In Room Hotel Safes are Not Safe

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I researched most of this information prior to our 30 day African photo safari


HOTEL IN-ROOM SAFES - not very safe?

I have read reports of some "less-safe" lodges, wherein the crooks seem to have access to the contents of in-room safes (rare, I'm sure, but check the reviews on the lodge). Actually, all it takes is a long, thin screwdriver and a little searching on the Internet for the information. I knew this problem existed several years ago, but Now there is a TripAdisory thread pointing to a YouTube video showing that some safes have a preset, easy to guess, Managers combination that can be used to open your safe. Personlly, I would believe that all modern hotel safes have this Manager's combination - there must be many thousands of hotel safes that are left empty and locked by departing customers - a big waste of Hotel staff time.

MILOCKIE in-room Safe LOCK

I have a Milockie Hotel Safe Lock (Model #MK1000) that will work on Most in-room Safes and help prevent both the long screwdriver attack and the pre-set Manager's combination attack. Your safe is now locked by both the Milockie Lock and the safe's lock - so thieves have to get through both locks. It's not cheap - I paid $ 70 USD in 2010. I'm not sure that the Milockie could not be broken - but it is more secure. Milockie Hotel Safe Lock.flv

TRAVEL SAFES (not for wearing

I also took a 20 Liter Pacsafe TravelSafe 20L Portable Safe (model #PE002BK). If you take one, be certain to bring a LONG, THICK cable that you can use to attach it to some immovable object. NOTE that there may NOT be anything to attach the safe to, in your room. Are there any pipes that you can use?


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