How to Save An EMAIL Message as A FILE

10/26/2018 - Optimized for Firefox 63.0

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It is easy to save an Email as a file. I use Mozilla's free Thunderbird Email program, so I can't give you the exact details for Microsoft (Express, Outlook, etc), but it should be about the same. Thunderbird uses a file name extension of ".eml" (that's: DOT eml) Only Thunderbird knows exactly how to handle .eml Email message files. HOW TO SAVE AN EMAIL MESSAGE AND ALL OF IT'S ATTACHMENTS in THUNDERBIRD: For Thunderbird, I can either: Open the message for viewing (double click on it). Click FILE, a "drop-down button" in the UPPER LEFT near the top of the window in which I am viewing the email SAVE AS FILE Select location and file name (do NOT change the file name suffix) NOTE that selecting the location allows you to put the file anywhere, including on removeable USB "Thumb-drive" or onto RW CDs. (if you put them on a CD, you may wish to later, add more messages, so you would want to use a READ-WRITEable CD (CD-RW, CD-rw) rather than a CD-R (CD-Rs can only be written to once, rather than many times) SAVE THE FILE OR Right-click the desired mail message in your Inbox and then select SAVE AS FILE SAVE THE FILE NOTE: You may have to tell your computer that your Email program (Thunderbird in my case) is the program to use for files ending in your Email program's file suffix (".eml" for Thunderbird). I WILL CREATE ANOTHER DOCUMENT EXPLAINING HOW TO DO THIS TASK. NOTE1: TEST THIS PROCEDURE BEFORE USING IT AND DELETING YOUR ORIGINAL EMAILS
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