BATTERY-INFORMATION.htm 5/01/2018 BATTERIES of the same SIZE, SHAPE, POLARITY & VOLTAGE may often have different CURRENT capabilities (mAh). LITHIUM BATTERIES (higher amperage) NEED AT LEAST THREE (3) CONNECTIONS TO CURB FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS 12V Battery Performance Comparison - Sealed Lead Acid vs A123 and Bioenno Power

Watch / Button Type Mercury Batteries:

Energizer 357

Energizer 357 = 303 = A76 = AG13 = LR44 = LR1154 = SR44SW/S = 1.55 Volt Silver Oxide 3-PACK - flat - runs Psycho Dog's remote control (takes 3)

Custom Shapes:

MY Uniden Portable Telephone - only used by SOME Unidens NOTES: match Voltage (3.6V), Match polarity (red/black leads) and get at least 800mAh (preferably 850mAh).

Uniden BT-446

Uniden BT-446 = Voltage: 3.6V 850mAh Composition: NiMH - NO LONGER MADE AVOID THEM I am now using Rayovac Maximum 850 mAh available from Batteries Plus. For More UNIDEN battery information - OWNER'S MANUALS - Click HERE


Front doorbell requires a small, 12 VDC # 23A = BLR50 / A23 / MN21
Black wireless ON/OFF #UTTNOREM2 takes Round ALKALINE 3-Volt CR-2032Battery (has TWO outlets)


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