BATTERY-INFORMATION.htm includes OUR HOUSE 9/20/2020 @ 1415 BATTERIES of the same SIZE, SHAPE, POLARITY & VOLTAGE may often have different CURRENT capabilities (mAh). LITHIUM BATTERIES (higher amperage) NEED AT LEAST THREE (3) CONNECTIONS TO CURB FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS 12V Battery Performance Comparison - Sealed Lead Acid vs A123 and Bioenno Power A23, 8LR932, 1811A, V23GA, MN21, 8LR23, A23S Battery Equivalents According to IEC standard, this battery label is 8LR932 and according to ANSI standard its label is 1811A. Are a23 and a27 batteries the same? An A27 battery is cylindrical, 28.2 mm long and 8.0 mm in diameter, with a typical weight of 4.4 grams, and a typical capacity around 20 mAh. It has nominal voltage of 12 V. It is thus similar to the A23 battery, with almost the same length and the same nominal voltage, but thinner, made of eight LR732 button cells.

Watch / Button Type Mercury Batteries:

Energizer 357

Energizer 357 = 303 = A76 = AG13 = LR44 = LR1154 = SR44SW/S = 1.55 Volt Silver Oxide 3-PACK - flat - runs Psycho Dog's remote control (takes 3) A23 battery is also commonly known as V23GA, MN21, 8LR23, A23S, 23A, 23AE, L1028 etc. A23 battery dimensions are 10.3 mm in diameter and 28.5 in length and it weighs around 0.3 oz (8 grams). 12 VOLTS Standard Cylindrical Battery Sizes

Custom Shapes:

MY Uniden Portable Telephone - only used by SOME Unidens NOTES: match Voltage (3.6V), Match polarity (red/black leads) and get at least 800mAh (preferably 850mAh).

Uniden BT-446

Uniden BT-446 = Voltage: 3.6V 850mAh Composition: NiMH - NO LONGER MADE AVOID THEM I am now using Rayovac Maximum 850 mAh available from Batteries Plus. For More UNIDEN battery information - OWNER'S MANUALS - Click HERE

BlackWeb 4X portable USB battery with LED readout

BlackWeb Model 4X LED displays remaining battery charge Uses 1 foot long Micro USB charging cable (to 'A' connector) Input DC 5V/3.4A Max (total) Capacity 10,400 Ah/38.48Wh

CPAP Portable OUTLET - Lithium Ion

Purchased new 9/2019 for cruise Model PO 155W S# 155W0B1003683 UPC 8-60001 15050 6 115W-110V Re4chargeable CPAP Batter Power CPAP and two UCB devices at the same time 110-240VAC Switching Power Supply 3-prong AC Discharge Output 60Hz/100W USB Output 5V/4.2A


Front doorbell requires a small, 12 VDC # 23A = BLR50 / A23 / MN21
Replaced 10/12/2019


FAMILY ROOM Blu-Ray/HD DVD Purchased new 9/2018 OFFICE 3D DVD Player


HDMI SWITCH - CR2025 Button Battery - replaced : Power switch (triple) - One 12 Volt 23A Battery - replaced : ROKU - Two AA Batteries - replaced : ROOMBA - Two AA Batteries - replaced : SONY Blu-Ray/HD DVD - Two AAA Batteries - replaced : TOSHIBA 72" HDTV - Two AA Batteries - replaced : YAMAHA AV RECIEVER - FOUR AA Batteries - replaced :


replaced on:


TiVo - Two AA - replaced TV (SAMSUNG)) - Two AAA Batteries - bought 2016 - OK 10/12/2019 Has NO network reboot switch - flip AC power switch on multi-outlet bar


TiVo - Two AA - replaced TV LG - Two AAA Batteries - bought 2016 - Power switch (Network/TiVo) - One 12 Volt 23A Battery?? - replaced :


ROKU - Two AA - TiVo - Two AA - replaced 10/12/2019 TV (LG) - Two AAA Batteries - bought 2016 - OK 10/12/2019 Power switch (Network/TiVo) - One 12 Volt 23A Battery?? - replaced :


ROKU - Two AA - TiVo - Two AA - replaced TV (LG) - Two AA Batteries - Power Switch LIGHTS (3-switch combo - TR-011) MN21/23 = A23 =A23S 12 Volt Power switch (Network/TiVo) - One 12 Volt 23A Battery?? - replaced :

SOLAR ES2500 Commercial 12 Volt Power Supply

USED TO JUMP DEAD CAR BATTERIES ALSO has 12VDC cigarette OUTLET (socket) Labelled (silver sharpie) SOLAR ES 2500 Commercial 12 Volt Power Supply BOOSTER PAC 753-268-006 Uses MAXIM Class 2 Power Supply Model# MD481505 Part# 141-337-000 INPUT: 120VAC 60 Hz 12.5 W OUTPUT: 15VDC @ 500mA RING = Negative TIP=Positive

TV Remotes

FAMILY ROOM - 72" Toshiba DLP GUEST BEDROOM LG GYM SAMSUNG Master Bedroom LG Two AAA Batteries - bought 2016 - OK 10/12/2019 Office 3D 45" LG

TIVO REMOTES = two AA cells

Family Room - replaced Master Bedroom - replaced 10/12/2019 Guest Bedroom - replaced GYM - replaced OFFICE - replaced


Dave's Computer USP Bat replaced on: 2018 Joany's Computer USP Bat replaced on: 2019 FAMILY ROOM UPS Bat replaced on: NEEDS NEW BATTERIES NOW 10/12/2019 /VERY HEAVY Master Bedroom TIVO/ANTENNA custom white dresser - Bat replaced on: EARLY 2019 Master Bedroom CPAP/BED LIGHTS (Dave's bedside) Bat replaced on: Mid 2019 GUEST ROOM Bat replaced on: ??? GYM Bat replaced on: ???


Black wireless ON/OFF #UTTNOREM2 takes Round ALKALINE 3-Volt CR-2032Battery (has TWO outlets)


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