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8P8C Connector

The 8P8C is often used to terminate patch cables. 8P8C is often cofused with the RJ-45 connector. 8P8C Connector - wikipedia

ARTICLES - related

Viewpoint: Divining Ethernet's future - 40Gbe and 100Gbe OMG - 802.11n was FINALLY ratified Sept 14, 2009 - do we even care anymore? Ratified - IEEE 802.3at-2009 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus standard - 51 watts over existing CAT5e-and-above cables NIC Maker Accelerates Gaming on its Network Interface Cards


Auto-Negotiation An Introduction to Auto-Negotiation Auto-Negotiation tutorial Gigabit Ethernet Auto-Negotiation

Carrier Ethernet

MEF - Metro Ethernet Forum (Org) The MEF develops technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide. What is Carrier Ethernet? - Webopedia What is Carrier Ethernet? - a definition from Analysis: Carrier Ethernet - Network Infrastructure - Network Computing Red hot Carrier Ethernet - Americas Network Carrier Ethernet, Introduction - World Wide Packets - True Carrier Testing Carrier Ethernet - Testing Carrier Ethernet - Ixiacom Delivering Carrier Ethernet


Catagory 6 Cable - wikipedia

CAT6a (Augmented) - Shielded Ethernet Cable

Ethernet - minimum shielded and unshielded frequency of 500 MHz. CAT6a was developed for 10 Gbit/s, and can handle twice the frequency of CAT 6. Category 6 cable - Wikipedia

CAT 7 - ISO/IEC 11801 Class F Cabling

Ethernet frequencies up to 600 MHz. Category 7 cable - Wikipedia ISO/IEC 11801:2002 RJ-45 connector GG45 connector TERA Connectors


See also my: SAN / NAS / SATA / CIM / Computer Storage / Virtualization Web Pages Dilbert on Cloud Computing 13 Terrific Cloud Services for Small Business - 2010 - AWS - Amazon Web Services EC2 = Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) EMC Cloud Google Cloud Computing - IBM - Cloud Computing IBM NetApp Cloud Services - Stealth Architecture (Stealth Security) in context of Cloud computing is that that other Cloud users can not find (Stealth) your Cloud applications, so they have no way of hacking into them. Unisys is claiming patent-pending Stealth technology for the Cloud - it consists of encryption, splitting data at the bit level and utilizes a form of "UAC". Cloud computing - Wikipedia The US Federal Government defines Cloud Computing (Draft) What cloud computing really means - InfoWorld - Analysis - 2008-04 What is cloud computing? - a definition from What is Cloud Computing - utube - 10 minutes Enterprise Computing In The Cloud - InformationWeek Survey: Virtualization Takes Off, Cloud Computing on the Rise - eWeek Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing - O'Reilly Radar How Cloud & Utility Computing Are Different Computing Heads for the Clouds - BusinessWeek Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Guide To Cloud Computing -- Web Services -- InformationWeek Google and the Wisdom of Clouds Live Stream: TechCrunch Cloud Computing Roundtable - Feb 27, 2009 What is Cloud Computing? - Cloud Computing Journal Without APIs, there is no cloud computing | Negative Approach Cloud Computing - gartner Cloud Computing - SUN Inside the Head of Obama's CIO - Digits - - Cloud Computing 11 cloud computing vendors to watch - Network World What Makes a Cloud Computer? Cloud Computing Journal Cloud Computing - whurley - InfoWorld Guide To Cloud Computing -- Web Services -- InformationWeek Cloud Computing Journal - Cloud Computing Journal - Cloud Computing Tools Team - Cloud Computing Security: Where is Your Computer Today? -

CROSSOVER and other Cable Diagrams

Ethernet crossover cable - Wires 1 and 3 have been transposed, and 2 and 6 have also been transposed. Ethernet (regular) cable is also called a patch cable. Connectors, Pinouts & Wiring Ethernet Crossover Cable - Wikipedia


CSMA/CD is not used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet. What is CSMA/CD? IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD (ETHERNET) CSMA/CD - Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection - Wikipedia IEEE-SA Get IEEE 802.3 LAN/MAN CSMA/CD Access Method

EoS - Ethernet over SONET

Ethernet over SONET - RAD Data Comm


Because Ethernet packets wait to avoid collisions on busy network, actual speeds are often less than half the maximum.

IEEE 802 family of standards

802.1 - Interworking and Link Security. Click for more info Open source implementation of 802.1 802.1x - Cheat Sheet - 802.1p - has been combined into the 1998 revision of the 802.1D MAC-layer bridging specification, and is no longer a separate document. 802.1p/Q - IEEE standard for frame prioritization 802.1Q - IEEE standard for VLAN tagging. To claim compliance with 802.1Q, vendors must implement GVRP. VLAN Tagging = 802.1Q VLAN 802.2 - IEEE standard data link protocol. Click for more info 802.3 - IEEE standard known in the vernacular as Ethernet - CSMA/CD. Click for more info 802.3REVam - Maintenance #8 (Revision). Click for more info 802.3a - IEEE standard for 10-Gbps Ethernet 802.3ad - IEEE standard for link aggregation 802.3af - Power over Ethernet (POE) 802.3an - 10GBASE-T Task Force. Click for more info 802.3ap - Backplane Ethernet Task Force. Click for more info 802.3aq - 10GBASE-LRM Task Force. Click for more info 802.3ar - Congestion Management Task Force. Click for more info 802.3as - Frame Expansion Task Force. Click for more info 802,3at - Ratified - IEEE 802.3at-2009 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus standard - 51 watts over existing CAT5e-and-above cables 802.3x - IEEE standard for link-layer flow control using PAUSE frames. 802.3z - IEEE standard for Gibabit Ethernet. 802.4 - Token Ring (disbanded) 802.6 - Metropolitan Area Networks (disbanded). Click for more info 802.8 - Fiber Optic TAG (disbanded). Click for more info 802.9 - isoEthernet (also called ISLAN). Click for more info 802.11 - Wi-Fi networks. Click for more info IEEE 802.11 WLAN (parts a, b, g and draft n) cheat sheet 802.11a - [Wi-Fi] The 802.11a standard uses the 5.0 GHz band. Real-world achievable throughput in the mid-20 Mbit/s (22.x). Utilizes the 5 GHz frequency with data rates of 54Mbps utilizing OFDM. Click here for more information about 802.11a IEEE 802.11y-2008 extended operation of 802.11a to the licensed 3.7 GHz band. Increased power limits allow a range up to 5,000 m. As of 2009, it is only being licensed in the United States by the FCC 802.11ad - WiGig - a standard under development which will provide throughput in the 5 GHz band. This specification will enable higher multi-station WLAN throughput of at least 1 gigabit per second and a maximum single link throughput of at least 500 megabits per second, by using wider RF bandwidth (80 or 160 MHz), more streams (up to 8), and high-density modulation (up to 256 QAM). 802.11ah - Physical Layer 1 standards such as 802.1ah (including G.SHDSL, GigE, EPON), Ethernet 100baseFX, 1000baseSX/LX and legacy xDSL. 802.11b - [Wi-Fi] 802.11b and 802.11g standards use the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band. Using an unregulated frequency, 802.11g equipment can incur interference. maximum raw data rate of 11 Mbps using DSSS. Click for more info 802.11d - Layer 2 standards such as IEEE 802.11D MAC Bridge protocols. 802.11g - 802.11b and 802.11g standards use the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band. Using an unregulated frequency, 802.11g equipment can incur interference. Maximum raw data rate of 54 Mbit/s [OFDM, DSSS], or about 24.7 Mbit/s net throughput. Backwards compatible with 802.11b. Most 802.11a equipment can automatically handle 802.11a and b or a, b and g. See also 802.11g - 802.11h - Transmits at a frequency of 5GHz with data rates of 100Mbps. Compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g - can use the same network. 802.11i - The purpose of 802.11i is to enhance the current 802.11 MAC to provide improvements in security. Status of 802.11i WPA2 802.11i AES Core - IPcores 802.11 MAC Headers 802.11ma - RENAMED to IEEE 802.11-2007 - In 2003, task group TGma was authorized to "roll up" many of the amendments to the 1999 version of the 802.11 standard. REVma or 802.11ma, as it was called, created a single document that merged 8 amendments (802.11a, b, d, e, g, h, i, j) with the base standard. Upon approval on March 8, 2007, 802.11REVma was renamed to the then-current base standard IEEE 802.11-2007. 802.11n - throttles WLAN throughput. 802.11n is an amendment which improves upon the previous 802.11 standards by adding multiple-input multiple-output antennas (MIMO). 802.11n operates on both the 2.4 GHz and the lesser used 5 GHz bands. Support for 5 GHz bands is optional. It operates at a maximum net data rate from 54 Mbit/s to 600 Mbit/s. The IEEE has approved the amendment and it was published in October 2009.[14][15] Prior to the final ratification, enterprises were already migrating to 802.11n networks based on the Wi-Fi Alliance's certification of products conforming to a 2007 draft of the 802.11n proposal. - IEEE 802.11 OMG - 802.11n was FINALLY ratified Sept 14, 2009 802.11.n seems to not be capable of broadcasting even compressed HD in a reliable manner (Home Theater Magazine). 802.11n can utilize either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, at a rate of 540Mbps, by utilizing MIMO antennas. The finaal 802.11n spec was finalized in the Fall of 2009. (Home Theater Magazine) The real-world throughput ie expected to be at least 100 Mbit/s. MIMO has become an 802.11 standard, and will be used with 802.11n equipment. See also 802.11n - Click for more info Bandwidth calculator: 802.11n WiFi [Wireless Ethernet] See also: Ultra-Wideband (UWB) See also: WireFreeHD See also: WirelessHD - WiHD See also: Wireless High definition Interface (WHDI) 802.11P - VLAN protocol. 802.11Q - VLAN protocol. IEEE 802.11y-2008 -extended operation of 802.11a to the licensed 3.7 GHz band. Increased power limits allow a range up to 5,000 m. As of 2009, it is only being licensed in the United States by the FCC 802.12 - demand priority 802.14 - Cable Modems (disbanded) 802.15 - Wireless PAN. Click for more info 802.15.4 - MAC/PHY radio technology specification. See also: new RF protocol Includes ZigBee & WirelessHART. 802.16 - WiMax - Broadband wireless access. Click for more info 802.16d - 802.16-2004 Fixed WiMax (ratified June, 2004) 802.16e - Mobile WiMax (not yet ratified - 8/2005) - should ship in 2007 802.17 - Resilient packet ring 802.20 - supports Mobile Broadband Wireless Access 802.21 - Media Independent Handoff. Click for more info 802.22 - Wireless Regional Area Network. Click for more info


Ethernet Tutorials and Resources Ethernet network technology page IEEE 802.11 standard modified for Japan Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site Ethernet - Cisco ** Ethernet FAQ - Ethernet FAQ - wikifaq Ethernet - Webopedia How Ethernet Works 802.2 - LLC - Logical Link Control Ethertype values Service Access Point (SAP) identifiers IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD (ETHERNET) 802.4 - (token passing) Manufacturing Automation Protocol (MAP) IEEE Standard 802.4 Industrial Ethernet Book Linux Ethernet-Howto TechFest Ethernet Technical Summary Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site more Ethernet Info 10Base2 10Base5 10BaseT 100BaseFX 100BaseT 100Base4T 100BaseTX 100BaseX 100VG See also ETHERNET BOOKS (search for "ethernet")


Ethernet Vendor Codes (MAC addresses) mac address vendor codes Ether Type - IEEE Standard See also ETHERNET BOOKS (search for "ethernet")


Troubleshooting Ethernet - Cisco Guide to Ethernet Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Ethernet and Fragmentation - Juniper Can you please explain the following, common Ethernet errors? Ethernet Error Descriptons Windows - Troubleshooting using the Device Manager Advanced network adapter troubleshooting for Windows workstations Lenovo Support & downloads - Troubleshooting Ethernet issues ... Inbound ethernet errors: How to determine cause? - Mandrake 10.1 box Configuring and Troubleshooting Ethernet 10/100/1000Mb Half/Full Duplex Auto-Negotiation Troubleshooting Ethernet Lenovo Support & downloads - Troubleshooting Ethernet issues Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips: Ethernet issues Network Troubleshooting Guide [Beowulf] How to Diagnose Cause of Cluster Ethernet Errors? Ethernet Errors / Upgrading and Repairing Networks Ethernet - Error Analysis on a Cisco Switch Troubleshoo t Ethernet - IBM Windows - Troubleshooting using the Device Manager Troubleshooting Ethernet - OIT Help Desk Lenovo Support & downloads - Troubleshooting Ethernet issues Wired Ethernet Troubleshooting - Knowledge76 Ethernet Troubleshooting Info Sheet - PDF Linksys Technical Troubleshooting Wizard v3 - Ethernet Troubleshooting Cisco - Troubleshooting Ethernet Collisions

10 Gigabit Ethernet (based on 802.3ae)

10 Gigabit Ethernet Links Finisar Corporation - Finisar Delivers Industry's First 10Gb 10-gigabit Ethernet - Wikipedia SAN over 10G ip What is 10GbE? Google's Secret 10GbE Switch - Nyquist Capital 10 GbE Alliances Forming - Design considerations for 10-Gbit iSCSI Google's Secret 10GbE Switch | Nyquist Capital InfiniBand and 10GbE break data centre gridlock - The Register HPCwire: InfiniBand and 10GbE Head for Showdown Emulex CNAs support 10GbE, iSCSI, FCoE Intel PRO/10GbE SR Server Adapter - Overview Sun Multithreaded 10 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) Networking Card 10Gbe Products, Opinions, Suggestions, Technology and Companies


Viewpoint: Divining Ethernet's future - 40Gbe and 100Gbe The jump to 40Gb Ethernet - TechUpdate - ZDNet 40Gb Ethernet - Support for 40Gb Ethernet standard stalls 100Gb plans Ethernet Could Soon Hit 40 Gigabits - PC World The rationale for 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet - Network World Looking ahead to 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet rollouts - Network World Standardizing 40 Gb Ethernet - PDF How can 40 Gb Ethernet be designed to fit existing ODU3 transport? 40Gb Ethernet-SMF Choice of 4x10Gb or Serial IBM Partners with Voltaire on 40-GB Ethernet Switch Cloud rolls in on faster ethernet | Australian IT Re-use of 40 Gb Ethernet modules for OTU3 and STM-256


Viewpoint: Divining Ethernet's future - 40Gbe and 100Gbe 100 Gigabit Ethernet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The rationale for 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit Ethernet - Network World Looking ahead to 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet rollouts - Network World HPCwire: Ethernet Headed for 40/100GbE Standard Downturn won't slow 40/100GbE takeoff InternetNews Realtime IT News - From L.A. to Vegas With 100GbE 100GbE spec: 2010 at best

Fast Ethernet - 100 Mbps - IEEE 802.3u

Requires at least Catagory 5 ("CAT 5") or better Fast Ethernet - WildPackets Dan Kegel's Fast Ethernet Page (15 Apr 97) - oldish

1G - Gigabit Ethernet - 1000 Mbps (follows 802.3ae standard)

Introduction to Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet - WildPackets 1000 Mbps - Gigabit Ethernet - Cisco 1000BASE-T - 1 Gbit/s over cat-5e or cat-6 copper cabling Gigabit-Ethernet (1000baseT) 1000BASE-SX - 1 Gbit/s over multi-mode fiber (up to 550 m) 1000BASE-LX - 1 Gbit/s over multi-mode fiber (up to 550 m). Optimized for longer distances (up to 10 km) over single-mode fiber 1000BASE-CX - A short-haul solution (up to 25 m) for running 1 Gbit/s Ethernet over special copper cable. Predates 1000BASE-T, and now obsolete-

ETHEREAL (now called Wireshark)

See WIRESHARK for newer information WIRESHARK is the new name for ETHEREAL The original Ethereal web site, Trademark & Logo,, belong to NIS. Wireshark is located at Wireshark FAQ Cheat sheets: tcpdump and Wireshark -

Ethernet News

Ethernet Inventor Sees No Limits To The Technology 802.11n throttles up WLAN throughput

ETHERNET over POWER (house wiring)

Devices to send Ethernet over house-hold Power lines. NOTE - YOU WILL NEVER ATTAIN THE HIGHEST SPEED OF THE SPECIFICATION I am using them to hook up Tivo, Blu-Ray Disk Player (with Streaming video) and I'll see if XBOX has an RJ-45 Port (I don't remember) to my GigE Ethernet switch. YES, XBOX does have a regular Ethernet port. so I am using it. If you go this way (EOP), I would ONLY go with the: Netgear XAVB5001 Powerline AV 500 Ultra Adapter kit - new March 2012 NO OTHER BRAND, NO OTHER MODEL (my opinion). Netgear XAVB5001 Powerline AV 500 Ultra Adapter kit - new March 2012 You can use at least 4 of these, perhaps more. Up to 500 Mbps HAS Gigabit Ethernet Port $ 138 CompUSA. Got mine for $ 105 Contains Two Powerline AV 500 Adapters (XAV500). Mail-order would probably be cheaper, but I was in a hurry. I got rid of my TRENDnet TPL-401E2K - 500 Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit, (I had problems with them) and switched to these (Netgear XAVB5001 ) - worked flawlessly - no problems. Netgear XAVB2501 Powerline AV 200 Ultra Adapter kit up to 200 Mbps 10/100 Ethernet (NOT GigE Ethernet [not Gigabit Ethernet]) CompUSA has them in the store - $ 100 (3/2012) I FEEL THESE ARE TOO SLOW FOR MY PURPOSES. Netgear XETB1001 Powerline Network Adapter - RJ-45, HomePlug, up to 85Mbps I have one, works fine - about $70 - I think it's being discontinued? - YES Does NOT say how many you can use in one house LAN: 10/100Mbps I THINK I FEEL THESE ARE TOO SLOW FOR MY PURPOSES.I FEEL THESE ARE TOO SLOW FOR MY PURPOSES. TRENDnet TPL-401E2K - 500 Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit - HAS GigE PORT $ 130 - I just (3/5/2012) bought a couple - uses 128 bit AES Can use Sixteen (16) of these (I think it's one at the Ethernet Switch and 16 others throughout the house. (seems like you would buy One Pair and 15 other Single units) I'll let you know when I've tested them 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-MDIX RJ45 Port Speed: - Powerline: Up to 500Mbps - Ethernet: up to 2Gbps with Full Duplex Mode I did not have good luck with these units. The problem could be operator error, a rare bad 500 Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit - I don't know the reason, but these units continually complained about not being able to find a DHCP Server. I finally trashed them and bought some Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adapter kits - the Netgears worked immediately, and have given me NO problems what-so-ever. You may have an entirely different experience. Testing only two units (as I did) is not a big enough sample to draw statistically valid conclusions. My PERSONAL OPINION is to go with the Netgear Powerline AV 500 Adapter kits. TRENDnet TPL-303E2K 200Mbps Powerline AV Adapter Kit - NO GigE PORT $ 80 at CompUSA - I know nothing about this one Can use Eight (8) of these (I think it's one at the Switch and 7 others throughout the house. (seems like you would buy One Pair and 7 other Single units ???) One Reviewer: In a split ranch I'm getting 177 Mbps beween floors Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, HomePlug AV 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX RJ45 Port Modulation: OFDM, QAM, QPSK, BPSK, ROBO Speed: - Powerline: Up to 200Mbps - LAN: 10/100Mbps My devices are hooked up to Netgear GigE Switches. Belkin 50 Mbps Ethernet over Power (4 yrs old) - works fine) AGAIN, THIS IS TOO SLOW FOR STREAMING VIDEO - MY OPINION. How to Use Ethernet Over Power Outlets - eHow HowStuffWorks "How Power-line Networking Works" Power line communication - Wikipedia



Ethernet/IP = Ethernet Industrial Protocol

Ethernet/IP = Ethernet Industrial Protocol, supported by ODVA. EtherNet/IP - ODVA EtherNet/IP Network Overview EtherNet/IP - Wikipedia EtherNet/IP Protocol Overview Ethernet/IP - Industrial application layer protocol for industrial .. Data Networks Resource site containing information on Ethernet, IP addressing, IP routing, HTML editing and Intelligent Buildings. EtherNet/IP - Industrial Ethernet protocol summary


Ethernet Headers


ISO/IEC 11801:2002 - wikipedia

isoEthernet - 802.9

Dave Hawley's isoEthernet (802.9) Page isoEthernet - Linktionary Isochronous LAN standard brings real-time video collaboration to the desktop

GG45 Ethernet Connector

GG45 Ethernet Connector

MAC Address

unique 48-bit Ethernet hardware address assigned to each Ethernet card (NIC) so that they can be differentiated from each other - thus allowing networks to allow or dis-allow connections based on the MAC address. mac address vendor codes IEEE Registration Authority - IEEE OUI and Company_id Assignments Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup and Search

Power over Ethernet - POE - also called Active Ethernet

Power Over Ethernet supplies the power needed to run, say, an Ethernet switch, by sending the power over an Ethernet connection, eliminating the need for power cords or a power connection where the Ethernet appliance is to be used. POE is now commercially available. POE - wordiq POE - IEEE 802.3af standard - PDF Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet plus Study Group - IEEE Power Over Ethernet - The Definitive Resource Power Over Ethernet White Paper. What is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)? Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia Even Fewer Wires: Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Making your own Power over Ethernet (POE) cable Making your own Power over Ethernet (POE) Freenet Antennas - Howto: Engineer a POE Cable - Do so at your own Risk Yet Another Power Over Ethernet Ethernet's Power Play - Computerworld IEEE 802.3af DTE Power via MDI Task Force InterOperability Laboratory: Technologies: PoE IEEE 802.3 Power over Ethernet Plus Study Group Book Excerpt from PC Magazine: Extending Wired & Wireless Networks Linksys Power Over Ethernet Adapter Kit: Electronics

POE Plus

51 watts over existing CAT5e-and-above cables. Ratified - IEEE 802.3at-2009 Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus standard A Look at POE Plus


Connector Reference & Pin Numbering * RJ45 - wordiq Pinouts for RJ45 jacks (Serial and 10Base-T) RJ45 - Serial - Wiring RJ-45 connector How to wire Ethernet Cables
Ethernet Crossover Cable - DIY How-to Guide ethernet crossover cable diagram and functionality Ethernet Cable: Color Coding Standard Unix (SUN) Serial Port Resources
Cable Pin Assignment Chan's Pinouts Page Serial PinOuts Serial Pinouts * Serial Pinouts Unix Serial Port Resources RS232 Pinouts - Connectworld

SyncE - a form of Synchronized Ethernet

Includes "SyncE" - An introduction to Synchronized Ethernet

Sychronized Ethernet

An introduction to Synchronized Ethernet

TERA Ethernet Connector

TERA Connectors

WireShhark (was Ethereal)

Ethereal was renamed to WireShark in 2006, because the trademark, Ethereal did not belong to the creator of Ethereal, Gerald Combs. WireShark is a packet sniffer, used for network troubleshooting. Wireshark - Wikipedia Wireshark - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Wireshark - Go deep - Wireshark - Download Introduction To Wireshark - video Custom Wireshark Shortcuts Get Wireshark at YouTube - Intro to Wireshark: Packet Capture and Protocol Analysis - 2008 YouTube - Wireshark - IP Address, TCP/UDP Port Filters SampleCaptures - The Wireshark Wiki Ethernet - The Wireshark Wiki CaptureFilters - The Wireshark Wiki DisplayFilters - The Wireshark Wiki 4.10. Filtering while capturing SSL - The Wireshark Wiki OSTU - Wireshark Display Filters (by Ray Tompkins) Expose VoIP Problems Using Wireshark - Linux Journal Browse Wireshark Files on A basic guide to using Wireshark WIRESHARK - The Easy Tutorial - Filters Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] find all tcp ...


A subset of My Recommended Technical Books (click here)

Chappell, Laura & Gerald Combs ## Wireshark Network Analysis: The Official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide. Laura Chappell University $100 978-1893939998 Amazon Gast, Matthew S. 802.11 Wireless Networks O'reilly $45 0-596-00183-5 Held, Gilbert Ethernet Networks Wiley 33 0-471-59717-1 Orebaugh, Angela D. et al Ethereal Packet Sniffing w/CD Spurgeon, Charles E. Ethernet: the Definitive Guide O'Reilly $45 1-56592-660-9 Stallings, William Network Standards: a Guide to OSI,ISDN, LAN and MAN Standards. [X.25, Frame Relay, Broadband ISDN, ATM, SONET/SDH ISO 8802] [IEEE 802, CSMA/CD, FDDI, MANs, DS3] AW 56357 54 0-201-56357-6


Computers: Data Communications: Ethernet - dmoz Ethernet / Internet / Networking / TCP/IP / VoIP


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