Facebook ID/Page Stolen/Hijacked - What to do

9/11/2017 - Optimized for Firefox 55.0.3

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TWEET Let's assume it was your son's Facebook ID/Web page that was stolen. 0) If he can, have your son change his FB password He probably can not do it - do NOT waste time. USE A STRONG PASSWORD: Password Strength Checkers If he is not available, GO ON to the next step . 1) UNblock your son's FB page (so you can see it) NOTE: This will not normally be BLOCKED, but this person whom I am helping right now, needs to do this step, first. 2) Go to your son's FB page. 3) UNfriend him (makes it harder for bad guy to steal more info). 4) Click here to find location of dropdown - ON HIS FB PAGE It shows you where to click on the "...." just to the right of the MESSAGE icon - I do NOT know if you can see this on a cell phone, if not, you need a computer/iPad to do this task. 4) Click on the "...." which is a drop-down list. 5) Select REPORT from the drop-down list and do what it says. 6) Click HERE If you need more information 7) Once reported, I would BLOCK your son to keep the thief from accessing any more or your data. 8) If there is anyway to contact/warn your son's friends, you may wish to warn them that his FB identity was stolen.

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