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ACRONYMS / Glossary - Technical | Articles | Events | AES - 128-bit Encryption | Asymmetric Encryption | Authentication | Blowfish | BOOKS - My Highly Recommended Technical | BOOKS - CERT, Compression, Encryption, Firewalls, RFID, Security, Smart Cards, Statistics & Probability Reference Books | CCMP | Chaffing | Compression / Decompression | CRC | Crypto-hash | Cryptology | DDH | Decompression | DHP | Diffie-Hellman | Digital Certificates | Digital Signatures | DTLS | EAP | EAP-TLS | EAP-TTLS | Elliptic curve | Encryption | ENCRYPT your data and email it | Error Correction | Error-Correcting Codes | Forward Error-Correcting Codes | Forward Error Correcting Algorithms | Forward Error Correction dsl |
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Pairing-based cryptography | Password Safes | Pattern Recognition | PEAP | PGP | PKI Digital Signatures | Public Keys | Quantum Cryptography | Reed–Solomon FEC | References | RFID | RSA | SaaS | Secure Connections | Skype Encryption (proprietary) | SHA-256 (SHA256) | SHA-384 (SHA384) | SHA-512 (SHA512) | Smart Cards | Smart Cards - PKI | Software Encryption |
SSH | SSHV1 | SSHV2 | SSL - Certificates | SSL Certificates - Creating | SSL Certificates - Encrypting | SOAP - Digital Signatures | Symmetric Encryption | TESTING Digital Signatures | TKIP | TLS | TPM - Trusted Platform Module | Two Fish | Two Factor Authentication | USB Thumb Drive Encryption | VoIP encryption | Vonage encryption (none) |
WAP | WAP2 (WPA2) | WEP | WEP2 | WEPplus | Windows Encryption | Winnowing and Chaffing | WinZip & Attacks | WPA | WPA2 | XML - Digital Signatures | XML Encryption | XML Security Vulnerabilities | Other Resources | Other Information |


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Hacker Cracks Secure Hashing Algorithm Using Amazon Cloud - COST?: just $ 2.10 PGP Corporation Announces New Data Protection Solutions For Mac And Linux Enterprise Users "Secure" flash drive vulnerability discovered, exposing sensitive data Evil Maid goes after TrueCrypt! German hackers crack GSM encryption - 25th August 2009 Changes made by Google enable complete SSL encryption Encryption in data management should never be ignored Database monitoring, encryption vital in tight economy Flaw Endangers Debian-Based Encryption Keys The Cambridge Algorithms Workshop


The standard comprises three block ciphers, AES-128, AES-192 and AES-256. AES: Security in a Nutshell Loop-AES, security concerns, stability of file backed loop-aes Unbelievable Security Matching AES security using public key - PDF AES Free Script for loop-AES key generation: msg#00001 Script for loop-AES key generation - Need a recent losetup Advanced Encryption Standard - Wikipedia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) CLICK HERE

Asymmetric Encryption

One key is used to encrypt the data, another key is ued to decrypt it. Asymmetric Encryption Uses a two-part key: a public key and a private key. Asymmetric encryption Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia Definition of Asymmetric Encryption - Hitachi Public-key cryptography - Wikipedia Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding - Wikipedia Description of Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption - Microsoft CodeProject: Combining Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption. Free Asymmetric Encryption with the iPhone SDK and Security.framework - Greg Haygood Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption - Internet and Web 2.0 Tech asymmetric encryption Resources | TechRepublic What is the most common asymmetric encryption algorithm? asymmetric encryption Content at ZDNet UK Symmetric Vs Asymmetric Encryption - C# Secure Integration of Asymmetric and Symmetric ... - CiteSeerX


Authentication - wikipedia authentication library -


The Blowfish Encryption Algorithm - DDJ (must subscribe) The Blowfish Encryption Algorithm: One Year Later

CCMP - an algorithm based on AES - used by WPA2

CCMP - wikipedia


Data compression - Wikipedia Lossless data compression - Wikipedia Compression Links . info Theory of Data Compression This paper surveys a variety of data compression methods spanning almost forty year Maximum Compression (lossless data compression software) is a comprehensive set of links to Data Compression resources The Data Compression Site on the Internet Hacking Data Compression - good, but older Interactive Data Compression Tutor LZW Data Compression Open Directory - Computers: Software: Data Compression Data Compression Programs [70] Introduction to data compression (long) HowStuffWorks "How File Compression Works" LZO real-time data compression library (GPL v2+) Compression/Decompression - Reference Books Digital Speech Compression - GSM 06.10 RPE-LTP algorithm MD5 PGP users can be tricked PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) PGP Corporation Announces New Data Protection Solutions For Mac And Linux Enterprise Users 1on1 Mail - Encrypted Email Easy Encryption Products New virus targets and encrypts .exe files

CRC - cyclic redundancy check

A method for detecting data errors Cyclic redundancy check - Wikipedia Cyclic redundancy check - data error CYCLIC REDUNDANCY CHECK - PDF Calculating a Cyclic Redundancy Check cyclic redundancy check Cyclic Redundancy Check -- from Wolfram MathWorld CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check - Cyclic Redundancy Check Control - cnet


Use (Linux) crypto_hash interface instead of crypto_digest for iSCSI


Cryptography - wikipedia Cryptography for the rest of us Ritter's Crypto Glossary - PDF

EAP - Click here

EAP-TLS - Click here

EAP-TTLS - Click here


Email Encryption - An Easy and Cheap Method


Encryption Reference Books GET Sophos Free encryption tool (ALL Windows OSes) (I have NOT tried it) Gmail Encrypt by Greasemonky Computers and Internet > Security and Encryption - Yahoo Avalanche Characteristics of Substitution-Permutation Encryption AES - 128-bit encryption Encryption and PKI Computational complexity theory Cryptographic key length


Diffie-Hellman key exchange - Wikipedia Diffie-Hellman problem (DHP) - Wikipedia RSA Laboratories - 3.6.1 What is Diffie-Hellman? Diffie-Hellman Method For Key Agreement A Review of the Diffie-Hellman Algorithm and its Use in Secure ... - PDF Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement Method - Exploring Diffie-Hellman Encryption using Linux GNU bc Diffie-Hellman Protocol -- from Wolfram MathWorld Timing Attacks on Implementations of Die-Hellman, RSA, DSS, and ... - PDF CodeProject: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Example. Free source code The decision Diffie-Hellman problem (DDH)


Digital Signature Initiative Overview - W3C Digital signature - Wikipedia DSS Spec (Digital Signatures) What is a Digital Signature? Digital Signature Guidelines - Tutorial Digital Signatures FIPS 186 - (DSS), Digital Signature Standard Digital Signature Proposal for Mixed-Signal Circuits

TESTING Digital Signatures

Testing Digital Signatures and Encryption - Microsoft The Digital Signature Algorithm Validation System (DSAVS) Create digital certificates, Part 3: Create test digital certificates - IBM

DIGITAL CERTIFICATES - asymmetric cryptography

Public key certificate - Wikipedia What is digital certificate? Digital Certificates FAQ Description of Digital Certificates Thawte Digital Certificates VeriSign - Security (SSL Certificates), Intelligent Communications ... RSA Digital Certificate Solutions Digital Certificate Certificates - where stored - Micrsoft Digital Certificate Smart Computing Article - Digital Certificates CodeProject: Get info about local digital certificates with WSE ... IdenTrust ECA Digital Certificates - PDF Introduction to Code Signing Chilkat Digital Certificates Component - Chilkat Certificate makes ...

BROWSER Certificates

[ubuntu] where are Firefox ssl certificates stored - Ubuntu Forums

JAVA Digital Signatures

Java XML Digital Signatures Programming With the Java XML Digital Signature API The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification ...

PKI Digital Signatures

Authenticate Your Data with PKI and Digital Signatures Public-key infrastructure - Wikipedia Records Management Guidance For PKI Digital Signature PKI enables digital signatures digital signature and pki Resources | TechRepublic Risks of PKI: Electronic Commerce WonderCrypt - PKI, Digital Signature, Encryption State of Illinois - Digital Signature Project PKI Digital Signature Software & Electronic Signature Solutions

SSL - Certificates

SSL broken! Hackers create rogue CA certificate using MD5 Transport Layer Security - Wikipedia How to Manage SSL Certificate SSL Certificates: certificate.exe Exporting Your SSL Certificate from IIS 6.0 and Importing To ISA ... CTX109880 - Where are Passphrases for Encrypted SSL Certificates ... Certificates - Microsoft Creating Certificate Authorities and self-signed SSL certificates Re: SSL Client certificates stored on hardware dev: msg#00188 ... Ssl Certificates -

SSL Certificates - Creating

SSL Certificates Comodo Free SSL Digital Server Certificate Authority How to create a self-signed Certificate How to create and install an SSL certificate in Internet ... - Microsoft SSL Certificates - Secure Your Data & Transactions - godaddy Creating Certificate Authorities and self-signed SSL certificates Adobe CDS | Code Signing | Create SSL | Generate | IIS | Renew ... SSL Certificates DigiCert Digital SSL Certificate Authority How do I create SSL certificates with OpenSSL on the command line Create an SSL Certificate Signing Request: RapidSSL

SSL Certificates - Encrypting

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): How It Works - SSL Encryption/https ... SSL Certificates - VeriSign SSL Certificates, SSL Encryption and ... Secure Certificates - Secure SSL Certificate Encryption Strength SSL/TLS Strong Encryption: FAQ - Apache HTTP Server Secure email Certificate Encryption Free from SSL Certificate ... SSL Certificates - Entrust SSL Certificate encryption vs cypher encryption - Stack Overflow How to set up an SSL certificate to encrypt OWA and ActiveSync traffic Nmap Development: SSL Certificate experation date and encryption level

SOAP - Digital Signatures

SOAP Security Extensions: Digital Signature

XML - Digital Signatures

XML Signature Syntax and Processing (Second Edition) IETF/W3C XML-DSig Working Group An Introduction to XML Digital Signatures Understanding XML Digital Signature XML Signature - Wikipedia CodeProject: Using XML Digital Signatures for Application ... Cover Pages: XML Digital Signature

Elliptic Curve Cryptography - ECC

Elliptic curve cryptography - Wikipedia Elliptic Curve - from Wolfram MathWorld An intro to Elliptical Curve Cryptography - deviceforge Certicom Device Authentication Service for ZigBee Smart Energy ZigBee An intro to Elliptical Curve Cryptography Why Elliptical Curve Cryptography is More Efficient Than RSA What is elliptical curve cryptography? - a definition from Whatis Elliptical Curve Cryptography Targets Tiny 8-Bit Nodes Using BouncyCastle .NET library for elliptical curve cryptography An Efficient Authentication Protocol Based on Elliptic Curve - PDF Elliptic curve cryptography FAQ v1.12 22nd December 1997 elliptical curve cryptography - SearchSecurityChannel TechFinder Elliptical curve cryptography and standards for efficient cryptography group Interactive introduction to elliptic curves and ECC Certicom ECC Tutorial Lecture 14: Elliptic Curve Cryptography Lecture Notes on “Computer... Book results for elliptical curve XML Document Encrypt Implementation using Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem Download Elliptical Curve Cryptography Source Codes CodeProject: Product Keys Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography


The Error Correcting Codes (ECC) Page Error detection and correction - Wikipedia Error-Correcting Code -- from Wolfram MathWorld Error Correcting Codes - quantdec ERROR CORRECTING CODES - hackersdelight Error correcting codes

Forward Error-Correction Codes (FEC)

Forward error correction - Wikipedia How Forward Error-Correcting Codes Work Performance limit of forward error correction coides in optical ... - IEEE

Reed–Solomon Forward Error Correction

Reed–Solomon error correction - Wikipedia RFC 5510 - Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) Schemes draft-ietf-rmt-bb-fec-rs-05 - Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction - May 15, 2008 Application Note: Reed-Solomon Error Correction Codes Primer - PDF

Forward Error Correcting Algorithm

Dynamic forward error correction algorithm for internet telephone Congestion State-Based Dynamic FEC Algorithm for Media Friendly Algorithm::FEC [Paper] A New Adaptive FEC Algorithm for Wireless LAN Networks

Forward Error Correction dsl

Kitz - ADSL Error Correction Adaptive fec codeword management invention Digital subscriber line (DSL) - Scholarpedia

Hamming Error-Correcting Codes

Hamming code - Wikipedia R.W. Hamming - Error Detecting and Error Correcting Codes (1/15) Improve Integrated SRAM Reliability With Hamming Error-Correction Code Demo of Hamming 7-4 Code


Fuzzy Logic Tutorial - An Introduction European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT) Fuzzy logic - Wikipedia Fuzzy Logic for 'Just Plain Folks' FAQ: Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems 1/1 Fuzzy Logic Archive Fuzzy Logic - Petr Hajek fuzzyTECH - Repository for Fuzzy Logic Applications, Fuzzy Systems - A Tutorial Fuzzy Logic: Examples - wolfram Examples (Fuzzy Logic Toolbox) RubyForge - fuzzy-logic-examples-are-done fuzzy logic usage examples FUZZY LOGIC Fuzzy Logic - Article #1 of Fuzzy Logic and its Uses Fuzzy Logic Toolbox - MATLAB

GOST - Russian hash standard

GOST hash function - wikipedia GOST standard - wikipedia European cryptologists attack hash functions

GNU Privacy Guard

A Practical Introduction to GNU Privacy Guard in Windows

Hard Drive Encryption Information - HW & SW

Complete Hard Disk Encryption Complete Hard Disk Encryption Using FreeBSD's GEOM Framework - PDF Encryption Tech: 10 Simple Rules for Encrypting Enterprise Data ... H.264-based Multiple Security Levels Net Video Encryption Scheme - IEEE 22C3: COMPLETE Hard Disk Encryption with FreeBSD Complete GBDE / GELI encryption for systems without removable local boot tokens (aka USB drives) Laptop Encryption for Security and Compliance - Best Practices for Protecting Enterprise Mobile Data Changes made by Google enable complete SSL encryption SEE ALSO: FDE - Full Disk Encryption (hardware encryption)

Hard Drive & File Encryption Products


I know nothing about these products - use at your own risk

Answers to: Is there any good external HDD encryption software? Sun Web Server Encryption Solution (built-in) - Get PGP Information PGP announces complete hard drive encryption Encrypt/Decrypt TrueCrypt - free Winguard Pro 2005 Free v5.8 Build 2 Androsa FileProtector Linoma Software | Crypto Complete - Field Encryption Endpoint Encryption - Cryptzone Endpoint Encryption rsa encryption Software - Free Download rsa encryption Data Encryption Made Easy - System iNetwork SafeGuard Easy Whole Disk Encryption by Utimaco (1-5000 User) SafeGuard Easy Kryptos 2 PGP - Pretty Good Privacy VB.NET Encryption Examples C# Encryption Examples Source Code Ruby Encryption Library 1.0 Byteshift File Encryption & Compression for Windows 98, 2000, XP - shareware Sha1: HashTab, J2SSH Maverick, Maverick.NET - free - ads? See also: PASSWORD (KEY) SAFES


Q94: What is a Hash Function? Hash function - Wikipedia Cryptographic hash function - Wikipedia Classification of Hash Functions Suitable for Real-life Systems - PDF - NIST RSA Laboratories - 2.1.6 What is a hash function hash function - Definition of hash function, with links - NIST Hash functions - Paul Hsieh Hash Functions and Block Ciphers - Bob Jenkins Bob Jenkin's hash function Fowler / Noll / Vo (FNV) Hash General Purpose Hash Function Algorithms - By Arash Partow Integer Hash Function - Thomas Wang Pluto Scarab — Hash Functions Schneier on Security: The Skein Hash Function Collisions for Hash Functions MD4, MD5, HAVAL-128 and RIPEMD - PDF America's Next Top Hash Function Begins Hash functions: Theory, attacks, and applications - PDF - Microsoft Keying Hash Functions for Message Authentication - PDF - Computer Security Division - cryptographic hash project Hash Function -- from Wolfram MathWorld Chapter 3: One-way Hash Function Alan Kaminsky -- Cryptographic One-Way Hash Functions Herding Hash Functions and the Nostradamus Attack - PDF Optimizing Hash Functions For a Perfect Map - O'Reilly Media European cryptologists attack hash functions - The H: Security

Java (all flavors) Encryption

Rijndael C complete encryption algorithm in J2ME See also Java Digital Signatures See also Java Vulnerabilities & Security Issues


Kerberos: The Network Authentication Protocol 'Critical' Kerberos Flaws Could Open Networks to Attack - 7/13/05 Kerberos FAQ Kerberos Reference Page Windows 2000 Kerberos Authentication RFC 1510 - describes the Kerberos concepts and model Kerberos (protocol) - Wikipedia Shishi, a free Kerberos implementation for the GNU system Kerberos explained visually The Moron's Guide to Kerberos

LEAP - Click here

MD5 - MD5 is NOT a safe form of encyption, anymore

The MD5 hashing algorithm has a security flaw MD5 = RFC 1321 MD5 Homepage (unofficial) RFC 1321 - The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm MD5 - Command Line Message Digest Utility ** JavaScript MD5 RSA - What are MD2, MD4, and MD5? MD5 Online Cracking using Rainbow Tables Other Cryptographic Techniques

Linux Encryption

Linux Howtos and Tutorials - Encrypt data in Linux/Unix - Unixmen

Michael Algorithm - used on WPA2

Wi-Fi_Protected_Access Wi-Fi Protected Access Data Encryption and Integrity - Microsoft Michael algorithm enhances integrity - Dell Security Analysis and Improvements for IEEE 802.11i


MMPC: An Algorithm for Encrypting Multiple Messages


Neural Networks - an Introduction An Introduction to Neural Networks Neural network - Wikipedia Artificial neural network - Wikipedia Neural Networks Neural Network Toolbox for MATLAB Neural Networks in the Yahoo! Directory Neural Networks Journal International Neural Network Society Other (non-IEEE) Neural Network Professional Societies Bibliographies on Neural Networks IEEE Xplore: Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on Neural Java Index Neural Networks with Java IEEE Computational Intelligence Society See also Fuzzy Logic

Pairing-based Cryptology (PBC)

Pairing-based cryptography - PBC The Pairing-Based Cryptography Library Chapter 5. Pairing Functions Pairing-based cryptography - Wikipedia Lecture on Pairing-Based Cryptography - PDF The Pairing-Based Crypto Lounge Applications of Pairing Based Cryptography - NIST A pairing-based authentication scheme for protecting multiple - ACM Scientific Commons: Pairing-based Cryptosystems Pairing-Based Cryptography Pairing 2008: 2nd Conference, Egham, UK, September 1-3, 2008, Proceedings - $75


Password Safes, Encrypted - Click here

Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition - Wikipedia AITopics / PatternRecognition IAPR - International Association of Pattern Recognition k-nearest neighbor algorithm - Wikipedia A General Algorithm For Pattern Recognition? - PDF The Pattern Recognition Basis of AI IMPROVEMENT OF PATTERN RECOGNITION ALGORITHM FOR DROP SIZE Fuzzy neural network pattern recognition algorithm Fuzzy neural network pattern recognition algorithm for classification of the events in power system networks SALSA: A Pattern Recognition Algorithm To Detect Electrophile ... A novel pattern recognition algorithm to classify membrane protein ... Pattern-Recognition Algorithm for Locking Laser Frequency - NASA Adaptive Pattern Recognition: Adaptive Pattern Recognition CiteSeerX - Adaptive Pattern Recognition System for Scene Segmentation Adaptive data compression: Adaptive data compression - ENTIRE BOOK - Ross Neil Williams pattern recognition Books: Highly Recommended Technical Reference Books - Woodsmall Pattern Recognition is the official journal of the Pattern Recognition Society Pattern recognition - Google Books Result See also NEURAL NETWORKS

PEAP - Click here


PGP Desktop 9 - $199 or $ 70/year PGP - Pretty Good Privacy PGP - shareware PGP announces complete hard drive encryption - News Blog - CNET News PGP users can be tricked


A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems Cryptographic key length recommendations


Quantum cryptography News and Articles on Quantum Cryptography Quantum Cryptography: Researchers Break 'Unbreakable' Crypto



RFID - Radio Frequency ID

In theory, modified RFID tags can crash the back-end database or run malware. RFID signals can not pass through metal or foil - You can protect your RFID information. The planned U.S. RFID passports will use both Encryption and shielding covers. For RFID Security Problems and Virus Information, Please Click HERE HP's new Memory Spot is expected to compete with RFID. The House That RFID Built AIM Inc. Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry What is RFID? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer MiFare RFID crack more extensive than previously thought RFID - wikipedia OE-A shows off nonvolatile RAM, RFID tag formed by printing - Engadget RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages - CNET News HowStuffWorks "How RFID Works" RFID tag RFID 'Powder' - World's Smallest RFID Tag: Science Fiction in the News RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them Tikitag promises to bring RFID tags to everything - Engadget RFID tags become hacker target - CNET News Wired 14.05: The RFID Hacking Underground How RFID Tags Could Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People RFID Viruses and Worms Michelin Embeds RFID Tags in Tires - RFID Journal 10 Best Uses for RFID Tags The RFID Gazette The RFID Weblog - weblogsinc RFID News: Technology RFID Weblog - rfid-weblog RFID Update RFID Breaking News - networkworld RFID Books RFID STANDARDS RFID Organizations - how RFID will compromise privacy, security, freedom EPIC RFID Privacy Page RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages | Perspectives | CNET ... Electronic Frontier Foundation - nonprofit to protect your digital rights - RFID RFID Hack Could Allow Retail Fraud RFID - Motorola USA See also: PASSPORTS with RFID


RSA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia RSA Security - Crypto FAQ PKCS #1: RSA Cryptography Standard RSA Encryption - from Wolfram MathWorld MathWorld News: RSA-640 Factored RSA Security A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems - PDF How the RSA Cipher Works Twenty years of attacks on the RSA cryptosystem The Prime Glossary: RSA cryptosystem RSA Security Conference Articles - 2004 RSA Conference 2005

SaaS Encryption

SaaS - Data Security Enforces Encryption - Data Management


SHA - SHA-0 (SHA0) SHA-1 (SHA1) - Secure Hashing Algorithm

I do not know about any of these sites - They are McAfee approved

SHA-1 Spec SHA-1 Source Code SHA-224/256/512 Spec SHA hash functions - Wikipedi attacking SHA-1 - PDF RSA Laboratories - 3.6.5 What are SHA and SHA-1? What is SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm)? Schneier on Security: SHA-1 Broken RSA Laboratories - SHA1 Collisions can be Found in 2^63 Operations FIPS 180-1 - Secure Hash Standard sha1 — Calculate the sha1 hash of a string SHA1 version 1.0 RFC 3174 (rfc3174) - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) SHA-1 Collision Search Graz SHA1 Class (System.Security.Cryptography) RFC 3174 - US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1) Digest::SHA1 - Perl interface to the SHA-1 algorithm - Gisle Aas / Digest-SHA1 - Paj's Home: Cryptography: JavaScript MD5 - The MD4, MD5 and SHA-1 algorithms OpenSSL: Documents, sha(3) Schneier on Security: Cryptanalysis of SHA-1 sha1 Finding Collisions in the Full SHA-1 - PDF IS O/IEC 10118-3:2004 - Information technology - Security Sam Ruby: SHA-1 "Broken" SHA-1 Password: Recover Password Using SHA-1 Hash jsotp: JavaScript OTP & S/Key Calculator (SHA1-Only Version) fips 180-2 with change notice.doc - PDF Java script equivalent for PHP's sha1 The Epoch Times | Chinese Professor Cracks Fifth Data Security... European cryptologists attack hash functions - The H: Security ... SHA-1: Demo XML-Signature Syntax and Processing - HMAC-SHA1 Distributed SHA-1 code-cracking effort launched | Threat Level ... SHA-1 compromised further - The Register

SHA-256 (256 bit)

I do not know about any of these sites - They are McAfee approved

SHA hash functions - Wikipedia SHA-224/256/512 Spec SECURE HASH STANDARD - PDF Javascript SHA-256 SHA-256 cryptography software SHA256 Class (System.Security.Cryptography) - MSDN Rafael R. Sevilla / SHA256 - RFC 4509 - Use of SHA-256 in DNSSEC Delegation Signer mx.utils.SHA256 (LiveCycle ES) Smart Card / Elliptic Curves and SHA-256 support / 16.05.2009 - Computer Security Division - Computer Security Resource SHA-256 Hash Text Code Golf | SHA-256 Hashing Digest::SHA2 - A variable-length one-way hash function (deprecated ...

SHA-384 (384 bit)

I do not know about any of these sites - They are McAfee approved

SHA hash functions - Wikipedia SHA-512/384 - The ECRYPT Hash Function Website KF Webs: Articles: SHA512,SHA384 and SHA256 support in MySQL SHA384 Class (System.Security.Cryptography) - MSDN SHA384 Class - VB - Microsoft SHA-384 - CryptoLounge Open Source (BSD Licensed) Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-384/512 Hashing, Fast (Helion) SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512 Sha384 (GNU cryptographic primitives and tools, version 2.0.0) Sha sha256 sha384 - Downloads Free SHA-384 Software Informer sha384 Resources | TechRepublic Crypto++: SHA384 Class Reference

SHA-512 (512 bit)(SHA256)

I do not know about any of these sites - They are McAfee approved

SHA512 Class (System.Security.Cryptography) fips 180-2 with change notice.doc - fips180-2 TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software SHA512 SHA512 core - The MOLEN Prototype - TU Delft Create Hashes - MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 - developer KF Webs: Articles: SHA512,SHA384 and SHA256 support in MySQL SHA512 Class - VB - MSDN SHA-512 - CryptoLounge SHA-512/384 - The ECRYPT Hash Function Website sha512 Resources | TechRepublic Generating sha512 passwords at btm.geek SHA-512 Hash Text


Smart Cards in .NET - Part 1 Smart Cards in .NET - Part 2 Smart Cards in .NET - Part 3 Development of Large-capacity IC Card with New Operating System, JCOP31 Smart Card Reference BOOKS Smart Card STANDARDS

Smart Cards - PKI

The Relation of Smart Cards with PKI Two Factor Authentication Smart Card PKI eToken PKI Smart Card Solutions - Generate PKI Certificate - PKI ... Smart Cards and Biometrics: Your Key to PKI PKI Smart Card PKI Smart Card / Logon Overview - Deploying PKI-enabled applications for smart cards Card Technology Today : News comment – smart cards, PKI and ... Store - Books & Training - » PKI, Encryption, Smartcards Smart Card designed for PKI based applications Que Nguyen's Microsoft techology blog : PKI - Smart Card overview

Symmetric Encryption

Symmetric encryption is where the key used to encrypt AND decrypt are the same key. Symmetric encryption is also known as secret key encryption. In symmetric encryption the key needed for decryption can be directly derived from the encryption key. In practice, in symmetric encryption algorithms the message is encrypted and decrypted with the same key. See: Symmetric encryption - Description of Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption - Microsoft Symmetric-key algorithm - Wikipedia An inside look at Symmetric Encryption - dotnetslackers CodeProject: .NET Encryption Simplified. Free source code Nikhil's Blog : .NET 2.0 Symmetric Encryption Code Sample Private Key Symmetric Encryption - symmetric encryption Resources | TechRepublic Re: Secure unsalted or fixed salt symmetric encryption? Symmetric Encryption - Symmetric Encryption with the iPhone SDK and Security.framework - Greg Haygood Symmetric-key encryption in Java Little known features: Symmetric encryption with PGP/GPG ... Secure Integration of Asymmetric and Symmetric ... - CiteSeerX Basic symmetric encryption example : Encryption « Security « Java A Parallel Architecture for Secure FPGA Symmetric Encryption Can the symmetric encryption algorithm for S/MIME messages be changed? C# - Symmetric Encryption Class [Archive] - VBForums Using Symmetric Encryption in a SQL Server 2005 Database Registry key for "Symmetric Encryption" in PCanywhere - Symantec - 6/3/2009 Side-Channel Attacks on Symmetric Encryption Schemes Symmetric Encryption | LuxSci FYI

TKIP - Click here

TPM - Trusted Platform Module

Trusted Platform Module - wikipedia Trusted Computing Group ORG Windows Trusted Platform Module Management Step-by-Step Guide Trusted Platform Module Administration Technical Overview - Microsoft Trusted Platform Module (TPM) based Security on Notebook PCs ... - PDF - Intel Linux and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) - The H Open Source ... What is trusted platform module? Definition from Lenovo - Innovation - Client Security Solution Trusted Computing Group - Solutions - Authentication Enabling TPM Security Chip on Dell Latitude

Two-Factor Authentication (T-FA)

Requires identitiy challenges from two of the three catagories of authentication catagories (Tokens, Virtual Tokens and Biometrics). Two-factor authentication - Wikipedia What is Two Factor Authentication? Using Two-Factor Authentication German police: Two-factor authentication failing - Network World Schneier on Security: The Failure of Two-Factor Authentication JanRain Blog: Phone-Based Two-Factor Authentication Now Available RSA SecurID Two-factor authentication: Hot technology for 2008 - Network World


TwoFish - Home - Twofish - A 128-bit block cipher by Counterpane Systems (Bruce Schneier et al.). Twofish: A 128-Bit Block Cipher Twofish - Wikipedia TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source Disk Encryption Software - one of the AES finalists Products That Use Twofish TwoFish Encryption for Python

USB Thumb Drive Encryption

PGP - Very good commercial product - about $99

VoIP Encryption

VonageVonage does not appear to use encryption. Vonage Codec(s) supported G.711, G.726, G.723 Vonage Security Problems May Be Just the Start - VoIP News - Oct 31, 2007 Vonage Forum - How can I encrypt my Vonage phone conversations Vonage Forum - Encryption? Hacking Vonage: How To Eavesdrop On Calls - Gadget Trail HowStuffWorks "Skype Calls vs. Vonage Calls" Converting to Vonage Phone Service - My experince MagicJack (MJ): MagicJack does NOT use encryption with VoIP. (your phone calls are not encrypted - 9/2008). You can find your MJ serial # by going into my pc right click manage device manager DVD/CDROM devices double click in to YMAX MagicJack USB Device details USBSTOR\CDROM&VEN_YMAX&PROD_MAGICJACK&REV_2.00\7&10CE61F0&0&A9XXXXXXXXXXXX&1 The A9XXXXXXXXXXXX WOULD BE YOUR SERIAL #. See also MagicJack for more information Skype: Skype uses a propreitary encryption method, which has allegedly already been hacked. See Skype for more information Other VoIP Encryption: How to: Encrypt Your VoIP How to: Encrypt Your VoIP How to tap a VoIP call. - By David S. Bennahum - Slate Magazine Schneier on Security: VOIP Encryption VoIP security: Encryption Zfone Project Home Page Asterisk encryption - VoIP encryption comes to the masses - Ars Technica SpeedVoIP - VoIP Encryption, VoIP Blocking, VoIP VPN, SoftPhone Encryption pioneer expands on VoIP plans - See also VoIP informationa and Resources

WAP - Click here

WAP2 (WPA2) - Click here

WEP - Click here

WEP2 - Click here

WEPplus - Click here


Microsoft patches may make encrypted data UNreadable - 4/21/2005 There have been two recent incidents of users having installed Microsoft O/S patches no longer being able to access encrypted data (files and/or folders) on their systems.

Winnowing and Chaffing

Winnowing and Chaffing

WinZip - Encryption and Attacks

Attacking and Repairing the WinZip Encryption Scheme - PDF Analysis of the WinZip encryption method - PDF Licensed version of WinZip 10 Standard can encrypt files using 256-bit AES encryption Zip Password Recovery recovers your Zip file passwords

WPA - Click here

WPA2 - Click here

XML Encryption

Exploring XML Encryption, Part 1 See also: XML See also: XML Security Vulnerabilities


Cryptography - techheap Ritter's Crypto Glossary - PDF Cryptographic key length recommendations Smart card -

RESOURCES - Other Related Information



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