01. Japanese Flower: Phi at its finest!


02. The pattern created by the snow on this bench


03. The way these tennis rackets are arranged 

04. The first level of bubbles 


05. Can’t eat it, it’s too perfect! 


06. The perfection in this handwriting


07. These piles of spices at a market in Marrakesh 


08. This bundle of pencils at a library


09. The perfection of this table


10. A living tomato ripeness chart


11. This glass holds exactly one can of soda right to the brim.


12. The symmetry of this interchange


13. “We found our guidebook cover on the Appalachian Trail.”


14. The way this field is cut


15. The arrangement of these tomatoes


16. The way this snow is folding


17. Please, don’t let it melt!


18. Accidentally perfect


19. “I walked into the room and realized the floor had chosen the same outfit as me.”


20. This whole veggie display


21. This is not a collage, it’s just a single photo.


22. Amazing natural geometry in cabbage


23. The mountains and trees lined up perfectly on this camper on the highway.


24. These wine glasses