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2020 2020 MEDIA BIAS RATINGS - Is your media BIASED? Which way? - Click HERE ( Gathered 10/25/2020: Trump is averaging about 50 lies per day Two advisers for VP Mike Pence test positive for COVID-19 Deadly Bacteria in Coastal Waters Causes a Flesh-Eating Disease. Climate Change Is Making It Worse. It's Official: Solar Is the Cheapest Electricity in History Top-notch humidifiers for keeping your home fresh and comfortable The Most Daring Red Carpet Dresses Ever Worn At The ACM Awards Mercedes-Benz is recalling new SUVs with its illuminated tri-star grille badge option Vintage-Colorized-Photos These-Pictures-Will-Take-You-Way-Back UNPAID-BABYSITTERS Golden-Year-Special-Oct-2020 - .pdf Window's-xcopy-command iPad-too-slow iPad-running-too-slowly Gathered 10/24/2020: 13 FREE Basic Computer Lessons to Cover All Bases Tech review: The best router based on the size of your home Green cement: Startup aims to solve construction's carbon emissions problem A near-zero carbon alternative to cement. Trump comment on 'blowing up' Nile Dam angers Ethiopia Afghan Forces Say They Killed Al-Qaeda Terrorist al-Masri Soon COVID-19 vaccine makers will release early data from large clinical trials, and the results could be ambiguous Iowans abandon GOP over governor's mask stance Burning Man May Never Be the Same Again Backup-and-Restore-Files-in-Windows-7 Gathered 10/23/2020: 25 Small Tips To Make Your Backyard Look So Much Better A second Trump term would mean severe and irreversible changes in the climate 7 Manscaping Tips Your Balls Will Thank You For Amy Coney Barrett was on the board of a private Christian school that once tried to ban children of same-sex parents 13 Paint Colors You Should Never Use in Your Home, According to Experts Nest of 'murder hornets' in Washington state 1st in US: Officials President Trump's taxes cast doubt on claims about his charitable giving, and show that most of it came from land deals that offset his income Gathered 10/22/2020: 4 essential ways to keep hackers out of your smart home security cameras More Vitamin D, Lower Risk of Severe COVID-19? - WebMD Burning Man May Never Be the Same Again The U.S.-China Conflict Over Chips Is About to Get Uglier This Nurse's Method On How To Properly Shave Your Pubic Hair Is Going Viral Former Trump Supporters Are Revealing Their "Breaking Points" And Why They Won't Vote For Him In 2020 Gathered 10/21/2020: How to Find a LOST CAT NASA successfully lands spacecraft on asteroid that may hold building blocks of life Trump maintains bank account in China, says NY Times If You're Missing Travel, Sign Up For Our "Virtual Vacation" Newsletter Gathered 10/20/2020: Information on Rezoning Request on Harps Mill Road - 10/20/2020 Studies offer new evidence for possible link between blood type and COVID-19 susceptibility Individuals with blood type O may have lowest risk of infection; individuals with A and AB may have increased risk of severe clinical outcomes, How to report a missing USPS, Fedex or UPS package You’ll need some info on hand How To Make Camping in the Rain More Enjoyable Gathered 10/19/2020: Free download to recover deleted photos, videos and documents What is the best free recovery software? The #1 for 2020 – Stellar Data Recovery. TestDisk and PhotoRec review and where to download ... The Best Data Recovery Software - PCMag is one of the sites that I generally trust, others include: - I often DISAGREE with their ratings Tom's Guide ( Digitaltrends.Com GadgetReview TechRadar OTHERS that have been recommended, BUT I DON'T REALLY KNOW: Boingboing.Net Dpreview.Com Gsmarena.Com - has good articles, anyway, don't know about reviews Imore.Com Recode.Net Sammobile.Com Toptenreviews.Com Trustedreviews.Com Pcadvisor.Co.Uk - has good articles, anyway, don't know about reviews NOTE these sites MAY get some compen$ation if you buy in their site USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF THESE SITES - DRW FDA Chief Defends Vaccine-Trial Halts as Vital to Safety System ‘This is, from FDA's perspective, not a politicized process,’ Hahn says Remote control of blood sugar: Electromagnetic fields treat diabetes in animal models Study suggests EMFs alter redox signaling to improve insulin sensitivity 20 big homebuyer turnoffs that make houses unsellabl 5 Signs You've Been Damaged by COVID, Says Study Tootsies court ruling kills Miami-Dade curfew, but county is fighting to bring it back unsealed charges against six Russian officers connected to major hacks, The Justice Dept. unsealed charges against six Russian officers connected to major hacks, including of the Winter Olympics and elections in France. Distant seas might predict Colorado River droughts In Photos: Surprising Things That Can Only Be Found In Dubai The military wants one-hour global delivery. SpaceX thinks it can pull it off. The world’s biggest jet engine, explained The US has more power outages than any other developed country. Here’s why Our grid is outdated and rundown, but utilities aren't willing to do much about it Trump’s Rush Limbaugh Interview Might Have Been His Most Deranged of the Week To be clear, the week was already extremely deranged Incredible Wedding Day Moments The CDC Now Says You Should Wear Your Mask in These 7 Places Gathered 10/18/2020: CORDCUTTING - I've recommended ROKU for years - here is a current review If You're Missing Travel, Sign Up For Our "Virtual Vacation" Newsletter 10 of the Tiniest Islands in Europe You Can Visit How to help an injured bird You don’t need specialized skills to get a hurt or stunned bird to safety Stunned Birds - Learn how to handle a bird that apears knocked out - VIDEO REQUIRES an Instagram account How to capture and transport injured birds with Dr. Seth Oster Four things to do long before you lose power Don’t get left struggling in the dark It seems to me you would be better off telling people to have a supply of emergency non-perishable food for long power outages rather than a big freezer that you may not be able to power. Lots of places sell multiple meal packages of non-perishable food with long shelf life. Another point is that for people on wells, a good supply of water on hand is a must as your well pump is not going to work. Or, a generator that can run the well pump, which often requires a heavier, 240 VAC generator. You should also advise not to use candles inside, as they are a fire hazard. LED lanterns and flashlights are the best. (You'll find lanterns in the camping section of the store.) Good light output, and last a long time 23 More "Whoops, I Accidentally Watched A Sex Scene With My Parents" Stories Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk Dead Of Coronavirus After Telling Followers It Wasn't Real A rare Covid complication is showing up in adults weeks after they have the virus 10 Kidney Disease Symptoms Kidney Boosting Foods To Eat - 15 Foods For Your Kidney Cabbage Blueberries Garlic <<< Olive oil Skinless Chicken Breasts Cranberries Red Grapes Pineapple Bell Peppers Cauliflower Apples Salmon - It's kidney benefits come from omega-3 fatty acids Buckwheat and Bulgur Arugula Macadamia Nuts - Macadamias are rich in manganese, which fights damage to cells. They also have thiamine or vitamin B1 17 Foods to Avoid If You Have Kidney Disease - Healthline people who are in the early stages of chronic kidney disease will have different dietary restrictions than those with end-stage renal disease, or kidney failure In those with chronic kidney disease, the kidneys cannot adequately remove excess sodium, potassium, or phosphorus. As a result, they’re at higher risk of elevated blood levels of these minerals Damaged kidneys may also have trouble filtering the waste products of protein metabolism. Therefore, individuals with chronic kidney disease in stages 1–4 may need to limit the amount of protein in their diets (3Trusted Source). However, those with end-stage renal disease undergoing dialysis have an increased protein requirement Here are 17 foods that you should likely avoid on a renal diet Dark-colored soda Avocados Canned foods WITH HIGH SODIUM CONTENT Whole wheat bread white bread is usually recommended over whole wheat varieties for individuals with kidney disease. This is because of its phosphorus and potassium content. The more bran and whole grains in the bread, the higher the phosphorus and potassium contents White bread is typically recommended over whole wheat bread on a renal diet due to its lower phosphorus and potassium levels. All bread contains sodium, so it’s best to compare food labels and choose a lower sodium variety. Brown rice - has a higher potassium and phosphorus content than its white rice counterpart. Bananas - high potassium content Dairy - source of phosphorus and potassium & Protein Oranges and orange juice - rich sources of potassium Processed meats - SALT & Protein Pickles, olives, and relish - SODIUM Apricots - high in potassium Potatoes and sweet potatoes - potassium-rich vegetables Tomatoes - high potassium - 1 cup of tomato sauce can contain upwards of 900 mg of potassium Packaged, instant, and premade meals - SALT Swiss chard, spinach, and beet greens - potassium - When served raw, the amount of potassium varies between 140–290 mg per cup Dates, raisins, and prunes - When fruits are dried, all of their nutrients are concentrated, including potassium. Pretzels, chips, and crackers - SALT - if made from potatoes, significant amount of potassium Gathered 10/17/2020: 12 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs That Every Owner Should Know The Private Language of Venice Perhaps you are investing in the wrong things???? Meet Merck Mercuriadis, the man who has spent $1bn on old hits Why the Church of England co-owns a Beyonce hit Ailments in Covid-19 Trials Raise Questions About Vaccine Method On multiple fronts, Trump's plan to exploit Justice Dept unravels Ethernet and a mesh network will permanently solve your WiFi issues consumer mesh system you already have, like Amazon’s Eero or Netgear’s Orbi, or pay the installer to set up a more professional -grade system, like one from Ubiquiti. Gathered 10/15/2020: Bachelor" Stars Share How They Felt About "The Bachelorette" Premiere 2020 Carneval in Rio de Janeiro Q&A: Why do most new laptops come without an optical drive? Why you might still want an optical drive - PCWorld Death of the Computer Optical Drive - Lifewire The FDA has issued a dog food recall - contain unsafe levels of aflatoxin Found: genes that sway the course of the coronavirus Elliptical vs. Treadmill: Which Cardio Machine Is Better? New test detects coronavirus in just 5 minutes Coronavirus: 'Long Covid could be four different syndromes' Tropical cyclones draw their devastating power from the warmth of the ocean, but many of these storms can be traced back to a desert thousands of miles from where they cause damage It turns out that about 83% of major hurricanes – categories 3, 4 and 5 – that hit North America share the same birthplace as Irma. Those emerging from Cape Verde are among the most powerful and longest-lived tropical storms. Japanese engineers are hoping to build wind turbines that can withstand the world’s worst typhoons, generating power even in the midst of a natural disaster. Ohio Has Reemerged As A Battleground State And It’s A Huge Problem For Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Accidentally Uploaded Video of Himself Being Racist | THR News Discretion Advised: Wedding Moments Not For Young Eyes Adults Only: Mature Photos From Burning Man The Most Photogenic Natural Wonder in Every State Gathered 10/14/2020: Best Android Phones (Google Search) What is the difference between 3G, 4G and 5G? - Verizon Norton Secure VPN Man gets Covid twice and second hit 'more severe' You can’t replace your photos – get them off your phone now Gathered 10/12/2020: moonrise to be remembered - .mp4 Scary new malware can survive even if you erase and reinstall Windows These Restaurants Will Close Out Before 2020 Ends – Some Of Your Favorites Bill Barr is setting the stage to interfere in the election — and set a "dangerous" precedent Research shows face shields aren’t that effective at blocking aerosols to prevent COVID-19 spread California Republicans are allegedly setting up fake 'official' drop-off boxes to harvest ballots Incredible Wedding Day Moments These GOP senators are distancing themselves from Trump Does Cracker Barrel have a secret menu? Gathered 10/11/2020: Nights are warming faster than days. Here’s what that means for the planet This shift in daily temperatures can influence how plants and animals cope with climate change, I got Alpha-gal from a tick, and I'm a hunter a tick-borne illness that makes its victim allergic to any mammal-based food product These Symptoms Could Mean You Are Lacking in Vitamin D North Korea displays 'massive' ICBM at military parade A-well-placed-slap - .mp4 Can a vaccine from 1921 save lives from Covid-19? US election 2020 polls: Who is ahead - Trump or Biden? Covid-19 virus 'survives on some surfaces for 28 days' The virus responsible for Covid-19 can remain infectious on surfaces such as banknotes, phone screens and stainless steel for 28 days, researchers say. However, the experiment was conducted in the dark. UV light has already been shown to kill the virus. Some experts have also thrown doubt on the actual threat posed by surface transmission in real life. The virus is most commonly transmitted when people cough, sneeze or talk. Previous laboratory studies have found that SARS-Cov-2 can survive for two to three days on bank notes and glass, and up to six days on plastic and stainless steel, although results vary. The latest research from Australian agency CSIRO found the virus was "extremely robust," surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as glass found on mobile phone screens and both plastic and paper banknotes, when kept at 20C (68F), which is about room temperature. In comparison, the flu virus can survive in the same circumstances for 17 days. "Establishing how long the virus really remains viable on surfaces enables us to more accurately predict and mitigate its spread, and do a better job of protecting our people," said CSIRO chief executive Dr Larry Marshall. However, Prof Ron Eccles, former director Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University, criticised the study and said the suggestion that the virus could survive for 28 days was causing "unnecessary fear in the public". "Viruses are spread on surfaces from mucus in coughs and sneezes and dirty fingers and this study did not use fresh human mucus as a vehicle to spread the virus," Prof Eccles said. Why Trump’s Rapid-Testing Plan Worries Scientists 15 Ingredient Substitutions For When You Run Out Of Common Ingredien Good-Stuff Another universe existed before the Big Bang, says Nobel winner Face masks ‘can cut number of new coronavirus cases by almost half’ 21 Jobs With the Highest Divorce Rates The White House is said to have blocked a C.D.C. effort to require face coverings on airplanes, trains, buses and in travel hubs How Well Can You See Shades of GRAY? How to determine the version of Windows on a computer Click the Run or Search field, type winver, and press Enter. An About Windows window opens and displays the version of Microsoft Windows Gathered 10/10/2020: N.Y.'s COVID-19 hospitalizations are highest since July 15 At least 24 people in Trump's orbit have tested positive for COVID-19 Gathered 10/09/2020: MAC-Activity-Monitor Pelosi Unveils 25th Amendment Bill To Clarify How To Remove Presidents From Office ‘High As A Giraffe’s Ass’: Trump’s Rambling Hannity Call Torched On Twitter Gathered 10/08/2020: more-then-a-simple-picture - .pps 34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus: Internal FEMA memo Trump’s Amy Coney Barrett pick for Supreme Court might backfire, analysts say Covid-19: Trump aide threw big wedding amid restrictions Photos of the event show a large number of people socialising in close proximity, with nobody wearing masks. Does Amazon Even Care About Whole Foods Anymore? A Postal Worker Has Been Charged With Dumping Thousands Of Pieces Of Mail, Including Election Ballots BuzzFeed News Is Going To Court For A Quick Release Of All Russia Investigation Documents Following Trump's Tweets After decades of failed searches, the 'holy grail' of Avro Arrow artifacts uncovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario Airlines introduce world’s first immunity passport exempting travellers from quarantine A new COVID-19 passport could lift travel restrictions for visitors who have tested negative WHAT IDIOTS Local asteroid Bennu used to be filled with tiny rivers Six new studies describe the rock’s soggy past and violent present Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Donald Trump Jr. Just Said 'One Of Saddest Things I’ve Heard On Fox News' wanted family ‘intervention’ after father's hospitalization U.S. Government Asks Vaccine Makers To Hold Filing for Authorization Until They Have Enough Doses to Distribute Trump's doctor says the president already has antibodies. That might not mean he is cured with long-term immunity — it could just be his medication. A huge fire has engulfed a 33-storey tower block in the southern South Korean city of Ulsan. Gathered 10/07/2020: Some 2,100 L.A. County voters got ballots missing one thing: a way to vote for president The Best Multitools for Every Situation 17 Sure Signs You've Had COVID Already Whistleblower who alleged White House virus failures resigns The Most Daring Red Carpet Dresses Ever Worn At The ACM Awards The EPA Now Says These Three Products Kill COVID in a Minute Can Heaters Spread COVID-19? Manhattan D.A. Can Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns, Judges Rule Four Covid rules broken by Trump and the White House Scientists discover ‘off switch’ which may reverse vision loss in babies, adults 5.3-magnitude quake in open water shakes Caribbean islands Gathered 10/06/2020: Ozone hole over Antarctica is 'largest' and 'deepest' it's been in years, researchers say China's image plunging around the world, poll finds Hurricane Delta, a Category 4, takes aim at Cancun before heading to Louisiana Only 4 countries in Europe are below critical Covid threshold The F.D.A. released stricter coronavirus vaccine guidelines that the White House had blocked. They make a vaccine by Election Day highly unlikely. Priceless - .pptx - Courtesy of T Newsom California fire is now a 'gigafire,' a rare designation for a blaze that burns at least a million acres How to watch Mars make its closest approach to Earth until 2035 Across the great divider: Pence and Harris at odds over plexiglass at Utah debate IMPEACH PENCH 'I looked up and the roof was gone': California family says they were driving their new Tesla Model Y home from the dealership when the roof blew clear off After Tesla's Price Drop In China, Competitors Having A Hard Time Keeping Up President Being Treated With Drug That Experts Say Can Trigger ‘Manic Behavior’ Trump Just Killed COVID Stimulus to Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Before the Election Everyone in the White House cluster who has reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus 17 ANDROID (cell phone) apps you need to delete Gathered 10/05/2020: India's new paper Covid-19 test could be a ‘game changer’ Coronavirus: India faces oxygen scarcity as cases surge Nobel Prize for Medicine goes to Hepatitis C discovery Tasmanian Devils reintroduced into Australian wild Personally, with all the animals/habitats destroyed by fire, I do not feel this was a good step. Who's leading in the battleground states? Do Trump’s Taxes Show He’s a Failure, a Cheat, or a Criminal? Suddenly, Amy Coney Barrett Might Not Have the Votes For the moment, COVID-19 diagnoses have jeopardized three votes that Republicans can’t afford to lose The Virus Is Coming From Inside the White House These are the top fantasies on people’s sex bucket lists Gathered 10/04/2020: Who REALLY MAKES Costco's Kirkland Products Raleigh Articles by Heather Leah - WRAL-TV (Raleigh, NC) Journalist NC Licensing Board for General Contractors - you can verify if they are a licenced general contractor here What Happens to Your Body When You Take Remdesivir Gathered 10/03/2020: Top Cord Cutting Stories from The Week Appliances That Could Be Hiking up Your Electricity Bill GFCI - Info about Trump Has Been Lying About His Health for Years—How Can Americans Trust Him Now? Audio leaked of Melania Trump complaining about decorating WH: 'Who gives a f*** about Christmas stuff?' Flying doctors: UK air ambulance tests paramedic jet suit Top Cord Cutting Stories from The Week Appliances That Could Be Hiking up Your Electricity Bill 10 Extra Grocery Costs You Are Not Aware Of history on the Raleigh Latta University Scroll for the latest Hidden History explorations from Raleigh 8 Important Documents You Should NEVER Throw Away Seniors Can Finally Claim These 19 Discounts I AM NOT SURE THESE ARE REALLY "BARGAINS" - Caveat Emptor 12 Things That Are Illegal to Throw in the Trash 18 Things You Should Immediately Throw in the Trash 15 Things About ALDI Stores That No One Tells You Futuristic Architecture - .PPS GOOGLE: homeowners should insist contractors have these types of insurance 7 Questions to Ask All Contractors ASK ABOUT ALL OF THEIR INSURANCE I BELIEVE IT TAKES 2 ?? TYPES OF INSURANCE TO PROTECT, YOU, THE HOME OWNER What Types of Insurance Should a Contractor Have? - Equipter I AM NOT A LAWYER - YOU GET OR DON'T GET INSURANCE AT YOUR OWN RISK I am NOT responsible if any insurance type was left out or misconstrued I am NOT giving legal advice 1. Commercial General Liability Insurance Covers damages to YOUR HOME 2. Workers Compensation (for EVERY worker on your property) Workers’ compensation pays anyone working on the job site who is injured on the job. General contractors can opt out of workers’ compensation for themselves, but must provide it if they have even one employee 6. Roofers Insurance (perhaps) If any subcontractors will work your project — a plumber or electrician, for example — it’s smart to confirm they’re appropriately insured, licensed and bonded - Why Homeowners Should Ask Hired Workers For Proof Of Insurance When doing business with someone else, it is crucial to know whether that person is insured or not. Hurricane Safety - INSURANCE What Paperwork Should My Contractor Provide? - Angie's List The strange covid-19 symptoms that linger Warning! These smart plugs can be hacked and start fires Gathered 10/01/2020: RING-VIDEO-DOORBELL-3-PLUSES-STOPPED-WORKING-WITH-ANY-OF-MY-ALEXA-ECHO-DEVICES Amazon Ring: Phantom smart doorbell chimes alarm owners Covid: Vaccine will 'not return life to normal in spring' California wildfires: Glass Fire as seen by firefighters 25 of the Most Haunted Places Around the World These 8 problems plague the Amazon Echo. Here's how to fix them Diabetes: Are electric blankets off-limits? - Mayo Clinic If you have any degree of nerve damage, you may not be able to sense if an electric blanket or heating pad is too hot — which can lead to inadvertent burns. The same issue applies to water temperature when bathing. Gathered 09/30/2020: LEOPARD ENCOUNTER - .mp4 Three scientists give their best advice on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 Pick-Pocket Proof Pants I know NOTHING about these The Most Brazen Trick Trump Tried to Pull on His Taxes Trump’s 15 Golf Resorts Have Lost More Than $315.6 Million. Is That Par for the Course? These Are the Cities Americans Are Most Eager to Leave Hydrogen-powered train makes UK maiden journey Joe Biden's Taxes Just Came Out, and He Paid Way More Than Trump Did 5 easy ways to convert audio files to text Find out if your service provider is throttling your internet Zimbabwe suspects bacterial disease behind elephant deaths Biden campaign raises record $3.8 million in second hour of debate Why Japanese researchers say there's "no reason" to keep doing painful COVID nasal swab tests Space station crew woken up to hunt for air leak French Probe Into A380 Engine Blowout Reveals Metal Safety Risks Gathered 09/25/2020: new Amazon products: Echo, Fire TV, Eero, Ring, Luna gaming and more We have a few questions about Amazon’s flying indoor security camera drone Gathered 09/24/2020: Use SOLID 12 Gauge copper Wire for 20 amp household circuits Use SOLID 14 Gauge copper Wire for 15 amp household circuits HOT - NEUTRAL - GROUND-WIRES Australia whale stranding: 470 animals now beached in Tasmania record Nearly 500 ex-military, national security officials throw support behind Biden Mexico homicide rate remains high at 29 per 100,000 The daring plan to save the Arctic ice with glass A Russian Billionaire With Close Ties To Putin Made Suspicious Payments To Nobu Gathered 09/22/2020: Floodwater safety tips as Tropical Storm Beta slams Texas The fiasco of the 1976 swine flu affair Gathered 09/21/2020: WiFi Range Extender Best Setup Guide Wi-Fi Range Extender vs. Mesh Network: What's the Difference? InSSIDer Lite to map your home’s WiFi signal strength 10 Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal Thinking About Buying a Mesh WiFi System? Read Our In-Depth Guide Before You Buy Best mesh routers in 2020: Asus, Orbi, Eero, Google Nest and more Hundreds of elephants in Botswana may have died from toxic algae, officials say 6 ways to speed up an old computer Bye-bye MCSA: What Microsoft’s massive certification shakeup means to your IT career Australia whales: 90 dead in mass stranding off Tasmania Astounding Photos Snapped At The Exact, Perfect Millisecond The deadly viruses that vanished without trace Gathered 09/20/2020: Covid Grows Less Deadly as Doctors Gain Practice, Drugs Improve 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID 98 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They've Had FOLIC ACID (Vitamin B9) Gathered 09/19/2020: Intel’s-Tiger-Lake-11th-Gen-Core-i7-1185G7-Review-and-Deep-Dive(1) - PDF - Courtesy of Tom Intel’s-Tiger-Lake-11th-Gen-Core-i7-1185G7-Review-and-Deep-Dive - docx - Courtesy of Tom What has Team Trump done to the CDC? Trump Wants $5 Billion From TikTok Deal for History Project Trumo? Education? Sounds like a SCAM to me (PERSONAL OPINION) Gathered 09/18/2020: ZOOM - Hints & Techniques WiFi Cell Phone SIGNAL STRENGTH TESTERS WiFi - Make it run better Donald Trump: President denies new assault allegation An Iceberg Might NOT Have Sunk the Titanic After All, a New Study Finds U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links Donald Trump: President denies new assault allegation The fine line between art and pornography Biden Aced the Town Hall. Why Didn't Trump? 19 Things Women Wish They Didn't Have To Explain To Men About Sex Coronavirus symptoms or smoke inhalation? In California, it's really hard to tell right now A new report reveals yet another way Jared Kushner hindered the national coronavirus response Roku and Comcast reach agreement to carry Peacock on Roku Former model Amy Dorris says Donald Trump sexually assaulted her Flight to nowhere? Qantas, EVA and ANA offer sightseeing trips to pandemic-weary passenger Gathered 09/17/2020: RTI: "Extremely high" chance Covid-19 screening is ineffective Why forest fires in Siberia, Russia threaten us all Board-of-Elections-Wake-County, NC 919-404-4040 (phone) Coffee Rust Is Going to Ruin Your Morning Coffee plants were supposed to be safe on this side of the Atlantic. But the fungus found them The White House reportedly scrapped a plan for the USPS to distribute face masks to every U.S. household Attorney General William Barr claimed coronavirus lockdowns are the 'greatest intrusion on civil liberties' since slavery The Trump administration reportedly considered using military heat rays to clear Lafayette Square protestors for a photo-op We tested one of Intel’s Tiger Lake processors — and Xe Graphics are the real deal ZOOM - Hints & Techniques Gathered 09/16/2020: It’s Not Just the West. These Places Are Also on Fire. Luxury Off-Road Sleeper Vans are Having Huge Sales Right Now Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state TIME TO STOP HAVING AN SUCH AN EXPENSIVE RELIC, ALL TOGETHER Uber's self-driving operator charged over fatal crash ABOUT DAMN TIME Gathered 09/15/2020: As Hurricane Sally approaches, tips to keep in mind if you're evacuating Follow recommended evacuation routes and don't take shortcuts, authorities say Feds ‘Very Concerned’ About AstraZeneca Vaccine Side Effect Wearing a mask could protect you from COVID-19 in more ways than you think Gathered 09/14/2020: Golden Years Review Sept 2020 - .pdf Nvidia’s monstrous new graphics cards crank up the power while dropping their prices See 70 Years of the Greatest Ferraris Ever Built Army COVID-19 vaccine may produce a side benefit: Cure for the common cold Why Mike Bloomberg plans to spend $100 million boosting Biden in Florid Trump officials are reportedly manipulating the CDC’s Covid-19 reports Next time someone sends you fake news, share these essential tips A fake news survival guide, explained by a librarian Changing a battery in Dubai . . . on top of the world's tallest building! Gathered 09/13/2020: Pictures from Switzerland - .pps bridges-in-Venice - .pps AstraZeneca resumes coronavirus vaccine clinical trials, but only in the UK Former FBI Agent Peter Strzok: Trump Clearly 'Compromised By The Russians' A pod of 'crazy' killer whales is launching coordinated attacks on boats, terrifying the sailors and baffling scientists I'M SKEPTICAL - NEEDS A FACT CHECK Dr. Fauci says he takes vitamin D and C supplements and that they can lessen 'your susceptibility to infection' Trump alma mater says Biden plan better for economic growth Gathered 09/12/2020: 867661 Boeing's 737 Max inches closer to recertification Gathered 09/11/2020: A postcard arrived in Michigan almost 100 years after it went in the mail And we thought DeJoy was (and IS) bad news Gathered 09/10/2020: The search is on for a tiger spotted in a Tennessee industrial park Trump Is Living in Denial From the coronavirus to Russian electoral interference, the president keeps trying to paper over problems instead of addressing them Inquiry Begins Into AstraZeneca's Vaccine Trial a participant had developed a serious neurological condition Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements product comparison Gathered 09/09/2020: What Are Macular Degeneration Symptoms Covid-19 vaccine trial paused after unexplained illness Science Confirms the Megalodon Was Just So, So Big 52.5-foot long megalodon likely had the following measurements: a 15.3-foot-long head, a 5.3-foot-tall dorsal fin, and a 12.6-foot-high tail Amy Schumer reveals she has Lyme disease: 'I have maybe had it for years' AstraZeneca halting COVID-19 vaccine trial is "one of the safety valves," Dr. Fauci says Nearly 800 kids nationwide diagnosed with rare condition linked to COVID-19 'Play it down': Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book 3.1-magnitude earthquake shakes central New Jersey Today's Biggest Earthquakes 'Doomsday Glacier' vulnerability seen in new maps The Deadline That Could Hand Trump the Election A 133-year-old law creates perverse incentives for the Trump administration—and could make a chaotic postelection period even more tumultuous. Trump Is Running His Campaign Like He Ran His Businesses This is an amazing feat—how did the campaign blow through nearly $1 billion to so little effect?—yet also inevitable. Gathered 09/08/2020: 800 662 3263 Kia, Hyundai Recall 600,000 Vehicles For Fire Risk - 9/7/2020 Hyundai now says recalled vehicles should be parked outside due to FIRE HAZZARD RING WIFI SIGNAL STRENGTH portland travel commercial - .mp4 Amazing-Lady's-delicate-balancing-act - .mp4 How to delete saved passwords on Firefox Kia, Hyundai Recall 600,000 Vehicles For Fire Risk Nice Deck.... - Humor Top 6 Alternatives to Final Cut Pro for Windows in (2020) Quick Navigation : 1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2. MiniTool Movie Maker (Recommended) 3. Windows Movie Maker 4. Cyberlink PowerDirector 5. VEGAS Pro 6. Camtasia Studio Final Thoughts User Comments IrfanView 4.54 Download Page Gathered 09/07/2020: FLEEING CALIFORNIA - Documentary 'Super bacteria' survive for three years outside space station In one of the world’s least-visited corners, thousands of ancient stone dwellings dot the landscape, baffling archaeologists. Gathered 09/06/2020: Democrats Hold Secret Edge If Election Is Too Close to Call 19 Scenic Roads In The US Everyone Should Drive Down At Least Once Hurricane Laura’s Winds Are Now Long Gone, But Residents Fear The Toxic Sludge Left Behind Fox Is So Rattled By Trump Military Story That It Confirms, Debunks, Then Reconfirms It Mexico's largest cartel 'arming consumer drones with explosives' in turf war Pentagon orders shutdown of Stars and Stripes newspaper Ex-NRA insider speaks out: Gun owners should be 'horrified' by what I saw 11 Reasons You Don't Want to Retire in Florida Gathered 09/05/2020: WiFi - Make it run better Iran's enriched uranium stockpile '10 times limit' WiFi Analyzer - free at Google Store Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. Found the problem why it wasn't scanning properly, and how to fix it. Part 1 has been mentioned here before, make sure you go into permissions and turn on storage and location. Part 2 is more tricky. Newer versions of Android now limit how much an app can scan wifi in the background, which is bad for an app like this. What you need to do is enable Developer Options and turn off "Wi-Fi Scan throttling" and the app will behave like it used to! Google how to enter Developer Options for your phone "WiFi Intensity" - can't find URL, but it is on Google Play Store Android APP: "WIFI INTENSITY" is in Play Store, BUT HAS NO INFO WHATSOEVER- SUSPICIOUS - MALWARE?? NOR does Google show anything - HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS TO ME - MALWARE???? Here is what the Wi-Fi signal strength values mean Mobile analytics and insights on wireless connectivity from Opensignal, the independent global standard for understanding the true state of the world's mobile .. WiFi signal strength meter Definitive WiFi Analyzer Guide Including the 20 Best WiFi Analyzer Apps & Tools Bluetooth Signal Strength Meter Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge lagging? Speed it up! Gathered 09/04/2020: Nasty malware spotted in 6 apps – delete these now Virus warning for Mac and Windows users! According to BleepingComputer, Microsoft Defender may have a hidden weakness that hackers can exploit to infect your system with malware. This type of security flaw is known in security circles as a “LOLBIN,” and no, it’s no laughing matter. LOLBIN stands for "living-off-the-land binaries," and refers to legitimate operating system files that can be abused maliciously. Beware! Text message delivery scams are back and sneakier than ever The wind turbines standing up to the world’s worst storms Gathered 09/03/2020: 50 State Names and Where They Came From Cheap, widely available steroids reduce mortality in severely ill Covid-19 patients "The REAL cost of COVID" - One of Europe's largest brothels has filed for bankruptcy, Beneath some of the world’s busiest fisheries, radioactive submarines from the Soviet era lie disintegrating on the seafloor. Decades later, Russia is preparing to retrieve them. 15 Things That Will Help Soothe You And Your Anxious Pe I NEITHER APPROVE NOR DISAPPROVE OF THESE PRODUCTS Gathered 09/02/2020: Drink_Measures-THEY-RIP-YOU-OFF - .mp4 Gathered 09/01/2020: With Canada and Mexico borders closed, Americans are trapped in their own health care system Self-powered wildfire detector could help prevent deadly blazes Walmart launching Walmart Plus to compete with Amazon Prime This Parrot Singing Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" Has Gone Viral And It's Really Cute And Wholesome 13 Things From Amazon That Made Getting A Dog So Much Easier For Me Gathered 08/31/2020: Girl thrown into air by kite in Taiwan Fakespot - Analyze and identify fake reviews and counterfeits Install Fakespot for Chrome on any Chromium-based browser such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I HAVE NO OPINION ABOUT THIS Get an alert if your vehicle is recalled with this free app Eruption as seen from an exterior house camera !, when it goes black ,wait, keep watching The Most American COVID-19 Failure Yet Contact tracing works almost everywhere else. Why not here? Welcome to the ‘Pyrocene,’ an Epoch of Runaway Fire Fire scholar Stephen J. Pyne proposes a pyrocentric view of the last 10,000 years — and warns that California’s wildfires herald a very combustible future. A new poll found that 78% of Americans worry that the Covid-19 vaccine approval process is being driven more by politics than science. Where Are We in the Quest for Coronavirus Drugs? Can Planting Trees Make a City More Equitable? Half Of The Population Can't Pass This Common Apostrophe Errors Test — Can You? Sex therapist reveals techniques to use if you suffer from sexual anxiety Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Mysterious Repeating Radio Burst From Space Is Back, Exactly Right on Time The 5 Best Leaf Vacuums for Yard Cleanup 10 caveperson survival skills you need to know Flashlights for emergency scenarios and outdoor fun 50 Amazing Female Cosplays 30 Bridesmaids Who Stole The Show Gathered 08/29/2020: These 25 Safe Tips Will HELP Keep Burglars Away From Your Home Secretly recorded audio of Trump's sister prompts new call for investigation into his admission to Penn Gathered 08/28/2020: Avoid These 25 States When You Retire Elon Musk to show off working brain-hacking device 30 Vintage Stevie Nicks Photos A secret world under a French castle - 3 Km Nearly 1,000 years ago, French lords designed an elaborate underground castle for a doomsday attack that never came. Boris and Covid Could Be the End of the U.K. Boeing Woes Rise With Manufacturing Flaw in Some Dreamliners The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever! 40 Phenomenal Female Teachers (& 40 Teaching Facts) 40 Rarely Seen Photographs Of Woodstock 30 Stunning Professional Meteorologists Gathered 08/27/2020: 20 Places Where $150K Is More Than Enough To Retire The 25 Safest American Cities to Live In Fauci says he 'has some concern' about change in COVID-19 testing guidelines Coral City underwater web cam CDC study reveals evidence of COVID-19 spreading in airplanes According to a survey conducted by Pace University in 2004, the Post was rated the least-credible major news outlet in New York, and the only news outlet to receive more responses calling it "not credible" than credible (44% not credible to 39% credible) - Weirdest Small Towns In The United States Centralia, PA – On Fire Since The '60s Monowi, NE – Population: 1 Whittier, AK – Everyone Lives In One Building How to Clean and Maintain Your Dishwasher Step By Step Before Renovating Your Home, Ask Yourself These Questions Gathered 08/26/2020: FIND that SCENE - Google search for existing locations Wildfires in California burn area larger than Grand Canyon Navalny and Russia’s arsenal of exotic poisons Topless sunbathing defended by French interior minister Rare and valuable plants that naturally “mine” large quantities of nickel are thought to be hiding in Indonesia’s forests – but it is a race to discover them before they are wiped out Convenience Stores Turn to Home Delivery to Fight Pandemic Slump 19 Bushcraft Survival Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Camp In The Wild Japanese discount store gives staff smile masks so they seem friendlier From drownings to deadly rides – the truth about America’s most dangerous theme park How to create a compost for your home garden The Biblical Flood That Will Drown California Driver was watching movie when Tesla plowed into Nash County deputy’s vehicle, troopers say The Two Truths Every Modern Car Owner Must Know Install an Excess Flow Valve to help prevent gas explosions due to natural gas leaks HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS Gathered 08/25/2020: "The US is in a water crisis far worse than most people imagine" BY Erin Brockovich - What's Your Question? Reference is a digital publisher dedicated to answering the questions of students and lifelong learners. Top 5 programming languages for security admins to learn Ted Cruz is 'just a coward' for backing Trump, former aide Rick Tyler says Australia to Support 4,000 Defense Jobs With A$1 Billion Package Scientists think they've solved the mystery behind Earth's second major extinction event How to figure out what’s wrong with your toilet—and then fix it California shut off power grids this week, but not because of clean energy 1,000 km/h Edmonton-Calgary pod commute is the latest twist Florida confirmed 9K new COVID-19 cases among children within 15 days as schools reopen 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: What We Know About the Twin-Turbo Super-’Vette U.S. charges Teva in generic drugs price-fixing probe Tesla's Musk hints of battery capacity jump ahead of industry event 400 Wh/kg *with* high cycle life, produced in volume (not just a lab) is not far. Probably 3 to 4 years. Israeli mask maker Sonovia expects 99% coronavirus success after lab test iRobot is giving its vacuum cleaners a new AI-powered brain The Looming Bank Collapse The U.S. financial system could be on the cusp of calamity. This time, we might not be able to save it. Gathered 08/24/2020: DevOps: A cheat sheet Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, announces departure from White House to focus on family The Navy Is Finally Creating America's Next Fighter Jet Two of the largest wildfires in California’s history are burning right now Zoom goes down, bringing much of the the remote workplace and classroom to grinding hal Video conferencing service suffers Monday morning glitch, much to the delight of some users. More than 313,000 NC voters request absentee ballots, 10 times more than in 2016 NC will become the first state to send out ballots for the 2020 general election. North Carolina will initiate the vote-by-mail process on Sept. 4, two months ahead of Election Day. USPS delays could put 14 million at risk for late prescriptions: "This is ridiculous" ADD another attempted murder charge for Trump Hong Kong reports 'first case' of virus reinfection They say genome sequencing shows the two strains of the virus are "clearly different", making it the world's first proven case of reinfection. China says it's been vaccinating doctors and border workers since July Donald Trump Jr: The son who is Trumpier than Trump FBI warning: Cybercriminals can use this tactic to break into your VPN, steal your files and more Gathered 08/23/2020: This Dog Raised By Cats And Now Thinks He’s A Cat The First Skateboarding Cat Ever! USPS Delays 'Far Worse Than We Were Told,' Internal Docs Show Donald Trump's sister says he's an 'unprincipled phoney' Coronavirus vaccine: Short cuts and allegations of dirty tricks in race to be first 8 Definitions To Help You Make Sense Of Your Insurance Policy bridge-weak-freak ALEXA-and-RING-DOORBELLS RING-Video-Doorbell-3-Plus--Tips-and-Tricks Iran nuclear: Fire at Natanz plant 'caused by sabotage' Why Mozilla's layoffs and Google deal made me rethink my browser of choice new default browser: Vivaldi Vivaldi has all the features and more of Firefox, BUT Wii Norton and CCleaner integrate with Vivaldi? These smart plugs are the secret to a seamless smart home I'd recommend looking for a smart plug that includes features like scheduling, timers, scenes and something called "away mode" that randomly powers on and off to simulate activity inside your home. Gathered 08/22/2020: IBM finds vulnerability in IoT chips present in billions of devices What's the Difference Between a Caucus and a Primary? 8 States With the Highest Sales Taxes Zinc, Vitamin D and the Coronavirus: What Doctors Know So Far Trump ordered to pay $44,100 in Stormy Daniels legal fees LUMENS in a 2 foot linear FLOURESCENT BULB Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In September Guardian Angels on the rise in NYC as moms, teachers patrol streets Asteroid heading our way day before presidential election Cure for oral herpes is around the corner, new study shows According to a survey conducted by Pace University in 2004, the Post was rated the least-credible major news outlet in New York, and the only news outlet to receive more responses calling it "not credible" than credible (44% not credible to 39% credible). Gathered 08/21/2020: Satellite photos appear to show Chinese submarine using underground base These Captivating Drone Images Show Unexpected and Bizarre Scenes ‘Electric mud’ teems with new, mysterious bacteria Continent-Size Pressure Waves Are Rippling Through Earth’s Atmosphere Scientists first theorized about the waves 220 years ago. In June, they finally found solid evidence As experts argue about coronavirus face-coverings, here's what you should know It's unlikely to catch coronavirus on a flight now, according to experts NOT sure that I blieve it's safe Greenland's ice sheet lost over a billion tons of ice per day in 2019 Trump was serious about trading hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico for Greenland, ex-DHS official says Gathered 08/20/2020: Illinois Virus Saliva Test May Be ‘Game Changing,’ Governor Says Nasa investigating ‘anomaly’ in Earth’s magnetic field China issues warning to US over escalating Huawei sanctions Honey more effective than antibiotics for coughs and colds, research says Lucid Motors boasts it will have ‘the fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered’ 300 miles in about 20 minutes. Federal relief for Iowa derecho damage leaves out aid for homeowners, farmers 98 Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They've Had Old Farmer's Almanac Winter 2020-2021 Forecast and Predictions Are In publication anticipates a less harsh winter than past years. Joe Biden Plots His Vision of Party’s Future, Dismaying Progressives US tells Russia that China has secret and rapidly expanding nuclear warhead arsenal NOT sure that I buy this We now have the best evidence yet that everyone develops long-term coronavirus immunity after infection — and it's not just about antibodies T cells — not antibodies — may be key to long-term COVID-19 immunity. What are they? ‘Remarkable’ study suggests antibodies do protect against second coronavirus infection Coronavirus linked to onset of type 1 diabetes in children Top Republican National Security Officials Say They Will Vote for Biden 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes approved for release in Florida Keys 9 Best Outdoor Towns in the U.S. How many of these geological wonders have you seen? Does the U.S. Need to Fear That China Might Invade Taiwan? A million people live in these underground nuclear bunkers How a 5-ounce bird stores 10,000 maps in its head The future may be full of fire tornadoes Everything you never wanted to know about whirling infernos As Hurricanes Approach, the Robotic Storm Chasers of the Future Are Ready Russia Warns the World: Any Incoming Ballistic Missile Is Considered Nuclear It Sure Looks Like Russia Sent Military Dolphins to Syria Here's what the marine mammals were likely guarding California Governor Gavin Newsom Failed To Take Promised Pay Cut After Cutting State Workers’ Pay By 10 Percent Gathered 08/19/2020: ALEXA WEATHER ALERTS Face Masks in Brussels - And I thought Americans were Creative! How to delete saved passwords in Firefox Just when you think you've seen it all - .PDF SITES that do REVIEWS STORM/SAFE ROOM SHELTERS BRIDGE - BETTER MINOR natural gas shutoff - automatic - disaster How to open HEIC and HEVC files in Windows 10 Ceiling-Fan-Direction-in-Summer-and-Winter what-temperature-may-damage-your-desktop-computer Protect-Your-Fridge-and-Freezer-from-High-Temperature-Weather BLOCK-OUTGOING-CALLER-ID Fertilizer-application-in-hot-weather MERV-vs-MPR-vs-FPR--The-Definitive-Guide-to-AIR-FILTER-RATINGS Internet-Connection-Speed-Recomendations-by-NETFLIX Hurricane-Preparation-List How-to-Store-Food-in-Your-Fridge How-to-interpret-JOB-ADS Chocolate "snow" dusts Swiss town after malfunction at Lindt factory A Republican-led Senate panel has concluded that Trump campaign contacts with Russia in 2016 "represented a grave counterintelligence threat" Death Valley: What life is like in the 'hottest place on Earth' Trump’s Fetal Tissue Ethics Board Just Voted To Block Most Research 15 Unexpected Photos Of Things That Never Crossed Your Mind But Are Truly Interesting To See Hyperloop Explained Pictures-taken-at-just-the-right-moment - .pps Stress Reducers New shelters at bus stops in Seoul, South Korea, check travelers’ temperatures before letting them inside Gathered 08/17/2020: Death Valley reaches 130 degrees, hottest temperature in U.S. in at least 107 years New Jersey counties are under quarantine for another reason: Invasive bugs Former FDA Chief Calls Out Jared Kushner For Comparing COVID-19 To Common Flu Donald Trump Is Rewriting History On Preexisting Conditions — Again Surfer Punches Shark Repeatedly To Save His Wife In Attack Off Australian Beach Kasich says Trump has taken U.S. down 'wrong road,' backs Biden The Only Bra Hack Men Will Ever Need Just when you think you've seen everything - .PDF Gathered 08/15/2020: Vacation Photos That Did Not Go As Planned States are trying to cap the price of insulin. Pharmaceutical companies are pushing back. The drug industry has fought some state efforts to make insulin more affordable to people who are on Medicare or lack health insurance Six questions about slavery reparations, answered Citi’s $900 Million ‘Clerical Error’ Is Worst Wall Street Bungle in a Long Time NOT a cleaical error - someone deliberately wanted Revlon to have the money Robot boat completes three-week Atlantic mission The Pentagon Made A Unit To Investigate UFOs And It's Not Keeping It Secret Anymore The US Postal Service Is Now A Trump Target In The 2020 Election. Here's What's Going On. 47 Brilliant Van And RV Hacks For Anyone About To Embark On A Road Trip The Right Wing Has A New Theory For Why The Pandemic Will End Soon: T Cells Right-wing commentators and Trump’s new science adviser, Scott Atlas, say new studies signal good news for ending the pandemic. Scientists say that’s a dangerous leap. 47 Brilliant Van And RV Hacks For Anyone About To Embark On A Road Trip Colby Cosh: COVID-19's love of fat Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 6 former EPA heads laid out a plan to rescue the agency after Trump As experts argue about coronavirus face-coverings, here's what you should know The DHS Secretary and His Deputy Got Their Jobs Unlawfully, a Government Watchdog Finds Trump Suddenly Cares About Health Care. I Think You Know Why The Coronavirus Death Toll Is Staggering More than a thousand Americans are dying of COVID-19 each day. IMPEACH TRUMP, YET AGAIN The CDC clarifies that COVID-19 immunity and antibodies are still a mystery New guidelines on quarantining send a mixed message. Nine great weather apps for your phone Now that Dark Sky is no longer on Android, you might be looking for a replacement You should switch to a browser that has its own VPN Is Jared Kushner Illegally Coordinating With Kanye West? The 10 Scariest Election Scenarios, Ranked We asked 10 experts for their worst election nightmares—and how to prevent them from happening What a Mail Carrier Is Seeing on the Ground Right Now The Best Tools to Combat Ticks and Mosquitoes, According to Experts Revolutionary Nanotech Masks Back In Stock MAY BE HOGWASH - I DO NOT KNOW 10 Sneaky Signs You’re Dehydrated The 25 safest American cities to live in Astounding Photos Snapped At The Exact, Perfect Millisecond 5 Warning Signs of Dementia The Worst States To Retire in, Ranked Australian seagulls carry antibiotic-resistant superbugs Gathered 08/14/2020: Michael Cohen's book foreword: Trump 'wouldn’t mind if I was dead' 19 oz covers 28.5 sq feet (2/3 Oz covers 1 sq foot) Trump blocks postal funds to prevent expanded mail-in voting 'Firenado' rages through Angeles National Forest Scorching temperatures (115) in Death Valley will shatter records in West, Southwest Women Are Sharing The Most Surprising Things They Didn't Realize About Penises, And It's Hysterical Obama required gas companies to fix methane leaks. Trump is set to undo that rule Why flu vaccines don’t protect people for long Looking Behind Trump’s Latest Attack on Canada’s Aluminum Exports Gathered 08/13/2020: MyShake, an app that gives him alerts to seismic activity (EARTHQUAKES) anywhere on Earth Well, currently, until enough people join, you would only get an alert if you were in California. With a nod to UC Berkeley, Google crowdsources earthquake data Chicken wings imported to China from Brazil test positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus: Spanish regions ban smoking over Covid-19 risk Blood test could identify early stage Alzheimer’s disease Antarctic ice sheet collapse could add 3 meters to sea-level rise Ripple20 TCP/IP flaws can be patched but still threaten IoT devices Android update fixes major security flaws Scientists tested 14 different face masks – see the winners and losers From California to the Midwest, examining the perils of industrial farming and the risk to food EXCEPT Meat & Poultry products, which are controlled by the USDA (FSIS Recalls) FSIS monitors recalls of meat and poultry products produced by Federally inspected establishments Satellite Pictures Show Possible Flood Damage to North Korean Nuclear Facility Bald eagle takes down Michigan government drone The device was mapping shoreline erosion when it was attacked in the air. Imported frozen foods may have caused New Zealand's new coronavirus outbreak. But it's very rare to get sick from such packages The 15 Best Face Masks for Glasses, According to Reviews Gathered 08/12/2020: Watch out for these subject lines in email phishing attacks Rare "boomerang" earthquake detected under the Atlantic Ocean for the first time Forest Fires Are Setting Chernobyl’s Radiation Free Trees now cover most of the exclusion zone, and climate change is making them more likely to burn, Please clap for this cat who plays his tiny piano every time he’s hungry or wants attention Power outages after Tropical Storm Isaias were a warning to utilities Utilities are scrambling after Isaias, and they should be worried about the next storm Improve Your Typing Skills Free - It's in the form of a game with leaderboards, so it's great for kids! Gathered 08/11/2020: Signs Your Dog Is Overheating, And What You Can Do About It HOW TO HELP YOUR DOG COPE WITH FIREWORKS OR THUNDERSTORMS Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) - a LIST Material Compatibility with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) 8 things you should never clean with rubbing alcohol Coronavirus may spread much farther than 6 feet in indoor spaces with poor ventilation Google turns Android phones into earthquake sensors; California the first to get alerts f Google's approaches for detecting and alerting prove effective, warnings would reach more people, including for the first time Indonesia and other developing countries with few traditional sensors Cooking N95 masks in an Instant Pot kills COVID-19. Seriously JUST do NOT invite me to dinner Researchers find that 'cooking' your N95 decontaminates the mask without altering its fit or filtration. The Engine That Will Make Air Force One Hypersonic Gathered 08/10/2020:AI invents new ‘recipes’ for potential COVID-19 drugs A-smile-for-the-day - Pictures Almost 100K US kids infected with COVID-19 in last two weeks of July an alarming 40 percent rise, according to new data Dwarf planet Ceres is an ocean world: study How Trump Killed Tens of Thousands of Americans The Trump administration reportedly quashed part of an intelligence report that showed Russia is helping him win the 2020 election Russia chooses less testing, faster production to win COVID-19 vaccine race Russia's 'Hunter' Is Unlike Anything in America's Arsenal Treasure-hunter finds 3,000-year-old hoard in Scotland Can’t find Lysol disinfectant spray? Here’s what to buy instead Next coronavirus peaks will 'by far' exceed the current one, expert warns Ohio Republicans against Trump: He no longer deserves the consent of the governed 'Fake background office chatter helps me work from home' The Only Bra Hack Men Will Ever Need Your summer guide to sunscreen, from SPF to not-so-magic pills A devastating indictment of the Republican Party from a GOP insider In “It Was All a Lie,” one of the GOP’s campaign operatives turns on the party he once helped build The global coffee crisis is coming It’s getting harder and harder to grow coffee How “forever chemicals” polluted America’s water Why 99 percent of Americans have these chemicals in their blood Gathered 08/09/2020: Scary bug leaves nearly half of all smartphones exposed to hackers A string of bugs discovered in Qualcomm’s series of Snapdragon chips can leave smartphones open to remote takeovers from hackers. Scam alert: No, that’s not Apple calling Massive shopping scams use great deals to fool you Nikola Tesla Proved It Was Possible. Now Wireless Electricity Is a Reality How Disney fools your brain to make lines feel magically short The top MP3 players for all your music There’s a dangerous virus brewing in pigs—but there’s no need to panic yet A man in his 20s died of the plague in New Mexico's first reported death from the infection in years Drive the plastic highway? How a California company's innovative repaving process could lead to the 'holy grail' of road construction Virgin Galactic's Supersonic Jet Is a Commercial Failure in the Making Virgin Galactic's Supersonic Jet Is a Commercial Failure in the Making Is Stevia Bad for You? A Nutritionist Gives Us the Honest Trut Gathered 08/08/2020: Short on Money, Cities Around the World Try Making Their Own Bill Gates is spending $150 million to try to make a coronavirus vaccine as cheap as $3 4 Incredible Light Shows from Around the World Gathered 08/07/2020: 6 Alexa features you should turn off right now Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug Takes Step Toward FDA Approval The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two types of medications — cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Exelon, Razadyne) and memantine (Namenda) — to treat the cognitive symptoms (memory loss, confusion, and problems with thinking and reasoning) of Alzheimer's disease. Medications for Memory Loss - Alzheimer's Association Study Finds Owning a Dog Boosts Longevity PROBABLY TRUE OF ANY EFFECTIONATE PET African Killifish May Hold the Key to Human Longevity NASA Goes Looking for Tiny Ancient Martians The newest Mars rover will avoid the places where life might be thriving right now and search for long-dead microbes instead. A Federal Court Ruled House Democrats Can Sue The Trump Administration When Its Officials Defy Subpoenas Flash Gordon: An erotic sci-fi extravaganza Gathered 08/06/2020: Can’t Connect to the Internet? Here’s What To Do Deutsche Bank turned over Trump financial documents to New York prosecutors Japan's mysterious 'Dragon Eye' lake 31 Things Designed To Help You Kill As Much Time As Possible US offers up to $10 million reward for info on foreign hackers interfering in upcoming election Gov. DeWine (R) of Ohio Tests Positive Before a Planned Trump Visit 2020 may be 'one of the busiest' hurricane seasons on record: NOAA N.Y. AG Letitia James files lawsuit to dissolve NRA for 'diverting charitable funds' Canada zoo struggles to return pandas to China Coronavirus: Los Angeles to shut off water and power to party houses Ice caps formed during Little Ice Age roughly 5,000 years ago completely disappear from Canada In Ohio, Trump offers argument for his reelection Gathered 08/05/2020: Walmart RECALLING some ONIONS over possible SALMONELA POISIONING Outbreak Investigation of Salmonella Newport: Red Onions (July 2020) Recalled products include red, yellow, white, and sweet yellow onions shipped from May 1, 2020 to present. Stay Away From These 115 Hand Sanitizers, F.D.A. Warns 25 Cheapest U.S. Cities to Live In Roku Tops Quarterly Sales Estimates But Warns of Uncertainty 17 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Puppy What you think raising a puppy is like is probably not at all what raising a puppy is like. Gathered 08/04/2020: DOMINION (Raleigh) natural gas automatic emergency shutoff valVe (EFV)- 1-877-776-2427 NC Floodplain Mapping Program 4105 Reedy Creek Drive Enter your e-mail address to save your settings and sign up for flood alerts. Duke Energy - Outages in the Carolinas Two preliminary studies of an experimental coronavirus vaccine yielded encouraging results, the Maryland-based company Novavax announced NIH launches clinical trials for COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment Two-thirds of Americans say U.S. handling coronavirus pandemic worse than other countries: Poll Safari Animals Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Trump wants a coronavirus vaccine by November. Here's why that's dangerous We've reached the "zombie cicada" stage of 2020 Climate change will kill more people than all infectious diseases combined, new study says Earth is hurtling toward a catastrophe worse than the dinosaur extinction The Tiny, Simple Nuclear Reactor That Could Change Energy 30 Years Later, This Big Boy Fusion Reactor Is Almost Ready to Turn On This Powder—Not Gas—Could Rescue Nuclear Fusion Pap smears are no longer the best way to screen for cervical cancer Gathered 08/03/2020: Hurricane hacks: Food in the washing machine and more 25 Sep Steps to Never Get Trapped Inside of Your Storm Shelter A Guide to Help Protect Your Home From Heat and Humidity Damage Ningaloo Reef: Woman injured by humpback whale at Australian tourist spot Japan Acted Like the Virus Had Gone. Now It’s Spread Everywhere. Gathered 08/02/2020: Trump's threatened TikTok ban could motivate young users to vote, some say Models don eye-popping looks in tape-only swimsuit show The Most Daring Red Carpet Dresses Ever Worn At The ACM Awards An underwater webcam in the port of Miami has become a lockdown sensation Even though I've swum in it's waters, I hadn't realized that Miami had so many colorful fish, Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Advance in Race for Covid-19 Protection Photos sensationnelles 45_vues11 - .pps Gathered 08/01/2020: 15 Weirdest Substances That Actually Exist On Earth Gathered 07/31/2020: This is what it looks like - forty magnificent pictures What exactly is a 'Karen' and where did the meme come from? For centuries, people have relied on the gushing, colour-changing waters of this ancient well – but no-one has ever been able to locate its source Tobacco-Based Covid Vaccine May Start Clinical Trials in Weeks Is AC Increasing the Risk of Catching Coronavirus? "Zombie cicadas" infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia Prince Andrew allegedly pushed for Epstein to get ‘favorable’ plea deal arrest that Royal Mask dispute leaves Staples customer with broken leg after woman throws her to ground SHOOT people who don't wear masks (after you offer a free one) Margot Kagan, who recently had a liver transplant and was walking with a cane, was thrown to the ground by another customer she had told to wear a mask. USDA Offers Food Safety Tips for Areas Affected by Hurricane Isaias Dangerous malware has a new trick: Stealing your email attachments The X-rated codes behind these popular emojis will shock you Amazon shares your private info unless you do these steps Gathered 07/29/2020: Mars 2020 rover launch is NASA's latest attempt to look for ancient life Exclusive: Russia claims it's on track to approve Covid-19 vaccine by mid-August. But speed of process raises questions The World's Largest Seaplane Pulls Off Its First Waterborne Flight Scientists Found an Ancient Graveyard of Anomalous Stars in Our Galaxy's Halo A small federal agency focused on preventing industrial disasters is on life support. Trump wants it gone IMPEACH TRUMP How the Navajo Nation slowed one of the worst Covid-19 outbreaks in the US Nursing home deaths in Texas rose 64 percent in the past 2 weeks Democrats are worried they can’t trust the 2020 state polls. Maybe they should be. Stunning Insects That Look Equally Bizarre and Beautiful Critics blast U.S. study finding huge Alaskan mine poses little environmental risk Talkative parrot teases his owner in funniest way possible China shows signs of hostility against U.S. Fauci: Wear goggles or eye shields to prevent spread of COVID-19 Mystery of origin of Stonehenge megaliths solved Microsoft’s Edge browser is crashing if you have Google set as default search There’s a temporary workaround FCC approves Amazon’s internet-from-space Kuiper constellation of 3,236 satellites OH HELL - TOTAL of ABOUT 49,000 Internet satellites beaming RADIATION down on us How Viagra May Prevent Colorectal Cancer Gathered 07/28/2020: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube take down false coronavirus "cure" video shared by Trump Mask Advocates Cite Plane Transmission Study in Call for Mandate Study documents Chinese man who became infected on jet Bill Barr’s Unconstitutional Campaign to Reelect the President A long-awaited blood test for Alzheimer’s is in reach, scientists say. It could speed up treatment research and aid in diagnosing dementia patients Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans' mail boxes Gathered 07/27/2020: How to stop annoying robocalls and scam calls for good Inbox suddenly filled with malicious spam? Here’s why Siberia's enormous hole in the ground is getting bigger Cool your home without air conditioning - Popular Science NASA is about to launch a rover to Mars in search of ancient alien life Strange "ghostly" particles found inside a mountain in Italy could unlock the Sun's mysteries This new antibody test gauges your body's ability to fight coronavirus 2020 Daily Trail Markers: Voting against Trump fueling Biden support in Michigan and Ohio Trump Again Tries to Block Subpoena for Taxes, Calling It ‘Wildly Overbroad’ RECALL DeSantis Siberia's enormous hole in the ground is getting bigger Gathered 07/26/2020: Rob Lowe's Son Found Out His Mom Taught Gwyneth Paltrow How To Give Blowjobs And I Have Second, Third, And Fourth-Hand Embarrassment Bill Nye Is Going Viral On TikTok For Doing An Experiment About How Effectively Face Masks Work Pittsburgh-Area Company Develops Electrostatic Drone That Could Disinfect Stadiums In Three Hours Giant waves of sand are moving on Mars Should you update your PC’s BIOS? Here’s how if you need to Experts Have Discovered A Dangerous Mutant Reptile In New Jersey Gathered 07/25/2020: Chinese dam collapse warns of future disasters A new study evaluated the accuracy of more than 60 coronavirus antibody tests. 13 were a cut above the rest. The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump in November's election "I made the decision I will not support a Republican candidate in an election until Trump is gone," he said. Oscars Afterparty Dresses That'll Leave You in Awe Researchers discover new information about COVID-19 mutations that could help towards a vaccine Drinking up to 5 cups of coffee a day has no long-term dangers and could even reduce risk of chronic illness, according to a review of 95 studies on coffee-drinkers WHO PAID FOR THIS STUDY? 50 Worst Cars Ever Made What's Plan B if there's no COVID-19 vaccine? Singapore man admits being Chinese spy in US Scientists dive deep to explore mysterious 'blue hole' on the Florida seabed Brand New Policy In North Carolina Makes Auto Insurance So Cheap, It's Almost Criminal. How to Figure Tree Weight How to Figure Tree Weight Life Lift Systems Pitch of their Vortex Vaults Tornado Shelter Bed on Shark Tank Life Lift Systems Florida GOP Congressman ‘Devastated’ After Longtime Staffer Dies From COVID-19 The best Android apps (July 2020) How can I prevent moisture buildup in my underground storm The sisters regrowing forests helped by their dogs Gates Says Korean Firm Could Make 200 Million Vaccines by June Investors roast Intel over manufacturing failures, stock sheds $42 billion in value Gathered 07/24/2020: How to Make Your Deck Last an Extra 10 Years This New, Non-Cuttable Material Is Virtually Indestructible Watch an angle grinder try—and fail—to attack it Gathered 07/23/2020: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Instacart Customers’ Personal Data Is Being Sold Online If You Wear N95 Masks, You Can Clean Them In An Instant Pot I do NOT know if this really works - and hate the idea of the the mask in a Pot that is also used for food. Double meteor showers will light up the night sky as comet Neowise fades away Ancient stone tools suggest first people arrived in America earlier than thought Mexico archaeology: Pre-Hispanic ruins found on mountaintop Coronavirus: How South Africa and Rwanda are coping without tourists Gathered 07/19/2020: Biden Warns Of Russian Election Interference After Receiving Intelligence Briefings Citizen Watchdog Group Files Ethics Complaint Over Ivanka Trump’s Goya Plug Undermining the CDC Puts Lives at Risk The Trump administration has found a new way to sideline the country’s leading public health agency Are You Ready For Your First Backpacking Trip? Optical disc - Wikipedia The end of Blu-ray Thanks to the rise of streaming, Samsung is discontinuing its Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray player lines. That's lousy news for people who love older TV shows and movies. Forget Streaming: Why You Should Still Buy Blu-Rays | Tom's ... Are optical drives obsolete? - Quora Gathered 07/18/2020: Vonage can ONLY conference 3 persons on their TCP/IP landlines. How to conference call on Android by merging calls You can conference call on Android by calling each participant individually and merging the calls together. Android phones allow you to send and receive calls, including conference calls with multiple people. How can I get a free conference call number? Start Conferencing Today Get a Free Account. Create a account with an email and password. ... Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. ... Participate in a Conference Call. ... Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing. These-things-can-happen-only-while-travelling-in-Africa-Reis-naar-Afrika - .pps this-dog-was-raised-with-rabbits - .mp4 Today's Biggest EARTHQUAKES GARMIN TECHNOLOGY IS OUTDATED - .jpg A 'viral stun gun': How monoclonal antibodies can help fight COVID-19 They've been promoted as a "bridge to a vaccine." But what are monoclonal antibodies? How to spot 5 planets and the crescent moon without a telescope this weekend Women Are Sharing The Things They Wish Men Wouldn't Copy From Porn During Sex And It's Getting Heated The Speeds of the Fastest Aircraft in History Compared Joe Biden says Russians are trying to meddle in 2020 election COVID-19 strains can be identified by cluster of symptoms, study says This is from nypost, New York Post (News) media bias rating is Lean Right Trump 'deeply damaged' from childhood upbringing, president's niece says in CNN interview Most of the World May Face Covid Without a Vaccine Gathered 07/17/2020: How can I get a free conference call number? How many Vonage Extensions can I have? THIS IS AN AD - I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS COMPANY/SERVICE Start Conferencing Today Get a Free Account. Create a account with an email and password. ... Host a Conference Call. The host connects to the conference call using the dial-in number, followed by the access code and host PIN. ... Participate in a Conference Call. ... Add Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing. Data secrecy is crippling attempts to slow COVID-19’s spread in U.S., epidemiologists warn IMPEACH TRUMP AGAIN - HE IS KILLING US - PERSONAL OPINION Coronavirus deaths mounting in U.S. hot spots: "The person you're putting in a body bag is your next-door neighbor" Air Force scraps updates to Open Skies Treaty aircraft following treaty withdrawal Coronavirus: Georgia governor sues Atlanta over face mask rules GEORGIA GOVERNOR SEEMS TO WANT TO KILL GEORGIANS - PERSONAL OPINION Fleet of robotic birds developed by German company Shocking new malware steals passwords from hundreds of BANKING apps Scaramucci Says He Wants to See Trump ‘Humiliated’ Allinko 880 Auto Focus Webcam 1080P - I LIKE IT As good or better (opinion) than my more expensive, top-rated Logitech web cam, which is STILL on BACK ORDER. $ 55 (Amazon PRIME) Allinko 880 Auto Focus Webcam 1080P with Privacy Cover, Noise Cancelling Mic, Web Camera with Cover Wide Screen Video Calling Recording Streaming, Skype Web Cam for Mac OS X Win 10 8 7 FYI, I have only had it for SIX WEEKS T-Mobile’s new ‘Scam Shield’ helps you fight annoying robocalls NOTE ALL CARRIERS SHOULD BE ABLE TO SUPPLY SOME SUCH SERVICE. I've been using such a service for many months. Gathered 07/16/2020: All the President’s Lies About the Coronavirus An unfinished compendium of Trump’s overwhelming dishonesty during a national emergency Rose Parade canceled for first time since World War II Vaccine Trials Advance in Race for Virus Protection Hazmat Suits for Air Travel Are Here They may be completely brilliant. Or they may be too good to be true. Rose Parade canceled for first time since World War II America Should Prepare for a Double Pandemic COVID-19 has steamrolled the country. What happens if another pandemic starts before this one is over? Anthony Fauci rebukes Trump administration’s efforts to discredit him: ‘It’s nonsense’ A Saved Whale Dances in Thanks Netflix's Reign As The Streaming King May Come To An End This Earnings Season A new Cold War between U.S., China may have already begun. Here's what it might look like. 6 U.S. Cities That Are Full of European Charm Do cloth face masks really work? We tested them in the lab Mandatory Mask Use Could Have Saved 40,000 Lives, Study Says Covid Vaccine Front-Runner Is Months Ahead of Her Competition May produce both antibodies and T-cells. What the world was like the last time carbon dioxide levels were at 400ppm Death Valley just hit the second hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth Hydroxychloroquine ineffective against mild COVID-19, study shows Nearly half of all Wake County's coronavirus cases are from Latinx community Pentagon reveals some details of Trump's 'super duper' hypersonic missile Mosquitoes flying free as health departments focus on virus Russian hackers are targeting vaccine development, officials say WindowSwap lets you cycle through picturesque views from all over the world Chuck Schumer unveils $350B bill intended to combat ‘systemic racism’ Sweden becomes an example of how not to handle COVID-19 Team Trump Frantically Plots New Ways to Make Him Feel Good About Himself Ivanka and Don Jr. Were Doing So Great Til Daddy Screwed It All Up Gathered 07/15/2020: IMPEACH ALL POLITICIANS WHO DISTORT THE ACTUAL FACTS White House Changes Rules On Coronavirus Reporting To Bypass CDC: Report Impeach Him Again The now and future dead deserve some attempt at justice Trump’s Allies Know He Has Failed Mary Trump Says ‘Utterly Incapable’ President Should Resign In Scorched-Earth Interview Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized For Possible Infection Tucker Carlson Latest Fox News Host To Conveniently Take A Sudden Vacation These Air Conditioners And Fans Under $250 Will Help You Cool Down The Most Revealing Red Carpet Looks Ever Avoid These 16 US States When You Retire Trump Called 'Cancel Culture' the Definition of Totalitarianism. But He's Tried to Cancel All These People and Businesses For fourth time in 8 days, U.S. breaks record for new coronavirus cases Walmart will require masks at its 5,400 stores starting July 20 Orange County's largest school districts won't comply with Board of Education vote to return to classroom Bushehr port: Seven ships ablaze in latest Iran mystery fires Coronavirus: US disease chief Dr Anthony Fauci calls White House attacks 'bizarre' Gathered 07/14/2020: Aztec palace's remains uncovered off Mexico City's main Zócalo plaza Nearly 1,000 U.S. Immigration Detention Center Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus The "Lucifer" Season 5 Trailer Just Revealed A Major Storyline And I'm Not Handling It Well A huge wall of undiscovered galaxies has been hiding behind the Milky Way Immunity to COVID-19 might last only a few months, according to new research This implies vaccines will be essentially useless ??? Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests Exclusive: King’s College London team found steep drops in patients’ antibody levels three months after infection - implies vaccines will be essentially useless ?? antibodies are only part of the story. There is growing evidence that T cells produced to fight common colds can protect people as well. Those patients who fight the virus with T cells may not need to churn out high levels of antibodies The fracking boom is ending, but its environmental impact is far from over Winter could bring a surge of coronavirus cases, experts warn Gathered 07/12/2020: 'Million-Mile' Batteries Are Coming. Are They a Revolution? Trump Allegedly Suggested Selling Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria Approached A former cabinet member recalls the president’s bizarre ideas 35 Years Ago, a U.S. F-15 Blasted an Orbiting Satellite to Smithereens Navy Super Hornets Can Now Carry the Stormbreaker Bomb Meet Fugaku, the New Fastest Computer in the World Mexico City buried its river and lakes to prevent disease. But then COVID-19 happened. The city's air pollution could worsen the toll of the pandemic FLORIDA SMASHES GRIM RECORD: 15,000 NEW CASES IN SINGLE DAY! Arizona, Texas Officials Order Morgue Trucks In Latest Sign Of Rising COVID-19 Rates Stone Walks Free in One of the Greatest Scandals in American History My patient caught Covid-19 twice. So long to herd immunity hopes. White House seeks to discredit Fauci amid coronavirus surge United Airlines Has a Huge Warning for Airlines Studio 54: Candid Moments Captured from the World’s Greatest Disco The Highest Paid Female News Anchors And Their INSANE Net Worths Gathered 07/11/2020: 41 Snapchats that are evil but also pretty funny Travel Through the Vivid Landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania 15 Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesn't Seem to Work These Extinct Animals Could Still Be Roaming the Planet Discover the Lost World of Arctic Dinosaurs This Amazing Utopian Forest City, Cancun, Aims To Be 100% Renewable The Future Will Be Super Fun with These Awesome Vehicles Why Hover Trains Failed to Become the Trains of the Future 10 Countries That DISAPPEARED A Fascinating Restoration of 1911 New York on HD Video Vermont became the first state to legally require composting How a simple farming method could remove 2 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have a plan to put the Democratic Party back together Carbon dioxide levels are about to reach heights last seen 15 million years ago How two weird stars could help researchers solve the mysteries of life Once again, Elon Musk says fully-autonomous Teslas are coming soon Mitt Romney Blasts Trump for Commuting Roger Stone’s Sentence Not Just Roger Stone: A Shockingly Long List of Trump’s Controversial Pardons and Commutations Gathered 07/10/2020: The Netherlands Sues Russia Over the Downing of MH17 China Points to Shrimp as Virus Carrier After Salmon Debacle There's Low Risk of Food Spreading the Virus, Experts Say After Salmon Panic WHO: Droplets, contact still 'dominant' methods of COVID-19 transmission Gathered 07/09/2020: Trump’s Claim That Hydroxychloroquine ‘Doesn’t Kill People’ Looks Worse And Worse An extinct giant dolphin behaved like a killer whale, study finds Amazing Photos Taken at the Perfect Moment! Camera Guys Captured Way Too Much Column: Black and Latino borrowers may suffer most as Trump tosses out payday-loan rule 20 Places Where $150K Is More Than Enough To Retire SO THEY SAY - I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE Tired of Mosquitos in Your Home & Garden? Try This Trick How to Make a DIY Bottle Mosquito Trap Michael Cohen, Trump's ex-lawyer, ordered back to jail W.H.O., in Reversal, Affirms Virus May Be Airborne Indoors: Live Updates Under pressure from scientists globally, the W.H.O. acknowledges that the virus can linger in the air indoors. With ‘judges judging judges,’ rogues on the bench have little to fear Lack of (Covid) insurance threatens supply of Hollywood films, TV shows in 2021 The “Tesla Killer” Is Here I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS - I HAVE NOT VERIFIED IT'S CLAIMS NOTE - MAY or MAY NOT BE BULLSHIT - IT IS DEFINITELY A PITCH FOR YOUR MONEY Canon announces the EOS R5, an 8K-shooting pro mirrorless camera Tracing the link between your phone and the next pandemic Viruses can jump from animals to humans mining minerals that are used to make smartphones Airport Photos That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face Gathered 07/08/2020: How to Install Free HEVC Codecs on Windows 10 (for H.265 Video) JOHNSTON COUNTY, NC - New Resident Information Mystery fire at Iranian nuclear facility is the latest in a series of unexplained incidents Coronavirus: 'The masks you throw away could end up killing a whale' Famous Jurassic Park dinosaur actually ‘bigger and more powerful’ than film shows Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Trump Has Made More Than 18,000 False Claims Since Taking Office. Voters May Have Finally Had Enough Kanye West again says he will run for president Lindsey Graham’s Democratic Opponent Is Raking in an Absurd Amount of Campaign Cash Republicans Use Congressional Hearing to Defend Trump Tear Gassing Peaceful Protesters For Photo Op Intel’s Thunderbolt 4 standard looks to raise the bar for USB-C devices USB4 is already getting surpassed EPA approves first two cleaning sprays that kill the coronavirus in 2 minutes Sweden Has Become the World's Cautionary Tale Virus tricks the body into attacking brain; common heartburn drugs linked to coronavirus risk Delete these apps caught stealing Facebook credentials Trump Is Campaigning on a Platform of Abject Failure The president’s argument for his reelection is not the kind of argument you make if you’ve done a good job Gathered 07/07/2020: Outlet Symbols Outlet Symbols Amazon's Jeff Bezos: The richest person in the world Stephanie Winston Wolkoff: Melania Trump's former aide to publish book Deutsche Bank faces $150m fine for Jeffrey Epstein ties Aston Martin is building James Bond’s DB5 again after 55 years Read more: ?ito=cbshare Twitter: | Facebook: Common Signs of Macular Degeneration Shielding (avoiding coronavirus locations)pet owners warned that flea bites could be fatal 6 Pieces of Forgotten U.S. Currency What is social shielding and who needs to do this? 239 experts want WHO to declare coronavirus airborne. Here's why it's hesitating The U.S. just recorded 50,000 coronavirus cases in a single day Nuclear “Power Balls” May Make Meltdowns a Thing of the Past 15 Air-Purifying Plants to Cleanse Your Space of Chemicals and Toxins Gathered 07/06/2020: Trudeau turns down White House invitation amid pandemic China's Inner Mongolia region reports bubonic plague case Iran blasts: What is behind mysterious 'attacks' at key sites? Sea - a tiny nation of British eccentricity Principality of Sealand - a tiny principality off the English coast of Suffolk that claims to be the world’s smallest county Coronavirus: Fear over rise in animal-to-human diseases Too Tough to Die - World War Two US Navy ship discovered in Pacific Ocean The U.S. Is Repeating Its Deadliest Pandemic Mistake More than 40 percent of all coronavirus deaths in America have been in nursing homes. Here’s how it got so bad, and why there might still be more to come as cases surge in the Sun Belt The Dogs That Sniff Out 5,000-Year-Old Bones Fauci Says Vaccines Likely to Offer Only ‘Finite’ Protection Piers Morgan begs ‘deluded and narcissistic’ Kanye West not to run for US presidency Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: This photo of a ‘human-sized’ bat is not a fake Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Mysterious red glow at centre of Milky Way detected for first time Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 07/04/2020: Frightening new ransomware attacking Macs Windows 10’s May 2020 Update has some bugs Why U.S. F-35s, Stealth Bombers and Attack Drones Could Fail in a War How to See What Malware Windows Defender Found on Your PC How to Uninstall Windows 10’s May 2020 Update How to Disable Bing in the Windows 10 Start Menu End of the runway for 747 jumbo as Boeing placed final part orders - BOEING ENDS THE 747 AC is building new Cobras with battery power or Ford four-cylinders Volvo launches 2-million-car recall, its largest ever, over seat belt fatigue Supreme Court temporarily blocks court order that cleared the way for expanded vote by mail in Alabama due to Covid-19 The true cost of a new confrontation with China Living on the Most Crowded Island on Earth Santa Cruz del Islote is home to 90 houses, two shops, one restaurant, one all-ages disco and a school – all packed onto 2.4 acres. It’s four times as dense as the borough of Manhattan and with no high rises in sight, the island is covered with small houses linked by a maze of alleyways. 3 key settings to change now to secure your Google account 7 clear-cut signs your phone or computer is infected with a virus Free tool from Microsoft to recover deleted data. Tap or click to find out how to use it. ‘Bunny ebola’ burning through rabbit populations across US. Why experts are worried American Torpedoes Killed More Than 83,000 Japanese Soldiers Before They Even Left Their Troopshipsw Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Claudia Conway Tweeted That She Is 'Over' Her Parents 'Trying to Silence' Her Planeload of Kalashnikovs sends warning to world over Ethiopia's massive new dam New mutation of coronavirus spreads disease more easily, warns Fauci This Picture Proves a U.S. Nuclear Submarine Can Smash Into a 'Mountain' Tech billionaire Peter Thiel may ditch Trump because he thinks Trump will lose He’s shying away from donating toward or supporting the president’s reelection campaign One of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors is exploring a new anti-Trump boycott With Edge, Microsoft’s forced Windows updates just sank to a new low Nine natural shelters that can save your life in the wild Trump’s Niece Presses Case Against Effort to Bar Publication of Her Book Cracks in the Trump-Europe relationship are turning into a chasm Voyager: Inside the world's greatest space mission Gathered 07/03/2020: Fauci warns of new coronavirus mutation that causes illness to spread faster ‘Spectacular Incompetence’ Deals Blow to Virus Response, Summers Says A new poll shows 50% of voters have already decided not to support Trump Gathered 07/02/2020: Biden assails Trump over EU barring U.S. travelers Coronavirus Live Updates: 30 Days of New Cases Show the U.S. Outbreak Spiraling Out of Control IMPEACH TRUMP, AGAIN Fire at Iran nuke site hit new centrifuge facility, say U.S.-based analysts A Florida sheriff said he will deputize lawful gun owners if protests turn violent Joe Biden Raises $141 Million, Topping Trump For Second Straight Month, topping Trump's 131 million Jared Kushner’s Failures Come Back To Haunt In Damning New Supercut Video Behold! A 4,000 horsepower luxury yacht from Lamborghini Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Trump's niece's memoir, which describes a "nightmare of traumas," is cleared for release New Report Details Staggering Number of Coronavirus Cases Linked to Nursing Homes In many states, they account for more than half of total infections. How North Carolina Transformed Itself Into the Worst State to Be Unemployed House Oversight Committee Just Confirmed Jared Kushner’s Project Airbridge Was a Bust 'Enormous vulnerability': Online shoppers have lost millions to fraud during lockdown Pfizer vaccine shows positive early results We're one-third of the way there, experts say A dog year isn't seven human years, scientists find, and pets might be 'older' than you think THURS 16:45 GENERAC TEST Military Mystery: What Happened to Russia's New T-14 Tank in Syria? THE CHINESE ARE LEAVING US IN THE DUST - .PDF While I'm duly impressed with China's spectacular growth since the 1980's, I'd feel a lot more comfortable about that country if it were not so authoritarian, dictatorial - and bent on world domination. Turkish-Airlines-Disaster-Averted-TERRORISTS - .mp4 Painters-did-the-work-before-photographers - .pps Magical-Villages-of-the-World - .ppsx Gathered 07/01/2020: Judge blocks tell-all by Trump niece - for now Hundreds (more than 350) of elephants found dead in Botswana, since the start of May. Core of a gas planet seen for the first time Gathered 06/30/2020: This Map Shows Which U.S. Homes Will Flood Over the Next 30 Years Due to Climate Change Family rescue bear cub swimming with a jar stuck on its head US says Russia sent jets to Libya 'mercenaries' Five wild facts about the Saharan dust plume before it hits the US Boeing and FAA start first test flights of 737 Max since deadly cras China is Treating COVID-19 With a Blast From the (Distant) Past Koalas Face Extinction by 2050 in Parts of Australia, Inquiry Finds Be Careful What You Copy and Paste on Your iPhone. TikTok May Be Reading It. Nuclear Radiation Is Floating Above Northern Europe and Nobody Knows Why “It’s ideologue meets grifter”: How Bill Barr made Trumpism possible Read Carefully… the T-Shirt Fails Below Say It All Hilarious Things You Might See At The Beach 10 Beach Towns You Can Actually Afford to Buy a House In BUT WILL IT BE UNDERWATER? China Is Buying Up Dozens of U.S. Commercial Airliners. We Should Be Worried A 100-person choir performed without masks in front of Mike Pence at a Dallas megachurch, as COVID-19 cases surge through Texas Dragonflies Can Eliminate Mosquitoes—Here’s What to Plant to Attract Them The Right Way to Clean Cloth Face Masks and Coverings During the Coronavirus Outbreak USB Cable Types Explained – Versions, Ports, Speeds, and Power USB - Wikipedia 47 apps filling smartphones with malware – see the list Transparent surgical masks currently in development for healthcare workers Florida records over 8,500 new coronavirus cases in a single day Fauci warns coronavirus cases could grow to 100,000 a day President Trump was given a written briefing in February on suspected Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan, officials said. The U.S. intercepted financial transfer data that bolstered suspicions about Russian bounties on American troops in Afghanistan, officials say. Gathered 06/29/2020: This Is Trump’s Plague Now Coronavirus drug remdesivir to run $3,120 for patients with private insurance The shorter, more common course of treatment would work out to $3,120, while the longer duration would cost $5,720, the report said Iran Issues Arrest Warrants for Trump and 35 Others in Suleimani Killing American Exceptionalism on the Virus How hackers extorted $1.14m from University of California, San Francisco Brexit: UK starts work on buying own sat-nav system to rival Galileo & satellite Internet Beyoncé's BET speech: 'Vote like our life depends on it' Coronavirus: Swift and dangerous turn in Texas cases, says governor How Far Bill Barr Has Fallen Trump’s Blank Vision for a Second Term Strip out the hyperbole and insults, and not much is left in the president’s campaign messaging for undecided voters. Trump is restarting his war on Obamacare while coronavirus surges IMPEACH TRUMP, YET AGAIN Coronavirus is surging again. Are young people to blame? Trump is bailing on coronavirus testing in 5 states, including hard-hit Texas IMPEACH TRUMP, YET AGAIN As coronavirus cases surge, the Trump administration is back to ignoring it IMPEACH TRUMP, YET AGAIN Here’s Why Many Utah Dems Registered as Republicans to Vote in Tuesday’s Primary As Cases Surge, Pence Insists the Country Has Made “Truly Remarkable Progress” New Report Details Staggering Number of Coronavirus Cases Linked to Nursing Homes Trump Refuses to Say Whether He Ordered to Slow Down Coronavirus Testing IMPEACH TRUMP, YET AGAIN The Cruise Industry Is Donald Trump Personified Cars, Trucks And SUVs Owners Get Rid Of Within The First Year Mercedes-Benz C-Class BMW 3-Series Land Rover Discovery Sport - only an idiot would buy a Land Rover - OPINION Land Rover Evoque Porsche 911 MINI Clubman BMW X1 BMW X3 Nissan Versa Note Jaguar XF Nissan Versa Porsche Cayenne Mercedes-Benz GLA Nissan Rogue Sport Mercedes-Benz G-Class Nissan Titan XD Nissan 370Z Nissan Titan Chevrolet Corvette Dodge Challenger Nissan Frontier Ford Mustang Chevrolet Camaro Porsche Macan Mazda CX-3 GMC Canyon Toyota Tundra Toyota Tacoma Ram Pickup 1500 GMC Sierra 1500 Chevrolet Colorado BMW - For all vehicles among all brands, there is a 3.4 percent rate on first year vehicles. Not all brands were created equal however, meaning one company has the most returned vehicles in year one. Porsche - In 2018, Porsche had 7.6 percent of first year vehicles returned or resold. While there could be many reasons for this, we want to point one one very clear one; the cost of maintenance. Mercedes-Benz - Are you sensing a trend yet? Not only are luxury brands heavily returned by first year owners, but German manufacturers are especially hard hit. Mercedes comes in third for this, seeing a 7.4 percent rate. Land Rover - Moving onto the next brand we have Land Rover. In 2018, the company that produces several iconic cars saw 6.5 percent of them returned or resold. This wouldn’t be so shocking if Land Rover produced SUVs for a broader market. AS I SAID - YOU'D HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT (opinion) Jaguar - Continuing our luxury theme is Jaguar, who sees 6.4 percent of new vehicles returned or resold in the first year. Like so many brands, the reasons are mostly unclear. Aside from the already listed maintenance costs, luxury cars tend to be well made and reliable vehicles. MINI - MINI has been around a very long time, building it’s business around one small auto model. In recent years, however, the brand has brought new, larger models to the world, and it is these models that are leading to so many first year returns. FIAT - An auto brand that has seen a resurgence in the United States recently is also one of the most returned first year automobiles. FIAT, for as fun as their cars are to drive, may have rushed their product to the market. 20 Hilarious Photos Of Pet Siblings 'Bonding' 40 Rare Photos You Won't Find In Historical Textbooks Perfectly Timed Moments When It All Went Wrong 54 Jarring Nature Photos Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today Perfect Revenge For Selfish Parkers – Car Insurance Can’t Cover These Problems Amazing Facts About M1 Abrams Tank Chinese researchers discover ‘human pandemic potential’ swine flu strain in pigs WAS ORIGINALLY FROM FOX NEWS - SO I CONSIDER THIS HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS Iranian Missile Facility Blows Up, and Conspiracy Theories Abound in Tehran The 5 Tallest Skyscrapers Currently Under Construction Gathered 06/28/2020: Coronavirus: Delta to extend caps on passenger numbers ‘Tre45on’ Trends After Bombshell Story Claiming Trump Knew Putin Had Bounty On U.S. Troops Trump retweets video of supporter shouting 'white power' Trump Campaign Peeled Off Social Distancing Stickers In Arena Before Tulsa Rally: Reports Artifically Intelligent Android ‘Erica’ Set To Star In Big-Budget Science Fiction Film 16 Fun Quizzes For Canadians Across The Country Mars Mission Is Next Step in Intensifying Middle East Space Race Gathered 06/27/2020: Trump Family Makes New Attempt to Kill Niece’s Tell-All Reporter Who Covered Trump’s Tulsa Rally Tests Positive for Coronavirus Paging Dr. Hamblin: Can AC Spread the Coronavirus? The exact risk is unknown, but it’s a good moment to make sure ventilation systems are working well How Far Bill Barr Has Fallen Trump Can’t Bluff His Way Out of This A Devastating New Stage of the Pandemic The U.S. has seen more cases in the past week than in any week since the pandemic began Chris Hayes Demands Donald Trump Resign With Damning Review Of His Presidency Trump Is Trying to Kick Millions Off Obamacare (Again) in the Middle of a Pandemic Trump’s reelection polling is looking really bad Tech information on floppy disks drives and media American Freight in Raleigh, NC 27603 - Appliance, Furniture & Mattress I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM - EXCEPT THEY ARE IN AN OLD SEARS OUTLET STORE Gathered 06/26/2020: Greg Abbott is a hypocrite. Pausing Texas' reopening won't fix the damage he's done How to stop your glasses from fogging up when you wear a mask Keep your vision clear Mars mission would put China among space leaders Today DC announced that it is suing Chevron, Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil for misleading consumers about the role fossil fuels play in fueling the climate crisis. Canada’s forgotten universal basic income experiment Running For Reelection, Trump Talks Like He’s Running For President Of The Confederacy A State-by-State Coronavirus Tracker The latest number of confirmed cases everywhere in the U.S. The U.S. has seen more cases in the past week than in any week since the pandemic began The Fed Just Bungled Its Bank Stress Tests Toilet paper panic buying strikes again as shelves are stripped of loo roll in Australia Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: A massive ring of mysterious underground shafts was just discovered near Stonehenge Everything you need to know about the massive Saharan dust plume heading our way Trump Has Made More Than 18,000 False Claims Since Taking Office. Voters May Have Finally Had Enough Half of the Country Is Seeing New Coronavirus Spikes. So Naturally, Trump Is Returning to Denialism. Why the World's Most Advanced Solar Plants Are Failing This Summer’s Best Electric Lawn Mowers - Popular Mechanics Keep your summer mosquito-free with this killer lamp NOT an endorsement - I have no research on this, yet These sudoku puzzles only use 1s and 0s. Can you crack them? American Airlines warns flights may be more crowded in July American Airlines warns flights may be more crowded in July, AS AA WILL STOP BLOCKING SEATS (leaving space between passengers). The lifeline pipeline Saharan dust cloud to arrive over North Carolina this weekend Raleigh-Durham International Airport shows how all planes are sanitized before allowing passengers on Afraid to fly? Exclusive look behind United Airlines' COVID-19 safety features North Carolina's statewide mask requirement goes into effect today. Here's what you need to know Health officials explain how to properly take off and put on masks and gloves Working-class white women are turning on Trump Asked for his second-term priorities, Trump comes up empty It seemed like an easy question for a president seeking re-election: "What are your top priority items for a second term?" Trump couldn't answer it. Former commander of US ground forces in Iraq blasts Trump as 'racist' Donald Trump said the economy was taking off like a rocket ship. In reality, it’s exploding Here’s What COVID-19 Precautions Look Like for Different Airlines Hospitals Sued to Keep Prices Secret. They Lost. One-time treatment generates new neurons, eliminates Parkinson's disease in mice Viruses can steal our genetic code to create new human-virus genes Sanitizing Amazon boxes, taking Uber and getting food properly during the coronavirus pandemic Top 15 security, speed and productivity tips for your PC A Texas border county had the coronavirus under control. Then the governor stepped in New study finds troubling signs of "brain complications" in severe COVID-19 cases Coronavirus: US has 'serious problem', says Fauci ‘Bachelorette’ Is The First Major TV Show To Head Back Into Production Reporter Flames Pence For Trump Campaign’s COVID-19 Safety Hypocrisy Trump To Nominate Anti-Environment Extremist As Permanent Public Lands Chief Gathered 06/25/2020: Coronavirus: New York imposes quarantine on eight US states This video explains why we cannot go faster than light Amazon launches Counterfeit Crimes Unit to fight knockoffs on its store Amazon wants to ‘go on the offensive’ in its endless battle with counterfeiters Scary new malware spreading through Google search New malware targeting Macs discovered in Google search results A Burst of Light Unlike Any Captured Before Astronomers say they have captured an unexpected spark from a collision of two black holes History Will Judge the Complicit Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president? The Big Story: History Will Judge Trump’s Enablers Harshly Trump Turns the U.S. Into a Pariah Other countries are judging America by its sickest states and most reckless politicians. The Atlantic Daily: Pitying America The country is slipping, and the world is watching Graham Rebuffed Over Widening Barr’s Powers as GOP Senators Balk Gathered 06/24/2020: Life in the Middle Ages: Building a Castle with 13th Century Tools List of stores offering grocery delivery and pick-up About Identifying Whether an E-mail, Phone Call, or Webpage is from Amazon How to Tell If Companies Are Truly Fighting Climate Change Trump administration claims Huawei 'backed by Chinese military' Gathered 06/23/2020: The Cameraman Was Not Expecting These Beach Fails 40 Of The Most Valuable Vinyl Records You May Have In Your Collection The Most Daring Red Carpet Dresses Ever Worn At The ACM Awards 30 Creative Tips Every Gardener Should Know!BetterBe MD: If You Have Toenail Fungus, Do This Immediately (Watch}Fungus Clear Supplements Brady Bunch Star Gave Crew A Little ExtraOceandraw Teenagers Notice Girl With 'Dad' Acting Strange, They Follow Her Because They Knew Something Is WrongHorizontimes Where the Majority of Singles 50+ Find LoveTop 5 Dating USA These Real Titanic Photos Are Simply HeartbreakingStandardNews North Carolina : Launches New Policy For Cars Used Less Than 60 Miles/DayBill Cruncher 40+ Insane Classified Photos That The Government Was Forced To ReleaseDailyforest Dirty Adult Jokes Hidden In Kid's Movies You Totally Missed FDA issues warning about 9 Eskbiochem hand sanitizers The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use hand sanitizer manufactured by the Mexican company Eskbiochem SA de CV because the products contain methanol, a toxic substance that can cause short- and long-term health problems. Trump Refuses to Say Whether He Ordered to Slow Down Coronavirus Testing Trump Says He Ordered That Coronavirus Testing Be Slowed Trump Has a Half Billion in Loans Coming Due. They May Be His Biggest Conflict of Interest Yet. How to easily share content between Android phones Politics Trump says his niece Mary can't publish a tell-all because she signed a 'very powerful' NDA — and says his family was blindsided by the book This Mold and Mildew Gel Is So Satisfying to Use Bill Barr’s Above the Law. The Only Answer Is to Impeach Him Amazon is reportedly considering adding live TV to its Prime Video service Job listings suggest the company is working on live TV services Where Will We Pee When We're Out in Our Half-Reopened States? Apple is finally making it easy to hide from trackers The Most Paused Scenes In Hollywood Hit Films Gathered 06/22/2020: 5 free security downloads every computer needs - Komando 3 must-have features for effective identity protection - Komando Massive Sahara desert dust plume drifting toward the United States Neolithic Site Near Stonehenge Yields an ‘Astonishing Discovery’ Stunning photos capture rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse around the world Trump held off sanctioning Chinese over Uighurs to pursue trade deal Three Plausible—And Troubling—Reasons Why Barr Tried to Force Berman Out The Big Story: History Will Judge Trump’s Enablers Harshly Human foods dogs can eat, according to new research As coronavirus cases surge, the Trump administration is back to ignoring it Update now! Facebook Messenger flaw lets hackers into your PC Gathered 06/21/2020: Visual-Siberia-dream - .pps How_to_catch_Fish - .MP4 New evidence of virus risks from wildlife trade Rats sold in the markets and restaurants of Southeast Asia harbour multiple coronaviruses, a study shows. The Weirdest Hotels in the World The Most Unique Airbnbs in the U.S. The Beauty of Everything DUBAI CONDOS - .mp4 National Geographic paid 1 Million Dollars to the person who filmed this video Interesting-trivia.html Unrelated to the Virus or Politics Dancing with the birds Ausztria-Oberammergau-Tirol - .pps Sicily essentials - .pps Freaky-Flowers - .mp4 The Ballerina - she is 74 yrs old - .mp4 Ice Skating - .mp4 Amazing-Facts-That-Put-Our-Universe-Into-Perspective Funnies Alfred-Hitchcock - .mp4 Beautiful Flowers George Carlin — I'm a Modern Man The Rope Trick Incredible Mr. President MASTER-CARVERS-AND-WOODWORKERS This is what some moods looks like THE HISTORY OF TOILET PAPER 2020-2019 - .jpg Pictures-from-Toyo - .pps Corona-toons FUNNY What-Time-Is-It - .mp4 Something-to-lighten-your-day A-FIDELITY-TEST.html New-Airport-in-Singapore - .mp4 I threw away my Garmin. I find this new GPS helps me stay abreast of where I am and where I want to go The record-breaking jet which still haunts a country, CANADA The quest to make a crystal harder than diamonds Next stop, hydrogen-powered trains Gathered 06/20/2020: Posing with plants is the coolest way to upgrade your nudes Dazzling blue fireball streaks across the night sky in Australia Remains of giant armoured fish dug up…in the Sahara 30 foot long fanged sea monster Dunkleosteus Six members of President Trump’s campaign tested positive for the coronavirus during a routine screening before a rally in Tulsa, Okla. “Six members of the advance team tested positive out of hundreds of tests performed, and quarantine procedures were immediately implemented,” said a campaign spokesman, Tim Murtaugh. “No COVID-positive staffers or anyone in immediate contact will be at today’s rally or near attendees and elected officials.” strange buildings - pps Views from Norway - pps spherical fireworks1 - mp4 ART - .mp4 Butterfly - .mp4 Chuckle-out-loud-Mergers Excellent-Police-Work1 - .mp4 Sheltering-Humor Lockdown-Humor Meet the Musicians Who Play Instruments Made of Vegetables HOW 'BOUT SOME BATHROOM READING Life-with-Corona More-Covid-19-Funnies Gathered 06/19/2020: SpaceX Wants You to Try Getting Internet From Space with Starlink An underground dark-matter experiment may have stumbled on the 'holy grail': a new particle that could upend the laws of physics Cute Panda Bear Compilation EPICENTER INCOMING? FLORIDA SHATTERS DAILY INFECTION RECORD Americans Are Losing Faith In What The Government Says About The Coronavirus Is Your Air Conditioner Keeping You Safe From Covid? Air conditioners aren't a replacement for social distancing, but used appropriately they can actually help prevent the spread of viruses The gold standard is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and the next best thing is a filter with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of at least 13 (higher numbers are better), both of which are capable of capturing small particles such as viruses. Trump officials turn a deaf ear as pols and passenger advocates warn that the next wave of infection could come to an airport near you A pop-up glamping bubble in Australia could make the perfect post-lockdown getaway Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: OR COURSE, YOU STILL HAVE TO GET THERE As coronavirus cases surge, the Trump administration is back to ignoring it Will Florida will be the next coronavirus epicenter? You can now buy your own Boston Dynamics robo-dog for $74,500 Trump Has a Half Billion in Loans Coming Due. They May Be His Biggest Conflict of Interest Yet. COVID Spikes Aren’t About Demonstrations or Pool Parties, They’re About Trump’s Incompetence With These 5 U.S. Weapons, Russia (Yes, Russia) Would Be Unstoppable Gathered 06/18/2020: Ten biggest claims in his (John Bolton's) Donald Trump book Trump Is Losing Credit Where He May Soon Need It Most Mercedes-AMG Is Putting an Electric Turbocharger Into Production Scientists are working on at least 135 different coronavirus vaccines The Android 11 Public Beta is out now—here are some of its exciting features The Cast Of Star Trek: Where Are They Now? The All Time Most Unforgettable Oscar Dresses Can You Name The Most Beautiful Women of the 70s? The Top Fifty Female Cosplay Artists Today Celebrities Who Aged Flawlessly & Defied Anti Aging Laws 40 Of The Most Valuable Vinyl Records You May Have In Your Collection TV Shows Coming To An End (And Those That Have Been Renewed) Gathered 06/17/2020: 6 Simple Fixes to Try When Your PC Won’t Boot Woman tests positive for coronavirus months after recovering Surgeon: Try This To Help Shrink Enlarged Prostate (Watch Video) Gathered 06/16/2020: Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug Mary Trump: Why has president's niece penned damning memoir? Amazon to open Cary facility, create 'hundreds of jobs' the facility "will create hundreds of full-time and part-time jobs" paying a minimum of $15 an hour. Gathered 06/15/2020: The First Covid Vaccines May Not Prevent You From Getting Covid Watch Ben Carson Refuse to Back Up Trump’s Boasts About Helping Black America WES 7 Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) COVID Spikes Aren’t About Demonstrations or Pool Parties, They’re About Trump’s Incompetence Eight survival knife skills you might need in an emergency 24 hidden Android settings you should know about Gathered 06/14/2020: There Won't Be Another COVID-19 Lockdown. Here Are 3 Reasons Why Sinovac’s Vaccine Trial Data Suggest Potential in Virus Defense The Looming Bank Collapse NYTimes Op-ed warns of a Trump 'vaccine' October Surprise Stop Leaving Your Electronic Devices In Your Car. Criminals Have Been Using Them To Determine Which Cars To Rob Gathered 06/13/2020: Mark Cuban Tells CEOs to Examine Compensation, or Get ‘Crushed’ A secret experiment revealed: In a medical first, doctors treat Parkinson’s with a novel brain cell transplant The ancient town built with 72,000 tons of diamonds Signal is releasing a face-blurring tool at the best possible moment Here’s How John Bolton’s Lawyer Just Threw Him Under the Bus Florida Hits Biggest Daily COVID-19 Jump As It Gears Up For GOP Convention Gathered 06/12/2020: Bald men may be hit harder by coronavirus, scientists fear Explore the Great Barrier Reef Interactively! Gathered 06/11/2020: Watch: How to wear a face covering Tucker Carlson Advertisers Depart After ‘Black Lives’ Comment 26 Home Fitness Products That Don't Take Up A Lot Of Space How to figure out what size SUV or crossover to buy Troubleshooter: Got a full-size spare? You should be rotating that, too Vitamin K found in some cheeses could help fight COVID-19, researchers say Dutch researchers have found a possible connection between vitamin K deficiency and death from COVID-19 Saturn's moon Titan is rapidly migrating away from the planet Lots of us adopted dogs in quarantine: ‘Dog Whisperer’ César Millán has some tips Unexplained skin rashes ‘could be new symptom of coronavirus’ Moment ‘cute’ bear cub charges at door to try and eat family’s dog Coronavirus vaccine trial enters final stages with 30,000 people to be given a shot of it Android 11 beta reveals new features coming to smartphones Google’s Android Beta Program page and opting in Trump’s EPA Just Defied a Court Order to Immediately Ban a Harmful Herbicide Two New Studies Confirm It: Wear a Mask! Volcanic activity and changes in Earth's mantle were key to rise of atmospheric oxygen Gathered 06/10/2020: 8 Air Conditioner Problems and How to Fix Them How to Properly Size a Window Air Conditioner General Electric's exit from lighting business is a warning to other players in the sector A Crash in the Dollar Is Coming Avoid These 16 US States When You Retire Women’s eggs prefer some men’s sperm over others, research shows Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Astronomers Just Watched a Dead Star Eat Its Neighbor, Which Is Pretty Sick Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip Solar hydrogen production: Splitting water with UV is now at almost 100% quantum efficiency Synthetic red blood cells mimic natural ones, and have new abilities Graphene and 2D materials could move electronics beyond 'Moore's Law' 3D-printable material that mimics biological tissues Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates Check your phone! Two apps you need to delete now Gathered 06/09/2020: Breaching whale capsizes boat in New Jersey, tossing 2 people into ocean Could the coronavirus crisis finally finish off coal? Coronavirus without symptoms is ‘very rare’, World Health Organisation says Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nearly 10,000 more died of coronavirus than previously reported Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Wikibuy Trump’s 100 Days of Deadly Coronavirus Denial 23andMe study suggests blood type affects coronavirus susceptibility Gathered 06/08/2020: 4 ways Amazon Echo can find your lost phone in the house A Million-Mile Battery From China Could Power Your Electric Car 'Poisoned arrow' defeats antibiotic-resistant bacteria A dual-mechanism antibiotic kills Gram-negative bacteria and avoids drug resistance. Discovery of ancient super-eruptions indicates the Yellowstone hotspot may be waning Scientists Uncovered a Hidden Pattern in a Mysterious Signal from Space The repeating burst is coming to us in an unexplained 157-day cycle, astronomers discovered, and its active phase should be starting now The Sun Has Been Hibernating for Years. It Might Be Waking Up 5 Anti-Coronavirus Products On Amazon That May Be Ineffective Or Just Plain Fake Gathered 06/07/2020: The Big Boy Fusion Reactor Takes a Big Boy Step Sea snail venom could lead to better insulin for diabetics Save on this handy camera that connects directly to your smartphone. Inspect hard-to-reach areas with HD recording quality, LED lighting & a 2-meter cable. I have NOT TRIED THIS, but I like the idea. We can soon thank butterfly tongues for better cancer treatments and vaccines Ethanol is renewable, but that doesn't mean it's good for us Dig up any old email in your inbox. Even if it’s in the trash. Outsmart Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail Trump Faces More Defections by Republicans as Colin Powell Bolts These are the 5 rarest Corvettes that Chevrolet ever built A stadium-sized asteroid will pass ‘close’ to Earth tomorrow Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Amazing pictures show strawberry moon over the UK Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Massive solar flare erupts from the sun – Nasa thinks our star is waking up Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: AMC might never reopen its movie theaters Trump could've saved 36,000 lives if he acted 1 week earlier on coronavirus, per new modeling Trump wants to cut WHO funding to wage a PR war with China Intel’s 10th Gen CPUs: What’s New, and Why It Matters Comet Lake-S uses a new LGA1200 socket. The new motherboards will be easy to spot, as they’ll have specific designations, including Z490, B460, H470, and H410. Thermals Through the Roof It’s a good thing Intel did all that work on heat-transfer efficiency because some of these CPUs are capable of getting really warm. The top-tier Comet Lake processors—the Core i9-10900K, the Core i7-10700K, and the Core i5-10600K—can generate up to 125 watts of heat under an intense workload. The measurement of this is called thermal design power, or TDP. Instacart tweaks tipping system after tip-baiting outcry New Observations Suggest the Universe Is Becoming Increasingly Chaotic A Maine factory says it will have to discard all coronavirus swabs made during Trump's factory tour A spokesperson for Puritan did not disclose the reason, nor how many swabs will be lost. How to Defragment Your Hard Drive on Windows 10 Lower cost and durable smart window technology Gathered 05/19/2020: TiVo Stream 4K Review: Is It Better Than a Roku Streaming Device? Report: Top 15 Companies for Remote Freelance Jobs Gathered 05/16/2020: Butterfly - .mp4 Sorrento finds a coronavirus antibody that blocks viral infection 100% in preclinical lab experiments More Covid-19 Funnies Life with Corona Early Signs of Glaucoma That May Surprise You Gathered 05/15/2020: Sheltering Humor Excellent Police Work1 - .mp4 Chuckle out loud Mergers Coronavirus: Trial begins to see if dogs can 'sniff out' virus Gathered 05/14/2020: GOP Group Exposes ‘King’ Trump’s Legal Shell Game In Blistering New Fox News Ad False Negatives Raise More Questions About Virus Test Accuracy 15 U.S. Code 206. Standard gauge for sheet and plate iron and steel Gathered 05/12/2020: There are good reasons to factory-reset your Amazon Echo. Here's how to do it NEXTDOOR Leadership Is my email blacklisted? - Doteasy Alexa, Is my Partner spying on Me? Gathered 05/11/2020: Shop tried to reopen and social distance, it didn't work. Everything is made out of wood - .pps The glass house designed for the desert 25 Classic Rock Songs Barr called on to resign over Flynn case by nearly 2,000 ex-Justice Department officials 73 million user records stolen from 10 companies – see the full list Gathered 05/09/2020: Absolutely fabulous photography of wonderful venues Furosemide, Oral Tablet FDA warning: Liver function warning More common side effects The more common side effects that can occur with furosemide include: nausea or vomiting diarrhea constipation stomach cramping feeling like you or the room is spinning (vertigo) dizziness headache blurred vision itching or rash If these effects are mild, they may go away within a few days or a couple of weeks. If they’re more severe or don’t go away, talk to your doctor or pharmacist. Gathered 05/08/2020: 6 Health Benefits of Buckwheat Gathered 05/07/2020: 23 Places to Take Free Online Courses Artist Laurent Schwebel works - .pps DUBAI-tb - Terrific - .pps When The World Stopped Pictures to cause relaxation - JPGs The wonderful world - .pps Coroniavirus Opera MOV - mp4 Yiddishe Kop (Jewish minded) Smiles 2 - non-politcal - JPGs Coronavirus mutations: Scientists puzzle over impact China Study Finds 5% to 15% of Covid-19 Cases Are Reactivated - Bloomberg 2019 Jeep Wrangler flips twice during IIHS crash testing The infamous driver-side small overlap test strikes hard Zoom just bought a company that could solve a lot of its security issues Billions could be living in Sahara-like heat within 30 years, new study finds As If We Weren’t Already Dealing With Enough, the Polar Vortex Is Back Malaria drug touted by Trump for coronavirus fails another test Gathered 05/06/2020: Aphorisms - A SHORT, POINTED SENTENCE THAT EXPRESSES A WISE OR CLEVER OBSERVATION OR A GENERAL TRUTH Space Force drops first recruitment video: "Maybe your purpose on this planet isn't on this planet" Scientists just discovered the closest known black hole to Earth Swarms of genetically modified mosquitoes could soon be descending on Florida Massive "UFO-like" creature could be the longest organism in the ocean - 150 FEET long Gathered 05/05/2020: Once a year, amateurs can drive their personal cars on the Nürburgring race track in Germany. I think they are crazy! Skeptical senators question John Ratcliffe at confirmation hearing to be intelligence chief The most highly infectious time is 1-2 days before symptoms The VA awarded a $34 million contract for N95 masks to a company with no relevant expertise Trump's damning, deadly refusal to lead on coronavirus Anti-vaxxers will probably make coronavirus last longer than it needs to Gathered 05/04/2020: TRUMP UPS DEATH ESTIMATES BY TENS OF THOUSANDS Promises Made, Promises Broken: 4 Trump Doozies On COVID-19 Response Most States Don’t Meet Coronavirus Testing Threshold: AP Trump Supporter Puts Him On The Spot With Question About His ‘Bullying’ Language Trump’s purge of inspectors general continues. It’s an assault on good governance Five European countries not yet seeing downward trend of coronavirus infections: ECDC Asia’s ‘murder hornet’ will arrive on East Coast and is ‘here to stay’: experts Covidiot cuts hole in mask to make it ‘easier to breathe’ Wild video shows monkey on scooter trying to kidnap toddler Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe Locusts destroying food supplies in the Horn of Africa A 5-Year-Old Boy Was Pulled Over While Trying To Drive To California To Buy A Lamborghini He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet. How Do You Get Rid Of Glasses Fog While Wearing A Face Mask? Man finds secret 120-year-old tunnel underneath his house after drilling hole in wall Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Moment Donald Trump fan launching scathing attack on ‘rambling, bullying, evasive’ president to his face Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Cohen announces NC DHHS is releasing lab-confirmed coronavirus cases by zip code Read more here: Gathered 05/03/2020: Fond memories to take your mind off Coronavirus My Self-Isolation Quarantine Diary Where did all the years Go? To help pass the time How to serve beer - video Brotherly love - mp4 They said go outside - enjoy nature These are pretty amazing - mp4 30 photographs (captions-in-French, however) - pps Keep Smiling Hilarious - watch to the very END - mp4 AFTER the stay at home is lifted DO THESE ADVENTURES - mp4 Mind Blowing Trick 1 - mp4 Naval-Aviator Eye Exam our world - VIDEO (.mp4) Scott Gottlieb says coronavirus mitigation "didn't work as well as we expected" in reducing cases Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker faults White House for shortages in coronavirus testing Coronavirus: Russia's cases rise by 10,000 in one-day record Pompeo Says ‘Enormous Evidence’ Connects Virus to Wuhan Lab The Rest of the World Is Laughing at Trump The president created a leadership vacuum. China intends to fill it As Georgia reopens, the state reports 1,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day Trump Says There Are Plenty of Coronavirus Tests for Senators Returning to Congress. He’s Wrong Donald Trump’s Defense of Michael Flynn and Roger Stone Is a Giant Gaslight Gathered 05/02/2020: While Trump was downplaying the coronavirus death toll, the feds ordered 100,000 body bags 47 old drugs could treat coronavirus, new research finds Texas company claims its robot can kill Covid-19 in 2 minutes Nasa picks designs for spacecraft to take astronauts back to the moon Leaked US intelligence report exposes China’s shocking coronavirus ‘lies’ “You Can’t Bullshit a Virus.” What Trump Doesn’t Get About His 2020 Election Strategy Trump’s 100 Days of Deadly Coronavirus Denial Trump’s Family Is Making Even More Money Off His Campaign Than We Previously Knew The best alternatives to Zoom for videoconferencing "Murder hornets" have now entered the U.S. — and they could decimate the honeybee population Florida Officials Won’t Release Coronavirus Death Toll Data, Report Says Nicoya: The Costa Rican peninsula where centenarians thrive Gathered 05/01/2020: UN chief laments failure of leadership on Covid-19 The tiny island that holds the secret to long life Blue zones have the highest percentage of centenarians anywhere in the world A breakthrough approaches for solar power Gathered 04/30/2020: Visualization shows how droplets from one cough can infect an entire airplane New York from the cockpit of a fighter jet during a flyover Top Lindsey Graham Donor Switches Sides, Now Backs Democratic Rival Jared Kushner Mocked For Calling Coronavirus Response ‘A Great Success Story’ Sen. Tammy Duckworth Says Trump Values TV Ratings Over Health Of West Point Cadets Deaconess asks public to sew CDC-compliant face masks for staff Georgia’s Experiment in Human Sacrifice how many people need to lose their lives to shore up the economy ‘We’re Literally Killing Elders Now’ Why Trump Was Deaf to All the Warnings He Received The president’s incuriosity and paranoia hobbled his response. The False Hope of Antibody Tests The immunity tests were supposed to be a “game changer,” but they are instead revealing that the majority of Americans are still vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. Data breach! 20 million app store credentials leak Coronavirus freebies: Companies giving out free stuff right now, and how to get it Coronavirus scams: Don’t click these fast food and free delivery offers Falsehoods and Failures: Highlighting the Worst of Trump's Lies During the Pandemic Warning! These shipping emails from FedEx and UPS are fakes DIY face mask tutorial with Kay Gathered 04/29/2020: Technology & Engineering Virtual Career Fair May 6, 2020 12pm - 4pm - RALEIGH, NC These are Pretty Amazing - .mp4 video Men are dying from coronavirus at higher rates. Could estrogen save them? Amazon Echo Show: How to customize the screen, add your photos 8 tips for your new Amazon Echo Show Gathered 04/28/2020: Over 700 in Iran dead from false belief that poison cures coronavirus Pentagon agency DARPA working on cloning antibodies to fight COVID-19 Gathered 04/27/2020: Latest Windows 10 update deleting files, causes ‘Blue Screen of Death’ Ecuador suffers one of the world's worst COVID-19 outbreaks Coronavirus detected on tiny particles of air pollution 9-year-old creates mask business CDC adds 6 new possible symptoms of coronavirus The Very Real Threat of Trump’s Deepfake The president’s first use of a manipulated video of his opponent is a test of the boundaries The Trump Presidency Is Over Gathered 04/26/2020: HILARIOUS - Watch till the END - .mp4 video 2 million chickens will be killed in Delaware and Maryland because of lack of employees at processing plants World Leaders Launch $8 Billion Collaboration to Develop Coronavirus Vaccine. Guess Who Isn’t Participating - the USA Trump’s Family Is Making Even More Money Off His Campaign Than We Previously Knew Donald Trump Is Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic to Sell Campaign Swag There Have Been 13 Arizona Polls in the Last 14 Months and Trump Has Led Only One of Them Keep Smiling Everyone Maryland governor says Trump's "mixed messages" on disinfectants led to confusion in his state The FDA Is Warning That Drugs Promoted By Trump To Treat COVID-19 Pose Serious Heart Risks Utah Was Really Into Trump’s Miracle Cure. Now It Wants Its Money Back Israeli firm raises $5 million for tech to recognize mask-covered faces Deutsche Bank refuses to give U.S. senators information on recent Trump dealings This Japanese Island Lifted Its Coronavirus Lockdown Too Soon and Became a Warning to the World Dyson says the UK doesn’t need the ventilator it developed to treat COVID-19 patients Wi-Fi is getting its biggest upgrade in 20 years 6GHz Wi-Fi is coming soon Do You Really Need to Shout on Your Video Call? An Investigation Office ergonomics: Your how-to guide - Mayo Clinic Why the worst fears about Florida’s Covid-19 outbreak haven’t been realized (so far) JoAnn Fabrics Is Helping Hospitals With Free At-Home Mask-Making Kits How to Deal With Anxiety In a Health Way Celebrities Take Donald Trump's Sarcasm Defense, Fire It Right Back At Him Six new symptoms have been added to the CDC's COVID-19 list, including muscle pain, chills and headaches This Air Flow Demonstration Shows Why Masks Are Important When the Electricity Goes Out - What to Do in a Power Outage How to Stay Safe at the Grocery Store Gathered 04/25/2020: I AM NOT A DOCTOR, NOR DO I HAVE ANY MEDICAL TRAINING ARTICLES ARE PPOSTED TO BE HELPFUL. YOU DO OR DO NOT FOW THINGS AT YOUR OWN RISK Sewing a Covid-19 Mask? You Need This Chart Not all materials provide the same protection, even if something is better than nothing Satellite images reveal huge amounts of methane leaking from U.S. oil fields enough wasted energy to power 7 million households in Texas for a year. Federal documents say ditching social distancing early could kill 300,000 Unfortunately, some experts believe that even those predictions are optimistic MIRACLES. MALARIA DRUGS. MOTHER NATURE. TRUMP’S DANGEROUS CORONA ‘CURES’ Republican Group Asks Americans A Critical Question In Scathing Anti-Trump Ad How to Save Money on Groceries, Because Every Penny Counts A massive asteroid is approaching Earth, and it looks like it's wearing a face mask ‘We will not have a vaccine by next winter.’ Like the 1918 Spanish flu, CDC says second wave of coronavirus could be worse. So what happens next? 37 Things To Buy In 2020 That'll Save You Money In The Long Run So THEY say How To Make Your Groceries Last Longer There’s No Evidence You’ll Be Immune To The Coronavirus If You've Been Infected Before, The WHO Sai 31 Kitchen Products That Actually Do What They Say They Will WHO Warns You May Catch Coronavirus More Than Once Why the World’s Highest Virus Death Rate Is in Europe’s Capital, Belgium World’s first malaria vaccine is already saving lives across Africa Donald Trump unfollows Piers Morgan after being called out for ‘stupid’ coronavirus theories Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: What are Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites and how do they work? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Images for Amsler grid - test for macular degeneration The Las Vegas mayor's COVID-19 plan is basically 'Hunger Games' for businesses Age-Related Macular Degeneration Diagnosis and Tests - CHECK YOUR VISION Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Diagnosis and Tests Spending more time in the kitchen? Your top food questions, answered Biden gathers key climate endorsements in his effort to win over progressivesHow to Use Your Incentive Spirometer When you get it as high as you can, hold your breath for 10 seconds, Once the piston reaches the bottom of the spirometer, breathe out slowly through your mouth. Rest for a few seconds. Repeat 10 times. Try to get the piston to the same level with each breath. After each set of 10 breaths, try to cough, holding a pillow over your incision, as needed. Coughing will help loosen or clear any mucus in your lungs. Repeat these steps every hour that you’re awake. Cover the mouthpiece of the incentive spirometer when you aren’t using it. after the stay at home order is lifted, consider going on one of these! Mind Blowing Trick 1 Adam Schiff: Russia Is Still Interfering With US Elections—and Trump Is Covering It Up Hubble Turns 30: How the Famous Space Telescope Went From Idea to Launch School lessons for stay at home students - pre-K through 12th grade Gathered 04/24/2020: Our World - .mp4 video Naval Aviator Eye Exam Bull Elephants fighting How to Manage Conference Calls with Skype Gathered 04/23/2020: Change this one setting to get faster internet speeds THIS APPLIES ONLY TO PERUSING WEB PAGES (constant lookup of URLs), If you are only running a particular program/app/game, THIS would make the startup faster, BUT when actually running, the game's speed will remain the same. How to change DNS settings on your PC running Windows 10 NO - NOT QUITE ACCURATE ^ How to change Windows 10 DNS settings using Control Panel START Control Panel Network and Sharing Center Change Adapter settings RIGHT-click on the Network that you use Properties Click on INTERNET PROTOCOL VERSION 4 (TCP/IPv4 IF using IPv4) Properties Use the following DNS server addresses Preferred DNS Server (for Cloudflare) Alernate DNS sever (for Cloudflare) CLICK OK opendns 608.67.222.222 ********8 << Speed up your internet for free by finding the FASTEST DNS server NOTE - This is a Program (APP) that tests various DNS SERVERS and LETS YOU KNOW WHICH ONE IS FASTEST - I HAVE tried it. THIS (speed increase) APPLIES ONLY TO PERUSING WEB PAGES (constant lookup of URLs). If you are only running a particular program/app/game, THIS would make the startup faster, BUT when actually running, the game's speed will remain the same. NOTE - It does NOT appear that NAMEBENCH checks what I consider the BEST DNS SERVER, CLOUDFLARE. It does appear that if you are already using CLOUDFLARE (DSN: and ) ( ) then NAMEBENCH will check Cloudflare's speed. It took about an hour to run on my WIN10 system. namebench WIKI After months of norovirus (NOT coronavirus) outbreaks on cruise ships, a smoothie is finally implicated A scuba diving group is making face masks out of recycled ocean plastic 8 big cats confirmed tested positive for coronavirus at NY zoo Gathered 04/22/2020: Today's Biggest Earthquakes 'Unkillable' Android malware can take over your phone: What to do The best Android antivirus apps in 2020 iPhones being hacked by rogue emails: What to do Men Are More Than Twice As Likely to Die of COVID-19 Jimmy Kimmel Feasts On Donald Trump’s ‘I Cannot Tell A Lie’ Remark Will anyone ever find Shackleton's lost ship? Two pet cats in New York test positive for coronavirus Two pet cats in New York test positive for coronavirus Anti-lockdown protester who said it was a ‘political ploy’ is killed by coronavirus Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 04/21/2020: Study Of Hydroxychloroquine As Coronavirus Treatment Finds More Deaths, No Benefit JoAnn Fabrics Is Helping Hospitals With Free At-Home Mask-Making Kits Trump’s Hoax: Obama Didn’t Predict This Coronavirus And Design A Test For It Are there benefits to eating turmeric and other spices? Americans Are Poisoning Themselves in Their Rush to Fight Virus This Solar Panel Just Set a World Record for Efficiency Gathered 04/19/2020: Coronavirus: 'Possible to be infected with Covid-19 more than once' Coronavirus: Possible to be infected with Covid-19 more than once She added that a vaccine-induced immunity could last longer than the infected-induced immunity. Watch the full interview on The Andrew Marr Show. Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy as soon as this week: sources 'He watched Fox, and believed it was under control': New York bar owner dies of COVID-19 Raspberry Pi sales are rocketing in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak: Here's why Gathered 04/18/2020: U.S. explores theory virus spread started in Chinese lab No need to wipe down food packaging during coronavirus pandemic, FDA says WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THIS? GIVEN THE # HOURS THE VIRUS SURVIVES ON SURFACES Trump Campaign Secretly Paying $180,000 A Year To His Sons’ Significant Others Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle are each receiving $15,000 per month through the campaign manager’s private company, GOP sources said, to dodge FEC rules. California Drought Was A Blip In A Much Larger ‘Megadrought,’ Study Finds Lawmakers announce bill to let Americans sue China over coronavirus damages Top Online News Media Bias Ratings - AllSides Having grown up in the area I can tell you for sure there is a mine entrance on the hill off Lead Mine rd History of Bakers Landing and Greystone Village Six Forks, Millbrook, Oberlin: The hidden history of Raleigh's street names Abandoned mills, homesteads in Umstead Park (Raleigh NC) hold untold stories Magic Beer Trick - video Your Daily Dose of Cute Has Arrived! Gathered 04/17/2020: Coronavirus: Anti-lockdown protests grow across US The demonstrations have occurred in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Minnesota, Utah, Virginia and Kentucky. LOOKS MORE LIKE MY GUN IS BIGGER THAN YOUR GUN Most Americans doubt the coronavirus crisis will end soon, poll says Over 43,000 US millionaires will get ‘stimulus’ averaging $1.6 million each Coronavirus Live Updates: As Governors Look to Reopen, Trump Foments Anti-Restriction Protests Climate change: US megadrought 'already under way' Nasa to launch first manned mission from US in decade Coronavirus: ‘Liberate’ states protesting against lockdown, says Trump UNBELIEVABLE Gathered 04/16/2020: URGENT: Non-profit websites could go dark April 20, 2020 Sources: 1. Wired, "Who Should Control the Internet's .Org Addresses?," February 4, 2020 2. Electronic Frontier Foundation, "ICANN Needs To Ask More Questions About the Sale of .ORG," January 17, 2020 Biggest cosmic mystery 'step closer' to solution Coronavirus: Trump says peak is passed and US to reopen soon These Engineers Just Solved the Biggest Problem with N95 Masks End-of-life planning during the coronavirus pandemic, in 8 steps How to make crucial financial and health care decisions for you and your loved ones. ZOOM (video conference software) - 16 game-changing tips + other info Vonage-VDV21-VD-IP-Phone-Adapter-Box-ADMIN-MENU Gathered 04/15/2020: MIT researcher says the 6-feet social distancing rule isn’t enough to flatten the curve coronavirus-bearing droplets of all sizes can travel 23 to 27 feet from their host after emission. Head lice drug emerges as potential coronavirus treatment, studies show Chris Cuomo: CNN show is not "worth my time" anymore Coronavirus: Is President Trump right to criticise the WHO? Malicious coronavirus-themed apps target Android devices Gathered 04/14/2020: Northern white rhinos: The audacious plan that could save a species How to mine precious metals in your home Covid-19 has profoundly different outcomes for men and women – and not just in terms of their health twice as many men have been dying from the virus as women. As Masks Go Mainstream, Fashion Designers Sense an Opportunity Designers are rethinking the medical mask as accessory—but first, where to get one? False Negatives Raise Doctors' Doubts About Coronavirus Tests A surprising number of patients have obvious symptoms but still test negative, say doctors AstraZeneca to Test New Cancer Medicine in Covid-19 Battle The U.S. Postal Service Has Never Been More Important, or More Endangered Scientists Have Reported The First Case Of The Coronavirus Spreading From A Dead Body “We need to take care of the people who take care of the dead,” one pathologist said. Every Single Solar System Moon, Ranked There are more than 150 confirmed moons in our solar system—we ranked 'em all. A Mutant Enzyme Could Make Recycling Worthwhile This sucker can recover 90 percent of the plastic in a soda bottle The Army Is Building Drones That Can Be Fired From Grenade Launchers The Air Force Mobilizes Its Laser and Microwave Weapons Abroad The Pentagon's Hypersonic Weapon System Passes a Critical Flight Test The U.S. military is racing to catch up with China and Russia in developing hypersonic weapons Gathered 04/13/2020: Trump campaign sues TV station for airing ad Missing an Ingredient? Here’s What You Can Use Instead How To Clean A Fabric Coronavirus Face Mask And How Often Trump retweets "FireFauci" hashtag after top scientist appears to contradict him RECALL TRUMP YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT - WELL DONE VIDEO OF (animated) HIGH DIVING GIRAFFES Trump Declares That He Alone Has Power to ‘Open Up’ Economy The U.S. Postal Service Has Never Been More Important, or More Endangered The 10 Coolest Buildings from Around the World Wuhan Is Returning to Life. So Are Its Disputed Wet Markets Trump’s New Auto (emissions) Rollback Is an Economic Disaster the Atlantic According to the administration’s own math, the pollution rules could eliminate jobs, discourage driving, and inflict billions in damage. This Is Trump’s Fault - the Atlantic The president is failing, and Americans are paying for his failures Gathered 04/11/2020: Developing a vaccine in one year would be unprecedented Can You Bring COVID-19 Home Through Clothes and Shoes? Gathered 04/09/2020: See the Breathing Technique Used by Coronavirus Patients CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who shared last week that he tested positive for COVID-19, has told his viewers that he is using a similar breathing exercise Gathered 04/05/2020: House Cleaners You Should NEVER Mix to Avoid TOXIC (DEADLY) Fumes How to Kill Germs with Bleach in a Few Easy Steps WILD ANIMAL CAMS ZOOM (video conference software) - 16 game-changing tips Former Clinton adviser predicts Democratic primary ‘write-in movement’ for Cuomo Gathered 04/04/2020: Impeach Him Again The now and future dead deserve some attempt at justice. IMPEACH TRUMP FOR MISHANDLING THE CORONOVAVIRUS The Navy Fired the Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt. See How the Crew Responded. IMPEACH TRUMP FOR FIRING Capt. Brett E. Crozier Trump fires watchdog who handled Ukraine complaint IMPEACH TRUMP FOR FIRING watchdog who handled Ukraine complaint The Economy Is Collapsing. So Are Trump’s Reelection Chances Trump Says The Government Will Cover Coronavirus Expenses For The Uninsured Could this be Japan's 'Atlantis'? Africam Tembe Elephant Park This live feed comes from a watering hole at the Tembe Elephant Park, close to South Africa's border with Mozambique. Most of the time, there will be at least a few elephants milling about - and the ones living here are reportedly the world's largest. Every now and then, you might catch leopards, lions, rhinos and buffalo popping in for a drink. And those small antelope you see are called sunis. The Crisis Could Last 18 Months. Be Prepared. COVID-19 has exposed serious food-security issues in the US. Technology can help Humans armed with creative solutions are finding ways to prop up supply chains Bidets for a cleaner and greener bathroom routine Mars might be made of mashed-up baby planets An unexpected composition of two meteorites could rewrite our understanding of the Red Planet’s history At long last, NASA’s probe finally digs in on Mars NASA unsticks its Martian digging probe by whacking it with a shovel Doctor Drops Some Coronavirus Truth Bombs On Fox News, Lights Up Twitter HBO will let everyone stream its most popular TV shows for free starting right now Many of HBO’s popular TV shows will be available for free, as well as several movies and documentaries, starting today, Friday, April 3rd. How Long Does Coronavirus Live In The Air? Here's What We Know How COVID-19 affects people with diabetes, cancer, and other conditions Siberian Dream - Slide Show Gathered 04/03/2020: The Health Benefits of Quinoa Sea Monsters Scarier Than Megalodon Older adults are more open to robots than previously believed Toward an underwater Internet of Things The Internet of Things (IoT) is being merged with the development of technology to simultaneously transmit light and energy to underwater energy devices. Researchers are advancing the use of concurrent lightwave information and power transfer configurations for transmitting energy and data to underwater electronic devices. Boston hospitals getting ‘game changer’ machine that sterilizes 80,000 masks a day The Trump administration is expected to urge all Americans to wear cloth masks in public, based on a forthcoming shift in C.D.C. guidance. A Florida man dies days after hundreds of people exposed to coronavirus walked around the world's busiest airport STOP THE MADNESS OF ALLOWING CRUISE PASSENGERS NORMAL ACCESS TO AIRPORTS, BUSES, TRAINS, ETC Above normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season on tap, researchers forecast How to make a face mask Impeachment Is Not a Valid Excuse for Trump’s Slow Coronavirus Response Read Trump’s Letter to Chuck Schumer Blaming Coronavirus in New York on Impeachment Sorry, Mitch. Impeachment Didn’t Cause the Bungled Coronavirus Response McConnell Draws Outrage for 'Ridiculous' Excuse That Trump Impeachment Trial Prevented Action on Coronavirus Crisis Gathered 04/02/2020: Before (BC) and after coronavirus (AC) - scenes from the world's biggest cities Funniest Signs Ever You Will Die Of Laughter Some new Ones Bird Language - an actual language composed of WHISTLING - in a small Turkish town Trip Down Memory Lane WHO ON EARTH DREAMS THESE UP Computer Gender - mp4 240,000 U.S. Virus Deaths Don't Have to Happen If President Trump truly understands the potential for a grim toll, then why isn't he urging a more restrictive national shutdown? RECALL TRUMP Gathered 03/30/2020: J&J has 'promising' COVID-19 vaccine candidate, company says Two other companies, Moderna Inc., and China-based CanSino Biological, have begun trials of rival vaccines. There’s only one type of UV that can reliably inactivate Covid-19 – and it’s extremely dangerous. Far-UVC has a shorter wavelength than regular UVC, and so far, experiments with human skin cells in the lab have shown that it doesn’t damage their DNA (more research is needed to be sure). However, the vast majority of the UVC lamps on the market don’t use far-UVC yet – and again, it hasn’t been tested in actual humans, just on our cells in petri dishes and other animals. So this type of radiation probably won’t help you during the current pandemic either. Century-Old Vaccine, Tuberculosis shot, Investigated as a Weapon Against Coronavirus Not only is it a common immunotherapy for early-stage bladder cancer, it also seems to train the body’s first line of immune defense to better fight infections. 10 SURPRISING things you didn’t know you could do with your Amazon Echo Device - youtube Best Alexa Skills For Your Amazon Echo Device With A Screen | Echo Show, Echo Show 5 & Echo Show 8 Fox reportedly worried about being sued for misleading viewers on coronavirus threat White House dismissed $2 billion request for emergency supplies as crisis loomed RECALL TRUMP Gathered 03/29/2020: Men are handicapped - Video Expert Disaster Preppers Explain How to Ride Out the Coronavirus Pandemic This Engine Could One Day Save Us From Planetary Disaster An Unlikely Coronavirus Hero? Self-Driving Cars by doing WHAT? Spraying disinfectant all over the road? Steam? Why Not Wearing A Bra During Self-Isolation Is The Best A North Carolina county is using checkpoints to block visitors and keep coronavirus out 5 Rules For Safe Food Shopping During the Corona Pandemic I don't know where they got these rules - they seem reasonable, but actual source is not known Trump extends coronavirus guidelines, abandons hope of Easter reopening Nancy Pelosi: Trump’s Slow Response To Coronavirus Pandemic Was ‘Deadly’ How coronavirus cripples the New York Mafia Coronavirus: Mercedes F1 to make breathing aid [CPAP machines] 70 sex questions to ask your partner, from the dirty to the flirty Gathered 03/28/2020: Alexa can now screen you for coronavirus Apple launches coronavirus screening app and website: How to use them Interesting pictures 3 - slide show Transportation around the World - slide show Edvin Marton and the Vienna Strauss Orchestra in Full Concert Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says Medical Vendors Told Not To ‘Send Stuff’ To Michigan As Trump accuses governors of wanting too many ventilators, the real-life situation is terrifying RECALL TRUMP Jared Kushner was put in charge of providing ventilators, and he's already blown it Coronavirus: Stay fit to fight the virus, say medics Morning Digest: GOP won't be on 2020's ballot after nearly three straight decades running San Diego How Spain became a hotspot for coronavirus a series of missteps by governments as they chased its impact, before eventually succumbing to the reality that only a total lockdown could stem the tide. THEY WAITED - JUST AS TRUMP WAITED - NOW PEOPLE WILL DIE - opinion Public health experts blast Boris Johnson and TRUMP for ‘slow’ coronavirus response Anthony Fauci Debunks The Biggest Coronavirus Myths For Lilly Singh Washington Post Hits Donald Trump With Chilling Reality Check About Reopening For Easter Digestive Issues Might Be An Early Sign Of Coronavirus New data suggests problems like nausea and diarrhea may be some of the first COVID-19 symptoms 800,000 Physicians Tell Trump Social Distancing Must Continue Chris Cuomo Names The Donald Trump Character Traits That Are ‘Literally Making Us Sick’ A $500 Billion Corporate Bailout? With Few Conditions? Katie Porter Wants Oversight Now. I want to be crystal clear: The Treasury can move this money in an hour, said the California Democrat Coronavirus: Lack of medical supplies 'a national shame' IT'S LACK OF GOOD LEADERSHIP Coronavirus: A college course world wants to study right now Yale University online course entitled: The Science of Well Being. Coronavirus: Pangolins found to carry related strains Senate Republicans knew the country was facing disaster yet still voted to keep Trump in office Document shows severe shortage of beds, ventilators in Wake County The high-stakes race to make quantum computers 2 Essential Apps for Protecting Your Privacy A Cat In Belgium Tested Positive For COVID-19, But You Shouldn’t Panic This may be the first known case of a cat getting sick from the novel coronavirus, though experts stress cases of pets catching it remain extremely rare. 14 People Shared The Pettiest Things They've Done To Get Back At Their Exes, And I Guess It's Petty O'Clock Gathered 03/27/2020: Many exemptions in Wake County's stay-at-home order - lasts from March 27 at 5 p.m. until April 16 Wake County issues stay-at-home order beginning Friday to deal with coronavirus, here's what that means Trump Is Now Openly Trying to Censor His Critics. He May Succeed. His campaign’s cease and desist letter to broadcast stations is a frightening assault on free speech. Dyson developed and is producing ventilators to help treat COVID-19 patients Italy paid a high price for trying to NOT slow the economy Italy paid a high price for resisting social isolation measures to contain coronavirus In order not to slow down the economy, the Italian government criticized mayors and governors for "spreading chaos" by defending quarantines. Three days later, death toll doubled to 7,503 now. From Twitter - I am just reporting it 101-year-old Italian man released from hospital after recovering from coronavirus Hoarding Unproven COVID-19 Treatment Touted By Trump Hurts Chronically Ill People Trump Rejects New York’s Plea For Ventilators: ‘I Don’t Believe You Need’ That Many I’m A Combat Veteran. Trump’s Inability To Tell The Truth Is Costing American Lives. RECALL TRUMP Joe Biden Says Donald Trump ‘Hasn’t Done What’s Rational To Do’ What To Do If You Live With Someone Who May Have CoronavirusFrom POTUS To FLOTUS: A Full (White) House Of Acronyms ’m An ER Doctor In NYC. Trump’s Coronavirus Plan Isn’t Just Dangerous, It’s Deadly Seth Meyers Explains Why Trump Is ‘Fundamentally Unequipped’ To Lead Now In weighing safety against the economy, Trump offers a false choice, experts say Kellyanne Conway Gets Hit With Unexpected Fact-Check Live On Fox News That didn’t go as planned. Billionaires Want People Back At Work, Even If It Kills Them The Worst Type Of Leader To Have In A Crisis Authoritarians like Trump don’t care about human life. They care about power - Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat No Toilet Paper? A Bidet Might Transform Your Bathroom Break. Dump toilet paper for good with these easy-to-install bidets attachments Coronavirus Also Poses Risk To Younger Generations U.S. Unemployment Claims Soar To Record 3.3 Million As Layoffs Jump Online Grocery Delivery Is Overbooked. Here's What Companies Are Doing About It Trying to get food delivered during coronavirus, but can't snag a time slot? Companies like Amazon Fresh and Instacart appear to be taking measures to fix that. Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass bleaching in five years Can you get the coronavirus from receiving parcels? CDC data published yesterday detected the faint genetic signature of viruses (viral RNA) which had survived 17 days on surfaces in cruise ships. That doesn’t mean infectious virus particles were found after 17 days – only a part of the virus was detected in this study – but it does suggest there may be some cause for concern regarding how long this coronavirus can last on surfaces. More research is required on this question. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ACCURATE THIS INFORMATION MIGHT or might NOT be. How to Kill Germs with Bleach in a Few Easy Steps What is Bleach Safe For? Most kitchen counters Bathroom sinks Door handles Do NOT use it on wooden floors or painted surfaces! Always wear gloves when working with bleach How to Kill Germs with Bleach According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): 1. Mix one cup of bleach and five gallons of water in a bucket. For a smaller dose, use 4 teaspoons of bleach with one quart of water. 2. Scrub the surface using a stiff brush and the solution. 3. Let it air dry for at least 10 minutes. This is important, as it assures proper disinfection. Using Bleach to Sanitize Fabric: 1. For a normal-sized load of laundry, add ¾ cup of bleach to the wash cycle. In case of a large or heavily soiled load, add 1 ¼ cups. 2. Dry on high heat. 3. Note! This is to be used mainly on whites, as bleach can ruin and fade colored fabrics. For further laundry advice related to Covid019 click here. Important Warning - bleach may release toxic fumes. The CDC recommends seeking medical help immediately if you feel one of the following after using bleach: Blurred vision Headaches Difficulty breathing. Can an Eye Exam Predict Future Cardiovascular Problems? Sweet Drinks Can Raise Cancer Risks, 100% Juices Included Video of Animal Friendships Gathered 03/25/2020: Is It Safe To Reuse A Face Mask To Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus? Trevor Noah Proposes A Genius Hack To Sidestep Trump’s Coronavirus Misinformation How 3M Uses Surge Capacity to Double Production of N95 Masks Countries Starting to Hoard Food, Threatening Global Trade A Woman With Lupus Said Her Health Care Provider Is Stopping Her Chloroquine Prescription And Thanked Her For The “Sacrifice” Poll: Americans want a national lockdown Trump’s call to end coronavirus restrictions by Easter is wildly out of step with what the public wants. The Fox News moment that revealed a dangerously confused president Trump wants Americans to flock to churches on Easter Sunday RECALL TRUMP Real IDs, explained Millions of Americans who have driver’s licenses still haven’t upgraded to a Real ID Bill Gates says we can’t restart the economy soon and simply “ignore that pile of bodies over in the corner” WHO says a third of the newest coronavirus cases worldwide are in the US Coronavirus: household cleaning products can kill the virus – an expert on which ones to use White House press corps confirms 'suspected case' of coronavirus in the briefing room In weighing safety against the economy, Trump offers a false choice, experts say 41 Foods That You Should Never Keep In Your Refrigerator CAVEAT EMPTOR - NOT SURE I AGREE WITH SOME OF THESE - PERSONAL OPINION 15 Things Retirees Should Buy at Costco Avoid using microwave to get faster WiFi internet New Oxford study suggests millions of people may have already built up coronavirus immunity 5,000 respirator masks were just found in the crypts of the Washington National Cathedral Michigan governor suggested possible link between vaping and coronavirus. What do doctors say? FDA now allows treatment of life-threatening COVID-19 cases using blood from patients who have recovered Gathered 03/24/2020: Gathered 03/23/2020: Check your possible coronavirus symptoms using the CDC’s new AI-powered bot The CDC now has a coronavirus self-checker. For sick, USA people only Click on: Coronavirus Self-Checker Smiles - JPGs Start paying attention to these possible coronavirus symptoms you may not have heard about We've been flooded with thousands of reader questions on coronavirus. We're answering them. People Who are at Higher Risk - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) If you can’t find bread in local stores, this cheap flatbread recipe only needs three basic ingredients KIDNEY DISEASE FACIAL MEDICAL MASKS “Without These Workers, Everything Ceases to Exist”: How Coronavirus Is Coming for Your Produce Why Texas is saying 'no' to all new refugees Difference between Oatmeal and Cream of Wheat At, we strive to figure out what differences people have trouble grasping Not Even a Pandemic Can Stop Trump From Pushing Fossil Fuels AOC: Trump Is “Going to Cost Lives” If He Doesn’t Use the Defense Production Act What Are the Trump Administration’s New Plans for Utah Monuments? 15 Photos of Empty European Cities During the Corona Crisis 17 Utterly Beautiful Photos of Japan's Cherry Blossoms Mitch McConnell’s Slush Fund Will Never Pass Is Duct Cleaning a Complete Waste of Money? 8 things preppers recommend to get you through the coronavirus crisis A Disinfectant Cleaning Guide to Phones and Other Devices See The World’s First Living, Self-Healing Robot Top House Republican Resists Trump’s Openness To Relaxing Coronavirus Restrictions Harvard Professor Makes Ominous Prediction About Number Of Coronavirus Cases In U.S. How To Make Coronavirus Face Masks, And How Effective They Are Gathered 03/22/2020: Coronavirus: Australia to close pubs, cafes and places of worship Trump Administration Considering Opening Obamacare Enrollment Amid Pandemic Hoping to escape coronavirus, city dwellers are fleeing to California’s deserts and mountains New ad from conservative group targets Trump on coronavirus messaging One Week After Calling Coronavirus an “Impeachment Scam,” Fox News Suddenly Shifts Three pillars of Trump's case for reelection are collapsing all at once WHO considers 'airborne precautions' for medical staff after study shows coronavirus can survive in air Germany bans meetings of more than two people in public Want to Fool Your Own Brain? Have a Look at These Illusion.. A Fascinating Explanation From Carl Sagan Of How An Ancient Greek Scientist Figured Out The Earth Is Round Watch This Seal Has An Epic Stare Down With A Tegu Lizard A Fascinating Demonstration Of How Far Your Breath Disperses When You Cough Using Different Methods Amid Quarantines, Travel to These National Parks Virtually Gathered 03/21/2020: I'm A Doctor. The U.S. Response To Coronavirus Has Been Nothing Short Of Criminal Trump Shrugged Off Repeated Intelligence Warnings About Coronavirus Pandemic: Report Climate change: The rich are to blame, international study finds This new 1.2-ton torpedo can hit a target 31 miles away It can cruise as deep at 1,640 feet beneath the surface, or as shallow as 50 Scientists discover two new shark species with chainsaw-like noses Why the F-117 Nighthawk Is Such a Badass Plane Italy tried to stem its outbreak, belatedly. We’re on the same course Some of Mexico's wealthiest residents went to Colorado to ski. They brought home coronavirus There Aren’t Enough Containers to Keep World Trade Flowing Abbott Launches Coronavirus Detection Test After FDA Gives EUA Can a supercomputer save us from the coronavirus? We spoke to the man who knows Windows Update not working for your latest upgrade? Here’s how to fix it NASA asks for the public’s help to design a robot for digging on the moon Can This Old Medical Approach,Passive Antibodies, Help Fight the Coronavirus? The Link Between the Herpes Virus and Alzheimer's Four Best Locations for White Water Kayaking! If We Bail Out Airlines, It Better Come With Climate Rules Maker of Purell accused of 'misleading' customers in class-action lawsuit The FDA earlier this year warned the maker of Purell against making unsubstantiated claims about the effectiveness of its hand sanitizer GOJO, the maker of Purell hand sanitizer, is facing two class-action lawsuits accusing it of "misleading claims" that it can prevent "99.9 percent of illness-causing germs." Covid-19: How long does the coronavirus last on surfaces? Coronavirus: What can we learn from the Spanish flu? The Deadline To File Federal Taxes Has Been Moved To July Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak Conservation victory as number of African black rhinos increases by 2.5% Bill Gates gives his thoughts on coronavirus in honest Reddit AMA Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to find Zoom’s hidden beauty filter and save your video calls Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Zoom includes a special hidden filter called ‘Touch Up My Appearance’. So we can all dispense with the makeup, forget brushing our hair and stay in the same hoodie all week. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Climate change: Will planting millions of trees really save the planet? Thousands Of Europeans Have Left Britain This Week Because Of The Coronavirus Supermarkets Offer Special Hours for Older Shoppers Gathered 03/20/2020: Apple finally admits Microsoft was right about tablets The iPad Pro now looks even more like a Surface Pro Blood from recovered COVID-19 patients is a key resource for scientists Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate unifies graphics tech for PC gaming and Xbox Series X Elon Musk says Tesla is working on ventilators for coronavirus patients but doubts there will be a shortage The symptoms began, explained Bjonda, just like you've heard on the news. With a "dry cough". Which, just in case you weren't sure, the NHS describes as "tickly and doesn't produce any phlegm (thick mucus)". The Chinese Wild-Animal Industry and Wet Markets Must Go From paper towels to disinfectant: Where you can still find household essentials CHECK FIRST - I DON'T BELIEVE IT In the Middle of a Pandemic, a Boeing 787 Breaks Passenger Flight Records Japan has a remarkably low number of coronavirus cases that experts worry may lead to a false sense of security Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway may have suffered $70 billion in coronavirus losses on its 10 biggest investments UK ‘very close to breakthrough coronavirus immunity test’ Two cruise ships turned away in Honolulu despite no positive coronavirus cases onboard Tucker Carlson: Burr Must Explain or Resign Over Stock Dump Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing Susan Collins’ Obama-Era Vote Against Pandemic Funding Comes Back to Haunt Her Trump gave coronavius it a six-week pass by NOT DOING MUCH OF ANYTHING (says dailybeast) HBO's documentary After Truth’ Exposes Trump’s Parade of Charlatans, From Jacob Wohl to Alex Jones Microbial DNA in patient blood may be tell-tale sign of cancer The scientists found that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) was detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel. The results provide key information about the stability of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease, and suggests that people may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects. The study information was widely shared during the past two weeks after the researchers placed the contents on a preprint server to quickly share their data with colleagues. Even a limited India-Pakistan nuclear war would bring global famine, says study Laundry Do’s and Dont’s Under COVID-19 How Soap Kills Germs - a Live Demonstration Read Carefully… the T-Shirt Fails Below Say It All.. New blood tests for antibodies could show true scale of coronavirus pandemic Mutations can reveal how the coronavirus moves—but they’re easy to overinterpret EGYPT-CAIRO-MUZEUL-DIN-CAIRO - Slide Show EGYPT-ASWAN - Slide Show EGYPT-ALEXANDRIA - Slide Show Mike Pence aide tests positive for coronavirus Climate change: Will planting millions of trees really save the planet? Gathered 03/19/2020: Chloroquine, an old malaria drug, may help treat novel coronavirus, doctors say N.Y. Can Now Test 7,500 a Day for Coronavirus: Live Updates Thousands of medical students are being fast-tracked into doctors to help fight the coronavirus Treasury pushes tax payment deadline back 90 days due to coronavirus This is what it looks like to be in New York City during the coronavirus outbreak We've Been In Coronavirus Lockdown In China For 8 Weeks. Here's What You Should Know 24 Sex Toys For Anyone Who’s Staying Inside And Is Bored Out Of Their Mind Clare Crawley's Season Of "The Bachelorette" Is Being Partially Recast People with Type A blood ‘more likely to catch coronavirus than people with type O, study claims Brits told ‘leave Spain now’ as government orders all hotels to close State Dept. urges Americans abroad to return to United States or prepare to shelter-in-place indefinitely Tesla cuts U.S. factory staff to curb virus, Musk offers to produce ventilators Why Hasn’t Tony Fauci Been at the Coronavirus Press Conferences? China targeting U.S. Navy warships with electromagnetic weapons How to protect family members in a household where one has tested coronavirus positive An excerpt from ‘Collusion’ Deaconess asks public to sew CDC-compliant face masks for staff Hospital Workers Make Masks From Office Supplies Amid U.S. Shortage How to make a homemade face mask No Toilet Paper? A Bidet Might Transform Your Bathroom Break. Trump camp bucks coronavirus critics with list of 56 'decisive actions' Gathered 03/18/2020: Trump reportedly angry at Kushner over coronavirus screw-ups Utah earthquake damages Mormon temple and knocks trumpet from iconic angel statue Ruthless Mexican cartel led by DEA's most-wanted fugitive is "taking over everywhere" Trump Says He’s ‘Always’ Taken The Coronavirus Pandemic Seriously. He Hasn’t. Coronavirus: Venice canals clearer after lockdown fish can even be seen in the usually murky waters Hidden History: Exploring the last remaining runway of Raleigh Municipal Airport Pound plummets against the Dollar to hit 35-year low as coronavirus outbreak hits UK economy At the time of writing, £1 was buying $1.145. Why social distancing is making me horny Scientists are closer to figuring out why the sun shoots massive beams of plasma into space China knew for years bats caused disease, yet left wild animal markets open Gathered 03/17/2020:Cruise ships stranded after countries adopt virus measures Canada bars entry of most foreigners; Americans exempt for now Trump Now Claims He Always Knew the Coronavirus Would Be a Pandemic His own words prove him wrong. New Jersey coronavirus patient gives hospital fake name, address — and then leaves The EU shuts its borders to slow the coronavirus crisis Not just older people: Younger adults are also getting the coronavirus The Left Is Still Leery of Biden. Here’s How He’s Reaching Out to Them UV images show why it’s so important to wash hands amid coronavirus crisis How long will essentials like toilet paper be hard to get? It depends Gathered 03/16/2020: ITALY IS TRYING TO WARN US: ACT NOW — OR ELSE In U.K., people to face prison or fine for refusing coronavirus tests or quarantine Moment woman receives first-ever shot of potential coronavirus vaccine/a> HOGWASH - It may vastly improve resistance, but it is NOT (personal, non-medical background opinion) a REAL Preventative that fights the CoronaVirus. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Trump's coronavirus press conference was a masterclass in passing the buck IMPEACH PANDEMIC BUNGLING TRUMP This newly approved coronavirus test can screen people 10 times faster Gathered 03/15/2020: American Airlines passenger jokes about coronavirus, causes 8-hour delay A Giuliani ally offered cash to lobby US senators on behalf of pro-Russian TV stations 10 Common Galaxy Note 5 Problems & How to Fix Them 36 Cleaning Products That Seem Too Good To Be True — But Actually Work They really do work, we're serious - BuzzFeed 19 Bizarre Wikipedia Pages You'll Want To Read Next Time You're Bored I Watched Joe Rogan Interview An Infectious Disease Expert About The Coronavirus, Here Are 13 Things He Said Gathered 03/14/2020: What You Should Actually Be Stocking Up On To Be Prepared For A Coronavirus Outbreak Harper's Bazaar/Yahoo These Charts Break Down Who Is Most At Risk Of Dying From The Coronavirus A Map Of The Coronavirus Exposures In Trump’s Orbit In Just Two Weeks People Are Panic-Buying Food And Water Due To Coronavirus But Still Not Buying Dasani Water 4 Signs Your Heart Is Quietly Failing The Groceries That No One Wants to Panic-Buy 13 Tips on Surviving Wild Animals Attacks Husky REALLY Wants to Meet Baby Squirrel! Friends?! The 10 Most Beautiful Owl Species in the World Costa Rica in Super-High Resolution What Is It Like Living With 2 Huge Tigers? Quick Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Lions Cute and Funny Big Cat Babies Feeding Time for Big Cats A Hilarious Dog Compilation The People of Walmart Are Without A Doubt Some Of The Oddest Specimens — Have A Look Where did playing cards come from? DESIGN YOUR OWN playing cards - Custom Playing Cards ONLINE Here's how much Europe's royal families really cost IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, THE AMOUNT FOR ENGLAND IS COMPLETELY BOGUS THE UK SPENT HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS REMODELING LOGING FOR THE ROYALS I suspect the government is only counting "salaries", not housing, cost of guards, food, etc. Coronavirus: How to clean your smartphone safely Trump Is Now Saying He Took A Coronavirus Test Even Though His Own Doctor Said He Didn't COPD Donald Trump Gave a Speech Tonight. After It Ended, He Kept Talking. A Microphone Caught What He Said The Trump administration’s botched coronavirus response, explained Why Covid-19 is so dangerous for older adults These Canadians who caught novel coronavirus say they barely knew they were infected Republicans Tried to Sneak Abortion Restrictions into the Coronavirus Bill Scientists Found More Than 100 Tiny Worlds Hidden in the Solar System Gathered 03/13/2020: Coronavirus: What are the worst symptoms and how deadly is covid-19? We discovered a coronavirus similar to the covid-19 virus 7 years ago Tom Hanks taking it 'one day at a time' after testing positive for coronavirus Are female urinals the answer to queues at the loos? The women helping Hollywood shoot safer sex scenes How do you keep a space station clean? Coronavirus: Six of President Trump's claims fact-checked Top Disease Expert: Virus Testing Is A ‘Failing,’ Leaving Cases Uncounted CDC Tested Just 77 People For Coronavirus This Week California Governor Calls Out What A Mess Coronavirus Testing Is Right Now Mike Pence Won’t Say How Many Coronavirus Tests Have Been Conducted Trump Administration Refuses To Postpone Food Benefit Cut Trump Appears More Concerned With Closing Borders Than Testing For Coronavirus The Most Daring Red Carpet Dresses Ever Worn At The ACM Awards Insulin Costs May Be Capped in a Medicare Program New York jury trials suspended amid coronavirus outbreak With Italians in lockdown, sex toy company sees sales surge and Pornhub spots an opportunity The 2020 census kicks off across the United States this week. It's expected to be the largest in US history This tree survived the last ice age, but now its future hangs in the balance PANDEMIC PREZ: ‘I DON’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL’ 'I Don’t Take Responsibility At All': Trump Passes Buck On Coronavirus Testing Mess How Trump Blew The Coronavirus Response Biden slams Trump for cutting health programs before coronavirus outbreak Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board Christmas Island: 'A giant robber crab stole my camera' About Half of Cruise Virus Cases Asymptomatic (SHOWED NO SYMPTOMS), Study Suggests New Study Indicates How Long Coronaviruses Can Survive on a Surface Coronavirus: Do face masks actually work? Gathered 03/11/2020: Coronavirus: Prepare Financially With These Steps Gathered 03/10/2020: The Dangerous Delays in U.S. Coronavirus Testing Continue Impeach Trump yet again - shut down the funding two years ago Trump struggles to explain why he disbanded the U.S. pandemic response unit IMPEACH TRUMP, AGAIN He is also trying to DECREASE funding on our major health organizations Maasau Mara Best photos of the week Why Do New Viruses Keep Emerging in China? Warning! 1 billion Android phones susceptible to hacking – find out if yours is at risk Amazon's Echo Lineup: What's the Difference? - November 27, 2019 Gathered 03/08/2020: What works to keep coronavirus away, according to a public health professional Kamala Harris Endorsed Joe Biden This Morning Trump’s CDC Director Has a History of Controversial Opinions on Controlling Viruses IMPEACH TYRUMP FOR APPOINTING HIM Nigeria is already dealing with a deadlier viral outbreak than the coronavirus epidemic, Lassa fever NASA Releases A 1.8 Billion-Pixel Panorama Of Mars, And It's Spectacular 'Genius' — Engineer Explains How The World's First 'Continuously Variable Valve Duration' Car Engine Works HONEY - This App Applies Every Promo Code On The Internet To Your Cart – And It's Awesome 5 ways to use Prime at Whole Foods Market Gathered 03/06/2020: Toyota Recalls 3.2M Vehicles Worldwide Over Faulty Fuel Pumps Unrepaired & Repaired AUTOMOTIVE Recalls by VIN # - DOES YOUR CAR HAVE UNFIXED REVCALLS? Gathered 03/05/2020:HOW TO STOP SOME (physical) JUNKMAIL Global health expert warns of household items that are perfect coronavirus hosts Dogs, cats can't pass on coronavirus, but can test positive SOUNDS LIKE BULLSHIT TO ME Vision Optimizer by Jarrow Heart Beat by Natures Plus Lutein by Rutin by Country Life ? Vit E Coronavirus: What you need to know to prepare for a covid-19 pandemic Stocks Tumble on Coronavirus Fears: Live Market Updates Judge Calls Barr’s Handling of Mueller Report ‘Distorted’ and ‘Misleading’ EMPEACH BARR Gathered 03/04/2020:Tennessee couple describes "flying in the air" during deadly tornado Camera catches "bold" thief reeling in gold Versace necklace with fishing rod Virginia bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ children A New Supreme Court Hears Its First Big Abortion Case IMPEACH TRUMP FOR CUTTING BACK OUR POSSIBLE RESPONSE TO A PANDEMIC IMPEACH TRUMP FOR CUTTING FIVE BILLION DOLLARS FROM NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE SUE TRUMP FOR EVERY US CORONAVIRUS DEATH SUE TRUMP FOR EVERY US HURICANE/TORNADO DEATH. Gathered 03/03/2020: Tennessee Tornado Live Updates: Nashville Hit and 19 Killed Across State IMPEACH TRUMP FOR CUTTING FIVE BILLION DOLLARS FROM NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE Trump Didn’t Just Botch the Coronavirus Response. He Enabled Its Spread. David: Find your polling location. Check out which presidential candidates have our Gun Sense Candidate distinction. And go VOTE! 2020 Gun Sense Candidate Lookup Iran appears to have stockpiled enough uranium for one nuclear weapon, but is far from making one. The move is meant to pressure the U.S. and Europe Gathered 03/01/2020: Best Internet Service Providers 2020 Coronavirus fears send West Coast shoppers into panic Supreme Court to Hear Obamacare Appeal No snow recorded in February in these 2 places for the first time in recorded history For the first time, Baltimore, Md., and Islip, N.Y, both recorded no snow in February, according to weather officials What are the coronavirus symptoms? What is coronavirus and what are the symptoms? Hillary Clinton can be deposed about her emails, judge rules Gathered 02/28/2020: Tom Steyer just said he was the only candidate PUSHING for reparations to Black People Disney World's Jungle Cruise partially sinks, leaving passengers soaked from waist down All the parkgoers riding the Jungle Cruise boat in Adventureland got off the ride safely Ford F-150 trucks recalled – they need this software fix Online marketplaces are full of phony coronavirus gear 7 clear-cut signs your phone or computer is infected with a virus or keylogger California reports second coronavirus case of unknown origin Three New Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in California Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg slam Trump over coronavirus The Internet Archive’s VHS Vault will send you on a 90s nostalgia trip There are more than 20,000 recordings archived Michael Bloomberg’s North Carolina Game Is Seriously Unlike Anything Else Best Internet Service Providers 2020 Gathered 02/27/2020: "Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran loses $388,700 in phishing scam FLASHBACK: VIRUS POINTMAN PENCE CAUSED HIV OUTBREAK! Here’s What To Do To Prepare For A Pandemic These proactive measures include: Stocking a two-week supply of water and food. Ensuring you have a continuous supply of regularly needed prescription drugs. Stocking up on nonprescription drugs and other health supplies. This includes pain relievers, cough and cold medicines and vitamins. Locating and storing copies of personal health records from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other sources for personal reference. Having a plan with family members and other loved ones on how they will receive care if they get sick or what will be needed to care for them in your home. CDC Urges Americans To Prepare For Coronavirus Spread World Should Prepare For Potential Coronavirus Pandemic: WHO The hidden world beneath the ancient Alhambra fortress Expedia Group to lay off thousands of employees Gathered 02/26/2020: US Army Corps suspends major $19M study of NYC storm protections MORE POLITICAL SHANIGANS ? World powers: 'serious concerns' about Iran's atom program Crews battle large fire at Los Angeles-area refinery after explosion Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words Welcome To The Hotel California - A sad musical parody.... Duke, WakeMed: If coronavirus hits Raleigh-Durham, home quarantine will be the best option Only People With 20/20 Vision Will Be Able To Find The Hidden Things In These Pictures egads - this is difficult for me MSC Cruise ship Meraviglia carrying 6,100 blocked from docking amid coronavirus scare Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 6,100 blocked from docking amid coronavirus scare Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Time running out to have your say on trophy hunting to save 2,000 endangered animals Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Fume events: The toxic gases that may be harming aircrew and passengers A veteran of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch estimates that fume events - of varying degrees of seriousness - happen at least twice a day worldwide. A study by the University of Kansas found that there were at least five a day in the United States alone. The cabin crew union BASSA says it happens on average once a day on BA flights. And the European Union's Aviation Safety Agency - or EASA - told the BBC there were more than 100 serious fume incidents within its remit in each of 2017 and 2018. The C.D.C. confirmed an infection of coronavirus in California that may be the first U.S. case without a known link to travel abroad. Gathered 02/25/2020: African Killifish May Hold the Key to Human Longevity 11-year-old girl brings AR-15 to Idaho hearing on gun legislation Sarah Hyland Defends Ariel Winter's Completely Sheer Dress Niecy Nash Strips Down to a Crystal Thong — and Nothing Else! — for a Sexy 50th Birthday Shoot 7 Stages of a Cat Befriending a Baby Coronavirus: The race to find the source in wildlife Coronavirus: Why did infections shoot up in South Korea? The C.D.C. warned Americans to begin preparing for the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak: This might be bad. The Incredible Acro-Cats Put On Quite the Show! Huge numbers of ticks are wreaking havoc on the moose population in Vermont How To Prepare For A Pandemic, According To U.S. Health Officials The new coronavirus, COVID-19, is expected to grow into a pandemic. Here’s what to do before it breaks and after Air New Zealand Is Putting Bunk Beds in Economy Class The company’s Skynest is a rare game changer for the 99 percent The Airplane Bar Is Dead. Long Live the In-Flight Lounge Gathered 02/24/2020: Experts Are Losing Hope That the Coronavirus Can Be Contained Our window of opportunity is narrowing If You See a Tweet About the Climate Crisis, There’s a 1 in 4 Chance It’s a Bot And nobody knows who’s behind them Jeff Sessions Hopes You’ve Forgotten What His “Zero Tolerance” Policy Actually Did Trump Rescued a Nasty Pesticide, chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxic pesticide, from an EPA Ban. Now Corteva Will Stop Making It. Bloomberg Is the Crisis, Not the Cure ??? - slate Good Luck Hacking My Alexa Microwave Now How to Block and Sue Robocallers and Reap Sweet, Sweet Revenge A Popular Mechanics article - I know nothing about this. Scientists Used AI To Discover a New Powerful Antibiotic How couple in 70s survived 8 days in Northern California wilderness Future ‘smart walls’ key to IoT MIT researchers are developing a wallpaper-like material that’s made up of simple RF switch elements and can be applied to building surfaces. Using beamforming, the antenna array could potentially improve wireless signal strength nearly tenfold - WHAT ABOUT RADIATION LEVELS ??? Gathered 02/23/2020: This Video Comparing The Actual Sizes Of Asteroids Is Making Us Feel Incredibly Puny Guy Converted His Volkswagen Passat To Electric By Himself 10 Years Ago Here's How He Pulled Off The Complicated Process This Is What Years, Maybe Decades, Of Cable Mismanagement Looks Like Climate change is starting to dry up the Colorado River, essential source of water for more than 40 million people Trump’s California water plan faces a lawsuit from the state The life on Mars search should continue with underground caverns and groundwater, scientists say Trump's border wall is being crowdfunded by a private group that wants to donate it to the government Trump wants to end the student loan forgiveness program Former royal cop challenges Prince Andrew’s alibi in Virginia Roberts Giuffre sex scandal Another toxic Trump brand bites the dust - so says Kos 400-pound bear sighted in California neighborhood Tesla on autopilot had steered driver towards same barrier before fatal crash, NTSB says NASA satellite images reveal dramatic melting in Antarctica after record heat wave Could the Big Bang have created a hidden 'twin' Universe? 'Mad' Mike Hughes dies after crash-landing homemade rocket This Air Purifier Maker Is Accelerating Tests on Coronavirus Tesla Rival Sets Out to Banish 160-Year-Old Lead Tech From Cars Ancient armadillo the size of a car discovered in dried-up riverbed Read more: Ancient Armadillo size of a car discovered Gathered 02/22/2020: A Huge Discovery in the World of Viruses Giant phages have been found in French lakes, baboons from Kenya, and the human mouth The Billion-Dollar Disinformation Campaign to Reelect the President Africa 11 - slide show How to Stop Robocalls for Good HOW TO BLOCK MOST ROBO PHONE CALLS, INCLUDING INVALID PHONE NUMBERS, INCLUDING MOBILE PHONES & VoIP calls 3 awesome apps that block unwanted robocalls - komando 7 clear-cut signs your phone or computer is infected with a virus or keylogger NASA satellite images reveal dramatic melting in Antarctica after record heat wave Carnival begins in Rio, but tourists will face contaminated water 12 'Little' Relationship Milestones That Are Actually A Big Deal These smaller moments deserve to be celebrated, too Air-Taxi Startup Raises $94 Million and Enlists Ex-Daimler CEO Driving Tips for Inclement Weather The Weirdest Houses Ever Built This Unique Dune House is Like a Hobbit Home, But Better Vancouver Island Travel Guide: a Canadian Hidden Gem Oh No, They’ve Come Up With Another Generation Label - Gen ALPHA Gathered 02/21/2020: Warnings of New Russian Interference Trump Calls for Social Security Cuts for the 4th Consecutive Year Trump is threatening our Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security - Again - Opinion New cases of coronavirus double in 24 hours in South Korea Majority of cases are linked to members of the religious sect Shincheonji At Walgreens, Complaints of Medication Errors Go Missing Pharmacists in dozens of states have accused Walgreens, CVS and other major drugstore chains of putting the public at risk of medication errors because of understaffed and chaotic workplaces Gathered 02/20/2020: 4 settings you must change on your video doorbell This season's flu shot 45 percent effective, an improvement over last season's vaccine The Coronavirus Cruise Ship Quarantine Gave The Virus An Efficient Way To Spread Watch The Cutest Little Baby Tigers... In America’s Richest Town, $500k a Year Is Now Below Average Fecal Transmission May Be Behind Coronavirus’s Rapid Spread Why are mattresses so expensive? How to Block and Sue Robocallers and Reap Sweet, Sweet Revenge The U.S. Navy's New Robo-Boat Has No People, But It Does Have a Very Big Gun This Prehistoric Mega Turtle Was a Big Boy Its carapace weighed more than 2,524 pounds alone fossil evidence shows their shells got as big as 9.8 feet from top to bottom African Wildlife Reveals its Beauty - Video Animal Comedy is Never Wasted Scientists Found Breathable Oxygen in Another Galaxy for the First Time A Nearby Cannibal Galaxy Is Going to Eat the Milky Way, Scientists Say These Dark Matter 'Clumps' Help Explain the Material That Makes Up Most of the Universe Gathered 02/19/2020: Buying Gas From a Station on This List Is Better for Your Car Here Are the Top Tier Licensed Retail Brands in the United States: 76 ARCO Aloha Amoco BP Beacon Break Time C Stores Breakaway CITGO Cenex Chevron Conoco Costco Wholesale CountryMark CountryMark PLUS Diamond Shamrock Express Mart Exxon Fast Fuel HFN – Hawaii Fueling Network Harmons Fuel Stop Hele Holiday Irving Oil Kirkland Signature Gasoline Kwik Star Kwik Trip MFA Oil Marathon Metro Petro Mobil Ohana Fuels Phillips 66 QT QuikTrip Ranger Ranger Fuel Ranger Mustang Ranger Stallion Ranger Thoroughbred Reeders Road Ranger Shamrock Shell Simonson Station Stores Sinclair Sunoco Texaco Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery Valero Value America WOW Win Win - Clark Howard / AAA Oil and gas production may be responsible for a far larger share of the soaring levels of methane than previously known STRATCOM on China's nuclear buildup Julian Assange: Trump 'offered pardon for Russia denial' 737 Max: Debris found in new planes' fuel tanks Ransomware-hit US gas pipeline shut for two days Jeff Bezos Earth Fund: How can $10bn fight climate change? Sydney storm: Thunder and lightning thrash Australian city Florida surfer uses drone to capture awe-inspiring views of sharks Gathered 02/18/2020: Live Updates: Over 150 Million Chinese Are Under Coronavirus Lockdown The new virus is deadlier than the one that causes the flu Japan announced 88 more cruise ship cases Gathered 02/17/2020: Porno Bootcamp: Inside The Training Ground For Amateur Porn Actors The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars Making The World's First Male Sex Doll Love/Hate Reads: 'Sex Tips for Girls,' Revisited Activate This 'Bracelet of Silence,' and Alexa Can't Eavesdrop Michael Bloomberg's employees created a book purportedly full of his offensive quotes. Here it is Earthquake experts lay out latest outlook for the ‘Really Big One’ that’ll hit Seattle Famous Stars And Their First R-Rated Movies Gathered 02/16/2020: Coronavirus Live Updates: Taiwan Reports First Death; U.S. Ship Passenger Tests Positive Carlin Ross Wants You To Have An Orgasm, So She Gave Herself One On TV How To Date A Co-Worker Without Making It Weird For Everyone Else Sam Donaldson Makes Rare Endorsement: We're In The Grip Of A Sick, Ignorant Man Chris Hayes Names Only Thing Standing Against ‘Authoritarian Decline’ Under Donald Trump The Case Against A ‘Medicare For All’ Litmus Test, Courtesy of Ocasio-Cortez Here’s What Happens To Nature When Humans Get Out Of The Way From an irradiated nuclear zone to an overfished reef, nature springs back to life without people. And therein lies a plan to save the planet Thousands Of People Are Growing ‘Climate Victory Gardens’ To Save The Planet Bernie Sanders Minces No Words In Takedown Of Rival Michael Bloomberg The Democratic presidential contender said in Las Vegas that Bloomberg will “not create the energy and excitement we need to defeat Donald Trump.” Gathered 02/15/2020: The End of Australia as We Know It Thermometer Guns’ on Coronavirus Front Lines Are ‘Notoriously Not Accurate Astronomers want public funds for intelligent life search Why the vegan diet is not always green The Most Daring SAG Awards Dresses Of The Decade Savage X Fenty: Why sex still sells in women's fashion China Tries 3,000-Year-Old Traditional Remedy on Virus Patients Senate Democrats Say Trump Administration Skimps on Virus Fight I’m the Sex Doctor’s Daughter On growing up in the shadow of Dr. Drew The Volcano that spews BLUE LAVA Auto recall: There’s a pretty stupid thing breaking these really smart cars You may also like: Check your home now for these dangerous recalled products Recall alert: Defect could cause this car to brake suddenly 19 Mistakes That Harm Your Smartphone’s Life Span Gathered 02/14/2020: Eight planes locked down at Heathrow Airport over coronavirus fears Over 1,700 frontline medics infected with coronavirus in China, presenting new crisis for the government More than 70,000 Lowe's ceiling fans were recalled because the defective blades can become dangerous projectiles Nude art and censorship laid bare 8 houses built in impossible places China changed how it counts coronavirus cases. The full picture is still far from complete Gathered 02/12/2020: IMPEACH BARR IMPEACH TRUMP FOR SELLING OUT THE COUNTRY AND OUR LAND The quest to make a crystal harder than diamonds Is this the start of a Canadian aviation ELECTRIC revolution? and when the battery goes dead ????? The British queen who ‘unashamedly loved sex’ Barr Unleashes Justice Department Turmoil Over Stone Case Black hole echoes might force scientists to rethink the laws of physics Cervical cancer could soon be a disease of the past People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia Apple’s malware problem is getting worse Macs aren’t as safe as they used to be. Here’s how to protect yourself John Kelly Finally Lets Loose on Trump The former chief of staff explained, in the clearest terms yet, his misgivings about Trump’s behavior regarding North Korea, immigration, and Ukraine. The Crime of Doing the Right Thing The former National Security Council staffer Alexander Vindman joins the club of honorable people whom the president has targeted for telling the truth. We Knew They Had Cooked the Books The Trump administration’s attempt to kill one of America’s strongest climate policies has been a complete debacle Top Military Officers Unload on Trump The commander in chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News. What does this mean for those on the front lines? Most Android phones can be hacked via Bluetooth right now: What to do Only Android 10 users are safe Gathered 02/11/2020: Coronavirus Updates: Virus Is Said to Spread Thorough Apartment Building’s Pipes Data from Equifax credit hack could "end up on the black market," expert warns Judge Approves T-Mobile Merger With Sprint North Korea is enhancing its nuclear program What to know before filing your tax return Tyrannosaurus species named 'Reaper of Death' found in Canada China spent years collecting Americans' personal information. The U.S. just called it out George Conway Suggests Why ‘Vindictive’ Trump May Need To Be Impeached Again Trump’s New Nuclear Budget Is Bad News for Russia Putin has the most to lose from an upgraded U.S. nuclear arsenal Canada's little known purple sand beach Keto diet could make your bones weaker and ‘increase risk of injury’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nikola teases an electric pickup with 600 miles of range The Moto G Stylus and G Power make Motorola’s best budget phones even better Trump’s budget continues to boost nuclear energy The ‘insect apocalypse’ has begun and it could spell doom for humanity Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Boris Bridge plans to link Northern Ireland and mainland could be built in 15 years Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Do you have a beach bucket list? Why these Thai beauty spots should be at the top! Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to find drinkable water in the wild There’s one thing you should look for, above all else Scientists discover virus with no recognizable genes Ancient viruses found in Tibetan glacier Trump’s new budget cuts all but a favored few science programs Human body temperature has declined steadily over the past 160 years Gathered 02/10/2020: Erectile dysfunction pills can permanently distort vision FAshion hits and misses from the 2020 Academy Awards The Sexiest Dresses at the 2020 Oscar After-Parties Skin is in Trump’s First 3 Years Created 1.5 Million Fewer Jobs Than Obama’s Last 3 Gathered 02/09/2020: The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Hiccups, According To Experts It turns out age-old remedies for stopping hiccups may have a little merit Do Face Masks Really Protect You From Getting Sick? Experts explain if medical face masks work against illnesses like the Wuhan coronavirus. We Tested Common Happiness Advice. Here's What Actually Worked Trump’s Trade War Will Cost Average Family $1,277 This Year, Budget Office Reveals Alexander Vindman's lawyer calls Trump's comments 'obviously false' The modern alchemists racing to create a new element How shrubs can help solve climate change California Homebuilders Rush to Get Ahead of Solar Mandate You'll get hooked on Acura's awesome free retro racing game How does Lexus keep winning so many dependability awards? There are a few reasons, but so much of it just comes down to culture Researchers fool Tesla’s Autopilot using a projector (SCROLL DOWN - Video at URL) The most – and least – reliable brands for 2019, ranked by Consumer Reports These are the 5 best subcompact luxury crossovers 2020 Lexus UX: $37,450 to $40,000 2020 Audi Q3: $38,900 to $45,900 2020 Volvo XC40: $39,750 to $48,200 2019 BMW X1/X2: $41,500/$42,250 to $49,200 2020 Jaguar E-Pace: $49,500 to $55,200 - I FIND THIS HARD TO BELEIVE - LOOK AT THEIR RELIABILITY Other key contenders in the red-hot luxury-oriented crossover segment include the Infiniti QX30, Lincoln Corsair and Mercedes-Benz GLB. A biomedical engineer created a mask coated in salt that he says could neutralize viruses like the coronavirus in 5 minutes As coronavirus infections exceeds 37,000, here’s how it spread so rapidly Gathered 02/07/2020: China Begins Testing an Antiviral Drug, remdesivir, on Coronavirus Patients You Should Know About This Chernobyl Fungus That Eats Radiation Side effect of long commutes: Car seat carcinogens from flame retardants More research is needed, the authors noted, such as measuring the impact of these types of chemicals on commuters who rely on public transportation. our internet bill is about to soar, thanks to Trump’s FCC Trump tweet gets it wrong on net neutrality ruling | TechCrunch Net neutrality gets a second wind. The problem? Donald Trump REMOVE TRUMP FROM OFFICE - RUINED NET NEUTRALITY Death of doctor who blew whistle on coronavirus sparks outrage in China Gathered 02/06/2020: These vehicles are the cheapest to own over 5 years: Kelley Blue Book The 6 best vehicles for surviving a Canadian zombie apocalypse Gathered 02/05/2020: New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Could One Day Power Electric Cars Huge Batteries Plug into Clean Power The U.S. Space Force Conducts Its Very First Missile Test The Navy Is Arming Nuclear Subs With Lasers. No One Knows Why Nuclear reactors can easily power laser weapons, but what’s the target? The USS Ford Is Coming Together...Very Slowly How to find drinkable water in the wild USE A LIFESTRAW TO FILTER THE WATER Gathered 02/04/2020: The Environmental Protection Agency Keeps Approving Dangerous Chemicals This 7,000-year-old well is the oldest wooden structure ever discovered, archaeologists say Major storm moving East with heavy snow and flooding Baboon grooms little lion cub in South Africa's Kruger park Here Are 15 "Schitt's Creek" Facts That Deserve A Large Round Of Applause Navy Deploys Low-Yield Nuclear Warhead on Sub For First Time Are you making this big security mistake on Twitter? Gathered 02/03/2020: Incredible Architecture! The 5 Tallest Towers in the World 9 Heartwarming Instances of Wild Animals Saving Humans New Study Reveals Molecular Signs of Parkinson's Disease Gathered 02/02/2020: BREAKING - Illinois has officially become the 2nd state to place price-caps on the cost of insulin! Australia’s bushfires are approaching its capital Canberra Here Are the Most Common Airbnb Scams Worldwide Fucking in Public Reveals Who Public Spaces Are Really For For some, exhibitionist sex in public is a kinky fantasy. For others, it's a reality of life. Europe Just Voted in Favor of Making iPhone and Android Use the Same Charger Warren Would Erase $640 Billion in Student Debt No Matter What Congress Said The candidate's latest plan shows how she'd be willing to use executive power as president. A GOOD REASON TO THROW HER OUT - PERSONAL OPINION Coronavirus: Can people recover? And other questions How TV Sets Looked Like From the 1920’s Until Today Gathered 02/01/2020: Peanut allergy drug approved by the US FDA (FOR CHILDREN) Virus-hit Wuhan has two laboratories linked to Chinese bio-warfare program Australia fires: Canberra escapes worst as fires rage on Gathered 01/31/2020: What’s so wrong with women selling nude photos if that’s what they choose to do? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: AT&T Lied About Everything It Promised to Do If It Got a Tax Cut AT&T said a net neutrality repeal and tax cut would result in new jobs and more broadband investment. It's cut tens of thousands of jobs and is spending less than ever. Study shows lithium may slow Alzheimer's People who drank water with higher concentrations of lithium were less likely to develop dementia. Treating Alzheimer's: U of A research closes in on possibility Linking Walnuts and Brain Health Pluto and its moons are hazier than expected, and scientists are trying to figure out why Should I Get a Second Flu Shot This Year? Would Two Flu Shots Protect Me Better Than One? FAA Whistleblower Reported Concern Over 2 Deadly Helicopter Crashes In Hawaii 2 Years Ago, Kenya Set The World’s Strictest Plastic Bag Ban. Did It Work? Kenya has harsh penalties for those caught manufacturing, selling, importing or using single-use plastics, yet the country still struggles to reduce its waste. Trump’s Border Wall Collapses IMPEACH RAND PAUL Rand Paul continues his efforts to get the Ukraine whistleblower killed The Best Headlight Restoration Kits - Popular Mechanics Why Texans Don’t Want Any More Californians Migrants from the Golden State could change the character of their new homes. 19 Sex Toys So Great You'll Probably Want Them To Be Your Valentine MagazinesPersonal computer 36 Gadgets For Your Home You Probably Didn't Realize You Needed In Your Life Until Now Gathered 01/30/2020: WHO Declares CORONAVIRUS Outbreak an International Emergency: Virus Update WHO are "idiots" as it was obviously an emergency days ago, back when we might have had a better handle on containing the outbreak. Gathered 01/29/2020: Sex Education: 'I wish I knew sex could be fun growing up' GM’s Super Cruise Joins Tesla’s Autopilot in the Passing Lane Kids have found out how to use Apple AirPods to secretly talk in class Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: What your sexual fantasies say about your wellbeing Vintage VHS tapes could be worth a fortune, thanks to the streaming era NASA's first commercial destination module will come from Houston-based Axiom Space Pacific Ocean acidification is dissolving Dungeness crab shells 43 US cities have contaminated water. Here's how to protect yourself. Having good sex after trauma means being vocal about your triggers New Jersey Protecting Against Climate Threat rules require builders to take climate change into account "Godzilla" galaxy studied by astronomers at University of Kentucky New dark matter research could change the way we understand galaxy formation Roku is combining its soundbar and wireless speakers into a surround sound system Why Didn’t Trump Tell Congress There Was Evidence Russia Hacked Burisma? A private security firm’s bombshell report raises new questions on Capitol Hill Two satellites could collide ‘directly’ above a populated area this week, experts warn Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Exclusive look at Cruise’s first driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals After Nearly 20 Years, the Air Force Will Fly Brand New F-15s Do face masks prevent new coronavirus? France to send warships to support Greece in Turkish standoff First Suspected Case Of Coronavirus In San Diego County Gathered 01/28/2020: (Free?) Avast antivirus program collects data, to be sold Why identity theft is "so easy" and what consumers can do to combat the threat 300+ Medications Dropped by Insurance in 2020 Gathered 01/27/2020: GFR Calculator - Glomerular Filtration Rate - (CKD - Cronic Kidney Disease) DaVita VIN check: How to look up a VIN report for free before buying a used car - clark Calls grow for Bolton to testify in impeachment trial Power Outage Checklist - Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg ‘intends to reelect Trump’ with misinformation policy Over 267M Facebook users had names, phone numbers leaked on dark web Which Birth Control Kills Your Sex Drive The Least? Here's The Answer Doctors share how some contraception methods can affect your libido and what to do about it The Best Looks From The 2020 Grammys Red Carpet, From Billie Eilish To Chrissy Teigen What’s so wrong with women selling nude photos if that’s what they choose to do? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Former alcoholic who nearly died from liver damage turns life around after going vegan Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Harvard Alumni Are Turning Up the Heat on Fossil Fuel Divestment Big Oil Wants to Dump More Wastewater Into Rivers. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Microsoft forced to create a free Windows 7 update just days after updates ended GM will spend $2.2 billion to build electric and autonomous vehicles at Detroit plant Vine successor Byte is available now on iOS and Android The long-awaited sequel to the short-form video app just surprise launched How to download apps for your Fitbit Make the most of your new smartwatch Is Trumpism a cult? A new book from a former cult member makes the case The 12 best-dressed celebrity couples at the 2020 Grammys George Conway suggests Trump's impeachment lawyers knew exactly what was in Bolton's book Let's Take A Moment To Recall The Craziest Grammy Moments Of All Time Elizabeth Hurley's Flawless Figure Baffles Minds In Red Hot Bikini Shot: 'How does she do it?!' Mayor of Wuhan, epicenter of coronavirus outbreak, says 5 million people left the city before travel restrictions were imposed Kate Upton Goes NSFW For Bikini Tinder Portrayal – 'Dolly Parton Challenge' Accepted Halle Berry Makes Instagram's Day With Sun-Drenched Topless Snap This thousand-year-old Aboriginal tradition of lighting fires could be a solution to fight Australia's devastating bushfires How the Navy's Battleships Could Leave Their Museums—and Return to Active Duty Is the winter too much for electric cars? Gathered 01/26/2020: Verizon just announced it is eliminating fees from its Fios TV service! This is the first Top 5 pay-TV company to stop charging fees in the wake of Consumer Reports successful campaign to end hidden cable fees. 5th US case of coronavirus confirmed as death toll rises to 56 in China ‘Bogus’ Ukraine theory led to Trump’s abuse, Dems tell trial China warns that coronavirus can spread before symptoms show, as death toll rises DUH - OF COURSE Everyone Can See You Are Job Hunting On LinkedIn Unless You Do This Cardi B wore the most NSFW dress to Diddy’s pre-Grammys party and Offset couldn’t keep his hands off Caitlyn Jenner contemplated suicide over transition fears: ‘It was a bad time’ 27 Ingenious Things For Your Car You'll Probably Never Stop Using New Emails Reveal that the Trump Administration Manipulated Wildfire Science to Promote Logging Gathered 01/25/2020: Doctor treating coronavirus patients dies at hospital in China The CDC just confirmed a second U.S. case of the Wuhan coronavirus US warned virus could ‘escape’ from lab near coronavirus epicentre Coronavirus: How worried should we be? Emergency on Mars as Nasa loses control of the Curiosity Rover exploration robot Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: These adorable sharks have evolved to walk across the seafloor They’re also champion hitchhikers REMIND ME OF: Plecostomus (Family Loricariidae) Sonos just reminded everyone that every smart gadget has an expiration date Here’s how you can access your computer from anywhere NOTE THAT USAGE MAY MAKE YOUR COMPUTER VULNERABLE TO HACKING Tips to get your fancy camera off the shelf and start taking more pictures You bought that camera, so you might as well use it Aurora is finally ready to show the world what it’s been up to The secretive self-driving car company unveiled its plans for 2020 Star Trek: Picard knows Star Trek is a hard sell in 2020 DirecTV is moving one of its satellites to a safer orbit over fears of explosion The batteries on the satellite may be a risk Gathered 01/24/2020: Signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s: When not to worry, and when to see a doctor Samsung TVs 2020: QLED, microLED, and 8K TVs Daily exposure to blue light may accelerate aging, even if it doesn't reach your eyes How to activate and adjust Night Light settings in Microsoft Windows 10 - techrepublic BLUE LIGHT How to set a schedule for Android 8.1 Night Light - techrepublic BLUE LIGHT Best way to reduce eye strain from your computer monitor - BLUE LIGHT - komando How to use a blue light filter on your PC - digitaltrends blue light turns certain molecules in our eyes into "cell killers" - fortune "The process leads to macular degeneration, an incurable eye disease affecting more than 10 million Americans. Macular degeneration is the death of photoreceptor cells in the eye.Aug 15, 2018 According to the research conducted by the University of Toledo, Blue light is naturally present in sunlight, but with the growing ubiquity of electronic devices — and the light glaring from their screens — one’s exposure to blue light can become harmful. According to the National Sleep Foundation, blue light suppresses the body’s production of melatonin, which regulates your sleep cycle. This can make it difficult to fall asleep, on top of the newly discovered threat of eye damage. In other experiments, the researchers found that the combination of blue light and retinal molecules can lead to the death of any type of cell, including cancer cells, heart cells, and neurons. They noted that a certain molecule natural to the body, alpha tocopherol, can stop these cells from dying. But as individuals age or their body weakens, the defense is hindered." - Fortune, University of Toledo News & Kasun Ratnayake Blue Light sunrays (HEV) may cause 30% of Macula Degeneration - woodsmall Other BLUE LIGHT EYESTRAIN ARTICLES Snakes could be the original source of the new coronavirus outbreak in China Bed Bath & Beyond Is Closing 40 Stores in 2020: Here's the Entire List E.P.A. Makes It Easier for Cities to Keep Releasing Raw Sewage Into Rivers Everything You Need to Know About the Coronaviruses Locust outbreak in Kenya is worst in 70 years: "Even cows are wondering what is happening" Tesla Should Rebrand ‘Flawed’ Autopilot System, Senator Urges Boeing 777X Takes First Flight Into Troubled Skies for Jumbos Why Is Joe Rogan So Popular? Cancel Earthworms - And that could spell trouble for the region’s prized maple syrup industry Bad Hookup, or Sexual Assault? Sometimes the Friends Decide The Questions Sex-Ed Students Always Ask 11 Tricks Your Supermarket Uses That You've Probably Never Noticed Here's A Running List Of Disinformation Spreading About The Coronavirus Gathered 01/23/2020: DUKE ENERGY WANTS TO BE ABLE TO RAISE RATES 17% PER YEAR - PUBLIC MEETING 2/3/2020 President Trump just announced he’ll consider MASSIVE cuts to your Medicare if he gets re-elected Trump promises to cut Social Security. We’re fighting back! 11 DevOps trends that will matter most in 2020 Gathered 01/22/2020: As Windows 7 Dies, Windows 10 Transition Could Prove Tough for Firms 10 Guides for Clothing and Washing Tips 6 Incredible Secret Safes and How to Make Them People In 43 US Cities Are Drinking Toxic "Forever Chemicals" In Their Tap Water, Tests Show including Miami, Philadelphia, and New Orleans Check This Map To See If Your Water Has Unsafe Levels Of “Fluorinated” Chemicals A Fracking Well In West Virginia Is Leaking Chemicals That Can Affect Fertility Set up your new PC the quick way Two alternatives to Microsoft Word that are free and customizable Watchdog files FEC complaint against nonprofit founded by Bernie Sanders Gathered 01/21/2020: Lightning safety: What you need to know 6 people dead, 300 infected as China confirms Wuhan virus can be spread by humans Father chokes coyote to death after series of attacks in New Hampshire The first U.S. case of the Wuhan coronavirus has been confirmed in Washington State The virus has spread from China to at least 4 other countries Tracking deregulation in the Trump era - Brookings Institution Trump administration just repealed meat safety protections that have been in place for more than 100 years IMPEACH TRUMP NO PRESIDENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO UNDO SAFETY LAWS, ENVIRONMENTIAL PROTECTIN, NO SELL/LEASE ANY USA LANDS Gathered 01/20/2020: Authorities: Man dies in fiery Tesla crash in California OnStar system brings police pursuit to conclusion Wild elephant makes himself at home poking around Sri Lankan hotel Texas teacher ordered to remove ‘JAIL 45’ license plate protesting Trump Gathered 01/19/2020: All Of The Looks On The SAG Awards Red Carpet Here's What Everyone Wore To The SAG Awards Red Carpet NASA's NEID Exoplanet Scale Is Ready To Weigh the Galaxy This harpoon-throwing robot is designed to hunt destructive lionfish The bot can dive deeper than people to catch the surprisingly tasty invasive species. How to recover deleted photos from an SD card Zombie files are real NBC’s Peacock: the biggest show announcements from today’s streaming event Gathered 01/18/2020: New Chinese virus 'will have infected hundreds' Global Hawk drones: A look at Nato's new spy tool Truisms THUNDERBIRD 68.4.1 was released Genetically engineered mosquitoes resist spreading any form of dengue Human body temperature has declined steadily over the past 160 years Ancient viruses found in Tibetan glacier The critters they found, including 28 new viral groups, The Streaming Wars have barely started and they’re already exhausting Three strategies to cope with streaming TV burn out Why Did The U.S. Navy Surface 3 Submarines At The Same Time In Asia? CLOSING APRIL 2020 - J.C PENNY - Raleigh, North Carolina: North Hills Shopping Center Behind America's Plan To Buy 21 Russian MiG-29 Jet Fighters 24 hidden Android settings you should know about Master your Android phone Gathered 01/16/2020: Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, and Email Russian government resigns in Putin power shakeup Gathered 01/15/2020: Kendall Jenner Gets Naked On Instagram For Versace: 'Found My Nudes' Gathered 01/14/2020: Wuhan pneumonia outbreak: First case reported outside China - A traveller in Thailand A traveller in Thailand has become the first person outside China to be diagnosed with a new coronavirus. As millions of travellers take to the skies each year, economy seats continue to shrink IMPEACH Seneator Warren NantKwest Gains 91% After CEO Shares Promising Cancer Result One patient out of 11 treated is now in complete remission Millions of cable modems are vulnerable to this new hack Gathered 01/13/2020: Trump authorized Soleimani killing months before deadly strike Cory Booker suspends 2020 presidential run Report: Trump Ordered Iran Strike Because of Impeachment Fears Budget Official Ordered a Hold on Aid to Ukraine ONE HOUR After the Trump-Zelensky Call Trump and Company Keep Confessing Review the top five confessions by Trump and his henchmen. Wi-Fi 6 is finally here Faster Wi-Fi is in laptops and routers you might actually buy 5States Without Sales Tax Alaska Delaware Montana New Hamphsire Oregon States Without Income Tax Alaska Florida Neveda New Hampshire South Dakota Tennessee Texas Washington Wyoming don't tax earned income, period Be advised, though, that states still have to pay for roads and schools, so other taxes may be higher. New Hampshire, for example, has some of the highest property taxes in the U.S. In addition, New Hampshire and Tennessee tax some dividends and interest, although Tennessee plans to phase out its tax by 2021. IP 66, IP 65 and IP 67 "WATERPROOF" Ratings Explained Gathered 01/12/2020: Popocatépetl: Mexican volcano's spectacular eruption caught on camera Kulubá: Dig uncovers large Mayan palace in Mexico Boeing faces fine for 737 Max plane 'designed by clowns' Luxury high-rises demolished in India-in breach of environmental regulations Southwest Air Hit With $3.9 Million Fine for Weight Breaches Company accused of making 21,000 illegal flights by FAA Signs of early-onset Alzheimer’s: When not to worry, and when to see a doctor Man dies of unknown virus in China, sparking fears of SARS-like outbreak Mazda recalling its most popular car for automatic braking errors EXACTLY - Besides irradiation cars in front & to the sides, what happens when a bird flies directly in front of your car? More than 13,000 Mazda3s recalled in Canada over wheels that could fall off YEAH MAZDA Here's what you need to know about cold-weather engine starts and boosting Harry and Meghan don’t want to live in LA until Trump leaves office The best looks from the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards red carpet Gathered 01/11/2020: Michigan Town Buys ‘Skunk’ Detector to Find Pot Growers BEAUTIFUL Csodaszép: Képek Photos .pps Gwyneth Paltrow sells out of candle that smells like her vagina and we have so many questions Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The Morning After (photos).html Here's how the Rover Got to Mars Download/Play VIOLINISTS Man survives Alaska wilderness alone for 3 weeks Underwater volcano formation discovered as source of 2018 humming around the world New northern lights aurora discovered by NASA intern Astronomers discover Radcliffe Wave, a structure of star-forming gas spanning the galaxy Australia’s fires are fueled by climate denial from politicians and the media Can the impeachment process be fair? Tesla Fanatics Are Paying $50,000 to Hot-Rod Their Electric Cars Tune your Model S? Yes, you can. Russia’s Yandex Joins the Self-Driving Car Million-Mile Club An advance in the battle for a slice of $2 trillion robotaxi market 15 Big-Penis Horror Stories That'll Make You Give Up Sex Completely - NOT "I got an asthma attack while giving him a blow job, and his mom had to drive me to the hospital." 18 Travel Experiences To Add To Your Bucket List In 2020 Gathered 01/10/2020: The Story Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Telling The progressive senator doesn’t talk about her Republican past. Should she? The Zombie Diseases of Climate Change What lurks in the Arctic’s thawing permafrost? Jupiter throws comets and asteroids towards Earth like a ‘sniper’, scientist warns Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Supermassive black hole blasts deadly death beams towards Earth Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Boeing employees’ frightening internal messages released in 737 Max investigation OnePlus promises to unveil new ‘screen technology’ on January 13th at China event We don’t really know what that means, but we will soon Laptops were boring at CES, but there’s hope for the future Bigger innovations are coming soon Microsoft’s Windows Terminal is getting retro-style CRT effects, search, and more A nostalgic trip back to the days before LCD ‘It is similar to the U.S. that I grew up in,’ says 73-year-old who left America for a beach town in Mexico where you can live on $1,000 a month Men are paying $76,000 for a limb-extending surgery that involves breaking leg bones and inserting nails and screws Israel hails 'breakthrough' towards laser air defence system Australian wildfires: Heroic dog saves hundreds of animals as flames close in on farm Homeland Security wants you to update your Firefox browser right now To be safe, you'll want to download Firefox 72.0.1 or ESR 68.4.1. Gathered 01/09/2020: Does the US have a problem with topless women? A huge meteorite smashed into Earth nearly 800,000 years ago. We may have finally found the crater How Long Will Australia Be Livable? California’s Wildfires Are 500 Percent Larger Due to Climate Change “Each degree of warming causes way more fire than the previous degree of warming did. And that’s a really big deal.” Gravitational waves: Cosmic vibrations sensed from unusual star merger California could launch its own generic prescription drug label The Administration Doesn’t Want Taxpayers to Know How Much They’ve Spent on Trump’s Travel Some NYC subway riders are accidentally getting double-charged because of Apple Pay Your phone may be getting too close to the reader Roomba’s robot vacuum could grow arms in the near future The company that makes the popular household helper is working on a version with limbs. Trump has created a loophole to allow pipelines to avoid environmental review Gathered 01/08/2020: CES 2020: Manta5's electric bike rides on water There are some places where it is legal for women to be topless. In Philadelphia, women can be naked but not "lewd", while in New York City, female toplessness is allowed. The website Go Topless reports that there are many states with ambiguous laws regarding what's allowed and what isn't. NASA's TESS discovers Earth-sized exoplanet that could potentially support life 120,000 U.S. weather records broken in 2019, report says The 100 greatest innovations of 2019 The 32nd annual Best of What’s New awards. Bell’s sleek new electric air taxi design promises speeds of 150 mph and a 60-mile range The model, with its four big ducted fans, is on display at CES 2020 NASA finally rolls out completed core of its massive new rocket There’s still a way to go before it launches, though Linksys routers will soon monitor your breathing as well as movement TiVo says its unreleased Roku and Apple TV apps are ‘on hold’ Filmmaker Mode is coming to Samsung and Philips TVs to cure motion smoothing Gathered 01/07/2020: 2,600-year-old human brain may hold the key to fighting dementia Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 01/06/2020: After being banned in 2019, Lora DiCarlo returns to CES with two new sex toys and awards $3 million of its first product sold in five weeks Boeing has uncovered another potential design flaw, WIRING, with the 737 Max CES 2020: The Russian car with no driver at the wheel Gathered 01/05/2020: 12 Most Terrifying Bridges You Don’t Want To Cross Samsung to Unveil New Devices Next Month in San Francisco ‘Terrifying’ turbulence saw Thomas Cook air hostess break leg in seven places Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The long-rumoured iPhone SE 2 may finally be coming in 2020 Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: All The Red Carpet Looks At The Golden Globes Gathered 01/04/2020: Chevron Made $4.5 Billion in 2018. So Why Did the IRS Give Them a Refund? Looks Like Venus Was Volcanically Active All Along Earth might not be the only volcanically active planet after all The 20 Most Badass Machines of the 2010s The 100 greatest innovations of 2019 Segway’s newest self-balancing vehicle is an egg-shaped wheelchair The S-Pod has a top speed of 24 miles per hour Kohler puts an Alexa-enabled smart speaker in a showerhead Alexa, play garble warble worble’ Dell will soon let you interact with your iPhone apps from your PC Sex, explained - What’s going on when we get turned on - Netflix 2019, in 6 minutes Here’s yet another reason to be worried about your smart home camera Stick-toting puffins show first evidence of tool use by seabirds Read More: The domestic cat breed that's most like a cheetah Read More: Mineral found in meteorite never seen in nature before Read More: Betelgeuse star may be ready to explode AKC announces two new dog breeds: barbet and dogo Argentino Read More: India announces first manned space mission Keto diet ranked worst for healthy eating The reason Earth's magnetic poles are shifting faster than ever Read More: Canadian wild pigs building 'pigloos' to survive winter Read More: Dr. Phil's Home Is Decorated With Guns, Evil Teddy Bears, Curse Words, and More Trump Threatens To Attack 52 Iranian Targets, Including Cultural Sites Gathered 01/03/2020: The Couples Who Sleep ‘Together’ Over Videochat Keeping a camera running overnight can provide a sense of comfort—or at least a confirmation of fidelity Using a Chainsaw in Cold Weather 4 Tips for Using a Chainsaw When It's Cold I am NOT responsible for your actions, EVER What to Expect With a Standby Generator Installation How to Accessorize Your Standby Generator Think about it. Your standby generator will only be installed once. Your best bet is to order and install everything simultaneously ADD AN HOUR USED METER - to know when to perform maintenance NATURAL GAS WHOLE HOUSE STANDBY (Automatic) GENERATORS NATURAL GAS WHOLE HOUSE STANDBY (Automatic) GENERATORS Best Chainsaws Best-Selling & Top Rated Chain Saws PERSONALLY - My Craftsman plugin was rated the best of plugins for many years BMW Beats Mercedes in U.S. Sales for First Time Since 2015 Apple's back at CES for the first time in 28 years -- and for a good reason Did you get Android 10 in the dying days of 2019? Here’s every phone that did 16 Lesser Known, But Very Interesting Facts About Dogs Emergency in space as Nasa astronaut suffers potentially deadly blood clot Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 01/02/2020: Samsung expected to unveil ‘bezel-free’ TV of the future at CES 2020 ONLY IDIOTS do Chineese Lanterns - as I've always said Chinese lanterns 'started fire that killed monkeys and apes at zoo' Selfie-taking tourists are putting endangered species at risk with poachers, experts say Tumbleweeds bury Wahington travelers in their cars for up to 10 hours Mystery pneumonia outbreak in China sparks fear of deadly SARS virus Could relatives of measles virus jump from animals to us? Climate change hope for hydrogen fuel Public schools upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 to future-proof their networks Google's A.I. can now detect breast cancer more accurately than doctors can Leaked Intel slide suggests 10900K can be up to 30% faster than 9900K CES 2020: What to expect from the annual tech bonanza LG will show off an OLED 4K TV that rolls down from the ceiling at CES 2020 2019 2019 Gathered 12/31/2019: Unrepaired & Repaired AUTOMOTIVE Recalls by VIN # - DOES YOUR CAR HAVE UNFIXED REVCALLS? Gathered 12/30/2019: Hydrogen-powered drones could point way to future travel Scotland 'open for business' in pioneering driverless vehicles Chill, It Might Not Be That Bad: The Optimist's Guide to 2020 Lexus Confronts Midlife Crisis With Aging SUVs Losing to Rivals Incredibly rare newborn black rhino plays with mum for first time Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: From black holes to dark matter, 6 space oddities explained by an expert Doing less than 25 minutes of exercise a day could help ward off cancer, says study the Rise of the Sober Bar When your next door neighbor is a glittering spaceport New Apple patent imagines virtual speakers that can simulate sound from anywhere in the room California’s new privacy law, explained Gathered 12/29/2019: How air pollution is doing more than killing us The poisons released by melting Arctic ice The toxic killers in our air too small to see How city life affects your health and happiness The bittersweet story of how we stopped acid rain A Dad Is Suing Amazon's Ring Because He Says A Hacker Terrified His Kids Gathered 12/28/2019: The president tweeted the name of the presumed whistleblower in the Ukraine scandal IMPEACH TRUMP Here are the 12 best countries to retire in Trump's apparent frustration with impeachment trial simmers over holidays Impeach Donald Trump Now Why Trump’s Second Term Will Be Worse Narendra Modi has been emboldened by reelection. The American president could be too. Apple Sued by New York Doctor Over Watch’s Heart Technology Cardiologist says he’s owed royalties on Apple Watch Big Tech Is Coming for Banking: Experts Predict Fintech’s 2020 Pay for only the channels you want? Maine pushes a la carte cable A new state law is being challenged by industry groups who argue it could actually increase consumer costs. You can return your unwanted gifts to these stores — even if you didn’t buy them there 21 Husbands And Wives Share The Weird Things They Learned About Their Spouse After Marrying Them What Are The Best Problem-Solving Products Every Pet Owner Should Own? Gathered 12/27/2019: New Russian weapon can travel 27 times the speed of sound The Best Red Carpet Looks Of 2019: A Comprehensive Look Back Yes, Middle Aged Women Have Sex Falling Giant Redwood Kills Hiker In California’s Muir Woods Champagne, Prosecco And Cava: What’s The Difference, Anyway? Is 'super coral' the key to saving the world's reefs? 32 Things That Must Have Been Designed By Geniuses A 6-in-1 Camping System that fits in your bag Tent, integrated quilt, insulated and self-inflating mattress, hammock, porch, picnic blanket and more. And they connect together. I know NOTHING about this - just looked interesting Gathered 12/26/2019: FDA Approves Ebola Vaccine With 100% Effectiveness Women claim they were sexually assaulted on Frontier flights and airline did nothing How to avoid being scammed by Social Security robocalls: "Just hang up" Boeing documents reveal ‘very disturbing’ concerns about 737 MAX The Most Common Wedding Emergencies, And How To Deal With Each How To Answer The Salary Expectations Question In A Job Interview Your answer is the beginning of your salary negotiation We Spoke To 5 Climate Experts About What Gives Them Hope 28 Numbers Explain The State Of Planet Earth In 2019 Tortoise rescued after setting Great Dunmow house on fire What Happens to Meat When You Freeze It for 35,000 Years Stop Believing in Free Shipping How retailers hide the costs of delivery—and why we’re such suckers for their ploys Putin’s Grand Gas Project Makes Sense Now But not exactly in the way the Russian president envisaged Boeing’s Push to Make Training Profitable May Have Left 737 Max Pilots Unprepared What is the Best Stain Removal Pen? So they say Amazon pledges to fight fake reviews as millions of families are duped Stunning Boxing Day ‘Ring of Fire’ eclipse seen by millions across globe Gathered 12/25/2019: if you have or ever get Netflix: Includes "tons" of Hidden Movie Categories and how to find them ROKU INFORMATION New Russian fighter jet crashes during test, pilot ejects safely New engine tech that could get us to Mars faster Christian magazine editor quits in row over Trump's evangelical support Why I Left Netflix and Hulu for I spent the year watching movies instead of TV. Next year, you should too. Former Trump Campaign Staffer Files Pregnancy, Sex Discrimination Lawsuit How Andrew Yang would improve health care Roman and Anglo-Saxon artefacts found in Baginton Gathered 12/24/2019: 5G Is Going To Screw Up Weather Forecasts, Meteorologists Warn Faster cell service may also mean saying goodbye to your accurate three-day forecast Here's what the Boeing Starliner flight looked like from Raleigh The Permian Gas Problem Is Just Getting Worse Susan Collins Is Suddenly Opposing Trump's Court Picks Amid Tough Reelection Bid This galloping crocodile thinks it's a horse Gathered 12/23/2019: Flash flooding closes Florida airport overnight on busy travel day Parts of the Fort Lauderdale area has been soaked with more than 1 foot of rain ToTok - It Seemed Like a Popular Chat App. It’s Secretly a Spy Tool Gathered 12/22/2019: Airbus Woes Jump as India Steps Up Scrutiny of IndiGo Engines 32 Celebrities Who Stripped Down On Instagram In 2019 New Court Ruling Should Put ‘Medicare For All’ Debate Into Perspective Gathered 12/21/2019: Whirlpool: The danger in our homes? Stop Believing in Free Shipping How retailers hide the costs of delivery—and why we’re such suckers for their ploys - The ATLANTIC The Human Brain Evolved When Carbon Dioxide Was Lower History’s Largest (OCEAN) Mining Operation Is About to Begin The Rise and Fall of an All-Star Crew of Jewel Thieves They were highly sophisticated. The local police seemed helpless. Then a retired septuagenarian detective stepped in The women who sewed the suits for the space race Gathered 12/19/2019: IBM announces battery technology breakthrough Free of heavy metals and able to reportedly outperform existing batteries, the discovery could potentially make lithium-ion obsolete. DevOps: A cheat sheet CDC ties deadly listeria outbreak to hard-boiled eggs from Almark Foods 267 million Facebook user accounts exposed online: What to do Names, phone numbers part of stash Gathered 12/18/2019: Another Ring Camera hacked to spy on an 8-year-old: What to do now Fossil Fuel Giants Claim To Support Climate Science, Yet Still Fund Denial The Soviet officer who averted a nuclear war If space is nothing, how do we know it’s expanding and how big can the Universe get? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Brave dogs rescue flock of sheep from floodwater after river bursts its banks Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Unbeatable robot insects can survive being squashed with a shoe or walloped with a flyswatter Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The dangers of leaving your Christmas lights on when you leave the house Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Bacterial infection outbreak caused by puppies, CDC says Ruth Wilson's exit from 'The Affair' proves nude scenes are still a minefield for misconduct These 6 sex toys are the gifts that keep on giving The Milky Way exploded with 100,000 supernovas a billion years ago, scientists say Human foods dogs can eat, according to new research I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS - DO SO,OR NOT, AT YOUR OWN RISK Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS - DO SO,OR NOT, AT YOUR OWN RISK Trump administration proposal would allow stadium funding to count as aid to poor for banks The History of High-End Audio Design - $80 Coffee Table Book FYI ONLY (I've not seen it) What's up with the NRA's legal troubles? A Federal Court Just Found a Key Part of Obamacare Unconstitutional But the rest of the case was remanded to district court, leaving the bulk of the ACA safe for now. The Nunes Crew Is Neck-Deep in the Ukraine Scandal - MotherJones Indicted Ukrainian Oligarch Paid $1 Million to Giuliani Pal, Prosecutors Say USAF's Next-Gen GPS Satellites Will Be a Huge Upgrade...Eventually An ambitious but troubled program reaches space, but some very terrestrial problems could mean long waits for the promised advantages. Gathered 12/17/2019: Guess Which Of Trump’s Fibs Won Him PolitiFact’s ‘Lie Of The Year’ Award A Donald Trump lie has won the title for a third year. He’s the only person to ever win it more than once. Trump has made more false claims in 2019 than the two previous years put together, per The Washington Post. Goldman Sachs Is The First Major U.S. Bank To Reject Financing Arctic Oil Drilling How hacking the human heart could replace pill popping A new generation of “smart” implantable devices could replace traditional medication to treat a range of chronic conditions, including cardiac disease. Gathered 12/16/2019: Top 5 ways Apple failed businesses in the 2010s Politicians And CEOs Could Face Criminal Charges For Environmental Destruction Mutual flirting with a coworker could reduce stress, according to science Alexa for Seniors Gathered 12/15/2019: Xbox Series X: Everything we know so far about Microsoft's 2020 console 88 Fossil fuel companies responsible for more than half of ocean acidification, study says Turkey’s New Drone Comes With a Machine Gun X Marks the Spot: OSIRIS-Rex Is Headed to Nightingale Crater Scientists hope the little spacecraft will return incredible samples of the Bennu asteroid Water Desalination Just Got a Lot Better The basics on a Speed square Somebody’s Watching: Hackers Breach Ring Home Security Cameras Gathered 12/14/2019: Ring video doorbell owners must change this setting now (else be HACKED) Are You Low in Calcium? Gathered 12/13/2019: Earth Enters Unknown as Magnetic North Pole Continues Push Toward Russia, Crosses Greenwich Meridian US Media Explains Why Russia’s New Conventionally-Powered Attack Sub is So Dangerous California Beach Becomes Flooded with Thousands of 'Penis Fish' Video: NASA Time-Lapse Footage Shows 48 Years of Earth’s Melting Glaciers, Ice Sheets Fossil fuel companies responsible for more than half of ocean acidification, study says NASA scientists identify water ice close to Mars surface Floral foam contributes to microplastic pollution, scientists find What’s a stormquake? Scientists identify a new phenomena on the ocean floor The Tiny, Simple Nuclear Reactor That Could Change Energy The next step in nuclear power is 1/100th the size of today's reactors. First 3D-Printed Neighborhood Now Has First 3D-Printed Houses Gathered 12/12/2019: The Startling Secret of an Invincible Virus The truth behind why zebras have stripes Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates The European Space Agency will launch a mission to clean up space junk Frederik Schmidt Henriksen / 500px/500px/Getty Images The Space Force Will Become the Sixth Branch of the U.S. Military Russia's New Warships Will Pack Hypersonic Missiles The CIA’s Blade-Wielding 'Flying Ginsu' Missile Strikes Again The missile kills its targets using pop-out steel blades instead of explosives Why the Pentagon Says It Needs Low-Yield Nukes The military thinks a smaller bomb is essential for deterring—and fighting—adversaries That Time a Scientist Left Plans for the Hydrogen Bomb in a Train Bathroom The U.S. Is on the Verge of Testing a New Ballistic Missile The new missile is the first American intermediate range missile since the 1980s If You Use a Doorbell Camera, You Should Have a Sign Saying So HOW STUPID - although it might help as a DETERRENCE The real problem with robocalls It’s worse than you think These 3 supertrees can protect us from climate collapse But can we protect them? Meet the Navy's Small Warships That Help to Deter Iran The Air Force Wants To Reinvent The Storied SR-71 As A Hypersonic Bomber Evidence is mounting that people are fed up with the sky-high cost of smartphones, and it's sparking a massive change in the industry Vets reveal 9 of the biggest mistakes people make when feeding their pets DWTS Pro Alan Bersten Addresses Hannah Brown Dating Rumors An octopus caught a bald eagle in a death grip. Thanks to some fishermen, the eagle survived Gathered 12/11/2019: 30 Dazzling Photos of Snow Covered Landscapes New Artificial Neurons Will Help Heart Patients 8 Symptoms Of the Most Common Brain Tumor Battery-Powered Race Cars Lead to Breakthroughs for SUVs and Sedans Flaws in Smartwatches on Amazon May Let Strangers Track Kids Gathered 12/10/2019: University of Phoenix owner fined $191 million for deceptive ads Gathered 12/09/2019: One out of six vehicles have been affected by the Takata Airbag Recall Dozens feared dead in eruption of New Zealand volcano Tesla on Autopilot Rear-Ends Parked Police Car in Connecticut This brand needs sex toy testers to join their ‘MasturbaTEAM’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: IMPEACH TED CRUZE Personal Opinion Ted Cruz peddles debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory - CNN California fines CVS $3.6 million for failing to recycle Former Boeing manager says he warned company of problems prior to 737 crashes The war in Afghanistan has been a huge failure — and military leaders knew it Australia’s water crisis is a harbinger of things to come around the world A mountain on the moon could provide clues to origins of life on Earth Incredible Footage Shows Python, Honey Badger and a Pair of Jackals Viciously Fighting in Botswana The US military is testing water-penetrating bullets, reportedly so Navy SEALs can shoot from underwater Gathered 12/08/2019: Uber’s first ever safety report discloses 3,045 sexual assaults and nine murders in the US last year Passengers sue Lyft claiming they were sexually assaulted by drivers Waymo launches iOS app as it reflects on first year of its robot taxi service 100,000 trips since April 2017 Gathered 12/07/2019: FAA seeks to fine Boeing $3.9 million for faulty jet parts Boeing faces a possible fine of nearly $4 million after safety regulators say the company installed faulty parts on the wings of some Boeing 737 jets. Rapid DNA testing could revolutionize rape investigations - if the science holds up Some critics caution that the technique is still new and may not deliver the clear results that its manufacturer claims. France, Germany and UK reiterate claim that Iran has nuclear-capable ballistic missiles More Than 500 Legal Scholars Say Trump Committed Impeachable Acts Ideas To Drain the Swamp, Start With Rudy Giuliani Climate change: Oceans running out of oxygen as temperatures rise 17 Things You Had No Idea Existed That'll Make You Say, "The Future Is Here" After A Woman Was Allegedly Sexually Assaulted On A Bumble Date, She Had To Decide Whether To Press Charges. It Wasn’t Easy. Tamoxifen scarcity highlights the surprising, seldom-discussed, reasons behind drug shortages in Canada Key-fob-relay thieves hit Ontario, CR names the year’s best and worst, and more Look out Toyota and Lexus owners! Key fob relay thefts on the rise in Canada. Toyota autonomous tech could enhance driving experience, not replace it World’s first monkey-pig hybrids born in Chinese lab Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Wastewater pipeline still spewing virus-infected blood into Canadian bay two years later Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Critics skeptical Venice’s anti-flooding system will work United Airlines passenger stung by scorpion during flight Flight delayed after scorpion found on Glasgow-Paris plane Gathered 12/06/2019: Uber had 6,000 US sexual assault reports in two years BMW driver death sees Takata recall another 1.4 million airbags Newly uncovered defect may affect BMWs, Audis, Toyotas, Hondas and Mitsubishis from 1995 to 1999 Thieves stealing Toyota, Lexus vehicles using key fob 'relay', police warn The difference between all-weather and all-season tires these two types of tires deliver significantly different results – and only one of them is good for year-round use. All-weather tires perform well in both summer and winter seasons, FCC study finds mobile carriers lie about coverage 40 percent of the time Reported sexual assaults on cruise ships jumped 67% in one year Climate change is accelerating, World Meteorological Organization reports The Disappearing Y Chromosome It’s surprisingly common for men to start losing entire chromosomes from blood cells as they age The Self-Appointed Spies Who Use Google Earth to Sniff Out Nukes Tumblr’s First Year Without Porn The engine of internet culture is chugging along, changed What Is Pornography Doing to Our Sex Lives? we wade into the debate over pornography to determine what, if anything, can be said about its effects on our relationships France's remedy for jay walking - THE BEST IDEA THIS CENTURY !!! URL/.mp4 Plants squeal when stressed The sounds differed when they were injured or thirsty, a finding that could help farmers. One in 16 US women were forced into having sex for the first time Humans placed in suspended animation for the first time Gathered 12/05/2019: Inside Ring’s Quest to Become Law Enforcement’s Best Friend I love the pulling footage from neighboring houses, just as I love AIRPORT and SCHOOL face monitoring. I fear the bad guys much more than I care if Trump knows where I am. Senator blasts Amazon's Ring doorbell as an 'open door for privacy and civil liberty violations' These phones (iPhones, especially) are the most likely to get hacked 4D Imaging Firm Raises $109M for ‘See Through Walls’ Tech Top 5 Furnace Problems and Solutions How to clean BETWEEN oven door glass Reported sexual assaults on cruise ships jumped 67% in one year Gathered 12/04/2019: 2019 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar The Best Way to Save Dying Coral Reefs: Bring Out the Loudspeakers freezing could also make car batteries safer to transport Buy a New Samsung Galaxy Smartphone and Amazon Will Throw in Free Headphones Iran Is Secretly Moving Missiles Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say 'Grey's Anatomy' episode on sexual assault led to increase in hotline calls Telephone calls to the RAINN sexual assault hotline were up 43 percent in the 48 hours after an episode that dealt with rape Typhoid vaccine 'works fantastically well' People smuggler 'built fake Russia-Finland border posts' How long can you survive in Australia's outback? I Tried An Instant Cocktail Maker That's Like A Keurig For Alcohol Gathered 12/03/2019: These phones are the most likely to get hacked "According to a new report from security researchers at, iPhone branded smartphones appear to face the highest risk of being hacked, compared to other makes and models." Now even the FBI is warning about your smart TV's security Millions of SMS messages exposed in database security lapse 5 Impressive Ways Criminals Use Wireless Signals to Steal Everything—Even Your Car Grab this simple gear and fight back Evacuation Slide Falls From Delta Jet Into Massachusetts Man’s Front Yard Gathered 12/01/2019: The Air Force Wants to Unleash a Robotic “Golden Horde” on Adversaries Tesla Patents Frickin' Laser Beams That Clean a Car's Glass The technology could ensure cameras used for the Autopilot driver-assist system have a clear view of the road 7 Amazing Facts About Jaguars, One of the World's Coolest Cats 7 Amazing Facts About the Speedy Cheetah want to live in a small city by the ocean — so where should I retire? Gathered 11/30/2019: What You Need To Know From The Recent Findings Of 7 Big Climate Reports All The Best Black Friday Sex Toy Deals Everything About Coffee Qualcomm Inc. has sold its office building in Brier Creek - scale down its presence in the Triangle The World’s Biggest Battery Recycler Is Helping Fuel The Future of Cars 46 Products That Seem Too Good To Be True But Actually Work - says BuzzFeed 55 Netflix Titles Leaving In December Here Are 15 Celebs Who Absolutely Killed It On The Red Carpet This Decade Do You Actually Know If These Celebrities Are Natural Born Redheads? NASA discovered sugar molecules in meteorites that crashed to Earth 30 years ago New evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate change for Earth Northern California's undersea kelp forests decimated by purple sea urchins About 90 percent of the bull kelp forests, home to fish, crustaceans and other marine life, have been devoured since 2014 Gathered 11/29/2019: ANOTHER NET NEUTRALITY PROBLEM? PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS YouTube TV Confirms Buffering Issue Affecting Spectrum Internet Users WiFi TOO WEAK Characters that are valid for user IDs and passwords - IBM P0420 vehicle SCAN CODE USE THIS URL FOR Automatic Resize of Image for THUNDERBIRD (email program) Resizer for inline and attachment images (JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF image formats). All platforms are supported (Windows, Linux and Macintosh). How to avoid malware on Android in one easy step How to control your privacy in Android 10 You probably do NOT have Android 10 - but you probably will have at some point in time How to enable the battery percentage icon in Android 10 Android 10: Cheat sheet Android 10: Features, release date, and everything you need to know Android Q is Android 10, and it's available right now. Google is finally ready to take on the iPhone and Samsung phones Commentary: The time is ripe for Pixel phones to finally compete. Gathered 11/27/2019: This is what President Mike Pence would look like Migraines and gluten: How does a piece of bread cause a headache? Climate change created today’s large crocodiles Gathered 11/26/2019: Kim Kardashian Said She's Had An "Awakening" About Being "Too Sexy" After That Drama With Kanye West For decades, astronomers have been hunting for a missing neutron star. They may have just found it. How To Use Your 4WD (NOT AWD) System Correctly Gathered 11/25/2019: On T-Mobile phones: How do I block calls from no caller ID? Here is how: Launch the Phone app. Tap Contacts. tap the + button. As phone number, enter 000-000-0000. Tap Done. Now scroll down and tap Block this caller. A popup will appear saying “you will not receive phone calls, messages or FaceTime from people on the block list” then tap Block Contact. How do I block private numbers on my Huawei? Tap Settings > Blocked numbers and add the number you wish to block. You can also block unknown numbers from this menu by toggling on Block unknown callers. The second option is to block calls from your list of recent calls. Tap Phone > Recents. Ex-Burglars Are Spilling Their Secrets To Help People Avoid Being Robbed And It's Eye-Opening TSA testing advanced airport security technol... Indian student creates a brick made from recycled plastic A Survivalist Explains How To Survive In The Woods A trio of monster black holes are having a cosmic threesome and it’s awesome to behold Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to have an epic road trip in Western Australia Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Smart speaker user survey shows how people really feel about their devices Gathered 11/24/2019: A newly unearthed journal from 1966 shows the coal industry was long aware of the threat of climate change On Cape Cod, climate change is already terrifyingly real How to have an epic road trip in Western Australia Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: NASA discovered sugar molecules in meteorites that crashed to Earth 30 years ago Whales’ role in climate change prevention explored in new report This is what President Mike Pence would look like New evidence that an extraterrestrial collision 12,800 years ago triggered an abrupt climate change for Earth Black holes exhibit "Pac-Man-like behavior" to get bigger The super-rich could skirt $5 trillion in taxes over the next decade, study finds U.S. Army Develops a Robot Brain for Controlling Armored Vehicles This ain't your grandma's slingshot New Vehicles Have More Dashboard Symbols Than Ever Mosquitoes are becoming resistant to our best defenses Top 10 Best Natural Gas leak Detectors for Home Safety Reviews- Amazon:2019 10 Best Gas Leak Detector/Alarm (Review|Comparison) Gathered 11/23/2019: Historians Find Another Spy in the U.S. Atomic Bomb Project Instant classics: best new handguns for 2019 Stranger hacks into baby monitor, tells child, 'I love you' The Chinese manufacturer has been criticized for making devices that are easy to access without authorization 38 Products To Make Cleaning Your Whole House More Efficient Cleaning everywhere (really...everywhere) just got so much easier 24 Problem-Solving Products Every Dog Owner Probably Needs New Lithium-Oxygen Battery Could One Day Power Electric Cars Huge Batteries Plug into Clean Power Gathered 11/22/2019: Windows 10 November 2019 Update common problems and how to fix them 13 Dogs That Are Good With Cats 23 Of The Best Sex Toys And Accessories To Give As Freaky Gifts This Year Getting off will be the best present of the year Elon Musk unveils ‘bulletproof’ Cybertruck at Tesla event, but window test is a bust 'They should give that thing a license': Residents find dog behind wheel of moving car in Florida neighborhood Over 75,000 lbs. of salad in 22 states recalled in E. coli outbreak ‘Origin of life’ may have come from sugar carried to Earth by asteroids Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Asteroids big enough to destroy cities hit Earth more often than expected, scientists say Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Twitter users now have the power to hide offensive replies Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Portable Dual or TRI Fuel Generator Buyer's Guide Gathered 11/21/2019: How to stop your car windows from freezing all winter Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Why Hasn’t Rudy Giuliani Been Disbarred Yet? Woman Tells Court Joe Biden's Son Hunter Did Father Her Baby and Testing Proves It — Despite His Denials How Target is dismantling Macy's, Kohl's, J.C. Penney and Sears Popular streaming service will hike prices 22% in December, 2019 Does Wrapping Your Car Key In Tin Foil Really Prevent Theft? Some have also suggested keeping keys in your refrigerator or microwave Woman Who Went Topless In Own Home Could Be Labeled A Sex Offender If Tili Buchanan loses her case, she could be forced to register as a sex offender. How climate change could kill the red apple BMW orders more than 10 billion euros' worth of battery cells An Alarming Discovery in an Astronaut’s Bloodstream A study has turned up a side effect of human spaceflight that no one had observed before they found the blood clot Tesla’s new pickup will struggle to win over the Midwest’s truck die-hards Teen used ‘ghost gun’ in California high school shooting Woman Tells Court Joe Biden's Son Hunter Did Father Her Baby and Testing Proves It — Despite His Denials WHAT AN ASSHOLE The 10 Most Stolen Cars and Trucks Say buh-bye to bacteria with this smartphone sanitizer — 47 percent off, today only! I THOUGHT UV LIGHT DESTROYS UNPROTECTED PLASTIC ? SO..?? DUV Toothbrush Sanitizer Stylish Toothbrush Sterilizer Travel Toothbrush Case-USB Recharged Meet the robotic pioneers that will help humanity colonize Mars Cruise Ship Deaths and Disappearances: a Honeymooner Vanishes Overboard and Other Mysteries 17 Stores Open on Thanksgiving 2019 for Every Possible Need These Women Are Going Through “Hell” After Finding Out Their Breast Implants Are Linked To Cancer Gathered 11/20/2019: 5 On Your Side: How to turn off Alexa during private conversations Tags: 5 On Your Side, Alexa, consumer, Consumer Reports, smart speaker, privacy 7 Charming Small Towns in Australia The chaotic industry behind the insulin I need to live 17 comments Fifteen years in, and not much has changed We never really got rid of the plague. 3 people in China just caught it. The plague is still a problem around the world — including in the US. How Trump and Republicans are obstructing the impeachment process And why it’s a problem. SpaceX Starship prototype blows its top during test at Texas launch site If there's a better price, we'll find it Stop wasting money – Honey finds you the Internet's best discount codes Gathered 11/19/2019: Scientists Found a New Strain of Ebola. Then Trump Ended Funding to Stop It Thousands of Disney customers say they have been hacked after signing up to its online streaming service In unsurprising news, a study has found that the brain is wired to lie for sex Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Science gives you permission to have sex with your ex Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: World’s first vagina museum now open in London Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to use your Echo with two Amazon accounts You can add up to four kids but only one adult Floods and firestorms can spread toxins from Superfund sites Climate change could expose people to pollution buried in the nation’s most toxic sites Roku releases fix after new Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch cause crashing issues Pokémon Sword and Shield presented a strange problem for Roku How to watch over 400 meteors shoot through the sky for an hour Thursday night California won't buy cars from GM, Chrysler or Toyota because they sided with Trump over emissions How Nanotech Will Help the U.S. Military Reach Mach 5 Materials engineered at the atomic level will enable hypersonic weapons to survive punishing heat and stress This Device Turns Low-Grade Waste Heat Into Electricity You Can Make a Rocket Engine's Entire Combustion Chamber in One 3D Print Terrorism ?? Five advanced Safari tips to level up your browsing Michigan Farmer Becomes Sixth Person in the State to Die After Contracting Mosquito-Borne EEE Virus China's Plans To Fight A Nuclear War Against America Would Kill Millions Useful Dog Tricks 2 performed by Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier Owls Can Be So Cute and Majestic at Once! Gathered 11/18/2019: Why Antimatter Is The Most Expensive Material In The World Antimatter costs $2700 trillion per gram New EV Battery Can Charge in 10 Minutes The U.S. Gets Its First Electric-Only Gas Station Ford Is Planning a Huge North American Electric Charging Network WhatsApp has a major security flaw and you need to take urgent action to protect yourself Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict When Lightning Will Strike Prepare Your Home for Winter Keep your home safe and warm this winter with 6 simple steps. Lead Is Stronger Than Steel If You Compress It Enough Gathered 11/17/2019: A Privacy Guide for Voice Assistants in a World Where You Cannot Escape Them A Security Flaw Lets Hackers Overfill Your Pet's Bowl Maybe check that food bowl twice if your cat or dog is on a diet 17 Malware-Infested iphone Apps You Need to Delete ASAP Do you have any of these on your iPhone? 7 Apps You Should Delete from Your Phone Right Now You can't even trust the Bible The 30 Best Android Apps to Download Right Now The 30 Best iPhone Apps to Download Right Now Whenever you Google a solution to an error, include the term "solved." Most help forums use that word to identify the process that actually works. Why You Should Completely Wipe Your Phone Every Few Months These Guys Mapped Out Every 3-Meter Square on Earth with a Unique Three-Word Phrase What3words, the company these friends founded in London five years ago, can now pinpoint a location more exactly than addresses do, especially if the place has multiple entrances or encompasses multiple buildings. 9 Ways to Instantly Free Up Space on Your Phone Americans don’t understand the dementia risk they face Marine algae keys Chinese claim to Alzheimer’s breakthrough Oligomannate, which contains material from marine brown algae, has received a conditional go-ahead to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer’s It's Time for a Massive U.S. Navy Base in Australia One Helmet Is About To Take The F-35 To New Heights This Researcher Created An Extraordinary Algorithm That 'Removes' Water From Underwater Photos Gathered 11/16/2019: You Can Own This Former ICBM Silo in the Arizona Desert Gathered 11/15/2019: Hannah Brown Says She's Not Done With Reality TV Just Yet The Game Of ‘Survivor’ Has Been Compromised Two women manipulated claims of harassment to further their game play. The fallout is complicated - HuffPost Trump ally Roger Stone convicted of lying to Congress This bizarre, pigeon-sized bird flew above the dinosaurs 120 million years ago Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Yellow Lights Are Too Short The formula that sets the timing is flawed, but change could be coming. Melting permafrost in the Arctic is unlocking diseases and warping the landscape The consequences of climate change can be weird and apocalyptic. 84 Tiny Houses That Will Convince You to Downsize Literally the most basic clamps you can make How to auto-reply to text messages when you’re busy Winter Is Coming: 10 Important Tips for Safe Winter Driving Drivew safely this Winter 12 Tips for Polishing Objects Around the House Gathered 11/14/2019: Plague in China confirmed as 2 cases of highly-infections disease treated in Beijing Nasa tracking devastating 230-kilotonne asteroid that could hit Earth in May 2022 Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How SMS (Messenging) Works—and Why You Shouldn’t Use It Anymore Gathered 11/12/2019: Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Explains How Her Parents Figured Out She Was Having Sex Mark Cuban shreds Elizabeth Warren’s proposals, compares her to Trump Apple reportedly revealed the devices it expects to replace the iPhone during a secret employee meeting in October (AAPL) 13 Dogs That Are Surprisingly Good With Cats How to French Kiss Katie Price wants to ‘create her own soft porn app’ to steal her ‘sex-symbol’ crown back from pal Danielle Lloyd Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous’ barely-there dress is daringly gorgeous at the Charlie’s Angels premiere Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The Oscars disqualified two foreign films for having too much English ABSURD - BOYCOTT THE OSCARS Why isn’t revenge porn treated as a serious crime? More Than 11,000 Scientists Declare ‘Climate Emergency’ 7 dog anxiety treatments that don't involve drugs UltraViolet & DRM comes back with a vengeance as digital media moves to the cloud UltraViolet, the universal DRM system and rights locker platform being pushed by a consortium of Hollywood studios and tech companies. Photos: Thousands Face Life-Threatening Floods From Aging Dams After Boost From Perry, Backers Got Huge Gas Deal in Ukraine 10 lessons for Disney, Apple, and all the new streaming companies trying to take down Netflix Advice from two veterans of Amazon and Hulu. Bella Hadid just flashed some major side-boob on Instagram Dementia sufferer, 5, who forgot his parents now recognises them thanks to a new treatment How To Escape The Hell Of An Underwire Bra At Work Tips and tricks for supporting and concealing what you've got without breaking dress code Gathered 11/11/2019: 10 Guides for Easy and Creative Recycling The Latest: UN: Man-made uranium found at site in Iran How your air conditioning could help to save the planet The world's most pessimistic town New Apple bug may be sharing your Keychain passwords with Family Sharing members 5 U.S. Town Names That Will Crack You Up 4 U.S. Beaches You Didn't Realize Were Clothing-Optional The animal resistant to cancer Toyota uses wiper data to help forecast the weather Yes, the automaker is teaming up with the weatherman to accurately pinpoint where it's pouring Rats love to drive, and it lowers their stress levels The streaming wars are ruining TV How has Andrew Yang's 2020 campaign lasted this long? As the climate changes, architects and engineers need to design buildings differently 5 Underwater Hotels You Need to See to Believe Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Don't Plan On Leaving Money To Their Kids "I want them to be resourceful." Access your Firearm in Seconds Amazon Confirms Plans for Store Under New Grocery Brand Pentagon Gets a Fix for F-35 Bug in $400,000 Pilot Helmets Video: Incredible moment cat pounces to protect toddler from falling down stairs This is the incredible moment that a cat quickly pounces to protect a small toddler from falling and tumbling down a flight of stairs. Gathered 11/10/2019: Italy makes alarms for baby car seats mandatory Southern California magnitude 3.5 earthquake latest in swarm of temblors in region 15 Hotels That Bring The Outdoors In A tool to shield fingers from sharp knives What Menopause Does to Women’s Brains Two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients are women. My foggy 53-year-old brain could help explain why Australia bushfires: Sydney facing 'catastrophic' threat Iran oil: New field with 53bn barrels found The Federal Reserve Acknowledged the Reality of Climate Change. That’s Actually a Big Deal. Water Is Really Hard and Expensive to Split. These Guys Might Have a Solution How To Prepare Your Garage for Winter The winter can be tough on your garage. Here's how to prep for the cold months ahead Roku’s new free app lets you control your viewing with your Apple Watch Apple is fixing encrypted email on macOS because it’s not quite as encrypted as we thought Apple may have known for months How to take screenshots on your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone and Android For all these devices, it’s a quick and easy process Here are the 96 Sears and Kmart stores that are closing next Last year, the company even sold its famous Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker, following earlier moves to spin off pieces of its Sears Hometown and Outlet division and Lands’ End, according to the Associated Press. BAD NEWS: The Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Is Losing Its Stealth Coating New Blood Test Screens for Cancers With 99.4% Accuracy Gathered 11/09/2019: How to Troubleshoot Your Slow PC - ExtemeTech Draft1EMI Design Guidelines for USB Components USB Snooping Made Easy: Crosstalk Leakage Attacks on USB Hubs Thinking About Adopting a Cat? Here Are 15 Reasons Why You Should This Carp With A 'Human Face' Is Nightmare Fuel Exploring the Ancient Scottish City of Edinburgh Beautifully Built Polish Castles America's Littoral Combat Ship Could Be The End Of Russian and Chinese Submarines HUH??? I THOUGHT LITTORAL SHIPS WERE NOT VERY MISSION WORTHY Will Drone Swarms Render the Submarine Obsolete? Will the Army Use Israel's Trophy System 'Tank Shield'? China and Russia's Worst Nightmare: America Starts Selling Nuclear Submarines This waterfront city is the No. 1 place in America to retire Ford Mustang Jack Roush Edition Has It All: 775 HP and a Manual Transmission 29 of the Most Interesting Engine Swaps We've Ever Seen Stock engines are so boring How to Become a Computer Expert Bet You Never Knew About These Handy Windows Tools Former Hacker Reveals How to Keep Yourself Safe Online 5 Ways Facebook Abused Your Data How Car Dealerships Rip You Off Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum 2019 - Robot Vacuum Reviews How To Rake (Bag) Leaves - the EASY WAY Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine! Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer Women declare war on high heels in Japan Delays in Boeing Max Return Began With Near-Crash in Simulator NASA Flew Gas Detectors Above California, Found ‘Super Emitters’ A handful of sites account for most of California’s methane All the things that can affect your credit score Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Radiation Detector with USB-Port I know NOTHING about this item EMF Shielding for Computer & TV Enhanced Convenience in USB Charging The power rules introduced in USB PD 2.0 stipulate multiple normative voltages and current, to promote smoother power delivery and consumption among devices. The rules also established five supportable power-supply levels—15W, 27W, 45W, 60W, and 100W—with normative voltage and current determined by the power supply to be supported. For example, a provider capable of 15W must support 5V, 3A; while a provider of 45W must support all the following: 5V 3A; 9V 3A; and 15V 3A. Please note that the main concern of USB PD is power specifications, and can coexist with any relevant USB data communication standard (such as USB 3.1). usb port charging with no signal carrying radiation 5 Myths About Wireless Charging Pads - Chinavasion BU-411: Charging from a USB Port How USB Charging Works, or How to Avoid Blowing Up Your Smartphone The Eternal PC Question: Is It Better to Upgrade or to Buy a New System? Gathered 11/08/2019: Hackers Can Shine Lasers at Your Alexa Device and Do Bad, Bad Things to It urning Out: What Really Happens Inside a Crematorium 11 Drill Bit Sets for Every Job Air Force Downs Several Drones With New ATHENA Laser Weapon System Gathered 11/07/2019: 5,000 Tesla Owners Told Us What Elon Musk Got Right and Wrong Bagged salad is full of diseased leaves which could be dangerous to human health, scientists warn Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to Troubleshoot Your Slow PC Scientists identify the first new strain of HIV in 19 years Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Smart home devices can be controlled by lasers, researchers find Watch out for this update that's locking users out of their ANDROID phones Beware More Closed-Off Conversations on Twitter The absurdly high cost of insulin, explained Why Americans ration a drug discovered in the 1920s. And it's petent was sold for ONE DOLLAR to help people who need insulin Gathered 11/06/2019: AT&T fined $60 million for throttling ‘unlimited’ data plans Unlimited should mean unlimited! Boeing whistleblower raises doubts over 787 oxygen system LG is working on a futuristic television that folds up like a map Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to make sure your cats and dogs can peacefully coexist in your home Korin Miller Wed, Oct 23 11:00 AM EDT New Kind of Concrete Cracks Much Less Than the Regular Stuff Microsoft Stored an Entire Superman Movie on a Piece of Glass Gathered 11/05/2019: Another Term For Trump’s Quid Pro Quo? Extortion I Was 24 When I Discovered I Didn’t Need A Man To Orgasm. Here’s What Happened After Video: Dog 'learns to talk' by using a customised soundboard Firefox is taking steps to stop browser notification spam from next year Soon you’ll need to interact to see the notification requests Your Amazon Echo or Google Home could be fooled by a laser ‘speaking’ words Hey Google, Alexa, Siri: pew pew pew Gathered 11/04/2019: Trump Taxes: Appeals Court Rules President Must Turn Over 8 Years of Tax Returns United Airlines Boeing 757-200 passengers capture video of engine cover peeling off Boeing 757-200 United flight returns to Newark Airport due to ‘mechanical issue’ just after takeoff 22 Mistakes People Probably Make When Visiting Japan For The First Time The hottest date night spots in London right now Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: This 14-Year-Old Science Fair Winner Just Solved Blind Spots in Cars Ram 1500 Rebel Is the Ultimate Off-Grid Camping Machine This Mopar concept for going back to nature might be the best thing since bearproof coolers. Unless you ask the bears, of course. TO BAD IT'S A RAM - My personal opionion Gathered 11/03/2019: Delta Air Lines restores same-sex love scenes to in-flight films Qantas grounds Boeing 737 plane due to 'cracking' The ‘blowjob emoji’ has arrived and people are getting very excited about it Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Video: Moment dog rings doorbell at 2am after getting locked out What the U.S. Air Force Can Learn From This Piranha-Proof Fish The arapaima has evolved scales tough enough to defend against razor-sharp teeth, a great feature for military body armor How Metamaterials Could Lead to Invisible Tanks and Super-Stealthy Submarines New construction materials made of composites could make military vehicles—and even soldiers—invisible to radar, sonar, and even the naked eye. Ramjets Will Drastically Improve Missiles and Artillery Shells Hyper-fast, air-breathing engines are the wave of the future The Army’s 1,000-Mile Long Range Cannon Is Coming Together The Army Could Field Armor Based on Pearls and LEGOs Gathered 11/02/2019: For the first time ever, a US cheese is named best in the world Amazon's Alexa may have witnessed alleged Florida murder, authorities say Alexa, who killed these women? U.S. judge orders Amazon to provide Echo’s audio files Video: Woman's cleavage camera clocks people checking her out Tech upgrade will help NC 911 centers find cell callers faster The Raleigh/Wake 911 center will be the first to be upgraded this spring, and it will take a couple of years for the statewide upgrade. Then phone service providers will have to implement the changes - expect it to take about FIVE YEARS from 11/2019 for it all to function seamlessly. How measles wipes out the body's immune memory A new study shows that measles wipes out 20 to 50 percent of antibodies against an array of viruses and bacteria, depleting a child's previous immunity. Study details the mechanism and scope of measles-induced immune amnesia in the wake of infection. By targeting flu-enabling protein, antibody may protect against wide-ranging strains The findings could lead to a universal flu vaccine and more effective emergency treatments Three-drug combo improves lung function in most common genetic form of cystic fibrosis A new study on measles reveals a scary side effect: “immune-system amnesia” U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok - sources Disadvantages of Roth IRAs ‘I’m 73 and fed up with California and want a gun-friendly, affordable city with good weather — so where should I retire?’ Optimus Prime Joins the U.S. Military: How 'Transformer' Robots Are Coming to a War Near You Riskiest Red Carpet Looks at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Lala Kent, Mischa Barton and More Scientists track the arms race that’s playing out between bacteria in your gut 17 hours a day, 7 days a week: Cruise-ship workers describe the grueling conditions they face on the job (NCLH, CCL, RCL) A Boing 737-800 plane flying from Portugal to Scotland was mistakenly told it was flying near the North Pole when its navigation gear malfunctioned The system showed the pilots that they were near the North Pole. The plane's altitude and windshear indicators also malfunctioned. Okinawa Governor Warns of ‘Strong Resistance’ to U.S. Missiles Is Turkey's Military Still One Of The Middle East's Best? The New Space Race Is On, and Russia Is Winning Trump's Naval Dream Seems Sunk: America Can't Afford a 355 Ship Navy Gathered 11/01/2019: The Market for Bulletproof Vehicles Is Skyrocketing Windows' PowerToys are back—here's how to use the first two TRUMP’S QUID PRO QUO CORROBORATED AGAIN! Celebs Came Out For Heidi Klum's Halloween Party And I'm Loving These ~Spooky~ Lewks Flying Taxis Are About To Overcome Their Biggest Obstacle China’s Biggest Electric Car Maker Might Have Solved the EV Charge-Time Conundrum How to make sure your cats and dogs can peacefully coexist in your home Gathered 10/31/2019: Facebook lawsuit may increase accountability for spyware makers It might be safe to update your Apple HomePod now iOS 13.2.1 is rolling out Hackers hijacked the capital’s surveillance cameras days before Trump’s inauguration and said it was easy Rising Sea Levels Could Destroy These Coastal Cities by 2050, Threatening Hundreds of Millions Coming Soon? Super Stealth Fighters with No Moving Control Surfaces Meet America's Mini-Warships: The Key to Taking on Iran? 26 Pieces Of Lingerie That Might Make You Question Why You Ever Wear Clothes Gathered 10/30/2019: 'Scary' glass bridges shut in Chinese province there have been accidents and at least two deaths. Gathered 10/29/2019: Fire Terminology - National Park Service The U.S. Army is Developing a Better Bullet The new 6.8-millimeter bullet will equip a new generation of army carbines, squad automatic weapons. A New Vaccine Knocked Out a Woman’s Breast Cancer After joining a Mayo Clinic trial, Lee Mercker is recovering well—thanks to a shot This Is When Your Favorite Stores Will Be Open During Black Friday WiFi Is Illegal in This American Town. (And Yes, People Actually Live There.) Analyzing Every Second of the Classic Dial-Up Modem Sound Record 176 people stung by stingrays at popular California beach in one day Gathered 10/28/2019: Why You Should Never, EVER Wash A Hot Pan In Water Is It Possible To Use Your Vibrator Too Much? Experts debunk myths like whether a sex toy can desensitize the clitoris for good and if vibrators are actually "addictive." What are anti-inflammatory diets and what conditions do they help with? The Answer to Climate-Killing Cow Farts May Come From the Sea Methane is an especially potent greenhouse gas. A modest feed additive could provide a big leverage effect Mysterious 'gravity waves' seen rippling out over our atmosphere The self-hammering probe on NASA’s Mars lander can’t seem to actually dig into the ground Virgin Galactic celebrates first day on the New York Stock Exchange Elon Musk offers discounted solar panels and batteries after California blackouts The Air Force’s secretive spy spaceplane is back on Earth after a record two-year stay in space How to set up Emergency SOS and fall detection on your Apple Watch AT&T still hemorrhaging TV customers, lays out three-year plan to satisfy activist investor Samsung Galaxy S10 gets DeX support and Note 10 camera features the features will be available in the US starting this week Researchers identify antibodies that could lead to better flu treatments Gathered 10/27/2019: A scam targeting Americans over the phone has resulted in millions of dollars lost to hackers. Don't be the next victim Did you download one of these 17 dangerous iPhone apps? China Is Building a "Undersea Great Wall" To Take on America in a War Women Over 50 Should Avoid These Foods—and Eat These Instead Automatic Google Home or Home Mini update is leaving smart speakers unusable, and there's no way to fix it click here to learn about the 25 most useful Alexa skills you'll use time and again How to tell if someone read your text Have you ever sent a text and waited and waited for a response? We've all been there. It's no fun wondering if the recipient even received the message in the first place. Now, you don't have to wait around. We've got a few simple settings to tweak so you'll never be left wondering again. This Android bug is draining your phone and tablet battery Latest Windows 10 update causes 'Blue Screen of Death' - here's what you can do about it How to fix the 7 most irritating Windows 10 features Text from your neighbor? It might be a scam Gathered 10/26/2019: The Sea of 60 ghostly wrecked ships - Noah's Ark Flood DIY Plumbing (CALIFORNIA BASED) Gathered 10/25/2019: Despite Google's Efforts, Android Fragmentation Is Still Terrible California's third fire-safety power blackout could be the biggest one yet Historic fire conditions could be triggered by "one of the largest offshore wind events in years," PG&E's top meteorologist says. Donald Trump And The Making Of A Predatory President In “All The President’s Women,” journalists Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy uncover 43 new sexual assault allegations against the world’s most powerful man The Old Farmer's Almanac Predicts an Alarming Number of Snowstorms Will Happen This Winter Trump records 'strongly corroborate' sex assault claims, accuser says What's The Difference Between All The Types Of Salt? Experts explain what accounts for the difference in price, and how to use each type The Spices That Will Make You A Better Cook List Nasa to look for alien technology developed by ‘advanced extraterrestrial civilisations’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The universe could be made of a “spacetime foam,” scientists theorize Instagram held a closed door meeting about its nudity policies Planets orbiting black holes instead of stars discovered by Japanese scientists Rats learn to drive cars in new University of Richmond scientific study Oh great - more care thieves - just kidding - but they DO DRIVE "cars" Rose McGowan is suing Harvey Weinstein and his lawyers for attempting to silence her Scientists figured out a way to turn single-use plastics into liquid detergents and oils Recycling single-use plastics could become more efficient with this new meth When Should I Stop Mowing? How to Know When to Put Away the Lawn Mowe Lawn Mower Buyer's Guide How To Pick The Perfect Lawn Mower ltimate Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide Tips for Tuning Up Gas-Powered Mowers What's The Best Lawn Mower for My Lawn? How to Pick the Perfect Mower Based on Lawn Size and Terrain 6 Tips For Easy Landscaping How To Do All Your Own Landscaping 6 Common Problems That Kill Your Lawn How to Avoid Lawn Damage Heal Brown Spots On Your Grass How to Cure and Prevent Lawn Fungus How To Know If You Should Aerate How To Do All Your Own Landscaping True Facts about the OWL - Morgan Freeman Try Not To Laugh Nov 2018 | Funny Cat Compilation These Animals Are Just Too Funny Labradors Are So Much Fun to Be Around! Cute and Funny Puppy Compilation The Weirdest Houses Ever Built Icons of the not-so-distant past. See how many you can recognize - UPDATED Gathered 10/24/2019: Trump’s China trade war is killing Roomba sales Trade headwinds have iRobot’s share price dropping Skin care brand Sunday Riley got in trouble for writing fake reviews. It just settled with the FTC The Current War is basically Amadeus for electricity Amazon Echo Dot with clock review: time is on its side A $59 clock that also comes with a pretty good speaker Google just launched a handful of clever apps to help you spend less time on your phone More tools for balancing life and tech Hey Robot is a party game that tests how smart Alexa is Google confirms ‘quantum supremacy’ breakthrough Bad News China, The F-22 Is Getting Some Serious Upgrades Decades-Old Government Loophole Gives Oil Companies an $18 Billion Windfall I’m a student financially supporting my degree with sex work Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Strippers reveal unbelievable salaries in doc The Sex Business: ‘We’re making millions’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: FDA investigating whether Zantac causes carcinogens to form in users U.S. Senate Democrats introduce aviation safety bill after Boeing MAX crashes AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile have finally agreed to replace SMS with a new RCS standard Google will replace Home devices bricked due to latest firmware update It affects Google Home and Home Mini devices Driving tiny electric cars helped these lab rats feel more relaxed, and we should all learn from them Motorola’s Moto G8 Plus announced with three cameras and a big battery It was revealed alongside the Motorola One Macro and E6 Play 17 Malware-Infested Apps You Need to Delete ASAP This Device Can Send Messages Without Cell Service Any day, any time Sounds Like We're Close to Exploring Jupiter's Crazy-Old Asteroids Images reveal Iceland's glacier melt Gathered 10/23/2019: How To Find A Lost Cat - Lifehack # 1020 I have no idea if this works, but just saw this: How To Find A Lost Cat - Lifehack # 1020 The average cat’s sense of smell is about 14 times as strong as ours. You can use this information to your advantage if your cat ever gets lost. Simply put their litter box on your front porch, they’ll be able to smell it from up to a mile away, and they’ll follow the scent home. Karen Johnson accuses Trump of sexual assault in forthcoming book — alongside 42 other new accusations Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs also acidified the world’s oceans, new research says Scientists develop “artificial leaf” that produces clean fuel Breaking: Sen. Klobuchar Releases Evidence That Barr Hid Whistle-blower Complaint from FEC These Deep Sea Divers Found Something Extraordinary In shocking reversal, Biogen to submit experimental Alzheimer’s drug for approval ‘A game-changer’: How Vertex delivered on cystic fibrosis Edward Snowden searched the CIA's networks for proof that aliens exist. Here's what he found Army counters rising China threat with 'game changing' super cannon Knights Templar’s lost gold ‘treasure tunnels’ found beneath Israeli city Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Ex-Navy engineer built a car battery with a 1,500 mile range China releases new picture of mystery substance found on dark side of the moon Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: SpaceX’s new satellite system aims to bring internet to every American This App, HONEY, Applies Every Promo Code On The Internet To Your Cart – And It's Awesome Gathered 10/22/2019: Meet Victor the cameraman eagle capturing the climate crisis Adzuki Beans Are The Cheap, Protein-Packed Ingredient You Should Try They're perfect for vegetarians and protein fans sick of chickpeas and black beans Protect yourself from this text scam that lets hackers take over your account Gathered 10/21/2019: Are electric cars as 'green' as you think? Monster asteroid linked to Japan ‘fireball’ incident could be doomed to hit Earth, scientists warn Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Eric Trump: “Sickening” How “Every Family in Politics Enriches Themselves” How to remap your Chromebook’s keyboard Bring back Caps Lock and take control of your keys Battery or charger in luggage explodes at Chicago's Midway Airport Prime editing: DNA tool could correct 89% of genetic defects Cabin crew left unconscious as spilt cleaning solution forces emergency landing Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 10/20/2019: The U.S. Navy Just Shipped a Giant Laser Cannon (We Have Questions) A New Vaccine Knocked Out a Woman’s Breast Cancer After joining a Mayo Clinic trial, Lee Mercker is recovering well—thanks to a shot What’s a stormquake? Scientists identify a new phenomena on the ocean floor Gathered 10/19/2019: John Kasich flips on impeachment, says he now backs inquiry into Trump Watchdog Accuses Kellyanne Conway Of Violating Hatch Act An Astounding 50 Times International Experts Launch Probe Of Possible Chemical Attack By Turkey On Syrian Kurds A Coffee Crisis Is Brewing And It Could Make Your Morning Joe Less Tasty Climate change, disease and poverty threaten the global coffee industry Robert Pattinson Really Got Into His ‘Ferocious Masturbation Scene’ In ‘The Lighthouse’ “It’s always nice to do something massive for your opening shot,” the actor told The New York Times Turkey Syria offensive: Mitch McConnell attacks Trump The real (and fake) sex lives of Bella Thorne The art that stereotyped the Arab world Demi Lovato’s alleged nudes leak as her Snapchat account is hacked Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Top Level Web DOMAIN EXTENSIONS (new/all) This is how you perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre…on your dog Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: A decade of casual sex has shown me what true love really is Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 10/18/2019: Demi Lovato’s alleged nudes leak as her Snapchat account is hacked Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: California’s earthquake warning app: how it works and what comes next Smartphones will warn Californians of an earthquake seconds before they feel them Yahoo is deleting all content ever posted to Yahoo Groups Life on Mars may have been found in the ’70s, former NASA scientist says Is 'The Big One' coming? A California fault capable of a 8.0 earthquake is moving for the first time, study says Stunning Drone Photography of Temples Across Asia Boeing 2016 Internal Messages Suggest Employees May Have Misled FAA On 737 MAX Why Does The Flu Shot Hurt So Much? There's an explanation for why the vaccine makes your arm sore. But there are also ways to manage the pain. DOES NOT HURT ME John Kasich Supports Trump Impeachment: ‘I Say It With Great Sadness’ Supreme Court Steps Into Case Over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Tardy F-35 Jet Hits New Snag Over Tests to Show It Can Beat Foes Gathered 10/17/2019: 10 Everyday Items that Can Save Your Life 10 Foods That Are Great For Pancreatic Health I AM ONLY REPORTING THIS - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - I HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING Several Turmeric Manufacturers in Bangladesh Add Lead to the Spice I AM ONLY REPORTING THIS - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - I HAVE NO MEDICAL TRAINING These 15 malicious ANDROID apps hide on your phone, filling it with pop-up ads Millions of Amazon Echos, Kindles Vulnerable to Wi-Fi Attack: What to Do Now Gathered 10/15/2019: AutoNation accused of selling vehicles with unrepaired safety recalls Next year, new space missions will test technologies to fix busted satellites in orbit A future where satellites are serviced in space is on its way The Verge guide to Android Tips and tricks for how to use your Android phone Gathered 10/14/2019: Don't fall for this phishing scam warning of overdue bills California Becomes First U.S. State To Mandate Later School Start Times Violent ‘flaring’ of supermassive black holes recorded as they feast on nearby stars Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The Verge guide to Android Tips and tricks for how to use your Android phone Microsoft’s latest Surface Book 2 update fixes its dreaded Nvidia GPU bug And it finally allows affected users to update Windows 10 When you go to update your machine, here’s what to look for: Surface - System -, Surface Base 2 Firmware Update - Firmware, improves battery stability Surface - Firmware - 182.1004.139.0, Surface System Aggregator - Firmware, 182.1004.139.0 resolves an issue where the CPU will throttle down to .4GHz, and improves battery stability Surface - Firmware - 389.2837.768.0, Surface UEFI - Firmware, 389.2837.768.0 resolves an issue where the display adapter disappears from Device Manager Once these updates are complete, you’ll be able to update your Surface Book 2 to the latest version of Windows 10. Meet the Massive Ordnance Penetrator: The Air Force's Newest Bunker Buster Bomb Dramatic images taken 100 years apart show glacier loss on Mont Blanc The Old M60 Patton Tank: This Piece of Armor Simply Refuses to Die polyethylene glycol electrolyte solution Warning! 250K BMW, Rolls-Royce and Toyota cars recalled for dangerous backup camera problem Tech maintenance how-to: Safely clean your camera gear PC makers are finally starting to take your security seriously Check your Android now for these stalkerware apps that spy on you stalkerware apps detected by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky's products have increased by an astonishing 373% compared to the same period the year before 6 signs your phone has stalkerware (and what to do about it) 15 Foods That Are Poisonous to Dogs Garlc, Avocado, Yeast, Chocolate, Rhubarb, Citrus oil, Macadamia nuts, Cat food (KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM DOGS - can lead to pancreatitis and other health complications over time, causing organ damage). Grapes and raisins (MOST SERIOUS FOOD THREAT), Spinach (they’d have to consume a very large quantity), Milk “Dairy products are not toxic to dogs,”. BUT may cause undue discomfort to your pet Xylitol - sugar alternative found in human foods like candy, chewing gum, baked sweets, and other items. It’s extremely toxic to dogs Wild mushrooms - If you have mushrooms around your house, make sure to pull them up regularly and if you catch your dog trying to eat them in the wilderness, stop them immediately. Iron supplements, particularly prenatal supplements In addition to vitamins, cases of iron toxicity can also come from dogs eating oxygen absorbers (those small silica packets found in things like beef jerky). Apples - the flesh of apples is not toxic, the seeds can be poisonous due to the presence of a compound called amygdalin - would take a lot of CHEWED seeds Gathered 10/13/2019: We Surveyed the 2020 Democrats on Gun Control. Here Are the New Dividing Lines Hundreds Of ISIS Supporters Escape As Turkish Troops Near Kurdish-Held Syrian Town RECALL TRUMP NOW The ‘Glass Floor’ Is Keeping America’s Richest Idiots At The Top Elites are finding more ways to ensure that their children never run out of chances to fail. Trump’s Betrayal Of The Kurds Will Echo For Generations RECALL TRUMP NOW I Ignored The Urgency Of Addressing Climate Change. Then My House Caught On Fire Could vertical forests improve our health? Volkswagen Is Said to Consider Options for Lamborghini Water bottles contain hundreds of thousands of bacteria if not properly cleaned Gathered 10/12/2019: 3D printer turns out organs that act like the real thing DevOps: A cheat sheet How iRobot (Romba) used data science, cloud, and DevOps to design its next-gen smart home robots Gathered 10/11/2019: Birds are dying off at an alarming rate. Here's how you can help from your own backyard California wildfires rage on, killing 2 and sparking widespread evacuations of 100,000 residents Iran says missiles strike its oil tanker off Saudi Arabia You don’t have to climb a ladder to change your Nest smoke detector’s Wi-Fi anymore You can now speak to Alexa in Spanish Toyota unveils revamped hydrogen sedan to take on Tesla Watch: A mama bear and her cubs broke in to a home and one parkoured down the staircase Cracks found on 38 of 810 Boeing 737 NG jets inspected globally Breast milk 'rich in chemical that could help fight infant infections' 'It's a nightmare': Zimbabwe struggles with hyperinflation Typhoon may bring 30 inches of rain, strong winds to Tokyo Electric-Car Owners Hard Hit by Massive California Power Shutdown A Trump-Appointed Judge Is Running Interference for the President on His Financial Records Exclusive look inside the Empire State Building's $160 million makeover 5 Reasons Why Home Insurers Will Fire You as a Customer Gathered 10/10/2019: Chicken recalled at Kroger, Aldi, Target, Trader Joe's and more for possible listeria contamination 6,500 online stores hacked! Was your credit card info leaked? Did you eat at one of these restaurants? Hackers may have your data MERV vs. MPR vs. FPR: The Definitive Guide to AIR FILTER RATINGS FPR = Filter Performance Rating. FPR is a proprietary system developed and used only by filters sold at The Home Depot. They made the switch from MERV several years ago. MERV = Microparticle Performance Rating = MERV ratings range from 1-16, and the rating is designed to measure the worst-case performance of a rated air filter on particles in the size range of .3 to 10 microns. Regulated by standards set by ASHRAE (the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air conditioning Engineers), every single furnace filter for sale in the US contains a MERV rating. This is the only nationally regulated, independent rating system for air filters MPR = Microparticle Performance Rating = used only by 3M Best Air Filters for Your Home - Home Depot Filtrete FILTER RATINGS - Find the Right Filter How to improve PC performance by fixing the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver Sometimes a Windows 10 update will not replace an old driver like you would expect. In those cases, you must troubleshoot and solve the problem yourself. Northern snakehead fish, invasive species that can survive on land, found in Georgia Terrifying killer dinosaur the size of a bus discovered in Thailand Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Compound inside tomatoes could boost sperm count, scientists claim Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa saw two galaxies colliding and it’s an ominous portent of the Milky Way’s future Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Chernobyl’s highly-contaminated Reactor 4 control room is open to the public Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The universe’s largest magnets, magnetars, may be the result of star collisions New black hole research suggests a more active galaxy than once thought WiFi signals can identify people through walls, scientists say Black hole formation ringing observed by scientists adds more weight to Einstein’s theory of relativity Wildfire prevention gel spray developed by Stanford scientists The T-Mobile / Sprint merger should be stopped, say antitrust experts Trying to turn Dish into a new wireless carrier ‘will surely doom it to failure’ Nikon’s new Z50 mirrorless camera is built for the era of Instagram The new crop-sensor camera uses the Z mount and costs under $1,000 California can expect more blackouts as utilities companies move to stop fires — and lawsuits Are preemptive power outages the new normal? Canon’s small, clippable Ivy Rec camera will be available on October 16th Waymo tells riders that ‘completely driverless’ vehicles are on the way Waze thinks it can get Americans carpooling again Alphabet’s navigation app celebrates the first year of its nationwide carpooling service Angry Cruise Ship Passengers Demand Refund After 'Holiday From Hell' 500 Years Later, MIT Proves That Da Vinci's Bridge Design Works Mysterious Orbs Filmed Hovering Off the Outer Banks Ignite UFO Debate Australia Just Had One of Its Worst Flu Seasons to Date—and The US Could Be Next Passengers on American Airlines Flight May Have Been Exposed to Hepatitis A Passengers on a recent American Airlines flight from San Francisco to Charlotte, N.C., may have been exposed to hepatitis A. 6,500 online stores hacked! Was your credit card info leaked? Gathered 10/09/2019: How to Tell Whether Expired Food Is Safe to Eat Confusion over what expiration dates mean causes Americans to throw out tons of food that might still be perfectly good George the cat becomes a star thanks to his solo adventures on buses and trains Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 20 new Saturn moons discovered by astronomers Rihanna's new book of photographs presents her as an actual work of art How to network when you're an introvert My 16-Year-Old Daughter Stole My Vibrator I don’t want her to feel ashamed about her sexuality—but also, don’t steal my vibrator! I Just Finished My Master’s. I’m Becoming a Cam Girl to Pay Off the Loans. How Coachella ’99 Lost a Million Dollars and Started an Empire Squirrels stashed over 200 walnuts under the hood of a woman's car George the cat becomes a star thanks to his solo adventures on buses and trains Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 10/08/2019: Avoiding Nutrition Tricks - Don’t Get Tricked About Nutrition Learn how to spot misinformation masquerading as reliable health advice. Planets and Big Bang win Nobel physics prize Witness In Trump-Ukraine Scandal Ordered Not To Appear Before Congress A swarm of asteroids is headed in the direction of Earth, Nasa reveals Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa Curiosity Rover finds ancient alien ‘oasis’ on the surface of Mars Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: You don’t need to update your APPLE operating system right away Robots are mass-producing the meal of the future: insects Chromebook 101: How to add another user to your Chromebook New Tile Sticker is designed to track everything from TV remotes to bicycles Along with trackers for your wallet and keys RADIATION Instagram introduces new tool to help prevent phishing attacks Sorting the genuine from the fake emails Will we survive Mars? Gathered 10/07/2019: Windows 10 PowerToys: A cheat sheet Gathered 10/07/2019: This is what a Social Security scam sounds like I'm seeing more SCAM AT&t emails New Message From Technical Support -- Judge Rejects Trump Challenge To New York Tax Return Turnover Former Trump Exec Barbara Res Has A Stark Prediction On How It Ends For The President 33 Horses Have Died At Santa Anita Racetrack Since December How cells sense oxygen wins Nobel prize Furious Microsoft Windows 10 users claim latest update, KB4524147, Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: is causing major problems Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Chromebook 101: how to find keyboard shortcuts Nevada fighting to keep 'zombie deer' from entering state Is Working In Retirement Worth It? 6 Smart Alternatives to Disney World All-Inclusive Vacation Packages (Because They Don’t Actually Exist) Guests Stuck for Hours on Disney World's Skyliner Gondolas, Ride Closes a Week After Opening The Best Costumes of New York Comic Con 2019 Experts are warning people to stop holding their phone while running And do NOT wear it in your BRA Gathered 10/06/2019: Skyliner Crash Causes Closure at Walt Disney World the 12 First Photographs Ever Taken Uncovering secrets of mystery civilization in Saudi Arabia New drug blocks cancer’s ‘escape route from chemotherapy Nasa reveals whether life could survive on alien planets orbiting black holes Are You Watering Your Plants Correctly? Tips and Common Mistakes Strange Forms of Life in the Deep Sea The Honey Badger Houdini Honey badgers have one of the largest brains compared to their body size, and the fact that it is impossible to keep them in an enclosure when they decide they want to break out Owls Can Be So Cute and Majestic at Once! In California, a ‘Surprise’ Billing Law Is Protecting Patients and Angering Doctors The state’s closely watched law is similar to an approach Congress is considering nationally. 10 Countries That Disappeared from the Face of Earth Disney World guests stranded for hours on new Skyliner cable car system Gathered 10/05/2019: Asteroid as big as Buckingham Palace is headed in the direction of Earth Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: List of department stores of the United States Astronomers discovered an exoplanet that shouldn’t be able to exist Health advice online is often shady. 6 ways to detect the B.S. of Course, THIS advice WAS FOUND ONLINE LAX to end rideshare and taxi curbside pickup... Starting later this month, Los Angeles International Airport will end rideshare and taxi curbside pickups Travelers will instead have to take a shuttle bus to catch their ride Rock Climbers To Test Trump’s Boast That His Border Barrier Can’t Be Scaled Climber Rick Weber has built a replica wall for a competition in Kentucky this month What is the fascination with the Illuminati conspiracy? Paralyzed man walks again using brain-controlled exoskeleton The court allowed the FCC to kill net neutrality because washing machines can’t make phone calls 4 dog breeds increasingly ending up in rescue centres Net neutrality is alive and well after this week’s crushing court defeat Gathered 10/04/2019: The three things that could kill the pilotless airliner Gathered 10/03/2019: ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Maitland Ward Discusses Her New Porn Movie: “It’s a Very Deep Sensuality” Bloatware could be putting millions of Android devices at risk Android 10 review: A small but beneficial update Android 10 isn't groundbreaking, but it does set the stage for 2020 3 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Pet’s Food The proof may be in the poop Herculaneum scroll: Shining a light on 2,000-year-old secrets Gathered 10/02/2019: Sorry, Your Essential Oils Are Essentially Useless Plant-based oils may smell great, but many experts say they don’t live up to their health claims Sen. Richard Blumenthal Demands Answers From Uber, Lyft Over Sexual Assault Allegations The Democratic senator suggested the ride-hailing companies aren’t taking complaints of sexual misconduct by drivers seriously How To Make Friends When You Travel, According To Solo Travelers Advice on how to meet people on a trip, whether you're traveling solo or on vacation with friends Skydio 2: the self-flying future of drones starts at $999 Microsoft Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7 hands-on: Qualcomm takes on Intel The Surface Pro goes to ARM with a few twists Gathered 10/01/2019: Canned foods linked to BPA risk in new study Your "BPA-free" plastic product may be no safer than the product it replaced Tech Companies Are Quietly Phasing Out a Major Privacy Safeguard Cruise ship pollution in the ocean could get worse with the help of defeat devices Small airplane seats are more than annoying — they could be dangerous Giant iceberg size of Sydney breaks away in Antarctica Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Tyler Cameron explains how he hid his erections on ‘The Bachelorette’ Zuckerberg Can’t Escape Lawsuit Over Bikini Photo-Finder App U.S. Warns Cybersecurity Flaws Could Impact Medical Devices Why Vladimir Putin Suddenly Believes in Global Warming Six candidates running to become Raleigh's next mayor The goblin shark's weird bite explained The best place to sit if your plane is about to crash Read More: Gathered 09/30/2019: Tesla’s Smart Summon feature is already causing chaos in parking lots across America Scurvy is on the rise – beige diets and picky eating might be to blame Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 12 Dogs That Can Be Left Home Alone While You're at Work Several Of Lovehoney's Best-Selling Sex Toys Are Half-Off Is red meat back on the menu? U.S. Utility, DOMINION, That Overcharged $380 Million Now Wants to Spend It Lock Picker (DEVICE) Decodes A Key Lock Box Without Even Using Any Tools ‘Planet Nine’ may actually be a black hole Bernie Sanders Rolls Out Plan To Curb CEO Pay would increase taxes on companies where CEOs earn more than 50 times the median worker How Fossil Fuel Companies Are Killing Plastic Recycling Plastic trash has overwhelmed America. Fossil fuel companies are about to make it worse Michigan Drivers Shocked When Billboard Displays Porn For 20 Minutes Police say a hacker may have been responsible for the explicit sex scenes shown to drivers on Saturday night. 315 billion-tonne iceberg breaks off Antarctica How to slow down the world’s fastest-shrinking country As Bulgaria’s steep population decline threatens the country, some natives are trying to give those who’ve left a reason to come back home There are hundreds of thousands of camels roaming the Australian outback Worried About the Climate? Skip That Cruise. Climate-conscious governments are starting to give the cruise business some scrutiny. Consumers should too Why Vladimir Putin Suddenly Believes in Global Warming The Best Hangover Cures at Home and Abroad From a British bacon sandwich to a pickle brine Bloody Mary, new cookbooks offer salty, fatty, serious morning-after solutions People tell us about the time they had sex with a colleague author imageAlmara AbgarianMonday 30 Sep 2019 11:40 am Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Illustration of couple lying in bed together, the woman's skin is pink and the man's is orange and the bed is blue Some of the colleagues ended up dating (Picture: Ella Byworth for Sleeping with a colleague is a very common fantasy. After all, many of us meet our future partners through work, so it makes sense that we would get freaky with them. As we know, sex doesn’t always end in love. It can be incredibly awkward (especially if the sex was bad) and then you’re forever stuck in the same space as Peter, who you shagged during a work outing or Leslie, who gave you a blowjob at the Christmas party. Beyond being a cringe-worthy moment, it can also make for a very funny story – which is exactly why we asked eight people to share their experiences. Here’s what they told us. Anna*, 24 My colleague had tried to get with me a couple of times and I was like nah mate, not my type. Anyway, I’d just handed in my notice and he was doing a charity boxing match. Turns out boxing really turns me on (even though he lost) so we went out after and hooked up. I was too embarrassed to bring him home so we went back to his. He kept warning me that the sex would be really disappointing (charming, right?). It was in fact terrible. We tried again the next morning but it was still awful and our boss called him halfway through. When I left I patted him on the shoulder and said ‘at least boxing wasn’t the only thing you were shit at this weekend’. Alana*, 22 I was 18, going to college and working at a supermarket part-time to save up for uni and was actually engaged to my boyfriend at the time. My manager (who was more than twice my age – oops) had always fancied me and been playfully flirty with me but more in a friendly, bantery way. This boyfriend/fiance I had was a complete piece of shit and abusive, and I just took it for two years and one day I just sort of cracked after he’d been really horrible just before a shift. I walked away from him and stormed into work feeling livid, angrily completed my shift, and went and reported my boyfriend to the police (the station was very close to work). I did the hours-long emotional report but I was still fuelled by fury, so I went back to work after it was all done, grabbed said manager and went and shagged him revengefully in the back of the store’s bakery, while my boyfriend was getting arrested. Katie, 31 I once did it on the boardroom table with a colleague. Afterwards, we had some drinks with the others at the pub downstairs, and acted like nothing had happened. There was a meeting the next morning and you could see the mess – like a very clear outline of my butt – but no one knew what it was except us. Louisa*, 24 I was a bartender and we had a delayed Christmas party in January. The managers closed down the bar and let us go wild on raiding the stock (which they ended up regretting). We were playing very stupid drinking games and I was spending a lot of time goofing around with my colleague. Because we were totally trashed and fawning all over each other, the other people at my work started making jokes about how we were flirting and were definitely going to hook up. They meant to embarrass us but it actually put the idea in our heads, because I was not thinking about that until they said it. Without saying much we went into the disabled loos and banged it out while everyone else continued playing drunk musical chairs. We thought we were geniuses for choosing to do it during a game with loud music, but of course the music stops intermittently because that’s the point of the game. Everyone I worked with heard me get loudly banged over a sink. Sally*, 25 I had a sexual relationship with a colleague while we were filming abroad. I hadn’t met him before – he was a freelancer – but we hit it off immediately and ended up spending every evening together. We kept it as our little secret for the first night, but apparently we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other, so the rest of the team figured it out pretty quickly. For me it was just a bit of fun, but by the end of the trip it became apparent that he would have further reaching consequences than me. As a freelancer he said they probably wouldn’t hire him again, as he was a fair bit older than me and it could be portrayed that he pursued me (not the case at all, I pursued him). It ended the minute we landed back in the UK. Lars*, 29 It was basically five years in the making. I met her at work and we were on and off for years, but finally got together seriously this year. We’re expecting a baby in 2020. Susanna*, 30 So we’d been flirting for months and kissed once while drunk at a work thing. Then, one evening during the summer I was working late so was alone in the office and he came in. We flirted, then he kissed me and we got carried away but there were these huge windows and I was like ‘everyone can see us’, so we went upstairs where there was a shower room in one of the bathrooms and did the nasty there. He stayed to do a night shift and I went out to a comedy night with a friend. We snogged again at Christmas, but he went home early and I stayed out. I still get 6am booty calls from him (but who can be bothered at 6 am, right?). More: Sex zone post image for post 10832988 YSL is selling condoms for £5 each for those who want to have bougie sex zone post image for post 10824180 You can now stay in a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired flat in Brighton zone post image for post 10823321 Eight illustrations that demonstrate there is no such thing as a 'normal' labia Steffan*, 34 We just used to flirt a bit, but one night things escalated. It was during an after work thing, and we ended up doing lots of drugs, so I stayed at her house. The sex was messy – the good kind – with dirty foreplay, but it was also a bit emotional. I left the next day, feeling super confused. It was awkward for a couple of weeks, I was a little bit into her but it didn’t go anywhere. The good sex disillusioned me into thinking my heart was telling me things, but it was very much my dick. *Names have been changed. MORE: Eight illustrations that demonstrate there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ labia MORE: What is cockfishing (also known as catcocking), and how can you spot it? MORE: These sex positions give you the best cardio workout The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Find out more Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger More SexWork Everything you need to know about Sweden’s Värmland (and why you need to visit) Everything you need to know about Sweden’s Värmland 17 women tell us about their worst oral sex experiences 17 women tell us about their worst oral sex experiences Eight illustrations that demonstrate there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ labia Eight illustrations that demonstrate there is no such thing as a 'normal' labia ‘Get out of your comfort zone’: Manchester City stars tell us why time away from the pitch is so important Manchester City's Women's team tell us why time away from the pitch is so important View article comments » Must read Diehard tanning addict gets a hole in her nose after spot turned out to be cancerous She used tanning beds six times a week. How to order a free puppuccino for your dog at Starbucks They're good dogs and they deserve a treat. Woman spends just £39 on home-made funeral flower arrangements for nan Floral arrangements can cost upwards of £100. Manchester City's Women's team tell us why time away from the pitch is so important What's stopping you from pursuing your passions? Woman dresses up as a bush to discreetly capture sister's proposal We're here for this level of extra. Gender neutral dolls are essential toys for all children Creating an ungendered and neutral toy doesn’t have to be the earth shattering drama its conservative critics would like you to think it is. You Don't Look Sick: 'My doctor told me to just get over my chronic illness' Charlotte Twinley, 21, has hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome (hEDS) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). What's trending now More trending stories » Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Video: US Navy admits ex Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge is right about UFOs Gathered 09/29/2019: Musk shows off next-generation "Starship" prototype Zantac: CVS latest to suspend heartburn drug over cancer fears You’ll soon be able to have sex whilst speeding along in a driverless car, BMW advert hints Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: ‘Hustlers’ And The Evolution Of Asian Sex Workers On-Screen 9 Rhinos Journey Across Africa In Bid To Save Their Species From Extinction SpaceX’s massive Starship test rocket shines in Boca Chica, Texas Logitech is buying Streamlabs for $89 million Air travel is a huge contributor to climate change. A new global movement wants you to be ashamed to fly. Road rage caught on camera shows 3 women attacking each other with bat Here's Why Komodo Dragons are the Toughest Lizards on Earth Amazon Is Now Selling A DIY Kit For The 3-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom House Of Your Dreams The Laziest Dog Breeds For People Who Don't Want to Play Fetch All Day 20 Dog Instagram Captions Guaranteed to Get You All the Likes 11 Cute Cat Breeds That Are Sure to Make You Go "Awww" The Healthiest Dog Breeds That'll Make For Lower Vet Bills How to Buy A Used Car and Not Get Taken Advantage Of 17 Easy DIY 'Game of Thrones' Halloween Costume Ideas 40 Halle Berry-Approved Health Tips You Should Totally Steal Gathered 09/27/2019: New York college student pretends to be autistic, scares off sexual offender like 'she had seen on television' The US has its first gas station that is fully electric American Airlines passengers stranded in Peru for three days after plane suffers mechanical issues The Strangest Creatures on Earth: Magnetic Deep Sea Snails Deep sea SNAIL has shell made out of METAL What life might be like in alien oceans The space submarine hunting the solar system for aliens Does Uber charge more if your battery is lower? - YES, apparently Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: This nail varnish smells like coffee and changes colour with your mood Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Why is a batch of Johnson & Johnson contact lenses being recalled? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Which tea bags have plastic in them? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: tea bags have been found to contain particles of plastic. Quite a lot of plastic actually. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Terrifying new ransomware attacks are some of the worst ever 4 Places That Have Banned Sunscreen 5 steps you need to take so you don't get hacked A race to save Caribbean corals from a deadly disease Patrick Stewart celebrates 50th anniversary of Beatles' Abbey Road album New ‘unpatchable’ iPhone exploit could allow permanent jailbreaking on hundreds of millions of devices Gathered 09/26/2019: Bacterial 'striptease' evades antibiotics Woman with ‘WiFi allergy’ sleeps in copper sleeping bag and avoids big towns Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Woman with ‘WiFi allergy’ sleeps in copper sleeping bag and avoids big towns The new iPhone 11 Pro camera is a dream for ‘cockfish’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Man proposes to gilfriend with diamond ring he planted with a carrot seed three months ago Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Porn literacy and the new frontier of sex ed Oddball solar system throws planet formation theories into question Labradoodle creator calls the breed his "life's regret" 9 Rhinos Journey Across Africa In Bid To Save Their Species From Extinction Gathered 09/25/2019: Video shows coyote chasing little girl in her Illinois front yard The child was not harmed Italy calls fast-melting glacier in Mont Blanc range "an alarm" that can't be ignored Legionnaires' disease investigation focuses on a North Carolina state fair after 1 death and 12 cases reported Mountain State Fair in Fletcher, NC between September 6 and 15 The robot that cleans floors and tells jokes Bionic seagull takes flight in Beijing A robot bird is one of the innovations on show at the World Robot Conference in Beijing The robot that can enter your house The Oceans We Know Won’t Survive Climate Change Sea-level rise will become unmanageable, and life will flee the world’s tropical oceans, if carbon pollution keeps rising, a new report from the UN climate panel says Thomas Cook bosses gave themselves £50,000,000 before company collapse Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nearly 1,000,000 dogs in the UK have mental health disorders Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: One million people could live on Mars – as long as they don’t mind eating insects Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The UK needs to form a ‘space force’ to wage war in the void, industry leaders say Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Amazon pushes Alexa privacy with new delete options Heat waves happen in the oceans, too — and they’re getting worse China Launched a Special Type of Warship That Can Help Invade Taiwan This Russian Submarine Had One Job: Sink American Aircraft Carriers Forgotten War: How China Was Crushed By Vietnam in a 1979 Conflict The Self-Proclaimed “Boring” Parents Who Have Sex Five Times a Week 17 women tell us about their worst oral sex experiences Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 70 sex questions to ask your partner, from the dirty to the flirty Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to read food labels when you’re looking for organic, ethical, or sustainable products Solar and wind energy are now both cheaper and more sustainable than coal Australian Couple receive nearly 25,000 ecstasy pills in the mail by mistake Aussies know how to have fun Beijing Daxing: China's huge new 'starfish' airport opens its doors Boston Dynamics Atlas robot twists and somersaults Gathered 09/24/2019: Mosquito-borne EEE (Eastern equine encephalitis), virus reaches record number of infections The Winners of the Astronomy Photo Contest are Amazing The Dark Side of Light Beneath the surface of one of Germany’s deepest lakes, researchers are studying the hidden effects of artificial light researchers reported that West Nile–virus–infected house sparrows that live in light- polluted conditions are infectious for two days longer than those that live in darkness are, increasing the risk of a West Nile outbreak by 41 percent. Incest daughter who competed with jealous sister to have sex with dad walks free Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa spots strange alien ‘dandelion clock’ crater on the surface of Mars Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Sprint under FCC investigation for ‘outrageous’ misuse of millions of dollars Sleeping Octopus Changes Colors Over And Over In Spellbinding Video Galaxies are being killed by mysterious forces which no-one can explain Khloe Kardashian Poses Nude in Bed for Steamy New Poosh Shoot Russia Has One Way to Find and Kill U.S. F-22 and F-35 Stealth Fighters Gathered 09/14/2019: CIA unveils Cold War spy-pigeon missions Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes EXACTLY WHAT I PREDICTED - WHILE USEFUL, NO ONE NEEDS DRONES Everything You Need to Know About the Disease Triple E A Decreasing Sense Of Smell Can Be a Warning Sign Of Illness All You Need to Know About Your Kitchen Knives The Chef's Guide to Knives Bigelow’s next-generation inflatable space habitat is shooting for the Moon Gathered 09/12/2019: 3.5 million GM pickups and SUVs recalled for brake problems Mosquitoes carrying deadly, brain-infecting virus found in 12 Connecticut towns Parachutists and RAF Lakenheath fighter jets in near miss What do lucky people do differently? Why is it that some people seem to have all the luck? And can we improve our own good fortune? What do those numbers on tire sidewalls mean? Before shopping for winter tires, decipher the code on the side of your rubber The Obamas want ‘Higher Ground.’ Someone got there first UGH: "an attempt by the former president and first lady’s company to have Massey’s trademark wiped off the books." SHAME ON the OBAMAS if this is true - DOUBLE SHAME This virtual reality sex toy could provide sexual satisfaction for people with intimacy issues Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Test your sex knowledge with our ultimate quiz Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Amazon opens up its crowdsourced Alexa Answers program to anyone Be the brains behind Alexa My Over-The-Air Antenna Information My OTA and Streaming Topics Information How Things have Changed - Humor OTA channels for Raleigh 27615 IN 2015 Great Glue Commercial Gathered 09/11/2019: Newly identified electric eel is the most powerful ever found, say scientists GoPro captures woman’s terrifying 50-foot fall down Hawaii waterfall Message in bottle saves family stranded on waterfall Sexual violence in South Africa: 'I was raped, now I fear for my daughters' California just dropped a bomb on the gig economy — what’s next? AirDrop on the iPhone 11 will let you point at people to share photos Thanks to the new U1 locator chip in the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 vs. Galaxy Note 10 vs. Pixel 3 vs. OnePlus 7 Pro Scraping public data from a website probably isn’t hacking, says court For the first time, a timeline reveals what happened in the minutes and hours after the asteroid crash that killed the dinosaurs Water discovered for first time in atmosphere of habitable exoplanet The safest bet for space settlers? Would you believe it’s inside Mars’ moon Deimos? Gathered 09/10/2019: A mystery disease hits Norway's dogs Fukushima: Radioactive water may be dumped in Pacific Tsunami drives many hundreds of Japanese sea creatures to US shores Gravity signals rapidly show true size of giant quakes Robot priests can bless you, advise you, and even perform your funeral It had to happen, BUT WHY? Anaconda versus crocodile: Huge 29ft snake emerges from epic animal battle to the death Need a smart home hub? We pit Amazon Echo Dot against Google Home Mini in an epic battle of smarts Scientists may have found a way to reverse aging in new drug trial Shorter wait announced! Free one-day Amazon Prime delivery is here at no additional cost Puns to increase your Smile IQ - TEXT INDIA - manual Slide show Bodeni (I have NO idea where this beauty is) VIDEO TRY WATCHING THIS WITHOUT SAYING OUCH - .mp4 Gathered 09/09/2019: Dr. Oz reveals mom has Alzheimer's, describes 'painful' realization of missing the signs You can now block images on Gmail for your iPhone or iPad French foreign minister wants to rebuild ties with Russia This App Saves Money On Prescriptions ? And Shows How Messed Up Drug Prices Are The same medicine can cost two, three, even six times as much as its lowest price at pharmacies only a few miles apart, data from GoodRx show. The service, which is mainly intended for people without health insurance, is one of many drug discount programs available. Man castrated by pitbull ‘in revenge for raping woman’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Britain’s best and worst airports revealed Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Vagina is not a dirty word – so say it Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Video: Woman takes service horse on plane THIS NONSENSE NEEDS TO STOP IF YOU NEED A SERVICE ANIMAL TO FLY, DO NOT FLY YOU ARE INFRINGING ON THE RIGHTS OF ALL THE OTHER PASSENGERS Video: Bride fakes whole wedding to propose to best man Cayman Islands dangerous plants and animals Cayman Travel Guide - Wildlife/Fauna You won't believe why the DMV is selling your personal data In shocking new reports, multiple DMVs across the country were caught red-handed selling the personal data from driver license applications to third parties. Not only has this information changed hands numerous times without applicants knowing, but it's also netted these DMVs millions of dollars along the way. Here's why they're doing it, as well as what it means for your privacy. C.I.A. Informant Extracted From Russia Had Sent Secrets to U.S. for Decades GREAT - TRUMP SCREWS US AGAIN 39 Useful Things to Pack For Your Cruise (Including 17 You’d Never Think Of) Gathered 09/08/2019: Lake Superior, CANADA - .pps Norveg Anzix - Lovely - .ppsx Gathered 09/07/2019: Windows 10 not working after latest upgrade? Here are the bugs to look out for Despite cooler temperatures, new cases of a potentially fatal mosquito virus were confirmed in Massachusetts Watch a tornado destroy a house from a doorbell video 10 Ways To Avoid Seasickness On A Cruise Strengthen muscles as well as heart to stay fit and healthy, say top doctors Crop circle 'inventor's' son talks about father's legacy Radical solution to Climate Change You can now enjoy a glass of wine and a cuppa in one Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Astronomers reveal plan to shoot film of black hole in a feeding frenzy Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Apple is about to make millions of iPhones totally obsolete Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nature going berserk - .mp4 video Leaked internal Siri guidelines show the rules behind Apple’s digital assistant Siri is designed to be neutral, and it shows Tesla Model S will take on famed Nürburgring racetrack, Elon Musk says Musk throws down the gauntlet with Porsche Cargo Door Explosion Ends Tests on Boeing 777X, Reuters Says Special gloves claim to stop hand tremors Gathered 09/06/2019: An underwater observatory inexplicably went missing from the bottom of a bay, and scientists don't know why American Airlines Mechanic Accused Of Sabotaging Flight For Overtime Work An American Airlines mechanic is accused of sabotaging a flight over stalled union contract negotiations. New York rats: Alcohol can solve problem, say officials Oh great - they will be raided by the homeless Detecting a lethal poison, arsenic, in drinking water Thunderbird 60.9.0 has been released 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a MicroSD Memory Cards Maine Poised To Be First State To Use Ranked Choice Voting In A Presidential Election Gathered 09/05/2019: Cold or Flu? 9 Ways to Tell the Difference Florida man parks Smart car in kitchen so it won't blow away during Hurricane Dorian Lyft is in the midst of a ‘sexual predator crisis’: riders’ lawsuit Vegans and veggies may be more likely to suffer from stroke Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Huge Android Security Flaw Revealed: What to Do Now After six months, no progress. Can Vitamins Help With Anxiety? Experts Weigh In 7 Best Ways to Lose Weight When You're Over 60 At this age, you don't want to go too hard too soon 23 Things To Do When You're Bored That Don't Involve Social Media - Women Tick illness can leave some allergic to red meat Soda may increase risk of death by digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, study says There's no point in going gluten-free unless you have celiac disease, study suggests As Facebook launches "Facebook Dating" in U.S., a blog finds 400 million exposed user phone numbers Gathered 09/04/2019: Places You’re More Likely to Catch the Flu RECOMMENDED Lightning Safety Tips All-Weather Prep Checklist For Emergencies Hurricanes 101: What to Know to Weather the Storm How To Get Ready For Hurricane Season Plant-based diets 'linked to higher stroke risk' Gathered 09/03/2019: google issues urgent chrome update need install immediately USDA Offers Food Safety Tips for Areas Affected by Hurricane Dorian Breathtaking volcanic eruption lights up Stromboli's sky The Surprising History of Streaking (Yes, the Naked Kind) Your Corner Wrench: How much will that beater cost to repair? Features and fuel economy are important, but how easy that old used car will be to fix should be near the top of your criteria. Why we choke under pressure - and how to avoid it - TED Clever Ways to Hide Your Small Valuables Making Adhesive Bandages Stay in Place Eggs and Breast Cancer Actor Morgan Freeman warns about dangerous Takata airbags. But CarMax refuses to fix them Tesla Autopilot engaged in 2018 California crash; driver's hands off wheel: NTSB China Drone Attack on Crop-Eating ‘Monster’ Shows 98% Kill Rate Best .22 LR Ammo Review 2018 for Varmint Hunting/Range Training Gathered 09/02/2019: Chasing The Methane Dragon That Lurks In The Deep Sea Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas sees 'unprecedented devastation' Tattoo artist creates nipple tats to breast cancer survivors but the images keep getting deleted from Facebook Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: iPhone vs Android: What I learned making the switch from Apple to Samsung iPhone hack infected devices with malware for two years before anyone noticed Photoshopped images can be hard to spot. Here’s how to tell real and fake apart Hurricane Dorian to bring dangerous storm surge: What you need to know Uber and Lyft face an existential threat in California — and they’re losing Nokia is better than Samsung at timely Android updates, study says Watch the Bugatti Chiron smash through the mythical 300 mph barrier Beyond the “death zone” Incredible robot automatically cleans public bathrooms Hurricane Dorian Is Barely Moving at All. Here's Why That Makes it Especially Dangerous ReadyNC - Emergency Prepardness Salmonella illnesses tied to backyard poultry flocks surpass 1,000 cases in 49 states What is the leaf blower sex position and how does it work? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: A Windows 10 update is causing pain and anguish around the world Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The update is called Windows 10 KB4512941 and is alleged to make the CPU of victims’ computers run wild Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Mysterious black holes so big they ‘should not exist’ could be lurking out in space Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Dad invents app that locks kids’ phones until they message their parents back Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: European Space Agency satellite narrowly avoids crash with SpaceX ‘constellation’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: ESA had to perform an emergency ‘collision avoidance manoeuvre’ to stop its Aeolus Earth observation craft from smashing into one of the SpaceX satellites Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Scientists develop tooth gel that repairs enamel and could mean the end of fillings Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Mineral 'never seen in nature' found in meteorite Transform any power outlet into a gigabit Ethernet port in seconds with this $43 device REVIEW: 5 top hardware-based Wi-Fi test tools You Can Buy a Two-Story Tiny House on Amazon That Comes With a Patio Gathered 09/01/2019: Former FEMA Admin on hurricane prep Prepare for Hurricane Dorian Storm Surge Overview Self-driving carmakers urge regulators to whiff the steering wheel out the window Waymo, Cruise, and others call on the NHTSA to take action on human controls Volocopter’s air taxi performs a test flight at Helsinki Airport Another small step toward the goal of commercial flights China’s Didi Chuxing launches robot taxi experiment in Shanghai ‘30 different models of L4 autonomous vehicles’ Google reveals major iPhone security flaws that let websites hack phones Malicious websites could access files, messages, and location data Google’s top lawyer allegedly cheated on his wife with multiple employees — against Google’s own policies Drummond denies he had relationships with more than one Google employee You can set Google to delete all your info after you die HMMM - Wonder if this will get hacked? We caught a cosmic ray, one of science’s biggest mysteries Cosmic rays are hitting us all the time. What are they? Almost All American Strawberries Are Grown With Toxic Chemicals For a century, the industry has used fumigants to farm berries year-round Honda’s life-saving new airbag Ex-Uber engineer Levandowski charged by U.S. with stealing self-driving car secrets The 10 most expensive SUVs in the world The difference between all-weather and all-season tires The names seem to mean the same thing, but these two types of tires deliver significantly different results – and only one of them is good for year-round use (all-weather tires). For those of you who want vehicle safety but don’t want to switch between two sets of tires, take heart – all-weather tires are a good option, a vehicle with winter tires stopped almost 15 metres sooner than its all-season tire counterpart. All-season vs. winter tires Our neighbours in Quebec have just analysed the results of the first full winter season of mandatory snow tire use (for those vehicles registered in that province) and have recorded an 18-per-cent drop in collisions. NICE - BUT WHERE DO THEY STORE THEM? Drivers startled by their cars auto-braking for no apparent reason Automated emergency braking may prevent crashes, but it's also scaring drivers Buying a new car? A pre-delivery inspection of your own won't hurt Even if your dealership is doing a PDI, it could still miss a few things Gathered 08/31/2019: Trump says U.S. not to blame for explosion at Iranian missile site Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others? Experts Weigh In. Here's what makes you so attractive to the bugs and how you can prevent bites Backenson added that there are four active ingredients the EPA and CDC recommend that are effective at repelling insects: DEET, picaridin, IR3535 and oil of lemon eucalyptus. So, some natural products may help if you prefer that route, but be warned: “All-natural doesn’t always mean safe and effective,” Backenson said. We dug up more about Roomba maker iRobot’s first autonomous lawnmower We're constantly connected to the internet — but how secure are you online? Test your sex knowledge with our ultimate quiz Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: China’s Didi Chuxing launches robot taxi experiment in Shanghai Lotus rises from the dead with a 2,000-horsepower electric sports car Photographing America's strip clubs USDA Offers Food Safety Tips for Areas Affected by Hurricane Dorian Bebe Rexha Just Posted a Photo of Herself Doing the Splits While Naked to Celebrate Her 30th Birthday US tech futurist Andrew Yang, upending 2020 White House race Storm Surge Overview Gathered 08/30/2019: Basic Disaster Supplies Kit - WHAT TO STOCK - US GOV Outlook For The Great Barrier Reef Is Now ‘Very Poor,’ Australian Government Says outlook for the iconic Great Barrier Reef was downgraded from “poor” to “very poor” Climate change remains the greatest threat to the Australian natural treasure, and things are not looking good AND reef-destroying sunscreen loations How To Prepare For A Hurricane Fracking may be a bigger climate problem than we thought All VMAs 2019 Red Carpet Dresses Paulina Porizkova wows in green bikini at age 54: 'Do you realize that you have the body of an 18-year-old? Mexico's new drug war may be worse than old one A nearly 18-foot python was caught in Florida. Hours later, a second one was captured Is Being Friends With Benefits Ever a Good Idea? We Asked a Sex Therapist Even Straight Women Love to Watch Lesbian Sex—We Asked a Sex Therapist to Explain Why Real Women Share Their Go-To Masturbation Techniques The Number One Thing Women Hate the Most About Sex Gathered 08/29/2019: Hurricane Dorian could hit Florida as Category 5 storm Being optimistic will help you live longer, according to yet another study on the subject Michigan is latest state to warn residents of deadly mosquito-borne virus, following 3 possible human cases Eastern equine encephalitis Bride’s horror at completely sheer dress: 'Oh my god, is this see-through?' The U.S. Navy’s Mine-Hunting Drone Is Ready To Go This Device Can Send Messages Without Cell Service A flight from the UK to Portugal was forced to make an emergency landing after the pilot reportedly fainted Babies born by Caesarean one third more likely to develop autism Scientists reproduced Atlantic coral in a laboratory for the first time. Aquarium-grown coral could save America's 'Great Barrier Reef.' Rhinoceros Flips Car Containing Keeper At German Safari Park Water Scarcity Is A Growing Problem. We Can Use Satellites To Better Measure It The problem could affect as much as 80% of the people in Africa by 2050 How not to get scammed, according to a former con artist US cyberattack damaged Iran's ability to target oil tankers, report says Hurricane Dorian On Course to Florida as a Category 4 Storm France Is Still Cleaning Up Marie Curie’s Nuclear Waste Google finds 'indiscriminate iPhone attack lasting years' Most were bugs within Safari, the default web browser on Apple products. The brain nutrient, CHOLINE, vegans need to know about ‘Breakthrough’ drug could help eradicate malaria Vegan diets ‘starve unborn babies brains of critical nutrients’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Volunteers polish giant’s erection by hand Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Topless Katie Price’s look uncomfortable as painful facelift stitches revealed while model takes swim Gathered 08/28/2019: If Your Olive Oil Tastes Like This, It Could Help Fight Cancer Cells extra virgin olive oils rich in oleocanthal are much more protective against cancer Self-driving robot bus unleashed in trial showcasing the future of public transport Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Elroy Air’s massive cargo drone completes its first test flight a drone weighing 1,215 pounds - GREAT - don't forget your Helmet TV manufacturers unite to tackle the scourge of motion smoothing LG, Vizio, and Panasonic have expressed an interest in the new ‘Filmmaker Mode’ Here’s Why You Need to Stop Using Dryer Sheets ASAP They could be affecting your health Gathered 08/27/2019: 13 Free Ways to Keep Thieves From Breaking In Trump Ready To Funnel Yen, Euros And Pounds Into His Own Pocket At Next Year’s G-7 Watchdogs and critics call his push to have the meeting at his golf resort in Doral out-in-the-open corruption. Trump does not appear to care Trump’s Trade War Linked To Amazon Rainforest Destruction As U.S. soybeans sit in silos, Brazilian farmers push to break new ground to satisfy the Chinese market. 14 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Drain Trump admin pulling millions from FEMA disaster relief to send to southern border Illegal immigrant raped Maryland girl, 16, at knifepoint in her bedroom, police say Gathered 08/25/2019: Mum warns parents against old Tupperware after finding it contains lead and arsenic Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Student sends picture of her room to mum – including handcuffs tied to her bed Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 10 hotels around the world that are great for sex Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to keep spam from invading your Google Calendar Block unwanted ‘invitations’ How “Old Town Road” revealed a deep divide within country music Water scarcity: Five ways to avert a water crisis Airport security: What's the difference between TSA PreCheck, CLEAR, and Global Entry? The Worst Things to Wear to an Airport, According to a TSA Agent Measles-stricken New Zealand girl visited Disneyland, other California destinations The Space Between Galaxies Isn’t Empty Most of the atoms in the universe lie in its flyover country 23 Things To Do When You're Bored That Don't Involve Social Media 39 Useful Things to Pack For Your Cruise (Including 17 You’d Never Think Of) The Farmers’ Almanac Winter Forecast Has Arrived and It's Not Pretty First-In-Human Trial Begins On Universal Flu Vaccine, Older Adults Still Encouraged To Vaccinate Could serenading mosquitoes help stop the spread of malaria? Gathered 08/24/2019: Plants that May Kill You How to make friends online without coming across as creepy Sound therapy for anxiety is not a new concept but it had a surprising effect on me Contact lenses that zoom in and out with eye movements are being developed by UC San Diego scientists Google says it’s making Chrome more private, but advertisers will still track you Bella Thorne's topless photos and personal poems and more news you missed this week Gathered 08/23/2019: Four-in-one pill prevents third of heart problems A monster asteroid twice the size of The Shard is heading for Earth Massive storms are radically changing the face of Jupiter, Nasa pictures reveal Google Photos now lets you search for text in pictures you’ve taken Alexa. How do I stop you from listening in on me? Apple wants people to know how to clean its new titanium credit card How to make friends online without coming across as creepy A black hole and neutron star collision observed by scientists could be a major scientific discovery Volkswagen recalls 679,000 U.S. vehicles that could roll away CDC sounds alarm over deadly drug-resistant salmonella An Ingenious Microscope Could Change How Quickly Disease Is Detected analyzing blood samples 120 times faster than a traditional microscope, Octopi David Koch, billionaire and prolific GOP donor, dead at 79 Voters Back Liability For Companies That Mislead About Climate Change: Poll This creature is not organic, it’s a robot – and it’s terrifying Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Doing housework 24 minutes per day could reduce your risk of early death, says new research Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 08/22/2019: A scientific breakthrough at the Florida Aquarium could save 'America's Great Barrier Reef' Young boy attacked by mountain lion in Colorado subdivision, officials say Simple steps that could help you live to 100 he Studies Sea Snakes by the Seafloor Sea snakes are the most diverse group of marine reptiles in the world, but they are poorly understood and threatened by development. Blanche D’Anastasi is among the scientists working to save them. Giraffes given greater protection from unregulated trade as numbers fall Giraffe numbers in Africa have fallen by 40% in the past 30 years Gathered 08/21/2019: Intel introduces eight new 10th Gen Comet Lake processors Just when you thought the Intel 10th Gen lineup couldn’t get more confusing "These aren’t suited for gaming" - TheVERGE Gathered 08/20/2019: Planets like Earth could survive near a brutal supermassive black hole, scientists predict Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Mysterious radio signals from deep space picked up by Canadian astronomers Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa confirms mission to search for alien life on Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Hubble Space Telescope captures ‘blobby jellyfish’ star in deep space Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: A Delta Airlines Boeing 757 landed so roughly that its metal fuselage was bent out of shape by the impact. Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa preparing for arrival of ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid Apophis Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Drako Motors’ 1,200-horsepower GTE is Silicon Valley’s latest crack at electric cars A supercar startup with promises as big as the $1.25 million price tag Gmail rolls out better, smarter spell check and grammar corrections for G Suite Common spelling mistakes will autocorrect as you type You should opt out of the Apple Card’s arbitration clause — here’s how Keep your right to sue Google’s lightweight Go search app is now available worldwide Search and text-to-speech, all for just over 7MB 23 Texas towns hit by coordinated ransomware attack The latest of several recent ransomware attacks on US municipalities THIS CRIME NEEDS TO HAVE A MANDATORY 30 YEAR JAIL TERM (opinion) The first Lightning security key for iPhones is here, and it works with USB-C, too But it won’t work with USB-C iPad Pros IFTTT warns its Nest users not to migrate to Google accounts Google’s Works with Nest program ends on August 31st Is the Apple Card any better than a regular credit card? We asked an expert Study on cannabis chemical as a treatment for pancreatic cancer may have 'major impact,' Harvard researcher says 4 Simple Changes That Can Ward Off Dementia—Even If You’re at High Risk The biggest bra mistakes you're probably making, according to an expert Jill Duggar Dillard Promotes Book of 'Bedroom Games and Sexy Activities' to Spice Up Your Sex Life What's the Statute of Limitations on Credit Card Debt? Gathered 08/19/2019: Scientists develop robotic shorts that make it easier to walk and run Feel as much as a dozen pounds lighter Why cashier’s checks are part of so many online scams Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other places people buy and sell online are seeing an uptick in this particular kind of scam A man managed to fight off a 'very aggressive' mountain lion with just rocks and a pocket knife The BOTTLE VIDEO - .mp4 Nasa confirms ocean moon mission Gathered 08/18/2019: A new idea about the origins of everything What if there was no big bang and we live in an ever-cycling universe? Will this object make it easier to breathe in our cities? An alternative to urban trees known as "bio-curtains" Try these yoga poses for better sex Pigs hearts could be transplanted into humans within just three years An alternate theory for what causes Alzheimer's disease New study shows how autism can be measured through a non-verbal marker How a visual test can help screen for autism Gathered 08/17/2019: Bangladesh fire: 15,000 homes destroyed in Dhaka slum - 50,000 homeless Plague-infected prairie dogs have shut down parts of a Denver suburb Naked Came the Strangers How our nudes have changed in the last 50 years Washington Monument To Reopen In September Ticks, mosquitos and wasps: When should you seek medical attention for an insect bite? What it’s like to have a midweek orgy ‘I love watching him having sex with other people’: 8 swingers tell us their secrets Men who eat tomatoes – or meals that contain this vegetable – 10 times per week are 18% less likely to develop prostate cancer How to explore Jamaica off the beaten track China's Ninebot unveils scooters that drive themselves to charging stations Why Route 66 became America’s most famous road And does it matter? You have a better chance of achieving “the American dream” in Canada than in America Bree Olson on Leaving Porn and Surviving Hollywood Predators Rise in great white SHARK numbers triggers panic on US beaches Treasure hunter finds GoPro camera near waterfall containing man's final moments alive Woman survives plunging a mile after parachute fails to open First-ever mandatory water cutbacks will kick in next year along the Colorado River WTF Is Roaching? Oh, and 4 Other Dating Problems We Now Need to Be Worried About Schools' new dress code prohibits staff from 'shaming' students and allows visible bra straps, underwear waistbands Seattle school district's new dress code prohibits body shaming and NOT MUCH MORE 'Disruptive' mom wearing low-cut shirt and no bra kicked off flight School to create new dress code after 11-year-old students say it’s sexist I can’t believe this $37 hidden spy camera on Amazon is legal 14 Longest Living Dog Breeds That Will Be Your Companions For Years Amazon Is Selling A Solar-Powered Tiny Home That Basically Builds Itself It’s all remote-controlled Behemoth black hole found that’s 40 billion times the Sun’s mass Scientists discover tiny sharks can glow green like the ‘Hulk’ to scare away predators 2019 Disney World Refurbishment Calendar Appropriate Cartoons for the Retired! 11 Best Places in Florida to Visit if you Love Animals 10 Top Family Resorts in the Florida Keys Top 9 Things to Do on Florida’s 30A Animal Parks in Florida 7 Unique Animal Experiences in Central Florida 8 Best Animal Attractions Near Orlando Top 10 Attractions at Disney World's Animal Kingdom Top 10 Hidden Secrets of Epcot's World Showcase!- Disney World Safari Wilderness Ranch - feed Lemurs,... Candida auris: The new superbug on the block Vomiting Vultures Completely Take Over Couple’s Luxury Vacation Home Dozens of the large black birds are reportedly defecating and vomiting all over a New York couple’s pricy Florida house. Bluetooth vulnerability could expose device data to hackers A researcher made a Lightning cable that can hack your computer June will immediately change its app interface to prevent smart ovens from turning on accidentally a few June Oven owners experienced their ovens turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and higher without their knowledge. June Oven competitors want you to know their smart ovens can’t remotely turn on in the night Tovala and Brava require a physical button push Gathered 08/16/2019: DEATH, perhaps - What happens when dogs eat chocolate Halle Berry joins ‘no bra club’ as she celebrates 53rd birthday by freeing the nipple and we salute her Nicki Minaj really doesn’t need a bra in hot pink Fendi and Kim Kardashian loves it ‘We are dropping like flies.’ Ex-fighter pilots push for earlier cancer screenings they suspect the pilot may be tied to radiation emitted in the cockpit Pictures taken seven years apart show shocking effects of climate change The Comprehensive Guide to Alzheimer's Disease Habits That Can Increase Cognitive Decline Who's Most at Risk of Colon Cancer? Brain Cells Keep on Growing, Even in the Elderly 15 Things Strongly Linked to Cancer The Ebola cure is a turning point in drug development, experts say Ebola shows that the process of developing a drug can be safely sped up in the middle of an outbreak You have a better chance of achieving “the American dream” in Canada than in America Fracking may be a bigger climate problem than we thought The mysterious recent spike in methane emissions? It just might be US fracking Photos show the world's first solar road that's turned out to be a colossal failure because it's falling apart and doesn't generate enough energy An Economic Recession Is Probably Coming. Here Are 3 Ways Families Can Prepare Deadly sea worm more poisonous than cyanide and arsenic found off British coast Gathered 08/15/2019: Here’s Why You Need to Stop Using Dryer Sheets ASAP They could be affecting your health 15 Jobs For Retirees Who Are Itching to Go Back to Work I Shared My Phone Number. I Learned I Shouldn’t Have Our personal tech columnist asked security researchers what they could find out about him from just his cellphone number. Quite a lot, it turns out. Lyme Disease Is Baffling, Even to Experts But new insights are at last accumulating Smart ovens have been turning on overnight and preheating to 400 degrees June Oven owners are reporting preheating incidents Apple explains why iPhones now show an ominous warning after ‘unauthorized’ battery replacements UPS has been quietly delivering cargo using self-driving trucks Battery-powered plane crashes in Norway as country tries to ditch fossil fuels I thought that this is CURRENTLY a stupid idea Both the pilot and passenger escaped unharmed AT&T and T-Mobile begin verifying calls to protect against spam Calls between the two networks can now be authenticated British Airways is testing VR entertainment on select first class flights The catalog features 2D, 3D, and 360-degree content July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth Why Do We Call It 'French Kissing'? A look into the history of this term and style of smooch Gathered 08/14/2019: Health officials warn of deadly mosquito-borne virus, Eastern equine encephalitis virus, found in Florida chickens Encephalitis symptoms usually emerge between four and 10 days after the bite, which usually include fever, disorientation and vomiting. the black-tailed mosquito is the primary carrier of encephalitis Zika: New Florida Zika cases prompt Miami travel warning Huge security flaw exposes biometric data of more than a million users Suprema’s Biostar 2 system is used to secure buildings around the world Nasa reveals the four biggest myths about black holes Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Scientists have an extreme plan to intercept asteroid ‘the size of a skyscraper’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: A ‘highly toxic’ Pacific death worm has invaded Britain, scientists confirm Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Plastic particles falling out of sky with snow in Arctic Sounding alert about vanishing US coastlines Why do we sext? It's about more than just lust, says new research Sometimes sexting is not about wanting to have sex at all Oversharing online: The power and danger of saying too much Algae can be deadly for dogs, but there's an easy way to keep them safe Teen tweets from smart fridge after mom confiscates phone FAA bans MacBook Pros with recalled batteries from flying You might not be able to fly with your Macbook Gmail’s Confidential Mode isn’t as private as it seems, according to experts The Three Kinds of Scams Trying to Trick You on TikTok Space Wars Threaten Earthly Intelligence We depend on satellites for all sorts of information. They’re increasingly at risk. This Discounted Fancy Water Bottle Delivers Much More Than Hydration Canadians Don’t Want Americans to Steal Their Prescription Drugs, Apparently Mosquito 'spit glands' hold key to curbing malaria, study shows Research reveals details of salivary gland 'bottleneck' that holds back malaria-causing parasites Scientists can now manipulate brain cells using smartphone A team of scientists have invented a device that can control neural circuits using a tiny brain implant controlled by a smartphone Scientists reverse aging process in rat brain stem cells New ways to reverse older stem cells to a younger, healthier state. Bella Thorne is directing an adult film — and her fans from her Disney Channel days are shook Dove Cameron defends her braless selfies: 'This is being a role model' Greenland's ice is melting at the rate scientists thought would be our worst-case scenario in 2070 'Something out of a horror movie': Man saves family attacked by wolf during camping trip China's Troubled Aircraft Carrier Proves Why It's So Hard To Build Them Eight mysterious repeating radio signals detected from outside our galaxy Gathered 08/13/2019: El Al flight attendant who contracted measles on New York to Tel Aviv flight dies Whitney Cummings, US comedian, tweets nipple photo to stop extortion A supermassive black hole brightened for two hours, baffling scientists Dementia and how to change your house to make life easier Verizon is selling Tumblr to WordPress’ owner A blogging site joins another blogging home How to make sure you’re buying the new Nintendo Switch with improved battery life Red is what you want How to use Xbox Game Pass on your Windows 10 PC Europe and Russia’s mission to Mars runs into a speed bump after two failed parachute tests WiFi can be a free-for-all for hackers. Here's how to stop them from taking your data Romans afraid to walk the dog or take the kids to the swings as wild boar encroach on the capital Gathered 08/12/2019: Research Underway for a Nano-Vaccine to Treat Skin Cancer Tentacled microbe could be missing link between simple cells and complex life team in Japan has grown an organism from mud on the seabed Pieces of Boeing jet fall onto people after take-off as plane starts to crumble Samsung reveals world-first smartphone camera tech which will change photography forever It joined forces with Xiaomi to build a new 108-megapixel image sensor with ‘a resolution equivalent to that of a high-end DSLR camera’ called the Isocell Bright HMX. Security researchers find that DSLR cameras are vulnerable to ransomware attack Canon has issued a security advisory and firmware patch for the vulnerability Gathered 08/11/2019: Artificial intelligence scores another victory in diagnosing breast cancer TICK Borne DISEASES in USA - Really complete Information Watch DARPA test out a swarm of drones It envisions using 250 drones at once ActionDash’s new Focus mode schedules let you easily block work apps on the weekend Forced self control Android 101: how to free up space on your phone The Perseid meteor shower is the best of the year. Here’s how to watch The best meteor shower of the year peaks soon A Meteor Slammed Into Jupiter So Hard We Saw It From Earth Archaeological dig in Jerusalem unearths evidence of biblical Babylonian conquest Inside the lab where Bill Gates’ TerraPower is inventing the future of nuclear energy As China option fades, Bill Gates urges U.S. to take the lead in nuclear power, for the good of the planet Greenland’s ice sheet melts record amount during August heat wave Scientists glimpse oddball microbe that could help explain rise of complex life ‘Lokiarchaea’, previously known only from DNA, is isolated and grown in culture Tesla electric car catches fire after hitting tow truck in Moscow U.S.-based experts suspect Russia blast involved nuclear-powered missile Automakers warm up to friendly hackers at cybersecurity conference If life seems warped lately, it’s not you. It’s our Milky Way galaxy A new 3D map reveals the S-shape of the stellar disc we call home 5 ways to free up storage space on your Android phone Warning: Scammers are targeting people in parking lots Curing the Zombie-Like Cells Found in Alzheimer's Hilarious Monkey Bullies Young Tigers Father, I Must Confess My Sins Guide: 11 Self Defense Tips Dementia and how to change your house to make life easier Gathered 08/10/2019: Rare tick-borne virus, Powassan virus, kills resident of New York Inside Delta Airlines' monthly surplus sales A US Border Patrol boat on the Rio Grande takes gunfire from the Mexican side Five Russian nuclear agency workers killed in a blast while testing 'jet propulsion system' India plants 220 million trees in a single day Canadian man's pocketknife helps him survive grizzly attack Lego creates special bricks to teach Braille How do animals communicate with each other How medieval monks are revealing our universe's secrets The history of the universe... in 4 minutes Why water is one of the weirdest things in the universe The Trump administration killed a self-driving car committee — and didn’t tell members Watch a teaser for the Jason Bourne spinoff Treadstone It will premiere in October Amazon is now delivering packages in Southern California with its Scout robots Expanding the program from Snohomish County, Washington NEXT WILL COME THE THEFT OF SUCH THINGS ??? IMPORTANT to Know: 8 Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer Has Disney Finally Made Theme Park Prices Too High? Amazon's Alexa devices are being made by Chinese schoolchildren illegally working overtime Houston man charged with placing hidden camera in airplane bathroom 9 Cats That Act Like Dogs, So You Can Get 2 Pets For 1 Any of these breeds may very well win over the hearts of dog lovers River Frome tributary turns bright blue Dolphin spotted juggling with jellyfish in Denmark Dolphin megapod spotted off California coast Can 'phone booths' solve the problem of open-plan offices? WHAT ABOUT HEATING & COLLING? NEED A SEPARATE VENT The world's most violent cities you should avoid Gathered 08/09/2019: Marianne Williamson presents the 2020 Democratic primary’s first reparations plan The self-help guru wants to spend $200 billion to $500 billion on the plan, calling it “payment of a debt that has never been paid.” Can Canadian imports lower U.S. drug prices? World's biggest frogs are so strong they move heavy rocks to build their own ponds A Bear Somehow Fell Onto A Moving Police Car, Then Things Got Really Weird 10 Produce Storage Mistakes And How To Avoid Them You should know not to store tomatoes in the refrigerator by now, but these other no-nos might come as a surprise. Newark’s Surveillance System Puts Communities Of Color Under Constant Watch The Citizen Virtual Patrol, a 24/7 public surveillance system, lets anyone watch the city’s streets from anywhere at any time, through as many as 127 cameras. Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Behaving Strangely For a time, it looked as though the planet’s defining feature might be on the verge of extinction. Greenland is burning: Country hit with more wildfires this year than in past decade combined Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China Artificial intelligence detects mysterious unexplained ancient signals from deep space Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa discovers ‘cloaked’ black hole lurking in mysterious ancient sector of the universe Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Dark Chocolate and Depression, Are They Related? Uber Loses Over $5 Billion, Its Largest Quarterly Loss Ever What's The Difference Between A $13 Swimsuit And A $300 Swimsuit? Experts sound off on whether it's worth the investment and why It’s On: Rep. Jerry Nadler Says ‘Formal Impeachment Proceedings’ Are Underway Climate change: Marine heatwaves kill coral instantly Four things bats can teach us about survival Channel Tunnel chaos as power failure causes major delays for passengers Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: San Francisco gives Postmates permit to test sidewalk delivery robots GREAT - KILL THE PEDESTRIANS The FCC says 5G is safe (radio emissions), again The Rock ’n Play was recalled after it was linked to 32 infant deaths. It’s still used at some daycares Major Intel security flaw puts PCs at risk - exposing passwords, conversations and more Click here for more on how the latest Spectre patch for Intel processors works. How seriously should you take your sex dreams? More women and girls are carrying knives, police say Gathered 08/08/2019: This label means your laptop has nine hours of real battery life, guaranteed Google Maps AR walking directions arrive on iOS and Android Available in beta this week This nonprofit just took a big step to make kidney donation in the US easier Donating a kidney saves a life — and now it doesn’t have to cost you money Why this law could be a bigger threat to Roe v. Wade than near-total abortion bans An Arkansas law has been temporarily blocked from going into effect. But it could still spell danger for Roe v. Wade Using electricity at different times of day could save us billions of dollars GENERALLY, A HORRIBLE IDEA - OPINION The world is chaos. Escape rooms make sense American Crime Story season 3 will cover Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings Uber and Lyft have admitted to making traffic worse in some US cities According to a new report sponsored by both companies A New Hurricane Forecast Says To Expect A LOT Of Severe Storms This Year Amazon Is Now Selling an Expandable Tiny House That Requires Zero DIY Work Mega-Trees Are the New Weapon Against Climate Change Shark feeding frenzy near shore at Myrtle Beach stuns visitors Child-care centers are still using these deadly infant sleepers — consumer advocates urge parents to be vigilant 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown breaks silence on Tyler Cameron's dates with Gigi Hadid Mysterious American ‘space plane’ has been in orbit for 700 days - and no one knows why CBS, AT&T sign multi-year contract; ends 20 day-long blackout Kate Hudson Reflects on Her Controversial Nude InStyle Cover: 'I Like Being Naked — Always Have!' Kate Hudson talks racy photo shoots: 'It doesn’t take a lot for me to take my clothes off' Tardigrades: we're now polluting the moon with near indestructible little creatures An extra cup of coffee could up the odds of a migraine If you usually have one or two cups of coffee, adding a third could spell trouble Gathered 08/07/2019: Elizabeth Warren Proposes A Public Option For The Internet The White House contender wants to make sure every U.S. home has a fiber broadband connection at an affordable cost. WARREN IS AN IDIOT (my OPINION) - it is so much more expensive to add infrastructure (high speed internet) in RURAL areas - where they don't pay for such VERY EXPENSIVE INFRASTRUCTURES. IF THEY WANT IT, THEY NEED TO PAY FOR IT COMPLETELY ON THEIR OWN. she is more socialist than Bernie (my OPINION) The more free-loading voters we get, yes, the illegals, the millions of more dollars they take from us. (my OPINION) Woman Puts Octopus On Face, Ends Up In Hospital ANYONE THIS STUPID DESERVES IT July confirmed as hottest month on record Ancient parrot in New Zealand was 1m tall, study says Telford mum 'nearly died' after cleaning fish tank coral "When you scrub it, because it's alive, it lets off toxins," Ancient sea reptile was one of the largest animals ever Is this Spain's scariest walkway? eight-ways-to-curb-your-procrastination EasyJet passenger takes picture of row of backless seats on flight Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: National Lighthouse Day: These are the most beautiful lighthouses in the UK Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Straight women explain what sex feels like when you have a vagina Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: This expensive adapter makes the Nintendo 64 look good on modern TVs Now you can choose how fast Alexa talks on your Amazon Echo Google releases final beta for Android Q and changes the back gesture yet again The official release is “a few weeks away” SimpliSafe’s home security system can be compromised by a $2 wireless emitter This flaw means you won’t be notified of a break-in Feds told Tesla to stop ‘misleading’ the public about Model 3 safety The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the claims Microsoft contractors are listening to select Skype calls and Cortana recordings Glaring At Seagulls Will Make Them Leave Your Food Alone, Experts Say Gathered 08/06/2019: Pet hedgehogs associated with salmonella outbreak, ‘don’t kiss or snuggle’ them, CDC warns Philippines Declares a National Dengue Epidemic Nasa has a plane circling the San Andreas fault and no-one is sure why Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Ivanka Trump ‘was horrified by her dad’s obsession with Paris Hilton’s sex tape’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Google Voice forced to shut down SMS voicemail forwarding as carriers fight spam calls Voice users won’t be able to get SMS transcripts of messages after August 9th ew York City’s first self-driving shuttle service is now open for business Optimus Ride is operating six autonomous shuttles on private roads in Brooklyn Gathered 08/05/2019: Remote code execution is possible by exploiting flaws in Vxworks Eleven zero-day vulnerabilities in WindRiver’s VxWorks discovered Complete Lyme Disease Information TICK Borne DISEASES - Really complete Information The Students of Sex and Culture The Incredible Beauty of Historical Europe Mars was hit by a ‘mega-tsunami’ which changed it forever, scientists claim Russia set to unleash terrifying new stealth bomber as World War III fears grow Millions of hidden black holes are ‘lurking’ ominously in the Milky Way More people have been murdered with guns than have died in major wars Three supermassive monster black holes ‘caught in the act’ of coming together Airline reveals plane seat most likely to kill you in a crash How to check for ticks this summer Women have less sex as they get older because of ‘psychological stress’ The 6 Most Jaw-Dropping Train Routes in the World 13 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree 14 Things You Should Never Buy at the Grocery Store BATTERIES - locally, HOME DEPOT has BEST PRICES for a name brand - MY OPINION Wayfair pop-up shop to open at Streets at Southpoint in Durham - CLOSES on OCTOBER 31, 2019 New species of dinosaur discovered hiding in plain sight European Space Agency issues urgent call for ‘eyes on the sky’ after ‘surprise’ asteroid encounter Hacking a sex toy is possible — and it could have dangerous results Hepatitis A outbreaks have hit several states — here's what you need to know How often should you restart your computer? Here's what experts say Macmillan outlines new library e-book policy that limits lenders’ options Traveling with your dog? Advice on how to do it from people who pulled it off Human-animal embryo experiment will attempt development of human organs, a PANCREASE, in mice Women are turned on by porn just as much as men are, a new study suggests California extends healthcare coverage to undocumented young adults, becoming the first state to do so Gathered 08/04/2019: Ebola vaccine: Why is a new jab so controversial? Will the Millennials Save Playboy? - WOMEN ARE NOW IN CHARGE Don't travel there, OR ELSE INSECT REPELLENTS WE USED IN AFRICA - GOT NO BITES The trick that makes you overspend Where’s My Flying Car? The Lowdown on Personal Flight Iran seizes foreign oil tanker amid heightened tensions in the Gulf Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: There Have Been 251 Mass Shootings in the U.S. in the Past 216 Days 50 Times Celebs Freed the Nipple and It Was Empowering AF Stripped Down on the Red Carpet! The Most Naked Red Carpet Gowns of all Time Amazon will let you opt out of human review of Alexa recordings You have to manually delete recordings yourself, though OpenPhone gives you a separate business line for $10 per month A cloud-based phone service with some nice features How to use Google Voice - An aging, but still useful, free phone service Apple Card restrictions include no jailbreaking or cryptocurrency purchases Sunken treasure? No, they're WW2 explosives French inventor successfully crosses the English Channel on a hoverboard Facebook and Instagram are down for some users around the world Margot Robbie reveals the strangest place she's had sex Julianne Hough Bares It All For Women's Health 'Naked Strength' Issue Bill Maher: Democrats Are ‘Blowing It’ With Open Borders, Free College Talk Beware, the IRS is eyeing your inherited money Menopause breakthrough will allow older women to have children after building a career, doctor claims rochelle-humes-bares-all camila-cabello-hits-back-at-bodyshamers Gathered 08/03/2019: How mosquitoes killed billions – and helped win the American Revolution Is This Coastal County, NAGS HEAD, A Model For Addressing Climate Change For The Rest of America? Smiles..............Lots of them!!! How To Talk To Your Kids About The Danger Of Sexting Don’t wait until an incident happened to your child How much warmer is your city? Three dead after CALIFORNIA BEACH cliff collapses onto packed beach Grandview Beach in Encinitas, a suburb north of San Diego, California. This workout could seriously improve your sex life Nasa will join forces with Elon Musk’s SpaceX to conquer Mars and the moon A vault fire caused a power outage that shut down California's John Wayne Airport Amazon will let you opt out of human review of Alexa recordings You have to manually delete recordings yourself, though This Tesla-powered Porsche 912 is the new face of vintage restorations EV retrofits are the hottest new way to rescue iconic cars from the brink Filling in coverage gaps from space Space startup aims to launch thousands of satellite ‘cell towers’ that connect to the average phone Tesla is bringing back free, unlimited charging for new Model S and X buyers The first guacamole recipe written in English came from a British pirate And the rest of the week’s best writing on books and related subjects China’s Z-19 ‘Black Whirlwind’ Helicopter is China’s Comanche (But it Might Have a Fatal Flaw) Forget the Stealth Fighters and Aircraft Carriers: China's Military Has Big Problems Will Israel’s New Missile Defense System Stop Iran if a War Begins? Gathered 08/01/2019: How To Properly Dispose Of Unused Medication Do NOT flush your old pills! Water turbine converts wave movement into clean energy United Airlines Confronts Ticketing Ploy That Nets Travelers Cheaper Fares Gathered 07/31/2019: Earth Overshoot Day Shows We’re Tearing Through Resources Faster Than Ever July 29 marks the point at which we start to consume more than the Earth can replenish. And this date is getting earlier each year. Wave machine goes rogue sparking 10ft ‘tsunami’ injuring 44 Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Solar-sailing satellite proves it can use light to propel through space Come solar sail away with me Meet the classified artificial brain being developed by US intelligence programs FTC says ‘you will be disappointed’ if you choose $125 for Equifax payout The agency is tempering expectations ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC are suing free TV streaming app Locast It’s Aereo all over again Air-To-Air Kill Confirmed in a Historic First for the MQ-9 Reaper Drone Gathered 07/30/2019: UK Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Record = 101.7 F MASSIVE DATA BREACH AT CAPITAL ONE Florida man bitten at beach, marking sixth bite this year in the 'shark attack capital of the world' Police seek woman who urinated on potatoes in Walmart Navy’s $13 Billion Carrier Can’t Move Munitions to Its Deck Could Rust Be a New Source of Renewable Energy? 16 Dog Breeds That Stay Small, Because Not Everyone Wants A Giant Pup Google Chrome 76 arrives, makes it harder to use Flash and easier to dodge paywalls Apple confirms the Apple Card is coming in August Gathered 07/29/2019: Loss of ancient gene may have boosted humans’ heart attack risk Breeders toughen up bees to resist deadly mites France, where the temperature hit 108.6 Fahrenheit Union of Concerned Scientists report warns of extreme heat coming for U.S. cities in less than 20 years Global warming might have allowed a dangerous fungal infection to emerge A parasite found in swimming pools is causing people to get sick, so here's how to stay safe I’ve Stayed Silent for Too Long: Opossums Deserve Our Love They’re the heroes of the animal world and should be the heroes of the internet Italy's Mount Etna erupts Gathered 07/28/2019: A Guide to Lyme Disease Lyme Disease: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention! Snake deterrents generally don't work Neil deGrasse Tyson to remain head of Hayden Planetarium following sexual misconduct investigation Devices such as ultrasonic sound emitters that make a high-pitched noise are completely useless, and ruled as fraudulent by the Federal Trade Commission TWO PIT BULL dogs fatally attack 29 cats Sony’s wearable AC, Reon Pocket, will arrive too late to save you from this year’s heatwave Sony says the device is capable of cooling you by 13 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), or heating you by 8 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit), and that you should get 24 hours of usage out of a single charge via USB Type-C. How an F-22 Stealth Fighter Snuck Behind an Iranian F-4 Phantom This Is Why You Never See Mosquitoes at Disney World Cape Town - tourist hotspot where eight people are murdered a day The unexpected history of the British cup of tea - VIDEO California Offers A Lesson In Why ‘Medicare For All’ Would Be So Difficult Hospitals won a big round in the fight over surprise billing legislation. And it’s just a hint of what they can do. Nasa’s Valkyrie robot could help build Mars base The true toll of the Chernobyl disaster France wants to arm satellites with guns and lasers by 2030 Just after it announced that it was creating its own Space Command Congress takes another stab at passing self-driving car legislation Gathered 07/27/2019: The best e-reader to buy right now Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 review: getting warmer Small improvements make the best e-reader slightly better We Just Found a MAJOR Clue About How Life Started in the Universe Gathered 07/26/2019: What Tick Saliva Does to the Human Body Ticks use their saliva to create a “lake of blood” inside their hosts Climate Change Enters Its Blood-Sucking Phase As winters grow warmer in North America, thirsty ticks are on the move Thermal images shows how hot the Tube (London subway) is UNDERGROUND (107.6 F) Extremely powerful cosmic rays are raining down on us. No one knows where they come from 108 degrees in Paris: Europe is shattering heat records this week ‘It snuck up on us’: Scientists stunned by ‘city-killer’ asteroid that just missed Earth Arctic wildfires: What's caused huge swathes of flames to spread? Dinosaur bone: Scientists uncover giant femur in France The T-Mobile-Sprint merger could mean the end of the physical SIM card The DOJ is requiring T-Mobile and Dish to support eSIM Robot cage fights and flying taxis: leaked documents reveal Saudi Arabia’s plans for its next megacity Neom could be $500 billion city-state or another colossal waste of wealth Saudi Arabia’s plan for a $500 billion city is as bizarre as you’d expect File an online claim today if you were affected by the 2017 data breach Dish confirms that it will become a major US mobile carrier The company promises to reach 70 percent of the US population with 5G by 2023 Gathered 07/25/2019: Mysterious disease ravages Gulf Coast's coral A devastating and mysterious underwater disease is sweeping down on the coast of Florida and infecting the regions' coral. Scientists do not yet know what the disease is, but it has already infected half of the coral species in the region. For our "Earth Matters" series, Mark Phillips reports from the Gulf of Mexico, where some scientists are fighting back. CDC: US life expectancy declined from 2016 to 2017 Triple-digit temperatures in store for California this weekend There are more than 120 large wildfires burning in the Unites States Thursday morning, most of them in the West and Alaska Are We Handling The Bee Crisis All Wrong? Why Some People Have A Higher Alcohol Tolerance Than Others Forced penetration: If a woman forces a man to have sex, is that rape? Could wooden buildings be a solution to climate change? How to make text easier to read on Android, iOS, and the web Stop straining your eyes to see what’s on your screen Amazon Kindle Oasis 2019 review: getting warmer Small improvements make the best e-reader slightly better 108 degrees in Paris: Europe is shattering heat records this week Star orbiting massive black hole lends support to Einstein's theory Gathered 07/24/2019: 9-year-old girl tossed into air by bison at Yellowstone National Park The unidentified girl was with a group of people in Old Faithful Geyser on Monday when the parks department says the group caused the bison to charge. Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill To Cancel $640 Billion In Student Loan Debt RECALL ELIZABETH WARREN I WORKED AND PUT MYSELF THROUGH COLLEGE IF STUDENTS HAVE NO EQUITY, THEY WILL WASTE COLLEGE at OUR EXPENSE Climate change: 12 years to save the planet? Make that 18 months Quiz: Where Did These English Words Originate? Blow-Up: What Everyday Objects Look Like Up Close How to have sex when the weather is unbearably hot Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Nasa reveals plans for spaceship which will carry first woman to the moon Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Inside The Tiny Country Where Robots Grow The Food The wave of machines taking over farms in the Netherlands has helped propel its rise to the world’s second-biggest food exporter after the U.S. Roku is testing its own Wi-Fi extender to improve streaming reliability House approves new rules to stop robocallers - NOT A LAW, YET Why this law could be a bigger threat to Roe v. Wade than near-total abortion bans An Arkansas law is less sweeping than bans on abortion in places like Alabama. It could be more dangerous for Roe v. Wade. Three Women makes true stories of women, sex, and desire read like a novel It took author Lisa Taddeo a decade to write it. Iran Claims It Has A Sniper Rifle That Can Kill from 1,600 Meters Away Or is it a fake? Hospital paid Neil Armstrong's family $6 million settlement after his death 16 Dog Breeds That Stay Small, Because Not Everyone Wants A Giant Pup Your forever puppy is waiting 15 Short-Haired Dogs That Will Be Low Maintenance Less time grooming means more time playing Gathered 07/23/2019: North Korea parades new submarine, sending message to Trump South Korea fires warning shots at Russian warplanes New blackout takes Venezuelans by surprise; government alleges 'electromagnetic attack' ENTIRE COUNTRY BLACKED OUT BY ELECTROMAGENTIC ATTACK Volvo recalls some 500,000 vehicles due faulty engine part - CARS BURNED 12 horses have died at New York state racetracks in July Deadly fungal infections may increase with global warming Very sick patients in the hospital are most vulnerable to Candida auris, which is resistant to most drugs. SUNSCREEN: What science says about ingredient SAFETY THE BEST, MOST COMPLETE & RELIABLE WEBSITE FOR SUNSCREEN INGREDIENT INFORMATION Driverless Bus Hits Pedestrian in Vienna, Interrupting Trials Mercedes parent company Daimler, Bosch get approval to test driverless parking valet 2 comments Tap an app, and send your car to its parking space How to Have the Best Quickie Sex of Your Life 5 Tips for Having Amazing Sex in 5 Minutes American Airlines flight attendant bitten by emotional support dog, requires five stitches SUPPORT ANIMALS ON PLANES ARE REDICULOUS THER ARE MORE PEOPLE WITH ANIMAL ALERGIES THAN NEED SUPPORT ANIMALS FORCE SUPPORT ANIMALS OUT OF "PUBLIC" SPACES This Is the ATV-Mounted Jammer That Took Down an Iranian Drone This Device Can Send Messages Without Cell Service Any day, any time. Gathered 07/22/2019: New Zealand From Above (Drone 4K) How Much Random Penis Knowledge Do You Have? Get your head in the game Behold, the 70 sex position which is like the 69 but more athletic Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Over 50s are having the ‘most adventurous’ sex of their lives Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Australia Looks Even More Impressive When Seen From the Air 21 Reasons why you should NOT visit AUSTRALIA After seeing these photos, I CanNOT wait to visit Australia Experience Australia in 360 degrees of interaction Visit Australia's Gold Coast in 4K Australia Under Foam - Amazing! Interactive Map: The Beauty of Australia Snow Park with the Largest Snow Maze in the World! Resistant malaria spreading in South East Asia The parasites have moved from Cambodia to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, where half of patients are not being cured by first-choice drugs. Lights and AC - are still off for thousands in NYC and Detroit Gathered 07/21/2019: unsettling freaky movies Lies about dating - sex-and-the-city How Much Random Penis Knowledge Do You Have? Get your head in the game. The Story Behind the C8 Corvette star trek Picard - trailer Technological legacy of the Apollo era is much more complicated than you think Star Trek: Short Treks are returning to CBS All Access this fall A study finds that when some fish lose their chosen mates, they become more pessimistic Breakups really suck, even if you’re a fish America is warming fast. See how your city’s weather will be different in just one generation The 17 Best Things to Do in Scottsdale, Arizona Quirky Quartzsite, Arizona: What You Need to Know A Guide to Visiting "The Rock Capital of the World" Scottsdale, Arizona - Wikipedia Get a Global Entry card for $100 and ease international travel Why 3D printing could be key to a Moon base Gathered 07/20/2019: Pedestrian collision puts Vienna’s driverless bus trial on hold American Airlines-Qantas joint venture wins final U.S. approval Suitor admits phoning in fake bomb threat in bid to get date with flight attendant Gathered 07/19/2019: EPA Refuses To Ban Pesticide Linked To Brain Damage In Children Maldives hotel lets you sleep on a net over the sea and under the stars Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Siargao in the Philippines has been voted the best island in the world Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Boston Dynamics’ robots are preparing to leave the lab — is the world ready? Video catches man quickly climbing down 19-story Philadelphia high-rise during fire These white Converse sneakers change colors when you step into the sun Airbus’ new bird-plane hybrid is both fascinating and unsettling The Bird of Prey concept plane relies on the theory of biomimicry Twitter will soon offer more context about unavailable tweets Airline apologizes for tweet comparing fatality rates of different airplane seats Gathered 07/18/2019: Genetics By Far The Biggest Factor In Autism Risk, Study Says Genes account for about 80% of a child's risk of developing autism, a massive new study finds. Here's what parents need to know. High-speed lunar dust could cloud the future of human missions to the Moon Meet Margaret Hamilton, the badass '60s programmer who saved the moon landing Going back to the moon could cost $30 billion. It might be worth it. The Next Neil Armstrong May Be Chinese as Moon Race Intensifies Gathered 07/17/2019: Virginia woman recovering from flesh-eating bacteria Architecture of the Future is here NOW Taipei Padirac cave complex in France The surprisingly controversial history of the midi-length skirt This Russian Volcano Eruption Was So Vast You Could See It From Space Last week, Raikoke, an uninhabited Russian volcanic island, erupted for the first time in 95 years Deep Sea Researchers Stunned When They Film A Grouper Swallowing A Shark Whole Guy Gets Annoyed At His Neighbor's Loud Party, Attacks It With A Fireworks Drone I HAVE MY DOUBTS Nevada Transportation Authority Unveils Dedicated Bang Bus Lanes For Horny Commuters Hippo Harasses A Rhino, Quickly Regrets It 5 Things To Know About ‘Deepfake’ Videos SpaceX finally knows what caused its Crew Dragon capsule to explode How to transfer your photos from an Android phone to a PC If desparate, email them (watch out for large file sizes) Flushing Drugs Probably Won’t Lead To ‘Meth Gators.’ But It’s Still A Bad Idea Drought means residents are only allowed to use the tap once a week 5 cases of Legionnaires' disease follow visits to downtown Atlanta hotel Escape genius' bear scales three electric fences, 13-foot high barrier in daring breakout The Disturbing Sound of a Human Voice Hearing people talk can terrify even top predators such as mountain lions, with consequences that ripple through entire ecosystems. Customers' personal data stolen in breach of major wireless carrier (SPRINT) a major security breach occurred around June 22, 2019 More than 250 million email addresses compromised because of this sneaky malware - TrickBot You might be a psychopath if you live in this part of the country Gathered 07/16/2019: What New York City Looked Like the Year You Were Born 9,000 year-old settlement found in Israel Rafters accidentally plunge over waterfall Elon Musk’s Neuralink is about to reveal big news about the plot to plug our brains into computers Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: legionella Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: - Doctor says you should run your shower for 20 minutes after a holiday Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: How to identify a PLANT Both FREE and PAID versions 18 Crazy Inventions That Were Ahead of Their Times Contaminants, allergens: Hundreds of food shipments from China seized by Canada Between Jan. 1, 2017 and Feb. 29, 2019, inspectors 'detected problems' with 889 foods or food ingredients into Canada from China, but only four food shipments were refused entry, records show Test Drive: 2019 Honda Civic Type R A track-ready, grocery-getting hatchback with sublime performance and handling Gathered 07/15/2019: 5G health risks: What's the evidence? Dementia risk (LOWERED) linked to healthy lifestyle Galileo sat-nav (GPS) system experiences service outage Europe’s GPS alternative has been offline since Friday Chandrayaan-2: India space launch delayed by technical problem Scottish wind power output at record high 16 Funny Comics About Boobs You're Not Allowed To Read Unless You Have Boobs They've Ever Witnessed At A Wedding, And You Seriously Won't Know How To Respond Girl, 11, says iPhone exploded as she played with it in sister’s room Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: WhatsApp and Telegram media files aren’t so secure after they reach your phone Symantec has released a new report on messaging Waze will now tell you exactly how much that toll road will cost the app will now list every toll’s actual price. The update, for both iOS and Android, will work in the US and Canada Drug smugglers are using Tesla’s Autopilot to dodge the police, Pablo Escobar’s brother claims Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Microsoft to allow Alexa to integrate further into Windows 10 2 comments New changes coming later this year The 3rd American woman in a month died after getting plastic surgery at the same clinic in the Dominican Republic 16 AMERICANS DIED IN THE DR DUE TO RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS BOYCOTT THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC A NASA official says the explosion of SpaceX's ship during a test 'was a huge gift' for making the vehicle safe to fly Elon Musk: Next-gen Roadster will have thrusters hidden behind the license plate The Retired F-117A Nighthawk Is the Desert If you flush drugs down the toilet, you could be creating 'meth gators,' police in Tennessee say The Best Sex Toys And Accessories To Get From Prime Day 2019 And, the top-selling vibe that's on sale again this year GPS tracker requires no network and no monthly fee B.C. man dies of rare viral rabies infection after contact with a bat on Vancouver Island Gathered 07/14/2019: US mobile speeds are super slow. Here’s what we can do about it How to make US mobile speeds better than Turkey’s Man dies after being infected with flesh-eating bacteria I believe that this is the second, recent death from flesh eating bacteria, CAUGHT AT DESTIN, FLORIDA, USA, beach Report: A $15 Minimum Wage Would Be an Economic Disaster "The Congressional Budget Office report estimated that a $15 minimum wage would lead to 1.3 million lost jobs by the year 2025, with job losses rising over time due to compounding negative impacts." How To Responsibly Dispose Of Used Batteries Yes, you should be recycling them Reef rescue: Could this robot help save corals? Reviews on Amazon stab vests show harrowing reality of life on UK streets Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Why you should really, really update your Logitech wireless dongle The US Army will test armored robotic vehicles in 2020 The tests are designed to see how soldiers will operate robots in the field A Chinese AI startup is tracking lost dogs using their nose prints The app can also be used to find irresponsible pet owners Microsoft Word for Android has been installed more than 1 billion times Other Microsoft Apps have hit 500 million installs Sony’s new USB-C hub promises the fastest data transfer and charging yet UHS-II card readers, 100W USB-C PD, and up to 1000 MB/s for data transfer Hulu is finally streaming in 4K again Only on the Apple TV 4K and Chromecast Ultra for now Louisiana officials warn of snakes and other creatures fighting to escape Hurricane Barry floodwaters Russia's Aircraft Carrier Has a Big Problem (As in a Very Real Black Cloud) Hubble uncovers black hole that shouldn't exist HIV eliminated from the genomes of living animals Black hole brings down curtain on jellyfish galaxy's star turn Extinct creatures that would wreck the Earth if they were alive today Read More: Gathered 07/13/2019: Life360 - used by parents to Track their KIDS Honey, I Lowjacked the kids Scientists in Switzerland discover a new dinosaur species Spektr-RG: Powerful X-ray telescope launches to map cosmos How the 2019 coffee crisis might affect you Apollo 11: Four things you may not know about the first moon landing Python casually eats a crocodile whole and proves nature is brutal Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Keep the toxic pressure to lose weight away from masturbation Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Amazon continues work on mobile home robot as it preps new high-end Echo, says report The US has a risky new plan to protect oil tankers from Iranian attacks “Beware of what you’re walking into, because nothing good happens in the Strait of Hormuz,” said a retired three-star admiral. 5 reasons why you should avoid getting gas at Costco Topless sunbather at beach sparks debate about nudity Topless Laws Sugary drinks linked to breast cancer in new study — experts weigh in Miley Cyrus Is Right—Virginity Is *Totally* a Social Construct How Bad Is It Really to Eat Week-Old Leftovers? I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE - I DO NOT OWN/COTROL CONTENTS OF THIS ARTICLE 11 Things to get rid of if you have a pet Best Home Security Systems in the USA I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT 'BESTCOMPANY.COM' - How do they make money? How to the rate services? Are they reliable?? The Fastest-Growing Evergreen Ground Cover Plants Gathered 07/12/2019: Throwback bikini photos of Megan Rapinoe viral following new Sports illustrated cover Experts raise concerns about the super high-cut bikini trend: 'The look is not for everyone' 8 things to know before you fly American Airlines It’s A Hot Girl Summer. Here’s Why This is the moment a hooked manta ray begs divers for help Self-driving shuttle crashed in Las Vegas because manual controls were locked away Joe Biden wants to restore the pre-Trump world order The 2020 Yenko/SC Camaro 'CAR' Is a 1000-HP Tire-Shredder That Costs $70,000 California Passes Measure Requiring Presidential Candidates To Release Tax Returns How to stay anonymous online Husqvarna 315x Automower review If you're not sipping beer while a robot mows your lawn, you're doing it wrong Let the (Worx) Landroid M robot lawnmower do your yardwork for you utilizes an offset blade the minimizes the need for trimming around edges The Safe by Hub6 monitors your alarm system to free you from monthly fees Safe by Hub6 review Gathered 07/11/2019: 25 Million Android Phones Infected With Malware That ‘Hides In WhatsApp’ 11 Unhealthy Signs in Your Dog That You Shouldn't Ignore Why do dogs lick their paws? - can be a sign of a yeast infection Gathered 07/10/2019: AT&T says it will automatically block robocalls ‘in the coming months’ Get automatic scam protection for your phone -T-Mobile Put scammers in their place and answer your calls, worry-free Sick of spoofed robocalls? The FCC is ready to take the fight overseas Recall alert! Check your home for these products MANY DOZENS OF EYE DROPS BEING RECALLED Net neutrality was repealed a year ago. What’s happened since? A man was swept over the largest waterfall at Niagara Falls, police say. He survived Trump signs executive order to revamp care for kidney disease Naturists kick off week-long Nudefest by stripping off in the sun Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Young women are having more sex dreams now than 50 years ago Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Woman creates review website for contraception so you can see how it affects others Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: What to do if you have unprotected sex at a festival Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Hackers can hijack your Mac webcam with Zoom. Here’s how to prevent it. This electric train/plane hybrid is the best of both worlds — Future Blink 500 km/h and 2,000 passengers - what a potential disaster and loading/unloading probably a nightmare Dogs Have Standoff With Bear in PASADENA California Backyard Goodbye to the Beetle (car) - no longer manufactured Man looks out aircraft window mid-flight and films the engine falling apart Apple kills off ‘the Macbook’ so you can only choose an Air or a Pro Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Marriott hotel chain slapped with £99 million fine for putting customer information at risk Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Virgin Orbit’s giant plane drops rocket over California during crucial flight test ‘Agent Smith’ malware has replaced Android apps’ code on 25 million devices Amazon’s Alexa will deliver NHS medical advice in the UK Scientists claim they’ve found the oldest human remains outside of Africa Vaping may be more dangerous than we realized E-cigarettes are safer than cigarettes, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. The Top 5 Kinkiest Signs Of The Zodiac, So You Know What You're Getting Into Women - 12 Best Tips For Touching Yourself And Loving Every Second Of It 8 Tips For Giving The BEST Hand Job He's Ever Had The 15 Different Kinds of Penises You'll Probably (Definitely) Encounter In Life Ring has made it ridiculously easy to surround your house with smart lights and cameras The theme of the Ring’s products this year is no wiring needed Gathered 07/09/2019: New ‘exotic’ tick invades NC, and it’s an ‘aggressive biter.’ How far has it spread? SEEMS CRAZY TO ME - I DO OPEN 4x4s VW Beetle goes extinct as last one rolls off assembly line New York county clerk files lawsuit challenging law granting illegal immigrants driver's licenses Hospices go unpunished for reported maggots and uncontrolled pain, watchdog finds Here's What Makes A Voice Sexy (Or Deeply Unsexy) There are scientific reasons you assume a sexy-voiced stranger on the phone is physically attractive. Seagulls all over Australia are carrying superbugs resistant to antibiotics, scientists say Billionaire activist Tom Steyer enters Democratic presidential race Naturists kick off week-long Nudefest by stripping off in the sun Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Gathered 07/08/2019: How Australia Fixes Potholes - LOVE IT More than 1,000 ANDROIS Apps STEAL your Data withOUT PERMISSION Gathered 07/07/2019: Today's Biggest Earthquakes Student asks men of Tinder to send her d*ck pics for art, 300 of them come through Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Roborock S6 - This Hybrid Robot Vacuums and Mops at the Same Time I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY REVIEWS, NOR DO I OWN ONE - DRW (I use Roombas) You Need to Replace Your Outlets With These Clever Outlet Shelves Gathered 07/06/2019: Experts raise concerns about the super high-cut bikini trend: 'The look is not for everyone' America's F-22 Stealth Fighter Snuck up on an Iranian F-4 Phantom Cat and Mouse: A U.S. Destroyer Shadowed a Russian Warship in the Caribbean Risk for Dementia May Increase With Long-Term Use of Certain Medicines HIV eliminated from the genomes of living animals A short bout of exercise enhances brain function Researchers discover a gene in mice that's activated by brief periods of exercise Discovery of a 'holy grail' with the invention of universal computer memory Physicists use light waves to accelerate supercurrents, enable ultrafast quantum computing Gathered 07/05/2019: The Type of Plastic Used in a Refrigerator Hunker believes good design should be a part of everyday life—and that you don’t have to be an expert to make it happen Swingers festival thrusts its way into sleepy Worcestershire Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The Sex Resort Diaries: The final night at Young Swingers Week Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Two monster black holes spotted ‘merging’ in cataclysmic cosmic collision Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Spotify gives record labels more access than you think when you pre-save an album LA’s earthquake warning system worked — just not how people expected These superbug-fighting viruses are making a comeback Boeing 737 Max's Autopilot Has Problem, European Regulators Find Scientists found a seaweed patch stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to Africa HMM - a lifeline? Pack of dogs may have fatally mauled Florida man, authorities say Gathered 07/04/2019: Biker Narrowly Escapes Death By A Tiger In Incredible Moment Caught On Camera Photos of the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse The Potential Of Teeth-Whitening Products To Harm Teeth The Man Who Became Mother to Kangaroos Most men don’t quite get what being a mother’s all about, but this one does. Chris “Brolga” Barnes, AKA Kangaroo Dundee Vets warn how dangerous Himalayan salt lamps can be for cats Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Genius spooning pillow protects your arm from going numb while you cuddle Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Almost 80% of women don’t orgasm from penetrative sex Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Waymo gets green light in California to pick up passengers in self-driving cars China is installing a secret surveillance app on tourists’ phones Thousands stuck on cruise ship after 'mechanical issue' forces it to skip stops and cancel next trip An earthquake with an early measure of magnitude 6.4 hit Southern California Scientists found a seaweed patch stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to Africa Gathered 07/03/2019: Microsoft’s Your Phone app can now mirror your Android phone’s notifications This update is rolling out now to all Windows 10 users EV startup Rivian has poached dozens from Ford, McLaren, Tesla, and Faraday Future And longtime Apple VP Mike Bell has become Rivian’s first CTO How Linux took over everything, including Microsoft Azure Infographic: 40% of iPhone users would switch to Android if given a free phone Why WPA3 is necessary to secure Wi-Fi 6 / 802.11ax networks China has been secretly installing spyware on some tourists’ Android phones Copies of AI deepfake app DeepNude are easily accessible online — and always will be Flesh-eating bacteria is deadly but rare — here's what you need to know Billions of records exposed by company that makes smart home devices 3 security programs that should be on every computer or laptop Lock Picker Shows Off 'One Of The Greatest Lock Design Blunders Of All Time' How To Unlock A Master Lock With Just Your Fingers The world is running out of sand - that will be very bad Gathered 07/02/2019: Millions of websites went down across the internet today after massive Cloudflare outage Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Down Detector, which tracks outages Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: The world’s largest undersea restaurant Clever Ways to Hide Your Small Valuables A Hypertension Medication That May Help Treat Alzheimer's What is the eagle sex position? Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Cockroaches are evolving to a point where they’ll be nearly impossible to kill What You Need to Know About the Zika Virus and Travel Jason Statham And John Mayer Totally Nail Viral Bottle Cap Challenge This Invasive Grass Is Taking Over Western States And Increasing Wildfire Risks There’s a clear link between cheatgrass, which covers more than 100 million acres across the West, and rangeland megafires. Supermassive black holes can spring to life and grow to a monstrous size ‘very, very quickly’ Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: While the UK grapples with HS2, China built a 600kph floating train Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Bejing’s £9 billion airport looks set to give Heathrow a run for its money Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Roku is the most popular streaming platform in the US by a huge margin Installed on over 41 million Roku devices nationally A 911 outage hit AT&T customers around the United States The company says it’s been resolved This $16 clip-on lens kit fits the iPhone or any Android phone, and it’s awesome Delta Is Bringing Free Cocktails, Bistro-style Dining, and Hot Towel Service to Economy Class United Is Letting Passengers Take Their Pick of Free Snacks on Flights Hannah Brown Has Reportedly Broken Up With the Winner of 'The Bachelorette' What you need to know about a big spike in the number of government scam calls If you ever receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from a federal agency, go into alert mode. You're most likely being targeted in a scam. 10 Things in Your Home That Can Cause Cancer Airline apologizes after placing unaccompanied 14-year-old on flight to wrong country Stunning photos of the solar eclipse over South America Leaving grains out of your dog’s diet, however, might be a far greater health risk than keeping them in Gathered 07/01/2019: Mussels Cooked To Death In Their Shells In Unusual Heat On Northern California Shore Mussels are the “canaries in the coal mine for climate change — only this canary provides food and habitat for hundreds of other species,” says biologist. Now Wasps Are Forming Massive ‘Super Nests’ Because Life Just Isn’t Scary Enough ...and climate change may be at least partly to blame. warned of nests the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, with as many as 15,000 wasps inside Freak hailstorm dumps up to 6 feet of ice on Guadalajara, Mexico Big changes to Citi cards coming soon Have a Citi credit card in your wallet? You might be in for some big (bad) changes… The International Space Station, like all human habitats in space, has a nagging mold problem New therapy targets gut bacteria to prevent and reverse food allergies Researchers teleport information within a diamond Woman complains about swimsuit leaving her privates ‘hanging out’, finds out she’s wearing it upside down Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: New Technology Helps Detect Cancer in the Body proven to be up to 90% accurate in tests of 200 human cancer samples Gathered 06/30/2019: Terrifying new ransomware attacks are some of the worst ever Major recall on FIREWORKS New electric vehicles will have to feature a noise-emitting device, under an EU rule coming into force on Monday IT'S ABOUT TIME China reveals unstoppable hypersonic weapons that are a ‘death sentence’ for its enemies Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Astrophysicists baffled by their own AI simulation of the universe Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: US troops in Afghanistan will soon test a tiny, pocket-sized drone in the field An Amazon engineer made an AI-powered cat flap to stop his cat from bringing home dead animals Salmonella outbreak linked to papayas imported from Mexico: CDC Risk for Dementia May Increase With Long-Term Use of Certain Medicines Swine fever toll in China may be twice as high as reported, industry insiders say A woman died of a flesh-eating bacteria two weeks after cutting her leg in the waters off Anna Maria Island in Florida, her family says Ultimate Guide to Bullets, Caliber and Cartridges 2019 Gathered 06/29/2019: How To Tell If A Bug Bite Needs Medical Attention Look out for these warning signs You’re Probably Complaining the Wrong Way The psychologist Guy Winch’s method for getting people to do things differently How to move from Chrome to another browser Why you should sleep naked Gathered 06/28/2019: Solar and wind are coming. And the power sector isn’t ready. The rise in renewable energy will scramble the decision making of grid managers The Navy’s Smallest Warships Could Be the First to See Combat Against Iran "First Cut of Steel": The Navy's New Ballistic Missile Submarine Is Coming Soon NASA Will Go Looking for Alien Life Kamala Harris backs reparations At Nearly 115 Degrees, France Experiences Its Hottest Day on Record Snake hitches ride on car before driver flings it off with windshield wipers Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: 5 Fire TV Stick tricks you’ll use time and time again ROKU IS THE BEST - in mine and other professionals' opinions Meet the 5 Best Tanks On the Planet Today These 16 money wasters are why so many Americans can’t save for retirement Risk for Dementia May Increase With Long-Term Use of Certain Medicines Here’s what research suggests about a class of drugs called anticholinergics, which treat a wide range of ailments, from depression to bladder issues. Which drugs are we talking about? Anticholinergic drugs include the antipsychotic clozapine; the bladder drug darifenacin (marketed as Enablex); the anti-nausea drug scopolamine; the bronchodilator ipratropium; the muscle relaxant tizanidine; antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (brand names include Benadryl), and antidepressants such as paroxetine (brand names include Paxil). Gathered 06/27/2019: Fisher-Price recalls 71,000 inclined infant sleepers Infants could possibly roll from their backs to their stomachs on the inclined sleep products, risking injury or death. 5 sneaky eBay scams to watch out for A 12-year-old girl contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while on vacation in DESTIN, Florida California woman, 21, dies after getting attacked by three sharks while snorkeling in the Bahamas HPV vaccine benefits 'exceed expectations,' may lead to elimination of cervical cancer A new study suggests that the benefits of the vaccine extend to people who aren't vaccinated — meaning the more people who are vaccinated, the better ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot Trailer Brings The Action, Wigs And Ariana Grande Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska star in the reboot directed by Elizabeth Banks. Gigantic golden asteroid could make everyone on Earth a billionaire Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Volcanic eruption in the Pacific Ocean was so large it was photographed from space Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Google exterminates frustrating Bluetooth bugs 11 New English Words That Are Actually USEFUL To Know Student Jordan Lindsey killed by three sharks in Bahamas NASA chooses Saturn’s moon Titan as its next destination Project Dragonfly will head to a familiar frontier US power output from renewables exceeds coal for the first time in history Gathered 06/26/2019: Samsung tablet ‘burns through bed in night’ inches away from face of boy, 11 Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: Twelve dead in Essex from deadly infection passed through kissing and touching Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: NASA’s Curiosity rover saw something flash on Mars, and people are freaking out NASA just witnessed its biggest methane gas emission on Mars These Levitating Planters Are Unreal A 100% renewable grid isn’t just feasible, it’s in the works in Europe Europe will be 90% renewable powered in two decades, experts say. HAH - Would be nice, but I doubt it. Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off U.S. Northeast Biggest such known formation; could signal resources worldwide How octopus arms make decisions Alert! New malicious ransomware that's evil is spreading The Prince of Darkness is now wreaking havoc on computers running Windows. Yep, a new version of ransomware named after Satan himself is terrorizing systems all over the U.S. We'll show you how this scary new threat works and how to prevent getting it. When the Word document is opened, it asks the user to enable macros. Once you enable macros, it's game over. Your computer is now a hostage. FAA discovers new safety concern during Boeing 737 Max test Can Your Boss Legally Make You Wear A Bra To Work? Legal experts weigh in on dress codes and "free-range breasts."