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I WILL MAKE THIS EASIER TO USE, ADD MODELS, ADD REVIEWS VERY SOON. I will eliminate the need to copy/paste URLs. Does NOT include Moppers. There seem to be PROS and CONS to each manufacturer and model. Each manuafacturer seems to have their own "flaws" - READ ALL THE REVIEWS ONLINE. There seems to be NO consensus on the best model for everyone. There are a LOT of opinions on which model works best. WE THINK THAT THE Model 650 DOES THE BEST CLEANING JOB - WITH OR WITHOUT A "BRUSH" ROLLER (ONLY 6x0 models have a roller?). So with or without a PET, we prefer the model 650 - our OPINION. While researching new rugs for our house, we came across a review for a 1/2 inch thick wool area rug. The review said that her vaccuum, with "brush beaters" (rollers) seemed to wear out the pile of her wool rug. We got to thinking and decided that in her case, perhaps she would be better off using any Roomba model number 800 and above, as they do NOT have any brush rollers, and use TWO "squeegee" type rollers along with a stronger suction. New models, 800 and above, have TWO "squeegee" type rollers and a stronger suction than do pre 800 models. Pre 800 models come with with one brush roller and one squeegee roller - THESE BRUSH ROLLERS REALLY GRAB AND REMOVE (any) HAIR - it does take longer to clean them, but, they can really remove hair from the floor. Roomba: one of the few problems these machines have is they don't like SOME black or very dark rugs (they think they have come to the edge of some stairs, and may fall if they keep going). Personally, on our 650, it depends on how thick the rug is and how fast the Roomba is traveling. At full speed, it has no problem with our thickest, black-edged rug, but if it approaches it slowly, the Rumba 650 can not climb onto the rug. Click HERE for more INFORMATION about handling BLACK w/Roomba. Roomba cannot cope with pitch black rooms (because it uses it's camera's to detect the edge of stairs, which appear black to Roomba). ALWAYS check the date of the article you are reading - it may be out of date. The two leading manufactures are Irobot and Neato We have had many vacuums, including a $600 one. We were shocked to see how much better our Roomba 650 worked - how much more it picked up.

BRANDS and MODELS of Robotic Vacuums

iRobot's ROOMBA (CAUTION: comes in many packages [more fences, remote,...]). I would assume that if the item and quantity is not mentioned in writing, it is NOT included. 620 & 614 650 650 at AMAZON WE PREFER THE MODEL 650 to all of them <===== 760 761 770 780 805 Costco and others - similar to 860? but comes with TWO lighthouses (not one) 860 870 880 960 980 Neato's BOTVAC Botvac Connect infinuvo Hovo 600 / 650 / 700 / 780 QQ 200 QQ 650 QQ 6 QQ 2 Basic LG Homebot HOM-BOT Square VR6550 SAMSUNG POWERbot Samsung Powerbot VR7000 VR9000 POWERbot VR2AJ9010UG/AA POWERbot Essential Cleaning Robot Vacuum POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum VR2AJ9040WG/AA POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum Powerbot Vacuum (SR20H9050U) POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum

BATERY LIFE (of Vacuum, not Fence):

ROOMBA: 650 = 60 minutes 760 90 770 120 780 790 800 tangle free, larger dust bin, brushless, aeroforce, 860 ?? want to GET two add-on FENCES AeroForce, Tangle-free extractors, Lithium Ion, 870 880 120 minutes, brushless, has remote, NO WiFi, HEPA, great for pet hair = $599 ($700) BB&B: SAYS BAD FOR PET HAIR - BAD IF YOU HAVE PETS 960 essentially an 880 plus WiFi (not as good suction as the 980) - 75 Minute run time 980 better suction, rug boost, 120 Minute run time NEATOs: usually 60-80 or 60-90 minutes Connected Wi-Fi Enabled signaturePro 60 90 neato XV21 60-90 neato XV11 60-90 MINUTES BotVac 85 = 90 minutes BotVac D80 = sealed bearing, The 80 Cleans better than the D80 infinuvo one of the best lower cost values ~ $200 infinuvo = has UV ?? - LG Hombot 3.0 Higher end - very quit, all floor types, longer brushes 2 cameras map the cleaning area, large bin, product tells you when bin is full cleans better than the round models $ 800 retail - well made - HOW DOES THE FENCE WORK? - LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum quietly cleans ... LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Vacuum review - CNET LG LrV590S: Hom-Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner | LG USA LG Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Effortless Cleaning | LG USA LG VR65502LV Hom-Bot Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review LG Hom-Bot Review | Square Robotic Vacuum VR65704LVM The LG Hom-Bot Square Robot Is The iPad of Vacuums - Forbes (brand not known with certainty) One robot vacuum's software somehow became corrupted and started yelling at my wife and I in the middle of the night in German in what was one of weirder tech experiences of my life. My dream was dead, my robots were idiots and as vacuums, they sucked. (OLD NEWS).

BOTVAC by Neato ******<<<<< D85 = The Bad This D-series model performs worse than Neato's original Botvac 85. Botvac D80 Review – A Close Look at the Botvac D80 from Neato

ROOMBA by Irobot

Apparently, 1/23/2017, ONLY Roomba models 650, 860, 960 & 980 are STILL being manufactured. ALL other Roomba models available are discontinued models - CHEAPER? and OLDER. ROOMBA Differences by Model - Click HERE

Roomba Navigation Control Devices

Each Roomba model comes with one or more of the following navigation control devices: Virtual Walls are tiny devices that emit an infra-red beam that the Roomba will not cross. It is used to stop the Roomba from entering areas not wanted to be cleaned. It can be set to block an area ranging from three to eight feet long. Virtual Wall Lighthouses are small devices that can be set to either Virtual Wall mode or to Lighthouse mode. In Lighthouse mode, the device keeps the robot cleaning in one room, then sends it off to tackle the next room for guided cleaning in up to 3 rooms. Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers, like Virtual Walls, can be used to block off an open doorway, but they can also be used as Virtual Wall Halos to protect some restricted area within the room. I AM NOT SURE IF HALOS NEED A COMPLETE LINE-OF-SITE TO WORK? - YES The following table shows the type of navigation control device compatible with each Roomba and the number of navigation control devices of a particular type that are included when you buy a specific Roomba:" - a Grasphic showing what models come with what type of fences iRobot: Customer Care - How does a Virtual Wall® Lighthouse™ work?


Roomba avoids black color pattern on rugs - Instructables YSK that a Roomba won't work on dark colored rugs or carpets. And ... Robot Reviews • New Roomba 980 won't climb unto carpet


So it will go over black rugs - USE WALL TO KEEP ROOMBA OFF ANY STAIRS

Deactivating Your Roomba's Ledge Sensors - YouTube Roomba 880 Edge Sensor Fix (Disabling Sensors) - YouTube


iRobot's ROMBA 860

iRobot Roomba 860 My Review of the Roomba 860 - What's Different? - All Home Robotics Roomba® 860 Robot Vacuum | iRobot iRobot Roomba 860 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | Review 2016 BobSweep ?? iRobot Roomba 980 review - CNET Roomba 980: The Bad It didn't perform as well as the $700 Roomba 880 we reviewed in 2013. We also want to see features like a remaining battery life readout, push alerts and third-party integrations added to the iRobot Home app.

iRobot's ROMBA 980

iRobot Roomba 980 ***** Outstanding improvement over the already good Roomba 880 ByD. Powerson February 18, 2016 Style Name: iRobot Roomba 980|Verified Purchase I have 2 Roomba 880s and a Scooba 450 in addition to the 980. The Scooba 400 is a waste of time, but I really like the 800s. I set them up to run every morning and use the lighthouses to manage room to room navigation. They to a good job and it is amazing how much the pickup every day. That being said, the 980 is a great improvement! The addition of vision makes a huge difference on how it cleans. No more lighthouses required, it navigates from room to room on its own and with the regular cleaning pattern (as opposed to the 980 random walk pattern), you can be assured that it covers everything. Also since it will go back to home base and charge, then continue, if it runs out of battery before it completes, there is no concern about it completing the whole floor. The Android app works great, was extremely easy to setup and connect to the 980. I only wish this had come out before I bought the second 880. August 6, 2016 Style Name: iRobot Roomba 980|Verified Purchase i have had about 5 roombas and this one seems far superior to the previous ones. It picks up more dust, cat hair, hair, etc. customer service from the irobot company blows big time. they don't train them well and you can spend a whole afternoon (hours) trying to get them to help you so be prepared. I haven't had to call them yet for this one. December 10, 2015 Style Name: iRobot Roomba 980|Verified Purchase I have only had this for 10 days, so it's not long enough for an endurance contest, but definitely for first impressions. I have a small house, 850 sq ft (only 400 vacuum surface according to Roomba's statistics), with about half hardwood floors and half pretty thick wool area rugs; also a large mildly shedding dog. I love clean floors, but hate vacuuming, so put it off, and consequently rarely have floors as clean as I'd like. I have always thought my area rugs were too tall for a robotic vacuum to climb onto, so was expecting a quick defeat. NOT so! Roomba easily boosts itself onto the rugs and does an excellent job of maneuvering the whole house, vacuuming in places I have actually never gone. It comes with 2 small battery operated "virtual walls", which I tried out, but do not need for the setup of my house, but they worked well. It's the first Roomba model that is controlled by phone app through your wireless network, which means you can start it working while you are not at home. It can also be scheduled for regular times. The dirt bin is not terribly large, but that is to be expected and not a problem for me. I do like that when the bin is full, it returns to base and waits to be emptied. It also returns to base when recharging is required, and then carries on to complete the job. I have read reviews mentioning loudness, which I don't find excessive, but also don't have to be on top of the Roomba the whole time it's working. I am very impressed with everything about it, and although I find it extremely expensive, I am thinking "This is SO worth it!" Questions And Answers: What's the difference between Costco #805 $ 400 +membership OR + 5% BBB = $899.99 1/21/2017 LESS 20% ~ $180 = ~ $ 720

HOW does Roomba Work

How do Roomba robot vacuum cleaners work? - Explain that Stuff iRobot: Customer Care - How does a Virtual Wall® Lighthouse™ work? Roomba Navigation - How Robotic Vacuums Work | HowStuffWorks How the Technology of iRobot Roomba Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum ... Roomba Sensor at - Buy roomba sensor at... Roomba : What it Can and Cannot Do How a roomba maps a house : gifs - Reddit iRobot's Roomba 980 maps your home while making your floors ...


How does a Virtual Wall® Lighthouse™ work?


The Roomba REMOTE CONTROL # 82201, available for $29.99 from iRobot, iRobot says it works for ALL Roomba 500 through Roomba 8xx series devices. The 82201 looks like: OTHERWISE IT IS NOT THE CORRECT REMOTE FOR ROOMBA MODELS 5xx through 8xx.


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