Subject: WE NEVER GET ANY MONEY FOR THIS INFORMATION 3/19/2011 Part I. Money We make NO money nor any considerations of any kind on this information. We are NOT a business of any kind. We do NOT want to make any money by providing free information to help people. We are spending our own money to finance these informational web pages. There is nothing for sale in these web pages. We put thse web pages together, initially, to help us research our interests and to help anyone else needing similar information. We make NO money nor any consideration for any endorsements of any kind. If we endorse something (very rarely ever happens) it's because we used and really liked it. So far, I do praise a few products that helped us during our 30 day African trip - our personal opinions. Unless Explicitely STATED, I don't know any of these mentioned companies. We try to be completely accurate - please let us know of any inaccuracies.
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