Complete Robust Rootkit / Malware Removal

What to do if your Malware Remover APP Does NOT do the Trick

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COMPLETE COMPUTER SECURITY INFORMATION (may be too much info for most people)
Recommended things to do to Protect your Computer
Computer infected???

I use and highly recommend 'Norton 360' for ALL Computer Malware protection - NOT Norton antivirus, NOT Norton Internet Protectiuon nor any other software, ONLY NORTON 360. What to do if your anti-virus/malware remover does NOT do the job.


In this day and age, you will also need to occasionally run some different Malware removers, Especially ROOTKIT Removers (Rootkits are very stubborn forms of Malware, and they hide extremely well).
I suggest that you backup your files before trying advanced malware removal. (after at least backing up my System files via Creating a Windows Restore Point). I run these three programs, in this order (They have saved me, before): MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Sophos Virus (and Rootkit) Removal Tool <= I generally found this to be the best for Rootkits MalwareBytes Rootkit Remover (BETA)

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