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Introduction to security for smart object networks - Part 1: The smart object security problem Dive in to C++ and survive A six step process for migrating embedded C into a C++ object-oriented framework Deallocating objects vs. deallocating storage DeviceSQL adds distributed system, multicore runtime support Implement PCI Express 1.1 in your latest design


12th May 2009 - Tutorial on Improving Real-Time Behaviour - UK

6809 Architecture & Assembly Language

Waterloo 6809 Assembler freeware 6809 assembler and disassembler Motorola 6809 - wikipedia Motorola M6809 assembler as9 About the 6809 6809 Assembler for Windows 6809 B.Y.O.ASSEMBLER Part 2: A 6809 Forth Assembler by Brad Rodriguez Language Assembler (motorola 6809) - CBM Pet, and the Dragon 32 - Rik Hughes

68000 Architecture & Assembly Language

68000 Assembly MC68000 Programmer's Reference Manual

80x86 (Intel PC) Architecture & Assembly Language

MMX Specifications Pentium & Pentium MMX Documentation x86 Assembly - wikibooks Pentium II Documentation Pentium Pro (P6) Specifications Intel 486 Documentation Intel 80186 Documentation Intel CHIPSET Documentation Intel Application Notes Intel Miscellanous Specifications RELATED Documentation Links Tools Interface Standards

AMD - Advanced Micro Devices

AMD Home Page NEW AMD Chips - proprofs sempron, athlonii, athlonx2, athlon64, athlon64x2, athlonii, phenomx3, phenomx4, phenomiix2, phenomiix3, phenomiix4, opteronx4 & opteronx6. OLDER AMD Chips - proprofs k5, k6, athlon, sempron, duron, phenom & opteron. Graphics Drivers & Software - AMD Advanced Micro Devices - Wikipedia Welcome to AMD Developer Central Blog posts about amd

AMD64 - 64-bit processors that also run 32-bit programs

AMD64 FAQs AMD64 Solutions x86-64 - Wikipedia Debian -- AMD64 Port OpenBSD/amd64 FreeBSD/amd64 Project PlanetAMD64 Home Page See also: EM64T

AMI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Smart meters 'need live displays' Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Wikipedia Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) - Itron AMR or AMI? Follow the Business Case - Itron Itron Releases Version 7.0 of its Industry-Leading Itron Enterprise Edition Software MADRI Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) "Toolbox" Advanced Meter Infrastructure Solution: Global Automation Metering - EDS (HP) Ember's ZigBee Wireless Platform Enables Advanced Metering Infrastructure Home - AMI-SEC - Open Smart Grid - OpenSG Advanced Metering Infrastructure – Implications for NJ Residential Customers- DF Advanced Metering Infrastructure Market Potential Smart Meter: AMR/AMI - Block Diagram, Reference Designs and ... TI Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMM and AMI) - CO$T$ advanced metering infrastructure - National Energy Technology EEI - Advanced Metering Infrastructure/Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) - Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Itron Reliable F-RAM for advanced metering infrastructure - Ramtron Advanced Meter Reading Technology for Utilities - Sensus FlexNet Enspiria Solutions - Services - Whitepapers - Smart Metering AMI/MDM initiatives and Role of IT in achieving benefits of AMI System - PDF Strategic Metering - Oracle White Paper See also: ZigBee

ARM Architecture & Assembly Language

ARM ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMING; tutorial, resources, and examples ARM architecture - Wikipedia ARM Assembly Language Programming - Peter Cockerell ARM Assembler - Microsoft An Introduction to the GNU Assembler - PDF Tonc: Whirlwind Tour of ARM Assembly Optimised ARM assembler loop ARM GCC Inline Assembler Cookbook armasm - The ARM Assembler Resources for learning ARM assembly - Stack Overflow ARM Assembler - Gforth Manual ARM Assembler Programming | nutshells - older processers Using arm assembler with Windows Mobile 5 - modaco ARM Assembler Info ARM - ARM Instruction Documenation - Redhat ARM ASSEMBLER PROGRAMMING; tutorial, resources, and examples ARM Assembler Optimizations

ARM Cortex 3

ARM architecture - Wikipedia NXP introduces industry's fastest ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers STM32 (CORTEX M3) - 32-bit Microcontrollers The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3 (Embedded ...) TI backs ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit MCUs with Luminary Micro buy - 5/15 ...

Automated / Advanced Meter Reading - AMR

Automatic meter reading - wikipedia What is Automated Meter Reading? AMR or AMI? Follow the Business Case - Itron Advanced metering infrastructure from GE improves metering and asset monitoring Technology, Innovation and Product Strategy: Advanced Metering Neptune' s Automatic Reading & Billing (ARB) & Automatic Meter Reading Automated Meter Reading - FAQs - Wake Forest, NC Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) - Triad According to In-Stat, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Smart ... Advanced Meter Infrastructure System - Cary, NC Automated Meter Reading & Advanced Metering Infrastructure: A Guide for Municipal Water and Energy Utilities - $220-$270 Advanced Meter Reading - Debunking the Myths - 2005 (OLD) Datamatic - Advanced Meter Reading Solutions


see also ** MOTHERBOARDS **

Mr BIOS The BIOS Companion (book) BIOS - Print Your BIOS settings (Read Your Hardware Setup) See also BIOS Passwords See also EFI See also Linux BOOTING See also SMBIOS See also UEFI BIOS Passwords Boot Process - STARTUP - Windows Boot LOGGING - WINDOWS CPU HOGS - Windows ProcessTamer - AUTOMATICALLY lowers priority of CPU Hogs Windows BOOTING SAFE MODE - Windows TROUBLESHOOTING WINDOWS PC BOOT PROBLEMS WHAT IS RUNNING ON YOUR WINDOWS SYSTEM? TROUBLESHOOTING SHUTDOWN - Windows

Blackfin processors

Welcome to the Blackfin Open Source Koop Blackfin - Analog Devices: Embedded Processing and DSP Analog Devices: Blackfin Processors :: Embedded Processing and DSP Blackfin - Wikipedia BLUETECHNIX - uClinux and uBoot for Blackfin DSP Core Modules ... uClinux on Blackfin BF533 STAMP - A DSP Linux Port

Cirrus Logic ARM9 Information

link wnet bad - need new one

Freescale Architecture & Assembly Language

HC(S)08/RS08 Assembler Manual for Microcontrollers (8-bit) CodeWarrior Development Studio for Freescale DSP56800x Embedded - PDF How to combine assembly code with C - CodeWarrior General ... Software And Hardware Engineering: Assembly And C Programming for the Freescale HCS12 Microcontroller - BOOK Freescale HC12 Assembler Directives Section Definition ORG SECTION - PDF

MIPS Architecture & Assembly Language

MIPS architecture - Wikipedia MIPS Assembly Language Programming - PDF MIPS Assembly Language Programmer’s Guide - PDF MARS MIPS simulator - Missouri State University - FREE Programmed Introduction to MIPS Assembly Language MIPS Assembler and Simulator - FREE MIPS Assembly - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks SPIM MIPS Simulator MIPS Assembler - Microsoft MIPS Assembler - John Chew Online MIPS assembler | Alan J. Hogan MIPS Quick Tutorial MIPS Assembly/MIPS Instructions - Wikibooks

PowerPC Architecture & Assembly Language

PowerPC assembly - IBM PowerPC Assembly tutorial PowerPC Assembly gcc PowerPC Assembly Assembly on the PPC PowerPC Assembler : powerpc, assembler, inline 34.2. PowerPC Assembler Directives - Red Hat Assembly language for Power Architecture, Part 1: Programming PowerPC assembler reference PowerPC Assembly - Wikibooks 99 Bottles of Beer | Language Assembler (PowerPC)

StrongARM Architecture & Assembly Language

StrongARM - Wikipedia ETH - IfE-Wearable Computing - StrongARM MCM Module GCC processor - RISCOS Instruction set quick finder - Instruction Set - Quick Finder - ARM/StrongARM - Mandelbrot (Pocket PC 2002, StrongARM) 1.0 - Free software Porting transputer application to multi-processors strongARM Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Assembly linux /arch/arm/mm/proc-sa1100.S - MMU functions for SA110 Speeding Security on the Intel StrongARM StrongARM sleep mode

XSale - families: IXP, IXC, IOP, PXA and CE - Architecture & Assembly Language

XScale - wikipedia Intel Xscale Assembly Language and C - PDF Intel XScale Microarchitecture Assembly Language Quick Reference Intel XScale Microarchitecture Assembly Language Quick Reference - PDF Calling ARM/XScale assembly subroutine from c++?

Z80 Architecture & Assembly Language

Zilog Z80 - Wikipedia Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page Thomas Scherrer Z80 Emulators Z80 Family CPU User Manual - PDF Zilog Z80 microprocessor family Z80 Documentation -

Disk Partitioning

Disk partitioning - wikipedia What is a Hard Disk Partition? List of partition identifiers for PCs (2004) Partition Types Linux Partition HOWTO Partition Logic is a free hard disk partitioning and data management tool GParted - Open source Gnome Partition Editor Live CD - GNU/Linux How to partition and format a hard disk by using Windows XP Free Partition Editors, Managers and Recovery - thefreecountry Disk Partition Alignment Best Practices for SQL Server Whitepaper How to Extend a Disk Partition in Windows Vista and Server 2008 Hard disk drive management software, partitioning manager and ... - I USE THIS ONE



see also ** UPGRADING **

see also specific topics. I.e., USB,...

HOW TO DETERMINE THE VERSION OF YOUR CURRENT WINDOWS DRIVER: Verifying the latest version of the printer driver is installed (Windows), even Networked printers View Current Printer Driver Version (NON Networked Printers) - Windows-XP How to determine the printer driver version when troubleshooting Office for Mac printing issues How to find a compatible printer driver for a computer that is running a 64-bit version of Windows Verifying the latest version of the printer driver is installed (Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista) DRIVERS - GET THEM: Driver Zone Driver Guide scanners,free-driver-download Device Doctor - Windows Driver Updater - Freeware - over 13 million drivers Drivers Headquarters WinDrivers

Drivers - FireWire

FireWire Drivers - FWdepot


Drivers - Linux

Writing device drivers in Linux: A brief tutorial - Kernel 2.6.8 Write a Linux Hardware Device Driver - old? Drivers & Software - ATI ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver 8.40.4 Ease your Linux video driver blues - The INQUIRER Linux Display Driver Archive Unix Drivers Portal Page - NVidea Linux and iSCSI Device Driver Code - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers Linux video driver problem? ExtremeTech - Find Articles Linux - Display Drivers & Application Notes Matrox Graphics - Support - Drivers/Utilities | NVIDIA Proprietary Linux Display Driver 1.0-9755 Beta Driver - Linux Display Driver – x86 by Install the Video for Linux drivers LCDproc - Home Transcoding of MPEG-2 streams to MPEG-2/MPEG-1 DRI Wiki - FrontPage - Several 3D accelerated drivers have been written to the DRI Device Drivers - Linux - Writing Intro to Linux SCSI Drivers - bad link? Porting Linux 2.0 Drivers To Linux 2.2: Changes & New Features The GNU/Linux "usbnet" Driver Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers The Linux USB sub-system Linux Forum: Linux Video Problems ExtremeTech: Top Tip: Linux video driver problem? Jungo - WinDriver Linux - commercial

DRIVERS - LINUX (and related) BOOKS

You probably should stick to the 2.6 or later Linux Kernel. Rubini, Alessandro & Jonathan Corbet Linux Device Drivers. 2ND EDITION (3rd Edition is out) O'Reilly 40 0-596-00008-1 Best, Steve Linux Debugging and Performance Tuning PH/PTR $50 0-13-149247-0 Bovet, Daniel P. & Cesati Understanding the Linux Kernel. 2nd edition O'Reilly $ 40 0-596-00002-2 (2.4 kernel) Card, Remy, Eric Dumas & Franck Mevel Linux Kernel Book Wiley 45 w/Red Hat CD 0-471-98141-9 Corbet, Jonathan et al @ Linux Device Drivers. 3RD EDITION O'Reilly $40 0-596-00590-3 Gay, Warren W. Linux Socket Programming by Example QUE $ 30 0-7897-2241-0 CODE: Herbert, Thomas F. (2.6 Kernel) Linux TCP/IP Stack: Networking for Embedded Systems Charles River Media $50 w/CD 1-58450-284-3 Hollabaugh, Craig Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software and Interfacing AW $ 50 0-672-32226-9 Love, Robert @ Linux Kernel Dvelopment. 2nd Edtion (2.6 Kernel) Novell $45 Mauerer, Wolfgang Professional Linux Kernel Architecture WROX $60 978-470-34343-2 Maxwell, Scott Andrew Linux Core Kernel (v 2.4) Commentary. SECOND EDITION Coriolis $ 50 w/CD 1-58880-149-7 Mosberger, David & Stephane Eranian IA-64 Linux Kernel PH/PTR $60 0-13-061014-3 Rehman, Rafeeq Ur Linux Development Platform PH/PTR $50 w/CD 0-13-009115-4 Satchell, Stephen T. & H.B.J. Clifford LINUX IP Stacks Commentary. (contains all IP Stack source and comments) Coriolis $ 40 w/CD 1-57610-470-2 Venkateswaran, Sreckrishnan Essential Linux Device Drivers PH $46 0-13-239655-6 Walton, Sean ** Linux Socket programming SAMS $50 0-13-093476-3 Woodsmall's Highly Recommended Technical Books

Drivers - SCSI

Writing Device Drivers for the SCSI/CAM Architecture Interfaces list of header files that SCSI/CAM peripheral device drivers use SCSI-RAID Drivers - Drivers Collection


Drake, Chris & Kimberley Brown Panic! Unix System Crash Dump Analysis PTR/PH 59 w/CD 0-13-149386-8 Egan, Janet I & Thomas J. Teixeira Writing a Unix Device Driver. 2ND EDITION Wiley $50 0-471-53575-3 c1992 LC-92-8536 Kettle, Peter & Steve Statler Writing Device Drivers for SCO UNIX: a Practical Approach AW 40 0-201-54425-3 Nystrom, Robert E. Writing Unix Device Drivers (AT&T Unix Version 7) Counter Point Computers Seminar c1984


The GNU/Linux "usbnet" Driver Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers The Linux USB sub-system USB Networking Drivers See also USB


(scroll down after clicking here) Backing Up almost all Device Drivers to a CD WINDOWS DRIVERS - BACKING UP: DRIVERBACK.BAT (Script for above link, by Lincoln Spector, PCWorld): echo off echo This driver backup batch file was developed by Lincoln Spector echo for PC World. It will back up the folders containing your echo hardware drivers to a folder called driverback inside My Documents. pause %homedrive% cd "%homepath%\my documents" md driverback cd driverback xcopy %windir%\help /y xcopy %windir%\inf /r /y xcopy %windir%\system /r /y xcopy %windir%\system32 /r /y xcopy %windir%\system32\drivers /r /y cd .. attrib -h driverback echo The folders are backed up. You should now copy the contents of the echo driverback folder to a CD. pause cls END OF: DRIVERBACK.BAT WINDOWS DRIVERS - Continued: Verifying the latest version of the printer driver is installed (Windows), even Networked printers Vista Driver Site - radarsync Win2K Driver Info Everything Windows Driver Development - OSR ONLINE (Windows) Device Manager Error Codes Explanation of error codes generated by Device Manager Your One-Stop Source For Device Drivers, Anti ... - Signup Fee Cant, Chris ** Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers CMP $ 50 w/CD 0-87930-565-7 Dekker & Newcomer Developing Windows NT Device Drivers AW $90 0-201-69590-1 Oney, Walter # (not for beginners) Programming the Microsoft Windows Driver Model, Second Edition Microsoft Press $60 w/CD 0-7356-1803-8 Amazon READ THE REVIEWS Viscarola, Peter & W. Anthony Mason Windows NT Device Driver Development Macmillan Tech $50 1-57870-058-2 DRIVERS - END of DRIVERS Section


eCos ORG eCOS Documentation eCos - Wikipedia

EFI - Extensible Firmware Interface

EFI - webopedia EFI Home - Intel EFI - Intel Developer News GUID Partition Table (GPT) - wikipedia Disk Sectors on GPT Disks - microsoft Using GPT Drives on x86-64 Systems - microsoft Secrets of the GPT - Apple Windows and GPT FAQ: Version 1.1 Mac OS X Manual Page For gpt(8) Linux Creating a Partition Size Larger than 2TB GPT - GUID Partition Table GPT disklabel support (Guid Partition Table) SystemRescueCd news See also BIOS See also SMBIOS See also UEFI

EM64T - Extended Memory 64 Technology - Intel's NON-Itanium 64 bit architecture

What is EM64T (Intel 64)? x86-64 - Wikipedia Intel EM64T Technology Explained - Hardware Secrets EM64T Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia Intel EM64T Technology AnandTech: Linux and EM64T; Intel's 64-bit Suggestion See also AMD64


Embedded Star - guide to the embedded universe Embedded Systems Magazine Embedded Software / Firmware / RTOS - convergetech


Please click here for EMBEDDED LINUX

LINUX (ALL) - click here

I2C BUS (Inter-IC bus)

I2C bus Definition - PC Magazine - Introduction to I2C Alliance Introduces Industry's First I2C Programmable Dual PLL EMI - I-squared-C bus Inter-IC Bus (I2C) On GlobalSpec Advanced I C devices - PDF Bus aligned quadrature FM detector - Patent 5596298

JTAG - Joint Test Action Group

Joint Test Action Group - Wikipedia High-level Guide to JTAG - Background, Connection Testing Tutorial Introductory What Is JTAG? - PDF Boundary-Scan (JTAG) test and in-system programming solutions JTAG Tools - OpenWrtDocs/Custo mizing/Hardware/JTAG Cable - OpenWrt usb - What is JTAG in regards to Android? - Android Enthusiasts JTAG Tutorial - Corelis Introduction to JTAG / Boundary Scan - Resources and Applications What is JTAG? ISP "In-System-Programming" JTAG IEEE 1532 ... - YouTube How to JTAG your Xbox 360 and run homebrew Xbox 360 JTAG Tutorial - Part 1 - Video JTAG Boundary-Scan Test Products, JTAG emulation, and In-System ARM JTAG WIGGLER COMPATIBLE H-JTAG is a free JTAG debug agent for ARM JTAG, Boundary Scan, IEEE 1149.1, ScanWorks, JTAG Interface, JTAG Test Atmel Products - Tools & Software - The JTAG ICE interfaces with AVR Studio Blackfin Koop > Projects > Tools for JTAG on Blackfin Processors Keil ULINK2 USB-JTAG Adapter Project details for JTAG (Boundary scan) Test JTAG | Boundary Scan Circuit Board Test and Debug JTAG Base Layer

Master Boot Record (MBR)

Sorry, MBR information has moved to HERE

Meter Data Management

Linkedin's MDM Group Itron, Sensus, Oracle and others utilize MDM. Meter Data Management - Itron Beyond the Meter: MDM Branches Out Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management Oracle acquired LODESTAR Corporation, provider of meter data management Whitepaper on Meter Data Management AMI/MDM initiatives and Role of IT in achieving benefits of AMI System - PDF - Meter data management systems Advanced Meter Data Management - SMi Group - Event Details SCE - Meter Data Management Agent CPS Energy Awards Enspiria Solutions Meter Data Management Systems Meter Data Management: The Soul of the New Utility, from Itron - White Paper Ecologic Analytics Meter Data Management System (MDMS) Oracle's Utilities Meter Data Management taking off

MMU - Memory Managment Unit

Memory management unit - Wikipedia YouTube - Lecture -13 Virtual Memory and Memory Management Unit - 59 minutes Virtual Memory Management Unit Functions - Microsoft The Memory Management Glossary - Paged Memory Management Unit Definition - Ruud's Commodore Site: Build your own Memory Management Unit

OS-9 (by Microware)

OS-9 - Wikipedia OS-9 Frequently Asked Questions OS-9 Software

Open Source Drivers

link is dead - I'll look for another

pSOS (Wind River, now Intel)

pSOS - Wikipedia


QNX RTOS QNX Neutrino secure kernel - coming in 2009 QNX - Wikipedia Download QNX Momentics OpenQNX :: The QNX Community Portal QNX Operating System QNX Demo Disk Download Opera 5.2.1 for QNX QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.4 Released QNX commands index The Essential QNX Commands Commonly used QNX Commands. Basic QNX Neutrino commands QNX Community Resources QNX User Guide Vulnerability - QNX PPPoEd Path Environment Variable Local Command Execution ... QNX DOWNLOAD Info/Software - TUCOWS


Tutorial: Developing real-time and safety-critical embedded Java applications - Part 1 Tutorial: Designing real-time and safety-critical embedded Java applications - Part 2 List of real-time operating systems - wikipedia See also EMBEDDED LINUX


Real-time operating system - wikipedia RTOS - Real-Time Operating Systems for Embedded Development Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Embedded Development - Green Hills


DMTF - System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) SMBIOS - Wikipedia SMBIOS Support in Windows SMBIOS FAQ SMBIOS Demystified - SMBios Kernel Module - Get SMBios Kernel Module at SMBIOS Library - Libsmbios Library Documentation smbios - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET Viewing SMBIOS data DMTF Releases SMBIOS 2.5. - Free Online Library SMBIOS Support in Windows, from Microsoft - White Papers smbios(1M) – display the contents of a System Management BIOS ... SMBIOS Support in Windows - PDF SMBios.sys Windows process - What is it?


SPARC Assembly/SPARC Instructions - wikibooks

SWARM - SoftWare ARM (an emulator)

SWARM - Software ARM (C++) |

UEFI - United Extensible Firmware Interface

UEFI is sort of an open-source version of Intel's EFI. UEFI is a specification detailing an interface that helps hand off control of the computer system to an operating system. Created by Intel's UEFI Consortium - whose members include: Intel, Microsoft, AMD, Dell, IBM and HP. Company membership costs $ 2,500 (9/24/2006). See the: "A Brave New BIOS" whitepaper by MaximumPC (page 52, Nov 2006) How to solve UEFI boot and startup problems - Fred Langa Download the UEFI 2.0 Specification Introduction to UEFI UEFI - About UEFI Unified EFI Forum - Wikipedia Extensible Firmware Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | Review - MSI Click BIOS - Evaluating UEFI Intel to make major UEFI announcement - 16 April 2007 UEFI Industry Adoption Takes Major Step Forward with Availability - Feb 19, 2008 See also BIOS See also EFI See also SMBIOS

UNIX (ALL) - click here

VRTX - Versatile Real-Time Executive

VRTX is owned by Mentor Graphics and was originally part of VxWorks.. The VRTX kernel was replaced by one written by Wind River Systems, so they now compete.


I know nothing about these sites

RTC Magazine - embedded open systems industry IAR C/C++ Compiler for ARM -