Camera Batteries NEED at LEAST THREE connections, NOT TWO


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Do NOT Buy Camera Batteries/Chargers with only two Electrical Leads

WARNING: I bought some generic Batteries and Battery Chargers for my 2Ti, but ended up throwing them away. The OEM batteries now all come with three electrical connections on them. The Third connection is used to monitor battery temperature while charging and often other purposes. Of course, I am talking only about custom Lithium batteries, NOT rechargeable AA cells. Almost all Vendors (Canon, Nikon,...) use custom-shaped Lithium-ion batteries. And all of these seem to come with usually THREE connections, sometimes more than three. Thus units with only two connectors may work fine, BUT they are much more dangerous as they are more likely (might never) to catch fire and explode. Some Vendors are using more than Three connections. I suggest that you examine an Original Equipment battery and charger before buying replacements. Also, ensure that the new battery has at LEAST the same Voltage and Capacity (usually stated in mAh [milliampere-hour (mAh or mAh)]). Battery Replacement Requirements - SUMMARY: 1) Has to be the correct size 2) Has to be the correct voltage 3) Has to be the correct capacity (OR BETTER) 4) In my OPINION, have the same number of battery "leads" ("wires"). (and the leads have to be in the same position)

Here are a few examples of Camera Batteries/Chargers with Three connectors

a picture of a Canon CB-2LX Charger a picture of a Leica BP-DC4-U Lithium-Ion Battery a picture of a Casio-NP-100 Rechargeable-Lithium-Ion Battery a picture of a Pentex camera battery


a picture of a FOUR WIRE Panasonic LUMIX battery Battery Capacity Conversions AT THE MOMENT, I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH THESE (Camera) BATTERY COMPANIES: Batteries Plus Digipower Manufacturing Inc Adorama BH Photo Video CompUSA New Egg TigerDirect

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