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I researched most of this information prior to our 30 day African photo safari

Complete Sunscreen Information, Toxicity, Ingredients, Products & Resources

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Camouflage clothing, is in some cases, ILLEGAL to wear or even possess Some small flights limited to 15 kilograms of luggage, preferably soft-sided / duffel bag types. Other safari operators REQUIRE soft, duffel type bags. Dinner (jacket and tie required) for Mt. Kenya Safari Club These web pages are generally arranged in Alphabetic Order, by Subject, with an INDEX at the end of each web page. Find your desired subject and double click on it. COLORS to WEAR and to AVOID and Other Precautions Hand Feeding Vultures at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilation Center, South Africa a Picture of Joany hand feeding a Vulture At the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilation Center, Kruger, South Africa - Click HERE. These are vultures that are being rehabilitated. They either had injuries or were orphaned. Here you see them eating raw meat out of our hands. Interestingly, Four of the Five vultures would not come near a person trying to hand feed them raw meat, wearing a combination of RID, NATRAPEL and PYRETHRIN (an insecticide). My wife was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. She left the country when she was six years old, but does remember trips to Kruger National Park. She has long wanted to return to Kruger, so that is why we included Kruger, South Africa on our Africa Safari tour. We customized all of our African Safaris to Kenya, South Africa, (Kruger), Zimbabwe (including Victoria Falls), Zambia, Botswana and Nambia. Some of our African Safari How-to information is HERE. First, we found a safari(s), in each of the countries in which we wanted to go on safaris, from a company that had good references and costs, and whose itinerary was fairly desirable. We spent DAYS on the research. Then we: 1] Substituted more desirable lodges 2] Extended the overall length of the safari 3] Added more game drives and lodges 4] Added more side trips (visits to villages, wildlife rehabilitation centers, elephant-back game drives, hand feeding vultures, kissing and feeding giraffes, walking with, and petting Lions, petting lots of young cats (Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions,...). We were in South Africa only for a base, while we flew in and out of other countries, and while we did a Four Day Safari to Parks (public and private) around Kruger National Park. For Kruger National Park (South Africa), we contracted with Intrepid Bundu - Intrepid Travel. We had a some good safaris with them, especially in the Private Reserves, and I will be placing more information HERE, regarding our South African (Kruger) Safaris and Safari Lodges. Safaris in National Parks in South Africa, are required to stay on the "paved" roads (some are gravel), so the safaris are not as rough as they are can be in Kenya (personally, we like them rough [4x4 style]). SOUTH AFRICA (Mostly Kruger) Photo Safaris - OURS We then added a lot of short tours around Johannesburg. Our Photos of Africa

Our Johannesburg South Africa Lodging

While in the vacinity of Johannesburg, South Africa, we stayed at two Bed and Breakfast lodges - the AFRICAN LODGE and the SUNROCK GUEST HOUSE. Both are good places to stay. The African Lodge SHOULD be a FIVE STAR Bed and Breakfast- it is amazing! THIS IS ONE OF THE NICEST PLACES IN WHICH WE HAVE STAYED. Gerald (our host, and his wife Yvonne) van Schendel is one of the best Guides and most helpful people that we encountered on our African safaris. WE RATE THE AFRICAN LODGE A FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS. We have found only the highest recommendations for the African Lodge. We found out the African Lodge would have been rated a Five Star (international rating by the Hotel industry) except for these two silly reasons: 1] The hosts did not like any of the Silverware REQUIRED for a five star rating (and they went with Silverware approved for a Four star lodge), AND 2] Some of the rooms for singles (one person) while EXTREMELY LUXERIOUS, were just a little too small for a Five Star rating. The hosts are building a new, definitely Five Star Lodge. The African Lodge is located in Buccleuch, Sandton just north of Johannesburg. It has both Heating and Air Conditioning, which we did not need. There is a swimming pool and a very comfortable bar. The African Lodge is a very safe place to stay. The staff was excellent and very accomodating. While here, we went on some very nice, short excursions, mostly booked through the African Lodge. MORE information about the AFRICAN LODGE Yvonne and Gerald van Schendel (your Hosts) Postal Address : P O Box 847, BUCCLEUCH, 2066, South Africa Physical Address : 14 Jane Road, Buccleuch (Sandton) Telephone : +27 (0) 11 802 4512 Mobile : +27 (0) 83 320 1420 E-mail : They speak Dutch (Hollands), French, German, English and Afrikaans. Sunrock is about 10 minutes from the O.R. Tambo (Johannesburg) International airport. Our rooms at the Sunrock had some heating. We had no air conditioning, but then, we did not need it (we were there twice. There is a swimming pool and a stocked gameroom / bar. The Guesthouse is a very safe place to stay. The staff was excellent and very accomodating. MORE information about the SUNROCK GUESTHOUSE We also visited the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilation Center. Where we got to HANDFEED VULTURES (and I'll tell you how to prevent most vultures from getting close to you - this could save your life), hand feed a baby rhino, and pet young members of various african cat families (lions, cheetahs and leopards. Hand Feeding Vultures at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilation Center a Picture of Joan hand feeding a Vulture


al-fresco dining = In the fresh air; outdoors: amarula - made from the exotic, usually alcoholic, Marula fruit. It has an alcohol content of 17% by volume. It has had some success at international spirit ratings competitions, winning a gold medal at the 2006 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Animals drunk on fermented Marula fruit BevMo - 2000 North Tustin Street, Orange, CA 92865 714.279.8131 - B/B = Bed and Breakfast "Big Five" - Elephant, leopard, lion, rhino and water buffalo. B,L,D = (Breakfast, Lunch & Diner). Plus other variations (B,D),... INCLUDED MEALS B/O = Bed Only Bongo = antelope CBD = Central Business District (Johannesburg) AVOID IT Cherry, Stuk or Goose = All three mean girlfriend (South African slang) Ensuite = yours alone and connected to the room. F/B = Full board. it is providing three meals/day/person But you have to watch out: 1-it does (usually)not come with alcohol. 2- it is usually a set menu, so u can not change you meal. thats the big catch!! your travel agent should state clearly what kind of full board he is offering! Is alcohol included? is it a buffet style or a set menu? Full English Breakfast - Four courses of way too much food (my opinion) H/B = Half board, it is breakfast and lunch or dinner jabs = inoculation (vacination) shots Jbg = Johannesburg, South Africa Jo'burg = Johannesburg (South Africa) Joburg = Johannesburg, South Africa Jozi = Johannesburg (South Africa) mossies = mosquitoes. mozzies = mosquitoes PPS = Per person Sharing room - based on a minimum of two persons together. Private = yours alone but you have to leave your room to access it. robot - South African S L A N G U A G E ... Robot = Traffic light Shared Ablutions = Shared Bathrooms - Toilets, wash basins - should have shower or tub. STS = Single Traveler Supplement - additional cost to One person in an accomodation for PPS. SRS = STS ? = Single Room Supplement TIA = This Is Africa (anything is possible) V&A Waterfront = Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa Alpha Dictionary - free travel dictionary Travel Terminology Travel Dictionary


Air Botswana American Airlines British Airways Kenya Airways - VERY WELL THOUGHT OF Lots more PHONE NUMBERS for KENYA AIRWAYS South African Airlines Reservations (in South Africa): 0861 359 722 US Reservations: 800-722-9675

AIRPORTS - South Africa

OR TAMBO International Airport - Johannesburg

OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) O R Tambo International Airport Guide OR Tambo Airport - To & from OR Tambo Airport Suburbs around TAMBO Airport (MAP) Johanesburg MAP of OR TAMBO International Airport TAMBO is NORTH and EAST of JOHANNESBURG TAMBO is NORTH and EAST of BEDFORDVIEW (within 10 Km) TAMBO is NORTH and a very little WEST of BOKSBURG (within 10 Km) TAMBO is SOUTH and a very little WEST of KEMPTON PARK (within 10 Km) MAP of OR Tambo International Airport - INTERSECTION OF R24 & R21 MAP of the TAMBO Airport, ITSELF


Daniel Peel's excellent Blog about life as a Kruger area Park Ranger

Danielpeel's Blog - I STRONGLY RECOMMEND VIEWING DANIEL'S BLOG Travel Facts - South Africa South Africa - South Africa - Wikipedia Introducing South Africa - Lonely Planet South Africa General Information - sa-venues South Africa borders: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique & surrounds Swaziland.


LIBERTY TRAVEL - small flights limited to 15 kilograms of luggage, preferably soft-sided / duffel bag types. 15 kilograms = 33.0693393 pounds


Daniel Peel's excellent Blog about life as a Kruger area Park Ranger



Places - South Africa - Lonely Planet (temporarily here - source is Code Rank City Population Province Annual Growth Rate GP - Gauteng Megalopolis 20,000,000[95] Gauteng 2.47% JHB 1 Johannesburg (Joburg) 8,837,000 Gauteng 2.47% CPT 2 Cape Town 3,653,000 Western Cape 1.43% ETH 3 Durban 3,192,000 Kwazulu-Natal 1.36% EKU 4 Germiston 2,724,229 Gauteng 1.36% TSH 5 Pretoria 2,450,000 Gauteng 1.41% NMA 6 Port Elizabeth 1,572,000 Eastern Cape 0.41% JHB 7 Vereeniging 1,074,000 Gauteng 0.41% EC125 8 East London 958,000 Eastern Cape 0.32% FS172 9 Bloemfontein 752,906 Free State 0.21% GT421 10 Vanderbijlpark 650,867 Gauteng 0.13%


METRIC CONVERSIONS ORG DISTANCE: Meters to Feet (convert). Feet to Meters conversion calculator Kilometers to Miles conversion calculator Miles to Kilometers conversion calculator WEIGHT: Kilograms to Pounds conversion calculator Pounds to Kilograms conversion calculator


South Africa uses the RAND (abbreviated ZAR or sometimes, just "R", for currency. Convert South African RAND (ZAR) to US Dollars (USD) Convert to US Dollars (USD) to South African RAND (ZAR) Convert South African RAND (ZAR) to KENYAN SHILLINGS Convert KENYAN SHILLINGS to South African RAND (ZAR) Currency Converters WATCH OUT - SOME TRIPS ARE PRICED PER DAY, PER ONE PERSON, DOUBLE OCCUPANCY. THERE ARE ALWAYS HIDDEN "AIRPORT" FEES, ENTRANCE FEES, TIPS, etc.. Perhaps hidden transportation charges? DISCOVER charges us TWO PERCENT (2%) foreign exchange rate on the TOTAL Discover does NOT have "Banks" in Africa ALL OUR CITIBANK Master Card & Visa Accounts charge 3% foreign exchange rate on the TOTAL NO banks NOR ATMs in South Africa NOR in Kenya. HSBC Master Card charge 3% foreign exchange rate on the TOTAL. HSBC does have "Banks" in South Africa, but don't know about Kenya Outside the US, dial 702 243 1575 (US country code needed ???)

Electric Plugs, Sockets, Voltages and Frequencies

We found ONLY the large, old, British Type 'M' 3-round-pin 240 VAC electric outlets in any/all of the places that we stayed in, while in South-Africa. You will ONLY find the type M adapter in some African countries - NO where else in the world, and if it's not a type M, it will NOT work in 99% of South Africa nor in Botswana. You will NEVER find the Type M included in a Universal Adapter kit. TYPE 'M' 220/230 VAC, 50 Hz Grahamstad & Port Elizabeth 250V; also found in King Williams. Outlet Type 'C' can also be found in some areas of South Africa OR Outlet Type 'G' can also be found in some areas of South Africa NOTE: Apparently there are a few TYPE 'C' and TYPE 'G' outlets in some parts of South Africa, so it is possible that you will need any or all of these three outlet adapter types. Not likely, but possible. Our USA 60 Hz electric (non-batttery) clocks won't work here (they will be "slow"). South Africa's electricity supply mostly: 220/230 volts AC 50 Hz - Type M Exceptions: Pretoria (230 V) and Port Elizabeth (200/250 V) Most plugs have three round pins but some plugs with two smaller pins are also found on appliances. Adaptors can be purchased but may be in short supply. USA-made appliances may also need a step-down transformer. NOTE that many of our USA appliances are NOT dual voltage (120 VAC & 240 VAC), so your adapter for USA gadgets must both: 1] Convert from 220/230 VAC to 120 VAC and 2] To the appropriate South African electrical socket (M, C & G, Any US motors/electric clocks used will run more slowly (on 50 Hz than on 60 Hz) - for example, your electric razor. Your US Clock will run at 5/6ths normal speed (slow). ELECTRICAL ADAPTERS - MY FAVORITES South African Electricity - Electricity around the world

EVENTS - Johannesburg

Top Events in South Africa during 2010 Johannesburg Events, Festivals in 2011, Things to Do Johannesburg Events 2011 Calendar


Africa Traveler's Health Information COLORS to WEAR and to AVOID and Other Precautions MALARIA in SOUTH AFRICA - Details - Vaccinations Health Information for Travelers to South Africa Health & safety - lonelyplanet International Help for BLUE CROSS - BLUE SHIELD Members MALARIA - more information

PASSPORT HEALTH (passports & Vaccinations)

passporthealthusa - Website


8450 Chapel Hill Road Suite 205 Cary, NC 27513 Phone: 919-781-0053 Fax: 919-481-0455 Website:


3100 Duraleigh Road Suite 107 (Ral. Medical Center) Raleigh, NC 27612 Phone: 919-781-0053 Fax: 919-481-0455 Website


100 Park Drive Suite 201 (TEER Building) Durham, NC 27709 Phone: 919-781-0053 Fax: 919-481-0455

HOLIDAYS - National South African Holidays

HOLIDAYS - THIS YEAR and Other Years HOLIDAYS - EXPLANATION of South African National Holidays Public holidays in South Africa - Wikipedia

LODGING - Near Johannesburg

AFRICAN LODGE - near Sandton (Johannesburg), SOUTH AFRICA - was SOLD

LODGING - Near O.R. TAMBO AIRPORT - Johannesburg South Africa

Suburbs around TAMBO Airport (MAP) Johanesburg TAMBO is NORTH and EAST of JOHANNESBURG TAMBO is NORTH and EAST of BEDFORDVIEW (within 10 Km) TAMBO is NORTH and a very little WEST of BOKSBURG (within 10 Km) TAMBO is SOUTH and a very little WEST of KEMPTON PARK (within 10 Km) MAP of OR Tambo International Airport - INTERSECTION OF R24 & R21 MAP of the TAMBO Airport, ITSELF

Checking these Lodges/Hotels out - no recommendations at this point

Africa Centre Airport Leisure Hotel - *** - Breakfast - R800/double - free SHUTTLE - NO Restaurant Use Internet Explorer else site doesn't work correctly. Only review I saw, was not good. Welcome to Airport Game Lodge Table in every room Airport Game Lodge - Breakfast only? - $118 Can take us to nearby restaurant for R125 (R125 for the group? what restaurant? round-trip?) Nile restaurant?? at the Emperor's casino. 10 REVIEWS - Airport Game Lodge - ***1/2 Serves Breakfast. NO Lunch NOR Dinner. NO food service available apart from some microwave meals and crisps from the vending machine (1/2009). REVIEW - Airport Game Lodge Standard Double (double bed) R 900 Standard Single (single bed) R 600 Superior Double (double bed) R 1,000 Superior Single (single bed) R 650 Luxury Double (queen bed) R 1,100 Free Airport Shuttle - Free Buffet Breakfast Airport Game Lodge 21 Fourth Road Bredell Johannesburg South Africa QUESTIONS??? PHONE: +27 11 396 2969 FAX: +27 11 396 2968 CELL: 082 410 5532 Airport Grand (Boksburg) - Legacy Hotels - Restaurant - shuttle - NOISY - $185??/$133?? Queen - 24HrRmSrvc REVIEWS - Airport Grand Finally the shuttle came, but he did tell me when we got to the hotel that had we missed that one we would have been stuck overnight in Joburg airport. 4 masked gunmen robbed the hotel & lobby guests for the second time, around 7 pm. best rate was at: HOTELS.COM Airport Inn B & B - on-site Restaurant - - $160 Birchwood Hotel - Boksburg - REVIEWS - *** NOISY - Breakfast ONLY - 3.2miles LATE SHUTTLE - missed flight. Chamonix Guest Lodge - $105/Queen Chamonix Guest Lodge, Kempton Park (TAMBO) - REVIEWS - Chamonix Guest Lodge, Kempton Park - **** Note that Welna Vosloo is the new owner manager, having bought the business from Felix Huyl (see management comments below) at the beginning of 2009. Dinner arranged in advance was simple but good e.g. backed chicken, salad etc. with wine available. Shuttle - Chamonix is just 10 minutes away from the airport but it takes more than 45 minutes to go from the lodge to the airport because transport had to go to other Guest Houses to pick up more people, so we arrived late to the airport and South African Airways had closed our flight - MISSED FLIGHT - STUCK IN sa FOR TWO EXTRA DAYS. OTHER REVIEWS SEEMED TO HAVE NO TROUBLE WITH SHUTTLE SEREVICE. Michelle Heymans - Hostess at Chamonix Guest Lodge email: Cell: 079 529 7260 - (0027 79 925 7260) [ Cherry Tree Guest House - KEMPTON PARK (near TAMBO Airport) - Johannesburg, South Africa - **** Cherry Tree Cottage B&B - tripadvisor 14 Kersboom St | Glen Marais Ext 1, Kempton Park 1619, South Africa MAP of KEPTON PARK, Johannesburg, South Africa Kempton Park is NORTH EAST of the TAMBO airport Only 8km from the OR Tambo International Airport - Johannesburg 14 Kersboom Ave, Glen Marais X1. Kempton Park RATES: R400 per person sharing: = R800.00 PER NIGHT = $103 USD (NON-World Cup rates) R480 = $62 USD per person single reservation. Luxury Double Bedrooms available - Bed? Cost? AIRPORT SHUTTLE = R150 ($19.27 USD) PER TRIP. VW microbus accommodates at least Five (5) people & luggage in ONE trip. Small table where Four or Five people could play card games? A big entertainment room! Full English Breakfast included. Home cooked 3-course Dinners - R 90 = $11.56 USD per person Telephone 011 972-7591 27 11 972-7591 27 72 766-9100 Sue Becker's Cell 072 766-9100 Charlie's Cell 082 657-4077 Fax 086 514-2632 Email KEMPTON PARK Location Cherry Tree Cottage B&B, LINDEN, (Johannesburg) SA Cherry Tree Cottage B&B - LINDEN - tripadvisor NOTE: - This one is IN LINDEN, not KEMPTON PARK, Johannesburg 57 Ninth Street Linden, Johannesburg 2195, South Africa 19 Kilometers to TAMBO Airport LINDEN MAP - Johannesburg, South Africa LINDEN is FURTHER AWAY from TAMBO than is SANDTON We do NOT want be stay at the Linden location Don Johannesburg International - ala cart Restaurant - I'd say NO Restaurant - $135 - *** REVIEWS - Don Johannesburg International Airport (Isando. SA) Emerald Guest House - Kempton Park - ZAR 900? or ZAR 700 ?? confusing Garden Court - O.R. Tambo international airport hotel - *** - 3km from Tambo Intercontinental Hotel - Southern Sun - EXPENSIVE - $432 USD Life Hotels JHB International - Restaurant - ***1/2 & *** - $87 - poor area? REVIEWS - Life Hotels JHB International Dinner is either the selection the hotel offers, or order takeout, as there is no restaurant at the hotel or close. Packed Lunches available. Mercure Hotel Suites Bedfordview - *** & 8/10 - $137 Queen / refundable REVIEWS - Mercure Hotel *** - 1 very good, 5 average - TWO TERRIBLE Metcourt Laural at Emperor's Palace (Casino) - KEMPTON -CREW STAY HERE - 400 rooms - Restaurant Attempted breakin apparently by a staff member, at 5 AM - HAD working pass key - phoenixCoimbatore - May 25, 2010 Shuttle it's on the back side of the Intercontinental Hotel - 10 minute walk. Clean. Protea Hotel - OR AIRPORT - coffee shop/cafe - AIR - 1/2mile - 24hr RmSrvc - ****1/2 - King $189 - FOUR Expedia ROOMS LEFT $189 Average = Expedia;; $208 = ;; $180 average = ORBITZ Safari Club's web page - $130 - $165 - KEMPTON PARK, SA - ****1/2 REVIEWS - (Airport) Safari Club - restaurant - dinner on request - shuttle ****1/2 REVIEWS - SAFARI CLUB 4 Minutes to airport - shuttle - NO Restaurant. So dinner is either the selection the hotel offers, or order takeout, as there is no restaurant at the hotel or close. 12 kilometers to the Emperor's Casino Dinner @ R 140 pp ( $18 USD) ON REQUEST 1 double room with a double bed and 1 Double room with a Queen bed and a Twin for single occupancy. Twin Room Rate R 900.00 ( $116 USD) per Night Single Room Rate R 600.00 ( $ 77 )per Night SAFARI CLUB 68 Pomona Rd | OR Tambo International Airport, Kempton Park 0056, South Africa QUESTIONS? Telephone: +27 (0)11 979 0321 +27 (0)11 979 2636 Fax: +27 (0)86 619 0365 Cell: +27 (0)72 673 0010 Shanguni Lodge, Edenvale, Gauteng - $108 - Breakfast, dinner &light meals - no reviews Southern Sun OR TAMBO - From $160 - Restaurant/wine - 1/3mile - ***1/2 REVIEWS - Southern Sun OR TAMBO $153/Double - Expedia ;; no rooms at = Orbitz SUNROCK GUEST HOUSE - Home page - Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa Sunrock Guest House - KEMPTON PARK - AAtravel Sunrock Guesthouse (Kempton Park, South Africa) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor Sunrock Guesthouse - accommodation in Kempton park, Johannesburg - johannesburg-direct Reviews of Sunrock Guesthouse in Kempton Park MAP - KEMPTON PARK 4 Km to TAMBO airport. FREE airport transfers. VISA & MASTER CARD Accepted All rooms have en suite bathrooms. Each room has its own TV and 8 DSTV channels installed. Breakfast Included. Lunch and Dinners on request. Dinner on Request - R95.00 ($ 12.35 USD) No smoking in the rooms. Sharing Room - per person = R395 = $ $51.33 = $ 102.66 / couple Single Room - R550 = $71.47 USD Sunrock Guest House 11 Park Street Kempton Park, 1619 (or 1620 ???) Gauteng, South Africa Arthur or Ina Johnson E-mail: Tel: +27 11 394 3772 Cell: +27 83 407 5964 Fax: 088 011 394 3772


It is my understanding, that mosquitoes in South Africa can carry a form of malaria that is resistant to the preferred anti-malaria drug (although there are alternative drugs). Check with some place like: PASSPORT HEALTH. MALARIA in SOUTH AFRICA - Details - Vaccinations METOFLUTHRIN - Used in OFF's Clip-On Mosquito Repellent

MAPS - Relevant parts of AFRICA

South African National & Regional Parks - MAPS - MAP of South Africa - Lonely Planet South Africa Map - South Africa Maps - MAP - KEMPTON PARK MAP of SANDTON Sandton, South Africa - MAP Suburbs around TAMBO Airport (MAP) Johanesburg

PARKS in South Africa


Kruger National Park has more game species than any other African game park. NO open vehicles are allowed in the actual Kruger National Park - you have to go to a private (check with them) reserve surrounding Kruger, if you wish to safari in open vehicles. Park rangers DO provide some night viewing in open vehicles (but not daytime). Private vehicles are not allowed to drive at night (in Kruger). The best game viewing in Kruger is from May to October - during the sunny, dry season. The best game viewing experiences are in the surrounding private game reserves - these usually have open vehicle tours (day & night) and even have walking tours. Game viewing in the private reserves is actually good all year round, because the Guides locate the animals and tell each other where to take guests. Of course, it is much more expensive in the private game preserves. Kruger is IN the malaria zone. Lions eating Giraffe kill - Kruger, South Africa: Picture of Lions eating Giraffe kill - Kruger, South Africa see also: Malaria Kruger National Park Warnings or Dangers Kruger National Park may be divided into three major sections: 1] Northern (less developed than the other regions) Best for spotting Elephants, tsessebe antelope, sable antelop & roan antelope. Mopane trees dominate this area of the park. Can be a shrub or a tall tree up to 30 meters. 2] Central / Southeastern More of the lions, zebra & (gnu) are in this region. 3] Southwestern Calving, most species, is in the Summer (November and December).


Kruger National Park Game Lodges LUXERY Kruger Lodging: Sabi Sabi Game Lodges Singita Game Lodges Ulusaba Game Lodges Lion Sands Ivory Lodge Royal Malewane Kwa-Mbili Game Lodge - 4 1/2 STARS STANDARD Kruger Lodging: Thornybush Game Lodge - 4 STARS 13 Authentic thatched roof chalets. En suite facilities, overhead fans and mosquito nets. all TENTS will be renewed by the end of 2009. REVIEWS: Thornybush Game Lodge = 4 1/2 STARS Game Drive Vehicle - Typical Open Air MAP of location of Thornybush Game Lodge Hamilton's Tented Camp Exeter River Lodge Lion Sands River Lodge Kirkman's Kamp ECONOMY CLASS Kruger GAME LODGES Djuma Bush Lodge Arathusa Safari Lodge Pestana Kruger Lodge Protea Hotel Kruger Gate

Thornybush Game Reserve (adjacent to Kruger National Park) - South Africa

Jackalberry Safari Lodge (Thornybush Game Reserve

Jackalberry Safari Lodge (Thornybush Private Game Reserve, South Africa) - FIVE STARS Chalets, each with its own en-suite bathroom. Each chalet is fully air-conditioned and has its own private patio. Big Five (Rhino, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Lion). Jackalberry Safari Lodge is situated in a malaria area (Kruger). Allows children (a drawback).

Kwa-Mbili Game Lodge - Thornybush game reserve

Kwa -Mbili Game Lodge

PASSPORTS - Click HERE for Passport Information

You must have at least TWO BLANK PAGES remaining in your Passport Book. You should have SIX MONTHS remaining on your Passport.


PICTURES of South Africa - Additional Safari Pictures

Taken on our 30-day 5-African country safaris in 2010

These are un-retouched pictures, saved as low resolution, from Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa. All but one of these pictures was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T2i (called the 550D in Europe) with the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS telephoto Lens - it was fantastic and only this one $700 (now $600) lens is (almost all that is) ever needed (11x stabilized, optical zoom). Note that this lens is effectively a 320 mm zoom (for Canon, multiply by 1.6, so we have 200 x 1.6 = 320 mm). Newer versions are the Canon EOS Rebel T5i, T4i and T3i. If you don't want to pay for a DSLR, You might consider the Canon SX50 50x Zoom - it has superb zoom and stabilization capabiLities. African Safaris - Volume One - the most interesting African Safari Pictures - Volume TWO African Safari Pictures Volume THREE African Safari Pictures Volume FOUR You do NOT have to be a member of Face Book, nor do you have to sign in, to view these pictures. This pictures are all available at:


RESTAURANTs at the EMPEROR's PALACE CASINO, SANDTON, South Africa (near Joburg)

DINING at EMPEROR's CASINO - Aurelias Restaurant - Cafa Roma - Fu Li Hua - Gold Rush Spur - Ocean Basket - Oriana Restaurant - Mugg and Bean - Queen of the Nile restaurant - Excellent - Squisito Ristorante - Tribes African Grill - Excellent - Wimpy Queen Of The Nile Restaurant (Emperors Palace), Kempton 1619 Quuen of the Nile - dining-out Cost/Head: R75+ ???? R85 ???? - CASUAL buffet restaurant featuring over one hundred and twenty dishes from around the world. 64 Jones Road, Kempton Park (in the Emperor's Casino) Tel: 011- 928 1367/53 for reservations


Stop Rhino Poaching (and Elephant Poaching) Do you know that since the rhino crisis began to escalate 5 years ago in South Africa, John Hume - a private rhino conservator with 21 years of wildlife management experience - has managed to save 911 rhinos and had 250 rhino births on the sanctuary? He has tragically lost nine rhinos to poachers. John Hume is self-funded and his income was derived from private business ventures in timeshare resorts. Currently, he does not earn an income from his rhino sanctuary. Meanwhile, hundreds of global rhino NGO's have failed to save over 2000 rhinos which South Africa has lost to poaching within this time period. These NGO's and various individuals constantly criticize private rhino conservators for advocating a legal trade in rhino horn, even though this will mean that rhinos will not have to die to provide the horn. Who is on the right track? Who should we be listening to on how to save the rhino? STOP RHINO POACHING - John Hume, Private Conservationist RHINO HORN HARVESTING The African elephant is expected to be extinct in the wild in the year 2023.



South Africa operates two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time throughout the year. CURRENT TIME THERE - South Africa current local time from Botswana current local time KENYA current local time from Tanzania, United Republic of - current local time from United Kingdom - London - current local time Zambia - current local time from ZIMBABWE current local time from

SUNGLASSES - Complete Sunglasses Information - Click HERE

SUNSCREEN - Complete Sunscreen Information, Ingredients, Products & Resources - Click HERE


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ALWAYS use official ACSA taxis with the ACSA LOGO on it for airport travel. Tip Poorters 5 RAND per bag at the airport.


African Safari Journals - REVIEWS - South Africa African Budget Safaris Only Africa Tours Wilderness Safaries Truly Africa Tours Jenman (African) Safaris BigFive - Luxury Tours - recommended by Lonely Planet Wilderness Safaris Luxury African safaris, accommodation & camps ...


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Articles, Reviews & Links to Help You Buy Travel Insurance - travelinsurancereview Insure My Trip - recommended by Clark Howard Comparison web sites - Travel Insurance travelinsurancereview We went with a Travel Guard's Savy Traveler Insurance policy.


AAA of the Carolinas - RESELLS IMG Travel Insurance Access America CSA Travel Protection Elvia Travel Insurance Global Alert Global Underwriters HTH Worldwide IMG - International Medical Group Medex M.H.Ross Ins. Services Seven Corners Travel Guard Travel Insurance Services Travel Insured International Travelex Travelsafe


The MOST Dangerous place for Tourists is at ATM Machines. Never use ATMs in small stores (they have no security guards), nor in non-really public places. Try to find an ATM in a bank or in a large mall with security guards. Current US Travel Warnings Kenya WARNING ISSUED: 07/24/2009 Somalia WARNING ISSUED: 12/31/2009 Sudan WARNING ISSUED: 12/31/2009 NO CURRENT TERRORIST TRAVEL WARNINGS (just High Crime): Botswana - US Department of State Namibia - US Department of State Mozambique - US Department of State SOUTH AFRICA - US Department of State Swaziland - US Department of State Zimbabwe - US Department of State US Department of State: Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets US State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs Preparing for a Trip Abroad?: Sign Up for Email Travel Warnings


South Africa does NOT require Visas for US citizens for less than a six month stay. PASSPORT validity should be at least SIX MONTHS BEYOND the intended period of stay. You must have at least TWO BLANK PAGES remaining in your Passport Book. Visas - South Africa - Lonely Planet Entry and Visa Requirements - South Africa


South Africa Weather in FAHRENHEIT South Africa's weather and climate - South Africa - Weather Underground Geography and climate of South Africa - wikipedia Weather History - what is the expected weather - any location - wunderground Weather History anywhere in the World -