ex-CA Governor Jerry Brown running AGAIN for CA Governor in 2010

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Edmund G(erald). "Jerry" Brown Jr - IS Running for CA Governor in 2010 I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF LINKED ARTICLES. I TRY TO LIST ONLY TRUTHFUL ARTICLES - I WANT ONLY THE TRUTH TOLD. PLEASE INFORM ME IF ANY ARTICLE IS NOT TRUTHFUL. Anything that I state about ex-CA Governer Jerry Brown is either my personal opinion, or gathered from articles on the Internet, magazines & from newspapers. Ex-California Governor Edmund G(erald). "Jerry" Brown Jr.: Apaprently, Jerry Brown tried to appoint "Hanoi Jane" (Jane Fonda) to the California Arts Council, but the CA Senate Rejected her See also Jerry's appointments of Gianturco and Rose Bird Brown's tale of frugality omits $1.8 million home - Yahoo! News Brown's tale of frugality omits $1.8 million home - National ... UNDER GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN'S TENURE, BUILDING OF ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS AND FREEWAYS WERE ESENTIALLY STOPPED - DO YOU WANT MORE OF THIS? HE MAY HAVE HAD GREAT REASONS FOR HIS COURSES OF ACTION, (While I do not know what his current plans are, I, personally, just do not trust him to run CA [for Freeways and Power Plant reasons] - THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION, and I no longer reside in CA [but I do have friends and relatives that still live in California]). I would trust him with the State's finances. While I have never met ex-California Governor Jerry Brown, it is my personal opinion that he is a good man and wants to do what's best for people. Jerry Brown seems quite concerned about helping our environment (my opinion). In my opinion, as California's Attorney General, Jerry Brown seems to have done a lot of good. Jerry Brown was certainly, personally frugal. Mr. Brown was probably very frugal with CA's money, but I do not know. We do need a Governor that is frugal with CA's money. As I remember, Jerry drove a very modest car and refused to live in the (expensive) Governor's house WARNING - EX-CA Governor Jerry Brown will run for CA Governor AGAIN, IN 2010. WHY IS HE EXEMPT FROM THE THE TWO-TERM LIMIT? - Because his terms were before the law was passed? - HOW ABSURD (my opinion) - He has already served two terms as CA governor. Gerald (Jerry) Brown, ex-California Governor, led the move to successfully squash the building of New (Electric) Power plants in California, in the late 1970s - When there was not enough electricity being produced locally, power (electricity) had to be imported. Imported electricty is much more expensive. The first CA power Plant in THIRTY YEARS (since Jerry Brown was Governer) is now being built. The Gasoline Tax was meant for Freeways - NOT Buses, Not Light Rail. We the car drivers never approved the siphoning off of the gas tax money. If you build a freeway, it lasts 30 years (at least, they used to). If you build another bus line, you have to pay millions? a year to run it. Bus rides are subsidized to get riders. When I left CA in early 1992, LA county was spending 450 MILLION a YEAR on running it's "rapid transit" (this was the stated budget). Under Jerry Brown's CA administration, Diamond Lanes (HOVs) were implemented in CA. Then it was approved that Pregnant women could count as two persons. If a family goes some where and uses the Diamond Lane (HOV), it is a mockery, In My Opionion, as they would be driving one car anyway (so they are not taking any drivers off of the road). In the mid 1980's, I commuted via the 57, 22 and the 55 Freeways in Orange County, CA. There was a about 4-mile stretch that went from the South 57 to the East 22 to the South 55. This four mile stretch took ME FORTY (40) MINUTES of stop-stop-stop-creep for me to get through, and was two lanes on both the E. 22 and the S. 55. Then a diamond lane (HOV) (a third lane) was added to the South 55 BUT THERE WERE NO LANE LINES OF ANY KIND (NONE of the three southbound 55 had ANY lane lines, in the two mile section between the 22 and the 17th street exit on the South 55). I was able to travel that Four mile stretch in FOUR (4) MINUTES at 65 MPH. Then the southbound 55 got painted lane lines, and the diamond lane became an official diamond lane - BAM! back to taking 40 minutes to travel about 4 miles on the freeways. "Under Jerry Brown's administration, Freeway Funds (gas taxes) were diverted to Mass Transit and (does that help you get to work?) and he essentially stopped the funding of California Freeways." - American Thinker CALIFORNIA LOOKS TO LIMIT BIG SCREEN TVs UPDATE - California DID limit TV power consumption - CA Approves New Energy Efficient TV Regulations "Governor Jerry Brown's disastrous energy policy that put California on the road to doom in the 1970s." FIRST CA POWER PLANT IN THIRTY YEARS (post Governor Jerry Brown) - Constellation Energy - in Victorville An Energy Policy in Bellbottoms Jerry Brown in 2010? (old Mar 25, 2007 article) California Dream & Power Outages During Governor Jerry Brown's tenure in the 1970s, the building of highways was de-emphasized in favor of mass transit Jerry Brown stopped builiding California Freeways Gov. Moonbeam Sticks His Nose Out of the Teapot Jerry Brown - wikipedia San Diego Gas and Electric, Sundesert Nuclear Power Plant Collection Jerry Brown stopped builiding California Freeways Litigation Fix Would Protect State From Unneeded Lawsuits Brown... cut off funds for freeway construction projects Shades of Jerry Brown and his infamous Dept of Transportation chief Does Jerry Brown Want to Cut Emissions Or Just Run for Governor? when Governor Jerry Brown sold off Freeway rights-of-way in Sacramento Funding was cut off in 1974 when Governor Jerry Brown ended the freeway building Jerry Brown's Freeway funding cutoffs Jerry Brown opposed the Century freeway, then tried to make it for “buses and cars carrying at least three people during peak periods.” The Only Solution for Congestion - PDF JERRY BROWN IS RUNNING FOR CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR IN 2010 AND ALREADY HAS OVER 10 MILLION CAMPAIGN DOLLARS. YOU NEED TO DECIDE IF YOU WANT A RETURN OF JERRY BROWN: The Official Website of Jerry Brown 2010 34 years later, Jerry Brown runs for governor again Will The Spotlight Ever Fall On Jerry Brown's Ideas, Not His Image? Jerry Brown’s 2010 CA GOVERNER campaign raises serious cash California's Jerry Brown advances toward governor 2010 run Gray Davis raising money for Jerry Brown Donations to Jerry Brown's campaign tied to businessmen he's investigating Brown returns $52,500 to donors linked to pension fund probe Can any Democrat stop Jerry Brown from becoming our next (2010) CA Governor?