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ADO | AJAX | ANT | Apache | Apache AXIS | ARTICLES | ASP | BMP | Broken Links, Find | bsh (Bourne shell) | bsh - BeanShell | BUGS in Web Products | C | C++ | C# | Cascading Style Sheets | CGI | Clip Art | CODE, Misc | COLOR | Compare Languages | COOKIES | CORBA | Cryptology CSS | DataBase | Daylight Saving Time | Debugging | Design Patterns | DHTML | DOM | Domain Names | DTD - Document Type Definition (XML) | Eclipse | EJB - Enterprise Java Beans | EPS to JPG conversion | Expect | Facebook Tools| Favicons | Firewalls | FLASH | FONTS | FRAMES | GIF | GIF VS JPG Tutorial | GIF87a | GIF89a | Graphics | Glossaries | GUI | Hosting your Web Site | HTML Info | HTML 5 | HTML 4.0 | HTML 3.2 | I18N | imap | Internet programming | JABBER | Jackson | JAD - JAva Decompiler | JAKARTA | JAVA | JAVA 2| JAVA Newsgroups | JAVA SECURITY INFORMATION | JAVA Encryption | Javascript | JAVA Specifications | J2EE | J2ME - Java 2 Micro Edition |
J2ME Personal Profile | J2SE - Java 2 Standard Edition | JBoss | JBUILDER, Borland's | JDBC | Jetpack | Jettison | JMS | JNDI | JPEG Info | JPEG2000 Info | JPEG-XR | JSon | JSP | JSTL | JUnit | Jython | Layout Compositing / Layers | LINUX | MIDP | MyPHP | MySQL | .NET | NoScript - Firefox add-on | OLE | Object Orientated - OO/OOA/OOP | OLE | Other Resources | Patterns | PERL | PERL DBI | PERL Newsgroups | PHP | POJO | Programming, in general | PYTHON | PYTHON Debugging | Rails | REFERENCES (Recommended Books) | RESTful web services | RFC | robots.txt | RUBY - OO Script Language | SCANNERS, Tips | SCRIPTS - different interpreters / shells | SECURITY, Web | SGML | SHAREWARE, Web Development | SOAP | SOX | SQL | SQL Server | SSH | SSL | STRUTS | SWIG | Tcl | TIFF | TOOLS - check web pages | Typography/Design | Tutorials | Typography/Design | UI | UML | Unicode | UNIX | VBScript | Virtualization | VIRUS INFORMATION | WBEM | Web Bugs monitor who is reading what | Web Page Building Info, General | WEB Graphics INFO | WEB References | WEB SECURITY | WEB Services | WEB SITE UTILITIES / TESTS - Malware? HTML Syntax? Broken Links? | WebSphere | WEB Utilitiies | WEB White Pages | Windows 2003 Windows 2008 Windows 7 WSBPEL | XML | XML Accelerators | XMLHTTP | XMLHttpRequest | XML Sitemaps | XML Testing | XML Tutorials | XMLunit | XNA | XSLT | YML | ZML |

ADO - see also ASP

ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) Primer ADO Quick Reference Guide - Devguru ADO Tutorial
ADO Connection Strings ** Visual basic - ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
ADO Quick reference Chart - DevGuru ODBC / ADO Error Codes ADO Developer Site - Microsoft
ADO Quick Reference - TAKempis ADO / ASP Info

AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

Ajax (programming) - wikipedia What's Ajax? AJAX Resources AJAX introductory tutorial Better Web-App Interfaces with AJAX Mastering Ajax, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax - IBM Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML (AJAX) With Java 2 - SUN AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting [JavaScript ... Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications (2005) Ajax.NET Professional AJAX in Action - web 2.0 javascript Ajax on Rails - ONLamp Ajax and Rico (an open-source javascript library) - openrico org XMLHttpRequest & Ajax Working Examples adaptive path - ajax: a new approach to web applications AJAX Rsource Center - ajaxtopics AJAX Matters (sites, books, events, resources) Errors and AJAX - XML.COM Ajax Patterns Ajax.NET - The free library for .NET (C#) Ajax Blog - HTML, Javascript and XML coding techniques for Web 2.0 SAJAX - An open source XMLHTTPRequest toolkit with PHP, Perl, and Python backends Ajax books (search for Ajax

Apache ANT

Ant - Wikipedia Ant Eclipse Ant basics ANT - Jakarta


The Apache Software Foundation The Apache HTTP Server Project 11 Apache Technologies That Changed Computing Apache Week. The essential free resource for users Download - The Apache HTTP Server Project Apache HTTP Server - Wikipedia The Apache Jakarta Project How to apply the Apache License to your work Apache-SSL Apache: The Definitive Guide - Google Books Result Planet Apache Compiling and Installing Apache How to install Apache (and PHP+MySQL) on Windows: test your web ... How to Install (Set Up) and Configure Apache 1.x on Windows 95/98 ... Apache::ASP::Install Installing Apache PHP MySQL mod_perl: Installing mod_perl 2.0 - statically linked Apache+mod_perl Install & Configure Apache, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL ... apache friends - xampp Install Apache+PHP+MySQL - web.blazonry Install and Configure Apache2 with PHP5 and SSL Support in Debian ... How to Install and Configure Apache 2 on Windows ( Ho w to install Apache Web Server, PHP 5 and MySQL 5 on Windows Vista Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows : WampServer How to Install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin on a Windows PC ... How To Install Django On Mandriva 2008.1 (Apache2/mod_python ... SSL Certificate Installation - Apache Server The Apache Software Foundation Apache Cheat Sheet htaccess Cheatsheet mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet (V2) Download - The Apache HTTP Server Project Apache HTTP Server - wikipedia Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters - Apache The Apache Jakarta Project Licenses - The Apache Software Foundation


Adobe Open-Source Move Sets Showdown with Microsoft Vista: Aero Glass and Java Don't Mix - 9/2006

ASP - Active Server Pages

ASP101 an ASP ADO article ASP - ADO Database Tutorial ASP/ADO: Locking them Pesky RecordSets ASP.NET ASP Resource Links ASP Source Code - free ASP Today (forum - Co$t$) ASP Tutorial ASPZone 4 Guys From Rolla - Excellent ASP resource TAKempis ADO / ASP Info Tutorials - ASPIN dot com Web developers's page - IIS4, ASP, ADO, Database, HTML, JavaScript, Java, ShockWave, Flash
2 Ways of Displaying Data from an SQL Server Database using ASP.NET Add classes to your VBScript code an ASP ADO article ASP - ADO Database Tutorial ASP/ADO: Locking them Pesky RecordSets ASP Components and Array Parameters ASP Component Development in Windows 2000 ASP File Upload using VBScript - article Database Connectivity with ASP and ADO Displaying XML Data in an ASP.NET page : Binding DataGrid to an XML File HOWTO: Use ASP/ADO to Query an ODBC Datasource (SELECT) (Q165671) Next Ten Records With FrontPage 98 and ASP/ADO Transforming ADO recordsets to XML with XSLT - article Use the Correct ASP (ADO) Syntax to Enable Connection Pooling for Best SQL Server Performance Validating Form Input using Regular Expressions - article YASD's Tutorials ASP Friends - Mailing list


Apache Axis - wikipedia


BMP file format - Wikipedia File Extension .BMP Details Bitmap - Wikipedia Microsoft Windows Bitmap: Summary Bitmap Format - Exploring the .BMP File Format file-format-bmp -


Dave's Recommended Technical Books BOOKS, Online and Otherwise **


Xenu - Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (Windows) I AM USING XENU ON 64-bit Windows 8.1 W3C Markup (Language) Validation Service - check your HTML / XHTML

bsh - (Java) BeanShell

Beanshell - lightweight scripting for Java. bsh is a STUPID acronym, as it also stands for the much older Bourne shell. Beanshell is small, free and can be embedded. It is a source level Java interpreter . BeanShell (bsh) - Lightweight Scripting for Java Debian -- Details of package bsh in sid

BUGS in Web Products

Dave's Bugs/Recalls/Scams,... Page *** Internet Bugs (ZDnet) WEB BUGS

C# (Internet C)

C# Station: C# Tutorial - Introduction About C, C++ and C# Programming in C C++ or Pascal: Tutorial Home C# Tutorial C# Practical Learning C# Tutorials (C#) C# Tutorial C# Tutorial For Beginners C# / CSharp Tutorial The Advanced C#/.NET Tutorial by Gopalan Suresh Raj - C# Programming Learning C# by Example C#, Java, and JavaScript Online Programming, by Richard G Baldwin CSharp3-1 (Ver 3.1) - Programmer's Heaven C# Programming - wikibooks C# - TUTORIALS C# - Books C# - Links C# - free Source Click here for Regular Expressions and 'C#' Click here for 'C#' Programming Books

Cascading Style Sheets [CSS]

Cascading Style Sheets - PagereSource's Guide to Cascading Style Sheets The Official Home of CSS Build a better Web site by understanding floated elements in CSS CSSCheck CSS - Relative and Absolute Positioning


CGI Resources and Information YAHOO CGI

CODE, Misc Source

Code Project Source Forge Sys Internals

COLOR - Free Utilities

ColorExplorer is an online toolbox for working with color palettes Extract colors from photos and make color schemes - ColorSuckr Color Combinations - Color Schemes - Color Palettes Check My Colours - Analyse the color contrast of your web pages Contrast-A: Find Accessible Color Combinations

Compare Languages



Distributed Object Computing and CORBA Documents


Dave's DATA BASE Info Search DataBase - Net's largest directory devoted to the use and programming of databases DBI HomePage


Dynamic HTML Javascripts for DHTML JavaScript - TUTORIALS Welcome to the Dynamic HTML Zone DHTML Dynomat DHTML Resource Links Ryan's DHTML Tutorial Implement a DHTML Mouse Over with DOM The DHTML X-Objects


Eclipse is a multi-language software development environment comprising a workspace and an extensible plug-in system. Eclipse was developed by IBM and donated as open-source. Eclipse (software) - Wikipedia Eclipse ORG Eclipse Downloads Eclipse Ant basics

EJB - Enterprise Java Beans

EJB - HOME page & Specification

EPS graphic Format

An EPS file is basically a vector-based image file that is made using Adobe Illustrator. It is a commonly used format for making logos.
How to convert an EPS file to JPG online -



FAVICONS - your Icon the Browser's address window

My Favicon is courtesy of Blended Digital Media How to display a web site logo in the address bar & in the favorites list - Chami Favicon - Wikipedia FavIcon from Pics - how to create a favicon.ico for your website - htmlkit What is FAVICON.ICO and How to Create a Favicon Icon for Your ... - thesitewizard Favicon Tutorial: Display Your Logo on Browser Address Bar or ... - blogspot favicon.ico Generator - FavIcon Generator - Dynamic Drive FavIcon from Pics -- free favicon.ico for your website (animated ...) How to create browser icon (a Favicon) in photoshop - eHow How to Make Picture Icons in Photoshop - eHow How to Create ICO With Photoshop - eHow How to Make Icons With Adobe Photoshop - eHow


Macromedia Flash 3




GIF's limit your colors to 256, and introduce dithering, which you can see in your photo, to create the look of more colors. If you use a high quality JPEG for photos, the file size will be smaller and the quality will be much better (no dither). Basically, GIF for graphic images, Logos etc. and JPEG for photos. Gif versus JPEG Tutorial


GIF87a - Format #


Shrink the Size of Your GIFs On-Line All About GIF89a GIF89a Spec GIF Format, Links to GIFs, Creating Animated GIFs, Creating Animated to Fraziers GIFs, Creating Animated Part 1 THOUGHTS GIFs, Creating Animated Part 2 ANIMATIONS GIFs, Creating Animated Part 3 LOOPING Lynda's Homegurrlpage Animated Gif Artists Guild Free GIF Animation
ColorMix - Mix Browser-Safe colors HYPE's Color Specifier Agile ColorWeb Index AIGA National

Glossaries, Graphics (press here)

Graphics INFO (press here)

WEB Graphics INFO (press here)

HOSTING Your Web Site

Most of my professional Webmaster friends and I are all using to host our web sites, after a lot of research. You may or may not like them. You can also use NetFirms to register your domain name. A cheaper solution seems to be: Is your Domain Name (URL) ALREADY TAKEN? WHOIS dot ORG - Domain Names What to do if your desired Domain Name is already taken Choosing a Domain Name Choosing and Registering a Domain Name


HTML COLOR CODES Color Names Supported by All Browsers HTML SPECIAL CHARACTERS HTML Ampersand Character Codes HTML Goodies - The ultimate html resource The HTML Coded Character Set HTML color codes, names and How to Apply The W3C HTML and CSS standards have listed only 16 valid color names Webmonkey | Reference: Color Codes HTML - An Interactive Tutorial - Dave's Site Textile - Converts TEXT to HTML - a utility - Free PHP Source code for TEXTILE HTML to TEXT converter - Markdown - Cheat Sheet - HyperText Markup Language (HTML) HTML, Bare Bones Guide to, ENGLISH, Plain Text HTML Code Tutorial HTML, Writing Good HTML HTML - Learning HTML
Bobby (Accessibility Check) The HTML Writers Guild Website HTML Meta Description: HTML Meta Element

HTML 5 References

HTML 5 - Learn HTML: Learn the Foundations of HTML - UDEMY Blog HTML 5 differences from HTML 4 10 new HTML5 tags you need to know about HTML5 is The New HTML Standard HTML 5 Standard attributes Google Bets Big on HTML 5: News from Google I/O - O'Reilly Radar No Codec Requirements for the HTML 5 Standard HTML 5: Could it kill Flash and Silverlight? - The Industry Standard Decoding the HTML 5 video codec debate - Ars Technica HTML 5: Ogg Theora Vs H.264 In The Battle For A Web Video Standard HTML5 isn't a standard yet - W3C Q&A Weblog HTML 5. Draft Standard -8 July 2009 - MAKE SUGGESTIONS Free HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript DHTML XML DOM XSL XSLT RSS AJAX ASP ADO PHP SQL tutorials, references Canvas tutorial - MDC HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You'll Soon Be Using - Nettuts+ Final Cut Studio Tutorial [whatwg] In correct HTML 5 tutorials Adding a Touch of Style HTML with Style Tutorials - See also: H.264

HTML 4.0 Information & Resources

HTML 4.0 Specs at W3 HTML 4.0 Specification HTML 4.0 Character Entity Reference Web Markup Matures with HTML 4.0 The WDVL: HTML 4.0 Tags Wilbur HTML 3.2 HTML, Bare Bones Guide to, ENGLISH, HTML 3.2 Format HTML - Learning HTML 3.2 by Example HTML - Learning HTML 3.2 by Example in HTML Color Generation

I18N (includes Unicode) INFO

Internationalization and localization - Wikipedia Introduction to i18n - Debian Internationalization - W3C Internationalization (I18n) Activity Origin Of The Abbreviation I18n For Internationalization Internationalization (I18n), Localization (L10n), Standards, and ... Trail: Internationalization (The Java Tutorials) Internationalization (i18n) library for Ruby - svenfuchs's i18n at master - GitHub Rails Internationalization (I18n) API I18N - PHP Mozilla i18n & L10n Guidelines I18n for WordPress Developers - WordPress Codex Java Internationalization Creating Multilingual Pages Unicode Info Cyrillic Character Soup Bulgarian and Russian Fonts APNIC Database HermesSoft European Charset Info Search form - searching for Unicode 5.2.0 characters by name


Introduction to Internet programming - Catalyst Development

JABBER - IETF's instant messaging and presence technology

JABBER dot Org

Jackson - JSON Processor

Jackson JSON Processor is being deprecated by FasterXML ??? Jackson JSON Processor - Home Jackson JSON Processor - Tutorial JacksonInFiveMinutes - Tutorial JacksonDownload Faster:XML FasterXML (FasterXML, LLC) GitHub

JAD - JAva Decompiler

DJ Java Decompiler - java disassembler decompiler and editor - A tutorial about Jad, a java decompiler


Jakarta "Taglibs" Project Validator - Jakarta Commons Project


JAVA and J2EE Security Problems jGuru JAVA Home Page (SUN) JAVA Tutorial (SUN) - URL?? SUN's online technical support IBM's Java Technology IBM Downloads SUN's JAVA2 Platfrom, Standard Edition, Runtime Download (Linux) Java Programming - wikibooks Java Authentication and Authororization Service Tutorial Developing R-T & safety-critical embedded Java apps - #1 Tutorial Designing R-T & safety-critical embedded Java apps - #2 Java Applet Links Java Source Code - free The Java Language Tutorial The Java Tutorial - Sun Java Tutorial Links Java Programming Resources Java Secure Socket Extensions OpenCube Home Page Java Newsgroups Gamelan Java Directory Java Applets for Neural Network and Artificial Life Skelmir LLC - Java Virtual Machine Click here for Regular Expressions and JAVA JAVA Daylight Saving Time JAVA - Infected GIF files can take over your computer - 1/25/2007 These JAVA versions contain fixes for this vulernability. Older JAVA versions HAVE the vulernability. Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.3.1_19 Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment 1.4.2_13 Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment 5.0.Update 10 Sun Java 2 Standard Edition SDK 1.3.1_19 Sun Java 2 Standard Edition SDK 1.4.2_13 More details on the above JAVA vulnerability Wireless Home Security and Java See also: JAVA Security Vulnerabilities See also: JAVA (all types) Encryption See also: J2EE - JAVA2 Enterprise Edition See also: J2ME See also: J2SE See also: JAD - JAva Decompiler See also: JAVA2 See also: JBuilder See also: JDBC - Java Database Connectivity See also: JDO - Java Data Objects See also: JMS - Java Message Service See also: JNDI - Java Naming and Directory Interface See also: JSP - Java Server Pages See also: JSTL - JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library See also: JUnit See also: Jython See also: MIDP - Mobile Information Device Profile See also: POJO - Plain Old Java Object


JAVA & Technologies Advanced Java 2 Performance Analysis PerfAnal - Perforance Analysis Tool (Java 2 Gui Testing)


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Java Newsgroups

J2EE - Java 2 Enterprise Edition

J2EE Home Page J2EE 1.4 Documentation - SUN J2EE v1.4 Tutorial J2EE 1.3 Documentation - SUN J2EE 1.2 Documentation - SUN Click here for Regular Expressions and J2EE


Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) - SUN

J2ME Personal Profile

J2ME Personal Profile - SUN J2ME Specification - Personal Profile Vers 1.0 - JCP Org J2ME CDC & Foundation Profile - White Paper - SUN J2ME Connected Device Configuration (CDC) & the Virutal Machine - SUN
J2ME PP -reference implementation (RI)/Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK)

J2SE - Java 2 Standard Edition

J2SE Version 1.4 Home Page


JBoss application server (Jboss AS) - Wikipedia JBoss (company) - Wikipedia Getting Started with JBoss 4.0 Jboss 3.0 Tutorial,Online Jboss Tutorials,Free Jboss Resources JBoss EJB3 Documentation - JBoss Community Hello, World! Web App - Tutorial: Ten Quick Steps JBoss tutorials JBoss Eclipse IDE Tutorial JBoss Community - open source - JBoss Application Server JBoss - Global Leader in Open Source Middleware Software - - JBoss Enterprise Middleware | Get at Browse Files on Getting Started with JBoss 4.0 - Documentation Apache ActiveMQ - JBoss Integration Dashboard - JBoss Issue Tracker Seam Framework - JBoss Seam Community: Wiki - JBoss Community JBoss, Geronimo, or Tomcat? - JavaWorld JBoss: a developer's notebook - Google Books Result JBoss - Jetty - Codehaus Enter The JBoss Matrix

JBUILDER, Borland's

JBUILDER Main PageJBUILDER Support JBUILDER 9 DocumentationJBUILDER Developer's Journal Dr. Dobb's JBuilder Machine JBuilder 9 Personal available for download - Download JBuilder 9 Personal available for download - Documentation jGuru's JBuilder FAQ

JDO - Java Data Objecys

Java Data Objects (JDO) Getting Started With Java Data Objects (JDO): A Standard Mechanism Java Data Objects - Wikipedia (Apache) Java Data Objects (JDO) - Home The Java Community Process(SM) Program - JSRs: Java Specification ..

Jettison - JSonObject

A JSONObject is an unordered collection of name/value pairs. Jettison - Home JSONObject (Jettison 1.2 API) java - JSON parsing using Jettison - Stack Overflow JSON example with RESTEasy + JAXB + Jettison - Mkyong Java XML and JSON Binding: JAXB and JSON via Jettison Apache CXF - JSON Support Jettison: JSON StAX Parser - Ajaxian

JMS - Java Message Service


JNDI - Java Naming and Directory Interface

JNDIHome JNDI - definition of


"JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate." - JSON - Wikipedia JSON Tutorial - W3Schools 18.2. json JSON encoder and decoder Python v2.7.5 PHP: JSON - Manual JSONLint - The JSON Validator. JSON Tutorial - Tutorials Point RFC 4627 - Internet Engineering Task Force A JSON tutorial in JavaScript and jQuery for Beginners - View Source

JSP - Java Server Pages


JSTL - JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library


JUnit - Testing Resources for Extreme Programming

JUnit ORG Benefits from using testing tools like: JUnit, DUnit, NUnit or CppUnit

Java Specifications

Java Community Process (JCP) Java Management eXtensions (JMX) JSR 168, Portlet API home page JSR 208, Java Business Integration JMS home page JCA home page Enterprise Java Beans home page Java Server Pages home page Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) home page SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) home page Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) home page Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Call (JAX-RPC) home page Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) JUnit testing *


JavaScript - TUTORIALS JavaScript - Books JavaScripts JavaScript - Source Code - free JavaScript Mini-FAQ Javascript Internet Source ** JavaScript Kit - source ** Beginning Javascript Tutorials Doc JavaScript - Ask the JavaScript Pro JavaSoft- the creators JavaScript - Netscape JavaScript Authoring JavaScript World, All About... JavaScript - wikibooks

Jetpack - extend Firefox using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

Mozilla Jetpack Gets an Update Jetpack 0.6 - DOWNLOAD Jetpack is a newly formed open source experiment in using open Web technologies to enhance the browser, with the goal of allowing anyone who can build a Web site to participate in making the Web a better place to work, communicate and play. Mozilla JetPack: Lowering the Bar to Extend Firefox Jetpack Image Editor


Basically JPEG for photos and GIF for graphic images, Logos etc.. If you use a high quality JPEG, the file size will be smaller than a GIF and the quality will be much better (no dither). GIF's limit your colors to 256, and introduce dithering, which you can see in your photos, to create the look of more colors. JPEG Organization JPEG Compression - Flowchart Microsoft shows off JPEG rival See also DIGITAL


JPEG2000: the Killer Image File Format for Lossless Storage JPEG2000 info - Your source for JPEG2000 information JPEG 2000 - Wikipedia ISO/IEC 15444-5:2003 - Information technology -- JPEG 2000 JPEG 2000 implementation in Java OpenJPEG library : an open source JPEG 2000 codec See also DIGITAL


Jython ORG What is Jython? Jython Documentation Jython FAQ Download latest Jython version


Maven is a build automation tool used primarily for Java projects. Apache Maven - Wikipedia Maven - Welcome to Apache Maven Maven - What is Maven?

MIDP - Mobile Information Device Profile

MIDP is a JAVA specification for use on embedded devices, such as cell phones. Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) Mobile Information Device Profile - Wikipedia Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) Overview JSR-000118 Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0 - Final Release MIDP Code Samples MIDP 4 SE - Enhance your J2ME Application Barbagallo, Ralph Wireless Game Development in Java with MIDP 2.0 Wordware Publishing, Inc de Jode, Martin Programming MIDP 2.0 on Symbian OS Wiley, John & Sons


stay tuned...


.NET Framework - Wikipedia .net magazine ASP.NET Tutorial Tutorials: The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site Microsoft Visual Basic .NET tutorials for Beginners LearnVisualStudio.NET ASP.NET C# VB.NET SQL Server Tutorials - dotnetspider .NET Tutorial .NET Tutorial: Learn .NET and C# interactively - Visual Basic .NET Tutorial - FunctionX ADO.NET Tutorial Visual Basic .NET Tutorial - PDF - ASP.NET Tutorial - w3schools C# / Csharp.Net Tutorials C# 4.0 Tutorial: .NET Framework - 2012 Learn .NET Framework on MSDN .NET Downloads, Developer Resources & Case Studies - Microsoft .NET Framework Developer Center - Microsoft .NET - Books O'Reilly Click here for Regular Expressions and '.NET'


Win-32 OLE

PERL - Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

is a programming language often used for creating CGI programs.. A lot of companies use Perl to automate testing. Perl - Download - Perl Solutions: ActivePerl, Perl Dev Kit, Komodo IDE, Perl Training .. Strawberry Perl for Windows Perl Documentation ** PERL DOT COM PERL ORG - The Perl Programming Language CPN - Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Perl - Wikipedia Examples in Perl Perl Examples PerlMonks - The Monastery Gates - Perl Tutorial - Introduction Perl 5 by Example - Complete text of David Medinets' book Perl programming: help, examples, and tutorials Peter's Perl Examples Perl freelance developer. Free stuff - by Anton Zamov Mr. Hyatt's PERL Page Ask a Perl Pro Discussion Forum Categories Beginning Perl Tutorials Code Beach - free Code Embedding C, C++ or Python in Perl Perl Source Code - free FAQs: Perl's Frequently Asked Questions The Perl Journal PERL Site by O'Reilly Resource Topics - formerly the "Perl Reference Pages" Perl Research Center - O'Reilly Complete Linux Distribution Written in Perl Matt's Script Archive ActiveWare - Perl for Win32 (Activestate) Earl's Perl The Home Page PerlClinic Perl for Win32 info - dada's perl lab Active State Professional Tools OSSP eperl - Embedded PERL Language Free PERL Code - Python vs. the Perl programming language Perl vs Python debate live from OSCON 2011 - YouTube Perl vs Python: Why the debate is meaningless - The ByteBaker Switching from Perl to Python: Speed - Silica in Silico Click here for Regular Expressions and PERL Code Examples - Sandbox Sample Perl Scripts Peter's Perl Examples google-checkout-perl-sample-code - Perl implementation of Google Perl Code Sample |

Perl DBI

Perl DBI - DBI - Database Independent Interface for Perl - cpan Tim Bunce / DBI - Perl DBI - wikipedia


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jobs - edit in your news server"

comp.lang.perl (a news group)

PHP - Pre HyperText Processing

Introduction to PHP ** PHP net PHP3 ORG PHP Bugs PHPBuilder PHP Code Exchange - PX PHP DEVCENTER - O'Reilly PHP Downloads PHP.NET - a developers guide to PHP Newsgroups (about 40 of them) ** PHP FAQ PHP-GTK PHP Manual PHP/MySQL Tutorial PHP Quality Assurance Team PHP Resource Index PHP Resource Links PHP Sample Code & Links PHP World - articles, info, help ** Pear - framework / distribution system for reusable PHP

POJO - Plain Old Java Object

POJOs Forums - Powered by vBulletin What Is POJO Programming? Developing with POJOs POJOs in Action: Developing Enterprise Applications - Amazon


holy grail of Python performance - Unladen Swallow project Python - TUTORIALS Python Tutorial Free Python E-books - a lot of them Free online Books downloads Python 2.1 Bible online supplement to the Python 2.1 Bible Python ORG Python - Books Pythons Python Programming - wikibooks Python - free Source Code HTML::Template - Perl module to use HTML Templates from CGI Scripts PyDev plugin for Eclipse for Python / Jython development - SourceForge Python Programming on Win32: Chapter 12 Advanced Python/COM - OReilly IPython - An enhanced Interactive Python Charming Python: A review of Python IDEs - IBM Python Programming Language - Official Website Download Python Software - Python (programming language) - Wikipedia Dive Into Python - experienced programmers The Python Tutorial - Python v2.6 documentation Python Tutorial - Guido van Rossum ActiveState - ActivePython Book results for python - Google Python Tutorials, more than 300, updated Sept 7, 2008 unofficial planet python Dive Into Python - book preview Python for S60 Click here for Regular Expressions and Python Debugging in Python Komodo 3.1 - Online Docs : Debugging Python - ActiveState Debugging and Testing - ActiveState The Python Debugger - Python Org Download FREE Kodos 2.4.5 for Linux - visual Python debugger Interactive Debugging in Python - 19. The Python debugger Python Script Debugging (using pdb) Building and Testing - Boosts.Python Debugging Python(Twisted) with Emacs Python 2.3 Documentation - The Python Debugger GC time debug... - Python Cygwin GCC linking Python extensions issue - David Abrahams Writing logging data from python scripts (for debugging) Debugging Zope Python Code Python interface to TeamTrack: design Re: pyphany and strange caching Python 2.1 Bible - needs updating, but is excellent


Coming Soon...

RESTful Web services

RESTful - Wikipedia RESTful Web services: The basics - IBM RESTful Web Services - BOOK - O'Reilly Media RESTful Web Services - Oracle How-to: REST Web services demystified - Application Development A Guide to Designing and Building RESTful Web Services with WCF 3.5 - MicroSoft

roberts.txt - Instructions for www Robots

A Standard for Robot Exclusion About /robots.txt Robots - HTML 4.01 specification, Appendix B.4.1 Robots Exclusion Standard - Wikipedia How do I use /robots.txt on a virtual host? How do I use /robots.txt on a shared host? WDVL: Spiders and Robots Exclusion Robots.txt and Search Indexing - Search Tools Report On how to write search engine friendly HTML code

RUBY - Free Japanese OO Scripting Language

Ruby Home page Rip: A New Way to Package Ruby Software Programming in the Ruby Language, Part 1 ** Ruby QuickRef ** Ruby - A Transparent, OO Programming Language Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide Pinkjuice Dot Com - Ruby *** Ruby on Rails Ruby: a New Language Ruby - wikibooks Single download of Ruby at Progmatic Programmers Standalone Windows version (no cygin needed) binary of Ruby
RubyOnRails org Ruby on Rails (look for Instant Rails) (Windows users) Ruby fuzzy logic usage examples Aspell Open source spell checker. Dmalloc debug memory allocation FreeType A Free, Quality, and Portable Font Engine GD Library A graphics library for fast image creation. IMAP: IMAP For retrieving and saving mail on remote servers. Internet Message Access Protocol - Wikipedia The IMAP Connection - What is IMAP? Getting started with IMAP for Gmail - Gmail Help IMAP - Gmail Help imap VS pop3: IMAP vs. POP3 - ClickZ Why IMAP vs POP3... - The IMAP Connection -- Comparing Two Approaches to Remote Mailbox SSL POP3 vs. SSL IMAP < Email < eHelp < Cal Poly Pomona IMAP-vs-POP imap exchange: Connecting POP And IMAP Clients To MS Exchange Server You Had Me At EHLO... : Mobile Device Connectivity to Exchange IMAP and POP3 Setup - Email - Information Technology - KU I never said IMAP == Exchange... - Computerworld Blogs Exchange 2007: Make IMAP and POP3 work for you | Network Migrate IMAP to Exchange 2007 imap exchange 2000 server mail imap yahoo: Yahoo mail vs Gmail and imap? - Yahoo! Answers Setup yahoo mail with imap? - Yahoo! Answers Victor's Blog: How to Yahoo IMAP with postfix, fetchmail and dovecot Yahoo Gives IMAP Access to All Users Through Zimbra Desktop How to Access Free Yahoo! Mail via POP or IMAP with IzyMail Yahoo! Mail Plus access must use IMAP - Zimbra - Forums Yahoo pop download and IMAP relay at home IMAP < Email Protocols in the Yahoo! Directory imap yahoo iphone: The iPhone can sync via Yahoo Mail's IMAP service, so can I use ... Yahoo's IMAP server for the iPhone is, but ... Yahoo! Mail on the iPhone?get your Mail on the iPhone Yahoo Going All-In With iPhone App, Abandons Other Platforms (For Now)- May 20, 2009 mhash Thread-safe hash library. Expat XML Parser Python - free Source Code
audifile - Ruby Comparing Ruby and Smalltalk cygin Library available/needed for most Windows Ruby implementations DevCritic Dot Com - lotsa Ruby stuff ** Dictionary - Ruby script for English-Japanese Dictionary Hugh Sasse's Ruby Page libgdome-ruby that provides DOM level 2 Core API for XML documents libgdome-ruby - building on Windows Linux - Ruby on Ruby and Me - scripts, links Ruby Annotation Ruby for FreeBSD Ruby Interface for VIM RubyLux - An Embeddable and Extensible Scripting System Based on LUA Ruby script to mail out CVS diffs Scripts for Ruby - Site #2 SGmail via Ruby SmartDoc - document converter SWIG - Simple Pointer Handling Templates for Ruby Templates for Ruby - FAQ Time Tracker, in Ruby Win32 mods for Ruby with.rb - Object class extension that provides Object#with XLMP Parser Module for Ruby W3C Publishes Specifications for Ruby Annotation Click here for Regular Expressions and RUBY


SEE ALSO: Complete Computer Security Information Firewalls IP Virus / WormInformation SECURITY, WEB


SGML Web Page

SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol

It's official: SOAP 1.2 Is a Standard SOAP Tutorial SOAPWare Dot Org SOAP, the Simple Object Access Handling Complex SOAP Data Types in XML Web Service - MSDN SOAP Client Web Services, SOAP & XML


Freecode - web software ***




SWIG - Simple Pointer Handling


Bitmap File Standards - BMP, TIFF, GIF & JPEG

TOOLS - useful Web Site tools

WEB PAGE TESTS - Check HTML, Links,...

LinkScanner - CHECKS SPECIFIED LINK to see if it downloads MALWARE BROKEN LINK FINDER - Xenu I AM USING XENU ON 64-bit Windows 8.1 HTML SYNTAX VALIDATOR - Checks HTML syntax XML SITEMAP - Creates your XML sitemap

Tutorials - Multiple Subjects

Free Online Web Tutorials


WEFT 2 Tool for embedding fonts in Internet Explorer Dmitry's Design Lab


XML BILLING - The European Commission has published a study about electronic invoicing which will change existing procedures Project Homepage of VTD-XML VTD-XML Version 1.8 Released VTD Overview VTD-XML - very fast examination of XML in an in-memory buffer Simplify XML processing with VTD-XML Processing XML with VTD-XML Better, Faster XML Processing with VTD-XML A Step in the Right Direction: VTD-XML Improves XML Processing VTD-XML technical xml-dev - ANNOUNCEMENT: vtd-xml just released under GPL Process SOAP with VTD-XML @ XML JOURNAL

Visual Basic

Microsoft Visual Basic Home Page CoolTech's VB Help Desk **
Code of the Week - free into, then $ CoolTech Dot Org Cool Visual basic O'Reilly VB/VBA Center *** Scarms - Visual Basic Site - code, etc. ** vbaccelerator - free, advanced source code ** VB-Helper VBUG Home Visual Basic Instinct Dot Org VBWire - Visual basic News & Information Source Visual Basic Developers Resource Centre - VBnet Visual Basic Explorer - novice VB programmer Visual Basic - Free Source - Codebeach Visual Basic - TUTORIALS - Codebeach Visual Basic - Books - Codebeach Visual Basics - Codebeach Visual Basic, About - ZDnet Visual Basic Bookmark - ** Visual Basic Code - VBcode - code snippets & files Visual Basic FAQs (more than one) ** Visual Basic Island *** Visual Basic Island links Visual Basic Programming Zone Visual Basic Resource Visual basic Source - vb-bookmark Visual Basic Source Code - Visual Basic Thunder - advanced level programming techniques Visual Basic Toolbox - Portal ** Visual Basic TUTORIAL Visual Basic Web Magazine Visual Basic World Visual Basic Zone Visual Studio - Visual basic Info Visual Studio Magazine Visual Basic - wikibooks

Visual Basic Access

VBA - vb-bookmark


VB.NET Info - MSDN Library VB.NET FAQ - Jesse Liberty


Ask the Visual Basic Pro VBScript Language Reference Visual Basic Script - VB Bookmark VBScript - Wikipedia Click here for Regular Expressions and vbsCRIPT




Web Bugs monitor who is reading what


Ask the Web Development Pro NetMechanic ** Macromedia Flash 3 Internet Engineering Task Force - Home Page World Wide Web Consortium's Home Page


Web Page Graphics Resources

WEB References

Web Developer's Virtual Library Web Review Matterform- ideas and resources for webmasters Microsoft Developer Network Online Linux Online FreeBSD Web Developers Virtual Library Professional Presence Network Web Counter Welcome to RSAC SafeSurf Home Page Robot Exclusion Standard NetNames: International Domain Name Registry Internet Domain Registrars Search Engine Watch

WEB Services Specifications

OASIS-Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards SOAP 1.2 Specification SOAP 1.1 Specification WSDL - Web Services Description Languages Work Group Reliability Messaging Interoperability Workshop (IBM, 10/2003) Reliability Messaging Feedback Workshop


IBM's Home Page WebSphere V4.0 Advanced Edition Handbook, Plug-in from#: SG24-6176 DOWNLOAD: IBM Websphere Studio Application Developer - Trial Version IBM's WebSphere Software Platform IBM's WebSphere Developer URL IBM: WebSphere Info Brown, Kyle et al Enterprise Java Programming with IBM WEBSPHERE AW $ 45 w/CD 0-201-61617-3 CD contains evaluation copies: IBM Websphere Application Server; WebSphere Studio Entry Edition; IBM DB2 Universal Database Personal Developer's Edition, version 7.1;


Business Process Execution Language for Web Services v1.0 OASIS WSBPEL technical Committee WS-Policy vs. SOAP 1.2 Discussion



LinkScanner - CHECKS LINK to see if specified site downloads MALWARE BROKEN LINK FINDER - Xenu I AM USING XENU ON 64-bit Windows 8.1 HTML SYNTAX VALIDATOR - Checks syntax XML SITEMAP - Creates XML site map Textile - Converts TEXT to HTML - a utility - Free PHP Source code for TEXTILE HTML to TEXT converter - type in some Haml code, press Render, and see the beautiful HTML output - Just type in some Sass code, press Render, and see the beautiful CSS output


Internet White Papers - ZDNet **


XML - XML and MIME Managing XML data: Identify XML documents - File extensions and MIME types- IBM XML Quiz


BioPerl Project Utilizes & discusses XML XML and Web Service Glossary XML dot com XML - wikipedia DOM - Document Object Model SOX - Simple Outline XML XML - TUTORIALS XML OnLine XML - Books XMLs XML - free Source Code XML.COM XML a cornerstone of new graphics model XML, Info About XML1.0 Proposed Recommendation XML Query Use Cases XML Binary Characterization Use Cases

XML - Misc Info

XMLHTTP - XMLHttpRequest - Wikipedia Expat XML Parser Handling Complex SOAP Data Types in XML Web Service - MSDN libgdome-ruby that provides DOM level 2 Core API for XML documents SEE also: DTD - Document Type Definition: more on DTD DTD Tutorial Web Services, SOAP & XML XBITS - XML Book Industry Transaction Standards


XML appliance - Wikipedia XML Acceleration - Layer7 IBM - WebSphere DataPower XML Accelerator XA35 - Software Intel XML Accelerator: Accelerate your Web services HP forges Netweaver XML appliance - The Register XML accelerators help Web servers - 2002 See also IBM's DataPower XML Accelerators

XML Sitemaps

If available, Google uses XML Sitemap to help it map your web site. Currently, 4/2/2009, Google is using Sitemap Protocol 0.9 as defined by

XML Testing - Click Here

XML Tutorials

XML Tutorial - w3schools How Can XML be Used? xml xslt code, test, and results


Microsoft developed XNA for Microsoft gaming platforms. Microsoft XNA - Wikipedia XNAWiki XNA Creators Club Online XNA Creators Club Online - downloads XNA Developer Center - Microsoft Microsoft XNA Game Studio Contest Forums - XNA Community Forums XNA Development: Game Development for the masses Blog posts about XNA Book results for XNA


XSLT is used to translate one XML document to another. What's New in XSLT 2.0 XSLT - Wikipedia O'Reilly's What is XSLT? - XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 2.0 XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization XSLT version 2 XSLT Tutorial XSLT 1.0 & XPath 1.0 Quick Reference XSLT specification defines the syntax and semantics of XSLT The Extensible Stylesheet Language Family (XSL) XSLT Examples XSLT - O'Reilly Book XSLT (1.0 ??) Questions and Answers - FAQ. The SAXON XSLT and XQuery Processor - Gallery of Stupid XSL/XSLT Tricks XSL Transformations (XSLT) in Mozilla - and Bugs The XSLT debugger in XMLSpy Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) xml xslt code, test, and results


A research project that aims at providing tools for using global computing middleware such as GRID,... YML home site


An XML markup for the Z specification language. ZML - Rx4RDF

Other Resources

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