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One of the most popular OTA HDTV Antenna companies is ANTENNNAS DIRECT. Their most popular line of these OTA antennas is called: CLEAR STREAM (or CS). An antenna is an antenna - you can use coat hangers. BUT if the picture is fuzzy, and the station not-to far way, then an antenna specifically designed for a particular frequency (channel #) will provide a better picture. If the channel is very weak at your house, then a better antennae MAY add either clarity and or a few more stations (there aren't that many stations around us, see my listing, below). NOTE: my (above)frequency list is OLD - most OTA channels have been shifted to another frequency by now. HOWEVER the list of WHAT channels you can get is probably accurate. I will update this frequency list at some point. USE ONLY RG6 COAX (preferably quad-shielded [RG6Q]) to improve your picture AND allow longer COAX cable runs - 15 years ago, DISH would not work if your NON-RG6 cable was over 60 feet long. I ALWAYS USE MY MOTOROLA BROADBAND AMPLIFIERS. I DID ADD ONE IMMEDIATELY AFTER MY OTA ANTENNAE How to FILE COMPLAINTS COMPARISONS AT&T U-verse COMPARED COMPLAINTS and REVIEWS AT&T U-verse - COMPLAINTS CenturyLink Prism TV - COMPLAINTS COMCAST - COMPLAINTS DISH Networks - COMPLAINTS DirecttTV - COMPLAINTS Time-Warner (TW) - COMPLAINTS COMPLAINTS / REVIEWS (in above link): AT&T U-verse CenturyLink Prism TV Comcast DISH DirectTV Dish Networks TW (Time-Warner - now called SYMBOL) REMEMBER, SOME OTA HDTV CHANNELS ARE UHF and SOME ARE VHF


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