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One of my neighbors just paid a ransom - 7/1/2016. Huge uptick in Zepto ransomware - Locky Ransomeware - July 4, 2016 Zepto is a variant of Locky, which was one of the most widespread ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2016, affecting organisations in 114 countries. There is still (7/4/2016) no known method of decrypting the information. Ransomware warning issued to Congress following attack "The email said the attacks were focused on third-party Web mail services like Yahoo Mail and Gmail, though it pointed to Yahoo Mail as the primary focus." US hospital pays 12,000 (around $71,000 USD) to ransomware attackers - 18 Feb 2016 Cryptowall 3.0 reported to cost victims $325 million - NO END IN SIGHT "Phishing attacks were found to be the infection vector for about two-thirds of the attacks, with exploit kits being used in most of the remaining attacks. While the overall damages were quite high, individual ransoms ranged from a few hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars." 11/4/2015 Gathered 09/07/2015: More Than 225,000 Apple iPhone Accounts Hacked Some iPhones locked for RANSOM, Some credit details shared to allow anyone to use YOUR account.


WARNING - DO NOT EVER DO THIS - YOUR COMPUTER will be HELD FOR RANSOM Thought you guys understood, but someone in my neighborhod SCREWED UP and had to pay to get their computer data back. NEVER install anything that a POP-UP message tells you that need - go to the vendor (say, ADOBE, for example and see if there is really an update. NEVER NEVER NEVER repond to a popup that says something like, "Your Browser, Firefox 47.0 has had a fatal problem with your operating system, Windows 8.1 and you NEED to call Microsoft at this PHONE NUMBER (lists phone number)" - IF YOU FOLLOW THSE INSTRUCTIONS YOUR DATA WILL BE ENCRYPTED AND HELD FOR RANSOME FOR REAL MONEY. MICROSOFT will NEVER POP UP A WINDOW AND TELL YOU TO CALL A CERTAIN PHONE NUMBER. NEVER NEVER NEVER RESPOND - JUST "X" OUT THE WINDOW. As a precaution, I run CCleaner and my Norton 360 quick anti-virus scan. A malicious type of attack dubbed "ransomware" is on the rise. Strange as it sounds, one of the newer dangers is software that Encrypts your data, and then demands that you pay a ransom of as much as $400 USD (more for companies) to get access to your data. This technique targets Windows users. Often, ransomware encrypts the Windows Master Boot Record (MBR). Personally, I, David Woodsmall, see several of these attacks per day. Computer Hack in the Neighborhood Sorry to hear of this .Pure and simply your computer was high jacked and held for ransom. There are three things that need to be done to minimize the impact of a recurrence.. 1 ] All of your data files need to be backed up on an external file so that they can be restored. I recommend that that you have an external back up disk installed. They are easy to install because the plug into a USB port. The software I recommend is Norton Ghost because it creates an image file of all of software ad data installed your computer including your MS operating system software. That way if you are completely blown out of the water, it is a simple matter of reformatting and restoring everything. You also can restore individual files. Frequent backups should be done and they can be scheduled. I have this and I have all my personal and confidential data files, which, for security, I do have on my computer, backed up on USB disks. 2 ] Malwarebytes Anti exploit premium should be installed to protect against hackers. There is a yearly charge. It is inexpensive. Off hand I can not remember how much but I know that it is considerablely less than $100. 3 ] Malwarebytes Anti malware premium should be installed to protect against malware. There is a yearly charge It is inexpensive. Off hand I can not remember how much but I know that it is considerablely less than $100. I have all of these, I consider them my insurance policies. Good luck - Ted (Thank You Ted) - North Ridge -- Well, there I was, just opening my computer and I had a super urgent MSN note. Do not do anything but call the telephone number above and talk to the people at MSN. I did and as soon as I called them a voice kept my attention as my computer began to disappear. It was like watching water go down the drain. The voice said to me that for $200 they would restore everything to what it was. I pulled the plug at that point and saved what I could. I have a really sharp guy that maintains our computers. He came by to take a look. He left with my computer to be worked on at his shop. Three days. I now have my computer back. All of my pictures are gone and that includes my pictures of J.... and our trip to Europe. What an experience. It happened faster than I could think. It began to register what was happening just before I pulled the plug. A guy just down the street had the same experience, he opted to have them repair what they did. His credit card was maxed out at 5K and the just wiped out the rest of his stuff. And this was done by believing this was from an approved MSN site. - Thank you, Dick - North Ridge What do do if your anti-virus does NOT clean up your problem



UNLESS you are on a GOOD UPS, I would not try to recover files in bad weather.

A power failure during the recovery process my destroy all of your data.

Any attempt on your part to recover ransomed files may DESTROY ALL YOUR DATA.

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MALWARE - COMPLETE INFORMATION - Windows, Linux, Apple, Routers, Switches,... Registry - Windows RESTORE POINT - Create a Windows FOOD that was RECALLED
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