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Very Scary Credit Card Scam - 12/2018 New Social Security Scam Making the Rounds New warning about buying cheap glasses online! - Clark - 6/7/2017 Watch out for this hot package scam - FAKE PACKAGE TRACKING - Fedex and UPS - 5/2017 Bank of America email scam still going strong Here are the telltale signs that the email is bogus SCAM ALERT!! AREA COES NOT TO ANSWER - CLICK ON THE LINK (thank you Theodore) Theodore reported that the old area code scam is still in operation. I'd last seen it reported by Forbes, in 2014 Google CHROME Scam - that will infect your device with malware Hackers are targeting Google Chrome users with a new scam that's pretty easy to fall for. - Clark Howard iPhone scam is tricking people into handing over Apple ID / password Latest Email Scam Targets Amazon and PayPal Users Beware of scary new 'can you hear me' phone scam If you get this phone call, hang up immediately! SAY NOTHING AT ALL - PRESS NO BUTTONS (read why). Warning stores to check their credit card readers for shimmers Shimmers are a more powerful but less detectable version of the credit card skimmer. Four were found by a diligent retailer conducting a daily security routine. Fits inside a card reader and can be installed quickly and unobtrusively. NOT visible - investigate if a card is sticking inside the machine (hard to remove). Warning: The IRS phone scam is back and more sophisticated than ever Warning: This is NOT the utility company calling you! - CLICK HERE There's a scary new scam you need to know about -- because if you fall for it, there's no getting your money back! Scam alert: Your Apple ID is NOT expiring! Clark - 4/22/2016 CREDIT CARD SCAM is making a comback Beware of the one ring scam on your phone - Clark Howard BOGUS IRS PHONE CALL RECEIVED - (347) 826 - 6254 DON'T ANSWER, DON'T REPLY - ALWAYS GOOGLE UNKNOWN NUMBERS: Google: 3478266264 The IRS does NOT call - they send you mail.


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