Microsoft File Type ".shs" can be used to destroy your system

COPYRIGHT 2006 thru 2017 - David R. Woodsmall


Poisonous Scraps (Windows systems only) Microsoft File Type ".shs" can be used to destroy your system. Microsoft invented the scrap object as a wrapper for OLE data. Launching a scrap invokes any program defined in the object's properties. The scrap object's icon is almost identical to the text document's icon. Windows Explorer hides the associated ".shs" extension even when it's configured to show all extensions, so an e-mail attachment named Report.txt.shs would be displayed as Report.txt This seemingly innocent attachment can invoke any command at all: How about FORMAT C:? The only surprise is that malicious use of this feature has only begun recently. PLEASE remember that editing the Registry file can cause problems - it is best to back up the registry file before editing it - DRW. Here's how to remove the camouflage that makes scrap objects dangerous. Launch REGEDIT (or better, our (PC Magazine's) RegEdit+ utility) and navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ShellScrap. Find the value named NeverShowExt in the righthand pane and delete it. Do the same for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\DocShortcut. Now launch Windows Explorer, choose Folder Options from the View menu, and click the File Types tab. Select Scrap object from the list, click Edit, and click Change Icon. Browse to "Pifmgr.dll" (in the Windows System folder) and select the last icon--a bundle of dynamite! Do the same for the Shortcut into a document file type. Visit to learn more. You'll be amazed and alarmed.--NJR I have tried this on my Win95 OSR2 Micron system, and it works just fine. The instructions do work, but occasionally, there were very slight variations, such as, how to change the icon for files using the .shs suffix. Still, you should not have any real trouble following the instructions - DRW. While I had no trouble, and didn't back up my Registry file, your experience may differ. - PC Magazine, October 17, 2000


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