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GARMIN NUVI 755T (11/2008) - My latest recommended GPS Garmin Nuvi 855 GPS Unit with Voice Command & REPLACEABLE Battery - RECOMMENDED Garmin Nuvi 885T GPS Units with Voice Command & REPLACEABLE Battery - RECOMMENDED Features That We Like in a GPS Features That We, personally, do not need, in a GPS Features Desired by OTHER People

GARMIN NUVI 660 FEATURES (we have and love this one)

2 GB internal storage Garmin Nuvi 660 Specications Garmin nuvi 660 Review - Editor's Choice 2006 NOTE - In some states it is NOT legal to attach unit to the windshield (we thought unit worked best in a cup holder (on some cars, this works best if you buy a plastic drink holder to go into your built-in cup holder. Joany uses small beany babies to wedge the GPS into the cup holder (for stability). NOTE2 - Be careful - some places sell the Nuvi unbundled - has not DC adapter, attachment hardware, Storage Card for holding map and interest point data. WITH WHAT SIZE MEMORY DOES THE UNIT COME?

FEATURES THAT WE LIKE IN A GPS & that are available on the Garmin Nuvi 660

1] Bright, large LCD screen (with variable brightness) (ours is 4.3 inches) Big, widescreen display. 2] selectable: Metric (kilometers) or American English units (miles)(Nuvi 660 has this, I THINK). 3] adustable volume - built-in audio with built-in speaker. No physical volume control (you have to navigate the menus to adjust the volume). 4] Built-in Battery (so you can take it with you) NOTE MOST batteries are NOT replacable by anyone. Look for good battery life (Nuvi 660 is 3 to 7 hours) 5] text to Speech (TTS). Voice Prompts speaks street names Ensure that voice prompt actually announces the name of the street, I.e., "Turn RIGHT on CAPITAL BLVD on 500 FEET" instead of a voice prompt that may state “In 500 foot turn right” Announces upcoming turns 6] multi-destination routing 7] preloaded street maps for North America - can you buy update DVDs? For our unit, the first year's map update DVD was free. 8] Address to address Routing. 9] Route capability: Automatic Destination Routing. 10] Waypoints: All Garmin models offer "mark waypoint" capability for locations and the ability to "point" to a desired destination on a map. We like these a bit better, but this feature are not essential. 11] Mounting: Make sure the unit you select is capable of being mounted neatly and securely in/on your vehicle. ONE TRICK we use - mount it in a cupholder. 12] Maps: Make sure that the unit you select has user uploadable maps (or maps on its built in CDROM, CF card, MiniHD, or other memory) for the area you need. 13] displays distance and estimated arrival time. 14] speech input - we do NOT have (Garmin Nuvi 660 is too old to have it). Joany would like this option (you tell the GPS where you want to go). 15] custom road preference allows user to prioritize choice of back roads. 16] automatic off-route recalculation shows how to get back on track if you miss a turn or exit. 17] a detour function enables routing around traffic problems or road construction. 18] External antennae (flips up - its part of the unit). Some have built-in antennaes - they are not as sensitive. 19] Need a secure method of attaching the GPS. 20] Need an automotive (12 VDC) adapter. 21] GET THE OPTIONAL Garmin North America Travel Guide 22] GET CUSTOM FIT LCD SCREEN PROTECTOR (from Clarivue)

FEATURES NOT USEFUL TO US, but you may like them

1] Live Traffic systems (usually have a monthly charge) - (Nuvi 660 has this) Hmm - the Garmin Nuvi 265WT & 765T come with the included lifetime traffic reporting system. The Nuvi 755T has the feature, supported by ADs. We don't have the traffic for this option - you may? 2] Bluetooth wireless (can route your blue thooth cell phone into your GPS audio (Nuvi 660 has this) 3] Capabile of transmitting instructions to your FM radio (Nuvi 660 has this). 4] Dead Reckoning: Most of us do not drive often in high rise central city areas. If you do, you will want to consider units with a builtin Gyro capability as the best GPS will loose lock in dense high rise areas. Garmin's SP2650/2660 and the VDO Dayton are examples of these. I HAVE NEVER SEEN NOR USED THIS FEATURE 5] Headphone jack (Nuvi 660 has this) - good for hiking. 6] World Clock (Nuvi 660 has this). 7] Currency Converter (Nuvi 660 has this). 8] OPTIONAL GARMIN NUVI "SAVERs GUIDE" - I did NOT think it was useful.


1] LANE ASSISTANCE - How often do you find yourself wondering which lane you should be in? Lane Assistance is one of the new features found on the Nuvi 765T which will provide the answer to that question on some major intersections - just dont expect it everywhere. LOTS OF PEOPLE REPORT LIKING THIS FEATURE. 2] Voice Address Entry - you can input your desired destination by talking - lots of these do NOT work very well (I'm sure that some do work well. 3] Voice Commands - Voice Addressing Entry with, perhaps, more versatility.


I would get the Garmin Nuvi 755T, which is also on sale at Costco for $199 (11/22/2009), until the end of November. Garmin Nuvi 755T - on sale at Costco for $199 (11/22/2009)


The nüvi 755T generally performed slightly better than the SiRF StarIII equipped nüvi 660, and much better than the nüvi 265WT, which was considerably less sensitive than either the 755T or the much older nüvi 660. Garmin nuvi 755T Review (GPSmagazine.com) Garmin nuvi 755T review - GPS Tracklog Garmin Nuvi 755T Full Review - gpslodge.com PC Magazine Garmin nüvi 755T Review - Editor's Choice Garmin Nuvi 755T - Garmin The Garmin Nuvi 7X5T series is expected to ship at Amazon October 1: * Garmin Nuvi 755T - features above, including North American Maps * Garmin Nuvi 765T - Adds Bluetooth Handsfree capabilities * Garmin Nuvi 775T - Includes Bluetooth and Maps of both N. America and Europe * Garmin Nuvi 785T - Includes North American Maps and MSN Direct Capabilities (Traffic, Movies, Gas Prices, and more).

Garmin Nuvi 755T ACCESSORIES

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Desired Features as Mentioned by Other Poeple

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