Email Encryption - An Easy and Cheap Method

10/26/2018 - Optimized for Firefox 63.0 (Quantum)

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You can use WinZip 9 (or above?) to encrypt anything and have any user of a (modern version of) Windows will be able to decrypt it withOUT having a copy of WinZip 9. ZIP files (named *.zip) are compressed files.


There are faster methods to accomplish this, but here is one method of encrypting data to send to someone: 1] Open WinZip 9 2] NEW Select a LOCATION and a NAME for your zip file (let's assume that you name it: "". 3] ACTIONS ADD (Add all files that you wish to encrypt) 4] ACTIONS ENCRYPT Enter password: pick-a-good-password Re-enter Password: pick-a-good-password CHECK Mask password (probably the default) CHECK Zip 2.0 compatible encryption (portable) (the DEFAULT) CLICK OK 5] ACTIONS CLOSE ARCHIVE You can now attach the "" file to an email and send it to any user of a Windows XP / Windows 2003 OR LATER (this may work for MAC users, but I don't know if it will). NOTE - Some email systems remove .zip files from emails - this is now rare, but possible. If this happens, try renaming your to just your-file-name (NO suffix), and attach this file.


What to tell the person who receives your encrypted zip file

I am attaching an ENCRYPTED ZIP file, ".zip" I CALL YOU AND GIVE YOU THE PASSWORD NEEDED to Decrypt the file (or put it in a second email) - DO NOT send the password in the same email to which you are attaching the encrypted file. Please: A] Save it in a known location ( I assume that you have a Windows OS on your computer?) B] Double-click the "" file - it will ask 1] Where to put the contents 2] For the Required PASSWORD IF YOU SENT AN ENCRYPTED GIF OF A SCANNED DOCUMENT: C] You will end up with a .GIF file D] Read/Open the GIF file with your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox,...) E] Print the GIF file - it is the Booking form


Most FAX machines will not work over VoIP (Vonage, Time-Warner Digital phone, Skype, etc.). You can, however, scan your document and save it as a .GIF file. Then Zip and (optionally) Encrypt the GIF file and send it via email.