Fluorescent Light Bulb Colors and Brightness

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I ONLY LIKE LIGHTBULBS WHOSE APPEARANCE IS 2700K - DRW. The higher the color rendering index (CRI) of the bulb, the more true the colors will appear. I've also seen CRI stated as: cri/irc: 60 (for a CRI of 60. A "cool" white bulb commonly has a color temperature of 4,100K. This is in the low range of blue color, similar to ice. A "warm" fluorescent bulb often has a color temperature of 3,000K. It imparts a more orange / red light on objects. If you decorate with reds, browns, and oranges, you want to illuminate these rooms with bulbs that have a color temperature in the 2,750 - 3,000K range. If you happen to like green carpets, or blue colors, light these rooms with bulbs that produce color temperatures of 4,000K or above. They use a color rendering index (CRI). It is simply a scale of 0 to 100. The closer a bulb is to 100, the better job it does at rendering true colors. If you want 'neutral' looking CFLs you have to find some 4100k. The only decent looking CFLs above 4100k are enhanced CRI bulbs that are a specialty item - GE sunshine 5000K CFL 5000k / high CRI is pretty nice to work under, but you aren't going to find them for cheap (some people think working under 5000K). Reveal Kitchen & Bath COLOR = 2600 K (a little too pink for me) = 1125 Lumens = CRI 60 Lightbulb APPEARANCE (Color) I ONLY LIKE LIGHTBULBS WHOSE APPEARANCE IS 2700K. 2700K IS THE ONLY COLR/APPEARANCE YOU HAVE EVER USED IN A LAMP.



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