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HOW I SAVE ENDANGERED WILD ANIMALS - one at a time 1 in a Million photograph And you think YOUR COMMUTE IS TOUGH? Cat and Bird Cat - Give Me the Bump FRIENDS I am going to catch the Red Dot TODAY I could be Anything It appears that FISH may be arming themselves and FIGHTING BACK You give me the fish, and you might live Paddle VERY fast Cow Poop and a Fastidious Kitty Getting Glasess Guess who came to breakfast?/a> How do you know you are shopping in Texas? Ladder Rescue LIGER - can weigh over 1200 poounds Lipstick How much do you love YOUR Dog? Lost my Mom Noah's Ark Theme Park, Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong NOW You are one of US SAVE SECOND BASE Smallest Horse yet SMART DOLPHINS The POWER of WORDS The TO DO LIST WALK with the LIONS We all need our ASS kissed Well, I caught it Why you should NEVER remove leaves from the base of a tree WHERE did she put the case of beer? WHY you NEVER leave your kids with their Father


Why Men Have Big Toolboxes Thank you DeWalt (just kidding, I think) Nail Guns Impact Wrenches Trimmers Leaf Blowers Power Drills


NO-Shit - I'm sure this is copyrighted by it's owners Adult Hot Wheels - WMV Airport Screening Amish Christmas Lights Anti-Car Jacking Device Beware of the Dog Buckingham Palace Guards - WMV Exhaustipated GOOD WOMEN are hard to find Guard Dog IF the Door does not open.... I'm doing NOTHING Keyboard Enhancement REALLY NEEDED by Everyone Leftover Wine? The proper way to hang on during subway/bus rides Redneck Fire Alarm Remember this the next time your computer locks up!! Road NOT Problems may be turned into opportunities Remeber, you can save wear and tear on 37 muscles Second Base Stretch UNDERSTANDING WOMEN - the INDEX Virgin Mary Comes Alive Prank Watch Out What? Winner of the Wet T-shirt Contest World's most wicked and unusual Shoes


CAFFEINE Control your Ball How to ROLL YOUR CAR the German way MAGIC KITTENS A Miracle Cure A yellow Ford cures a crippled man who asked for money at a traffic light stop on Av. Ruiz Cortinez and Calle Simon Bolivar in Monterrey, Mexico. Vintage Roller Skates - I prefer THESE


One Man Woman - Quite a Duet


Picture # 1 Picture # 2 Picture # 3 Picture # 4 Picture # 5 Picture # 6 Picture # 7 Picture # 8 Picture # 9 Picture # 10 Picture # 11 Picture # 12 Picture # 13 Picture # 14 Picture # 15 Picture # 16 Picture # 17 Picture # 18 Picture # 19 Giraffe KISSING Joany


SAFARI PICTURES - AFRICA - OURS - Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia & Zimbabwe Giraffe Kissing my Wife


The amazing Pantanal - PPS Fly over Europe - PPS FOTO MIX - PPS Golden Gate bridge in the fog - I'm sure it's copyrighted by it's owner Night time City Views of the World ROADS - PPS Tinamen Mountains (China) - PPS

SHOES - Wacky, Weird, unusual Women's SHOES

SHOES - Wacky, Weird, unusual Women's SHOES


African Sunsets

Picture # 1 Picture # 2 Picture # 3 Picture # 4 Picture # 5 Picture # 6 Picture # 7 Picture # 8 Picture # 9 Picture # 10 Picture # 11 Picture # 12 Picture # 13 Picture # 14 Picture # 15 Picture # 16 Picture # 17 Acacia Tree - near Mara River, Kenya (mine)


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