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You haven't had a bear hug until you've cuddled with a panda Read more:,540/#ixzz1vS9opyPk Wolong Nature Reserve (Panda, holding, petting) CLOSED SINCE DECEMBER, 7 2013, so we hear The Wolong Nature Reserve is five hours from Chengdu; for under $100 a day, you can hire a driver at Chengdu's Dragon Town youth hostel (011-86/28-8664-8408, Yes, it's 2000RMB for per person if you want to hold and take picture with panda at Chengdu Giant Panda Reserve. So if you realy want to touch them, I think you can take part in volunteer item. But you need to apply in advance. And Bifengxia is about 130km away from Chengdu, you need 2 days be there. Wolong still is (3/4/2013) closed for now. Welcome any questions. The hotels in Wolong are the Wolong Hotel (011-86/837-624-6888) and the Panda Inn (011-86/837-624-3028). The Wolong Panda Club charges $33 per day to volunteer with the pandas; playing with cubs costs $130 (011-86/837-624-3058, Read more:,540/#ixzz1vS11ix1r


The Wolong Nature Reserve that allowed you to hold a Panda, burned down several years ago. The staff will take your picture for you using your camera. You get to hold the panda for about 2 minutes but you have to wear protective clothing and gloves. This is to protect the panda, not you. The a new??? location has apparently re-opened the Panda Holding Experience - it supposedly wii cost you 2,000 Yen (as a tip), in CASH for the privilege of gettin your picture taken with a baby Panda. I AM TRYING TO CONFIRM IF THIS OPPORTUNITY REALLY EXISTS, AGAIN. Half-Day Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Tour with Optional Baby Panda Holding Pandas Pandas Pandas!!! - Chengdu Forum - TripAdvisor take a photograph with the panda for RMB 2000 But the money is well spent and worth the once in lifetime experience. Get there early! A lot of ppl suggested that 9 AM is early enough, but it's not! We got there at 7.30 AM, and saw the pandas eating, wrestling and climbing trees. The visitors who got in at 9/10 AM, saw the pandas sleeping on trees. The panda photo and hug times are 9.30 AM and 3 PM (or 3.30 PM, I'm not sure). I made an advance reservation, but it's not required. ttp:// The English edition is under construction. I just had to write a bit of a review on our time in Chengdu. I had arranged a private tour guide with YoYo after reading through some posts here and messaged her. Well I just want to say we had a great time with YoYo. She is a lovely person and our two children aged 11 and 12 both loved her. She also thought they were so cute :-) I don't know if it was because we all really liked her or not, but I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a guide. She is a wonderful person. She took us to Panda Research Centre, Jinli Street, Sichuan Opera, Wenshu Monastery at our request. I'd skip Wolong and it's too far to be a daytrip. If you're already going to Emeishan, I think Bifengxia which is near Ya'an would be the right choice. I'm not sure you need to stay in Emeishan "for a few days"--2 might be enough if you need to carve out time to get over to Ya'an and stay around the panda reserve for a day and night. I think you can volunteer at Bifengxia so research and set it up in advance if interested. If heading for the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center, I'm not sure much thinking is involved to doing this on your own--it's very well set up for visitors. Let's say the "we" is two people and do the math. Taxi out to the Breeding Center from somewhere around central Chengdu let's say RMB 50 x 2 for return journey = RMB 100 for two people. Entry fees RMB 58 x 2 = RMB 116. Center's Standard Guide Service (English) RMB 100 x 2 people = RMB 200. Total of RMB 416 = USD 66 (for 2 people) Holding a Panda is done by getting there early and queuing up, the extra fee is payable at the time, directly to the Center. Center's guide can show you where. It's very expensive to do so, but I guess you already know that. website: I have no idea if what's provided through Viator is the same, likely so but I suspect they will group tourists on the same day on one bus/minibus and do hotel pickups before heading to the Center. The rest of the provisions would be same. If they are doing it for only 2 of you, be careful to look at the price, which is $43 per person not the advertised promo for larger groups. My suggestion is unless there is real value-added, in China one should always cut out the middleman and buy directly from the provider. And I'm not seeing any real value-added here. The Bifengxia trip might be different story, but I wouldn't head out there just for pandas. Only go there if you are interested in volunteering for a few days, or if intending to spend time in other Sichuan places down there such as Emei Shan, or heading to Danba or Kangding. Holding a PANDA in Chengdu - Travel Lifestyle Of Your Dreams How to Cuddle with a Panda in Chengdu - April 2103 6 Things to do in Chengdu, China including Pandas Giant Panda Volunteer Programs, Panda Keeping Programs - 2011 ??? USA/CA: 800-2682918 CHENGDU, China - PANDA CAM OTHER PANDA CAMS: Bi Fengxia Base China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda Bi Fengxia Base, China - PANDA CAM San Diego Zoo San Diego Zoo currently has four giant pandasóBai Yun, Gao Gao, Yun Zi, and Xiao Liwu, born on July 29, 2012. San Diego Zoo< California, USA - PANDA CAM Atlanta Zoo Home to Lun Lun, Yang Yang and their son Xi Lan Atlanta, Georgia, USA - PANDA CAM Edinburgh Zoo Yang Guang and Tian Tian arrived in Edinburgh on December 4th 2011 Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland - PANDA CAM Memphis Zoo Home to Lele and Yaya Memphis Zoo, Tenesse, USA - PANDA CAM Smithsonian National Zoolplogical Park Washington D.C., USA - The Giant Panda Cam Wu Gang - Pandas - explore