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CELL PHONE PLANS (information gathered 2-6/2016)

T-Mobile bought P-TEL (my very cheap cell phone plan, and, of course, are now discontinuing it). WE NEED TO STOP ALL COMMUNICATIONS COMPANIES FROM MERGING. Your Smartphone Will Be Obsolete In Two Years - Forbes 1) What carrier do they use? (can you get reception in your area? in most areas?) 2) Minutes rounded? to what? 3) Minutes expire? 4) What fees? Surcharges? are added - ask for a complete list and the their rates 5) Can you add other phones/devices for a nominal fee? (two cell phones, for example) 6) Is there a contract? 7) Do they send you, or allow/help 3rd parties to send you ADVERTISING via your cell phone? 8) Can TALK be turned completely off? 9) Can ALL data using apps/hardware be turned off? (NO data minutes used) 10) Do you hear ADVERTISING in your ears between calls? REPUBLIC WIRELESS, IN MY OPINION, IS THE CHEAPEST - Click HERE ANDROID OS by Google | ANDROID Smart Phones and Devices | BROADBAND - what Internet and Cell coverage is in YOUR area NOTE - I use cell phones very little, mainly want it for "emergencies". I do not need text. I would seldom use Data. Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phone, Web, or mobile communication systems. It uses standardized communications protocols to allow fixed line or mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages. NOTE "Everybody" in the USA is switching to GSM phones/frequency bands from CDMA. You will soon NOT be able to use the USA style non-GMS phones (CDMA).

H20 Wireless

h2o wireless review - "The Verdict: 8.2/10 - AT&T's network and 4G LTE coverage."

KAJEET Wireless - uses Sprint carrier -rated 10/10

KAJEET - Specifically FOR KIDS

T-MOBILE (bought P-TEL)

T-MOBILE (P-TEL) is trying to push me into using "Ting". 1-855-846-4389 TING HELP SIM cards - Ting TING - Main Page rates - Ting Calling Rates - Ting Data-Rates - Ting Text-Messaging-Rates - Ting Call-Surcharges - Ting Roaming-Coverage - Ting Billing-Issues - Ting Freebies: Voicemail, picture & video messaging, 3-way calling, caller ID, tethering, hotspot and more are included. Travel: Additional surcharges apply when traveling outside USA. Surcharges: Additional surcharges apply for international calling, directory assistance and regulatory fees/taxes. 1 855 846 4389 If you place a call to another Ting user, both parties are billed for the call because two parties are accessing the network. If both parties are on the same account, a call that lasted 5 minutes will result in 10 minutes billed on that account. SOME MORE THINGS I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT, WITH TING (2/11/2016): ============================================================= 1) They can not handle your outgoing CallerUD on GSM phones. They still (2/11/2016) allow CDMA phones and can supposedly correctly set the outgoing CallerID for CDMA phones. SO MY CALLER ID SHOWS UP COMPLETELY WRONG - WRONG NAME 2) If your compatible phone (as mine is) can not handle 4G, Ting has no method for me to use web services (internet) here at my house, although I can make actual voice phone calls. 3) Am I billed for Wi-Fi calls on my GSM device? Yes. Wi-Fi calls are billed at the regular usage rate. WHY??? ============================================================= I'm with T-Mobile and it's fine for me. I don't need a ton of data but they give it to me anyway. - Tom P-TEL is offering me a $75 credit to switch to Ting. Each activated number on your account costs $6 per month. << SO CAN HAVE TWO PHONE NUMBERS ?? Since Ting uses the same network as P-Tel, your phone should also be able to make the move. If you need help, give Ting a call at 1-855-846-4389.


I used the service they sell at Walmart and was happy with it. Coverage is provided by AT&Ts network. - Brian

Family Mobile

Family Mobile -

Straight Talk

Straight Talk - Ratings:Reception 10/10 - Plan cost 10/10 - Plan selection 9.5/10 1500 Minutes - Unlimited TEXTS, 100 MB data $30 UNLIMITED Talk - Text - Data $45 Unlimited INTERNATIONAL - $60

Tracfone (Walmart)

Android NO Contract phones Prepaid Minute Cards UNlocked phones TracFone Collections TracFone Wireless User Reviews C/NET users state the TracFone service is TERRIBLE (se above link) Tracfone Reviews and Info - COSTS MORE and "bad service" - PhoneDog TracFone Review 2016 - Prepaid Wireless Provider "The Verdict: 4.7/10" "TracFone's aging business model, phones and price plans are disappointing." -


Check Airvoice. You have your own phone or buy one from them and then sign up for a no contract plan. Mine is $30 / month for unlimited text/talk and a little data. Check it out. It's on AT&T so I don't have any problem getting signal. - David S. AIRVOICE WIRELESS :: PREPAID WIRELSS SERVICE 888-944-2355 PLANS PLANS B


Is it the FULL AT&T Network? or only second tier coverage? Consumer Cellular - HOME PAGE "Try us for 30 days, 300 minutes, 300 texts, or 300 MBs, risk-free" - Consumer Cellular 6/25/2016 TOLL FREE (888) 345-5509 Consumer Cellular - PLANS Consumer Cellular - DEVICES 'Big Four' wireless carriers get poor scores in Consumer Reports ranking Consumer Tech Radar


Another one is PagePlusCellular. Have my mom on that one for an emergency phone. - David S. PagePlus Cellular Plans BASIC VALUE UNLIMITED SmartPlus Premium (2/2016) $ 12 $ 29.95 $ 39.95 $ 55 $ 69.95 250 Minutes 1200 Minutes Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Minutes 250 Messages 3000 Messages Unlimited Messages Unlimited Messages Unlimited Messages 10 MB Data 500 MB Data 500 MB Data 2 GB Data 5 GB Data PayGo 10 PayGo 25 PayGo 50 PayGo 80 $ 10 $ 25 $ 50 $ 80 10 Cents Per Minute 6 Cents Per Minute 5 Cents Per Minute 4 Cents Per Minute 100 Minutes 416 Minutes 1000 Minutes 2000 Minutes 120 Days of Service 120 Days of Service 120 Days of Service 365 Days of Service


REQUIRES either CUSTOMIZED (RW adds custom Firmware) phones (buy from Republic Wireless) OR a specific VERY late model phone, Samsung S7, for example. Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Smart Phone - VERY COMPLETE INFORMATION The Cheapest Cell Phone Plan Worth Having - Clark Howard - click HERE Republic Wireless Review Unlimited Talk and Text for $10/Month - 5/2016 -CashCowCouple - CLICK "Republic Wireless is currently the best cellular provider for unlimited usage. However, the Sprint network still needs improvement." - "Republic Wireless phones automatically make calls and send messages through the internet, which is very cheap to do. Once you are beyond Wifi range, the phone will automatically switch and use Sprint towers just like a traditional cell phone. If you are outside of Sprint towers, Republic will even switch and use Verizon towers, all included at no additional cost." - CashCowCouple Republic Wireless - 60 Reviews - Mobile Phones - 4001 Weston Pkwy, Cary, NC Republic Wireless adding support for Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7 edge, Moto X Pure Edition and more "The company is moving away from a custom firmware solution, and instead making use of a new technology, which it is calling RW 3.0. This will allow the carrier to push updates to its service and apps through Google Play for a quicker update process and better experience. It will also allow you to buy your phone unlocked from wherever you chose and still use it with their service." - from Androidcentral - CLICK HERE "The catch is that RW 3.0 only works on Marshmallow as well as future releases." - from Androidcentral - CLICK HERE Republic Wireless Reviews - Service & Current Moto Phones The new GALAXY S7 - click HERE - CAN I turn TALK OFF? CAN I turn ALL data services OFF PLANS Coverage Check Aug 25, 2014 - Consider this cheap but effective smartphone plan that starts at $5 a month! ... Republic Wireless provides no-contract cell phone plans. .... (Getting on Facebook or Instagram, on the other hand, can sometimes take forever. APPEARS TO BE ONLY 3G AT MY ADDRESS. Dollar for dollar, we refund your account for the cell data you don't use every month. PLANS ===== 1GB With Unlimited Talk + Text $25/mo. $8 Avg. Refund 2GB With Unlimited Talk + Text $40/mo. $16 Avg. Refund 3GB With Unlimited Talk + Text $55/mo. $24 Avg. Refund

RING PLUS Plans - Click HERE

FREE PLANS - Ringplus: Truly Free 2 Sunny Michelangelo Mother's Day Endless Summer Timeless PAIDPLANS - Ringplus: Malevich Rivera Rembrandt Miro Gauguin Kandinsky Vermeer Modigliani Monet Van Gogh ========= END OF RINGPLUS PLANS I AM LEANING TOWARDS "Ting" - need to check out a few things first (for example, whose Towers do they use? - T-Mobile's, I believe]). I do NOT like Ting - personal opinion.

Jitterbug Phone for Seniors

I WILL be adding other information, soon.


Best cell phone plans & deals for 2016 - Clark Howard Clark Howard: Cheap Cell Phone Plans - Clark Howard Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Smart Phone - VERY COMPLETE INFORMATION Technology/Phones & Mobile Devices/Service & Data Plans ... Technology/Phones & Mobile Devices/Choosing a Cell Phone Cell Phone Providers Review 2016 - Ranked - TopTenREVIEWS Quick Compare of Prepaid Cell Phone Plans - Prepaid Reviews - prepaidreviews Prepaid Wireless Service Reviews, Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans - ConsumerSearch - 2015 We Help You Decide: Choosing a Prepaid Cellular Provider - prepaidreviews - OLD, but some good ideas

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