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TWEET Any comments herein are my personal opinion, or possibly third party opinions from sources such as, You may not agree with these opinions. Aaland, Mikkel ** Photoshop Lightroom Adventure O'Reilly $40 0-596-10099-X Abramowitz, Milton & Irene A. Stegun Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables. Sixth Printing. National Bureau of Standards Acton, Forman S. Analysis of Straight-Line Data Dover Adobe Systems Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3: Classroom in a Book Adobe w/CD $55 13-978-0-70093-3 Adobe Systems Postscript Language: Reference Manual AW 0-201-10174-2 Adobe Systems Postscript Language: Tutorial and Cookbook AW 0-201-10179-3 Adolph, Steve & Paul Bramble ??? Patterns for Effective Use Cases AW $35 0-201-72184-8 Ahern, Dennis M., Aaron Clouse & Richard Turner CMMI Distilled. Second Edition AW $30 0-321-18613-3 Aho, Alfred V. & Jeffrey D. Ullman The Theory of Parsing, Translation and Compiling, Volume I: Parsing. PH Aho, Alfred V. & Jeffrey D. Ullman The Theory of Parsing, Translation and Compiling, Volume II: Compiling. PH Akkermans; Cook; Mattos & Morrison Extreme Survival Lorenze Books $35 DISASTER PREPAREDNESS & SUPPLIES Alagic, Suad & Michael A. Arbib Design of Well-Structured and Correct Programs Springer-Verlag 3-540-90299-6 Albir, Sinan Si Learning UML O'Reilly $35 0-596-00344-7 Allen, Julia H. et al Software Security Engineering: a Guide for Project Managers AW (a CERT book) $50 0-321-50917-X (has references) Allen, Julia H. ** CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices. AW $ 40 0-201-73723-X Alur, Deepak, et al Core J2EE Patterns: Best Practices and Design Strategies, 2nd Edition PH/PTR $50 0-13-142246-4 Amundsen, Michael MAPI, SAPI & TAPI Developer's Guide SAMS $60 w/CD 0-672-30928-9 Anderson, Bart; Bryan Costales & Harry Henderson The Waite Group's UNIX Communications. 2nd EDITION SAMS 30 0-672-22773-8 Anderson, Don FireWire System Architecture. Second Edition (IEEE 1394a) MindShare, Inc. $40 0-201-48535-4 Anderson, Don SATA Storage Technology Mindshare $60 978-0-9770878-1-5 Amazon Anderson, Don SATA Storage Technology: Serial ATA MindShare, Inc. $60 0977087816 Anderson, Robert Proving Programs Correct Wiley 0-471-03395-2 Anderson, Ross (I don't have it - it is also online) Security Engineering - The Book Wiley $75 0471389226 from Amazon Anderson, Scott Morphing Magic SAMS 30 W/DISK 0-672-30320-5 Andres, Andreu ^ Professional Pen Testing for Web Applications WROX $40 0-471-78966-6 Andres, Clay Hands-On Photoshop 4 For Macintosh and Windows MIS press $35 w/CD 1-55828-538-5 Anley, Chris; John Heasman & Felix Lindner ## The Shellcoder's Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes. SECOND EDITION Wiley $50 047008023X book-of-the-month-the-shellcoders-handbook Anon, Eellen & Tim Grey ^ Photoshop CS3 for Nature Photographers Sybex $40 w/CD 978-0-470-11989-1 Antill, James M. and Ronald W. Woodhead Critical Path Methods in Construction Practice Wiley 0-471-03246-8 Arciniegas, Fabio ** C++ XML. CD includes XML interpreters New Riders $ 40 w/CD 0-7357-1052-X Arnett, Mathew Flint, et al Inside TCP/IP NRP 40 1-56205-354-X Arnold. Derek N. UNIX Security, a Practical Tutorial Mc 25 0-07-002560-6 Asadoorian, Paul & Larry Pesce Linksys WRT54G: Ultimate Hacking. VxWorks - runs on the Linksys WRT54G Syngress $40 978-1-59749-166-2 see also ROUTING (a popular Router) Aster, Rick & Rhena Seidman Professional SAS Programming Secrets McGraw Astle, Dave & Kevin Hawkins Beginning OpenGL Game Programming Thomson Course Technology $30 w/CD 1-59200-369-9 ATM Forum ATM User-Network Interface Specification [ATM, B-ISDN, SONET, PLCP, PMD, HEC, ILMI, DS3, MIB, ILMI, UNI, B-LLI, SMDS] PTR/PH 40 0-13-225863-3 See also: Interface Design Atria Clearcase User's Manual: Unix Edition Atria Software, Inc. Document # 4000-011-B Avery, James @@ Visual Studio Hacks: Tips & Tools for Turbocharging the IDE O'Reilly $ 15 978-0596008475 Amazon Avery, James & Jim Holmes ?? Windows Developer Power Tools O'reilly $ 60 0-596-52754-3 Windows Tips Windows Programming Web Development Bach, Maurice J (Fielding uses this one, mostly) Design of the Unix Operating System PH 71 0-13-201799-7 Badgett, Tom Teach Yourself Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 (not the greatest, but I got it for $4.98) IDG Books $20 0-7645-3283-9 Bailey, Edward C. Maximum RPM SAMs/Red hat 440 0-672-31105-4 Baker, Art Windows NT Device Driver Book PTR/PH $45 w/disk 0-13-14474-1 Baker, Bob The Official InstallShield for Windows Installer: Developer's Guide. MT Books $ 50 0-7645-4723-2 w/CD-ROM CD: InstallShield Professional; InstallShield for Windows Installer; InstallShield Express; plus other InstallShield software. Ball, Bill & Hoyt Duff Red Hat Linux and Fedora Unleashed SAMS $ 50 w/CDs & DVDs 0-672-32629-9 Ballard, Sebastian and Rupert Linton South Africa Handbook 1st Edition 1996 Passport Books $ 22 0-8442-4913-0 Bar, Moshe & Karl Fogel Open Source development with CVS. THIRD EDITION Paraglyph Press $40 1-932111-81-6 Barkakati, Naba Red Hat Linux Fedora All-in-one desk reference for Dummies Wiley $40 w/DVD (code & O/S) 0-7645-4258-3 Barkakati, Naba Visual C++ Developer's Guide SAMS 50 W/DISK Barkakati, Naba The Waite Group's Microsoft C Bible. 2nd Edtion (TWO COPIES) SAMS 30 0-672-22736-3 Barkakati, Naba The Waite Group's Microsoft C Bible. FIRST Edition SAMS 30 0-672-22736-3 ??? (different ISBN ?) Barrett, Daniel J. et al Linux Security Cookbook O'Reilly $ 40 See also: Linux Security Barrett, Daniel J. & Richard E. Silverman SSH The Secure Shell: the definitive Guide O'Reilly $40 0*596-00011-1 Barron, D. W. Recursive Techniques in Programming MacDonald/Elsevier Barth, Wolfgang #### NAGIOS. 2nd Edition No Starch $50 978-3-937514-46-8 Bastiaansen, Rob @@ Rob's Guide to Using VMware (ACE, GSX & ESX Server). 2nd Edition Books4brains $40 978-9080893436 Amazon Bates, Regis J. "Bud" Broadband Telecommunications Handbook McGraw $ 65 0-07-134648-1 Baur, F. L. (ed) Software Engineering: An Advanced Course Springer-Verlag 35 0-540-08364-2 Bauer, Peter & Jeff Foster Special Edition Using Adobe Photoshop 7. QUE $ 50 w/CD 0-7897-2760-9 Bayer, R.; R. M. Graham & G. Seegmuller (eds) Operating Systems, An Advanced Course. Lecture Notes in Computer Science # 60. Springer-Verlag Bays, Michael F. Software Release Methodology (SEEMS SKIMPY) PTR/PH $ 50 0-13-63654-7 Amazon Beech, D., editor Command Language Directions North-Holland 0-444-85450-9 Beck, Kent ** Test-Driven Development by Example AW $30 0-321-14653-0 Amazon Bellers, E.B. & G. de Haan DE-INTERLACING: A KEY TECHNOLOGY FOR SCAN RATE CONVERSION Elsevier 2007 ISBN-13: 978-0-444-50594-1 Ben-Gan, Itzik Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying Microsoft Press $ 50 Benner, Alan F. Fibre Channel: Gigabit Communications and I/O for Computer Networks McGraw $ 90 0-07-005669-2 Benvenuti, Christian @ Understanding Linux Networking Internals O'Reilly $50 0-596-00255-6 Bequet, Henry Professional Java SOAP WROX $50 1-861006-10-1 Berger, Nevin Effective Prototyping with EXCEL MK $ 50 978-0-12-088582-4 Bergeron, Janick ** Writing Testbenches: Functional Verification of HDL Models Kluwer Academic Publishers $ 98 0-7923-7766-4 Complete QA and Testing Information Bernstein, Allen L. A Handbook of Statistics Solutions for the Behavioral Sciences Holt Bernstein, Leonard A. Statistics for Decisions: a tool for everybody Grosset & Dunlap Berztiss, A. T. Data Structures: Theory and Practice Academic Press Best, Steve Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning PH/PTR $50 0-13-149247-0 Bhamidipati, Kishore SQL Programmer's Reference Osborne $ 17 0-07-882460-5 Biafore, Bonnie Visio 2007 Bible. Downloads for the book Wiley $ 45 978-0470109960 Amazon Birbeck, Mark et al ** Professional XML. Second Edition WROX $ 60 1-861-00505-9 Bjorner, D. & C.B. Jones (eds) The Vienna Development Method: the Meta-Language. Lecture Notes in Computer Science # 61. (Vienna Definition Language = VDL) Springer-Verlag Black, Rex Critical Testing Processes AW $50 0-201-74868-1 Black, Uyless ** MPLS and Label Switching Networks (SECOND edition) PH/PTR $ 45 0130358193 Black, Uyless Frame Relay Networks: Specifications & Implementations [OSI, TCP/IP, ISDN, X,25, Frame Relay, X.30, X.31, X.110, NNI, SMDS] [CCITT I.233 Annex C, ANSI TI.617 Annex C, DSS1, Frame Relay MIB] [SONET/SDH, T1, E1, D1, D2, D3, D4, CEPT, LAPD, LAPB, HDLC (minor)] [cellular] McGraw 45 0-07-005558-0 Blair, John G. @@ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Photographer's Guide Thomson Course Technology $35 Blakeslee, David W. & William G. Chinn Introductory Statistics and Probability Houghton Mifflin 0-395-11063-7 Blanchette, Jasmin & Mark Summerfield C++ GUI Programming with QT4 PH $60 0-13-235416-0 Blattner, Patrick et al Special Edition Using Microsoft Excel 2000 QUE $40 w/CD 0-7897-1729-8 Bloch, Christian The HDRI Handbook RockyNook Press $50 978-1-933952-05-6 Bloomer, John Power Programming with RPC O'Reilly 30 0-973175-77-3 Blunden, Bill The Rootkit Arsenal: Escape and Evasion in the Dark Corners of the system Wordware Publishing $50 1-59822-061-6 Amazon Boiling, Douglas Programming Microsoft Windows CE. Second Ed. MS Press $ 60 w/CD 0-7356-1443-1 Boggs, Wendy & Michael Boggs UML With Rational Rose 2002 Sybex $69 2001096976 w/CD w/rational Rose examples, scripts Bolsky, Morris I. & David G. Korn The Kornshell Command and Programming Language. PH 49 0-13-516972-0 Booch, Grady Object-Oriented Analysis and Design With Applications. 2nd EDITION Benjamine/Cummings 50 0-8053-5340-2 Booch, Grady; James Rumbaugh and Ivar Jacobson ** The Unified Modeling Language User's Guide AW $ 49 0-201-57168-4 Booth, Taylor L. Sequential Machines and Automata Theory Wiley Bothamley, Jennifer Dictionary of Theories Visible Ink 1-57859-045-0 Bovet, Daniel P. & Cesati Understanding the Linux Kernel. 3rd edition O'Reilly $ 40 (2.6 kernel) Bovet, Daniel P. & Cesati Understanding the Linux Kernel. 2nd edition O'Reilly $ 40 0-596-00002-2 (2.4 kernel) Boyd, Colin & Anish Mathuria Protocols for Authentication and Key Establishment. See also: ENCRYPTION Springer $65 3540431071 Amazon Bracci, G & P. C. Lockemann (eds) Information Systems Methodology. Lecture Notes in Computer Science # 65 Springer-Verlag Bradlye, Tony et al ## PCI Compliance Sangress $60 978-1-59749-165-5 Braun, Eric The Internet Directory Fawcette 30 0-449-90898-4 Brazell, Aarron $$ World Press Bible. 2nd Edition Wiley $50 978-0-470-93781-5 Britton, Robert MIPS Assembly Language Programming PH c2003 $52 Amazon Brogden, Bill Java 2 Exam Cram. 2nd edition Coriolis $35 1-58880-139-X Brooks, Fred Mythical Man-Month AW $ 24 Brosnan, John & Kyle Copeley @ Beginning TiVO Programming WROX $40 978-0-47005427-7 Brown, Kyle et al Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WEBSPHERE AW $ 45 w/CD 0-201-61617-3 CD contains evaluation copies: IBM Websphere Application Server; WebSphere Studio Entry Edition; IBM DB2 Universal Database Personal Developer's Edition, version 7.1; Brown, Martin ** Debugging PERL: Troubleshooting for Programmers Osborne $ 40 0-07-212676-0 Brumbaugh, David E. Object Orientated Development Building Case Tools with C++ Wiley 50 w/2 3 1/2" DISKS 0-471-58371-5 Bryant, Richard UNIX Security for the Organization SAMS 35 w/3 1/2" 0-672-30571-2 Buck-Emden, Rudiger & Jurgen Galimow # SAP R/3 System: A Client/Server Technology AW $30 0-201-40350-1 Budnick, Ken Bar Code Loader Paperbyte book 0-07-008856-X Budruk, Ravi; Don Anderson & Tom Shanley PCI Express System Architecture Mindshare, Inc. $ 77 0-321-15630-7 Burge, W. H. Recursive Programming Techniques AW Burke, Sean M. Perl and LWP [CD] O'Reilly Burns, Bryan et al Security Power Tools O'Reilly $60 0-596-00963-1 Burns, David ## Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner's Guide Packt Publishing $45 ISBN-13: 978-1849518307 October 2012 Amazon Busch, David D. Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D Course Technology $30 978-1-4354-5766-9 Busch, David D. The Font Problem Solver... How to Install and Use Type With Your Software and Printer. PC EDITION. 5 1/2" DISK INCLUDED Business One Irwin 40 1-556-23-506-2 Butzen, Fred ** The Linux Database. (also covers ODBC) MIS Press Calishain, Tara & Rael Dornfest Google Hacks. 2nd Edition (includes Gmail) O'Reilly $25 0-596-00857-0 Calkins, Bill Solaris 8 System Administration Certification Exams 310-011 and 310-012 QUE $ 50 w/CD & exam questions 1-57870-259-3 Camarillo, Gonzalo SIP Demystified McGH $50 0-07-137340-3 Cambell, Chad & John Stockton Silverlight 2 in Action Manning $45 w/eBook Cameron, Don & Greg Regnier # The Virtual Interface Architecture Intel Press $38 0971288704 Amazon Campbell, Joe C Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications. SECOND EDITION SAMs $ 40 0-672-30286-1 Campbell, Joe The RS-232 Solution Sybex 0-89588-140-3 Caplin, Steve @ How to Cheat in Photoshop. THIRD edition. Updated for CS2. Focal Press $40 w/CD 0-240-51985-X Card, Remy, Eric Dumas & Franck Mevel Linux Kernel Book Wiley 45 w/Red Hat CD 0-471-98141-9 Carlson, James PPP Design, Implementation and Debugging. SECOND EDITION AW $ 40 w/CD 0-201-70053-0 Carrier, Brian File System Forensic Analysis AW $50 0-321-26817-2 (good, detailed, but unneeded by most people - my opinion - DRW) Carter, Dr. Everett F. Jr, et al Hack Proofing XML Syngress $50 1-931836-50-7 Carvalho, Leandro $$ Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook Packt Publishing $ 50 978-1849684422 Amazon Catsoulis, John Designing Embedded Hardware O'Reilly $45 0-596-00755-8 Chakravarty, Dipto Power RISC System/6000: Concepts, Facilities & Architecture McGraw 40 0-07-011047-6 Chappell, David A. Enterprise Service Bus O'Reilly $40 0-596-00675-6 Chappell, David Understanding .NET: A Tutorial and Analysis AW $35 0-201-741628 Chappell, Laura & Gerald Combs ## Wireshark Network Analysis: The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide Laura Chappell University $100 978-1893939998 Amazon Chen, Walter DSL Simulation Techniques and Standard Development for Digital Subscriber Line Systems. (lotsa calculus) MTP 1-57870-017-5 Chonoles, Michael Jesse & James A. Schardt UML 2 For Dummies Wiley $30 0-7645-2614-6 Chopra, Vivek at al ## Professional Apache Tomcat 5 WROX $ 40 0-7645-5902-8 Chrissis, Mary beth et al ^ CMMI. SECOND EDITION (CMMI version 1.2) AW $70 0-321-27967-0 [This seems to be mostly an excellent high-level overview/introduction to CMMI, but does not tell you how to implement CMMI. More geared to someone new to CMMI]. Christiansen, Tom & Nathan Torkington Perl Cookbook O'Reilly $ 40 1-56592-243-3 Christiansen, Tom; Brian d foy and Larry Wall Programming Perl 4th Edition (covers version 5.14) O'Reilly $ $ 57.99 w/CD 978-0-596-00492-7 Chun, Wesley J. ## CORE Python Programming SECOND EDITION PH $50 0132269937 Cisco Dictionary of Internetworking Terms and Acronyms Cisco Press $13 1-58720-045-7 Clark, Susanne et al ** VBscript Programming Reference WROX $ 30 1-861002-71-8 Clark, Tom IP SANs: A Guide to iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP Protocols for Storage Area Networks. SW $45 0-201-75277-8 Clark, Tom @@ Storage Virtualization: Technologies for Simplifying Data Storage and Management AW $40 978-0321262516 Claverie, Jean-Michel & Cedric Notrredame Bioinformatics for Dummies Wiley $ 30 0-7645-1696-5 Cleaveland, J. Craig An Introduction to Data Types AW 11940 26 Cline, Marshall P. & Greg A. Lomow C++ FAQs AW 58958 $ 25 0-201-58958-3 Coad, Peter, Eric Lefebvre & Jeff DeLuca JAVA Modeling Color with UML PTR/PH $50 w/CD 0-13-011510-X Coad, Peter, David North & Mark Mayfield Object Models: Strategies, Patterns & Applications. 2nd Edition PTR/PH Yourdon Press w/floppy 0-13-840117-9 Cockburn, Alistair Writing Effective USE Cases. AW $ 37 0-201-702258 CodeSourcery @ Advanced Linux Programming New Riders $45 0-7357-1043-0 Cogan, Edward J. & Robert Z. Norman Handbook of Calculus, Difference and Differential Equations PH Cohen, Lazaro Issi & Josepgh Issi Cohen Web Programmer's Desk Reference: A Complete cross-reference to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No Starch Press $ 60 1-59327-011-9 Cole, A. J. Macro Processors. Cambridge University Press Coleman, David PCI Express Electrical Interconnect Design Intel Press $75 0974364991 Collberg, Christian & Jasvir Nagra Surreptitious Software: Obfuscation, Watermarking, and Tamperproofing for Software Protection. AW $60 978-0321549259 Amazon See also: COMPUTER SECURITY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK Collings, Terry & Kurt Wall Red hat Linux Networking and System Administration. SECOND EDITION. Red Hat Press $ 60 w/CD 0-7645-4498-5 Conklin, Dick (ed) OS/2 (version 2.0) Notebook: Best of the IBM Personal Systems Developer Microsoft Press 30 1-55615-316-3 Connolly, Thimas & Carolyn Begg ** Database Systems: a practical approach to design, implementation and management. THIRD EDITION' AW $ 77 EXCELLENT 0-201-70857-4 Conry-Murray, Andrew and Vincent Weafer Symantec Guide to Home Internet Security Symantec Press/AW $ 20 0-321-35641-1 Conway, Kieron ** Software Project Management: from Concept to Deployment. Coriolis $50 w/CD (VB code, templates) 1-57610-807-4 Cope, Peter The Photoshop User's Encyclopedia Friedman/Fairfax $ 25 1-58663-460-7 Corbet, Jonathan et al @ Linux Device Drivers. 3RD EDITION O'Reilly $40 0-596-00590-3 Core Members of the Linux Standard Base Team Building Applications with the Linux Standard Base. (LSB) (IA32, 32-bit PowerPC, Itanium, 64-bit PowerPC, 31-bit S390 & 64-bit z/Architecture) (LSB 2.0 Includes C++, C99, SUSv3, NPTL and IPv6) IBM Press $45 w/cd full LSB 2.0 spec 0-13-145695-4 Cormen, Thomas H., et al ** Introduction to Algorithms. 2nd Edition MIT press $ 70 0-262-03293-7 Costale, Bryan, et al Sendmail (includes NIS stuff) O'Reilly 33 1-56592-056-2 Covey The Seven Habbits of Highly Effective People Covey Leadership Center (requires taking the class? which I took) Cowart, Robert & Brian Knittel Special Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Third Edition QUE $ 50 book on/CD 0-7897-3280-7 Cowlishaw, M. F. The Rexx Language: A Practical Approach to Programming. 2nd EDITION PH 0-13-780651-5 Cox, Earl The Fuzzy Systems Handbook (C++) AP 50 w/3 1/2" DISK 0-12-194270-8 Cramer, Harald The Elements of Probability Theory and some of its applications Wiley Cramer, Harald Mathematical Methods of Statistcs Princeton Univ Press Crane, Dave Eric Pascarello & Darren James @ Ajax in Action Manning $45 1-932394-61-3 Ctein # Digital Restoration from Start to Finish: How to Repair Old and Damaged Photographs. See also Elsevier/Focal Press $40 978-0-240-80814-7 Crouncher, Phil Amazon The BIOS Companion: The book that doesn't come with your motherboard! Electrocution Technical Publishers (December 17, 2004) $50 0968192807 Cutler & The staff of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc SCO UNIX in a Nutshell. O'Reilly and Associates. $ 10 1-56592-037-6 Cwalina, Krzysztof & Brad Abrams Framework Design Guidelines AW $50 w/DVD hardcover 0-321-24675-6 Dahl, O. J., E.W. Dijkstra and C.A.R. Hoare Structured Programming Academic Press 0-12-200550-3 Darwin, Ian F. $$ Android Cookbook O'reilly $ 55 978-1-449-38841-6 Date, C. J. An Introduction to Database Systems. 2nd edition. AW 0-201-14456-5 Davies, D.W., D.L.A Barber, W.L. Price & C.M. Solomondides Computer Networks and Their Protocols [packets, X.25, HDLC, X3, X28, X29 CSMA] Wiley 0-471-99750-1 Davies, Justin et al @ SuSE Linux 10 Bible Wiley $ 40 w/CDs & DVD 0-471-75488-9 Davis, John C. Statistics and Data Analysis in Geology Wiley 0-471-19895-1 Davis, Martin Computability & Unsolvability McGraw Davis, Stephen R. C++ Weekend Crash Course. IDG Books $ 20 w/CD 0-7645-4689-9 CD: GNU C++ compiler, code, and trial software Dayley, Brad & Lisa Danae Dayley ## Silverlight 2 Bible Wiley $40 Dayton, Linnea & Christen Gillespi Photoshop CS/CS2 WOW Book. 780 pages. Peachpit Press $60 w/DVD tutorials 0-321-21345-9 Dayton, Linnea & Jack Davis Photoshop 6 WOW! Peachtree Press - It's not cheap, but it through & good December, John and Mark Ginsburg HTML 3.2 & CGI Professional Reference Edition Unleashed Sams 60 w/CD-ROM 1996 1-57521-177-7 HARD-COVER Deitel, Paul J & Harvey M. Deitel Java for Programmers PH c2009 $60 10-13-700129-0 Deitel & Deitel Java: How to Program. 3rd ed. Covers "SWING" PH w/CD 0-13-012507-5 Dekker & Newcomer Developing Windows NT Device Drivers AW $90 0-201-69590-1 De Marco, Tom Structured Analysis and System Specification Yourdon Press 0-914-7072-07-3 Deming, David A. The SCSI Tutor ENDL Publications $192 1-879936-08-9 Dennis, Zimmer @@ VMware Server and VMware Player BoD $ 50 978-3952294215 Amazon Derfler, Frank J. Jr. & Les Freed Get a Grip On Network Cabling Ziff-Davis Press 30 1-56276-057-2 Desmond, Brian et al Active Directory. FOURTH EDITION O'Reilly $55 978-0-596-52059-5 DeWalt @ HVAC Professional Reference DeWalt Trade Reference Series PAL Publishing $20 0-9759709-4-1 DeWalt @ Wiring Diagrams Professional Reference DeWalt Trade Reference Series PAL Publishing $20 0-9759709-7-6 Dewhurst, Steppen C. C++ Gotchas: Avoiding Common Problems in Coding & Design. AW $45 0-321-12518-5 Dewsnap, Don Desktop Publisher's Easy Type Guide: the 150 most important typefaces Rockport Publishers 20 1-56496-007-2 Dill, David M. The COBOL Presentation Manager Programming Guide (Micro Focus Cobol) VNR 40 0-442-01293-4 Dixit, Sudhir & Ramjee Prasad ** Wireless IP and Building the Mobile Internet Artech House Publishers $ 131 158053354X Dixon, W. J., editor BMD Biomedical Computer Programs University of california Press 520-02426-5 DKI Eye Witness Travel South Africa printed 2013 $ ?? 978-0-7566-9517-0 (use your browser's search function to search for south africa) Donahue, Gary A Network Warrior O'Reilly $45 0-596-10151-1 Donahoo, Michael J. & Kenneth L. Calvert TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers. SECOND EDITION Morgan Kaufmann $30 978-0-12-374540-8 Donahoo, Michael J. & Kenneth L. Calvert TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers Morgan Kaufmann $15 1-55860-826-5 Donaldson, Hamish Designing a Distributed Processing System Halsted Press 0-470-26889-1 Doraswamy, Naganand & Dan Harkins IPSec. SECOND EDITION PH/PTR $45 0-13-046189-X Doughty, Dale sed & awk. 2ND EDITION [CD] O'Reilly Doughty, Dale sed & awk O'Reilly 28 0-967175-59-5 Doyle, Jeff ** OSPF and IS-IS : Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks AW $ 55 0321168798 March, 2005 Drake, Alvin W. Fundamentals of Applied Probability Theory McGraw Drake, Chris & Kimberley Brown Panic! Unix System Crash Dump Analysis PTR/PH 59 w/CD 0-13-149386-8 Drummond, M. E. Jr. Evaluation and Measurement Techniques for Digital Computer Systems. PH 0-13-292102-2 Duffy, Joe Concurrent Programming on Windows AW $50 0-321-43482-X Dustin, E. L. Friede at al Automated Software Testing: Introducing Management and Performance. (for automated testing) AW $ 48 w/CD 0-201-43287-0 - the authors' site Dustin, E. L. Friede; Thom Garrett & Bernie Gauf Implementing Automated Software Testing AW $ 50 0-321-58051-6 Duvall, Paul M. Continuous Iteration AW $45 0-321-33638-0 Amazon Duyn, J. Van Documentation Manual Auerbach 0-87769-117-7 Dwivendi, Himanshu ^ Securing Storage: A Proactive Guide to SAN and NAS Security Wiley $50 0-32134995-4 [while a lot of books omit it these days, I personally try TO NEVER PURCHASE A BOOK THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE REFERENCES - I did not see any references in this book]. I SUGGEST THAT WE BOYCOTT ALL TECHNICAL BOOOKS WITHOUT REFERENCES (If we can). I personally believe that Technical book Editors should be FIRED if they do not force the Author to provide references Eagle, Chris ## The IDA Pro Book: The Unofficial Guide to the World's Most Popular Disassembler No Starch Press $60 978-1593271787 Amazon Edney, John & William A. Arbaugh @@ Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i AW (updated in 2004) 0-321-13620-9 Egan, Janet I & Thomas J. Teixeira Writing a Unix Device Driver. 2ND EDITION Wiley $50 0-471-53575-3 c1992 LC-92-8536 Egan, Janet I & Thomas J. Teixeira Writing a Unix Device Driver (1st edition) Wiley $25 0-471-62859-X Eilam, Eldad Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering (use to block this happening) Wiley $40 0764574817 Eilert, John et al Linux on the Mainframe. (z/OS, z/VM, S/390) PH/PTR $50 0-13-101415-3 Eismann, Katrin Photoshop Restoration & Retouching. THIRD Edition New Riders $50 0-321-31627-4 Eismann, Katrin Photoshop Restoration & Retouching. Second Edition New Riders $50 0-7357-1350-2 THIRD EDITION is now out. Edmonds, John J. SAA/LU 6.2 - Distributed Networks and Applications [SAA, LU 6.2, APPC, CPI-C, PU 2.1, VTAM] MH 56 0-07-019022-4 Eismann, Katrin et al ** Real World Digital Photography. 3RD EDITION Peachpit $60 El-Dirghami, Nazeeh Amin & Youssef A. Abu Kwaik Suse Linux (6.3) Installation & Configuration Handbook QUE $ 40 w/CD 0-7897-2355-7 Ellis, Margret A. & Bjarne Stroustrup The Annotated C++ Reference Manual (ANSI based document) AW 51459 48 0-201-51459-1 Engel, Wolfgang ^ Shader X4 Advanced Rendering Techniques Thomson/Charles River Media w/CD $60 1-58450-425-0 Engst, Adam & Glenn Fleishman ** Wireless Networking Starter Kit. SECOND EDITON PeachPit Press $30 0-321-22468-X ? Erbshloe, Michael Trojans, Worms and Spyware Elsevier $35 0-7506-7848-8 Erickson, Jon # Hacking: The Art of Exploitation. 2nd EDITION No Starch Press $50 w/CD 1593271441 & 978-1593271442 Evening, Martin # Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers Focal Press/Elsevier $55 w/DVD 201 0924449 Evening, Martin # Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers Focal Press $47 w/DVD 978-0-240-520285 Evening, Martin Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book Adobe Press $55 978-0-321-68070-9 (SEARCH this webpage for more LIGHTROOM books) Faison, Ted Event-Based Programming See Programming Apress $60 1-59059-643-9 See Embedded Farley, Marc Building Storage Networks. Second Edition Osborne $ 50 0-07-213072-5 Feathers, Michael C. Working Effectively with Legacy Code PH/PTR $45 0-13-117705-2 Amazon Feller, William An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications. Vol 1, Third Edition Feller, William An Introduction to Probability Theory and its Applications. Vol 2, Second Edition. 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Second Edition PH C2011 $50 0-13-7017839 Hallinan, Christopher Embedded Linux Primer PH C2002 $50 0-13-1679848 Halsey, Mike @@ Troubleshoot and Optimize Windows 8 Microsoft Press $ 50 978-0-7356-7080-8 Hammersley, Eric @@ Professional VMware (Programmer to Programmer) WROX $ 40 978-0470079881 Amazon Hamill, Paul Unit Test Frameworks O'Reilly $ 30 w/CD w/JUnit, CppUnit, NUnit, XMLUnit, PYUnit 0-596-00689-6 Handel, S. A Dictionary of Electronics Penguin Reference Books Handel, Yevsei & Boris Degtyar Revolutionary Guide to COBOL WROX 50 w/COMPILER on floppy 1-874416-17-6 Hanes, David & Gonzalo Salgueiro ## FAX, Modem and Text for IP Telephony Cisco Press $55 ISBN-10: 1587052695 Amazon Hankerson, D.C. Greg A. Harris & Jr., Peter D. 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[ISDN, SONET, DS3, OC-1 - OC-48, ATM] AW 62979 37 0-201-62979-8 Horowitz, Ellis & Sartaj Sahni Fundamentals of Data Structures Computer Science Press, inc. 0-914894-20-X Horton, Ivor Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2008 (Programmer to Programmer) WROX $ 55 978-0-470-22590-5 Amazon Horton, Ivor Beginning Visual C++ 6 wrox $ 60 w/CD 1-861000-88-X ?? (might be for book, only) CD: includes a compiler House, William C. Data Base Management Petrocelli Press 0-88405-051-3 Howard, John S & Alex Noordergraaf Jumpstart Technology: Effective use in the Solaris Operating Environment PH/PTR $ 36 w/CD 0-13-062154-4 Howard, Michael & David LeBlanc ** Writing Secure Code MS Press $40 w/CD 0-7356-1588-8 H-P HP Help System Developer's Guide H-P Huff, Darrell How to Lie With Statistics Norton Hufferd, John L. iSCSI The Universal Storage Connection AW $45 0-201-78419-x Hughes, Jeffrey & Blair W. 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SECOND EDITION Osbourne $30 0-07-223072-X Jackson, Barry Photoshop Cosmetic Surgery Lark Books $30 1-57990-800-4 Jackson, Mike SAS Storage Architecture Mindshare, Inc 0-9770878-0-8 Jahnke, Eugene & Fritz Emde Tables of Functions: With Formulas and Curves Dover Jain, Raj The Art of Computer Systems Performance Analysis. Wiley $ 95 0-471-50336-3 James, Bareth R. not yet sure how I feel about this book Citrix Xen Desktop Implementation Syngress $ 50 978-1-59749-582-0 James, Glenn & Robert C. James Mathematics Dictionary Van Nostrand James, Lance Phishing Exposed Syngress $ 50 1-59749-030-X Jamsa, Kris Jamsa's C/C++ Programmer's Bible" The Ultimate Guide to C/C++/C# Programming. SECOND EDITION. Onword Press $ 60 w/CD 0-7668-4682-2 Jamsa, Kris & Lars Klander Jamsa's C/C++ Programmer's Bible" The Ultimate Guide to C/C++ Programming. (first edition) JAMSA Press $ 50 w/CD 1-884133-25-8 Jamsa, Kris Jamsa'S 1001 C/C++ tips Jamsa Press w/disk 40 0-9635851-2-6 Jamsa, Kris Using OS/2 McGraw-Hill 20 0-07-881306-9 Jang, Michael Linux Annoyances for Geeks O'Reilly $35 0596008015 Amazon Jang, Michael Mastering Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Sybex $ 50 0-7821-4347-4 Jatich, Alida & Phil Nowak Micro Focus Workbench: Developing Mainframe COBOL Applications on the PC Wiley 46 0-471-55611-4 Jeronimo, Michael & Jack Weast UPnP Design by Example Intel Press $70 w/CD 0-971-17861-1-9 Josephsen, David #### Building a Monitoring Infrastructure with Nagios InformIT (PH) $40 0132236931 Amazon JLC Guide to Moisture Control Hanlay/Wood $40 1-928580-30-x Johnson, Rod Expert One-on-one J2EE Design and Development WROX $60 0-7645-4385-7 Johnson, Michael K. & Erik W. Troan Linux Application Development. Second Edition AW $ 50 0-321-21914-7 Johnson, Sandra K. 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ANSI C Bejamine/Cummings 33140-9 37 0-8053-3140-9 Kelly-Bootle, Stan The Devil's DP Dictionary McGraw Kembel, Robert W. ** Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) (1/2010) Northwest Learning Associates, inc $75 978-0931836121 Amazon Kembel, Robert W. Comprehensive Guide to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). Northwest Learning Assoc $95 0931836611 Amazon com Kembel, Robert W. Comprehensive Introduction to Fibre Channel Solution Technology (requires $1200 course) 0-931836-83-2 Kembel, Robert W. In-Depth Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Solution Technology (requires $1200 course) 0-931836-81-6 Kent, Lynette @@ Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Wiley $20 Keogh, Jim & Ken davidson Data Structures DeMystified Osborne $20 0-07-225359-2 Keogh, Jim JAVA demystified Osborne $20 0-07-225454-8 Keogh, Jim & Mario Giannini OOP DeMystified Osborne $20 0-07-225363-0 Kernighan & Plauger Software Tools AW Kernighan & Plauger Software Tools in Pascal AW Kernighan, Brian W. and P. J. 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Microsoft Press w/3 1/2" disk $30 -- See also: Interface Design Microsoft Dictionary, 5th ed; Microsoft MS Encyclopedia of Networking, 2nd Ed) Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Deluxe Learning Edition Microsoft Press $ 140 includes MS Visual Basic 6.0 ALSO INCUDES THE NEXT TWO BOOKS: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programmer's Guide Microsoft Press Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Step by Step Microsoft Press Microsoft Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design Microsoft press 30 1055615-679-0 Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide Microsoft $ 40 0-7356-1788-0 Miles, Greg at al Security Assessment: Case Studies for Implementing the NSA IAM (Information Assurance methodology). Syngress $70 1-932266-96-8 Miles, Russ & Kim Hamilton # Learning UML 2.0 O'Reilly $45 0-596-00982-8 Milicev, Dragan # Model-Driven Development with Executable UML WROX $60 978-0-470-48163-9 Miller, Irwin & John E. Freund Probability and Statistics for Engineers PH Miller, Laurence & Peter H Gregory CISSP for Dummies. 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Sybex $40 0470108320 See also SECURITY Minasi, Mark; Rhonda Layfield & Lisa Justice Amazon Mastering Windows Server 2003 Upgrade Edition for SP1 and R2 Sybex $40 0470056452 & 978-040056452 711 pages Windows Minasi, Mark et al Mastering Windows Server 2003 Sybex $60 w/CD 0-7821-4130-7 Minoli, Daniel & Michael Vitella ATM & Cell Relay Service for Corporate Environments McGraw 44 0-07-042591-4 Minoli, Daniel ## Telecomunications Technology Handbook SECOND EDITION (online) Artech House Publishers ISBN 1580535283, 9781580535281 785 pages Minsky, Marvin Frame System Theory - NLP ACM Mishchenko, Dave VMware ESXi, Planning, Implementation and Security Course technology $ 50 978-1-4354-5495-8 Molkentin, Daniel The Book of Qt 4 No Starch Press $55 987-3-937514-12-3 Moore, James W. 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(covers version 3,4 & 5) SAMs 60 w/CD 0-672-31168-2 Murach, Joel @@ Murach's C#2008 Murach $55 978-1-890774-46-2 Murphy, David J ** Managing Software Development with Trac and Subversion Packt Publishing $30 ($20.39 for the eBook) ISBN 1847191665 Murray, James D. & William vanRyper Encyclopedia of Graphics Formats O'Reilly 650 pp $ 60 0-937175-058-9 w/CDROM Murray, Robert B. C++ Strategies and Tactics AW 56382 36 0-201-56382-7 Naik, Dilip C. Inside Windows Storage AW $50 0-321-12698-X c2004 National Geographic Traveler South Africa 2nd Edition National Geographic $ 26 978-1-4262-1166-9 Naylor, Thomas H. Computer Simulation Experiments with Models of Economic Systems Wiley Negus, Christopher & Eric Foster-Johnson Fedora Bible 2010 Edition: Featuring Fedora Linux 12 Wiley $ 60 w/DVD Amazon Negus, Christopher Live Linux CDs [KOPPIX, SLAX, Killbill, BackTrack, Parallel KNOPPIX, Damn Small Linux, GeeXboX, MoviX,& Gentoo][creating emergency Boot CDs] PH $40 w/DVD (CD images on DVD) 0-13-243274-9 Negus, Christopher Linux Bible 2006. (install 12 different distributions of Linux) Wiley $40 w/CDs & DVD 0-471-75489-7 Negus, Christopher Red Hat Fedora and Enterprise Linux 4 Wiley 2/CDs & 1 DVD $50 0-7645-9576-8 Negus, Christopher Red Hat Linux 9 Bible. Wiley $ 50 w/9.0 on 3 CD 0-7645-3938-8 Negus, Christopher ** ?? Red Hat Linux 7.2 Bible. 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Writing Unix Device Drivers (AT&T Unix Version 7) Counter Point Computers Seminar c1984 Oglesby, Ron & Scott Herold @@ VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide Brian Maddend Company $50 978-0971151062 Amazon Ohrtman, Franklin D. Jr. Softswitch: Architecture for VoIP McGraw $ 50 0-07-140977-7 [In my opinion, this is a very high-level overview] [In my opnion, it should include a lot more references] Olczak, Anatole Bourne Shell Quick Reference Guide ASP, Inc $8 0-935739-22-X Olle, T. William The Codasyl Approach to Data Base Management Wiley 0-471-99579-7 Oney, Walter # (not for beginners) Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model, Second Edition Microsoft Press $60 w/CD 0-7356-1803-8 Amazon READ THE REVIEWS Oppel, Andy Databases Demystified Osborne $ 20 0-07-225364-9 Oram, Andrew & Steve Talbott Managing Projects with MAKE O'Reilly $20 0-937175-90-0 Orebaugh, Angela D. et al Ethereal (now called "WireShark") Packet Sniffing Syngress $ 50 w/CD 1-932266-82-8 O'Reilly Linux Web Server Bookshelf. VERSION 2 O'Reilly $ 120 (all on CD) 0-596-00529-6 O'Reilly Linux in a Nutshell. FOURTH EDITION O'Reilly O'Reilly Apache: the Definitive Guide. THIRD EDITION O'Reilly O'Reilly Programming PHP O'Reilly O'Reilly Managing & Using MySQL. SECOND EDTION O'Reilly O'Reilly Practical mod_perl O'Reilly O'Reilly, Tim & Grace Todino Managing UUCP and Usenet. O'Reilly 28 0-937175-93-5 Orwant, Jon, Jarkko Hieaniemi & John Macdonald Mastering Algorithms with Perl O'Reilly 701 pages, $34.95 1999 1-56592-398-7 Orwick. Penny & Guy Smith ## Developing Drivers with the Windows Foundation Microsoft Press $60 0-7356-2374-0 Osterloh, Heather IP Routing Primer Plus SAMS $ 40 0-672-32210-2 Ostle, Bernard Statistics in Research. 2nd edition Iowa State University Press Padova, Ted & Kelly L. Murdock ## Adobe Creative Suite 5 Bible Wiley $ 45 978-0-470-58476-7 Padova, Ted & Kelly L. Murdock Adobe Creative Suite 4 Bible Wiley $ 45 978-0-470-34528-4 Padova, Ted & Angie Okamoto PDF Forms Bible Wiley w/CD $ 50 978-470-40017-3 Papoulis, Athanasios Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic Processes McGraw Pappas, Chris & William H. 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Chaganti Building Java Enterprise Systems with J2EE SAMS $ 60 w/CD 0-672-31795-8 CD contains TRIAL versions: BEA WebLogic Server 5.0.1; Inprise Visibroker for Java Orb; Prism Technologies OpenFusion CORBA Services. Perry, Gail Excel 2007 Macros: Made easy McH $22 978-0-07-159958-0 Perry, James T & Joseph G. Lateer Understanding Oracle Sybex $25 0-89588-534-4 Perry, William E. Effective Methods for Software Testing. 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SECOND EDITION Wiley $80 c2008 978-0-470-28715-6 Amazon I DID NOT NOTICE ANY REFERENCES NEWER THAT 1998 - AND THIS BOOK WAS REVISED IN 2008 LOTS OF TOKEN RING COVERAGE AND APPLE-TALK REFERENCES - TOO ANCIENT FOR ME TO CARE ABOUT I was, however, glad to see that the book was updated. Seifert, Rich The Switch Book: Complete Guide to LAN Switching Technology Wiley $ 70 c2000 0-471-3458-5 Seitz, Justin @@ Gray Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers No Starch Press $40 978-1593271923 Amazon See also: Computer Security Semer-Purzycki, Jeanne A Practical Guide to Sabre Reservations and Ticketing Seyer, Martin D. Complete Guide to RS232 amd Parallel Connections PH 0-13-783515-9 See also SERIAL and PARALLEL Shah, Shreeraj WEB 2.0 Security: defending AJAX, RIA and SOA Charles River w/CD $50 1-58450-550-8 Shalloway, Alan & James R. 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SIXTH EDITIOn NewNes $42 0-75-068071-7 See "Embedded" Sippl, Charles J. Computer Dictionary and Handbook SAMS Sippl, Charles J. Microcomputer Dictionary. Second Edtion SAMS Sivakumar, Nadarajah @ Debugging Indian Computer Programmers : Dude, Did I Just Steal Your Job? Divine Tree ( $15 0-9755140-0-9 LET' ALL BUY HIS BOOK, MAKE HIM RICH, THEN HE'LL GIVE US OUR JOBS BACK Skoudis, Ed ^ Malware: Fighting Malicious Code PH $ 50 0-13-101405-6 Sliger, Michele & Stacia Broderick # The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility SW $40 2008 Sloss, Andrew N. et al ARM System Developer's Guide : Designing and Optimizing System Software Morgan Kaufmann $ 70 1558608745 Smiley, John # Learn to Program with Visual Basic Activepath $30 w/CD 1-902745-00-0 Smith, Dr. R. E. Statistical Procedures in Fortran and Basic Control Data Corp. Smith, Roderick W. Linux Power Tools Sybex $50 0-7821-4226-5 Smith, Steve Solve That Problem!: Tools and Techniques for Continuous Improvement Kogan Page Business Books $45 Amazon Sobell, Mark G # A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux PH $50 w/DVD 0-13-6239-x Sobell, Mark G. @ A Practical Guide to Linux Commands, Editors and ">Shell Programming PH/PTR $45 0-13-147823-0 Sobell, Mark G. Practical Guide to Unix System V Benjamine Cummings 21 0-8053-8915-6 Solari, Edward & George Willse PCI & PCI-X Hardware and Software Architecture & Design Annabooks 0-929392-63-9 Solomon, David # Variable-length Codes for Data Compression Springer c2007 $60 1846289580 Amazon Solomon, David # Data Compression: The Complete Reference Springer $35 0387982809 Amazon Solter, Nicholas A. & Scott J. Kleper Professional C++ WROX $40 0-7645-7484-1 Soucek, Branko Minicomputers in Data Processing and Simulation Wiley 0-471-81390-7 Southerton, Alan & Edwin C. 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[X.25, Frame Relay, Broadband ISDN, ATM, SONET/SDH ISO 8802] [IEEE 802, CSMA/CD, FDDI, MANs, DS3] AW 56357 54 0-201-56357-6 Stallings, William SNMP, SNMP-v2, and CMIP: the Practical Guide to Network Management Standards AW 63331 53 0-201-63331-0 Stallman, Richard M. et al Debugging with GDB: the GNU Source-Level Debugger GNU Press $ 40 1-882114-88-4 Stallman, Richard M. et al The GNU Compiler Collection Reference Manual GNU Press $ 45 1-882114-39-6 Stanek, William R $$ Windows Server 2012 Inside Out Amazon Microsoft Press (February 4, 2013) $ 60 1584 pages 978-0735666313 Stanek, William R $$ Windows Server 2012 Pocket Consultant Amazon Microsoft Press (September 26, 2012) $ 16 720 pages 978-0735666337 Stanek, William R Windows Server 2008 Administrator Pocket Consultant Microsoft $35 Stanley Stanley Complete Plumbing Meredith Books w/DVD $22 978-0-696-23711-9 Stanley Stanley Complete Wiring Meredith Books w/DVD $22 978-0-696-23710-X Steel, Christopher et al Core Security Patterns: Best Practices for J2EE, Web Services and Identity Management SUN Hardcover $60 Steinmetz, William $$ Wicked Cool PHP: Real World Scripts that solve difficult problems. No Starch $30 978-1-59327-173-2 Stephens, Rod @@ Visual Basic 2010 WROX $40 978-0-470-49983-2 Stephens, Ryan K. & Ronald R. Plow Database Design SAM 40 0-672-31758-3 Sterbenz, Pat H. Floating-Point Computation PH 0-13-322495-3 Stern, Hal Managing NFS and NIS O"Reilly & Associates, Inc. 28 0-937175-75-7 Stevens, K. Ryan, Ronald R. Plew, Bryan Morgan & Jeff Perkins Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days. 2nd edition SAMS $40 0-672-31110-0 Stevens, W. Richards Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment AW 50 Stevens, W. Richard TCP/IP Illustrated- Vol I: The protocols AW 54 0-201-63346-9 Stevens, W. Richard TCP/IP Illustrated- Vol 3 (Volume THREE) TCP for Transactions, HTTP, NNTP, and the UNIX Protocols AW $ 40 Stevens, W. Richard UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1: (SECOND EDITION) Networking APIs: Sockets and XTI PTR/PH 62 0-13-490012-X hard-cover Stevens, W. Richard 11/11/98 UNIX Network Programming: Interprocess Communications, Volume 2: (Second Edition) PTR/PH 54 0-13-081081-9 Stevenson, Larry & Nancy Altholz @@ Rootkits for Dummies For Dummies $30 w/CD 978-0471917106 Amazon Stitt, Martin Debugging: Creative Techniques and Tools for Software Repair Wiley 33 0-471-55831-1 Stone, Harold S. Introduction to Computer Organization and Data Structures McGraw 07-061726-0 Stone, Harold S. Microcomputer Interfacing AW 7403 0-201-07403-6 [RS-232, RS-449, IEEE-488, BISYNC, HDLC] Stott, Will & James Newkirk # Visual Studio Team System: Better Software Development for Agile Teams AW $ 50 978-0-321-41850-0 Stover, Teresa S. Microsoft Project Version 2002 Inside Out Microsoft Press $45 w/CD 0-7356-1124-6 Strang, john, Linda Mui & Tim O'Reilly Termcap & Terminfo O'Reilly & Assoc, Inc. 22 1-937175-22-6 Stroustrup, Bjarne The C++ Reference Programming Language. 2ND EDITION AW 53992 38 0-201-53992-6 Strunk, William Jr and E. B. White The Elements of Style Macmillan 75-188776 Stutz, Michael Linux Cookbook: Tips and techniques for Everyday Use Linux Journal Press/No Starch $30 1-886411-48-4 Suddeth, Jeffery @@ Programming C# with Visual Studio .NET 2005 $ 36 978-1411664470 Amazon Sun Microsystems Inc Debugging a Program With Dbx Iuniverse Inc $ 55 0595731988 SuSE SuSE Linux Professional 9.0 (software) SuSE $ 80 Sussman, David ADO 2.6 Programmers reference WROX $30 1-861002-68-8 Sutton, Michael et al Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery AW $55 0-321-44611-9 Amazon Sweetman, Dominic See MIPS Run, Second Edition Morgan Kaufmann c2006 $75 0120884216 Amazon Sybex International Microcomputer Dictionary Sybex Szor, Peter (Symantec's chief anti-virus researcher) Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense Symantec Press $ 50 0-321-30454-3 The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense Tacke, Christopher & Tim Bassett ** eMbedded Visual basic: Windows CE and Pocket PC Mobile Applications. see also: Visual Basic SAMS $50 0-672-32277-3 Takanen, Ari ## Fuzzing for Software Security Testing and Quality Assurance Artech House Publishers $85 978-1596932142 Amazon Tansley, David Linux & Unix Shell Programming [Bourne = Linux Bash] AW $50 0-201-67472-6 Taylor, Dave ## Wicked Cool Shell Scripts No Starch $30 1-59327-012-7 Taylor, Jim; Mark R Johnson & Charles G. Crawford DVD Demystified. THIRD EDITION (c 2006) McGraw-Hill $50 w/DVD 0-07-142396-6 Telles, Matt & Yuan Hsieh ** The Science of Debugging Coriolis $ 50 1-57610-917-8 Tenebaum, Aaron M. & Moshe J. Augenstein Data Structures Using Pascal PH 0-13-196501-8 Thomas, Dave et al # Agile Web Development with Rails. SECOND EDITION (3rd ed is in development) The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC 978-0-9776166-3-3 Thomas, Dave # Programming Ruby 1.9 The Pragmatic Programmers $50 1-934356-08-5 Thomas, Stephen A. ** IP Switching and Routing Essentials: Understanding RIP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, CR-LDP, and RSVP-TE Wiley 0471034665 Thompson, Herbert H. & Scott G. Chase ^ Software Vulnerability Guide. Charles River $50 1-58450-358-0 Thomson Significant Changes to the NEC (National Electrical Code) 2008 Thomson/Delmar Learning 1-4180-6747-4 Thorpe, Nicolas M. & Derek Ross X.25 Made Easy [X.25, X.3, X.28, X.29, X.21, X.21bis, HDLC] PH 53 0-13-972183-5 Thro, Ellen The Artificial Intelligence Dictionary The Lance A. Leventhal MICROTREND Series $ 25 0-915391-36-8 Thurrott, Paul and Rafael Rivera @@ Windows 8 Secrets Wiley $40 978-1-118-20413-9 Tidwell, Jenifer $$ Designing Interfaces 2ND EDITION O'Reilly $58 978-1-449-37970-4 Time/Life Books Complete Fix-It-Yourself Manual Simon & Schuster 25 0-671-76541-8 Tisdall, James Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics O'Reilly Todd, Chad Hack Proofing Windows 2000 Syngress $50 1-931836-49-3 Todino, Grace & Dale Dougherty Using UUCP and Usenet. O'Reilly 22 0-937175-10-2 Toigo, Jon William ** The Holy Grail of Network Storage Management PH/PTR $50 0-13-028416-5 Tondo, Clovis L. & Scott E. Gimpel The C Answer Book. 2nd edition PTR/PH 31 0-13-109653-2 Topley, Kim J2ME In a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick reference O'Reilly $39 Torres, Jesse @ Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book. 3rd Edition Paraglyph $35 1933097108 Toth, Viktor Programming Windows 98/NT Unleashed SAMS $50 w/CD 0-672-31353-7 Townsend, Robert L. (I'm not too fond of this one) SNMP Application Developer's Guide VNR w/disk 45 0-442-01874-6 Toxen, Bob Real World Linux Security. SECOND EDTION PH/PTR $50 w/CD 0-13-046456-2 TRA Understanding the Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Telecommunications Research Associates Tremblett, Paul Instant Wireless Java with J2ME (all source from book, Readytouse wireless Apps Osborne $50 w/CD 0-07-219176-7 Trent, Rod IIS 5.0 A Beginners Guide Osborne $40 0-07-213372-4 Trodden, Jay HyperTransport System Architecture Addison-Wesley (Mindshare) $ 55 0321168453 Troelsen, Andrew Pro C#2008 and the .NET 3.5 Platform - 4th Edition Free on-line copy of the book until June 2008 Apress $60 hardcover source-online 1-59059-884-9 Troppens, Ulf at al ** Storage Networks Explained: Basics & Application of Fibre Channel SAN, NAS, iSCSI, InfiniBand & FCoE - 2ND EDITION - 9/2009 Wiley $ 110 978-0470741436 Amazon Tulloch, Mitch $$ Introducing Windows Server 2012 RTM Edition Amazon Microsoft Press (September 18, 2012) $ 15 258 pages 978-0735675353 Tulloch, Mitch and Tony Northrup, Jerry Honeycutt, et al Windows Vista Resource Kit Microsoft Press $70 w/CD 0735622833 1568 pages Amazon Tulloch, Mitch & Ingrid Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking. SECOND edition MS Press $80 W/cd 0-7356-1378-8 Tulloch, Mitch ** Microsoft Encyclopedia of Security MS Press $40 0-7356-1877-1 Tuma, Jan J. Engineering Mathematics Handbook McGraw Turnbull, James #### Pro Nagios 2.0 (PN2) Apress $60 1590596099 Amazon Ullman, Jeffrey D. Fundamental Concepts of Programming Systems. AW 0-201-07654-3 Ullman, Jeffrey D. Principles of Database Systems Computer Science Press 0-914894-13-7 Urban, Michael & Brian Tiemann FreeBSD. SECOND EDITION SAMS $ 50 w/CD 0-672-32456-3 Uspensky, J. V. Introduction to Mathematical Probability McGraw Vacca, John R. Biometrics and Verification Technology Systems. BH $? 978-0-7506-7967-1 Vadala, Derek Managing RAID on Linux O'Reilly $ 40 1-56592-730-3 Vahalla, Uresh UNIX Internals: the New Frontiers PH 0-13-101908-2 Van de Veld, Thomas; Bruce Snyder, Christian Dupuis, and Sing Li Beginning Spring Framework 2. WROX $40 978-0-471-10161-2 Amazon Vander Veer, Emily A. JavaScript for Dummies. 3rd Edition IDG $25 0-7645-0633-1 Varis, Lee Skin: Complete guide to Digitally Lighting. Photographing and Retouching Faces and Bodies (via Photoshop). SYBEX w/CD $40 0-470-04733-X Vassiliou, M. S. & J. A. Orenstein Computer Professional's Quick Reference [UNIX, VAX/VMS, MVS, MS-DOS, MACINTOSH, INTERFACES, STANDARDS] [OPERATING SYSTEMS, WORLD-WIDE NETWORKS, STANDARDS ORGANIZATIONS] [NETWORK STANDARDS] McGraw 25 0-07-067212-1 See also: Interface Design Veeraraghavan, Sriranga Sams Teach Yourself (Unix) Shell Programming in 24 Hours. @nd Edition SAMS $25 0-672-32358-3 Venkateswaran, Sreekrishnan Essential Linux Device Drivers PH $46 0-13-239655-6 Viega, John, et al ** Network Security with OpenSSL O'Reilly $40 Vieler, Ric @@ Professional Rootkits WROX $50 978-0470101544 Amazon [Personally, the books seems more about code than about theory (which you may prefer). [For theory, I would recommend: Rootkits: Subverting the Windows Kernel, or even ROOKITS For Dummies Viscarola, Peter & W. Anthony Mason Windows NT Device Driver Development Macmillan Tech $50 1-57870-058-2 VMware Education Services VMware ESX Server System Management [ESX Server 1.5.2} VMware Education Services VMware Education Services Lab Book VMware ESX Server System Management [ESX Server 1.5.2} VMware Education Services Voas, J. & G. McGraw Software Fault Injection: Inoculating Programs Against Errors. Wiley 1998 w/CD 0-471-18381-4 Von Hagen, Bill & Briean K. Jones @ Linux Server Hacks: Volume 2 O'Reilly $30 0-596-10082-5 Vromans, Johan Perl Pocket Reference. Covers Perl Version 5.14 O'Reilly $ 12.99 978-1-449-30370-9 WAITE GROUP, the Waite, Mitchell, Donald Martin & Stephen Prata UNIX System V primer - second EDITION SAM 30194 c1992 $30 0-672-301194-6 Walker, Andy Absolute Beginner's Guide to Security, Spam, Spyware and Viruses. QUE $22 0-7897-3459-1 Wall, Larry, Tom Christiansen & Jon Orwant Programming Perl. 3RD EDITION [CD] O'Reilly Wall, Larry & Randal L. Schwartz Programming Perl O'Reilly 30 0-937175-64-1 Walsh, AAron E. & Mikael Bourges-Sevenier MPEG-4: Jump-Start PH $35 0-13-060036-9 Walton, Sean ** Linux Socket programming SAMS $50 0-13-093476-3 Wang, Wallace Book of NERO 7 No Starch Press $25 1-59327-110-7 Wang, Wallace Book of NERO 6 No Starch Press $25 1-59327-043-7 Wang, Wallace Steal this Computer Book 4 No Starch press $30 w/CD of Security Programs 1-59327-105-0 (computer security) Wang, Wallace Steal this Computer Book 3 No Starch press $25 1-59327-000-3 (computer security) Ward, Brian How Linux Works No Starch Press $ 38 1-59327-035-6 Ward, Brian Linux Problem Solver No Starch Press $ 35 w/CD 1-886411-35-2 Ward, Brian VMware: the complete Guide to VMWARE WORKSTATION No Starch Press $ 40 1-886411-72-7 Amazon Warren, Steven S. @@ The VMware Workstation 5 Handbook Charles River Media $45 978-1584503934 Amazon Watson, Kerli @@ Beginning Miscrosoft Visual C#2008 WROX $40 978-0-470-19135-4 Watters, Paul - I DO NOT LIKE THIS BOOK - a personal opinion Solaris 9: the Complete Reference Osborne $50 0-07-222305-7 Webster Webster's NewWorld Dictionary of Computer Terms. Third Edition Webster Weinberg, Gerald M. Psychology of Computer Programming Van Nostrand Reinhold Weisfeld, Matt The Object-Orientated Thought Process SAMS $30 0-672-31853-9 Welburn, Tyler & Wilson Price Structured COBOL 74/85 3rd Ed McGraw 37 0-07-069166-5 Welch, Brent B. Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk. PH/PTR $45 w/CD 0-13-022028-0 Welsh, Matt et al Running Linux. FOURTH EDITION O'Reilly $45 0-596-00272-6 Westwater, Raymond Writing OS/2 Device Drivers AW 52234 $25 0-201-52234-9 c1989 White, Ron How Digital Photography Works QUE $30 0-7897-3309-9 White, Tom $$ Amazon Whitehead, Paul, et al Java and XML: Your visual blueprint for creating Java-enhanced web programs Wiley $27 w/CD 0-7645-3683-4 Whittaker, James A. How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing AW $ 35 w/CD CANNED HEAT & HOLODECK LITE 0-201-79619-8 Whittaker, James A, & Herbert H. Thompson How to Break Software Security AW/Pearson $35 w/CD 0-321-19433-0 Whittaker, Roger & Justin Davies ## Open SuSE 11.0 and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server Wiley $50 w/DVD 978-0-470-27587-0 Wiegers, Karl E. Software Requirements. 2nd Edition Microsoft $ 40 0-7356-1879-8 Williams, David E. & Rogier Dittner Best Damn Server Virtualization Book Period Syngress $60 978-1-59749-217-1 While a good book, I, personally, could find very few references in it Unfortunately, fewer and fewer technical books have references - a shame Williams, Kevin ** Professional XML Databases. WROX $ 50 1-861-00358-7 Williams, Vanessa L. @@ Visual Studio 2005 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies For Dummies (Wiley) $ 40 978-0764597756 Amazon Willmore, Ben Adobe Photoshop CS3: Up to Speed (the differences between CS3 and CS2) Peachpit Press $30 978-0-321-5-429-5 Willmore, Ben % Photoshop CS3 Studio Techniques Adobe $ 55 w/CD 0-321-51046-1 Willmore, Ben Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques Adobe $ 50 w/CD 0-321-32189-8 Wilson, E. Bright, Jr. An Introduction to Scientific Research McGraw Wilson, Ed Windows Powershell Scripting Guide Microsoft $50 w/CD LC-2007947086 Wilson, James & Aspi Havewala Building Powerful Platforms with Windows CE AW $50 w/CD 0-201-61636-X Wilson, Phil @ Definitive Guide to Windows Installer Apress $ 40 1-59059-297-2 Wilson, Scott F. Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 MCSD Training Kit. For exam 70-015 Microsoft $ 70 w/CD 0-7356-0926-8 CD: lab exercises, code samples, sample test questions Wind River Systems VxWorks Reference Manual Wind River Systems Wind River Systems VxWorks Programmer's Guide Wind River Systems Wind River Systems VxWorks Driver Supplement Wind River Systems Wingerd, Laura % Practical Perforce O'Reilly $40 0-596-10185-6 (an SCM book) Wirth, Niklaus Programming in Modula-2 Springer-Verlag 3-540-11674-5 Wisely, Dave Et al ** IP for 3G: Networking technologies for Mobile Communications Wiley $ 84 0-471-48697-3 Wobst, Reinhard Cryptology Unlocked. See also: Encryption Wiley $50 978-470-06064-3 Wolberg, John R, Conversion of Computer Software PH 0-13-172148-8 Wolfe, Paul et al Anti-SPAM Toolkit McGraw-Hill $50 (2004) w/CD 0-07-223167-X Woram, John The Windows 95 Registry: A survival Guide for Users MIS Press $ 24.95 1996 1-55828-494-X Wrathall, Claude P. Computer Acronyms, Abbreviations, Etc. Petrocelli Books 0-89433-138-3 Wright, Gary R. & Stevens, W. Richard TCP/IP Illustrated- Vol 2: The Implementation AW 63354 56 0-201-63354-X Wright, Peter Beginning GTK/Gnome Programming (runs on LINUX) WROX $ 40 Wright, Richard S. Jr & Benjamine Lipchak % OpenGL Super Bible. THIRD EDITION SAMS $60 w/CD 0-672-32601-9 Wulf, William, et al Design of an Optimizing Compiler Elsevier Wysocki, Robert K. Phd Effective Software Project Management [Explore the benefits of each strategic SDLC model & what types of projects it supports best] Wiley $45 978-0764596360 Amazon Yacoub, Michael Daoud Wireless Technology: Protocols, Standards & Techniques CRC Press $ 100 0-8493-0969-7 Yaghmour, Karim and Jon Masters, Gilad Ben-Yossef, Philippe Gerum Building Embedded Linux Systems. 2ND EDITION [ uClibc, BusyBox, U-Boot, OpenSSH, thttpd, tftp, strace, and gdb ] O'Reilly $50 0596529686 978-0596529680 Young, Douglas A. Object-Orientated Programming with C++ and OSF/MOTIF PH 44 0-13-630252-1 Source is online w/Internet Young, Michael J. Software Tools for OS/2: Creating Dynamic Link Libraries AW 51787 23 0-201-51787-6 Young, Michael J. XML: Step by Step. Second Edition Microsoft $ 40 w/CD 0-7356-1465-2 MUST install Installer 2.0 (on CD) before installing software Young, Ralph R. ** Effective Requirements Practices. AW $ 40 w/CD 0-201-70912-0 Yourdon, Edward Classics in Software Engineering Yourdon Press 0-917072-14-6 Yourdon, Edward and Larry L. Constantine Structured Design: Fundamentials of a Discipline of Computer Program and Systems Design PH 22 0-13-854471-9 Yourdon, Edward Structured Walkthroughs. 2nd edition PH 13 0-13-855221-5 Yourdon, Edward Techniques of Program Structure and Design PH 0-13-901702-X Zadian Technologies SCSI, the Nuts & Bolts Knowledge TEK Zadian Technologies SCSI, the Nuts & Bolts: Workbook and reference Guide Knowledge TEK Zadian Technologies Zadian SCSI Navigator Zadian Technologies c1994 $ 11 Zakas, Nicholas C. et al @ Professional Ajax (source is online) WROX $40 0-471-77778-1 Zaks, Rodnay and Austin Lesea Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques. 3rd edition Sybex 0-89588-029-6 Zaytsev, Oleg @@ Rootkits, Spyware/Adware, Keyloggers and Backdoors: Detection and Neutralization A List Publishing $40 978-1931769594 Zero G Team InstallAnywhere AW $35 0-321-24610-1 Ziegler, Robert L. Linux Firewalls. Second Edition New Riders $50 0-7357-1099-6 Zimmer, Vincent Michael Rothman, and Robert Hale Beyond BIOS: Implementing the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface with Intel's Framework (Computer System Design Intel Press (2006) $141 0974364908 Amazon Zwicky, Elizabeth D. && Building Internet Firewalls. 2nd Edition O'Reilly $50 1-56592-871-7 CAVEAT: I and others recommend these books, your milage may differ. ---- Some of the O'Reilly computer books are On-line (use to search), plus others - (O'Reilly is most noted for their Linux / Unix, Web and Communications books). I am really fed up with paying good money for a good technical book, only to discover the book has NO REFERENCES - NO Internet sites, papers, books - ABSOLUTELY NO REFERENCES. I, personally, would FIRE any technical book editor that did not insist on including references. I am ready to suggest, that if it is feasable, DO NOT BUY ANY TECHNICAL BOOK THAT INCLUDES NO REFERENCES. Inform the book publisher and the author as to why you will not buy their book. I suggest that a Technical book editior who does not require the Author to provide references within the book is NOT doing his/her job, and SHOULD BE FIRED.


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