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ADA - mysearch Ada programming language - wikibooks Ada Reference Manual


Algol - mysearch Algol - wikipedia

COBOL (I know nothing about these companies)

COBOL User Groups (COBUG) COBOL programmers know old != bad - June 2, 2017 20 Things You Might Not Know About COBOL Tools Cater To Leveraging Legacy Cobol Apps Calling legacy COBOL/CICS programs with EGL and J2EE Connectors Re-engineering legacy Cobol programs What to do with legacy COBOL : Articles : Programming & Software : BCS Reverse Engineering Tool For Legacy (Cobol) System The COBOL jigsaw puzzle: Fitting object-oriented and legacy COBOL Legacy COBOL Application / keyboard mapping problem : IBM, AS/400 Automated conversion of the legacy 4GL code to COBOL on your new database IT Resource Center forums - VAX Cobol Question - Legacy Cobol COBOL Legacy Modernization - Marble provides COBOL solutions Moving from legacy(COBOL) to Enterprise .net - Stack Overflow Creating Web Services for Legacy COBOL - PDF Wrapping legacy COBOL programs behind an XML-interface - IEEE Re-Engineering Legacy Cobol Programs - Storming Media legacy cobol | Tags | COBOL - Reverse Engineering: COBOL Reverse Engineering with case/4/0 Documentation and Reverse Engineering Tools COBOL reverse engineering tool COBOL Software Tools Directory : The COBOL Center COBOL - Object Oriented: Object Oriented COBOL COBOL - Continued: the COBOL Center COBOL - techiwarehouse COBOL FAQ COBOL - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia COBOL Standards - sponsored by MicroFocus COBOL Programming, Tutorials, Lectures, Exercises, Examples ** COBOL Portal The COBOL Programming Language IBM COBOL - Family Overview Liant Ryan-McFarland COBOL (once used by HP3000 & Data General) MICRO-FOCUS Bought LIANT (which owned Ryan-McFarland COBOL). SO, Micro-Focus now owns Liant Ryan-McFarland COBOL. I have used both Micro-Focus and Ryan-McFarland COBOL - Both were good. COBOL - MICRO-FOCUS: Micro Focus (COBOL) Micro Focus Cobol on Linux Micro Focus COBOL Forum - requires MF support Enterprise Application Management and Modernization - Micro Focus Micro Focus Net Express - Micro Focus RM/COBOL Overview - Micro Focus Micro Focus COBOL, MF COBOL, MicroFocus Compilers : COBOL User Groups Micro Focus COBOL Developer Suite for Tru64 UNIX Micro Focus launches COBOL for Eclipse - Open Source : News UNIX Performance Products: ISAMATION for MicroFocus COBOL Micro Focus Acquisition of Liant VS COBOL II grammer Version 1.0.4 COBOL II Reference Summary (IBM) California Software Products, Inc - including UNIBOL400,UNIBOL36
the Kasten COBOL Page COBOL FAQ COBOL for GCC - a GNU project TinyCOBOL Project - sourceforge the COBOL report AcuCorp - adds GUIs to COBOL Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Cobol: OO Cobol COBOL Jobs - I know nothing about them


Forth Interest Group: FIG comp.lang.forth FAQ: General Information (1 of 7) Forth Compilers Page Forth programming language - wikipedia colorForth Pocket Forth - for MACs Thinking Forth - sourceforge Chuck Moore: The Invention of Forth The Evolution of Forth Forth: A Programming Language for Real Programmers pForth Tutorial FORTH - mysearch Forth - wikibooks


Fortran 90 Tutorials - Michael Metcalf Fortran ANSI 77, 90 and 95 Reference Card Fortran 90 Questions - Michel Olagnon Fortran 90/95 Texts & Links Fortran 90 Software Repository Fortran 90 Tutorial Fortran 77 for GNU Fortran FAQ Fortran - mysearch Fortran Library Fortran Resources Fortran to Java Compiler Fortran Tutorial Free (Fortran) Software HP Visual Fortran J3 Fortran Standards Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran Numerical Methods for Fortran Programmers Numerical Recipes Home Page Perils of Floating Point Using and Porting GNU Fortran
Fortran Compiler Comparisons - sponsored by a compiler company the Fortran Company Fortran - wikibooks


GPSS - mysearch


JOVIAL - mysearch


Lisp - mysearch Lisp Programming - wikibooks Lisp (programming language) - wikipedia


Modula - mysearch


Pascal - mysearch Pascal - wikipedia Pascal - wikibooks


PL/1 - mysearch


IBM's official Rexx site Open Object Rexx (ooRexx) IBM Software - Object REXX Rexx FAQ Rex Swain's REXX Summary Classic Rexx Tutorial - Kilowatt Software Object-Oriented Language: REXX - cetus-links Rexx Language Association Regina Cross-Platform Rexx Interpreter REXX - Wikipedia - Mark Hessling's Home Page Ian's Rexx title page Rexx: Power Through Simplicity Rexx Anywhere Tek-Tips: REXX Technical Help Forum Open source Rexx interpreter for Linux/Unix - REXX/imc Rexx/SQL - sourceforge Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Rexx David McRitchie: The REXX Macros Toolbox Rexx Programmer's Reference (Programmer to Programmer ... -


SPSS - mysearch


ADA | Algol | COBOL | Command Languages | FORTH | Fortran | GPSS | JOVIAL | LISP | Modula | Pascal | PL/1 | REXX | SPSS |