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TWEET These web pages are generally arranged in Alphabetic Order, by Subject, with an INDEX at the end of each web page. Find your desired subject and double click on it. WARNING - I WOULD NOT, PERSONALLY, EVER WEAR OR EVEN BUY CLOTHING THAT DOES NOT FULLY DISCLOSE WHAT INSECT REPELLENT AND/OR INSECTICIDE IS USED ON THE CLOTHES. RID is the world's best insect repellent, in my personal opinion In my 30 days of Photo Safaries in Six African Countries, and in my wooded back yard, I, personally, found RID to be the best insect repellent for myself and my fellow travelers. NONE of my party of 5 got bitten by anything.. RID TROPICAL STRENGTH INSECT REPELLENT CONTAINS: 19.5% DEET plus two additional repellents, including a FLY repellent, Antiseptic to kill a wide range of bacteria, Vitamin E for moisturizing, Chamomile for its soothing relief, and Triclosan an anti-bacterial/inflammatory agent). I have NO connection to RID nor sellers of RID. REALLY Complete Insect Repellent & Insecticide Information - CLICK HERE Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions Lyme Disease is the fastest growing infectious bacterial disease in America. Generally contracted through a tick bite, new evidence shows it is also contractable via mosquito, spider, or fly bite [1], from mother to child in the womb [2], or potentially through unprotected sex [3]. Lyme disease: What does a tick bite look like? Lyme Disease: 1000’s Of Patients Now Understand Why They Didn’t Get Well I do not know anything about Shea Medical.


A Guide to Lyme Disease Lyme Disease: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention! What Tick Saliva Does to the Human Body Ticks use their saliva to create a “lake of blood” inside their hosts Climate Change Enters Its Blood-Sucking Phase As winters grow warmer in North America, thirsty ticks are on the move How to Avoid Ticks and Prevent Lyme Disease The incredibly frustrating reason there’s no Lyme disease vaccine Your dog can get vaccinated for Lyme. You cannot. Lyme, the tick-borne disease that’s spreading fast, explained Summer is the season for Lyme. Here’s how to protect yourself. The Small Things I Do to Embrace the Permanence of Lyme Disease - yahoo I caught Lyme disease after being bitten by a tick at a BBQ in north London - metro The results came back negative, which I now know is because the pathogens of a tick take up to six weeks to show up in the blood. Lyme Disease Surges in Western PA Kids - Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh found an exponential increase of Lyme disease cases in western Pennsylvania kids. New ‘exotic’ (Longhorned) tick invades NC, and it’s an ‘aggressive biter.’ - charlotteobserver "Female LONGHORNED TICKS CAN reproduce withOUT a Male - UGH Longhorn's can carry: Lyme spirochetes, spotted fever group rickettsiae, Ehrlichia chaffeensis, and Anaplasma bovis have been detected in H. longicornis. It has been associated with Russian spring-summer encephalitis, Powassan virus, Khasan virus, tick-borne encephalitis virus and Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome." - charlotteobserver Zika, Lyme are on the rise — here’s how to protect yourself from insect-borne illnesses - clark Climate Change Is Increasing The Footprint Of Lyme Disease - 3/11/2017


Lyme disease cases are on the rise, CDC warns 5/2019 - consumeraffairs Tick-borne diseases may be ten times more common than previously thought 5/2018


Lyme disease in South Africa - PDF Lyme disease in Africa Lyme disease - a new disease in southern Africa? Lyme disease in South Africa Babeiosis Lyme Disease in Dogs - (in South Africa, varieties of Babeiosis can kill adult dogs) Is Lyme Disease Worldwide? Looking AT LYME DISEASE: JONATHAN PEARCE Contracted LYME DISEASE in South Africa DERMATOLOGICAL MANIFESTATIONS IN TRAVEL MEDICINE - PDF Insect Borne Diseases - The Travel Doctor Lyme Disease Symptoms - Diseases and Conditions - PDR Health "Lyme disease persists with greater frequency in localized regions throughout the United States, Europe, the former Soviet Union, South Africa, Australia, and Asia. In 1996, more than 90% of reported cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. were from Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Wisconsin. In each state, high-risk areas are usually concentrated in specific localities. Focal endemic areas also exist in Europe, the former Soviet Union, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Korea, and China. Lyme disease in South Africa - ResearchGate Lyme disease in South Africa - PDF Broadcasting - BBC's Pearce Recovering From Lyme Disease Contracted in South Africa Lyme Disease, Rickettsia and Q Fever in South Africa - Facebook LymeNet Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 09 - Lyme Disease Network - Lyme disease in South Africa There seem to be either two spellings or two families of bacteria causing Lyme Disease: Babesiosis - Wikipedia Lyme disease - Borrelia Bacteria - Wikipedia The Lyme Book: EXCERPT FROM ABOVE LINK TO THE "LYME BOOK": What about Africa? A report published in Africa notes that "Lyme Disease is now the most common vector-borne disease in Europe and North America, but there is also evidence that the disease is in Africa as well." Researchers found various strains of Borrelia in ticks located in Tunisia and Morocco, including the strains B. garinii, B. burgdorferi ss, and B lusitaniae. More than 40 published studies have been released chronicling Lyme Disease in Africa. On September 24, 2007, Afriqu’ Echos Magazine, one of the larger news magazines in Africa, reported on a team of researchers who, from 1990 to 2003, studied the disease in Dielmo, a Senegalese village. They found that over 11% of Africans in the village have suffered from Borreliosis at one point in their life. The same article in Afriqu’ Echos Magazine also quotes the French Institute of Research and Development (the IRD): “Lyme Disease is the most frequent bacterial disease in Africa, but it is also an affliction that is completely unknown to health professionals.” The IRD evaluated a rural African area of Dakar and found that “Lyme Borreliosis was the most frequent reason for dispensary consultations after Malaria.”. The article in Afriqu’ Echos Magazine further states that: “Researchers also discovered that this disease caused recurrent fever in the long term which could result in serious meningoencephalitis, which was sometimes fatal-symptoms exactly similar to those of malaria. The disease is thus systematically confused with malaria, which explains, of course, why there has been so much failure in terms of treatment since treatment for malaria is not effective against Borreliosis. Only tetracycline antibiotics produce results. Diagnosis is also made difficult by the problem of detecting Borrelia crocidurae [note this new strain of Lyme Disease], the bacteria responsible for the disease. It is not detectable in the blood except during attacks of fever, and laboratory examinations are rarely possible in tropical Africa, in particular in rural areas.” Imagine the complexity now in Africa of untangling the diagnosis and treatment of two diseases which have similar symptoms but which health care practitioners are not trained to differentiate: Lyme Disease and Malaria, which are both presently ravaging Africa.

Pam Anderson has come up with this information

"These are two more excellent links you can put up to help people if you would like to spread the word as we do not have enough Lyme literate doctors in SA. They may know about Lyme disease but they do not have the correct knowledge to treat the disease or it co-infections properly. One is lucky if they will give you 10 days of Doxycycline, when a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks is set down by the US Guidelines, which I believe SA should follow since we don’t have our own. The Lyme bacteria are stealth bacteria and can change shape and morph at will and go into cyst form and live in every cell in our body. In the cyst form they are extremely difficult to treat, which is why people just never seem to get well. 1) Lyme Disease Treatment Guidelines 2) ILADS Guidelines (PDF) (People MUST NOT follow the guidelines by the IDSA if they have any hope of trying to get better) This is VERY IMPORTANT: Recently IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) released their revised guidelines on Lyme Disease which was electronically published in the medical journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. IDSA has long held the position that Lyme Disease is easily diagnosed and must present the classic bulls eye rash, is easily treatable and can basically be cured with less than a month’s worth of antibiotics, and that Chronic Lyme does not exist nor has the disease spread to the southern states. And why shouldn’t they have such beliefs… after all their board of directors consist of government employees and academics at major medical universities rather than actual doctors dealing with the diseases face-to-face with the patients. IDSA’s 2006-2007 Board of Directors includes (CLICK HERE) In response, ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) issued a formal request of RETRACTION in their October 25, 2006 letter to the Editor of Clinical Infectious Diseases regarding the journal's publication of IDSA's recently revised guidelines... Throughout America, people have learned if they are to have any hope of a recovery of some sort (there is NO cure for Lyme Disease) they needs to stick with the ILADS Guidelines. Very Very Important !" - by Pam Anderson


AFRICAN TRIP HEALTH ISSUES AFRICAN COUNTRIES TO WHICH WE ARE GOING: AFRICA BOTSWANA KENYA NAMIBIA (web page pending) SOUTH AFRICA ZAMBIA ZIMBABWE Complete AFRICAN SAFARI PLANNING Electric Outlet Shapes and Adapters - BOTSWANA Electric Outlet Shapes and Adapters - KENYA Electric Outlet Shapes and Adapters - NAMIBIA Electric Outlet Shapes and Adapters - SOUTH AFRICA Electric Outlet Shapes and Adapters - ZAMBIA Electric Outlet Shapes and Adapters - ZIMBABWE Electric Outlet Adapters Electrical Connections / Plug Types / Voltage BITES: BITES - Treating & Identifying BITES - MOSQUITO - Treating Bites - TICK - Pictures & Treatment Lyme Disease - Tick Bite with it - picture BUY - WHERE to get these insect repellents and killers CLOTHES - TREATED: CLOTHES - treated with Permethrin - kill/repel insects CPAP and Battery powered CPAP/APAP DISEASES - Mosquito Borne: Avian Malaria Dengue Fever - mosquitoes bite in the DAYTIME Eastern Equine Encephalitis (sleeping sickness) Filariasis Japanese Encephalitis St. Louis Encephalitis Aedes aegypti Mosquito which spreads dengue and yellow fever Anopheles gambiae Mosquito, which spreads malaria Culex quinquefasciatus Mosquito, which spreads filariasis and West Nile virus DISEASES - TICK Borne: TICK Bourne DISEASES USA - Really Complete Information Lyme Disease Lyme Disease - Tick Bite with it - picture GPS - Complete Information about GPS HATS, SAFARI MALARIA TREATMENTS / PREVENTATIVES: Complete MALARIA Information Doxycycline MALARIA - Prevention, Prophylactics & Information MALARONE - Malaria Prophylactic - RECOMMENDED Mefloquine Prophylactics / Malaria Preventative Medications MOSQUITOES: Aedes mosquitoes (vector of dengue fever) bite in the DAYTIME Anopheles Mosquitoes Culex Mosquitoes Aedes aegypti Mosquito which spreads dengue and yellow fever Anopheles gambiae Mosquito, which spreads malaria Culex quinquefasciatus Mosquito, which spreads filariasis and West Nile virus Mozzies NEWS: NEWS - Mosquitoes, Malaria, Insecticides & insect borne Diseases POISONING by REPELLENTS AND INSECTICIDES: Poisoning by ALLETHRIN Poisoning by DEET Poisoning by GERANIOL? Poisoning by Insecticides Poisoning by METOFLUTHRIN Poisoning by PERMETHRIN (a pyrethroid pesticide)) Poisoning by PICARIDIN (not very likely) Poisoning by PYRETHRIN REAPPLICATION of Insect Repellent - TIPS REPELLENTS AND INSECTICIDES: WHAT Insect Repellents we used successfully in Africa RECOMMENDED INSECT REPELLENTS DEET on cloth for additional protection WHERE to buy these insect repellents and killers Allethrin - Repellent Autan - Icaridin (Picaridin) AVON AVON SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Bayrepel (Picaridin) Catnip - Repellent - CAUTION Citrepel (PMD) - Repellent Citriodiol (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus) Citronella - Repellent Conceal - Repellent Corymbia citriodora (OLE) DEET - Repellent DEET Corrosiveness WARNING DEET and FISHING DEET POISONING DEET - Sellers of DOOM Insecticide (found in Africa, only [Kenya]) Dr D - from Nakumatt - Citrepel Repellent (PMD) Dr Johnson Mosquito & Insect Repellent - citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, lemongrass oil & lavender oil Geraniol - Repellent Geraniol POISONING Geranium (really Geraniol) - Repellent hydroxyethyl isobutyl piperidine carboxylate (Picaridin) Icaridin (Picaridin) IR3535 - Repellent JUNGLE FORMULA Repellent (25% DEET) KBR 3023 LEMON EUCALYPTUS LEMON EUCALYPTUS Poisoning Linalool - supposedly blocks mosquitoes from detecting you Metofluthrin Consumer Reports states that OFF (contains Metofluthrin) does not work very well. Click on the above link. Metofluthrin POISONING Mosi-guard brand of OLE (Citriodiol) MOSQUITO MILK - Geranium (really probably Geraniol) & 20% DEET NATRAPEL (Picaridin) NATRAPEL (Picaridin) - ACNE WARNING Nepetalactone (Catnip) NETTING - Mosquito Off Deep Woods OIL of LEMON EUCALYPTUS - OLE - a Repellent (also: "PMD") Periprel - Repellent Permethrin Insecticide - keep off your skin Permethrin - treat your clothes with it to kill/repel insects Picaridin (KBR3023, or Bayrepel) - REPELLENT Picaridin - POISONING PMD (OLE) Pyrethrin - Insecticide Pyrethrin - POISONING Pyrethrum - Insecticide RID - Mosquito & FLY repellent Saltidin (Picaridin) Skin So Soft Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Skinastic - 15% deet TICK Repellent SUNGLASSES INFORMATION: SUNGLASSES - WHAT they SHOULD Do for you BLUE LIGHT (rays) may CAUSE Macular Degeneration SUNSCREEN INFORMATION: SUNSCREEN - Complete Sunscreen Warnings, Information, Ingredients, Products & Resources SUNSCREEN - RECOMMENDATIONS SWATTERS / ZAPPERS - Insect TICK INFORMATION: TICKS - Complete TICK Information Lyme Disease Lyme Disease - Tick Bite with it Tick BITES Tick DISEASES TICK Repellent TIPS for effectively applying even more insect repellent TIPS for USING Insect Repellent TIPS for using Insect Repellent at the BEACH / SUN TANNING TIPS for when to REAPPLY Insect Repellent TIPS for using Insect Repellent ON SAFARI Tsetse Flies TRAVEL INFORMATION TRAVEL INSURANCE Travel SUPPLIES Travel WARNINGS (US State Department) HEV = 400-500 nm (longer than UVA) - may cause Macular Degeneration UV400 (blocks UVA, UVB and UVC = 100 nm to 400 nm, but NOT HEC) UVA UVB UVC West Nile Virus WHAT WE USED IN AFRICA and no one got any bites WHERE to buy these insect repellents and killers Wristband Insect Repellents
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