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To connect to the network, first enable your Wi-Fi network card in your computer, right click the computer icon in the notification area and select view available wireless networks, from here please select the appropriate Wi-Fi network and click connect. Once you have connected, open a web browser and you should see welcome page - ASSUMES NO PASSWORD NOR ENCRYPTION - as free WiFi should be.


Connect to a Wi-Fi network using Windows Smart Phone Connect to a Wi-Fi network


Beer can helps increase home Wi-Fi coverage by 1 or 2 bars (if your Wi-Fi router uses external [upright] antennaes)

FREE WiFi Hot Spots

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free wi-fi Airports - The USA and INTERNATIONAL WiFi FreeSpot Directory ?Get Free Airport Wi-Fi Using Chrome or Firefox's Developer Tools Get Free Airport Wi-Fi with a Simple URL Hack - Lifehacker Change the URL to get free WiFi at the airport - Complex


Shangi Airport - SINGAPORE - free internet access DFW - Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Texas - Internet/WIFI Starting in SEPT 2014, visitors access the complimentary Wi-Fi service by viewing a 30-second advertizement for every 40 minutes of network usage. TEN DAY Weather - DFW Airport - DALLAS, TX Frankfurt Airport, Germany - Internet/WIFI Heathrow Airport, LONDON - Wi-Fi/Internet access LAX, Los Angeles, California - Airport Information - Internet Services - WiFi NARITA, TOKYO - Airport Information - Internet Services - WiFi O'Hare (CHICAGO) Airport, Illinois - Internet/WIFI Travelers at O'Hare and Midway airport now have access to LIMITED free Wi-Fi - more than 30 websites offering news, weather, shopping and travel information. Free websites include those for American, United, Delta and Southwest Airlines, but not some International carriers that fly out of O'Hare airport. TEN DAY Weather - ORD (O'Hare) Airport - CHICAGO, IL RDU, NC Wi-Fi - Raleigh-Durham International Airport, USA

NARITA Airport Free Wi-Fi

Airport Guide: Wireless LAN/Laptop desks NARITA Customers with their own laptop or smartphone, etc. can make use of our wireless LAN network throughout Terminals 1 and 2. * Reception may be weak in some areas. Access procedures are as follows for the Free Narita WI-Fi. Select the network, FreeWiFi-NARITA, on your laptop or smartphone. Launch your internet browser. Follow the instructions on the screen - PDF (or BELOW HERE) to connect to the internet. ANDROID Tap on "Settings" Tap on "WiFi" and turn this function ON Choose "FreeWiFi-NARITA" from the list of networks There are three main router speeds available: 802.11g (54 Mbps) 802.11n (300 Mbps), and 802.11ac (450 Mbps). It is important to note that these speeds are virtually impossible to attain in any environment other than a clean room free of signal interference. Wi-Fi SECURITY - HOW TO - INFORMATION

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