How to Print &/or Save the Entire Windows Screen or a Screen Portion

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1) Ensure that you can see what you want to print, on the computer screen. 2) Press the PRINT SCREEN key (usually upper right of the keyboard). 3) START (lower left of the screen) PROGRAMS ACCESSORIES PAINT 4) EDIT (near upper left of the Paint window) PASTE 5) Say YES to question (IF it is asked), "The image in the clipboard is larger than the bitmap. Would you like the bitmap enlarged? 5B) Optionally, ROTATE the image in PAINT IMAGE FLIP/ROTATE check ROTATE BY ANGLE (select the angle) 6) You can Optionally CROP the Image to exclude things you do not want in your final image: How to Crop Images with Microsoft Paint - associatedcontent How to Crop an Image With MS Paint - Crop a picture using Paint - Microsoft Windows7 How To Crop Images with MS Paint - The Elder Scrolls You may also change the image size and make other changes.


7) FILE (near upper left of the Paint window) PRINT 7B) To Optionally select Landscape (not Portrait) mode: PROPERTIES (on the Print window that popped up) FEATURES Click on the empty circle in front of LANDSCAPE 8) say OK to the printer selection


9) NOTE: You can optional SAVE a copy of this image (with or without printing it): FILE SAVE AS Select your location (Save in:) Select your file name (File name:) Select your file TYPE (Save as type) - usually you want JPEG


NOTE: You can view the PAINT HELP information. Paint does have a rather large Border, cutting down the amount of data that can be displayed. You can use other programs, such as any Graphics program or even (a new enough version of) WORD instead of Paint in which to capture, print, and possibly edit your screen image. The Free IrfanView is very good.

More techniques for printing/saving a screen image

I have had my information on this subject online for many many years. Recently, I ran across other such links: Have something you need to share? Hereís how to record your computerís screen Take a screen capture (print your screen) - Microsoft 3 Ways to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows - wikiHow How to take a screenshot - How to Take a Screenshot or Picture of What's On Your Computer - lifehacker How to print screen and crop pictures (simple) - YouTube Print screen - Wikipedia Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS X


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