IE 8 & 9 do NOT display web pages as expected

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Some web sites have not been updated to handle newer conventions properly. One of these sites that cause problems is MAPQUEST. There is a way to get IE 8 & 9 to display web pages using the obsolete IE 7 way. If we assume that Mapquest is YOUR problem, this is how you could fix that display problem. Subsitute the URL of the web site that gives you a display problem, for the URL in this example. Using Internet Explorer, browse to WWW.MAPQUEST.COM Internet Explorer Using Internet Explorer, browse to WWW.MAPQUEST.COM Select TOOLS (FIFTH from the LEFT, TOP of the IE [Internet Explorer] window) Compatibility View settings Click on ADD (this website []) Click on OK, if asked to do so. Then press the F5 to refresh this display You can also go here, and follow the instructions from Microsoft Some Web sites may not behave as expected in Internet Explorer


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