how 3D food printers are changing what we eat - techrepublic Gathered 11/10/2017: Eternal battle of the sexes Innovations - .mp4 Video Kind of sad but true.... Aspirin and when to drink water from the Mayo Clinic People Who Know How To Pose With Sculptures The new glass floor of the Eiffel Tower - Slide Show New Developments Are Making Microgrids a More Reliable Power Source 5 Hidden Home Toxins Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2017 - 20 minutes - #1 Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2017 - 51 minutes - #2 Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2017 - 55 minutes - #3 Meet Saudi Arabia's Newest Citizen – Sophia the Robot Gathered 11/09/2017: Facebook wants you to upload naked pictures of yourself to help them, really - Komando 8 steps to take within 48 hours of a data breach - techrepublic Linux pioneer Munich supports Windows 10 rollout from 2020 in key vote - techrepublic The top 5 malware threats targeting Macs New Google file share app doesn't require mobile data use Gathered 11/08/2017: Apple iOS 11 hacked via multiple vulnerabilities at Mobile Pwn2Own 2017 - techtarget Gathered 11/07/2017: New fast-spreading malware could empty your bank account - Komando 3 things to know about JCPenney's Black Friday 2017 deals - Clark Watch out! Major problems with the latest Windows - Kim Komando 7 ways to save money at Cracker Barrel - Clark 5 security mistakes you’re probably making right now - Komando tech helps you find your lost items in seconds - Komando Gathered 11/06/2017: FIREFOX 56.0.2 << DO NOT UPDATE WITHOUT CHECKING ANY NEEDED ADD-ONS NEW Firefox 56.0.2 WILL BE released by Mozilla. NOT available from the Firefox builtin updater at this time Firefox 56.0.2 breaks compatibility with older versions of the browser and Firefox ESR. Users who want to downgrade are advised to back up their profiles prior to installing the update. Release notes not yet available (link is external) Gathered 11/05a/2017: Chrome users beware: A new 'Catch-All' extension could steal everything you type - techrepublic 10 Android apps that make use of your device's built-in sensors - techrepublic Gathered 11/04/2017: Researchers Find Serious Exploits in Samsung, Apple and Huawei Phones - digitaltrends iPhone X heist lands thieves $370,000 worth of hot Apple hardware - digitaltrends Martians May Call These Massive Domed Greenhouses 'Home' - digitaltrends (Tesla) Model 3 Experiences Delays as Tesla Tries to Claw Out of Production Hell - digitaltrends US DOT reveals drone safety program that could pave the way for business use of UAVs Australian bank allows iPhone X Face ID logins: User dream or security nightmare? Samsung's massive new display is everything tech pros need - techrepublic "CGH90 — the first 49-inch curved, ultra-wide monitor Cisco unveils AI-powered voice assistant to schedule and manage meetings - techrepublic Microsoft to close Windows 10 free upgrade loophole - techrepublic How AI and machine learning will help the rise of quantum computing - techrepublic The 10 programming languages developers hate the most - techrepublic Gathered 11/03b/2017: FDA moves to revoke soy health benefit claim - Clark Photo SMILES - Woodsmall Holiday warning: Don’t pay to ship your pets through these bogus sites - Clark Social Security's full retirement age will rise by 2 months in 2018 - Clark This is the best way to wash the pesticides off apples and produce - Clark How to reduce, or even erase, your digital footprint - Clark Gathered 11/03/2017: What you need to know about iPhone X wireless charging Half of Americans think this credit card practice should be illegal - Clark "Interest MAY be applied retroactively to the original purchase amount." - Clark How I learned to quit worrying and embrace Apple Pay - Clark "Here's how to get the most out of Apple Pay." - Clark New Algorithm Helps Turn Low-Res Images into Detailed Photos, 'CSI'-Style - digitaltrends Instagram Could Soon Let You Shoot Stop-Motion Videos for Stories - digitaltrends Bored This Winter? You Can Now Build Yourself a Humanoid Robot Assistant - digitaltrends Gathered 11/02a/2017: Kidde Recalls 37 Million (since 1973) Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles - The extinguishers can clog and fail to work. How to keep your kids safer online - Clark Gathered 11/02/2017: Cybercriminals can secretly turn on your camera - how to protect yourself - Komando Gathered 11/01/2017: Password stealing hack hitting Facebook users right now - Komano Is Facebook eavesdropping on your conversations to send targeted ads? - Komando Gathered 10/31/2017: FDA warning: Black licorice could land you in the hospital - Clark "Don't get tricked into eating too much black licorice!" - Gathered 10/30e/2017: OH-NO! - Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) is Retiring - ocregister Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware The Tesla Model 3 Has More Range Than Advertised - digitaltrends USB stick found in street contains Heathrow Airport security information - digitaltrends Elon Musk Offers First Look at Boring Company's Futuristic Freeway Under L.A. - digitaltrends Equifax suffers ANOTHER security breach - 10/29/2017 - Komando SEND THE EX-CEO TO PRISION - MY OPINION I'm not talking to you - Humor, Text - Woodsmall Netflix has thousands of hidden categories, here's the list - Komando 12 places you should never use a debit card - Clark The JS/FakeAle-SG Virus is active - Sophos JS/FakeAle-SG Trojan - Detailed Analysis - Sophos Gathered 10/29/2017: Claims of Ford Fusion steering-wheel problem prompts federal safety investigation - abcnews 12 incredibly useful things you didn't know Google Maps could do - Komando 3 free firewalls to keep the hackers out - Komando Gathered 10/27d/2017: Unwanted hitchhikers: Despicable Android adware "Are you wondering how that mysterious icon ended up on your Android phone's start screen?" Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation ... - YouTube WOW!!! This young lady has an almost scary recall - .mp4 Video - Woodsmall Gathered 10/27c/2017: Walmart will soon have robots roaming the aisles in 50 stores - businessinsider Newly Discovered Moon Cave Could House Mankind's First Lunar Colony - digitaltrends Ask Trim: How I got 3 cable/internet bill credits in 60 days - Clark How I lowered my cable and internet bill 3 times this year - Clark Use TRIM to lower your cable bills. SIGNUP for TRIM to save money on your cable bill - Asktrim "In addition to cutting your cable and internet bill, Trim will help you cancel unwanted subscriptions for free. That’s actually how the service got its start in 2015." - “Trim is free to use. If you ask Trim to negotiate your Comcast bill or get a refund on Amazon purchases, we’ll charge 25% of what we save you.” Why I like Retirement - Woodsmall You have to look Twice - Brain Teaser - Woodsmall Every automaker's electrification plans for the next few years explained - digitaltrends Prepare for liftoff! 17 upcoming space missions worth getting excited about - digitaltrends Snapchat's Dancing Augmented Reality Hot Dog Is Now a Halloween Costume - digitaltrends Clever 'bikepacking' system makes carrying your bike easier than ever - digitaltrends Gathered 10/27/2017: New Fire Brigade - .mp4 Video - Woodsmall A baby prepares to be a woman - .mp4 Video - Woodsmall Gathered 10/26a/2017: The benefits of Windows 10 are hard to deny - techtarget How to create an answer file to automate Windows 10 setup - techtarget Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC, could be closer to getting an IKEA - ABC11 How to build and use a bootable recovery partition in Windows 10 - techtarget How to check Windows 10 compatibility for legacy apps - techtarget NSA cyberweapons report follows Kaspersky transparency plan - techtarget Gathered 10/26/2017: South Korean banks sue online retailer NEWEGG for alleged Ponzi scheme - digitaltrends Nearly undetectable Microsoft Office exploit installs malware withOUT an email attachment - digitaltrends "Security firm Sophos uncovered a zero day exploit that targets a 24-year-old data exchange protocol, and it can be used to silently attack machines with very little means of detection." - Bad Rabbit: Ten things you need to know about the latest ransomware outbreak - zdnet Windows 10 security overhaul: Microsoft lays out the most important new features - techrepublic Cybersecurity flaws in these popular dating apps could put business professionals at risk - techrepublic 4 steps all Mac users should take to secure their data - techrepublic Video: America is not prepared for a massive escalation of cyberattacks - techrepublic Video: Cognitive hacking is the next frontier of cyber war - techrepublic Video: Why the password must die (and what comes next) - techrepublic Gathered 10/25/2017: 600,000+ Bosch and Thermador dishwashers now under recall - Clark Watch out! New ransomware attack spreading from Russia - Komando Credit Karma is now offering an ID monitoring service — and it’s free - Clark Gathered 10/24c/2017: Fall pictures from the 50 States - Slide Show - Woodsmall God Said - Woodsmall Lots o' luck! - HUMOR - Woodsmall CINEMA - Time never returns - Slide Show - Woodsmall Gathered 10/24b/2017: Veggies yanked at some top supermarkets over potential listeria contamination concern - usatoday Bug in latest Windows update making things "disappear" - Komando These children’s smartwatches are raising some serious privacy concerns - Clark Gathered 10/24a/2017: Mexican cartels set to use drones carrying explosives in U.S., officials say - foxnews EXACTLY - PEOPLE HAVE NO REAL NEED OF A DRONE A FEW COMPANIES MIGHT HAVE LEGITIMATE NEEDS - MY PERSONAL OPINION Bali volcano eruption: Mount Agung seismograph shows SHOCK SPIKE (6.7 quake) in activity in last hour express-co Warning: Hidden cameras planted in hotels and vacation rentals - Clark "To protect yourself, the spy expert told NBC News, you can buy a radio frequency finder that will make a sound when it detects cameras using a wireless signal." - Clark "We found various radio frequency finders listed on Amazon for as low as $10." - Clark Teen kayaker says great white shark attack was "everything you picture" in "Jaws"> - cbsnews How to bring an old laptop back to life for FREE via CloudReady - Clark Gathered 10/24/2017: Don't Travel Here - Slide Show - Woodsmall Russian Gymnists - .mp4 Video - Woodsmall Ten Tips for EveryDay Use - Woodsmall The Essence of Survival - Woodsmall Great Bubbie Story - Humor - .mp4 Video- Woodsmall Czardas Moni (music) - .mp4 Video- Woodsmall GOLF - Laugh for the Day- Woodsmall Ten Things That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime - TEXT- Woodsmall Gathered 10/23b/2017: Over 550,000 dishwashers recalled for fire hazards, mine was on the list - Komando "Some models from these Brands: Bosch Gaggenau Jenn-Air Thermador Kenmore Elite" - Komando Trump Says There Won’t Be 401k Changes Under His Tax Plan - bloomberg Stay in This UNDERWATER Hotel for a Truly Unforgettable Experience! - ba-bamail 20 of the World's Most Stunning Rooftop Bars - ba-bamail If anyone ever emails you Word docs, you may be a target of this nasty scam - Komando A bullet couldn’t stop a charging pit bull after a 7-year-old was fatally mauled, police say - miamiherald African rhino injures suspected poacher - cbsnews Excessive Heat Threatens California - cbsnews World Series game in L.A. could be the hottest ever - abcnews Aid group says Madagascar plague outbreak yet to reach pea - abcnews Price-Fixing Inquiry Moves From BMW to Daimler and Volkswagen - nytimes Gathered 10/23/2017: Safety group urges recall of 1.3 million Ford Explorers - consumeraffairs "The Center for Auto Safety cites a risk of carbon monoxide exposure" - consumeraffairs FDA urges consumers to use caution when buying pet medicine online - consumeraffairs "Here's how to tell if an online pharmacy is reputable." - consumeraffairs More scams moving to social media, experts warn - consumeraffairs "Millennials, as well as seniors, could be at risk" - consumeraffairs Which devices are most vulnerable to cyberattack - consumeraffairs How much chocolate is toxic to your pet? - consumeraffairs Gathered 10/22a/2017: CPSC bans five types of phthalates from children’s products - consumeraffairs Phthalates implicated in heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure in men. Why your Wi-Fi network (WPA2) is probably vulnerable to a hacker - consumeraffairs "an attacker might be able to inject ransomware or other malware into websites." - consumeraffairs Autonomous car companies report getting rear-ended in most crashes, blame driver error - consumeraffairs Experts suggest the issue may stem from computers driving more cautiously than the humans with which it shares the road. Death toll at 8 from tip-overs of RECALLED IKEA Malm dressers - consumeraffairs GM reaches $120 million settlement over faulty ignition switches - consumeraffairs Gathered 10/22/2017: Windows latest update leaves behind 30GB installation files - Komando Smartphones with the best battery life - Komando What is Krack and why should you fear it? How to hear all your Amazon Echo recordings (and delete them too!) - Komando Scientists create artificial flexible SKIN to give robots a human-like sense of touch - Komando Sea and Earth - Slide Show - Woodsmall UK cracking down hard on distracted drivers How's this for the world's best drum line? The Life of Flowers Wonders of Nature on an Island - Slide Show Gathered 10/21b/2017: Technology for Alzheimer's - 5 products to help - Komando I am NOT a doctor - I have NO medical training. These products may or may not help - use at YOUR own risk. Facebook will start adding subscription fees - Komando Facebook’s secret setting they don’t want you to know but I’ll tell you - Komando "You can tell companies like Facebook that you want to opt out of them collecting cookies to track you." - Komando How to UNSEND an email in Gmail - Komando Hackers are not only targeting your computer, they are targeting your body - Komando Click here to learn more about low-cost ways to turn your smartphone into a body cam - Komando Are cellphones dangerous to your health? - Komando Give yourself a color vision test - Komando I am NOT a doctor - I have NO medical training. This tool may or may not be accurate - use at YOUR own risk. How to delete everything you've ever said to Google - Komando How many healthy years do YOU have left? - Komando Use this calculator developed by scientists to find out. I am NOT a doctor - I have NO medical training. This tool may or may not be accurate - use at YOUR own risk. Gathered 10/20c/2017: Singapore's future is NOW, as its newest Airport, Changi, should make layovers ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - Video Canopy Bridge, tallest indoor water fall, indoor gardens, Rain Vortex,... - opens in 2019 Gathered 10/20b/2017: Medicare changes: Premiums going down in 2018, plus more ways for you to save - Clark Apple has a HUGE iPhone 8 problem - Komando Best DVRs for cord cutters you can buy - Komando 7 ways to live within your means and not feel limited - Clark Gathered 10/20a/2017: Get clearer sounds from your TV with this one hidden setting - Komando New tech tells you if you are about to have a heart attack or suffer from sleep apnea - Komando Cutting the cable: Costs going up for you in unexpected area - Komando How to choose a cell phone that you won’t regret buying - Clark Ubuntu 17.10 is back on track with GNOME: Here's why that's a good thing - techrepublic These states are the most vulnerable to identity theft and fraud - Clark These are the top 50 rat-infested cities in America Way beyond home-sharing: 5 new Airbnb initiatives that you probably don’t know about - Clark Gathered 10/19d/2017: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have major security problems in iOS 11 - Komando Amazon Prime getting a huge change next week I got the new robocall scam that is fooling people across America Gathered 10/19c/2017: Millions of new cars are being sold without this basic feature - Clark "Nearly a third (28%) of 2017 model year vehicles no longer come with a spare tire as standard equipment." - Clark 5 ways to stop package thieves from striking your home - Clark Gathered 10/19b/2017: Using Drones to Charge Your EV While You're Driving Is Amazon's Latest Idea - digitaltrends Oh GREAT - what about drones colliding? Amazing new spray-on cement could help old buildings survive earthquakes - digitaltrends Activision has a plan to make you want to pay for in-game items - digitaltrends NEW JAVA VERSION 8 Update 151 version was released today - Java Do the Right Thing: Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge "Tell your senators to reject this crafty, disgraceful attempt to destroy one of Earth's great treasures." - Netflix Ups Content Budget to $8 Billion, May Make 80 Original Films Gathered 10/19a/2017: Equifax Data Breach: Credit agency loses $7.2 million contract with IRS - Clark Michael Saves: 38-year-old millionaire shares 5 secrets to retiring early - Clark The best gas station coffee in all 50 states - Clark 11 secret perks that make a Costco membership totally worth it - Clark Clark’s TV bundle will cut your cable or satellite bill in half! - Clark Amazon’s top holiday toys for 2017 - Clark Gathered 10/18b/2017: Major Windows 10 update released TODAY, here's what you need to know - Komando Ford Motor will recall about 1.3 million 2015-17 Ford F-150 and 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks in North America - cnbc Ford Motor will recall about 1.3 million 2015-17 Ford F-150 and 2017 Ford Super Duty trucks in North America. The door may appear closed, increasing the risk of the door opening while driving, OR it may REFUSE to open." - cnbc. Hobby Drones Are Hampering Wildfire Air Crews in California - digitaltrends NOBODY NEEDS A DRONE - even though we might enjoy one - MY OPINION iconic landmarks threatened by "No More Parks" bill - "Anti-park congressman introduces “No New Parks” bill - Medium" - Relevant Question - TEXT - Humor Massive flaw in Wi-Fi protection lets cybercriminals spy on your every move - Komando Watch out for this clever phone and phishing scam How to prevent a KRACK attack on your Wi-Fi You have to see the world's first FOLDING phone Unfortunate Momements - Slide Shows - Woodsmall Blonde Dog - .mp4 video Gathered 10/17/2017: Gmail rolls out their strongest security yet for email users - Clark Drone Hits a Passenger Jet in First Reported Incident of Its Kind - digitaltrends And I've ALWAYS SAID it would just be a matter of time before Terrorists start using Drones to attack airplanes, You would have to be an idiot to not expect terrists to use drones. This $207 gadget turns old film cameras into digital shooters - digitaltrends Gathered 10/16a/2017: Whole Foods data breach: 3 things you need to know - Clark Equifax data breach: How to recover your credit freeze PIN - Clark 35 easy ways to make extra money each month - Clark Architectural wonders - Slide Show - Woodsmall Google Helped Create an Energy-Harvesting Walkway That's on Show in Berlin - digitaltrends The cryptocurrency from this wind-powered mining rig helps fund climate research - digitaltrends Your home could be powered by solar powered batteries in the near future - digitaltrends 7 things credit card issuers don’t want you to know - Clark These 7 things could get you kicked off a flight - Clark 9 items you should never buy at the dollar store Gathered 10/15g/2017: Future version of Apple's iPhone X could have a flexible screen as soon as 2018 - digitaltrends How did Apple make the iPhone X’s OLED screen work? - digitaltrends Oculus Connect 4 - new Oculus headsets and software - digitaltrends Meet Reelgood, a TV Guide for all your streaming services - digitaltrends The ultimate guide to 2017’s Android Wear smartwatches - digitaltrends This one step on your phone can save your life - Komando Everybody needs a hug, even a chicken - Woodsmall Fast spreading malware could empty the money in your bank accounts - Komando Apple Rumored to Ditch Touch ID on 2018 iPhone Lineup, Will Replace with Face ID - digitaltrends Amazon Prime Video Could Hit Apple TV 4K Very Soon, According to Rumor A pictorial history of swim suits - Woodsmall In good fun, only Facebook shrewd security scam spreading like crazy - Komando Must-have apps for business travelers - Komando Gathered 10/15/2017: Equifax was HACKED AGAIN 10/12/2017 - Clark Let's send the ex-CEO to prison Equifax breach, here's one thing you must do immediately to protect your Social Security number - Komando FREEZE YOUR CREDIT to help stop Identity Theft - Woodsmall Equifax hack: 5 things to expect when you freeze your credit - Clark Big mistake people make setting up their router - UPDATE ROUTER FIRMWARE - Komando After you log in, Firmware update via Internet is usually a simple CLICK 13 money-saving tips from a woman who lived on $14,000 a year - Clark 5 timeless tips from my grandmother that can save you money - Clark GPS not always trustworthy - Couple stranded for Six Days - click2houston 10 cars that will almost certainly last 200,000 miles - Clark How long should you warm your engine up on a cold morning?
- Clark 10 vehicles that drivers complain about the most - Clark Top 7 cars that owners regret buying - Clark Buying a car: A step-by-step guide to buying the best car for you - Clark Gathered 10/14e/2017: Alaska's Bristol Bay: 'Most valuable salmon fishery in the world' may become a MINE under Trump/Pruitt - CNN - By John D. Sutter and Scott Bronstein, CNN "And the public has until October 17, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET to comment on Pruitt's proposed policy reversal before it could be finalized." - By John D. Sutter and Scott Bronstein, CNN How to Comment on EPA's Proposal to REMOVE Mining RESTRICTIONS on ALASKA'S Bristol Bay - Due Oct 17 2017, at 11:59 PM ET You may also obtain a copy of the proposal at the above, site. Holiday hiring: These 9 companies need to fill 500,000 jobs right now - Clark Gathered 10/14d/2017: Windows 10 is changing big time on Oct. 17 - Komando If you visited Equifax’s site, you could be infected with nasty malware - Komando Equifax breach, here's one thing you must do immediately to protect your Social Security number - Komando Best free online weather forecast map I bet you never heard of - Komando How to track your cellphone's location - Komando 7 ways to hack-proof your smartphone to keep your data safe - Komando Major changes in 2018 Harley-Davidson motorcycles confuse some fans, please most - digitaltrends 3 places better than Craigslist to buy and sell used items - Komando 5 major red flags of a scam when shopping or selling on Craigslist - Komando Don't be fooled by these sneaky airport scams - Komando Slow Wi-Fi? Check for thieves and bandwidth bandits - Komando How to calibrate your PC monitor to get the best picture possible - Komando How to save on roadside assistance - Komando GIMP - An amazing free alternative to Photoshop - Komando GIMP - LOTS of Information about This video of a Fireworks Show in China is a treat for the eyes. With shapes I've never seen before - youtube 9 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying - ba-bamail With NO guarantee of accuracy. Gathered 10/14b/2017: Google Home Mini spied on user 'thousands of times a day,' sent recordings to Google - techrepublic Twitter adds key feature that's been holding it back as a business tool - techrepublic Android Security Bulletin October 2017: What you need to know - techrepublic Android has seen a drastic drop in vulnerabilities. How to stop your TV from spying on you - Komando Don’t buy a smart TV because of this feature - Komando 5 apps I put on my mother's phone and tablet - Komando AR app solves Sudoku puzzles using the camera of your iPhone and iPad - Komando Dancing Water - .mp4 video Conversation between a Man and a Woman - TEXT Windows 10 patching could make older systems vulnerable - techtarget What is Windows 10 Fall Creators Update? - techrepublic Ditching Windows for Linux led to 'major difficulties' says open-source champion Munich - techrepublic Linux champion Munich takes decisive step towards returning to Windows - techrepublic Microsoft plans to salvage the mobile market with new Android and iOS products - techrepublic No, Apple doesn't slow down old iPhones to force you to buy a new one - techrepublic Gathered 10/13a/2017: Check out our list of the absolute best shows on Netflix right now - digitaltrends Never mind Netflix, these are the best shows on Hulu right now - digitaltrends Need something to watch? Here are the best Amazon Prime TV shows - digitaltrends NAKED FUNNY Gathered 10/13/2017: NBA Expands Live-Streaming of Games in VR for Upcoming Season - digitaltrends Tesla Model X safety issue prompts recall of thousands of vehicles - digitaltrends California's 'Jobs of the Future Fund' Wants to Tax Workplace Robots - digitaltrends Where do Designers get their Ideas??? Tango and (European) Football Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson climbs aboard the Hyperloop - digitaltrends Have a sore back? Emma the robot masseuse can help you feel better again - digitaltrends Gathered 10/12/2017: How to stop hackers from spying on you through a laptop webcam California wildfire damage Spectacular Aerial Footage Shows Eruption at Japan's Shinmoedake Volcano Don't Keep Food In The Back Of Your Truck When There Are Hungry Elephants Around Moose tharts Hungry Wolf Lightning wrecks Tree, Freaks out some guys Earthquake produces flash of light Mountain Biking in the Snow Sweaty palms mountain ridge Tortoise and dog top week's viral videos 2014 collection Baby Sea Lion Rides A Turtle Video Drone almost captures a deadly fall Gathered 10/11/2017: Clark’s TV bundle will cut your cable or satellite bill in half! David Woodsmall's TWELVE (12) WEB PAGES ON STREAMING, HDTV, AZNTENNAS,... Complete Streaming Devices, Services and News - 12 web pages Report: Equifax was alerted to security risk a year before data breach - I SUGGEST SERIOUS JAIL TIME for ex-CEO - Clark Sgt. Alexander explains how to protect yourself from telephone scams on WRAL! - Woodsmall Cancers linked to obesity make up 40% of all US diagnoses - Woodsmall Why the Middle East could be the first region in the world to adopt 5G - techrepublic How to stop Apple iOS 11 from draining your iPhone’s battery - Clark 5 ways you can literally save thousands of dollars using your crockpot - Clark 27 health food items you have to try at Aldi - Clark Is your birthday on Facebook? Here’s why that’s a bad idea - Clark How to fix the most annoying thing about Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 - Clark Amazon considers selling prescription drugs online, report says - Clark Walmart is taking the headache out of online returns - Clark 3 tricks to make your carved pumpkin last until Halloween - Clark Conservative-Perspectives.html">Conservative Thoughts... - I have NO opinion on these I am completely against oppresion of any kind. Real German Water Bed Golden October - Slide Show Watch the attached video to see what President Trump's new policy is doing to the Mexican drug trade Driver struggles seven times to park a tiny car in a massive 30' space - and then gives up! Gathered 10/10/2017: MAGIC FOR OLDER PEOPLE Sex and Good Grammar Gathered 10/09/2017: Recall alert: Ground turkey sold at Publix and Aldi may contain metal shavings: "1.3-lb. White Styrofoam trays with clear plastic film covering packages containing ground turkey labeled “Publix ground turkey breast WITH NATURAL FLAVORINGS” with ink jet printing on the side of trays displaying the first 4 digits of 7268 and 7269. 1.3-lb. White Styrofoam trays with clear plastic film covering packages containing ground turkey labeled “Publix ground turkey WITH NATURAL FLAVORINGS” with ink jet labeling on the side of trays displaying the first 4 digits of 7268 and 7269. 1.2-lb. White Styrofoam trays with clear plastic film covering packages containing ground turkey labeled “Fit & Active Fresh Ground Turkey With Natural Flavoring” with ink jet labeling on the side of trays displaying the first 4 digits of 7268 and 7269. 1.0-lb. White Styrofoam trays with clear plastic film covering packages containing ground turkey labeled “Weis Markets Fresh Ground Turkey Breast” with ink jet labeling on the side of trays displaying the first 4 digits of 7268 and 7269. The products subject to recall bear establishment number “P-22000” inside the USDA mark of inspection. These items were shipped to retail distribution centers in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. The problem was discovered on September 27, 2017, when FSIS was notified by plant employees performing sanitation on processing equipment. On the same day, one of the retail locations involved noticed metal shaving in a package of ground turkey from the recalling firm, and notified the company. There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an injury or illness should contact a healthcare provider. Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase." - FSIS The pictures reflect a 4 Minute Road Trip around America Monologue begins about 30 seconds in. Worth the time. Goes by too fast. I hope you enjoy it. An American's view of his country... British photographer, Jonathan Lewis, has journeyed across America's most beautiful - and most isolated - terrains, photographing timeless trains in spectacular landscapes across the country's West. Lewis' pictures have a vintage postcard look - but the photos in the book were all taken within the past 10 years. Firefox version 56.0.1 was released (10/9/2017) - I am using it. Each View Of This Paw-Some Puppy Video Helps Feed Dogs In Shelters Gathered 10/08/2017: Your Netflix subscription is about to get more expensive - Clark Switch.Ditch.Save. Where to get truly free checking - Clark Microsoft's new browser arrives in beta you can try now - Komando The Google tracking feature you didn't know you switched on - Komando Tesla Forced to Build Model 3 Parts by Hand, Stifling Production - digitaltrends Costco is taking on Amazon with big changes to its delivery service - Clark Why you should change all of your security question answers right now - Clark Gathered 10/07/2017: Modern slavery: Model escapes captors who allegedly try to sell her on the Dark Web - Komando Shoulderpod expands with new grip options for smartphone photography - digitaltrends The world’s fastest drone flies at almost 1/4 the speed of sound - digitaltrends The data-saving Facebook Messenger Lite is finally coming to the U.S. From pocket copters to $50,000 monsters, these are our favorite drones Polaroid lives again with new brand and OneStep 2 instant camera The option to post Instagram Stories to Facebook is now rolling out in the U.S. Turn your phone into a jack-of-all-trades with 100 of the best Android apps These 100 awesome iPhone apps will turn your phone into a jack-of-all-trades Gathered 10/06/2017: Netflix is raising the price of its most popular plan - komando Not all streaming services were created equal - 10/5/2017 - Komando When to buy SD, HD or UHD streaming movies and TV shows 10/5/2017 - Komando Streaming Devices, Services and Over-The-Air (OTA) Polaroid (Yes, That Polaroid) Now Has Four New Camera Drones - DigitalTrends This is how the Irish Dance Originated Gathered 10/05/2017: Tropical Storm Nate forms; could threaten Florida's western Panhandle late this weekend - latimes New tropical depression poses weekend threat to Gulf Coast - cnn Explosives found under LafargeHolcim cement trucks in Paris - latimes The Latest: Turkey threatens to blockade Iraq's Kurds - washingtonpost Your Social Security number is about to change due to hacks and breaches - Komando Camera fell from an airplane and you'll never believe where it landed! - Video - Komando 8th Generation Intelchips are now available - Newegg This $120 HDMI cable is worth the money - BUILT-IN Anti-Aliasing Chip - Komando How to unsend an email in Gmail - Komando Gathered 10/04a/2017: Tesla Model 3: Performance, specs, and news Gathered 10/04/2017: French Parliament Advances a Sweeping Counterterrorism Bill Yahoo 2013 data breach hit 'all three billion accounts' Qatar's modernising royal in the driving seat - bbc Sydney and Melbourne could face 50C (122F) days 'within decades' - bbc Catalan referendum: Region's independence 'in matter of days' - bbc In my PERSONAL OPINION, I suspect this would cause WAR with SPAIN. Watch out! New angle to phishing scam offering you money -Komando Dark Mode for iOS 11 - komando Incredible time lapse shows the beauty of Mother Nature - Komando Gathered 10/03c/2017: Tom Petty, a Mainstay of Rock With the Heartbreakers, Dies at 66 - nytimes Tell the Media — No Fame for Las Vegas Killer - thepetitionsite The state of women in computer science: An investigative report - techrepublic CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy because country music fans 'often are Republican' - foxnews Medical IoT devices: the security nightmare that keeps CIOs up late at night - hpe Equifax has more bad news about the already massive security breach - Komando What Face ID means for iOS and device access - computerworld Alexa skill tutorial: Build your own team directory 40 tips to get the most from your Mac (and macOS 'High Sierra') - computerworld Does Apple make older phones intentionally slow? - komando 8 newly created internet words are now spreading. Do you know what they mean? Gathered 10/02/2017: United States Senate Clears Way for Self-Driving Cars - TO EARLY? - digitaltrends Las Vegas shooting death toll rises to 59, no apparent connection to international terror - abcnews Nature Photos Rock legend Tom Petty has died at 66 - abcnews Tom Petty Rushed To Hospital After Being Found Unconscious (UPDATE)(NOT dead?) - huffingtonpost Venice Elon Musk confirms a Tesla Model 3 performance version is coming in 2018 - digitaltrends Gathered 10/01/2017: Vulnerabilities in Mac Firmware Affecting Thousands of Computers - digitaltrends - digitaltrends Tesla Is Sending Hundreds of Powerwall Batteries to Puerto Rico - digitaltrends Apple’s newest acquisition, Regaind, is a company specializing in sophisticated photo analysis - digitaltrends Google secretly axed its NFC Smart Unlock — and Android users are fuming - digitaltrends We tested popular smartwatches to find the uncontested best - digitaltrends Apple iPhone X vs. LG V30: Battle of the bezel-less beauties - digitaltrends Gathered 9/30a/2017: The iPhone X May Be Expensive, but You'll Regret Cheaping Out with an iPhone 8 - digitaltrends United States and Russia Team Up on Lunar Station - digitaltrends How a High Fat Diet Can Lead to Alzheimer’s - Care2 "Copper intake only seems to be a problem when consumed with saturated fat or trans fat." - care2 How you know if someone has opened and read your email - komando Of course most of us turn OFF OUR SEND "EMAIL SEND RECEIPT" in our email programs. In fact, it used to be suggested as a matter of privacy. - DRW Dyson Investing Billions in Building a 'Radically Different' Electric Car - digitaltrends This 16-Rotor Passenger Drone Is the Personal Taxi Service of Your Dreams - digitaltrends Here are the pesky fees that are making those airline ticket prices sky-high - Clark 2 hidden dangers of your dishwasher—and 1 way to save water, money and time! Think inside the box with these tricked-out shipping container homes - digitaltrends FCC asks Apple to enable the FM radio in the iPhone — but there isn’t one - digitaltrends Williams-Sonoma is hiring and you can work from home - Clark Elon Musk Plans Rocket-Based Travel. Go ANYWHERE in Under 60 Minutes - digitaltrends Major Airline Rolls Out Free In-Flight Messaging - digitaltrends Gathered 9/29/2017: Equifax to offer free lifetime credit lock service - Clark Tom Price Resigns As Health And Human Services Secretary - huffingtonpost "He cost taxpayers over $1 million by using private planes for official travel." - huffingtonpost MY PERSONAL OPINION - YEAH. 10 of the most dangerous malware threats on the internet today - techrepublic Europe wary but muted ahead of Catalonia’s independence vote - washingtonpost 10 things you probably didn’t know about Publix - Clark Amazon updates Echo lineup with new products for video calls, voice calls, more - techrepublic This Netflix scam could empty your bank account - Clark How to virtualize macOS on VMware ESXi - techrepublic How to install Sophos antivirus on a Linux server - techrepublic Live Webcast - Enterprise Linux: Justify your Migration from Red Hat to CentOS - techrepublic How technology is taking some of the pain out of planning a funeral - Clark The #1 mistake people make at hotel checkout - Clark Gathered 9/28/2017: End of an Era - Hugh Hefner, Founder Of Playboy, Dead At 91 - huffingtonpost Here’s All The Expensive Nonsense Trump’s EPA Chief, Scott Pruitt, Is Wasting Your Taxes On - huffingtonpost Tom Price blasted government use of private jets, now regularly uses them for domestic travel - thinkprogress Price spent more than $400,000 on taxpayer-funded private jet travel since May. Puerto Rico: Trump lifts shipping ban for storm-hit island macOS High Sierra comes with a flaw that leaves your passwords vulnerable - techrepublic Apple macOS High Sierra: The smart person's guide How to secure iCloud to minimize ransomware threats on your Apple devices - techrepublic Bali volcano: 'Thousands evacuated' from Mount Agung area - BBC Is Bali volcano about to erupt? Scientists Say They’ve Found ‘Oldest Evidence’ Of Life On Earth - huffingtonpost Little Arden, 5 & Justin Bieber, go head to head in a geography test How to hack the Windows Registry to add Control Panel to the Desktop right-click menu ALWAYS BACKUP your REGISTRY prior to making changes. 5 fundamental differences between Windows 10 and Linux Boarding planes in Israel Want to be a better programmer? Try Microsoft's 'code-writing', question-answering Stack Overflow Bot Here are the 3 top careers in data science, and how much they pay WinZip Mac Optimizer minimizes the pain of Mac system maintenance How today's smart tech inspired Star Trek: Discovery Dog allergy gets woman kicked off plane - DOGS SHOULD GO BEFORE PEOPLE Gathered 9/27c/2017: Data Breach! Millions of credit card numbers stolen from popular fast food chain - Komando Google and Walmart team up to take on Amazon with voice assistant ordering - digitaltrends Mazda will unveil a new rotary-engine concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in October - cnet Windows digital signature bypassed with two registry edits - techtarget Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Lay Off 10% of Staff Major problems with the latest Windows updates - SOME NOT RESOLVED - Komando Olly, a personality-laden robot assistant, is available on Indiegogo - digitaltrends A new Mercedes Sprinter van is coming, and it looks slick - cnet Man needs tips on how to monitor his home while he's away - Komando Gathered 9/27b/2017: Twitter Doubles Tweet Length of Characters in Beta Test - digitaltrends Leak at Ignite 2017 Suggests When the Surface Pro 2017 LTE Model Will Land - digitaltrends This Exoplanet Telescope Could Help Astronomers Discover Alien Life - digitaltrends Homeland Security Will Soon Consider Social Media on Every Visa Application Footage of a Racing Drone Zipping Over the Swiss Alps Will Give You Vertigo Gathered 9/27/2017: Protect yourself from tax fraud by getting a PIN from the IRS - Clark iPhone 8 crushing Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in benchmark tests for speed, performance According to various benchmark tests, the iPhone 8's A11 processor performs well above many competitors, including Android flagship devices and some laptops. - techrepublic Report: 99% of ransomware targets Microsoft products - techrepublic Reagan on the Russians - .mp4 Video A Grandpa Story Gathered 9/26/2017: Equifax CEO Richard Smith is out after massive data breach - Clark In my personal opinion, he should GO TO JAIL FOR 5 YEARS Save a fortune with Apple’s secret iPhone discounts - Clark 5 home maintenance tasks that can save you money - Clark Increase your income by reducing your expenses! - Common Cents - Clark Watch full-length movies for free - komando In 2015, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel instituted her open-door policy of allowing entry to over a million refugees, largely from Syria and Afghanistan. But this has led to the far right winning seats in the German parliament for the first time in almost 60 years, This is hardly surprising since the impact of terrorism was bigger in Germany than in all other European nations, except France and the UK. Nonetheless, as unprecedented numbers of migrants began pouring into Europe, Merkel asked each German state to accept a quota of asylum seekers. Since that call, many cities and towns have taken in more refugees than required -- with widely varying degrees of success. Gathered 9/25c/2017: Deloitte Hacked - fact apparently hidden for months - gizmodo If Data Is the New Oil, Are Tech Companies Robbing Us Blind? Use this money-saving trick to remove dead leaves from your yard - Clark Need extra cash? Amazon is hiring and you can work from home The secret to finding a great home contractor - Clark Lenovo 25th-anniversary Thinkpad sticks to tradition Gathered 9/25/2017: Ford Is Using Microsoft's HoloLens to Change the Way Cars Are Designed - digitaltrends How Faraday Future plans to become Tesla’s worst nightmare - digitaltrends Everything we know about the 2018 Nissan Leaf, from its range to its price 3 bears try out a hammock - glad it's not my house 11 credit cards that will pay to replace your stolen or damaged cell phone - clark Facebook ‘Following Me’ hoax making the rounds again - Clark PATIENT REPORTS - Actual reports you’re up next on the bicycle! No closing your eyes !! SHOPPING FOR A CAR IN KENYA Cancel your credit card before you die Voice activated elevator prank!!! LOL! Gathered 9/24/2017: After two hurricanes, flooded cars an even bigger issue for buyers and sellers - consumeraffairs Model year 2015-2016 Mazda6 vehicles recalled - consumeraffairs Stop unlocking your smartphone this way, it's not safe - Komando New 6.2 Earthquake Spreads Alarm, Sends Mexicans Into Streets - huffingtonpost A 130,000-Year-Old Mastodon Threatens to Upend Human History Vertical Forests Are Returning Nature to Cities, One skyscraper at a Time - digitaltrends Microsoft and Facebook Complete 4,000-Mile 'Marea' Undersea Cable "With its massive bandwidth, the Marea cable ensures a reliable connection between the U.S. and Europe" - digitaltrends HMMM Might increase the danger of DoS attacks ???? opinion only Watch out for scammers pretending to be from Equifax - consumeraffairs After Equifax breach, consumers show new interest in credit monitoring - consumeraffairs Your smartphone is quietly recording a lot about you - Komando Company says its natural gas pipeline 'operated safely' through Hurricane Irma - consumeraffairs Fiduciary Rule (Financial advisors must put their clients' financial interests above their own) faces uncertain future - consumeraffairs Federal panel places some blame on Tesla over FATAL Autopilot accident - consumeraffairs Football Fans: Gotta know about chips inside NFL's new footballs -Komando Gathered 9/23a/2017: Now Experian has a massive security problem! - Komando Newly Developed Artificial Muscles Can Lift 1,000 Times Their Own Weight - digitaltrends Apple 'Find My' service is helping hackers ransom users' systems - digitaltrends How to stop ads from following you around online - komando The most dangerous things you can do with your smartphone Equifax Tweet Accidentally Sends Users to Phishing Site Instead of Security Site - digitaltrends Walmart Wants to Deliver Groceries to Your Refrigerator by Entering Your Home Another mass extinction event is on its way, warns MIT scientist - digitaltrends Unlucky Moments in Life - .mp4 - Video Gathered 9/22e/2017: Apple Watch 3 does NOT to acell network, but instead attaches to random Wi-Fi networks - komando Verizon Gives the Boot to 8,500 Rural Customers for 'Using Too Much Data' - digitaltrends Android adds zero-touch provisioning for corporate devices - techtarget Ransom attacks on Apple devices - komando Uber Suffers a Major Blow, Loses Huge Market License - digitaltrends Apple iOS 11 Mail app bug hits business users hard - techtarget Work at home: A list of legitimate opportunities to earn cash - Komando How to check Windows 10 compatibility for legacy apps Future Transportation. Interesting possibilities . WOW .mp4 - Video Simplehuman Voice-Activated Sensor Trash Can review - digitaltrends Braving traffic in a self-driving Audi so sophisticated it’s not legal yet - digitaltrends 5G Phones May Arrive Earlier Than Expected Says Qualcomm - digitaltrends SpaceX Dragon Capsule Splashes Down in Pacific with a Crew of Mouse Astronauts - digitaltrends Bill Gates Opens Up on Early Windows Changes He Wishes He Made - digitaltrends 1.4M new phishing sites created each month, report says "Here are the top 10 companies that phishing attackers impersonated in the first six months of 2017: 1. Google (35%) 2. Chase (15%) 3. Dropbox (13%) 4. PayPal (10%) 5. Facebook (7%) 6. Apple (6%) 7. Yahoo (4%) 8 Wells Fargo (4%) 9. Citi (3%) 10. Adobe (3%)" - Timing and Position are Everything....GREAT PHOTOS After massive data breach, Equifax sent victims to fake phishing site for support Alexa for Seniors New Locky variant ransomware attack hits 20M attacks in one day SMBs paid $301m to ransomware hackers last year TWIN CAR WRECK - Humor Video: How IoT devices make it easy for hackers to attack a smart home 30 Extraordinary Photos That'll Leave You Stunned Pictures from Slovenia What "Home" means to different people Gathered 9/21b/2017: Hurricane Maria: US mainland is not out of the woods yet - 9:18 AM ET - cnn Gathered 9/21a/2017: Equifax Confirmed Rumors of a Second Hack, Raising Serious Questions - digitaltrends Need to Return an Amazon Order? Just Drop It Off at Kohl's - digitaltrends Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Images, Color Options and Pricing Leaked - digitaltrends T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Inches Closer to Reality - digitaltrends LG's Astonishing E7 OLED Is the Exquisite 4K TV You Deserve - digitaltrends The Control Center in iOS 11 doesn't completely turn off WiFi or Bluetooth - digitaltrends Swapping between Windows 10, iPhone and Android is about to get easier - techrepublic Will Microsoft love Linux to death? Shuttleworth and Stallman on whether Windows 10 is free software's friend - techrepublic Using malware and infrared light, hackers can turn a security camera into a business spy - techrepublic Phishing attacks on the rise, executives and IT workers most likely to fall victim - techrepublic Amazon working on Alexa-embedded smartglasses How to access the traditional Control Panel lost in the Windows 10 Creators Update - techrepublic How to tweak your Google Calendar to make it easier to read - techrepublic Why Google bought part of HTC’s smartphone team for $1.1 billion - digitaltrends Google's Project Fi is getting an Android One version of the Motorola Moto X4 - digitaltrends When cell signal disappears, Gotoky keeps your phone connected - digitaltrends Gathered 9/21/2017: Ransomware hack targeting 2 million an hour - Komando "The massive attack is launching around 8,000 different versions of the virus script. This makes it very difficult to put a stop to the attack." - komando Gathered 9/20C/2017: Equifax breach: The 2 things you must do right now to protect your credit View the Destruction Caused By The Year's Giant Hurricanes CCleaner Was Hacked: What You Need to Know - HowToGeek SEE MY PREVIOUS POST ABOUT THE MALWARE EMBEDDED IN CCLEANER - CLICK HERE 16 foods that don’t mix with a garbage disposal! Have You Ever Seen a Dog THIS Smart? Wow! - Just Jesse Avast acquires Piriform, maker of CCleaner Irish Humor 25 Examples of getting it ALL WRONG! Sleeping around in the 1940's Mine is bigger than yours - .mp4 Video Gathered 9/20a/2017: How to sign up for Credit Karma’s free monitoring service - Clark 25 secret teen texting codes parents need to know - Clark The Abu Dhabi-Dubai Hyperloop - pods traveling at an astounding 760mph - ba-bamail Belfast scientists design flexible organic battery - can power pacemakers - bbc The average American commuter spent 9 whole days on the road last year - Clark 7 rules for buying a cheap used car with cash - Clark Gathered 9/19I/2017: Here’s Your First Look At Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft, Tomb Raider Toys R Us files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Hulu live TV service on tap for ‘under $40’ in next few months - Clark AI Could Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease a Decade Earlier Than Doctors - digitaltrends Luxury Glamping Tents Make Sleeping Under the Stars Feel Like Heaven Mexico got early warning before deadly earthquake struck. When will California get that system? "Mexico, Japan and other countries have early warning systems. California is developing one, but the effort has been threatened by budget cuts proposed by the Trump administration." - latimes a 2nd, Powerful 7.1 earthquake strikes Mexico, collapsing buildings and sending thousands fleeing into streets The Most Revealing Red Carpet Looks of 2017 18 Certifications Worth Having These Shows Push The Envelope On Nudity Star Trek: Discovery Behind the Scenes Ally McBeal at 20: Where Are They Now? Battered Florida could dodge worst of Hurricane Maria - usatoday Weight loss may come down to what's in your poop, study finds - usatoday Naughty Alexa, a feces-smearing Roomba, and more hilarious smart-home fails - digitaltrends Hurricane Maria Does ‘Mind Boggling’ Damage to Dominica, Leader Says - nytimes Tank vs. tankless heaters: Why tankless is not always the best choice - digitaltrendsHere are all the new things you can do with Apple’s WatchOS 4.0 - digitaltrends Here’s what HEIF and HEVC are, and why they’ll improve your iPhone with iOS 11 "Apple is adopting two new photo and video file formats, HEIF and HEVC. Both maintain high resolutions, at manageable file sizes." - digitaltrends Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has told Trump to shrink/modify these TEN MONUMENTS - NYMag Is Russia Rehearsing for a Major War? It Took Twitter Only 90 Minutes to Track and Knock Out a Nazi ‘South Park’ episode triggers viewers’ Amazon Alexa devices with raunchy requests Illuminated Waterways of the United States Map Just a Cat doing CRUNCHES BEST (my opinion) US SENATOR Contact Web Site - Free Windows cleanup software puts millions of PCs at risk for hacks - Komando "you need to get the latest CCLEANER update quickly. A flaw in the older version puts you at risk of hacks!" "Security researchers at Cisco Talos recently discovered that the download servers for popular Windows cleaning tool CCleaner were broken into by hackers and they modified the CCleaner software to distribute malware." - Komando Update to CCleaner version 5.34 or higher. Millions of gadgets infected by malware from malicious apps - komando How to detect a VIRUS on your ANDROID Device - komando Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 Washington D.C. - YouTube Gathered 9/18c/2017: Helicopter safari in Kenya - Video Stone creations by Stefano Furlano - SLIDE SHOW wondering around the World - videos Tesla Electric Semitruck Unveiling Has Been Delayed until October Trees with a will to live TRUE but not so brilliant QUOTES Want to Feel Good, Watch This - HORSES - YouTube Infosys selects site in Raleigh for 2,000-job Wake County hub - 9/17/2017 Infosys has selected Raleigh’s Legacy at Brier Creek for its planned 2,000-job tech hub. Paintings of artists inspired by love - humor GAGS for TODAY - CLERGY LOVE AFFAIRS - humor It's a SETUP - humor FLEXIBLE !!! - ba-bamail Astounding! Look at the Detail in These Sculptures - ba-bamail MILK in your COFFEE - humor 21 Windows Shortcuts For Better Windows Experience - stumbleupon Apple Watch 3: News, new features, and release - digitaltrends Apple's New 4K HDR-Capable Set-Top Box Is Awesome - digitaltrends New Apple TV 4K features 4K resolution, HDR support, and a zippy processor. Gathered 9/17f/2017: Federal Flood insurance: Program set to run out as Hurricane Harvey claims hit I JUST NOTICED THAT ALL FLOOD INSURANCE EXPIRES AT THE END OF SEPTEMBER, 2017 - usnews Want to be mad about government insurance? Be mad about the - washingtonpost Find Your Representative · U.S. Senate: How to contact U.S. Senators How Latest Senate Trumpcare Bill Threatens K-12 Education - forbes Senate Republicans claim they are a few votes away from repealing Obamacare Find Your Representative · U.S. Senate: How to contact U.S. Senators EMAIL/CALL YOUR SENATOR AND REGISTER YOUR VIEW Hurricane Harvey likely to swamp not just Texas but also the federal flood insurance program - consumeraffairs Medical Delivery Drones Set Distance Record for Transporting Blood - digitaltrends Gathered 9/17d/2017: Realtors alarmed as flood insurance expiration looms Congress urged to act quickly on package of reforms. MALWARE SCANNERS - ONLINE (direct links to honest sites) This URL contains a list, with a direct link, to honest online Malware Scanners. What is 5G? Wireless technology that could enable mobile-only networking - networkworld Face ID and Apple Watch 3 enterprise issues to start thinking about - techtarget Microsoft tries to gain traction with unified OSes - techtarget What ever happened to Google Docs' Android add-ons? - computerworld Microsoft, please stop doing things for our own good How iOS 11 makes mobile management easier 10 new UI features coming to Windows 10 - networkworld Star Trek tech from Enterprise to Discovery to The Next Generation - techrepublic Gathered 9/16g/2017: Best DVRs for cord cutters - Komando Complete Streaming Devices, Services and News - Watch out for these "free" kitchen and sports products Analyze your favorite song with Inside Music "Inside Music by Song Exploder allows you to dissect any song so you can hear exactly how it was created. You can even turn sounds on and off so you can understand the different musical layers." - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow and So It Goes Obama Just Announced Summit In Chicago - Will Bring 100's Of World Leaders Together In Attempt To Take Over Presidency - usherald a Mirror in the Jungle - .mp4 Video Office cat collects money for homeless by snatching from passers-by I, PERSONALLY have had the BEST EXPERIENCE with 'NETGEAR' for PowerLINE ETHERNET: Put hard-wired Ethernet and WiFi in remote locations - Model: PLW1010 - NETGEAR BEST BUY: Put hard-wired Ethernet and WiFi in remote locations - Model PLW1000-100NAS - Best Buy If you do not need ADDITIONAL WiFi coverage, GO WITH: NETGEAR - Powerline 1200 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters (2-Pack) Gathered 9/16e/2017: Google may delete your Android backups if you don't use the phone for 2 weeks Expert Says Risk of Bluetooth 'BlueBorne' Attacks Is Overblown - digitaltrends Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 Adds New Privacy Settings - digitaltrends Honda Urban EV Concept Is a Retro-Looking Electric Car Built for the City - digitaltrends Why Build a $7,000, 2TB Graphics Card? AMD Explains - digitaltrends Teamosa wants to use ultrasound to brew you the perfect cup of tea - digitaltrends Gathered 9/16/2017: Top 5: Reasons to use a widescreen monitor - techrepublic Ford Disguised a Man As a Car Seat to Research Self-Driving - techrepublic 10 Digital Camera Deals for Adventurers to Aspiring Pros - techrepublic Micron's new critical technologies for autonomous vehicles - Video - techrepublic LG E7 OLED TV unboxing and setup: Get this 4K TV performing for you - techrepublic Here’s how to delete your Uber account and cut ties with the company - techrepublic Hackers can turn Fitbits into spying devices - komando This Paper-Thin OLED TV Is Magnetically Suspended in a Golden Frame - techrepublic Here Are 6 Old Technologies Apple Wants Us to Think Are Revolutionary - techrepublic Tesla unveiling electric semi truck Oct. 26, Musk calls it a 'beast' - electrek Gathered 9/15/2017: Equifax had a patch yet left door wide open to hackers! - komando Equifax breach FAQs: Answers to your biggest questions - Clark Equifax hack: 5 things to expect when you freeze your credit - Clark Equifax data breach: How can I find out if my information was exposed? Buying gas from a station on this list is better for your car - TOP TIER GASOLINE - Clark Learn How to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11 - komando Android Oreo vs. iOS 11: Which is best? - komando 5 Ways to speed up Wi-Fi This lock screen trick can help you recover your lost phone faster - komando Maximize the value of your Uber ride with these tricks - komando Don't buy an Android phone until 10/4 - komando Your iPhone may be tracking your every move (and slowing your Wi-Fi): Here’s how to delete the data! - Clark 6 reasons why your internet connection is so slow - Clark Complete Slow Windows Computer & Slow Browser Fixes - Woodsmall 5 easy ways to avoid paying outrageous ATM fees - Clark Equifax warning: These phone calls and messages are NOT from Equifax, they are SCAMS - Clark 40 things you can do today to take control of your money - Clark Gathered 9/14/2017: Critical Bluetooth flaw could put nearly every connected device at risk of cyberattack - techrepublic The vulnerability, discovered by Armis Labs, is an airborne attack targeting Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux devices. It would allow hackers to take complete control of the device" - Huge Windows 10 flaw lets malware bypass security software! - Komando "Nearly 400 million Windows PCs are at risk of dangerous malware infections. Security researchers at Check Point discovered a Windows 10 vulnerability, named Bashware" - Komando NO ordinary run-of-the-mill Illusionist Act New kiosks at RDU strive to make charging devices easier - bizjournal Gathered 9/13/2017: Equifax is waiving credit freeze fees for 30 days - Clark 4 steps to avoiding ‘flood cars’ in the marketplace - Clark Equifax breach: How to protect your identity - Clark OUTAGES - Is that Site Down? or Up? - woodsmall Don’t pay full price for a new iPhone! (How to) - Clark Euphemisms - humor - Woodsmall Gathered 9/12/2017: New Apple Watch has cellular built in. Make phone calls while swimming in the ocean or anywhere without your iPhone. "Apple is also improving the heart rate app for Watch software with new features, including a heart rate complication for the main watch face, new measurements, including resting heart rate and a recovering heart rate that shows how fast your rate drops after you complete a workout. They’re also now notifying you when it detects that you have an elevated heart rate but you aren’t actually being active. And they’ll alert you when you have an arrhythmia, or an irregular heart rate compared to your usual stats. That could help it spot health problems earlier, including strokes, before they become more serious. To that end, it’s doing an “Apple Heart Study” with Stanford, coming to the App Store later this year." - Apple Event: iPhone X Makes Its Debut - nytimes A new cellphone bug has just been discovered - Komando Serious bug leaves millions of smartphones vulnerable to hacks! affects all Android phones that are not running Android OREO OS. If you don't install this update, your phone becomes a hacker's paradise. Google Drive app shutting down? Here's what you need to know - Komando NoScript V. 5.0.10 was released 9/12/2017 CCleaner Version 5.34 was released on 9/12/2017 Gas station thievery - stealing your PURSE while you pump gas - "A new kind of crime has been increasing in recent times, and it’s even leaving the best of us bamboozled. These criminals steal women’s purses or other personal possessions from their cars at gas stations and run away. This is why you always need to be vigilant towards “sliders”. A “slider” pulls up next to your parked car at a gas pump, and take advantage of the few seconds you looks away to pump some fuel." - Human Planet: this is why the BBC is number one in the world! California Contractor Has License Revoked Over Fatal Berkeley Balcony Collapse Gathered 9/11/2017: If you need a car, you should probably buy it now - consumeraffairs A half million vehicles from the Houston area need to be replaced, and who knows how many millions of cars in Florida must be replaced. Don’t sign up for Equifax’s free credit monitoring! Here’s what to do instead - Clark From Alexa to massive OLED TVs, CEDIA 2017 blueprints the future of home theater - digitaltrends This new tool negotiates with Comcast to lower your cable bill - clark Hurricane IRMA sucks the ocean away from Florida, see it - theweathernetwork Engineers Want Robo Airbags to Prevent Robots from Harming Humans Gathered 9/10b/2017: Hillary Clinton rules out a 2020 run: ‘I am done with being a candidate’ Elephant Happy Hour In Africa These African animals enjoy happy hour at a lush river basin where fallen fruits have become fermented. Don't fall for this incredibly tricky phone scam - komando How to find out if your car has a safety recall - komando Facebook teaches bots how to negotiate. They learn to lie instead - wired Gathered 9/10a/2017: Do NOT DEPEND on the INTERNET to have up-to-date weather information during severe weather - it may have old data (check for a RECENT DATE/TIME stamp). The Internet may be down, the site may even be cached (shows older version). Remember, IF YOU ARE ON WINDOWS SYSTEM. PRESS 'F5' to force your browser to fetch the latest copy of the web page that you are viewing, OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET OLD, OBSOLETE, POSSIBLY WRONG, DATA. Gadgets to Help Keep You Safer During a Hurricane - weather Huge Wave Knocks Over Spectator in Key West - weather The Terrible 10 Foods that Contain Monsanto’s Roundup (NOT my site) Hurricane Jose, a Catagory 4, is moving away from outer Caribbean islands LockHunter reports locked Windows files & can delete them - techtarget Download 25-Page Guide: How to Overcome Windows 10 Hurdles - techtarget After upgrading to Windows 10, many IT departments run into challenges with the new OS. Access our comprehensive guide on how to solve the most common Windows 10 problems. - techtarget Forget privacy! New iOS 11 feature lets you record ANYTHING, texts, photos, and videos on your phone "Think your messages, photos and videos are private? You're in for a big shock. A new feature in your phone's operating system is going to create a huge privacy concern." - Komando One mistake people make when cutting the cord on cable TV CUT YOUR CABLE TV CORD - MY 10 web pages Streaming Media Player Comparison Chart to Cut the Cord on Cable TV OMITS THE MOST USEFUL OF THEM ALL - TIVO (my opinion) MS Stops Insider Preview Issues Lists - techtarget Now you will NOT know about open issues before you upgrade - HOW STUPID. Microsoft - Gathered 9/09d/2017: Hurricane Irma shifts course, threatening Tampa - live updates - cbs Social Security Begins to Increase the Retirement Age - USnews Stones Formed by Nature - Slide Show Pictures that you don't see very often Orangutan-Siesta - funny Video Vivaldi: Four Season with paintings of the seasons Gathered 9/09/2017: Strengthening Hurricane Irma shifts west, bears down on Tampa 9/9 at 5PM - fox HUGE 17-year old Windows bug leaves gadgets open to malware infections - komando "Is your device wide open to malware infections? This bug is a real security risk, but you won't like how Microsoft is responding. Find out by clicking here" - komando Hurricane Irma, now a Category 3 storm, begins lashing Florida - 9/9/2017 @ 12:59PM - cnn Hacking groups targeting U.S. power plants - komando New Social Security Scam Making the Rounds - aarp What can I take when I visit my friend with DEMENTIA to peak her interest? - aarp Gathered 9/08g/2017: Report: 1 million Google (ANDROID) accounts hacked by new malware, GOOLIGAN - Clark TIME to CHANGE your GOOGLE PASSWORD?? - ONLY IF You use ANDROID "Nicknamed ‘Gooligan,’ this new variant of malware has reportedly been targeted at the nearly three-quarters of devices worldwide that run Android 4 (Jelly Bean, KitKat) and 5 (Lollipop)." - Clark Check Point has set up a free Gooligan Checker tool that lets you enter your email to find out if you’ve been hacked by GOOLIGAN. Android malware (Gooligan) attack is hitting 13,000 new devices every day - wired A day-by-day look at Hurricane Irma's path ahead - cnn Major Hurricane Irma likely to deliver destructive blow to Florida this weekend -accuweather Things to know about how ISPs use your data - techrepublic Warning: This old ONE-RING phone scam is back - Clark Gathered 9/08c/2017: Terrifying video shows strongest earthquake (8.1) in a century rattling Mexico - accuweather Several dozen people have died in the 8.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico Thursday. It's the strongest earthquake to hit the country since 1985. - accuweather These are the most and least expensive cars to maintain - Clark Credit Freeze Guide: How to protect yourself against identity theft - Clark Credit freezes are one of the most effective ways for consumers to protect themselves against identity theft." - Clark Walmart’s top 25 holiday toys for 2017 - clark Gathered 9/08d/2017: Scientists Hope to Purify Seawater with New Type of Filter - digitaltrends Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review - digitaltrends 3 awesome apps that block unwanted robocalls (press PLAY symbol) - Komando The raddest NASA space colony illustrations from the 1970s - digitaltrends Weird junk-seeking spacecrafts could soon ‘bag up’ our space debris - digitaltrends Gathered 9/08b/2017: Hurricane Irma responsible for 10 deaths, threatens Miami - cnn Kohl's plans to sell in-store Amazon products - bizjournals Amazon scouting North American cities for a second HQ - bizjournals Amazon plans to invest more than $5 billion to build and operate the new headquarters, and up to 50,000 employees would work there." - bizjournals 'Holy Toledo!' Officials, execs talk N.C.'s chances of landing Amazon HQ2 - bizjournals Gathered 9/08/2017: Irma was like a giant lawnmower - washingtonpost Hurricane Jose strengthened into a Category 3 storm - uti Gathered 9/07g/2017: Hurricane Driving: Top 5 Safety Tips - Esurance Blog - esurance DRIVING in a HURRICANE - YouTube The Best Lookout Points in the World - Slide Show/music Waltz of the Flowers - Slide Show Beautiful sights of Canada Equifax hack hits credit histories of up to 143 million Americans - Sept 2017 - washingtonpost How to find out if you're affected by the Equifax hack - cnn 10 apps to help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from a natural disaster - Komando The Sun sets on Solaris and Sparc - networkworld Oracle cut 2,500 Solaris and Sparc engineers, marking the end of the Unix operating system and RISC processor. - networkworld Amazon Gift Card phishing scam spreading - Komando Review: Ubuntu LTS 16.04.02 has a long shelf-life - networkworld Five useful iOS 11 changes for your iPhone and iPad - Komando Review: Microsoft Azure IoT Suite - networkworld Risky catch to Verizon's new freebie program - Komando Bet you didn't know your Mac can do all this! - Komando Thousands of Deutsche Bank employees will be replaced by robots Gathered 9/07c/2017: Irma Has Company as Two Other Hurricanes, Jose & Katia, Make Their Debuts - nbcnews Katia and Jose to strengthen in Atlantic; Impacts to bypass areas hit hard by Harvey - accuweather Jose Strengthens into a Category 1 Hurricane in the Atlantic - weather Hurricane Katia forms in Gulf of Mexico - mysanantonio Scientists Hatch Bold Plan to Save Planet from YELLOWSTONE Supervolcano - nbcnews Facebook Says Likely Russian Operation Spent $100K on Issues Ads During 2016 Campaign - nbcnews Cancer Pen Could Detect Tumors During Surgery in Seconds - nbcnews Instagram fixes API blamed for celebrity data leaks - computerweekly Gathered 9/06h/2017: HURRICANE IRMA NEWS Hurricane Irma's path: Live updates Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever - Vox Extreme Category 5 Irma crashes into Caribbean, sets sights on Florida and Southeast U.S. - washingtonpost 29 items to pack in your financial emergency kit and bug out bag - Will 'Generation Z' Spell the End of AM/FM Radio? - digitaltrends LG OLED vs. Sony OLED: The Two Best TVs You Can Buy Face Off - digitaltrends Best sites to know how much your home is worth - Komando Need a customer support number for Facebook? - Komando Top 5: Things to know about how ISPs use your data - techrepublic New, More Durable Solar Cells Inspired by Honeycomb Design of Insect Eyes - digitaltrends Quickest way to fix distracting spots on your monitor - Komando 3 apps that let you play with your pets even when you're away Go camping in style with this amazing, collapsible, transforming trailer the ultimate portable home for those living off the grid. Generates it's own electricity, hot water. "When in its mobile form — it can be pulled by a vehicle — the sCarabane measures 25.5 feet in length, 9.1 feet in height, and 8.2 feet in width. But, upon arrival at the campsite, the trailer transforms into surprisingly large and open space, complete with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. It even comes with a 140 square-foot foldout deck that provides additional outdoor living space. This transformation requires just one person and takes about 30 minutes to complete." - digitaltrends There’s a 900 HP, Toyota-powered Rolls-Royce rumbling through the streets of Tokyo - digitaltrends The 'E-Skin' Connected Shirt Promises to Turn Your Body into a Controller Gathered 9/05d/2017: AT&T router flaws put millions at risk - Komando One of the flaws is reported to be affecting millions of people and immediate action is suggested, especially for AT&T U-verse subscribers. - Komando Never mind Netflix, these are the best shows on Hulu right now - digitaltrends Next major Windows 10 update coming - Komando With the Anthouse Pet Companion Robot, your dog will never be alone - digitaltrends IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED - GET A ROBOT COMPANION FOR YOUR PET Moai is like a Roomba for your fish tank that also live-streams underwater video - digitaltrends it can also live-stream video of your fish while it's cleaning? Should your own AI rat you out? It’s complicated, says the man building it - digitaltrends Dissolving pods mean no splashes when you add cream to your coffee Canon’s versatile new Pixma inkjet printers can handle any print job at home While I love my older Canon Pixma Printers, THEIR COST OF INK IS HIGH (MY OPINION and reviews). CHECK TO SEE HOW THIRSTY THESE PRINTERS ARE. We love the Canon colors. Gathered 9/05/2017: Bluetooth Mesh Networking will usher in huge connected environments Bluetooth MESH Networking Information Is Android really just Linux? (Video) Machine learning is already a part of your life, you just don’t know it yet Gathered 9/04/2017: Hajime malware: How does it differ from the Mirai worm? - techtarget How does the Locky ransomware file type affect enterprise protection? - techtarget Boeing 747 Being Replaced By This Technology (Boeing 787-9) - historyinorbit Why WannaCry and other computer worms may inherit the earth - techtarget Reporting ransomware attacks to the FBI: Pros and cons - techtarget Gathered 9/03j/2017: PRIEST takes the House Down at a Wedding ! - Vimeo Don't fall for fake Facebook customer service ads - komando The Most Popular Song of Each Year [1940-2016] - YouTube A spambot with 711 million addresses was uncovered - techrepublic FDA requires firmware update for hackable heart implants from St. Jude Medical - techrepublic Hospitals beware: New Bitpaymer ransomware attack highlights need for better IT security - techrepublic Charming French villages - SLIDE SHOW - woodsmall Gathered 9/03/2017: Hurricane Harvey Could Leave Half a Million Destroyed Cars - digitaltrends Number of High-Profile Instagram Users Have Been Hacked - digitaltrends DJI offers hackers up to $30,000 to help find bugs in its drones - digitaltrends Amazon Faces Lawsuit for Allowing Sale of Faulty Eclipse Glasses - digitaltrends Confession time! - (Italian video w. sub titles) - Tesla’s electric semi is weeks away, but Cummins beat it to the punch - digitaltrends How AI is changing education - digitaltrends AI Researchers Make $1 Million Challenge to Anyone Who Can Solve Chess Puzzle -digitaltrends Must-have Wi-Fi troubleshooting and management tools - computerworld Online course: Get started with AngularJS - infoworld Free course from PluralSight The Nutrient that Reduces Heart Damage Even After a Heart Attack - care2 Tech companies are helping Hurricane Harvey victims save their smartphones - Techrepublic Princess ransomware targets hacked websites via RIG exploit kit - techrepublic Panasonic's 4K OLED TV Line with Humongous 77-Inch Model Gathered 9/02-B/2017: Facebook Watch finally rolling out! Here's what you can expect - Komando Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant coming to MORE speakers and appliances! - Komando Avoid these busy airports this Labor Day weekend - Komando Watch out! Massive ransomware phishing scheme detected - Komando 465,000 pacemakers recalled due to MAJOR security flaws Which pacemaker brand is leaving people at risk? A day in the life of a cat - attach a camera to his cat's collar Do airlines track you online to increase their rates? Turn your tablet into a second monitor iPad Magic baffles Chimpanzee Gathered 9/02/2017: Hotel booking scam targeting Labor Day travelers - Komando How you can tell when someone is seeing your text messages - Komando Worried that your kids have secret online accounts? - Komando Viva Mexico - Humor Trump has handed bad news to those on Welfare Is peanut butter healthy? - CNN Antarctica and Iceland SHADOW DANCE WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS AND ASTONISHED. These Idiots have won elections - Humor THESE PHOTOS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES Something even non-golfers can enjoy Breakthrough app that can help the blind - Komando Gathered 9/01/2017: Calls for Simpler Passwords - globalspec "Traditionally, passwords were required to be complicated to prevent criminals from "guessing" at them. But now, experts are looking to simplify this as they are often forgotten." - globalspec Antidepressants Found in Great Lakes Fish - globalspec The HAIRCUT - Humor Emoji Use in the Workplace - globalspec Beer and Facial Recgonition Tech Prove to be Undoing for 25 Suspects Nabbed at Beer Fest Robot Priests Available for Funerals - globalspec "A $ 1,725 Dollar savings Dermatologist Designing Wristband To Alert Wearer to Potential for Sunburn - globalspec Introducing Black Box Essentials 2017 "optimize your communication and infrastructure networks." Gathered 8/31/2017: Nanomachines that drill into cancer cells killing them in just 60 seconds developed by scientists Cat plays dead to avoid going for a walk - YouTube The best ways to help the victims of Harvey - Clark FUN STUFF HERE This discount chain is closing a quarter of its stores - Clark The harsh reality of what’s happening to America’s shopping malls - Clark Born between 1925 and 1955 Look what happens when we cut down too many trees Look what happens when we cut down too many trees. Global warming is one thing, but see below & look at what is happening if we continue to clear our forests. We have to stop cutting down trees! This is getting really serious. Gathered 8/30/2017: This is a REAL all-terrain vehicle Real DRONE Attack in Syria The (above) video is an ISIS convoy trying to re-supply fighters with munitions in Mosul on July 1st. Try to view this with a full screen. Pretty amazing technology considering a guy sitting at a console on a mountain top near Las Vegas was piloting a drone in Syria (with both missile and 20mm Gatling gun armament). But this was no video game. Hungary (Budapest in autumn)! Wales - UK - Slide Show Italian Cruise What Your Body Does in a single Day TO ALL MY INTELLIGENT FRIENDS Gathered 8/29/2017: Hurricane Harvey scams are spreading - Komando video Could Tesla Be Launching Its Own Music-Streaming Service? - digitaltrends Fitbit Takes on Apple, Google with the Ionic Smartwatch - digitaltrends How to keep your laptop from overheating - komando Windows Mixed Reality hands-on preview - digitaltrends The Insta360 One takes amazing 360-degree flying-camera shots, no drone needed - digitaltrends Microsoft reports a 300% increase in the number of malicious attacks on its cloud services - techrepublic Gathered 8/28/2017: Over 180,000 iPhone apps won't work with iOS 11 - Komando 32-bit APPS will NOT run on IOS 11. 10 browser extensions to keep you safe on the web - techrepublic New iPhone models getting wireless charging! But is it worth it? - komando New government tool to stop annoying robocalls - - komando What's coming to Amazon Prime Video in September - komando Convoys of ‘self-driving’ trucks are heading to U.K. roads - INSANITY - digitaltrends Oh, wait - the USA will do it First - they travel in groups of THREE. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PASS THEM ??!!?? Bluetooth Mesh is coming and here’s why you’ll want it - komando Protect your phone from secret spyware - komando If you own an iPhone, you probably already know that your phone is far safer from malware than Android gadgets. A recent “Forbes” study showed that nearly 97 percent of all known malware threats only affect Android devices. That’s good news for Mac addicts, but it can also make owners overconfident." - Komando Which streaming service has the best channel lineup? - komando Streaming Service Channel lINE-UPS - komando Chinese automaker to begin negotiations to acquire Jeep - consumeraffairs However, the move could be opposed by other automakers who want to snatch up the brand. Here’s how Bosch teaches cars to see using artificial intelligence - digitaltrends Hyundai confirms it will sell its first pickup truck in the U.S. - digitaltrends Check out the PICTURE - that's a RAD Truck 13 states without pension or Social Security taxes Gathered 8/27f/2017: when this woman performs all eyes widen Suicide Bombers Strike - HUMOR Ordering from Amazon - Chaos Theory in Action We are Blessed This is really neat . . . click on the blue words below and when the screen pops up, all you need is to click on each picture and the next one will show up. World's first self-flying drone taxi service is about to drop You'll Never Guess What This Fire-Spitting Drone Is Used For The Most Revealing Red Carpet Looks Ever What is a non-malware attack? These non-malware attacks have quickly become extremely dangerous and prevalent. In 2016, 97% of organizations were targeted by non-malware attacks. - BitPipe Gathered 8/27/2017: Dog carrying bag of food after Hurricane Harvey becomes viral hero - Chron Video: Houston man catches fish inside of home flooded by Harvey - Chron Harvey Aftermath: Sinkhole takes out roadway in Fort Bend County near Houston - Chron Unpatchable flaw in modern cars leaves MILLIONS at risk of hacks - komando Drones will watch Australian beaches for sharks with AI help - yahoo Samsung Chairman Guilty of Corruption, Sentenced to Jail A Good Laugh Convoys of 'Self-Driving' Trucks Are Heading to U.K. Roads - UK is INSANE Gathered 8/26b/2017: 10 Things That Destroy Indoor Air Quality - Care2 What's new on Netflix this September - Komando 3 Tips for Moving Online Dating Encounters to Real Life How to Maintain Boundaries After a Break Up - care2 Signs You May Have a Zinc Deficiency - care2 What-Happened....-Hillary-Clinton's-new-Book.html Gathered 8/26/2017: Fisker’s TESLA KILLER electric EMotion will cost $130,000 and make its debut at CES 2018 "After leaving his namesake Fisker Automotive (which has since been resurrected as Karma Automotive), the car designer who helped shaped cars like the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin DB9 started a second company to build another flashy luxury car, the Fisker EMotion." - Hiding behind your hands won’t stop next-gen facial recognition software - digitaltrends Engineers have found a way to 3D print more realistic bones for medical use Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display (2017) review - digitaltrends Hacked smart devices double as surveillance tools, new research finds - digitaltrends This miniature robot arm could be the future of keyhole surgery - digitaltrends Apple Watch 3: News, new features, and rumors - digitaltrends Pictures from Mexico - SLIDE SHOW Inside Buckingham Palace Ever wondered what it's like inside Buckingham Palace? Wonder no more, as CNN takes you on a 3min. tour. Gathered 8/25d/2017: Android malware ‘Judy’ makes devices click on ads in the background - digitaltrends Android malware 'Judy' earns hackers revenue by forcing devices to click on ads. Code that’s infected at least 41 different apps on the Google Play Store. "Given the prevalence of malware like Judy, it’s no wonder that latest version of Android, Android O, doubles down on security. It introduces new and improved device encryption, tamper-resistant hardware, and in-app Safe Browsing, a Chrome browser feature that uses machine learning to alert you to potentially harmful web content." - Samsung’s SoundAssistant app gives Galaxy users powerful audio features - digitaltrends Everything you need to know about Android Oreo - digitaltrends Designer virus carries cancer genes, tells immune system to attack tumor Gathered 8/25/2017: Facebook Messenger spreading dangerous malware - komando Search your kids' web history for these troubling trends right now - komando PICK OUT THE GUY - NO CHEATING Watch when lightning strikes hit a river Watch this precision driving until ... the cops arrive How NOT to open a Door Could you believe these old commercials? The Model T Ford LG Electronics Business Solutions unveiled the world's largest OLED screen and high definition video wall. This 7,600 sq ft screen measuring 164 ft wide by 45 ft tall is located at the Dubai Aquarium, and was created with 820 Open Frame LG OLED digital signage panels. Smart Windows Can Turn from Transparent to Black in Under a Minute Gathered 8/24/2017: New scam gives criminals complete control of your online accounts - Clark More KMART Stores CLOSING Soon - Aug 2017 - Clark Liquidation sales will begin as early as August 31 and most of the stores will close by mid-November. - This Map Shows Which Food People Hate The Most In Each State Why you need paper copies of your statements - Clark Stolen smartphone database should reduce thefts - Clark How to delete your embarrassing Netflix history 9 more things you shouldn’t buy at Walmart - Clark Your iPhone has a secret feature that will read text out loud to you - Rumble Mystery deaths of HL Hunley submarine crew solved - yahoo The death of Ruby? Developers should learn these languages instead - techrepublic Pathogen alert: Why you may want to rethink your drink at fast-food restaurants (Fecal Matter) - Rumble Gathered 8/23/2017: Russian hackers expose allegedly doping footballers - computerweekly weather app is selling your location data - komando Amazon Temporarily Discounts Echo from $179 to $100 - Deal Alert I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS DEAL AND HAVE NO FINANCIAL INVOLVEMENT. Android 8.0 Oreo Is the Update You Were Waiting For - digitaltrends Stunning Photos of the Total Solar Eclipse How Google is speeding up the Internet Google has developed an algorithm that speeds up TCP/IP, the internet’s primary data transmission protocol, by up to 14%. - networkworld This nefarious Trojan may impersonate your favorite ridesharing app Great Wall of INDIA GREAT WALL of INDIA - "The second-longest continuous wall on the planet protects a hidden secret in the deserts of India." - Workers in the Mercedes Factory Get Your Sagan on with These Awe-Inspiring Photos of the Final Frontier 6 free network vulnerability scanners - networkworld Richard Stallman: Windows OS is malware - csoonline Gathered 8/22/2017: How Long Does Your Trash Actually Take to Decompose? The Truth about Coconut Water - their view - I have no opinion Two Truths and 5 Rules of Life How to save photos from Instagram Dancing PUPPET Amazing Building - Moves AMAZING TREES Gathered 8/21/2017:

SOLAR ECLIPSE INFORMATION, Warnings, Hints, Streaming....August 21, 2017

SOLAR ECLIPSE INFORMATION 8/21/2017: Solar eclipse: Experts' tips on taking photos and videos How to take video of a solar eclipse: Advice from the experts What Will Today's Solar Eclipse Look Like From Your Zip Code? This Interactive Shows You DON'T FORGET YOUR ECLIPSE GLASSES Driving during the solar eclipse could be extremely dangerous This is the very first picture of a solar eclipse - komando Great Eclipse: Everything you need to know Find the best livestreams of the 2017 Solar Eclipse - komando Amazon issues refunds for potentially fake solar eclipse glasses Watch the solar eclipse of the century: When, where, and how Watch out! Amazon's solar eclipse glasses could be dangerous - Great Eclipse: Everything you need to know to see it, photograph it and experience this once in a lifetime event ECLIPSE-in-RALEIGH,-NC - (Chart belongs to: Yesterday was World Mosquito Day. If you're not sure what that means, watch this short video REALLY Complete Insect Repellent & Insecticide Information Analysis of Products, Ingredients, Warnings, Efficacy, Duration of Protection, Toxicity, etc.... Gathered 8/20/2017: NC astronomy expert: How to tell if your eclipse glasses are safe I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THIS INFO IS NOT CORRECT, OR IF ANYONE GETS HARMED IN ANY WAY - FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK. Nasty Locky ransomware is back, and now it's worse than ever - komando "Free cruise" robocall settlement means you could receive up to $900 - komando Meet Bamboo, the skateboarding dog! - komando How to stop robocalls and telemarketing calls for good - komando Stop unwanted calls and texts from hitting your cellphone - komando Detect hidden credit card skimmers with this smartphone trick - komando 7 Awesome Netflix hacks you need in your life - komando One surprising app that can save you from a roadside emergency - komando The Waze app is a crowdsourced GPS navigation app that pulls data and information from other Waze users to show you where the worst traffic jams, crashes and other obstacles are. Common security risks every smartphone user should know about - komando How to see what the kids are doing on their phones - komando 3 ways your smartphone can be hacked without you knowing - komando Great tactic to block spam calls on your smartphone - komando Billionaire Carl Icahn Resigned As Trump Adviser Ahead Of Critical Story Powerful, free and easy to use photo editing software - komando 7 Google Maps tricks only the pros know - komando One critical thing every car owner needs to know to prevent theft - komando Keep secrets with these clever privacy gadgets - komando Samsung Note 8 teaser video reveals larger than life screen size - komando Why it doesn't always pay to book a hotel directly (and what to do instead) - komando 3 tech breakthroughs that will change how you travel forever - komando Use public Wi-Fi without getting hacked while traveling - komando Gathered 8/19b/2017: How to get started with drone photography New Faketoken Android malware records calls, intercepts texts, and steals credit card info US Sec. Mattis pushes military AI, experts warn of hijacked 'killer robots' Target buys Grand Junction, hopes acquisition will help it compete with Amazon Essential Phone PH-1: The smart person's guide NY CTO: Universal broadband is the 'fundamental path forward for civilization' Gathered 8/19/2017: 7 MORE Google Chrome extensions hijacked by malware - Komando How to see if your computer needs a security patch - Komando Warning: New ‘secret bank account’ scam will steal your identity - Clark Another Chinese smartphone brand, Comio, enters India market with an offline-only model and big ambitions Amazon Echo vs Dot vs Tap vs Show: Which is right for you? - androidauthority Ausztrália TOUR Ez fantaszikusan szép - slideshow 8 things smart people never reveal about themselves at work - theladders 10 vehicles that owners keep for 10 years or longer - Clark Which of the ‘Big Four’ wireless carriers is right for you? - androidauthority Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything we know so far (Updated: August 18) - androidauthority Navigation - Hard-to-Believe Video 5 reasons why home insurers will fire you as a customer - Clark Here are the best T-Mobile prepaid plans right now - androidauthority Android Instant Apps: what do they mean for users and developers? - androidauthority Fastest charging cables – which one is best for you? - androidauthority Gathered 8/18b/2017: Researchers find potentially LETHAL CAR HACK with no quick fix - computerweekly Lying Affects Your Brain - care2 Chicago Pastor Calls for George Washington Statue to Be Removed - cbslocal Breastfeeding is Healthy, But Societal Pressure is Not Can Adults Develop Food Allergies? (SOME) Online supplements and meds are contaminated with dangerous bacteria - 8/2017 komando Masterclass - A Tester's Guide to Blockchain Applications Tornado alley No, this is not science fiction. Watch in full frame, sound on. This MORNING EXERCISE would KILL most of us Men Are Just Happy People Report: The US government has a massive footprint on the darknet Gathered 8/17/2017: Back to school cybersecurity tips for parents and kids College cybersecurity survival guide This is the very first picture of a solar eclipse - komando Airline Boarding Pass - tells hackers all they need to know - Video This free, Hiya App, blocks those annoying scam phone calls Hiya Caller ID and Block - APPLE STORE Hiya - Caller ID & Block - Android Apps on Google Play "Once you download the app, if you receive a call from a suspected scammer, the app will block the call and alert you. Then it will either make the call go straight to voicemail or drop the call, depending on your device. In order to detect suspected scammers, Hiya developers use an algorithm that determines if there is a phone number making thousands of brief phone calls. Additionally, app users can submit a community report that warns others if a certain phone number is fraudulent." - Great Eclipse: Everything you need to know Find the best livestreams of the 2017 Solar Eclipse - komando Obvious Signs that Humanity is REGRESSING Data lakes: What you need to know - techtarge MORE on Data Lakes - bitpipe Einstein was right Video Conferencing: 4 reasons you need it - techtarget Eat or Sleep? - a tough choice
Gathered 8/16/2017: You have to try Facebook's new camera features! - komando Tesla Tiny House Is 100 percent Renewable - digitaltrends Scammers targeting job hunters with new phishing attack - komando Is Samsung Internet your new web browser? - androidauthority Don’t buy a new flagship smartphone right now – here’s why - androidauthority Sex predators using iPhone trick to send nude pictures Electric Highway Could Change Trucking Forever - digitaltrends Edge Sense Plus makes the HTC U11 a shortcut machine - androidauthority POLED vs AMOLED – what is the difference between these OLED technologies? - androidauthority Unfolding Injectable Bandage Can Patch Up a Damaged Heart - digitaltrends Failed software update locks people out of their homes See Windows 10's new look Microsoft Office users beware: New malware comes through PowerPoint email attachment Why Does Microsoft Windows 10 Need Linux? 5 warning signs your mechanic should not be trusted - Clark She can't speak English State-by-state map shows how much a ticket increases your car insurance What Your Body Does In A Day! One Crazy and Dangerous Airplane Landing This mountain landing strip in New Guinea took 14 years to complete. It will make such a dramatic difference in the lives of the local villagers for whom a landing strip represents access to medical supplies, building materials, clothing, food etc. Waters dancing to "Kalinka", Giuseppe! Courtesy of Drones The big boss, the lollipop man OOPS - Being Helpful Pays off Air Show Disaster Gathered 8/15/2017: One in Twelve Doctors Accepts money from Opioid Producers Saving money at Aldi is about to get a whole lot easier - Clark Toyota's Self-Driving Car Plans - digitaltrends Stop Windows 10 updates from crashing your PC - komando Longevity insurance is a smart buy at retirement - Clark The security pros and cons of using a free FTP tool - techtarget How does IP address hijacking work and how can it be stopped? - techtarget Watch a 360 Action Cam Getting Mauled by a Tiger - digitaltrends The best in-car GPS device you can buy - digitaltrends New security warning about chip credit cards - Clark 7 things to avoid touching on a plane - Clark Audi S1 Tank That's So Cool! - digitaltrends Dragon Spacecraft Is Carrying Precious Supercomputer Waymo's Cars Could Soften Prior to Impact - digitaltrends How to take professional photos with your smartphone - techrepublic How to scan documents directly to Google Drive - techrepublic Nissan might owe you $500 - Clark Pictures from snow covered S/E Germany - Slide Show Flowers with unusual expressions God vs Satin - The Creation Explained - HUMOR ONLY Gathered 8/14/2017: Ceramics and Pottery Masters Haircut MUSIC SCULPTURES - Slide Show Artistic gymnast: the granddaughter of Nadja Comaneci Moments of Africa - Slide Show Gathered 8/13-B/2017: Facebook Mounts Assault on Netflix and Amazon with New 'Watch' Platform - digitaltrends More than 1,000 apps found hiding spyware! - komando Tesla's Upcoming Electric Semi Truck May Be Autonomous - digitaltrends AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X and 1950X Review - digitaltrends Threadripper is a massive processor that lives up to its massive hype. Malware targeting hotels poses a threat to travelers - komando LG Will Enable FM Radio on Its Future Smartphones Thync Relax Pro Will Zap Your Stress Away, Make You Sleep Better Twitter Night Mode for desktop is already live for some users Hyundai will bring self-driving cars to the 2018 Winter Olympics Disney Breaks Up with Netflix to Launch Own Streaming Services You can now go live on Instagram with your friends thanks to its newest feature Amazon Alexa family is expanding SpaceX Teases November Launch of 'World's Most Powerful Rocket' Tesla drivers set a new record for miles driven on a single charge Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Is the Rugged Phone of Your Dreams Virgin Galactic’s sixth test flight is its most notable yet Self-Driving Cars Can be Confused by Stickers on Street Signs HOLY SHIT MOMENT Beautiful Colors and beautiful words IS THIS WHAT THEY MEAN BY 'GOING OFF HALF-COCKED"? REALLY CLOSE Encounter with CHEETAHS MISSING OUT - All those wasted years The Valueof a Good Vocaulary LEXOPHILE Fun SCAM GRAM - Consumer Action Older Folks Gathered 8/12/2017: Apple TV: The comeback king 5 ways to share files that are too big to email Just what we need. Another edition of Windows 10, WTFCUPFWP Gathered 8/11/2017: FDA echoes CDC: Fresh papayas linked to Salmonella outbreak "One person in New York City has died and 46 others across 12 states have been confirmed with the outbreak." - foodsafetynews “If anyone has these papayas in their home, they should dispose of them immediately" - FDA 10 Symptoms of Salmonella Salmonella Poisoning (Salmonellosis) Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Abdominal Pain: What You Should Know - WebMD Watch the solar eclipse of the century: When, where, and how Watch out! Amazon's solar eclipse glasses could be dangerous - Best wireless routers to get better coverage and speed things up - komando 5 scams that are taking even the smartest victims - komando Never lose a webpage again with this simple trick - komando Gathered 8/10/2017: Windows 10 users! Tech support scammers have a new method for phishing attacks - techrepublic How to connect to Linux Samba shares from Windows 10 - techrepublic Critical Microsoft and Adobe security holes you need to patch now - komando Here’s the average salary for registered nurses in every U.S. state - Clark Sprint’s $30 unlimited data plan comes with a big catch - Clark 7 things to avoid touching in a hotel room - Clark Gathered 8/09/2017: Hypnotist at Senior Center MAGIC Nathan's vacation video from Indonesia REAL Mobile Houses America the Beautiful - CHICKEN STYE Gathered 8/07/2017: Cyber criminals have taken over the Copyfish extension for the Chrome browser Whatever you do, avoid this free browser extension - It's hiding malware! Hackers have completely taken control over one popular browser extension, and are using it to wreak havoc" - Fake Adobe Flash update infecting smartphones with nasty malware Locksmiths have a Tough Job -.mp4 Video Gathered 8/06/2017: Your anonymous browsing isn't as private as you think - komando WannaCry Hero Charged With Creating $7,000 Banking Malware Montenegro - Superb Slide Show How to stay in GREAT Physical Condition Wonderful Art Work Gathered 8/05/2017: Massive DDoS attack lasts for 277 hours, highlighting growth of attacks on businesses - techrepublic New Firefox feature allows users to send 1GB encrypted files that self-destruct - techrepublic IOS is the number One target of Mobile PHISHING Attacks - techrepublic How one simple hack can turn your Amazon Echo into a spy device - techrepublic How one small hack turned a secure ATM into a cash-spitting monster - techrepublic At BlackHat 2017, security researchers demonstrated how a small flaw in an ATM allowed them to empty all the cash out. How to make Tor less vulnerable to RAPTOR attacks Internet users have few options when it comes to online privacy. Tor is one of them, but researchers at Princeton say there are problems. - Michael Kassner / TechRepublic Gathered 8/02/2017: Astronauts to Sport Reebok Space Shoes - Engineering360 THOR, short for Transformable Hovering Rotorcraft - Engineering360 Climbing Stairs just got easier - Engineering360 Gathered 8/01/2017: New Android spyware (Lipizzan spyware) can record your voice, take photos with your camera, and steal app data Cray buys Seagate’s enterprise storage array business Makes it easier to compete with EMC 2017 IT JOBS REPORT: North Central region - I Don't Look Good NAKED anymore - musical video SPEAK for YOURSELF - I DO STILL LOOK VERY GOOD NAKED. Must-have Wi-Fi troubleshooting and management tools Gathered 7/30/2017: Test your firewall to make sure it's working - GRC/Komando GRC's home page - ShieldsUP - THE FIREWALL TEST Giant Asteroid Collision May Have Radically Transformed Mars Chromasia PhotoBlog Verizon retailer CEO talks decision to move HQ to Raleigh, high-paying jobs Little Hooligans Adobe Flash getting the boot! Is this good or bad for consumers? Gathered 7/29/2017: Malicious apps found spying on your private text messages Around 500,000 people have downloaded these apps, believing they were trustworthy. But, it's now been discovered these dangerous apps are actually carrying malware. If your phone or tablet has been infected, someone could be intercepting your private text messages. - Watch out! Amazon's solar eclipse glasses could be dangerous - New Facebook scam spreading now - Komando Dummy Still Performs After Ventriloquist Walks Off Stage Gas Station Beckons, Hippo Answers Cool ways to use your phone's camera that don't involve photos Wildfire Creates Giant Fire Whirl Dust Devil Seen Under Blue Skies Gathered 7/28/2017: US detects North Korea missile launch - 7/28/2017 9 items that will pay for your Costco membership T Shirt Pairs THESE ARE CUTE Big Movers - Slide Show Life on Indian roads seems awfully cheap - especially if you happen to be on two wheels Unusual BLT Video Of A Hamster Losing A Struggle To The Hamster Wheel Is Damn Near Perfect TRY NOT TO LAUGH-Funny Animals Fails - Compilation 2016 (Part 5) The Naked Truth -EXPOSE YOURSELF, TO NEW IDEAS Naked Truths - Who are we without our clothes? (and NO, I don't practice) Cats are so funny you will die laughing Gathered 7/27/2017: China's army looks like it's getting ready for something big to go down in North Korea 3 unexpected tricks for your smartphone Texting while driving crackdown: New "Textalyzer" tech will catch violators red handed - Scary mobile wireless flaw lets hackers track your cellphone's location - Right now is the WORST time to buy a new smartphone - Better alternative to the Windows Task Manager Planes struggling to land during a huge storm Gathered 7/26/2017: Facebook will start charging subscription fees? For which Products? - Nasty Mac malware can control your webcam and record everything you type Learn how to detect this virus, and what to do if your Mac is infected. - Komando Your home's floor plans and its contents are being sold to Amazon, Apple, Google and others Wi-Fi (high-end) ROOMBAS store your house plans. - 5 insider tricks for a better Facebook experience - Microsoft Paint - Is the end in sight? & other news - Video Microsoft killing off one of your favorite programs You have a public profile page that others can see Gathered 7/25/2017: Mac malware goes undetected for over 5 years, can take over webcams and record keystrokes = Fruitfly Security researchers just discovered a strain of malware that’s been infecting Macs for over 5 years. The malware is called Fruitfly and it’s similar to a strain discovered in January, but this one is much more dangerous. Fruitfly can take over webcams, record keystrokes, capture screenshots, and gather information from other devices on an infected computer’s network. The new version of Fruitfly has also infected a much larger number of Macs than the first one. - FTC said to be reviewing Amazon's "deceptive" pricing - CBS News Wells Fargo customers' personal data at risk - Komando Common security risks every smartphone user should know about - Komando Gathered 7/23/2017: The Birth of Laser Weapons Scientists Develop Ceramic Laser Scalpel for Surgery Gathered 7/22/2017: Massive Amazon S3 leaks highlight user blind spots in enterprise race to the cloud 198 million Americans hit by 'largest ever' voter records leak Ransomware attack: The clean-up continues after WannaCry chaos Gathered 7/21/2017: Devil's Ivy vulnerability could take down millions of servers and IoT devices A recent blog from Senrio detailed a new flaw called Devil's Ivy, found in an open source code library, that could be used to hijack security cameras and for other nefarious purposes. - 10 free backup applications to help you prevent disaster How hackers could turn your household objects against you How to record any phone call on your iPhone or Android Delete your old phone number from Facebook immediately! Solar powered gadget does your yard work for you - by the inventer of ROOMBA Download hundreds of Microsoft eBooks for free while you still can Kim Komando'a NETWORK PROTECTION THOUGHTS: Massive Attack: One thing your router needs now to keep hackers out Change your router's password For new routers, skip the EZ setup option Critical steps to secure your home Wi-Fi. Smart home security - How not to be dumb with your 'IoT' devices Beyond that, you need to be smart with your web-connected devices. FOTOS - Amazing Wildlife Photos Gathered 7/16/2017: The Wolf and the Smarter Dog National Geographic paid 1 Million Dollars to the person who filmed this video. WELL WORTH IT ! View full screen and Sound on. Scam calls on the rise! 95% of people have been targeted in past six months Hidden emoji codes kids are using to buy drugs - Komando How to disable your webcam (so it can not spy on YOU) Criminals using smart appliances to spy on you in your home THIS is Our INDIA Gathered 7/15/2017: Complete Tool Manufacturers, Who owns Whom & Reviews Your smartphone could soon help you identify if you have skin cancer This algorithm could one day save your life. Rakuten Will Cease Ivory Sales Japanese giant Internet retailer, Rakuten, on July 6, 2017, announced that it was banning the sale of ivory on its site with trading to be phased out over the next month. Close to the Metal Ep. 48: A breaking point for Bitcoin On this week's Close to the Metal, we're talking cryptocurrency mining, Ethereum's power, and the potential split Bitcoin is about to experience. Easy way to bypass passcode lock screens on iPhones, iPads running iOS 10 The vulnerability allowing anyone to bypass the passcode lock screen still exists in iOS 10.3.2 and the 10.3.3 beta. Chinese Construction - DEATH WISH TOO (pun intended) Apple’s ARKit will make 3D printing mainstream $99 Obsidian 3D printer shows what’s coming What happens when a Microsoft Office 365 subscription expires? Does MU-MIMO really expand Wi-Fi system capacity? Gathered 7/10g/2017: Top Story: Network Security Conference 2017 - Las Vegas Sept 10-17, 2017 49 courses 43 instructors 8 disciplines Blackboard at a Gas Station, Gauteng, South Africa Scientists have detected a new particle at the Large Hadron Collider at Cern The coming battle over 'net neutrality' Netflix vs. Hulu: Streaming Service Showdown Complete NETFLIX, HULU & YouTube Information 8 Easy Ways to Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying The Best Digital Cameras of 2017 - PC Mag 10 Reasons Why Women Don’t Leave Their Abusers Where there is Love, Nothing is impossible - .mp4 video NOT Often Seen - .mp4 video Gathered 7/10/2017: Hackers targeting U.S. nuclear facilities according to FBI 43 Incredible Photos of U.S. UNESCO Sites: Present and Proposed In those days, Fitness was a not a Problem - TWISt - .mp4 Video Samsung is now bigger than Apple as a tech company Dr. HDMI - Solve handshake and compatibility issue (I have no experience with it) BUT I trust MonoPrice and some of you may be having problems. This Professional Marathoner Outran 2 Bears, But You Should Not Try This Outlook Groups is now a pain on all platforms - Review EAT BY DATE dot com - What is the Shelf Life? How Long Does Cocoa Last? Shelf Life, Storage, Expiration Date The Ultimate West Virginia Road Trip Gathered 7/09/2017: TURKISH DELIGHT MERGER TIPS - Just kidding Artist Hand-Carves Wooden Bowls Inspired by His Kenyan Roots Eurovision Winners 1956 - 2014 Top 3 by Year #1 Eurovision Winners 1956 - 2014 Top 3 by Year #2 SOME TRUTH IN HERE SOMEWHERE Good to know all of this stuff Gathered 7/08/2017: Infosys to bring 2,000 jobs to Wake County, NC Had your smile for the day? Here is a good start Ad on How to drink coffee in peace .mp4 Video - HILARIOUS Nuking the moon, and 5 more insane space missions that never happened Over the years, scientists have proposed some rather bizarre missions to better understand our cosmos. Here are 6 of the weirdest space missions ever considered. China's Beipanjiang Bridge Suspended 565m above China’s remote south-west mountains, the Beipanjiang Bridge took decades to construct and has revolutionised bridge-building around the world. Another friend sent more photos of the Chinese Beipanjiang bridge A lot focused mainly on the section that is over 1800 feet above the river below. Ouch! - Video .mp4 Graceful Seniors - .mp4 Gathered 7/07/2017: NO BARBECUE TONIGHT - NO Prejudice Intended - .mp4 Video Gathered 7/06/2017: SEMBLANCE OF AFRICA - Slide Show Did you know this about Canada What have we learned in 2,072 years? OXYMORONS Final Exam Question for Millennials in Middle School Oh Boy - BLONDES Gathered 7/05/2017: Owners of fuel-saving gasoline-electric hybrid cars are bailing out at a record pace and trading them for SUVs 5 Things Never to Post Online Get your Sagan on with these 46 awe-inspiring photos of the final frontier Five ways to minimize fileless malware infections I infected my Windows computer with ransomware to test RansomFree's protection A cool refreshing drink of water - or so was thought Where are the Laws of Physics in these Acts? Dunno! Summertime - Slide Show Gathered 7/04/2017: fireworks recall you need to know about before July 4 Approximately 36,000 of these TNT Red, White, & Blue Smoke fireworks were sold for roughly $5 at Albertsons, Kroger, Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart and other stores in Illinois, Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin from May 2017 through June 2017. This recall involves any package with the UPC number 027736036561. If you have any of these in your fireworks stash, you can return them to APE for a full refund. Consumers can reach APE at 800-243-1189 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday; via email at; or online at Take perfect Fourth of July pictures - Komando Put an end to grainy photos! Here's how to snap the best shot - Komando Lone Star tick bite can make you strongly allergic to red meat THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM, NOT A JOKE. Lone Star Tick that carries a carbohydrate which, if it's injected into you, via a bite, can make you strongly allergic to red meat. A particularly nasty bug, in fact, lots of them, has arrived in Canada from our southern neighbor. It's the Lone Star tick that carries a carbohydrate which, if it's injected into you, via a bite, can make you strongly allergic to red meat. Nice, eh! The lone star tick can make you allergic to meat, and that’s not even the worst of it - Meat Allergy - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - ACAAI Public Website - Lone Star tick bites can cause rare meat allergy in some people - usatoday Ticks that can make you allergic to red meat are spreading - rapidcityjournal Ticks that can make you allergic to red meat are spreading - chicagotribune This Is What We Know About How The Lone Star Tick Causes Meat - Forbes Apple has come up with a police tool called a textalyzer, which can be used to determine if texting has been done Texting while driving is fast becoming one of the leading causes of traffic accidents, many of them fatal. Well now Apple has come up with a police tool called a textalyzer, which can be used to determine if texting has been done - and precisely when. Of course, as expected, privacy advocates have been getting on their collective high horse, and protesting - completely overlooking the perils of texting while driving. They seem unaware - or ignore - that textalyzers do not look into what was texted, just whether texting was done, and at what exact time(s). China Macau = Las Vegas Angleterre, England - Slide Show Our World withOUT OIL based products Best of MODERN Moscow - YouTube A watch that can see into the future & Other Stories 9 secret perks that make a Costco membership totally worth it - Howard Clark Gathered 7/03/2017: Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error How to create a LOCAL ADMIN account on windows 10 HOW TO CREATE A MICROSOFT ADMIN ACCOUNT Amazing Intersection And you think Montreal is chaotic ... it's nothing compared to Addis Ababa. Watch the pedestrians. This is how a major intersection with NO white or yellow lines, NO directional arrows, NO traffic lights and no one directing traffic works. In this time lapse video we see the intersection at Meskel Square, the nerve center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Gathered 7/02/2017: Ford recalls more than 400,000 vehicles over driveshaft problem Ford Just Issued Another Recall for Over 400,000 Vehicles Ford recalls more than 400,000 vehicles for safety and compliance issues First Time Tiger Cubs go swimming Hamster Mocha eats "His First Broccoli!" Horses laugh[Commercial]2016.mp4 - Thank you, Ron Nobody else does commercials like Volkswagen — except maybe Budweiser. Rochefort, France - Slide Show - .pps Understanding Directions Gathered 7/01/2017: Exclusive: eZanga finds hundreds of malicious apps in the GOOGLE Play Store 10 Safety Tips for Dogs During July 4th Weekend Top ten Flashlight Apps are really MALWARE stealing YOUR ID, or are they? Do you have a flashlight on your cell phone? Over 1/2 billion Malware Flashlight Apps have already been downloaded. If the flashlight App is under 100 KBs, it should be OK (the spyware apps re 1 to 5 MB) - NEWER MALWARE FLASHLIGHT APPS MAY BE SMALLER. SNOOPWALL first broke the news that MANY Flashlight APPS were MALWARE in 2014 Flashlight Apps are Malware - SNOPES SNOPES DOES NOT THINK THERE ARE REALLY VERY MANY INFECTED APPS as I Understand it. of course if you have that one.... Discovered/reported by Kim Komando approved SAFE SMARTPHONE FLASHLIGHT APP - does NOT steal data "Check out Flashlight LED HD. It's bright, fast, safe and secure. With one tap, not only can you launch your flashlight in the rear of the phone, but you can also turn the full screen into a light source for brighter coverage. You can also have the light act as a beacon by setting it to continuously blink and flash. And as a fun bonus, it can also project colors from your phone's screen. Just be aware: Using this app, or any flashlight app, nonstop will quickly drain your battery. If you must use the flashlight for an extended period of time, use these steps to help get the most out of your battery." - Kim Komando DOWNLOAD the "Flashlight LED HD" APP for ANDROID - free (courtesy of Kim Komando) DOWNLOAD "FlashLight LED HD" APP for IOS FlashLight LED HD By smalltech sarl Ransomware attacks: Here's what we need to learn from WannaCry and Petya Computers Held for RANSOM - INFORMATION KNOCK! KNOCK! - WHO's THERE? Firefox 54.0.1 (32-bit RELEASED on June 29, 2017 - I AM USING IT See what’s new in Firefox! 54.0.1 Video: 10 years of Cracking Open the Apple iPhone 6 Discoveries IT Security Pros Need to know about SSL Inspection The Many Reasons I Love Canada - HAPPY 150th Birthday, Canada Gathered 6/30/2017: Coffee - The Latest Antidote to AGING - This information belongs to author: Alice PARK and TIME Magazine (Jan 30, 2017). I have posted this information here, temporarily, so that my relatives, around the, world can read it. From a legally purchased copy of Time Magazine (Jan 30, 2017). Thanks to both Alice PARK and TIME Magazine. Firefox Focus for Android, a new lightweight private browser As long as other browsers let ad trackers follow you around the web, Mozilla keeps coming up with new ways to outfox the trackers. Our latest is Firefox Focus, the ultimate private browser, now available for Android. Firefox Focus automatically blocks ads so you get blazingly fast search results. When you're done, delete your history — cookies, passwords, all of it — by tapping "Erase." Best of all, Firefox Focus is a lightweight app that takes up very little space on your phone — only 4MB. Get it now on Google Play. Man in a Quandary - SEX on the SABBATH? Google's $2.7 Billion Antitrust Fine Relief coming sooner for Crabtree Mall traffic in Raleigh Credit Suisse signs 180,000-square-foot lease for temporary space in RTP Test: How Well Do You Know Our Planet? MAFIA Life - Video - .mp4 Gathered 6/29/2017: Verizon opens enrollment for screen repair services just in time for summer Hilarious: The Truth About Vincent Van Gogh's Family! Miss Universe Costume National - Slide Show Flowers by Malouine - Slide Show Tony and Jordan: Identical Twins Dazzle With Magic - America's Got Talent 2017 Animals vs Celebrities - Slide Show Endless Life? According to researchers from Montreal's McGill University, there's no limit to how long humans can live. Nice - but wouldn't endless life pose some staggering problems, both social and economic? Some flaws in The American Gene Pool Gathered 6/28/2017: Petya Ransomware Infects Organizations Worldwide - NEW India's largest container port JNPT hit by ransomware New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business A new ransomware attack is infecting the computers of major shipping and oil companies worldwide Dance Partners - EVEN I, AM AMAZED Gathered 6/27/2017: This is in Japan - Video - .mp4 Rocky Mountaineer in Western Canada - Slide Show Pictures of Friendship Gathered 6/26/2017: Intel sixth- and seventh-gen chips are all vulnerable to hyperthreading bug Intel's sixth and seventh generations (Kaby and Skylake)of its CPUs can fall afoul of a newly discovered bug that affects hyperthreading, potentially causing instability and even data loss in the right circumstances. Interesting Pictures #2 Giant Squid Latches Onto Paddle Surfer's Board And you thought you knew about the Bay of Pigs Bahamas Swimming Pigs - YouTube SWIMMING PIGS in Exumas. Bahamas. AMAZING! Gathered 6/25/2017: 11 Secret Codes that Unlock Hidden features on your Phone The Tragedy Of FireWire - WHAT A TRAVESTY UP IN FLAMES - arstechnica The rise and fall of FireWire is one of the most tragic tales in the history of computer technology. The standard was forged in the fires of collaboration — and then Apple killed it." - arstechnica CHEAPEST Cell Phone plans recommended by my friends.htm The hidden meanings behind famous logos Gathered 6/24/2017: Next time you feel you're having a bad day - Videos - .mp4 Speaker's comments fuel rumors of thousands of Foxconn jobs in North Carolina Website tracking layoffs littered with comments from Advance Auto Parts workers; company remains mum Gathered 6/23/2017: CCleaner updated to version 5.31.6105 - June, 2017 Gathered 6/22/2017: WELL, I AM NOT USUALLY VERY POLITICAL, BUT, DUE TO THE REPUBLICAN HEALTH CARE "MASSACRE", MY PERSONAL OPINION IS NOW: PLEASE RECALL BY ANY LEGAL METHOD, ALL REPUBLICANS IN ANY OFFICE, IN ANY CAPACITY, IN EVERY STATE AND PROTECTORATE ANYWHERE - MY OPINION ONLY - PUNISH ALL REPUBLICANS FOR NOT KICKING PEOPLE WITH THESE HEALTH CARE IDEAS OUT OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. Holy smokes! A $1.7 million Koenigsegg Agera R supercar catches fire in China Limited to just 18 examples priced at $1.7 million each, the Koenigsegg Agera R is one of the most exclusive cars in the world. You'd expect it to be flame-retardant, but one of them just caught fire in China after its battery exploded. ANOTHER MORONIC BATTERY FIRE - THEY SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS - My PERSONAL Opinion. Psychopaths drinks their coffee black, study finds GET SOME "RESPECT" - If you drink your coffee black. LET everyone in your life READ this article, especially down at your gun range - Just KIDDING :) :) :) ACTUALLY, I suggest that you never mention this article. Gathered 6/21/2017: TRUST ME - You can NOT do this - The Stakes? 30 BILLION US (kidding - NO stakes) SeaSeeker goggles allows Snap Spectacles to shoot underwater scenes Royal Caribbean just designed a pair of underwater goggles that will safely house Snapchat Spectacles and sent them below the waves with three professional divers. The company expects to offer them exclusively to cruise passengers. HOW ABSOLUTELY STUPID !! It will not change anyone's choice of Cruise Lins, BUT would sell many more hundreds of thousands units to SNAP CHAT Users. Watch footage from three pro divers shot entirely with Snapchat Spectacles Paintgings by Karl Bang - Chinese Painter Firefox 54.0 was released and I am using it - should be faster Gathered 6/20/2017: USB-2.0-Cable-Length-and-FAQs.txtUSB 2.0 Cable Length and FAQs Gathered 6/19/2017: Animal Love - short vodeos -.mp4 Gathered 6/18/2017: Breath Taking Modern Architecure - you will NOT believe it What Amazon's $13.7B buy of Whole Foods means for the Triangle (RDU. N.C, area) Apple patent would enable wireless charging from anywhere in your home Some very unusual photos!! Google Slides How To Interpret Employment Ads Commentary on Tragic Beer Deaths Video - .mp4 Gathered 6/17/2017: Android malware Xavier steals personal data and covers its tracks Xavier, a newly discovered form of Android malware, downloads apps from remote sources, steals personal information, and uses encryption to cover its tracks. Researchers found it in more than 800 apps on the Google Play store. AMC Purchase of Carmike Cinemas Gets Antitrust Approval in a $1.2 billion deal my guess is that about 80% of all movie theaters within a 30 mile radius of here, were Camike Theaters. AMAZON IS BUYING WHOLE FOODS for $13.4 Billion The Most Expensive Paintings Oh there's my mistake - I paint things to resemble the real thing, Picasso paints like a 7 year old - (I wish mine were comparable) - so his paintings are worth many millions, and mine are not> Airline Industry Bloggers You Need To Follow Yesterday SOME SITES are only for emplyees of Airlines or Travel Companies. HATE YOUR KEYBOARD? I Loved mine, but the lettering wore off, causing the keys to become slippery. I am almost a touch "typist", but I like to see which keys I am hitting. Also, being now slippery, my fingers would slide off and press other keys. I PAID $ 10 RETAIL for my new ELVISION Multimedia Keyboard KB03 that I purchased locally at INTREX ( ). I am back to typing 10 times faster than I was with the old keyboard. MY FIRST KEYBOARD HAD A DEFECTIVE SPACE BAR - Took about triple the usual presure to send the "space" to the computer. My free (exchange) replacement works very well. MY BIGGEST KEYBAORD "THRILL" are the Media Keys. I CAN NOW LOWER OR INCREASE THE WINDOWS MASTER SOUND LEVEL (effects ALL sound devices on my Windows PC desktop. STANGELY the HEADPHONES THAT I USE Has NO VOLUME CONTROL - which was a LARGE ANNOYANCE. NOTE that INCREASE (+) is on the LEFT of the middle, while DECREASE (-) is on the right. STUPID for a US sold keyboard, but a trivial nuisance. Note that MY ELVISION is a model KB03 Keyoard (USB, Windows PCs). ELVISION makes other keyboard models for other Operating systems. You may even get one for a PS2 type keyboard connector. Has silver ICONS and antimicrobial Design. Note that the USB keyboard supports early (boot-wise) USB support (Legacy USB), so you can full USB keyboad support as early in the boot process as a PS/2 type keyboard does (i.e, AWAYS WORKS). NOTE: some computer BIOSes used to require MANUALLY turning the "Legacy USB" support to ON (they shipped with this option set to OFF. I would expect all new PC's to ship with Legacy USB Support ON, but you never know. ELVISION KEYBAORD KB03 Details IT IS NOT CLEAR IF THE Elvision KB03 keyboard is IDENTICAL to some of the other Keyboard KB03s. Standard Keyboards By Elvision Electronic Co., Ltd, Hong Kong Elvision Electronic Co., Ltd, Hong Kong - Tradekey Unboxing & Testing Live Tech KB03 Keyboard Solid Built - YouTube Best Keyboard for Typing - KB03 Live Tech Keyboard Review - YouTube Elvision kb03 multimedia keyboard black usb - Find it at Shopwiki 47 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers - How-To Geek Elvision keyboard driver - Fixya - I DID NOT NEED A DRIVER FOR MY WINDOWS 8.1 - 6/16/2017 May 16, 2014 - elvision keyboard driver - Computers & Internet question. ... make sure you have the driver for the keyboard before uninstalling the driver Keyboards Manufacturers - Verified China Manufacturers? Gathered 6/16/2017: "Earthrise" - The Untold Story Of The World's Most Famous Photo - by Astronauts The 45th Anniversary. Bald Eagle Adopts Baby Hawk Instead of Eating Him In the wild, bald eagles and red-tailed hawks are natural-born enemies, frequently fighting each other to the death. The Singapore segment of Professional Photographer Nathan's Asia Trip - Video Lidl opens first wave of North Carolina grocery stores The company has plans for at least 12 stores from the Triangle to the coast. Grocery stores in the Triangle (RTP,NC) ranked by market share (Slideshow) Gathered 6/15/2017: How to Recover a Windows 10 ADMIN PASSWORD Cheapest (to operate) ALL-IN-ONE Printer that I know of: Brother-MFC-J985DW Gathered 6/14/2017: 10 free data recovery programs for Windows - also, file/directory sturctures, damaged CDs, dead system recovery Gathered 6/13/2017: Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, wants to expand privatization to include vouchers for every alternative to public education Smirnoff Vodka Hilariously Trolls Trump With New Bus Stop Ad a Picture of Smirnoff's new vodka ad. credited to Kate Kosturski/@librarian_kate> Why it's important for the tech industry to get more young girls interested in STEM Can’t Fall Asleep? Try These Things ASAP If these don't work,try MORE SEX Firefox (Mozzillla) Add-ons Volleyball - Video - .mp4 You should see this!! Driving school Driving school advanced class Gathered 6/12/2017: Daily aspirin not effective in preventing heart attack for some patients, study finds The study found that aspirin helped those who had already had a heart attack but not others. Low doses of aspirin can help protect against breast cancer Researchers find that women who took the drug sparingly were 16% less likely to develop the disease. Researchers find that aspirin can be effective at fighting mesothelioma This commonly used drug inhibits inflammation that leads to certain cancers. REALLY Complete Insect Repellent & Insecticide Information - CLICK HERE Unpublished Marilyn Monroe Gathered 6/11/2017: This straw is smart enough to detect date rape drugs The Evolution of iOS debut in 2007 to the just-unveiled iOS 11. Report: 52% of businesses still run Windows XP; 12 tips to get more out of Windows 10 Dogs and wolves share sense of fair play Free Windows tools, ready for the taking Oldest Homo Sapiens found in Morocco - Predates previous finds by at least 100,000 years. Asian nations make plastic in oceans promise Gathered 6/10/2017: Can you identify these 10 Classic movies? great songs to listen too..... men are just happier people NO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION :) What Happens When Two Monkeys are Paid Unequally for the Same Work? A two and a half minute clip of experiments done with monkeys to determine their reactions to unequal compensation for doing the exact same type of “work”. Gathered 6/09/2017: Unique video from a French restaurant - VIEW IT!!! - Very Intertaning A 90 second video from a small country restaurant in France, which keeps its customers entertained while they are waiting for the main course Can you identify these 10 Classic movies? 3D Museum in Thailand - Slide Show Dog Training Funny - STAY Leaders of the G7 Barcelona, Spain - Guell Park- Slide Show - .ppsx Gathered 6/08/2017: Macau - A Chinese Las Vegas - Slide Show Bruges, a City in Belgium GFR Calculator - Glomerular Filtration Rate - (CKD - Cronic Kidney Disease) DaVita Fantastic Slides of China Gathered 6/07/2017: Study: Fidget spinners may have dangerous level of lead and mercury New warning about buying cheap glasses online! - Clark - 6/7/2017 iPhone updates: 7 things to know about Apple’s new iOS 11 - Clark Gathered 6/06/2017: Highly courageous DOG FLU H3N2 strain is spreading Florida dog VACCINATIONS HIGHLY recommended Flu may be in Georgia How far will it spread? Will Dog Flu Spread Beyond Florida? While the virus is highly contagious, some dogs will not show symptoms of the illness. I don't want to be an alarmist, but I would keep an eye on the situation, because if it does start coming our way. I would want to vaccinate my dogs BEFORE it got here. REQUIRES TWO VACCINATIONS, TWO WEEKS APART. WRAL (WAKE County, N.C.) is now recommending dog vaccinations for Dogs in our area. symptoms of dog flu include a cough, runny nose, and fever CANNINE FLU - Key Facts New report: Sears and Kmart are closing 72 additional stores in September 2017 - 6/2017 Millions of Americans are eligible for this new Amazon Prime discount - CLARK 6/2017 Amazon just made another change to its free shipping policy - CLARK - 6/2017 USPS mailbox scam: A sticky crime reportedly makes a comeback - Clark - June 2017 Ringless robocalls may start flooding your voicemail If robocalls to your cell phone are driving you nuts, there’s a new annoyance you need to know about. Gathered 6/05/2017: Supreme Court to decide if Fourth Amendment applies to cellphone records TVfrog is a SCAM - Snopes - their return policy specifically states "sold AS IS" (NO refund) Apple's WWDC 2017: Predictions and tips on how to watch the developer event India launches its most muscular rocket yet Windows 10: Microsoft bricks smartphones for Windows Insiders with buggy update WannaCry: The smart person's guide Gathered 6/04/2017 - GROUP 2: This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING - Magic Trick United Arabic Emerates VILLAGE A big WOOOOWWW for a CHICKEN MUSCICIAN - Video - Speakers ON (.mp4) French Cancan - Video (.mp4) German Town of Garmisch Partenkirchen - Slide Show Tips for improving Android device security - 6/2/2017 Extremely contagious dog flu outbreak spreads to over a dozen dogs in Florida - 6/2/2017 Gathered 6/04/2017 - GROUP 1: File types suported by WHAT versions of Windows Media Player NVU will make webpages that can be read in all browsers NVU - Finally! A complete Web Authoring System for Linux Desktop, Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Free. Open-source. Recommended by an editor - I have NOT used it One of the largest clinical trials for PROSTATE CANCER has given "powerful results" Drug shrinks ovarian tumours in early trial Much shorter chemo works for many colon cancer patients, study says CNN fires Kathy Griffin - May. 31, 2017 - CNNMoney Gathered 6/03/2017: If Your Firefox can NOT OPEN a ".pps" FILE, RENAME it to ".ppt" OR use INTERNET EXPLORER (assumes you have either Microsoft Office OR a microsoft PowerPoint Viewer installed). MICROSOFT FREE FILE VIEWERS and CONVERTERS spectacular images of cities by AIR - slide show Mind your manners, will ya - Video - .mp4 file A great idea in France to prevent people from jay-walking - BEST IDEA ALL THIS CENTURY When the stop sign is lit up and a person starts to jay walk, a screech of brakes is heard and a photo of the jay walker is taken and posted. From their looks it scares the living crap out of them. Gathered 6/02/2017: Good Old fashioned Technology - YOU WILL LOVE IT -.mp4 Video The Hong Kong portion my Pro Videographer friend's (Jonathan) Trip Gathered 6/01/2017: Skype takes on Snapchat and Instagram with stories, chatbots Amazon is paying out $70M in refunds to customers for unauthorized purchases - CLARK Amazon will send an email to notify you if you are eligible. Parents with kids who were under 18 when they made unauthorized in-app purchases between November 2011 and May 2016 will be eligible. Galapagos - Slide Show GOOSE LOVE STORY - very young geese, etc. bond with the first moving object they see - .mp4 Eagle's Flight - what great eyesite - video This is a video of an eagle's flight from the top of the world's tallest building to his handler below. The eagle was fitted with a camera and released from the top of the 2,715 foot Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. Gathered 5/31/2017: Intel reveals its most powerful PC chip yet: The 18-core, teraflop-speed Core i9 Gathered 5/30/2017: Gathered 5/29/2017: Baraka Bakery and Grocery Recalls Ground Beef Products Due to Possible E. coli O157:H7 Adulteration Subtitles hack can control your PC through Windows MEDIA PLAYER vulnerabilities Tiger Woods Arrested in Florida for DUI Nvidia claims mobile chip is four times faster than integrated Intel graphics Great White Shark Jumps Into Fisherman's Boat Gathered 5/28/2017: Google now tracks consumer purchases offline as well as online The new system is intended to show advertisers their money is well-spent The most EXPENSIVE Items in the World These 8th graders from New Jersey refused to be photographed with Paul Ryan Mesmerising lava flows from Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Remote island, Henderson island, has 'world's worst' plastic rubbish density Gathered 5/27/2017: A day in Venice, Italy Greed, Injustice and Decadence: What 5 Scenes From a Hit TV Show Say About China Forget Supersonic. Hypersonic Is the U.S. Military’s New Speed Amazing Places on Our Planet in 4K Ultra HD - has music Gathered 5/26/2017: CDC warning: Alarming rise in outbreaks of parasitic infection linked to swimming pools - Cryptosporidium AMAZING Whale Holographic Video - .mp4 Tornadoes - .mp4 1 in 30 BABY BOOMERS HAS (Curable) HEP C, AND MOST DON’T EVEN KNOW IT CCleaner updated to version 5.30.6065 BAD TRUMP's - 2018 first BUDGET - Gathered 5/25/2017 - & NO Medical Deductions: Trump's 2018 budget - May 23, 2017 - NY Times TRUMP STATED EARLIER THAT HE WANTS ONLY TWO ALLOWABLE TAX DEDUCTIONS: 1) Primary Residence mortgage deductiom 2) Charity WHAT THE HECK - NO MEDICAL DEDUCTIONS OF ANY KIND? AND TRUMP WANTS TO RAISE MEDICAL EXPENSES FOR SENIORS BY 1000 PERCENT BANKRUPTCY FOR SENIORS BANKRUPTCY FOR DENTISTS WHO SPECIALIZE IN DENTURES, IMPLANTS,.. Write and call your Congress Person RECALL ALL REPUBLICANS (& DEMOCRATS) WHO VOTED FOR TRUMP'S HEALTH PLAN What's in Trump's 2018 budget request - CNN What's in Trump's 2018 budget request for SCIENCE? - Science - AAAS Trump's first 2018 Budget: Trillions in CUTS - May. 22, 2017 - CNNMoney Trump's budget by the numbers: What gets cut and why - CNNPolitics Gathered 5/25/2017: Study: Daily glass of wine or beer can increase breast cancer risk by nearly 10% Media and technology survey - Scarborough Research - I AM AVOIDING IT Gathered 5/24/2017: Graco RECALLS more than 25,000 INFANT CAR SEATS - May 24, 2017 CBSNews report: AT&T and DirecTV offer customer no-service Digital-only business bank gets regulatory approval US retailer Target agrees $18.5m data breach settlement FOR REAL: Scientists have found a way to photograph people in 3D through walls using Wi-Fi Equinoxs - Unusal Pictures - Slide Show Spanish gypsy dance with a slight difference .mp4 Beautiful Pictures Slide Show Gathered 5/23/2017: Members of Manchester's Muslim community among those most strongly condemning deadly bombing China calls for new talks with North Korea on nukes Stolen: 700-pound Salt Lake City statue of Mormon prophets UK raises threat level to critical, indicating another attack may be imminent Gathered 5/21/2017: The paranoid user’s guide to Windows 10 privacy $10,000 Reward Offered to Find Killer of Famous Yellowstone White Wolf Gathered 5/20/2017: 2018 - Some States DRIVERS LICENSES NOT Accepted by the TSA for AIRPLINE FLIGHTS WHO Voted for GOP Health Care Plan? RECALL all Republicans who initially voted to weaken the Ethics Committee PHOTOGRAPHY Beyond your WILDEST DREAMS Gathered 5/18/2017: AfricaGeographics: Photographer of the Year 2017 Finalists Gathered 5/17/2017: Change Your EMAIL Passwords: 560 Million Email Credentials Have Been Leaked - - 5/17/2017 "The good news is, there hasn’t been a new hack - It is a collection of data from previous breaches - so if you've already changed you password, You SHOULD be OK" - WAS YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD STOLEN AND IN THE 560 MILLION LOGINS ON FILE? “Have I Been Pwned” Wine Bottle trick...WOW NEED TO INVITE THIS GUY TO NEXT PARTY!! Gathered 5/16/2017: Canada: Airline passengers can't be removed due to overbooking (NOT a law, yet) VERY ambitious Eagle - Video (.mp4) Age is Just a Number- Video (.mp4) Gathered 5/15/2017: Green Chile recalls thousands of burritos over Listeria contamination Ready-to-eat meat and poultry burritos might contain Listeria monocytogenes. 'WannaCry' ransomware shares code with Sony hack, raising possibility of North Korea connection MIT is building a cheap handheld device for translating Braille instantly AP Explains: North Korea missile test is huge step forward - UGH Badass Baby Buffalo Scares The Bejeezus Out Of Elephant Lawrence O’Donnell’s Future At MSNBC Is Unclear Gathered 5/14/2017: Near riot at Ft Lauderdale airport - 9 flights canceled - Spirit Airlines Video Shows Southwest Passengers Fight Aboard California Flight Video Shows Midair Women Passenger Brawl Aboard LAX-Bound Spirit 25 Great White Sharks Spotted Off Southern California Coast Family Says They Were Booted Off A JetBlue Flight Because Of A Cake Gathered 5/13/2017: Microsoft issues ‘highly unusual’ Windows XP patch to prevent massive ransomware attack - May 13, 2017 Hacking Attack Has Security Experts Scrambling to Contain Fallout - RANSOM ATTACKS SUSHI warning as patient found with LIVE WORMS writhing in gut Hospitals in Britain struggle to restore their computer systems in wake of cyberattack How an Accidental ‘Kill Switch’ Slowed Friday’s Massive Ransomware Attack Gathered 5/12/2017: HP users beware: Laptops revealed to have built-in keylogger Gathered 5/11/2017: Gathered 5/09/2017: New Android malware found every 10 seconds - report Gathered 5/09/2017: ALERT: Massive recall of AUNT JEMIMA frozen waffles, pancakes and french toast - - May 8, 2017 Aunt Jemima frozen products are being recalled out of an abundance of caution over fears about possible listeria contamination - CAT chases it's tail on cat perch AI (Artificial Intelligence) predicts top 4 finishers of 2017 Kentucky Derby - techrepublic Gathered 5/08/2017: Man Saves Owl- Hard to believe the owl stayed so calm during the whole ordeal A door lock LONG before its time Man rescues small bird stuck in a PVC pipe Different ways of Looking at Things - TEXT When the wind blows Gathered 5/07/2017: Did you Ever Wonder where the low-skilled and semi-skilled jobs have gone? Trump to REPLACE the QUEEN - News flash Gathered 5/06/2017: Zika outbreak in Texas ahead of mosquito season - May 6, 2017 - cbsnews Truly SPECTACULAR DOORS from around the World Gathered 5/05/2017: SS7 Flaws Exploited in Attacks Against Mobile Users' Bank Accounts SS7 is code developed years ago to handle Telephony call connections. Modern day Telephony code runs utilizes SS7 (Signalling System 7). I've worked on SS7 when I worked for BNR/Nortel. Locky RANSOMWARE is back This Website Will Mail Your Ashes To The GOP If Trumpcare Kills You - huffingtonpost Massive Phishing Attack Targets Gmail Users Gmail for Android now features better phishing protection 100 awesome ANDROID APPS - There is a Japanese WORD for Too Many Books SMART! and NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY BOOKS Gathered 5/04/2017: Facebook hiring 3,000 people to stop posting of forbidden things - VIOLENCE - murders, bullying "They" did't say anything about NUDES - I've noticed current Facebook software sometimes blocks postings of a FACE, which it thought was LEWD - Hope this nonsense STOPS. See also - Click here Gathered 5/03/2017: Big changes coming to AT&T’s DirecTV Now streaming service - MAY 2017 - Clark 5 big changes coming to Dollar General in 2017 - Clark 19 retailers on BANKRUPTCY watch for 2017 - Clark 7 ways to save money at Cracker Barrel - Clark Patent Pending -- TV Tray for Seniors Gathered 5/02/2017: How US cybersleuths decided Russia hacked the DNC Kroger is officially America’s favorite grocery store UPS will save you from that mountain of empty Amazon boxes The 10 best and worst states to retire in 2017 - Clark Howard HEALTH CAR, IF CHANGED BY TRUMP, MAY VASTLY CHANGE THIS LIST. SEE Also: COST OF LIVING ELSEWHERE Gathered 5/01/2017: Watch out for this hot package scam - FAKE PACKAGE TRACKING - Fedex and UPS - 5/2017 Warning: Home Depot data leak exposes thousands of customers’ personal information - MAY 2017 Montserrat Spain, near Barcelona Some are LUCKY - Video (.mp4) Seal asks Diver to pet it - SCROLL DOWN Gathered 4/30/2017: Excellent Recovery Foolish Frolics Super Man Hmmm Beautiful Italy - Slide Show Rocky Mountain avalanche A group of Rocky Mountain skiers in Canada's British Columbia got a front row seat to a terrifying spectacle that passed them - just feet from where they were standing. Gathered 4/24/2017: CONGRESS PERSON - Get your Congressman's EMAIL ADDRESS - give them YOUR opinions TELL YOUR CONGRESS PERSON HOW THEY SHOULD VOTE. Gathered 4/23/2017: Aurora photographers find new night sky lights and call them Steve Can you spot the phish? - requires free registration A test taken by 2,000 U.S. internet users caught 36 percent in the phishing net. Gathered 4/22/2017: Earn top dollar for your skills at these 10 tech companies - techrepublic 25 Highest Paying Companies in America for 2017 - Glassdoor Man rescues dog, dog rescues humming bird, bird brings all together 6 hidden Android tricks to increase productivity - TechRepublic NoScript V. 5.0.3 released 4/22/2017 Gathered 4/21/2017: Study: Diet sodas may be more harmful than you realize - Clark one more reason to ban artificial sweeteners from your diet HARD on KIDNEYS Individuals who consume a diet high in artificially sweetened drinks are more likely to experience a decline in kidney function. - American Society of Nephrology FAFSA data breach: 100,000 people may have had their info compromised - 4/2017 Wine Humor Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported. XP and Vista users running Firefox 52 will continue to receive security updates on Firefox ESR 52. Updated the design of site permission requests to make them harder to miss and easier to understand. Star Trek Tricorder Arrives The $2.6 million purse for the four-year long Tricorder X-Prize contest sponsored by Qualcomm Foundation went to the Pennsylvanian-based Final Frontier team, led by brothers Basil Harris, an emergency medicine physician, and George Harris, a network engineer. Gathered 4/19/2017: Here's a solution to spotty Wi-Fi coverage in your home - Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser Gathered 4/18/2017: EXTRAORDINARY MUSCULAR CONTROL Gathered 4/15/2017: Video Of The Day: The Happiest Video Ever - Australia Amazon Alexa: The top 5 things you need to know - TechRepublic OLED vs. LED: Which is the better TV technology? - Microsoft reveals what data Windows 10 collects from you HDMI ARC is the coolest TV feature you’re not using (here’s how) 25 awesome Android games you need to try How to root your Android phone or tablet in 2017 (and unroot it) Do NOT do this unless you are a Geek. Pocket your favorite videos with our guide to downloading from YouTube How to shoot professional video on an iPhone: 3 tips Clark Your Taxes: The major IRS collection change you need to know about WARNING the IRS now uses FOUR PRIVATE COLLECTIONS AGENCIES and they WILL CALL (PHONE) YOU. In Other words, if you are delinquent on your taxes, that really might be the IRS calling. Gathered 4/14/2017: NASA announces one of Saturn's moons could support alien life in our solar system Gathered 4/13/2017: U.S. drops 'mother of all bombs' in Afghanistan, aiming for ISIS caves Idiots, ALL - Humor Your neighbor's WiFi is ruining yours — here's how to fix it Canada - Slide Show - Ottawa (.pps) Canada Yatata 1 (Victoria) - Slide Show (.pps) Gathered 4/12/2017: COUPON PRINTER Program may contain MALWARE Wanna banish autoplay videos from your browser? Your Phone’s Motion Sensors Can Apparently Give Away Your PIN Number Gathered 4/11/2017: 'Critical' Microsoft Office hack uses fake Word documents to install malware - 4/11/2017 Kelihos botnet downed after arrest of alleged kingpin Solid State Batteries Setting Up to Dominate Lithium-Ion Technology In aftermath of FCC privacy rules repeal, uncertainty, ironies abound Rollback of FCC privacy rules on selling personal data is seen as a boon for ISPs and a blow to privacy rights." - Gathered 4/09/2017: Three free apps to handle your photo editing needs (Smartphone & PC) Gathered 4/08/2017: Never ending Candid Camera episodes HOWLING WHITE WOLF - thank you, JOY JOBS for CATS Gathered 4/07/2017: Hyundai and Kia Recall 1.2 Million Cars for Engine Failures Gathered 4/06/2017: Valleys of the Italian Alps - Slide Show Gathered 4/05/2017: Interesting Paintings Gathered 4/04/2017: Humorous and Interesting - collection Gathered 4/03/2017: So funny!! And so cute! Dogs and Snow - Video SPRING is on it's Way - Slide Show OH! To Be 6 Again Gathered 4/02/2017: Only a kiss, nothing else - Slide Show Unloading A Truck Taiwan Style Paintings that Tell a Story The PEFECT HUSBAND Gathered 4/01/2017: Watch a glacier "calve" Incredible video. Turn on sound and be sure to see the end where the size of the breakaway is compared to Manhattan. Might even influence one or two of those who think climate change is more "false news"..... Mirrors on Quiet Waters 11 Showering in Japan - GUYS - FACE THE CORRECT DIRECTION Gathered 3/31/2017: How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow, Japanese Style - Atlas Obscura Gathered 2/24/2017: With a drone over volcanic eruptions "Sexism" may have an upside Federal judge: Fort Collins can’t enforce ban on women going topless. Gathered 2/23/2017: First Brexit, Then Frexit: Le Pen Says She's Like Theresa May Marine Le Pen wants to take France out of the euro. Fix Windows 10 problems with these free Microsoft tools Gathered 1/18/2017: History of laws concerning immigration and naturalization in the United States Tornado in real-time - Video Gathered 1/10/2017: STREAMING DEVICES, SERVICES & OTA: Streaming / cable cutting devices from Best Buy - 1/10/2017 Amazon - Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, Google - Chromecast, Roku - Streaming Stick (2016 Model), Roku - Express Streaming Media Player, Apple - Apple TV - 32GB, Amazon - Fire TV (2015 Model), Google - Chromecast Ultra, Roku - Premiere Streaming Media Player, Roku - Premiere+ Streaming Media Player, Apple - Apple TV - 64GB, Roku - Ultra Streaming Media Player, Amazon - Fire TV Gaming Edition (2015 Model), TiVo - Roamio OTA 1TB Digital Video Recorder, Sling Media - Slingbox M2, TiVo - BOLT 500GB Unified Entertainment System, Apple - Siri Remote, New! NVIDIA - SHIELD Android TV 16 GB Streaming Media Player, Roku - 3 Streaming Player, New! NVIDIA - SHIELD TV Pro Streaming Media Player, Sling Media - Slingbox 500, Channel Master - DVR+ 1TB OTA DVR & Streaming Player, New! NVIDIA - SHIELD Wireless Controller, Amazon - Fire TV Game Controller (2015 Model), Apple - Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Apple TV - 32GB, Roku - 2 Streaming Player, Apple - Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Apple TV - 64GB, Tablo - 4-Tuner Digital Video Recorder for HDTV Antennas with Wi-Fi, Apple TV - Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Apple TV, Airbox - Digital Receiver, TiVo - Stream, Tablo - 2-Tuner Digital Video Recorder for HDTV Antennas with Wi-Fi, TiVo - BOLT + 3TB DVR and Streaming Media Player, Airbox - Digital Receiver DVR, Roku - Streaming Stick Roku Ready MHL Version - Purple, SteelSeries - Nimbus Wireless Controller. CES - Consumer Electronics Show - 2017 DirectTV Now, Dish, DOLBY Vision on Ultra Blu-Ray, DRONES (Photography with), FIRE TV Edition, GOOGLE PLAY, GUIDES, HDMI Version 2.1, HULU, LG, Mohu's AIRWAVE, NETFLIX, ROKU, SAMSUNG, SLING TV, STAR TREK DISCOVERY, MISC TECH,... Streaming Services / Devices - NEWLY Available Amazon 4K Fire TV Media player, Crackle, Rabbit TV Lite, ROKU 4, Roku OS 7, tivo's Bolt - ultra HD 4K, comcast's watachable, hulu live. Complete Streaming HDTV / Video Media Players amazon fire stick, apple tv, google chromecast, roku 1, 2, 3 & streaming stick, tivo, ASUS cube, Roku LT, vizio co-star LT, tivo roamio plus & pro, philips hmp2000, Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2, PLAiR 2, Google Nexus Player, Slingbox M1, TiVo Roamio OTA, Razer Forge TV, SONY Playstation 4, WD TV Play, Now TV, Prestigio MultiCenter, Xtreamer Multi-Console, tivo mini, Sony Playstation 3, Samsung Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. ROKU STREAMING DEVICES and MODELS ROKU STREAMING STICK, ROKU, ROKU 2, ROKU 3, ROKU 4 Complete NETFLIX / HULU & YouTube Information Added, Dropped, Recommended Movies - Tips, News, Scams. Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, required internet speeds Cable, Dish, Fibre Content Provider Companies - Ratings, Complaints and Reviews AT&T U-verse, Time-Warner (Spectrum), Century Link Prism, Comcast, Dish, DirecTV. Cut Your Cable TV Cord ditch cable, comcast, satellite tv, Dish, Time-Warner (Spectrum), my setup, Don's setup, Ed's setup, Brian's setup, Clearstream, Crackle, Hulu, Popcornflix, Viewstar, Yidio, YouTube, Watch documentary, SnagFilms, Top Documentary Files, MoviesFoundOnline, Classic Cinema Online, Retrovision, Free Movies Cinema, myLifetime, Vech, Public Domain Torrents, RESOURCES. OTA HDTV Antennas motorola broadband amplifiers, sling tv, Antennas Direct, HDTV Guide, OTA forums, preamplifiers, frequencies, directions, clearstream, ClearStream 2, ClearStream JUICE UHF/VHF AMPLIFIER, ClearStream 2V, ClearStream 4, ClearStream 4V, ClearStream 5, DB4e, DB8e, ClearStream Eclipse, where to buy antennas, DIY, build your own.


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