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On 24 June 2019, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe abolished the multiple currency system and replaced it with a new Zimbabwe dollar based on the RTGS Dollar Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems are specialist funds transfer systems where the transfer of money or securities takes place from one bank to any other bank on a "real time" and on a "gross" basis. ... RTGS payments typically incur higher transaction costs and usually operated by a country's central bank.

These web pages are generally arranged in Alphabetic Order, by Subject, with an INDEX at the end of each web page. Find your desired subject and double click on it. Camouflage clothing, is in some cases, illegal to wear Some small flights limited to 15 kilograms of luggage, preferably soft-sided / duffel bag types. Other safari operators REQUIRE soft, duffel type bags. TAKE SMALL USD BILLS - NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN VISA IS USUALLY ACCEPTED, but NOT MASTER CARD (major places) Electrical outlet SHAPE converters needed for Zimbabwe & South Africa COLORS to WEAR and to AVOID and Other Precautions Elephant back Safari, Victoria Falls, Zimababwe Picture of riding an Elephant while on a safari, in Victoria Falls, Zimababwe, Africa Joany sitting on Elephant's leg after an Elephant Safari, in Victoria Falls, Zimababwe, Africa We customized all of our African Safaris to Kenya, South Africa, (Kruger), Zimbabwe (including Victoria Falls), Zambia, Botswana and Nambia. Some of our African Safari How-to information is HERE. First, we found a safari(s), in each of the countries in which we wanted to go on safaris, from a company that had good references and costs, and whose itinerary was fairly desirable. We spent DAYS on the research. Then we: 1] Substituted more desirable lodges 2] Extended the overall length of the safari 3] Added more game drives and lodges 4] Added more side trips (visits to villages, wildlife rehabilitation centers, elephant-back game drives, hand feeding vultures, kissing and feeding giraffes, walking with, and petting Lions, petting lots of young cats (Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions,...). For Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), we contracted with Tony and Boo Peel of These are very nice and helpful people. Boo and Tony really helped us out! I HIGHLY Recommend Boo and Tony Peel for all Victoria Falls excursions! Very brief look at our Zimbabwe excursion Itinerary The Peels arranged our Victoria Falls tours with Shearwater Victoria Falls, and our Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) airport transportation with Thompson Holidays. They also arranged our Flights via British Airways from/to Johannesburg, South Africa. While at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe), we stayed at the KINGDOM Hotel, in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe). The Kingom is a very nice, large hotel, with most everything. Our Double rooms had in-room refrigerators. The Kingdom is probably the best for the dollar. We recommend the Kingdom Hotel. As with many African lodges, Do NOT leave your balcony doors UN-locked, or else the Baboons will come in and destroy ALL your stuff. I AM NOT KIDDING You will never get the smell out of what remains of your luggage. You can walk to the Zimbabwe portion of Victoria Falls, but there is a fee to enter the park (it was $30 a person, in September, 2010). You can NOT see the Falls (from the ground) unless you pay to enter the park. We took numerous safaris, starting from the Kingdom Hotel. These great trips were supplied by Shearwater Victoria Falls, BUT arranged by Tony and Boo Peel at Among our favorites were (DO NOT MISS THESE TRIPS): I suggest the package of Five Shearwater Activities - you pick the Five (or Three, of fewer). 1] Walk with the Lions - you actually walk with, and pet young lions 2] An Elephant-back safari in Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve 3] A helicoptor trip over Victoria Falls 4] Sunset Cruise on the upper Zimbabe River. 5] A game drive 5] A Boma Dinner (personally, we could have doen without this one) These tours were arranged by Tony and Boo Peel at These also departed from our Kingdom Hotel, in Victoria Falls. 1] An all-day boat and land excursion in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Nambia. (this may not have been a Shearwater excursion [I am checking] - it WAS arranged by Boo and Tony Peel. 2] A Boma dinner We had a great trip with them, and I will be placing more information HERE, regarding our many Kenya Safaris and Safari Lodges. You could always bungi jump off a bridge over Victoria Falls (while we do a lot of things, I don't want any "pressure" on my spine, so we passed on this one.


al-fresco dining = In the fresh air; outdoors: B/B = Bed and Breakfast "Big Five" - lion, leopard, elephant, water buffalo and rhino. B,L,D = (Breakfast, Lunch & Diner). Plus other variations (B,D),... INCLUDED MEALS B/O = Bed Only Bongo = antelope CBD - Central Business District (Johannesburg) AVOID IT Cherry, Stuk or Goose = All three mean girlfriend (South African slang) Ensuite = yours alone and connected to the room. F/B = Full board. it is providing three meals/day/person But you have to watch out: 1-it does (usually)not come with alcohol. 2- it is usually a set menu, so u can not change you meal. thats the big catch!! your travel agent should state clearly what kind of full board he is offering! Is alcohol included? is it a buffet style or a set menu? H/B = Half board, it is breakfast and lunch or dinner mossies = mosquitoes. mozzies = mosquitoes. PPS = Per person Sharing room - based on a minimum of two persons together. Private = yours alone but you have to leave your room to access it. robot - South African S L A N G U A G E ... Robot = Traffic light Shared Ablutions = Shared Bathrooms - Toilets, wash basins - should have shower or tub. STS = Single Traveler Supplement - additional cost to One person in an accomodation for PPS. SRS = STS ? = Single Room Supplement Alpha Dictionary - free travel dictionary Travel Terminology Travel Dictionary Train travel in Kenya - Nairobi - Mombasa, Nairobi - Kisumu Train travel in South Africa... Germany: Train Travel Terminology - TripAdvisor


Air Botswana American Airlines British Airways Kenya Airways - VERY WELL THOUGHT OF Lots more PHONE NUMBERS for KENYA AIRWAYS South African Airlines

VFA - Victoria Falls Airport, Victoria Falls, ZIMBABWE

VFA Airport Information (VFA) Victoria Falls Airport Departures & Arrivals Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) - Victoria Falls Airport Taxi information


ZIMBABWE - Wikipedia Zimbabwe, Africa - Travel Guide and Tourist Information

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LIBERTY TRAVEL - small flights limited to 15 kilograms of luggage, preferably soft-sided / duffel bag types. 15 kilograms = 33.0693393 pounds


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THERE IS NO OFFICIAL ZIMBABWE CURRENCY, ANY MORE TAKE SMALL USD BILLS - NO CHANGE WILL BE GIVEN Zimbabwean dollar (NOW DEFUNCT) - "Z$"Wikipedia "Currently, foreign currencies such as the South African Rand, Botswana Pula and the United States Dollar (USD) are widely used instead for nearly all transactions in Zimbabwe, and the current (4/2009) government of Zimbabwe has insisted that the Zimbabwean dollar should only be reintroduced if the industrial output improves". Zimbabwe removes 12 zeros from currency - Convert KENYAN SHILLINGS to US Dollars Convert US Dollars to KENYAN SHILLINGS Convert KENYAN SHILLINGS to South African RAND (ZAR) Convert South African RAND (ZAR) to KENYAN SHILLINGS Currency Converters DISCOVER charges us TWO PERCENT (2%) foreign exchange rate on the TOTAL Discover does NOT have "Banks" in Africa ALL OUR CITIBANK Master Card & Visa Accounts charge 3% foreign exchange rate on the TOTAL NO banks NOR ATMs in South Africa NOR in Kenya. HSBC Master Card charge 3% foreign exchange rate on the TOTAL. HSBC does have "Banks" in South Africa, but don't know about Zimbabwe. Outside the US, dial 702 243 1575 (US country code needed ???)

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AFRICA - Traveler's Health Information COLORS to WEAR and to AVOID and Other Precautions Malaria Health and Safety in ZIMBABWE Recommended Immunisations: Cholera*, diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B*, malaria, polio, TB*, tetanus, typhoid, rabies - FOR 3 MONTH STAYS. * recommended in some circumstances - not normally. I'LL LOOK INTO WHAT IS SUGGESTED FOR A 1/2 DAY VISIT. Zimbabwe - HEALTH & SAFETY "* Food Precautions in almost all NON-USA Countries: Avoid - unpealed fruit, badly cooked meat, icecubes, untreated milk, ice cream if made from untreated milk. Take - Extra salt if in hot climates. * Drink Precautions Purify water or make sure it is clean. If you are not sure avoid it. Bottled water, soft drinks (sodas) and beer are usually widely available. NO ICE CUBES" International Help for BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD Members

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HOLIDAYS - National ZIMBABWE Holidays

NOTE - There are More Bank Holidays than National Holidays ZIMBABWE Holidays 2012 List, Public Holidays 2013 Public Holidays and Bank Holidays for Zimbabwe



The Kingdom at Victoria Falls

The Kingdom at Victoria Falls (an African Sun Hotel) 46 Reviews of the Kingdom - ****1/2 Among other things, it has a large pool. The Kingdom at Victoria Falls (an African Sun Hotel) 1 Mullet Drive, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Contact: +263 13 44275 (0)871 7202011 ??? Email: Contact African Sun (Hotels) Corporate and Reservations


MAP of ZIMBABWE Zimbabe MAP - mapsorama Map of Zimbabwe - Lonely Planet MAP of ZIMBABWE World Atlass Victoria Falls MAP Victoria Falls - MAP Detailed Map of Victoria Falls, Livingstone And Victoria Falls MAP of VICTORIA FALLS Botswana,Zimbabwe,Zambia maps

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Stop Rhino Poaching (and Elephant Poaching) Do you know that since the rhino crisis began to escalate 5 years ago in South Africa, John Hume - a private rhino conservator with 21 years of wildlife management experience - has managed to save 911 rhinos and had 250 rhino births on the sanctuary? He has tragically lost nine rhinos to poachers. John Hume is self-funded and his income was derived from private business ventures in timeshare resorts. Currently, he does not earn an income from his rhino sanctuary. Meanwhile, hundreds of global rhino NGO's have failed to save over 2000 rhinos which South Africa has lost to poaching within this time period. These NGO's and various individuals constantly criticize private rhino conservators for advocating a legal trade in rhino horn, even though this will mean that rhinos will not have to die to provide the horn. Who is on the right track? Who should we be listening to on how to save the rhino? STOP RHINO POACHING - John Hume, Private Conservationist RHINO HORN HARVESTING The African elephant is expected to be extinct in the wild in the year 2023.

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Victoria Falls - more info coming later


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Articles, Reviews & Links to Help You Buy Travel Insurance - travelinsurancereview Insure My Trip - recommended by Clark Howard Comparison web sites - Travel Insurance We went with a Travel Guard's Savy Traveler Insurance policy.


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The MOST Dangerous place for Tourists is at ATM Machines. Never use ATMs in small stores (they have no security guards), nor in non-really public places. Try to find an ATM in a bank Victoria Falls is one place where you should be very wary of relying on your credit card for payment. Not only are credit card facilities few and far between, but mysterious surcharges are numerous. Current US Travel Warnings US Department of State: Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets US State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs Preparing for a Trip Abroad?: Sign Up for Email Travel Warnings


Our Victoria Falls Itinerary Including Elephant Backed safari, walking with lions, and much more. Walk with the Lions, Victoria Falls, Zimababwe Picture of Dave petting one of 3 lions on Lion Walk, in Victoria Falls, Zimababwe, Africa Zambezi/Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwe/Zambia Boarder, Africa - Slide Show - woodsmall - - -


PASSPORT validity should be at least SIX MONTHS BEYOND the intended period of stay. You must have at least TWO BLANK PAGES remaining in your Passport Book. A VISA IS REQUIRED ZIMBABWE - Travel Documents Entry Requirements - ZIMBABWE Visa Requirements - ZIMBABWE ZIMBABWE - VISA REQUIRED - WE NEED A TWO, Possibly THREE ENTRY VISA A LETTER STATING WE WE NEED THESE MULTIPLE ENTRIES IS REQUIRED (Tourism, [1] IN to Zimababwe, out to Botswana, [2] IN to Zimbabwe - possibly out to ZAMBIA and [3] IN to Zimbabwe) Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe in Washington, DC Embassy of Zimbabwe 1608 New Hampshire Ave Washington, DC 20009 Phone: 202-332-7100 Fax: 202-483-9326 E-Mail: Zimbabwe Visa Requirments (download) Zimbabwe Visa Application Form - Download COMPANIES THAT WILL GET YOUR VISA(s) FOR YOU


ZIMBABWE Weather - Fahrenheit - africasafari AFRICA - CURRENT WEATHER (Farheinheit) for major cities Weather History - what is the expected weather - any location - wunderground Weather History anywhere in the World -