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Storage SCSI QA/Testing IP/TCP/VoIP Ethernet Networks


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Dark Fiber - is fiber that is not in use (no light running through it). FCIP - Fibre Channel over IP - encapsulates Fibre Channel frames within TCP/IP for linking Fibre Channel SANs over wide areas. Provides IP connections between FC SNA islands. IP Storage: A review of iSCSI, FCIP, IFCP Fibre Channel over IP - a The differences between iFCP and FCIP?

Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics Fiber Optic Cable Tutorial Fiber Optic History The Fiber Optic Association


Fibre Channel - Wikipedia Goodbye? to physical Fibre Channel - FC is being killed by SAS and FCoE Fibre Channel Overview FC Installation, configuring and maintaining - QLogic Government Computer News - Fibre Channel Fibre Channel TROUBLESHOOTING in PCs Why there is FCIP and iFCP? See also FIBRE CHANNEL BOOKS (search for "fibre & fc")

Fibre Channel (FC)

FC GUIDE Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) CERN Fibre Channel Homepage Emulex Fibre Channel Products HomePage InterOperability Laboratory Consortiums ** TC T11 - which standardizes Fibre Channel (FC) HIPPI & IPI interfaces


Brocade QLogic Fibre Channel Adapters See also FIBRE CHANNEL BOOKS (search for "fibre & fc")


Currently (9/2005) 2 Gbit w/2000 MB/s Bandwidth FC-AL - answers FC-AL - scroll down to SCSI interface overview table

FCoE - Fibre Channel over Ethernet

FCoE (developed at ANSI T-11) does insert FC information Ethernet packets, and would work best with 10 Gibabit Ethernet. FCoE is a standard - June 3rd, 2009 - will also be an ANSI standard. FCoE Gets Lost in Vendor Stupidity Forget FCoE - The War Is About Convergence The FCoE standard is HERE Fibre Channel over Ethernet - Wikipedia FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) - FCoE - Home Page for Technical Committee T11 Fibre Channel over Ethernet (Project fcoe.WebHome) - XWiki Fibre Channel over Ethernet -FCoE SAN Storage Technology FCoE: Divergence vs convergence - The Register - June 2009 What you need to deploy FCoE: A storage checklist FCoE - or iSCSI? - Feature - - 1/29/2010 Anaconda/Features/FCoE - Fedora 12 Project Why No Multi-Hop FCoE? - Is the FCoE Starting Pistol Aimed at iSCSI? - Stephen Foskett - 2008 OLDER FCoE ARTICLES: FCoE seems to be of limited use, targeted for low-end storage. However other FCoE players see FCoE targeting low to mid-range storage. NetApp fully embraces FCoE - 12th August 2009 FCoE Or iSCSI, Does It Really Matter? FCoE: The Future of Fibre Channel? FCoE - Storage vendors propose FC over Ethernet standard - 4/2007 The uncomfortable marriage of Fibre Channel and iSCSI - Storage Soup Chuck's Blog: Why FCoE Works For Me The Storage Architect: AoE/FCoE/iSCSI FCoE - "marketing fluff"??? FCoE - Storage @ Work - Marc Farley's Blog Emulex CNAs support 10GbE, iSCSI, FCoE Catfight over FCoE A single protocol in your SAN? | InfoWorld | Column | 2007-04-13 FCoE: Fibre Channel's Last Stand? - Topix RE: [Ips] Recent comments about FCoE and iSCSI RE: FW: [Ips] Recent comments about FCoE and iSCSI

FCP - Fibre Channel Protocol

Fibre Channel Protocol - Revision 12

FCP2 - Fibre Channel Protocol

SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol - 2 (FCP-2) Rev 8

FCP3 - Fibre Channel Protocol

SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol - 3 (FCP-3)

FC-SP - (Fibre Channel - Security Protocol)

What is FC-SP (Fibre Channel - Security Protocol)?

FC-WA - Fibre Channel Write Accelleration



Ancot FC Test Hardware - NOW OWNED BY Catalyst Enterprises, Inc. Finisar FC Testers & Transceivers - I've used this one Hardware Testing and Test Tools

Fibre Channel Traces

Configuring Fibre Channel Interfaces - Nexus 5000 Fabric Manager - Cisco [Wireshark-users] How to capture ETHERNET trafic on fiber going to storage ? Fibre Channel Bench Reference Fibre Channel Analyzer Training - Storage Area Networking - SAN - santrainingblog


FICON is the (IBM) Fibre Channel version of ESCON. What's FICON? FICON promises speed boost for mainframe connections, backup FICON goes native FICON - Wikipedia

HBA - Host Bus Adapter (FC)

HBAs are used in Host/Server computers to convert data storage IO and commands to and from Fibre Channel (FC). The storage industry standard is currently HBAs that run at 4 Gbps, 8 Gbps or 16 Gbps HBAs. Previously, the industry used 1 and 2 Gbps HBAs.

8 Gbps HBAs

QLogic "scoops" Emulex with 8 Gbps FC announcement - Storage Soup Brocade talks 8 Gbit, but is mum on new director Experts say Brocade's move into the HBA business could lower pricing across The next big push for port speeds is 8 Gbps, but it's not quite ready yet In short order, the company plans to expand into 8 Gbps and 10 Gbps

16 Gbps HBAs

Opnext Demos 16Gb FC Longwave FCoE: The Future of Fibre Channel?


I haven't found any sites with thorough thoughts on testing HBAs - I guess I'll have to write down some of my ideas, here, when I get the chance. In the meantime, these sites might give you some ideas: iSCSI HBA Testing Overview - MSD Preparing to Test iSCSI HBAs - MSDN The HBA API Compliance test - Microsoft NTS Testing Labs: Storage Area Network (SAN) / Fibre Channel Host iSCSI Ping Test (HBA) - MSDN Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Verification with Trek SQL Server and SANs: The QueueDepth Setting of a Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Emulex HBA Product Evaluation - Sept 2008 HBAnyware Emulex Fibre Channel HBA's ::: Emulex Fibre Channel Switches Independent Testing Firm Finds Emulex Fibre Channel HBAs Superior C H A P T E R 5 - Emulex HBA Test (emlxtest) C H A P T E R 14 - Emulex HBA Test (emlxtest) - SUN iFCP - is a gateway to gateway protocol for providing FC fabric services to FC end devices over a TCP/IP network. Like FCIP & iSCSI, iFCP uses TCP for congestion control, error detection and recovery. Can be used IN PLACE OF FC fabrics to provide a more integrated IP storage solution. iFCP, FCIP and iSCSI in IP Storage The differences between iFCP and FCIP? iSCSI Review - iFCP


Internet Storage Name Service iSCSI Review - digit-life Multi-mode Fiber is a type of fiber optic cable which is thick enough for light to follow several paths through the cable. There are two diameters for multi-mode fiber: 62.5 micron & 50 micron. more info on MULTI-MODE FIBER An SC Fiber Connector has a push-pull latching mechanism. Single-mode Fiber is a type of fiber optic cable through which only one light signal can travel at a time. more info on SINGLE MODE FIBER An ST Fiber Connector has a uses a plug and socket which is locked in place with a half-twist.


A subset of My Recommended Technical Books (click here)

Benner, Alan F. Fibre Channel: Gigabit Communications and I/O for Computer Networks McGraw $ 90 0-07-005669-2 Clark, Tom IP SANs: A Guide to iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP Protocols for Storage Area Networks. SW $45 0-201-75277-8 Kembel, Robert W. Comprehensive Introduction to Fibre Channel Solution Technology (requires $1200 course) 0-931836-83-2 Kembel, Robert W. In-Depth Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop Solution Technology (requires $1200 course) 0-931836-81-6 Stai, Jeffrey D. The Fibre Channel Bench Reference ENDL Publications, $ 160 1-879936-17-8


FCIA - Fibre Channel Industry Association Xgig TraceViewer is the free software provided by Finisar Corp. for protocol analysis such as FCoE


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