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DirecTV Now (AT&T):

After January 9 AT&T DirecTV Now’s 100 streaming channels for $35 deal is over NOT CURRENTLY COMPATABLE WITH CABLE TYPE DVR/TiVos. Clark’s take: Here’s why I canceled DirecTV Now


Dish’s AirTV Player might be the best streaming box for cord cutters yet 1/3/2017 Dish serving up multiroom audio powered by DTS Play-Fi to its Hopper DVRs - 1/3/2017

DOLBY Vision on Ultra Blu-Ray:

2017 is the year that Dolby Vision comes to Ultra HD Blu-ray - 1/4/2017 Philips brings Dolby Vision HDR to new TVs, Ultra HD Blu-ray players - 1/4/2017


Tips for shooting great video with your drone - 12/27/2016 Photography with a Drone - 2016-2017

FIRE TV Edition (Amazon):

Amazon introduces new Fire TV Edition line of budget-priced TVs at CES - 1/3/2017 "Amazon and Roku have been battling it out with their streaming boxes for some time now, but Amazon just moved in on Roku’s turf with its new Fire TV Edition line of affordable smart TVs." -


Google Play launches 4K Ultra HD content with 125 movies in U.S., Canada - 12/06/2016


How to buy a RECEIVER: The ultimate buying guide - 1/1/2017 Ultimate SURROUND SOUND guide: Different formats explained - 1/2/2107

HDMI Version 2.1

HDMI 2.1, and it includes some major improvements - 1/4/2017 "Latest version of HDMI comes packing support for 8K resolution and Dynamic HDR. One of the biggest changes is that the new version of the specification features support for 8K resolution at 60 frames per second. If you’ve only just gotten used to 4K, don’t worry, there’s good news for you, too: 4K video with a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second is now supported as well. While increased resolution has a debatable effect on picture quality, especially at smaller sizes, one thing that has been making a noticeable difference on new TVs is high dynamic range (HDR). The HDMI 2.1 specification also brings increased HDR support, as it now is compatible with Dynamic HDR, which can change brightness, contrast, and even color gamuts on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis. While the above features focus on picture quality, the new specification also brings audio-related improvements. Audio return channel (ARC) allows for a more simple solution for setting up your TV with a soundbar or A/V receiver, and the latest version of this, called eARC, keeps the simplicity while adding support for the newest object-based surround sound formats like Dolby Vision or DTS:X. Many of these features will require new 48G HDMI cables, which allow for bandwidth up to 48Gbps for 8K video with HDR. Fortunately, these cables will be backward compatible, so while you may have to go cable shopping, at least you won’t have to worry about keeping multiple types of cables around." - NOW IF ONLY HDMI ALLOWED THEM TO PUT THE VERSION NUMBER ON THE CABLE


Hulu kicks off 4K Ultra HD streaming with original programming and Bond films - 12/3/2016 Forget Netflix, these are the best TV shows streaming on HULU - 12/26/2016 "It's often overwhelming to navigate Hulu's deep library of TV shows. To help, we've put together a list of the best shows currently streaming on the platform, whether you're into poignant cartoons or absurd comedy."- Hulu could take fight to rivals with sub-$40 monthly charge for live TV streaming - 1/4/2017


You can pre-order LG's insanely thin Wallpaper OLED TV at Best Buy for $8,000 - 1/5/2017 As thin as cardboard, LG’s ‘wallpaper’ OLED TV slaps on your wall like a poster." -


Mohu's Airwave promises the best of over-the-air and streaming TV - 1/4/2017 Aiming to bring free TV to cord-cutters everywhere, Mohu has announced the Airwave, which adds broadcast TV channels to your favorite streaming hardware, including Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. -


What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in January 2017 - 12/15/2016 Is Netflix more popular than PORN as hotel room entertainment? It's not even close - 1/5/2017


Turbocharge your Roku with these tips, tricks, and secrets - 11/17/2016 If you recently received a Roku set-top box as a gift or are simply looking to upgrade your cord-cutting lifestyle, check out this collection of tips and tricks that will supercharge the Roku set-top box. Roku TVs are gaining momentum, and the company has no plans to slow down - 1/3/2017 TCL plans to release 25 Roku TVs in 2017, all featuring high dynamic range - 1/4/2017


Samsung app update suggests Chromecast-like streaming on HDTVs - 12/30/2016 Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray player is 2016's single-most spectacular TV source - 12/21/2016


Sling TV gets more movies with Fandor Festival, and more channels from Starz - 12/14/2016 Why Sling TV is an essential part of a balanced cord-cutting diet - 12/15/2016 SLING TV - Video quality: "We tested Sling TV on a 65-inch TV screen, which we expected would expose any shortcomings in video quality … and it did. With a strong internet connection and good throughput, we felt like we were watching 720p at best (on Sling TV). Cable,Satellite, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all have better-looking HD streams in our estimation. On smaller screens, compression artifacts and poor resolution are much less noticeable. We think Sling TV looks just fine forscreens 47-inches and smaller, and beautiful on tablets and phones." -


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 2017 CBS TV series: Everything we know so far - 12/15/2016


Cable, Dish, Fibre Content Provider Companies - Ratings, Comparisons, Complaints and Reviews Cut Your Cable TV Cord Complete NETFLIX / HULU & YouTube Information Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, required internet speeds OTA (Over the Air) HDTV Antennas motorola broadband amplifiers, sling tv, Antennas Direct, HDTV Guide, OTA forums, preamplifiers, frequencies, directions, clearstream, ClearStream 2, ClearStream JUICE UHF/VHF AMPLIFIER, ClearStream 2V, ClearStream 4, ClearStream 4V, ClearStream 5, DB4e, DB8e, ClearStream Eclipse, where to buy antennas, DIY, build your own. ROKU Version Differences ROKU STREAMING STICK, ROKU, ROKU 2, ROKU 3, ROKU 4 Streaming HDTV Video Media Players amazon fire stick, apple tv, google chromecast, roku 1, 2, 3 & streaming stick, tivo, ASUS cube, Roku LT, vizio co-star LT, tivo roamio plus & pro, philips hmp2000, Matricom G-Box Midnight MX2, PLAiR 2, Google Nexus Player, Slingbox M1, TiVo Roamio OTA, Razer Forge TV, SONY Playstation 4, WD TV Play, Now TV, Prestigio MultiCenter, Xtreamer Multi-Console, tivo mini. Sony Playstation 3, Samsung Smart 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. Streaming Services / Devices - NEW INFORMATION Amazon 4K Fire TV Media player, Crackle, Rabbit TV Lite, ROKU 4, Rolu OS 7, tivo's Bolt - ultra HD 4K, comcast's watchable, hulu live. CES - Consumer Electronics Show - 2017 DirectTV Now, Dish, DOLBY Vision on Ultra Blu-Ray, DRONES (Photography with), FIRE TV Edition, GOOGLE PLAY, GUIDES, HDMI Version 2.1, HULU, LG, Mohu's AIRWAVE, NETFLIX, ROKU, SAMSUNG, SLING TV, STAR TREK DISCOVERY, MISC TECH,... POINTERS TO ALL MY OTA/STREAMING WEB PAGES: Streaming Services - Netflix, Hulu,...


DELL couldn't decide on features for the XPS 27, so it added everything - 1/5/2017 Did you get a new MACBOOK Pro? You may want the new Spotify,too - 12/26/2016 NUHEARA blends streaming audio and real world sound with wireless IQbuds - 1/3/2017 PANASONIC GH5 shoots 4K at 60 frames per second — with no time limits - 1/4/2017

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