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TWEET Goodyear Assurance TripleTred are rated for 80,000 miles, and are rated the BEST ALL WEATHER TIRES (for this size) (based on TireRack's testing and surveys). I have now (1/2015) used them on Four of my vehicles and still believe the to be the best ALL weather Tires (ICE, Snow, Water and Dry sufaces). DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH - MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION I just (7/2008) got a price of $543 (with rebate) for a set of Four, balanced, mounted and with new valve stems. I paid about $113 per tire (in 2003) balanced, mounted, new valve stems for a Honda CRV LX. "Designed specifically to rotate in only one direction, unidirectional designs enhance straight-line acceleration by reducing rolling resistance. These designs also tend to provide shorter stopping distances, and often aid in wet traction and handling. Tires with unidirectional treads must be dedicated to a specific side of the vehicle." - WHEN YOU ROTATE THEM, THEY MUST GO ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE VEHICLE AS BEFORE We've installed the TripleTreds on my wife's 2008 Toyota Corolla S - it now rides better than the stock Goodyears and handle a heck of a lot better. We've had Assurance TripleTreds on a Plymouth Laser (Mitsubishi Eclipse). The Goodyear Assurance TripleTred is not available for trucks and large SUVs, but the Goodyear Fortuna TripleTred tire is made for larger vehicles, and appears to have the same tread. BE CAREFULL - There are FOUR type of Goodyear Fortuna tires/treads - have a look at the Fortuna TripleTred. THIS IS WHAT A REAL TRIPLETRED TIRE LOOKS LIKE: a Picture of a real Goodyear Assurance TripleTred tire Cheaper at Also available at Discount Tire Company and JustTires (owned by Goodyear). Note: I have no connection with these tires or tire sellers, I just everyone to be as safe as possible. It is also possible that a better rated tire might become available, and that I will not realize it exists. Any opinions given are opinions - mine and other peoples - you may not agree with these opinions. Check out other people's opinions - don't take my word for it. The Assurance TripleTred tires are selling at more than 2 1/2 (12/2004) times the expected sales rate (number of tires sold). They are rated (by owners [TireRack survery]) a '9+' for use on: 2005 2008 (other tires have improved. but TripleTred still the #1 ALL-weather Rating Rating (rated all-weather in its class) ICE ? 7.9 SNOW 9.0 8-8.6 WET 9.4 9.2 DRY 9.4 9.3 If you note a competitor's tire, they seldom mention how it handles on ice (which may not be important to you), And users report better gas milage (I don't know - they hold more air pressure, so it could be true). I got a little over 73,000 on my set of four, but I am hard on tires (acceleration, cornering, little tire rotation, and I changed them early. Watch out - You need the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred, NOT the Goodyear Assurance ComforTred, which has a different tread design??? at least I thought so (opinion). This is what a Goodyear Assurance TripleTred looks like Even uses fiberglass and volcanic sand for the ICE portion of the triple tread (middle of the tread). Actually, they don't mention the volcanic sand anymore, so perhaps they've stopped using it. I have a little over 70,000 on my set of four, but I am hard on tires (acceleration, cornering, little tire rotation. I now (10/2005) have over 35,000 on my TripleTreds - They still look and perform as new. Cornering improved dramatically over the stock tires. I found them to work really well on ice (not as good as ice tires, or course), snow, rain and dry pavement. I have driven my CRV in rain coming down over 6 inches/hour - I was almost the only one not stopped, on intrastate 40, on the way to Charlotte. I experience no hydroplaning at 50 MPH (kids, don't try this out home - my wife was terrified). I (my personal opinion) rate Assurance TripleTred tires a TEN, as compared to anything I ever used in all conditions. (from": "New For SUVs" - (12/2005) "Fortera - Fortera featuring TripleTred Technology is setting a new standard for all-weather traction in North America." CAREFUL - there are Four types of Fortera Tires - examine the treads. Click here for more Fortera info What is the actual construction differences between the Great Assurance TripleTred and the Assurance ComfortTred tires? I don't know - In my opinion, Goodyear does not explain the differences.
TireRack's Goodyear Assurance TripleTred Page Goodyear Assurance TripleTred Tire - epinions Another owner - winter driving review Goodyear Fortera TripleTred Technology for SUVs and Light Trucks Goodyear Tripletred All-Season light truck tire technology now available on truck and SUV tires NOTE: I saw where Consumer Reports had tested the Tripletred tires and declared them to have a bad performance on ice. IT IS MY PERSONAL BELIEF THAT CONSUMER REPORTS ERRED AND ACTUALLY TESTED THE "ComfortTred" tires - this is my personal opinion only. Having put TripleTreds on both an AWD Honda CR-V and a Pontiac Sunfire, I have personally seen a great improvment in handling in all weather conditions, including ICE. Of course, no all-weather tire will be as good on ice as winter and studded (usually illegal) tires. A user's comments on his Goodyear Fortera TripleTred (NOT the Assurance TripleTred): My 2007 Honda Element EX came with Goodyear Wrangler HP 215/70R16 tires which are a very poor setup on this vehicle. At speeds above 55 mph the vehicle would walk the ridges and expansion joints in the dry roadways and the higher the speed the worse it would became. The final straw was the last few days in wet and rainy conditions after taking several hydroplaning rides a change had to be made. The Honda dealer of course offered no additional assistance other than (normal for this vehicle) After research and reading dozens of reviews/surveys the Goodyear Fortera Triple Tread was chosen for consideration. The same size tire had to used to not adversely affect the Honda warranty. I called several Goodyear stores and finally the 5th one agreed to provide credit for the Wranglers on the Foreras. The tires were changed and immediately driven in 300 miles of wet and heavy rain conditions. The traction, lack of hydroplaning at reasonable speeds, smoother and quieter ride allows this vehicle to perform and handle 300% better. Goodyear ASSURANCE TripleTred - SIZES and SPECIFICATIONS Goodyear FORTUNA TripleTred - SIZES and SPECIFICATIONS
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