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BULBS - for our House


CLOCK RADIOS - Preferred

RCA RP5430 Dual alarm /autoset / Target

DOORBELL - Wireless

Front doorbell requires a small, 12 VDC # 23A = BLR50 / A23 / MN21


(1) 12 x 24 x 1 (2) 16 x 20 x 1 REPLACED ALL THREE ON 1/17/2018


WasteKing #9950 3/4 HP/CV, 2,700 RPM Motor - 10 yr IN-YOUR-HOUSE Warranty DESIGNER SINK FLAGES Available does NOT allow use of a HEX key to free stuck motors INSTEAD, HAVE TO USE A BROOM HANDLE TO ROTATE THE MOTOR BUT never seems to leak out the bottom (as has no holes [hex key]). (800) 854 - 3229

GENERAC Whole House Natural Gas Backup Generator



Mine takes Headlights # 9003 (also H4 ?). Last used Sylvania XTRAvision (others run too hot).


IVES 6" x 34" SOLID BRASS Kick Plate INES, New Haven, CT 06508 0-44074 05108 7 C8400B3 6X34 W/brass screws Covered with a sheer laquer finish - do NOT use Abrasive waxes nor Cleaners.


GE 900 Mhz Kitchen PhoneGE Model 27902CE1-A S/N 60013458 3648TF BATTERY: Thomson Inc NiMH 5-2734 2.4 v 700mAh 70AAAH2BMJZR 800 822 8837 Replacement Batteries for: Thomson Inc 5-2734 2.4 v 700 mAh $ 6.95 Replacement Battery For: GE/RCA 5-2734 Battery Features: Voltage: 2.4V 1000mAh Composition: NiMH

AT&T CL-4940 Desktop Phone - Digital Answering System

Roku Ultra

Device ID: 7LC732601852 8010000745-R04 UPC 8 29610 00110 4 Roku Ultra SKU# 4640R LOT# 201703 4K Ultra HD - HDR, Emhanced Remote w/headphones, Quad-core processor, remote finder HDMI HDCP 2.2 Port for 4K High Speed HDMI Roku INFORMATION Roku - Model Differences


I believe the thermostat requires TWO small, AA or AAA batteries ???

TOILETS - I prefer the top-rated American Standard CADET 3

There are lots of different Flavors of Cadet 3's. WARNING IN MY PERSONAL OPINION, AMERICAN STANDARD CADET 3 with oversize 3" flapper valve IS A PROBLEM FOR ME - I CAN NOT FIND ANY REPLACEMENT FLAPPER THAT WORKS CORRECTLY: A Handle in the front TAKES OVERSIZE THREE (3) INCH DIAMETER FLAPPER Valve. Uses standard Fluidmaster GASKET USE THE FLUIDMASTER Model 5401GB - GLACIER BAY and American Standard 3 inch Flapper. Leave HALF INCH OF SLACK CHAIN 10 YEAR WARENTEE Start with seting at TEN (10) - MAXIMUM water, flush, turn down ONE notch until it stopps working properly, then GO BACK UP ONE SETTING. For me, I prefer the Adjustment set to NINE (9) (10 being the most water flow). NO!!!! ocassionally does NOT close all of the way after a flush, costing me $ 45 in WATER charges as I'd find it running (tank filling) in the morning. BUT = BETTER TO LIVE WITH THIS AND CHECK IT, THEN USE THE KORKEY 3" UNIVERSAL # 3060 DO NOT BUY KORKY UNIVERSAL ADJUSTABLE FLAPPER FOR American Standard CADET 3 (opinion) # 3060BP = IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME - I COULD NOT FIND AN ADUSTMENT THAT WORKED UPDATE 9/3/2017: I'm finding this Korky 3: Universal # 3060, works, if: 1) You twist the white ring until NO water outlet holes are visible (a TEN) 2) Ever so SLIGHTLY HOLD DOWN THE FLUSH LEVER a few micro-seconds as you Flush. My older Cadet 3 used a smaller Flapper Uses the standard 301?? rubber washer for the top of the A handle in the front - STANDARD FLAPPER SIZE - worked very well. I've had a Handle on the CORNER. CADET 4 supposedly has a FOUR (4) INCH FLAPPER - I don't know for sure.


13 gallon colored trash bags - Dollar Store 49 gallon ?? DRAW-STRING Black with YELLOW TIES




Uniden TRU 8865 / TRU 8860 5.8 Ghz Wireless Phones

3.6 VDC 800 mAh Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) Phone Battery

Uniden BT-446 batteries - HATE THEM - Get GE # 86402 Batteries (800mAh)

or: Rayovac Maximum 850 mAh from Batteries Plus

Replacement Battery For: Uniden BT-446 Battery Features: Voltage: 3.6V 800mAh Composition: NiMH NOTE: UNIDEN NO LONGER MAKES THESE - IF YOU FIND ONE, IT IS OLD AND THEY DIED VERY QUICKLY WHEN I USED SOME, A FEW YEARS AGO. AVOID BUYING THESE (my opinion) Also Known As: RAYM182 (Rayovac Maximum 850 mAh at Batteries Plus) << LIKE THIS ONE and it's 850 MAh (fills all available room in the phone, so is the maximum 850 mAh that fits BT-1004 BT-1005 GE-TL26402 BT-504 CPH-488B Uniden 5.8GHz Phone Models TRU5860 TRU5860-2 TRU5865 TRU5865-2 TRU5885 TRU5885-2 TRU8860 TRU8860-2 TRU8865 TRU8865-2 TRU8866 TRU8880 TRU8880-2 TRU8885 TRU8885-2 TRU8885-3 TRU8888 TRU9460 TRU9460-2 TRU9465 TRU9465-2 TRU9466 TRU9480 TRU9480-2 TRU9480-3 TRU9480-4 TRU9485 TRU9485-2 TRU9485-3 TRU9488 TRU9488-2 TRU9488-3 TRU9565-2 TRU9585 TRU9585-2 TRU9585-3 TRU9585-3AWX TRU9585-4 TRU9585-4WX TRU9496 TCX800 TCX805 TCX860 TCX905 TCX950 TWX955 TWX977 TXC580 UIP1868P WXI477 Uniden 2.4GHz Phone Models DCT646 DCT646-2 DCT646-3 DCT646-4 DCT6465 DCT6465-2 DCT648-2 DCT648-3 DCT6485 DCT6485-2 DCT6485-3 DCT746M DCT748 DCT748-2 DCT748-4 DCT7488 DCT7488-2 DCX640 DCX700 DCX730 TRU446 TRU446-2 TRU448 TRU448-2 TRU4465 TRU4465-2 TRU4485 TRU4485-2


Portfolio ROUND LED Under Cabinet Accent Lighting _ ITEM # 240230 2O 50,000 Hour LED Bulbs 1.125 inches HIGH x 4.125 Inches in Diameters