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Major Connector/Pinout Resources

Pinouts (pin-out) (large selection of) - technick Personal Computer Buses PC Interfaces 101 - Scroll down to Table of Contents The Great Pinout Page connectworld CROSSOVER Cable DIAGRAMS - discountcablesusa Ethernet Crossover Cable Some interesting articles, from a Manufacturer of cables Signal Types and Connector Types; Keeping them Straight Physical Terminations - PDF

Alphabetic Subject List

568A - What is 568A ? 568B - What is 568B ? 8P8C Ethernet connector is often used to terminate Ethernet patch cables. The 8P8C is often confused with the RJ-45 connector. 8P8C Connector - wikipedia AUDIO CONNECTORS Digital Command Control (DCC) Wiring (model railroading) DVI connectors - Pictures


RG-6 (also RG6) (both Quad Shielded and Dual Shielded) 75-Ohm COAXIAL cable RG6 Coaxial Cable is used primarily to carry TV (and FM) signals. COAX cable has replaced the old, flat, 300 Ohm TV cable due to the facts that Coaxial cable does not deteriorate with age as quickly as the flat 300 Ohm video cable, and COAX cable is SHIELDED (the other is not shielded). COAX cable is ROUND, not flat. RG6Q (Quad-shielded) COAX Cable NOTE: the outer diameter of Quad Shielded is thicker than Dual Shielded, so Quad Shielded RG-6 needs different sized connectors and wire stippers. RG6 (or better) is mandated for DirectDish runs longer than 60 feet, and a friend found out the hard way, that they mean it. (check to see what "they" require these days). I would use ONLY Quad Shielded RG-6 or RG-7 for all new cable runs. Shielded cable - Wikipedia RG6A AUGMENTED RG6 Coax Cable) Cat 6A (Augmented) bulk cable includes theCat following varieties: Cat 6A UTP (Unshileded Twisted Pair) Solid Conductor Riser Rated, Cat 6A UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Plenum Rated, Cat 6A FTP Shielded Solid Conductor Riser Rated, Cat 6A FTP Shielded Plenum Rated, and Cat 6A FTP Shielded Stranded Conductor The TIA specifications for Cat 6A Ethernet Cable has limits on alien crosstalk in cabling systmes. Augmented Cat 6 Ethernet Cable has to operate at a minimum frequency of 500MHz fot. It helps future proof your network and supports 10 Gbit application up to a maximum distance of 100 meters on a 4-connector channel. Cat 6A Augmented Bulk Cable - RG-7 (Coax Cable) - comes Direct Burial (flooded), Tri-Shielded, Quad-Shielded and Low-loss, serial digital interface. RG 7/U (can be buried) What is RG-11 ? RG-11 cable has become especially important because it is included in the list of specifications required for the installation of CL1, CL2, CM, CMX and CMGs. INTERNET CONNECTION SPEED TESTS - Test your Internet Speed


The 8P8C Ethernet connector is often used to terminate Ethernet patch cables. Ethernet Crossover Cable GG45 Ethernet Connector Ethernet Bus Description and PinOut TERA Ethernet Connector


HDMI: Guide to HDTV Connection of the Future - HDMI PINOUTS HDMI Video Bus - HDMI PINOUTS High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) pinouts HDMI and DVI Cables, Adapters & HDMI PINOUTS Inside Look at Cables & Connectors ISA Bus / AT Bus / PCI / EISA MHL port = Mobile High-Definition Link - CONNECTOS Other common types of cable Pinouts Parallel and Serial Port Cable Pinouts PCI pinouts on GlobalSpec RJ-45 Ethernet Connector Repair FAQs SAS SFF84xx physical connectors SC Fiber Connector has a push-pull latching mechanism


SCSI connector types and pictures SCSI Pinouts SCSI All pinouts and some information about pinouts SCSI2 Pinouts - 50 pin header) to an external DB25 connector SCSI cable Cautions

SFFs and SFPs

SFF - Small Form Factor SFP - Small Form Small Pluggable interface Smart Home dot Com ST Fiber Connector uses a plug and socket which is locked in place with a half-twist TERA Ethernet Connector


USB Pinouts USB

VGA (Video connector for computer monitors)

VGA = RGB = D-sub 15 = mini sub D15 = mini D15 = three-row 15 pin DE-15. Also called an RGB connector. TIA/EIA-570-A (a residential cabling standard) recommends Quad-shielded RG6. by the TIA/EIA-570-A residential cabling standard. VGA connector - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15


Time-Warner tightens all 'F' Coax connectors to 40 PSI, with a small torque wrench. Connectors that I saw were rated at 60 inch-pounds. Connections 101 - pictures/descriptions Pictures of DVI connectors Beginners' Guide to Video Connectors with Pictures VIDEO CONNECTORS VGA connector = RGB = D-sub 15 = mini sub D15 = mini D15 = a three-row 15 pin DE-15. VGA connector - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15 See also my DIGITAL information


Pinout Handbook - Russia (in English) Pinouts (pin-out) - Chan's Pinouts Page Pinouts Database - A Collection Of Computer Connector Pinouts - Home LCD [pinout/programming/theory/tech] FAQs Parallel and Serial Port Cable Pinouts PC Parallel/Game/Serial Port Info Pinouts For Real Life Situations TTL IC Pinouts Pinouts for Various Common Chips and Hybrids Chip Directory The Hardware Book LAN Wiring & Pinouts Monitor Pinouts IBM-PC Parallel Printer Port - Registers & Pinouts


Connector Reference & Pin Numbering RJ45 - wordiq Pinouts for RJ45 jacks (Serial and 10Base-T) RJ45 - Serial - Wiring RJ45 serial cable diagrams RJ-45 Connectors - Patch Cables for Category 5 Wire RJ-45 - Registered Jacks - wikipedia


Unix (SUN) Serial Port Resources serial interface, rs232, DTE, DCE cables, rs232 pinouts, DB25 Null ... Cable Pin Assignment Cabling - perle Chan's Pinouts Page Serial PinOuts Serial Pinouts Serial Pinouts Unix Serial Port Resources Pinouts for other common types of cable RS232 Pinouts - Connectworld

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