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Recommended for Virus Scanning

8/03/2019 - David Woodsmall


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AntiVirus Research Center Virus Alert: Warning about Melissa Virus in RTF files AND COMPLETE LIST OF RECOMMENDED FILE SUFFIXES TO SCAN What we have confirmed a Word document infected by W97M.Melissa.A with the file extension of "RTF" is being sent out to many users though email. These documents are not actually in RTF format files as the file extension name suggests, but is actually a Word format file that has had the file extension name renamed to "RTF". If the antivirus software is not configured to scan the "RTF" file extension, the virus will not be detected. To protect yourself from this virus, Symantec AntiVirus Research Center recommends to update the configuration in Norton AntiVirus to include the "RTF" file extension as well as the following file extensions in the "Scanner" and "AutoProtect" options. HOPEFULLY mostly complete List of File Extension Recommended for Scanning - Note that this list is now OLD (use at your own risk): 386, ADT, ASP BIN, CBT, CLA, COM, CPL, CSC, DLL, DOC, DOT, DRV, EXE, HTM, HTT, JPG, JS, MDB, MSO, OV?, PDF, POT, PPT, RAR, RTF, SCR, SHS, SYS, VBS, XL? ZIP However, there are always new problems with other file types. I have my anti-virus programs scan ALL files How to add RTF to your list of Program Files to be scanned in NAV 95 and NAV NT: 1.Open Norton AntiVirus 2.Click the Options button. The Options dialog will appear. 3.Select the Scanner Tab. 4.Click the Select... button in the “What to scan” section. Note: This button will be inactive (greyed out) if you have the All Files radio button selected. 5.The Program File Extensions dialog will appear. Click the New... button. 6.Type RTF in the resulting box and click OK. 7.Click OK in the Options dialog. I RECOMMEND SCANNING ALL FILEs