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Camouflage clothing, is in some cases, ILLEGAL to wear or even possess (Click HERE & scroll). While not needed, I always take my watch with a built-in digital compass. If you are a Birder, you obviously need to take binoculars. MY OPINION: If you are on an African photo Safari, AND everyone has a decent camera, I WOULD NOT TAKE BINOCULARS - TOO MANY THINGS TO DEAL WITH and a decent zoom camera, has more zoom than your binoculars - Canon SX50. Also, you will be too busy looking and taking pictures to change to binoculars. If you are using binoculars, you may easily miss your camera opportunity. Other people may not agree with me.


ALWAYS TRY TO TAKE SOME TOILET PAPER WITH YOU, PLUS SANITIZING WIPES. Kenya Safari Packing List - AfricaAway What items to take on Safari? - africaaway What to Take on Safari - naturalhighsafaris Digital Safari Equipment Tips - luminous-landscape Complete Safari Packing List - african-safari-journals African Safari Gear Packing List - What To Take Along - buzzle What to take on a Safari Holiday in Africa - HowStuffWorks "How Safaris Work" - howstuffworks Safari Packing List & Equipment Guide - Getting Ready To Go! -
FAQs - AfricaTours Kenya: What to Pack for Safari - tripadvisor Complete BINOCULARS for Safaris & Birding Information Complete MOSQUITO Repellent & Insecticide Information SUNGLASSES - What they SHOULD do for you SUNSCREEN - Complete Warnings, Ingredients, Products & Recommendations SUMMARY FROM ABOVE SITE AND MY OWN IDEAS first aid handi-wipes insect bite toilet paper precautionary prescriptions to take Binoculars - Safari CAMERAS ??? ELECTRICITY If you make arrangements well in advance, most lodges can put you in rooms that have 24/7 electrical power, BUT remember, that most of these sites use a smaller generator at night, so they typically swap generators twice a day (often, about 5 AM and 5 PM), so there will be a few minutes without any electrical power. Remember, that most of the world runs on 220 to 260 volts, AC (VAC), rather than the 120 VAC that we use in the USA. ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Therefore, if you wish to use your US personal appliances in Africa, you will need to check on several things: 1) US electrical plugs will not FIT in outlets used in African countries. There are SIX (6) electrical outlet shapes used in Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In our travels, we actually only needed TWO different outlet type adapters: the Old British Type D and another, old British type, Type G I PREFER THE ADAPTERS FROM ADAPTELEC.COM 2) If you want to use your USA "appliance", you need to see if it says it runs on 120-240 VAC (called a dual-voltage device), in which case, all you need is a shape adapter, so that the plug will fit into the African electrical outlet. If it only lists 110-120 VAC (NOT up to 220 or 240 VAC), then you will need either a 240-to-120 volt Converter OR a 240 to 120 volt step-down transformer. Most converters will only handle up to 40 or 60 watts (what does it say on your appliance?). Beyond 60 watts, you will probably need a heavier, more expensive device, called a step-down transformer. International Drivers Permits (Licenses) We (the five of us) all took Malarone to prevent malaria - we had NO problems. Sleep Apnea - including portable, battery models TSA Locks LOCK GARD (strap) "SAFE" "bicycle lock cables" TSA luggage straps - open indicator Money Pouches / Safes (on your person) Skeleton keys Travel INSURANCE vonage Vulture REPELLANT TRAVEL WARNINGS - US Dept of Transporation Warnings government medical weather - African WOLVERINE - BACKUP your Flash Cards withOUT a computer SUNSCREEN - Complete Ingredients, Products & Recommendations SUNGLASSES - How they work, what to look for BLUE LIGHT (HEV) May help Cause Macular Degeneration PASSPORTS Passports with RFID Permethrin is an insecticide often used to treat safari clothes =============


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