How to get Windows to use your Email program to open Emails saved as files

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Microsoft Windows may not know that you want your Email program (Mozilla's Thunderbird, in my case) to open Email messages that you saved as files. If you double-click on your saved Email, and Windows tells you that it doesn't know what program to use, you may use procedure. I use the older, Classic Windows Start menu and the file suffix ".eml" for saved Thunderbird Email messages. For example I might have saved an Email message as file: "Dave here is your order.eml" START SETTINGS CONTROL PANEL FOLDER OPTIONS Select FILE TYPES NEW File Extension: eml (enter "eml" in Create New Extension popup box) click OK CHANGE select SELECT THE PROGRAM FROM A LIST OK scroll down the popup list of programs until you find your Email program (click on MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD [in my case]) OK CLOSE (closes the Folder Options window)
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