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2G | 2.5 G (1xRTT)| 3G | 3GPP | 8B/10B | 3GPP2 | 3GPP LTE | 4G | 10GbE | 40GbE | 100GbE | 10 Gb IP | 64B/66B | 802.11xx | 802.11n | ACRONYMS / GLOSSARIES | ADI | ADSL | AGP | ANSI | ANSI C12.22 | ARP | Asterisk | AoE | ATM | Bandwidth Calculators | BGP | Bluetooth | Broadband | BROCADE | BROCADE DCX | Cabling | Cable / DSL Modems | CardBus | CBT | CCK | CDMA | CDMA 1xRTT (2.5G) | CDMA2000 | Cell Relay | CHAP | CIDR CIM | CISCO | CISCO MDS Fabric Switches | CISCO Data Center Switches | CISCO MDS 9500 Fabric Switches | CISCO Nexus 5000 series NX-OS | CISCO Nexus 7000 series Switches Common Bus Types | CONNECTION SPEED TEST | Connections, Specific| Connectors | Converged Networking | Data Recovery | DDNS | Dense Mode Multicasting | Device Discovery | DHCP | DHCPv6 | Director Class Switches | DLSw - Data Link Switching | DNS | DOCSIS 3.0 | DSL / ADSL / VDSL /... | DVMRP | EFI | EIDE / IDE | EIGRP | Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) | ETHERNET | Ethereal | FC - FIBRE CHANNEL | FDDI | FoIP | FireWire - IEEE 1394 - iLink| FireWire 400| FireWire 800 - IEEE 1394b| Frame Relay (FR) | FR VPN | - Gigabit Home Networking | GPIB | GPRS | GSM | HyperTransport | IGMP | IGRP | InfiniBand | Integrated IS-IS | Internet2 | IP | IPv4 | IPv6 | IP ToS | IP VPN | IrDA | IS-IS | iSCSI | ISDN | Jini | LAN | LDAP | Link State Routing | LU 6.2 | MAC Address | MDS | MIMO | Modems | MPLS | Multicasting | Nagios | NDMP | NDMP-Plus | Net-SNMP | Networks | NETWORK PROBLEMS (Windows) | OCx | ONT - Optical Network Terminal | OpenVPN | Organizations | OSPF | Packet over SONET | PACKET RADIO | Parallel Port - IEEE 1284 | PATA | PC Card | PCI | PCI NEXTGEN | PCI GEN 2 | PCI GEN 3 | PCI-X | PCI-X2 | PCI-Express | PCI-Express 2.0 | PCI-Express 3.0 | PCMCIA | PictBridge | PIM-DM | PIM-SM | Pinouts | PnP | Port Numbers, Computer | Power over Ethernet | PPP | PPP Testing | Protocols | QoS - Quality of Service | RAID | REFERENCES | RFC | RFID | RIP v1 | RIP v2 | RJ45 | Routers | Router REVIEWS | Routers / Switches / Hubs - Enterprise | ROUTER VULERABILITIES / SECURITY | ROUTING | RS-xxx | SAS | SATA | SCSI | SDP | SerDes | SERIAL | Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) (IEEE 1394) | Serial Bus Protocol 3 (SBP-3) (IEEE 1394) | Signaling System 7 | SIM | SIP | SLP | Smart Cards | SNA | SNMP | SONET | Spanning Tree | Sparse Mode Multicasting | SPEED TESTS - Internet Throughput | SS7 | SSA | SSH | SSL | STANDARDS | Switched Fabric | Switches / Routers / Hubs - Information | Switches / Routers / Hubs - VENDORS | SWITCHES | TCP/IP | Telecom - Other | TIA/EIA-570-A | TKIP | TLS | TMN | TOE | Token Ring | Tracert | TransferJet | Troubleshooting | U3 | UDP | UDT | UEFI | UltraPort | Ultra Wideband - UWB | UPnP | USB / USB 2.0 | USB 3.0 | USB OTG | VLAN | VoIP | VONAGE - Convert your phone service | VPN | VRRP | WAP | WAP2 (WPA) | WEP | WEP2 | WEPplus | WfM | WiFi | WiFi - Make it run better | WIRELESS | WireFreeHD | WirelessHD - WiHD | Wireless HDMI | WirelessHART | Wireless High definition Interface (WHDI) | Wireless USB | Wiring | WLAN | WPA | WPA2 | X.25 | ZigBee | Other Information | Reference Books |

8B / 10B Encoding

Often used to implement SerDes 8b/10b encoding - wikipedia

64B / 66B Encoding

Can be used to used to implement SerDes 64B/66B encoding - Wikipedia

Automation/Drive Interface (ADI)

no longer a draft document.

ADSL / DSL / GLITE / HDSL / SHDSL / VDSL / xDSL / ad nauseum

see also MODEMS See also SPEED TESTS / Bandwidth DSL Terms
ADSL DSL SDSL SHDSL VDSL - what is it VDSL Coalition
FCC orders lines opened to ADSL ISPs - should lower ADSL costs 11/18/99


6/2008 - Enough to make you cry! We are lucky to get 8 mbps here in the US, Japan gets 93 mbps, France 44 mbps, Korea 43 mbps and Sweden, 14 mbps (PCworld). 7/2016 - Raleigh, USA - DOWNLOAD SPEED: 59.03 UPLOADSPEED: 6.01 Mbps by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test NOT COMPUTED IN THE ABOVE SPEED TEST: Quality of Service (QoS) (higher the percentage, the better) and an interpretation of what your QoS means - for example: Your Quality of Service was measured at 34%, which shows that your connection is UNable to produce a constant stream of data. Sound (VoIP) is likely to be broken. {this means that services such as Vonage would work very poorly). I would run the Speed Test a few times in a row, as it may easily flucuate by a very wide margin. SpeedOf.Me SpeedOf.Me "is an HTML5 Internet speed test. No Flash or Java needed! It is the smartest and most accurate online bandwidth test. It works well on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and other mobile devices, as well as desktop computers. Verizon's very-well-done download speed-test page speedstest - dslreports DSL REPORTS - Cable modem limits, security, reviews,... **


Online bandwidth calculator, convert data in byte, MB, GB, KB to ... bandwidth calculator - This bandwidth calculator can be used to convert bits to Bytes, Kb to KB, Kb to MB, MB to GB and so forth VoIP Bandwidth Calculator - Packetizer 2. Bandwidth Calculators. Incoming Channel, Outgoing Channel. Regular Audio Codecs. See also SPEED TESTS

ARP - Address Resolution Protocol

Understanding ARP RFC 826 (rfc826) - Ethernet Address Resolution. RFC826 - IETF home page Address Resolution Protocol (arp)

Asterisk - open source PBX software

What Is Asterisk - O'Reilly Asterisk support site Asterisk/Linux distro Asterisk tutorials Click here for information on Asterisk & Linux

ATM - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

155 Mbps or 622Mbps Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM Forum ATM - WildPackets Configure ATM 1 and ATM 2 Cell-Relay Promiscuous Mode ATM Cell Structures ATM - dnr ATM / Cell Relay - Gary Kessler




Broadband / Cell Phone service available in SPECIFIED LOCATIONS iCalc - Bandwidth Calculator - Transfer Rate, KB, MB, GB, File ... Bandwidth conversion calculator - Online bandwidth calculator, convert data in byte, MB, GB, KB Bandwidth Calculator - Download Speed Estimator There is a heck of a lot of broadband information on my web pages, mostly in other catagories. You might have a look at: Acronyms / Glossary (Technical) ATM Buses & Networks, other Encryption, Compression, RFID, Smart Cards, AI, & Fuzzy Logic Ethernet, 802.11x, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, isoEthernet Fibre Channel (FC) FR VPN IP, IPsec, IPv4, IPv6, FCIP, iFCP, PPP, SoIP, TCP, TCP/IP, TOE, VoIP IP VPN REFERENCES SAN / NAS / SATA / Storage / CIM / Device Discovery SCSI / iSCSI / RAID / SAS / SMI-S Secure Connections Security, Computer Standards Technical Info Testing VPN Wireless / PDA / Handhelds

CardBus (PC Card)

CardBus is the 32-Bit version of PC Card technology. Enabled in the February 1995 release of the PC Card Standard, CardBus allows speeds of up to 133 Mbps at 33MHz. Zoomed Video is a connection between a PC Card and host system that allows the card to write video data directly to the VGA controller. The data is transferred with no buffering requirements because it is transferred over the ZV bus and not the system bus. CardBus Technical Overview CardBus Press Release CCK - Complimentary Code Keying - a modulation scheme used with some wireless networks. Complementary code keying - Wikipedia


CDMA2000 - Cisco CDMA - Wikipedia CDMA vs GSM - Comparison of mobile phone standards CDMA vs. GSM: What's the Difference? - News & Opinion - What does GSM mean in a cell phone? - HowStuffWorks

CDMA 1x RTT (2.5 G)

CDMA 1xRTT has moved to HERE



Cell Relay

OpenWay Cell Relay Verizon Wireless and Itron Combine Forces to Harness the Power of Cell relay - wikipedia The Cell Relay Retreat Cell relay | Community Cell Relay FAQ Index Cell Relay - a CompInfo Directory cell-relay-faq Cells and Cell Relay - linktionary cell relay - TIA's Glossary of Telecommunication Terms Secure cell relay routing protocol for sensor networks A partial list of ATM/Cell Relay acronyms...

Common Bus Types

Common Bus Types (SCSI and other)

Connections, Specific

Pinouts for a Netra T1 105 RJ45 - RS232 serial converter cable

CONNECTORS - click here

Converged networking

Forget FCoE - The War Is About Convergence Network convergence - Wikipedia Introduction to Converged Networking - PDF Enterprise Converged Network - One Network for Voice, Video, Data ... - Intel 10 Best Practices for Managing a Converged Network - IT Management Avaya to Team With QLogic for 10GbE Converged Network Switching ... Cisco's Virtual Switches Gain User Acceptance With Cloud Move

DDNS - Dynamic DNS

Dealing with Dynamic IP Addresses

Director Class Switches - SAN Director Class Switches

A fault-tolerant Fibre Channel switch that typically has a high port count and may serve as a central switch to other fabrics. SAN switch market: Director-class switches help fabrics grow Cisco MDS 9000 Family The director switch - - TechTarget Director-class switch - Encyclopedia

DLSw - Data Link Switching

Data Link Switching (DLSw)


not yet


EIGRP - dnr EIGRP - Cheat Sheet -

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)


Gartner Predicts: 2003 (DF-18-7304)- quote from Roy Schulte in Chapt 1 Gartner Predicts: 2004 (118991)- Enterprise Service Bueses are taking off IDC: The Enterprise Service Bus: Disruptive Technology (Doc# 29132) IDC: Itegration Standards Trends in Program Development - what does open mean?


Alexander, Christopher et al A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction Oxford University Press 1977 Fowlder, Martin Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture AW 2002 Hohpe, Gregor & Bobby Woolf Enterprise Integration Patterns Pearson Education, Inc (AW) 2004 Kaye, Doug Loosely Coupled: the Missing Pieces of Web services RDS Press 2003 Kreger, Heather, Ward K. harold & Leigh Williamson Java and JMX: Building Manageable Systems AW 2002 Monson-Haefel, Richard & David A. Chappell Java Message Service O'Reilly 2000


Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 jCO SAP Java Connector jCO SAP Java Connector FAQ


FDDI - WildPackets

FireWire = IEEE 1394 = i.Link

Sony's iLink uses only 4 pins, and excludes the two power carrying FireWire pins. Click here for FireWire use in Video applications 1394ta Dot Org FireWire / IEEE 1394 About FireWire IEEE1394 How Firewire Works ( Firewire - PC Mechanic FireWire Depot (I know nothing about them)

FireWire 400

This is the FireWire that we are used to (2/2005)

FireWire 800

FireWire 800: Fast Not Furious SATA vs FireWire 800 vs SCSI - 4 drive RAID Iogear Cards Double FireWire Throughput - 4/30/2003

Frame Relay

THE BASIC GUIDE TO FRAME RELAY NETWORKING Frame Relay Frame - garykessler A Comparison of IP-VPN and Frame Relay Services - PDF - Gigabit Home Networking

The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) is developing a standardized home networking protocol called would work with ALL current networks: Wi-Fi, EOP, Ultr-wideband (UWB), 60-Ghz links, Ethernet, pwer line networking, Gigabit over power lines and dedicated proprietary systems. (sounds like it would need an IBM G5 just to run it) Expect to see before the end of 2009 New Home Networking Standard Has Significant Potential HiddenWires - New Home Networking Standard - Wikipedia ITU-T Joint Co-ordination Activity on Home Networking (JCA-HN) home networking to support HD IPTV - CopperGate grabs latest ARC core for - Will Next-Generation Triple-Wire Home Networking Standard next-gen Wi-Fi standard gains support - Alan Weinkrantz PR Web Log: ABI: ITU's Home Networking Standard Has Significant Potential Crowded house:'s place in the home network market.(HOME ... - Powerset next-gen Wi-Fi standard gains support - Infomatics

GPIB - IEEE488 - IEC60625

Agilent receives U.S. patent for USB GPIB emulation Linux GPIB Package Homepage GPIB TUTORIAL #2


AMD and API Networks have developed HyperTransport - it was the leading contender to replace the PCI bus, but PCIe has replaced the PCI bus. The current HyperTransport spec (in 2001) calls for an aggregate bandwidth of 6.4 GB per second in a 16-bit configuration, and 12.8 Gb/sec in a 32-bit configuration. In contrast, 32-bit PCI starts at less than 133 MB/second, and scales to only 533 MB/sec at 64-bit configurations HyperTransport is 24 times faster than regular PCI, out of the gate. HyperTransport is software compatible with PCI - vendors will not have to rewrite their PCI device drivers. HyperTransport Consortium HyperTransport 2.0 Boosts Speeds, Maps to PCI Express AMD's HyperTransport: Souping up chip speed from the inside




Internet2 Vendors


IrDA - Phil Storrs PC Hardware book IRDA - Infared data Association Welcome to IrDA Land ( Intro to IrDA IrDA Specifications Linux IrDA Homepage MS's Win95 IrDA Driver, Download


IS-IS Cheatsheet - Translate OSPF-ese to IS-IS-ese

Integrated IS-IS

Stay tuned....


ISDN Tutorial ISDN - webopedia




not yet

LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LDAP - definition of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol - Wikipedia OpenLDAP, Main Page What is LDAP? - gracion LDAP Linux HOWTO An LDAP Roadmap & FAQ - kingsmountain LDAP integration | LDAP Query Basics PHP: LDAP Functions - Manual RFC 2251 - Internet Engineering Task Force Important Internet Standards: LDAP RFC 4510 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

LU 6.2

not yet

MAC Address

See MAC Address

MIMO - multiple-input multiple-output

official homepage for the MIMO project MIMO (multiple-input multiple-output) Faster Wi-Fi (802.11n) Spec [MIMO] approved MIMO Holds Promise for Wireless


Basic Multicasting Troubleshooting Tools IPv4 Multicast - cheat sheet - Introduction to Multicasting - A multicast is similar to a broadcast - Multicasting - PDF Broadcasting and Multicasting Multicasting Books: Multicast and Group Security - Thomas Hardjono, Lakshminath R Dondeti - 2003 Developing IP Multicast Networks - Beau Williamson - 2000 Multicasting on the Internet and Its Applications - Sanjoy Paul - 1998 See also IP MULTICASTING

NAGIOS - enterprise-class monitoring solutions

Nagios is a host and service monitoring tool designed to inform systems administrators of network problems before clients or managers notice. Nagios can even extract SMPT traps if SMPT is running (some Clients prohibit the running of SMPT on their Network Admin systems). Nagios dot org About Nagios Nagios - Wikipedia NagiosExchange Project details for Nagios JumpBox for the Nagios Network Monitoring System | JumpBox Inc Nagios Using external commands in Nagios - Nagios Checker :: Firefox Add-ons Installing Nagios - O'Reilly A Secure Nagios Server - The Community's Center for Security USN-698-1: Nagios vulnerability | Ubuntu - Dec 22, 2008 Main Page - NagiosCommunity Nagios Tutorials (Nagios Installation,Configuration,Plugins .. Nagios / SNMP tools See also Nagios Books (search for "nagios")


ServerWatch Apache Project The List (Internet Service Providers) - OMITS SOME Internet Assigned Number Authority (FTP) NetNames Black Box On-Line Catalog NETWORK PROBLEMS (Windows)

Parallel Port - IEEE 1284

IEE 1284 parallel Port Info

PC Card - formerlay called PCMCIA

PC Card FAQ PC Card Technology Primer


PCI Code and ID Assignment Specification Rev 1.0 PCI Local Bus Specification Revision 2.2 PCI Specs - PCI Special Interest Group PICMG - PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group Determining PCI Version Number Add PCI Serial Ports with Keyspan expansion cards PC2 Consulting Home Page PCI Hardware and Software, 4th Edition

PCI Express = PCIe, formerly 3GIO

PCI Express extensions take aim at AMD PCI Express 2.1 PCI Express, PCI-X and other mysteries DELL PCI Express White Paper PCIsig Free PCI Express Measurements Primer - Tektronix

PCI Express Gen2 (PCIe GEN 2) (PCIe NextGen 2) - PCI-Express 2.0

PCI Express - Wikipedia Introduction to PCI Express - Testbench.IN PCIe 3.0, PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 1.1 Interface Differences PCI Express Gen2/Gen3 update: An interview with Jasmin Ajanovic PCI Express GEN 2 Questions and Answers PCI Express 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 - Wikipedia PCIe 2.0 spec to speed coprocessors PCI-SIG releases the PCIe 2.0 spec PCI-SIG - FAQ - PCI Express 2.0 PCI-SIG - PCI Express Base 2.0 Specification PCIe 2.0 Gets Warm Welcome - Archi-TECH PCIe 2.0 Base Specificaiton Protocol and Software Overview PCIe 2.0 means 2x32x - The INQUIRER

PCI Express Gen3 (PCIe GEN 3) - PCI-Express 3.0

PCI Express 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 - Wikipedia The PCI-SIG work group has delayed its final ratification of PCI Express Gen3 until early 2011. PCI Express - Wikipedia PCI Express Gen 3: Twice as Nice -- and Then Some - RTC Magazine PCI Express Gen2/Gen3 update: An interview with Jasmin Ajanovic PCIe Gen 3 Questions and Answers Overcoming SoC design challenges moving to PCIe Gen3 - Embedded PCI Express 3.0 uses tricks to double PCI Express 2.0 Bandwidth PCI-SIG announces 8GT/s transfer rate for PCIe 3.0 - Ars Technica PCI-SIG - FAQ - PCI Express 3.0 PCI Express 3.0 details surface PCI-SIG announces 8GT/s transfer rate for PCIe 3.0 - Headline :: Pat Gelsinger talks about virtualisation ... Interconnects: On USB 3.0 and PCIe 3.0 PCIe 3.0 Set at 8 GTps - Archi-TECH PCI-SIG - FAQ - PCI Express 3.0 PCI SIG sets PCIe 3.0 at 8GTps PCIe 3.0 draft spec triggers debate PCI-E 3.0: twice as fast as 2.0 - BeHardware PCI Express 3.0 Details Announced - MegaGames hardware


PCI Express, PCI-X and other mysteries


AMD announced HyperTransport PCIX2.0
PCI-X 2.0 verification suite

PCMCIA - now called PC CARD

Personal Computer Memory Card International Association - 16-bit cards. When to use PCMCIA, PC Card, and CardBus PCMCIA Org Miniature Card technology Primer How to Install a PCMCIA Card

PCP - Port Control Protocols

Port Control Protocol (pcp) - Charter - IETF Datatracker Port Control Protocol (pcp) - Documents Port Control Protocol - The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 14 - Cisco



PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol (RFC 1661)

Limited to 53Kbps in the U.S.A. In networking, the Point-to-Point Protocol, or PPP, is a data link protocol commonly used to establish a direct connection between two networking nodes. PPP Protocol Overview Point-to-Point Protocol - Wikipedia The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP): An Overview - Microsoft What Is My IP Address? - What is PPP and PPPoE? RFC 1661 ppp (Paul's PPP Package) - Internetworking Technology Handbook - Point to Point Protocol (PPP) - Cisco Linux PPP HOWTO Using User PPP - Debian - Details of package ppp in lenny Solaris & PPP Linux configure point to point tunneling PPTP VPN client for ... Free serial line internet protocol slip and point to point ... ppp - The PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) daemon VPN PPP-SSH Mini-HOWTO Google Directory - Computers > Internet > Protocols > PPP 3 WAN Protocols you should know: HDLC, PPP, and Frame-Relay PPP Deflate Protocol (RFC 1979) - Internet Engineering Task Force CaptureSetup/PPP - The Wireshark Wiki Using and Managing PPP - O'Reilly Media - Book MPD: FreeBSD PPP daemon | Get MPD: FreeBSD PPP daemon - ppp | Use Multilink PPP to combine multiple circuits into a single ... Connecting your PalmOS handheld device to the Internet via PPP PPP Suite - Reference Page - ATCP | BACP | BAP | BCP | BSD | BVCP ... - PPP Over SSH - a simple vpn solution for unix :: ... Establishing A PPP Link - Hackman's Realm Dial Solutions Configuration Guide - Configuring Media-Independent PPP & Multilink PPP - Cisco tty-device when using capiplugin - msg#00033 - linux.ppp PPP


H.323 (Video) End Point Product Validation Requirements create a Test Plan to test a JMS Point-to-Point messaging


Protocol Dictionary Protocols dot com SecurityProtocols dot com Protocols - Networksorcery Networking Protocols - LDAP, DNS, FTP, SSH, HTTP,... - Protocol Family Encapsulations (pdf) Protocol Cheat Sheets Protocol Testing Sites

QoS - Quality of Service

Find YOUR Internet QoS Quality of Service - DNR Quality of service - Wikipedia Quality of Service - Cheat Sheet - QoS - Quality of Service (Internetworking Technology Overview) - Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) - Cisco Systems Internet2 QoS Internet2 QoS Working Group QOS | Get QOS at Windows XP Quality of Service (QoS) enhancements and behavior UMTS QoS, Quality of Service QoS - Quality of Service in Computer Networking Windows XP Service Pack 3 Services Information - QoS RSVP Why We Don't Need QOS: Trains, Cars, and Internet Quality of Service Application QoS - where's the measuring tape? - The Register IP QoS Page Windows Core Networking : QoS in Windows 7 Configure QoS on your Cisco router with this template

RFC - Request For Comments

RFC - Search the RFCs The Request for Comments (RFCs) - Home Page STD 1 (RFC3700) Internet Official Protocol Standards FULL STANDARD RFCs - IETF ORG RFC 3980 - SCSI storage devices containing both iSCSI ports & SAS ports to use the same NAA-based SCSI device name MORE RFC STANDARDS INFORMATION

RIP and RIP2

RIP v1 RIP v2


A Serializer/Deserializer A common coding scheme used with SerDes is 8B/10B encoding. SerDes - A Serializer/Deserializer - Wikipedia What is SerDes? - a definition from Parameters of SerDes Rambus - Rambus Announces IBM to License Multi-protocol Serdes Basics of High-Performance SerDes Design: Part I - PDF Broadcom Corporation - Serdes, Serializer Deserializer, 3.2 Gbps ... A common coding scheme used with SerDes is 8B/10B encoding - Wikipedia Another common coding scheme used with SerDes is 64B/66B encoding - Wikipedia


Complete Pinout Guide for Parallel Port, Serial Port, Network, PS2 & Monitor Cables Parallel and Serial Port Cable Pinouts Pinouts for various connectors in Real Life(tm) INDEX Pinouts For Real Life Situations

Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) (IEEE 1394)

Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) (IEEE 1394)

Serial Bus Protocol 3 (SBP-3)

Serial Bus Protocol 3 (SBP-3) (IEEE 1394)


not yet


not yet


SONET - Tutorial

Spanning Tree

spanning tree protocol - The spanning tree network protocol provides a loop free topology for a LAN or bridged network. Click here for more info Understanding Spanning Tree Protocol Spanning Tree - Cheatsheet - First Hop Redundancy - Cheat Sheet - Preventing network loops with Spanning-Tree Protocol

SS7 - Signaling System 7 (Level 3)

I have copies of ALL the BELL LABS SS7 manuals from the late '90s. OpenSS7 SS7 Protocol Suite - BICC | BISUP | DUP | ISUP | MAP | MTP-2 | MTP ... Signaling System 7 - Wikipedia Performance Technologies - SS7 Tutorial Signalling System #7 (SS7) | TelecomSpace IEC: On-Line Education: WPF: Signaling System 7 (SS7) What is SS7? SS7 Cisco SS7 Fundamentals Signaling System 7 (SS7) -

Switch Fabric / Switched Fabric

Switched fabric, switching fabric, or just fabric, is a network topology where network nodes connect with each other via one or more network switches. Switched fabric - Wikipedia Switch Fabric - Cisco switching fabric

Telecom/Telephony - Other

Acronyms / Glossary - David Woodsmall Complete IP, VoIP, TCP & Related Information Telecom Terms T1 Glossary IS-41 - Tekelec Complete WIRELESS / PDA / HANDHELD / MESSAGING / SYMBIAN Information

Token Ring (follows 802.5 standard)

Theoretical maximum speed of 16Mbps. Token Ring - WildPackets Token Ring is pretty much dead, so refer to David Woodsmalls' Technical books

Packet over SONET

Packet Over SONET: A Technical Primer - PDF


Network Troubleshooting IDE/ATAPI bus utilization monitor - free download Tracert - traces route between your computer and specified Internet address

U3 - USB

U3 devices are USB devices that can execute (some) programs. U3 devices can be used to fix non-booting computers, and run "mobile" applications.US Information - PC World

IBM UltraPort

UltraPort uses a proprietary connection standard. UltraPort was an old USB 1.1 thing on some IBM laptops and not used anywhere else. In fact it was at the top of the screen and not down on the main body of the laptop.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

will disband. UWB Group Hands off to Wireless USB, Bluetooth & DISBANDS The first HD broadcast products to be available for purchase should be UWB products. UWB transmits in bursts, over a wide frequency range of from 3.1GHz to 10.6GHz. UWB has a throughput of 480Mbps, and is expected to support Bluetooth 3.0, Wirelesss USB and other applications. Also called Pulse Radio. IT APPEARS THAT INTEL IS DROPPING UWB (Pulse radio) and persuing WiMAX - Dvorak PC Magazine January 2009, page 53. (Home Theater Magazine) Will Ultra Wideband Survive? - PCMag - 10/27/2004 Wideband World - PCMag - 04/23/2002

USB / USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 / USB 3.0

There are three data rates supported by USB, but USB 3.0 Spec has been released and is 10x faster than USB 2.0. NOTE: USB 2.0 "Full-Speed" is just marketing-ese for USB 1.1. Both provide a maximum 12Mbps (1.5 MiB/s) transfer rate, rather than the 480 Mbps (57 MiB/s) of full USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed). A Low Speed rate of 1.5 Mbit/s (183 KiB/s) is mostly used for slow interface devices, such as keyboards and mice. Maximum length of USB 2.0 cables is about 16 feet. If you want longer cable runs, you need to buy a $20 active USB extender.

Jump to USB 3 Information

USB General Information

USB - Security Issues and Solutions USB - WordIQ USB - Wikipedia What is USB How USB Works ( Universal Serial Bus - (Encyclozine) USB - Everything USB USB Org USB News Linux USB USB Debug Tips NZXT IU01: Expand Your External USB Capabilities, Internally USB Offers Many Choices for Use in Embedded Systems - RTC Smart, Free Fixes for Your USB Hassles USB Drivers Programming Guide for Linux USB Device Drivers An Introduction to USB Development USB Developer's Forum USB in a NutShell - a primer for developers USB High Speed Electrical Testing Utility - INTEL USB Resources - Darkhorse USB Snoopy - free software sniffer Universal Serial Bus - Intel Linux USB sub-system USB Technology - specifications, and white papers USB 2.0, Hi-Speed USB FAQ Howstuffworks "How USB Ports Work" USB - Universal Serial Bus Info, Sales - 12 Mbps USB - News Releases USB background USB Enumeration Problems with OpenHCI Controller on Fast Computers - Microsoft Availability of the Windows XP SP1 USB 1.1 and 2.0 Update USB Central USBMan Everything USB The ultimate guide for installing and running Windows XP from a USB stick / HDD drive Booting Linux off of a USB drive Make a DOS App Work With a USB Printer, Again - SCROLL DOWN USB Testing Interesting, resonable USB & other cables USB Combo Kit - sounds interesting - caveat emptor USB for DOS

USB 3 - ten times the speed of USB 2.0

I took a Cadence USB 3.0 VIP Verification Solution Seminar in February 2013. Universal Serial Bus - Wikipedia USB 3.0 Finally Arrives - PCWorld USB 3.0: The new speed limit - Computerworld SuperSpeed USB 3.0 FAQ Universal Serial Bus Revision 3.0 Specification (.zip file format, size 4.62 MB) - Documents Next-Generation Macs May Offer USB 3.0, FireWire 3200 USB 3.0 is Finally Rolling Out Want a laptop with USB 3.0? The few, the proud - Nanotech - September 19, 2010 USB 3.0 performance explored Rumour: AMD to support USB 3.0 | USB 3.0 SuperSpeed gone wild at CES 2010, trumps even your new SSD USB 3.0 SPECIFICATION NOW AVAILABLE USB 3.0 Boosts Speed 10x, Broadens Embedded-Systems Applicability - RTC Magazine USB 3.0 Is Coming Future Intel ICH6x directions to include USB3, integrated broadband Latest News at :: IDF: USB3.0 Specs Expected in H1 2008 Intel's USB 3.0 and Wireless USB 1.1 target speeds announced: so long Firewire? Pat Gelsinger (Intel) talks about virtualisation, PCIe 3.0, USB3.0, and more usb3.0 specification USB3.0 to use fibre to provide 10x speed boost USB in a NutShell - Chapter 3 - USB Protocols USB3 Resources on TechRepublic Why Powered USB Is Needed, Part 1: The Short History of USB Why Powered USB Is Needed, Part 2: The Future of USB Why Powered USB Is Needed, Part 3: USB 3? USB Testing

USB - OTG = USB On-The-Go

What is USB OTG? - Webopedia - USB On-The-Go USB On-The-Go Basics Free USB OTG Technical Papers - Mentor Graphics USB OTG - PCTechGuide USB OTG - On-The-Go - Everything USB NEW Sharing ConceptUSB OTG Bridge (I know nothing about them) U3: The Ultimate USB Keys?

Wireless USB

Intel Outlines Wireless USB Security Wireless USB Standard Pledged by Year's End (2004) See also a major competitor, WirelessHD USB Testing

USB References

Garney, John et al USB Hardware and Software Annabooks $ 95 Hyde, John USB Design by Example Intel Press $55 w/CD 0-9702846-5-9 Click here for a more complete list of related reference books

VLAN - Virtual LAN

Virtual LAN - Wikipedia VLANs - Cheat Sheet - What is a VLAN? How to Setup a VLAN on a Cisco Switch Virtual Local Area Networks VLANs - Computer Creating Ethernet VLANs on Catalyst Switches - Cisco Systems Catalyst 6500 Series Command Reference, 7.6 - set udld to set vtp Configuring VLANs - tripod VLANs and Trunking > VLAN Configuration - Cisco Cisco Vlan Tips - How to configure VLAN on a Cisco Switch Howto: Configure Linux Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) VLANs on Linux vlan - The Linux Foundation 802.1Q VLAN implementation for Linux Using IP Instances with VLANs or How to Make a Few NICs Look Like Many IEEE 802.1ad VLAN Tagging = 802.1Q




not yet



X.25 - Wikipedia X.25 Some X.25 Protocols: ADCCP HDLC LAPB MLP X.25 X.29 X.75


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