Useful Netware Console Commands - David Woodsmall

note: not all NW commands work on all versions of NetWare


CLS = clears the console screen CONFIG = Shows IP address, network connection info CRON = CRON is modelled after the Unix version of CRON #print volumes on the hour 0 * * * * volumes or #print display failover devices every 30 minutes 30 * * * * list failover devices CRON.NLM is already shipped with the server. You just have to load it to get it to work, once you have filled out the CRONTAB in the SYS:\ETC directory. Click for more info DISMOUNT = causes the selected volume to be dismounted. you will be warned (can abort) if you have open files DISPLAY ENVIRONMENT = displays current search paths, etc DOWN = brings down the Netware server EXIT = after the server has been taken down (DOWN command), EXIT leaves the server program and returns to DOS FILER SERVER NAME = sets/reads the file server name when the server boots up, or any time it's invoked HDETECT = Finds new hardware and asks if it you want to install the drivers. HELP = HELP, HELP , or HELP ALL INETCFG = Invokes a GUI to help manage the NW Server. SETS IP ADDRESS IPCONFIG = IPCONFIG will also list the IPX internal network number, and other Network information LIST DEVICES = displays all of the physical device information for the server LIST FAILOVER DEVICES = You should see two paths per LUN LIST STORAGE ADAPTERS = list all storage adapters and their associated devices. LIST STORAGE DEVICE BINDINGS = list all of the filters and HAMs bound to a specified storage device. The device number is the first number displayed by the LIST DEVICES command. LOAD = Connects the specified communications protocol stack to a LAN adapter. MEMORY = lists total amount of server memory MM = Media Manager MODULES = displays names & descriptions for all currently loaded NW modules NAME = displays the server's name PAUSE = works if in a NetWre Control File (NCF) PROTOCOLS = Shows what protocols are registered (functional) RESTART SERVER = reloads SERVER.EXE after the DOWN command has been executed. On some versions, it's just SERVER. SCAN ALL = Scan all of the LUNs on SCSI adapters SCAN ALL LUNS = Scan all of the LUNs on SCSI adapters SEARCH = similar to the familar "path" command, and can add places to be searched SERVER = restarts the NetWare server, after the DOWN command has been executed. SET = displays and changes the server's configuration information SMagent = IBM Storage Manager Agent. requires SMutil SMdevices = IBM - lists known storage devices. requires SMutil. SPEED = lists info about the CPU, including its speed STARTX = Restarts the GUI from the NetWare System Console. UNLOAD = disconnects the specified communications protocol stack from a LAN adapter UNZIP = watch out - it often requires your interaction VOLUME = lists all volumes currently mounted on the server VERSION = Lists NetWare Version, Support Pack, etc


INETCFG = invokes menu to view/change Internetworking Configurations (change the IP address,...) NWADMIN - Runs on Windows Client NWCONFIG = Lots of stuff that you can change CTLR-ESC = allows you to choose among existing screens. ALT-ESC = shifts you from one screen to the next.