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8/25/2017 - Optimized for Firefox 55.0.2

BACKGROUND - You keep getting a pop-up to install an urgent patch to Firefox, patch.js THIS IS MALWARE - DO NOT CLICK NOR INSTALL IT FIREFOX NEVER ADVERTISES UPDATES IN A POPUP. NEVER install software from pop-ups - go to the real source and see if there is a real upate, for example: why am i getting a firefox-patch.js from is this legit?? This is malware. Firefox does not update using such a method. Chosen solution: This, firefox-patch.js, is malware. Firefox does not update using such a method. See Update Firefox to the latest version Using a blocker such as "ublock origin" may help prevent such problems I AM USING POPUP BLOCKER: ublock-origin If you have downloaded and clicked on or run such malware please post back for further advice: P.S. Please also see: I found a fake Firefox update and Read this answer, # 899677, in context can I stop the firefox-patch.js? - Firefox Support Forum - Mozilla Support Chosen solution Hi, yes you are right, it's a fake update designed to infect you with malware which we have seen a lot of recently! NEVER EVER click on anything like that! Please see the article - I found a fake Firefox update If you are in any doubt about the authenticity of update pop-ups etc., it's always best to ignore them and check for yourself by opening the (Firefox) 3-bar menu > Help (question mark at bottom right) > About Firefox. Alternatively, you can press the Alt key to bring up the main menu bar > Help > About Firefox. More - Update Firefox to the latest version. A possible workaround that seems to work for some, is to install an ad-blocker, such as - Or, but this may be less effective: - I AM USING ublock-origin for Firefox - 9/4/2016


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