Use VIM to edit DOS and/or Unix ASCII Files

David Woodsmall

3/12/2018 - Optimized for Firefox 58.0.2 (Quantum)

============================================================== VIM - DOS or LINUX / UNIX / MAC Text file editing (vi is usually really vim) ============================================================== This option is available in SuSE SLES 10, but NOT in RH AS 4. Read a text file in any format (DOS, Unix/Linux).. shows as ^M Vim accepts a single or a pair for end-of-line (). When writing a file, Vim uses . MAN page claims that if you edit a file and write it, Vim replaces with - I DID NOT SEE IT THIS WAY WHEN EDITING A DOS FILE. To replace with use the following Vim command: (ESC then enter the command) :se ff=dos To replace with use the following VIM command: (ESC then the command) :se ff=unix See also: FLIP - Converting ASCII Files to/from Linux / Unix / DOS